Fandom: Harry Potter

Title: Chasing the Chill

Author: Morte206


Rating: G

Summary: Two unnamed girls. One gentle the other surprised

Archive: Okay to the Realm and Girls Dormitory.

A/N: This just sort of came to me out of the blue, jostled into existence by a bumpy bus ride.


To look at her hands one would never think that she would be gentle that her touch would be filled with reverence and wonderment. You donít expect these things from palms that are callused, fingernails that are jagged with knuckles scraped raw.

You certainly donít expect reverence and wonderment for you.

Her lips, the softness of them, their languid warmth, thatís a surprise too. Because you think sheíd be cold or at least somewhat chilled from all the flying she does, all the time spent outdoors, even now in the rainy season, or in the dungeons.

But then the same could be said for you. Well all of it but the dungeons, after all you cannot fathom why anyone would go down there by choice.

And she has none.

But you do.

And so here you are against the dungeon wall, she with her reverence and wonder and you with your awe and acquiescence, chasing the chill from each other.


Harry Potter

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