Title: You’ve got mail... crap

| Part 1 | Part 2 |

Author: Mikey

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Couple: Sam/Nicole

Rating: dunnow yet so let’s say R

Warning: If you don’t like 2 girls together... then I don’t know what you’re doing here.

Disclaimer: not mine (too bad.. I never get lucky)

Author's Notes: Trying a different couple. Think I’m gonna like it. We’ll see. And yes, I’m trying to get away from the cute and fluffy stuff. I’m almost sure that I can’t but hey, guess that’s just me...

Part 1

Nicole’s POV

Nicole sighed. Everything was so different then it used to be. If someone had told her a year ago that the things would turn out to be like they were now, she would have laughed at that person in the face. I mean, come on, the popular and the so-not-popular being friends? That was impossible. And all that just because Sam and Brooke became sisters. She wondered when it was that she even started to think about Sam, instead of Spam or other not so kind descriptions. Yeah, it seemed like everything had changed a lot. She was still the bitch when they were all together, but since that one night at some bar she had found out that she could talk to Sam very easy, that the girl was a good listener and she even understood what Nicole was talking about. She could always talk to Brooke, she knew that, they were best friends for something and Brooke was a good listener, but mostly, she got the feeling that Brooke didn’t understand what was going on in Nicole’s mind. And Sam did.

Nicole sighed again. God, it didn’t matter what she was doing or thinking lately, she always ended up thinking about Sam. She didn’t understand what was going on with her. She stood up, and walked to her bathroom. She needed to relax a little bit.


Sam’s POV

While she was driving her car, her mind started wandering. She had known for some time now that she really liked the Nicole Julian she had gotten to know since they were all friends but still. It used to be pure on her body cause hey, she got eyes too and she knew how to use them. And Nicole was very cute. She had to admit that, even when they were still fighting.

Sam smiled at the memories. She really enjoyed fighting with Nicole, cause if she did, she saw this furious woman who really got in the fight. It always gave her a special feeling, that she could make Nicole look like that. Nicole showed at least a feeling when she got angry. But now they were good friends, and Sam didn’t feel good about it. Of course, she loved being around Nicole but her feelings were growing larger and she knew that wasn’t good. She didn’t know if she could keep them inside any longer. Her memories wondered back to one night in the bar, her first good chat with the real Nicole Julian.


Sam looked around in her group of friends, when suddenly she saw someone sitting at the bar, who looked like she could cry any moment. She walked over, and suddenly realised it was Nicole. Now she wondered even more, she had never seen Nicole giving away anything emotional, except anger. She decided to go over and talk.

‘Hi.’ She said.

Nicole jumped slightly, turned around and looked at Sam for a few seconds.


‘So. What are you doing here alone?’

‘What do you care?’

‘Nicole... Look, you don’t have to talk to me. But if you want to talk... I want to listen. Ok? No need to be bitchy.’

Nicole looked a little nervous.

‘Ow come on Nicole, I can keep my mouth shut you know. Not everything I hear lands in the newspaper. Ok, probably 6months ago it would have, but not now.’

Nicole nodded. ‘Well, it’s nothing big anyway. Just thinking a little bit.’

‘You looked like you could cry any moment.’

‘Yeah, probably because I can.’ And with that, Nicole started crying.

Sam was a little shocked. She had never seen Nicole cry before. She didn’t know what to do, but finally taking the girl in her arms, letting her cry on her shoulder. She was surprised that Nicole let her hold her, but hey, everything seemed different that night.

When the crying had stopped a little, Sam looked at Nicole. ‘You wanna get out of here? Go somewhere to talk?’

Nicole just nodded and they had left.

‘Can we like, just sit in my car for a while?’

Sam nodded ‘Sure.’

After a few minutes of silence ‘You know my mother drinks a lot huh?’

‘Yeah, heard about that.’

‘Well, she was kinda hard tonight. You know it makes me think sometimes. I mean, when she acts like that... it hurts so much. And yet, I find myself doing the same things to other people. I know how much it hurts and still, I do the same. And then I wonder, why do I do that? Do I care so much about my image? And I decide that yes, I do care so much. But mostly, I’m afraid that if I let my guards down, I will get hurt even more. And this probably sounds selfish, but I can’t take that. If I let too many people in, I will get hurt again. I don’t want to get hurt Sam, I can’t deal with that.’

And with that, Nicole started crying again. Sam looked at the girl, then hugged her again.

‘Wow. And all that time I thought you enjoyed hurting people.’ She tried to joke, but when Nicole cried even harder, she could kick herself. ‘I’m sorry Nicole. Bad joke. Look, I can understand why you put your defence up so high. But you know, if you never let anybody in, it won’t help either. Cause being alone... I think that hurts too, doesn’t it?’

Nicole nodded. ‘Yeah I know. But I have been like this for so many years now. I don’t know how to change it.’

Sam thought about it. And she knew it was normal. It is hard to change, she knew that. ‘Little steps Nicole. You know, you already took a little step today. You talked to me, let me in. And I hope you know that you can talk to me any time you want, ok? Believe me, it’s a start.’

Nicole nodded again. ‘Thanks Sam. That means a lot to me.’


Yeah, that was the night everything changed between them. When Nicole felt bad, she came talk with Sam. And after a while, Sam noticed that Nicole was a good listener too, and they started talking a lot. First mostly about their problems, but later about everything. And after a while, they had a lot of fun together.

Sam smiled again. Oh Nicole, if only you knew how much I care about you.

Suddenly, she heard a scream outside. She focused back on the road, to see a little boy running on the street. Without thinking, she pulled at the wheel, avoiding the kid. And at that moment, everything around her became black.


Nicole’s POV

When her cell started to ring, Nicole sighed. They could never leave her alone. She looked at her cell and saw that it was Brooke. I hope you got a good reason to disturb me.

‘Hi Brooke.’ In responds, she only heard the girl cry. And she knew it was serious.

‘Brookie... Brookie come on what’s wrong. Tell me.’

‘Sam...’ Was the only thing Brooke said before crying again. Nicole suddenly felt cold. No, no not Sammy. Not my Sammy. Please God.

‘Sweetie come on talk to me. Please.’

‘Sam... Sammy had an accident Nic, she’s in the hospital. I’m alone, parents are out of town. Nic please...’

‘I’m on my way Brooke.’ Nicole said.

Within 15minutes, Nicole was in her car. She probably looked like shit without her make-up, but she didn’t care. She had to see Sammy. And Brooke.

‘Hi. Where can I find Samantha McPherson?’

‘Just a second.’

‘Nicole! Nic, over here!’

Nicole turned around to see Lily waving at her.

‘Nevermind Miss, I found them.’ With that, Nicole ran to Lily.

‘How is she? Do you know anything? Where’s Brooke?’

‘Nicole, slow down. She’s in her room. She’ll be ok. One of her legs is broken, she has a light concussion and some bruises. Brooke’s with her right now, but she’s still sleeping.’

‘Where? I wanna see her. And Brooke.’

Lily pointed at the room and Nicole hurried in there.


‘Oh Nic. You’re here.’ They hugged.

‘Yeah. God you gave me a scare for some time Brookie. Lily says she’ll be ok.’

‘I know. Sorry Nic, when I called you I only knew that she had had an accident.’

‘Hey no biggie. You think I can be alone with her for a second?’

Brooke looked at Nicole, frowning, but nodded. ‘Sure. I’ll get myself some coffee.’


When Brooke was out of the room, Nicole grabbed the chair and sat down next to the bed. She carefully took Sam’s hand in her own and started talking.

‘God Sammy you scared me. I thought I had lost you. Don’t ever do that to me again. I can’t loose you. You mean a lot to me Sammy. I hope you know that. I know I never said it to you, but you know me, can’t tell anybody that I... care about them. But I do care about you... a lot. I’m not sure what’s going on between us, but I know that I can’t miss you so please, never do this again.’

‘I won’t.’ Nicole jumped and looked at the girl in the bed. She suddenly realised that she had Sam’s hand in hers and she pulled her hand back quickly.

‘God you really like to scare me don’t you. I didn’t know you were awake.’

‘I wasn’t. Woke up at the sound of your voice. Must say I’m glad you’re here.’

‘So euhm, you heard my little speech huh.’ Her cheeks were getting red.

‘God Nic, I think this is the first time I see you blush! Wow even that looks good on you. And the no-make-up, much nicer.’ She winked at Nicole, who blushed even more.

‘Ok Sam, how many pills did they gave you cause you ain’t acting normal.’

‘Yeah sorry. I’ll shut up now. Hey do you know were Brooke is?’

‘She’s getting herself some coffee. You scared her too. Infact I think you scared all of us.’

‘Everybody’s here?’

‘Of course. Wanna see someone?’

‘Nah. Got her here already.’

Nicole blushed again. ‘I euhm, I think I have to go. Brooke will be back soon.’

‘Nic wait!’ But Nicole had already left.

‘Damn.’ Sam muttered.


Sam’s POV

Real smooth Sammy. I think you scared the girl enough now. Getting an accident, scaring her with answering when she thinks your sleeping, and not keeping your big mouth shut. God I’m an idiot. Sam sighed. At that moment Brooke came in.

‘Oh you’re awake? Why did Nicole just ran past me?’

‘Euhm. Guess I scared her a little bit. Don’t ask.’

Brooke looked at Sam. There was something strange going on between the two of them but she didn’t know what.

‘Ok. Hope Nic is allright.’

‘Yeah no biggie. She’ll get over it, believe me.’ I hope.

‘So, doctor said you’ll have to stay another week because of your leg.’

Sam groaned. ‘A week? Damn, you’re kidding me.’

‘Sorry Sam. And even if you’re home, you’ll have to rest a lot.’

‘In that case, could you bring me my laptop? Maybe I can finally finish all the stuff I was doing.’

‘Sure. You know what? I’ll go get it right now. Lily and Carmen are still here so I guess you can talk to them for a while.’


After Brooke left, Sam didn’t have lots of time to think. Almost immediately, Lily and Carmen rushed in.

‘Hi sweetie. You ok?’

‘Yeah sure. Hey Carmen? Would you mind to go get me something to drink?’

‘No problem. Be right back.’

When Carmen left, Sam turned to Lily.

‘I have to talk to you.’

‘Does it have something to do with Nicole?’

‘Yeah.’ Lily knew that Sam was bi, and that she had the hots for Nicole.

‘Tell me.’

‘I think I scared her a little bit.’

‘What do you mean?’

‘Well, I kinda said something like she was even cute when she blushed and that I liked the ‘no-make-up’ look on her. And maybe the fact that when she asked if I wanted to see anybody of you guys, I answered that I had the most important person already here.’

Lily smiled. ‘Yeah she’s probably just a little shocked. You know what, I’ll go to her place later and I’ll see if she wants to tell me something.’

‘Thanks Lily.’

‘No problem.’ Just in time, cause Carmen came back in the room. They talked for a little while until the girls had to go home, and Brooke had stopped by to give Sammy her laptop.


Nicole’s POV

Why did I run away? Sam probably didn’t mean anything with what she said and now I made myself look really stupid.

‘Hi Nicole.’

Nicole jumped and turned around to see Lily standing in the door of her room.

‘God what is it with you people and scaring me today? How did you get in anyway?’

‘Your butler was so nice to let me in and show me the way to your room. Nice place you got here.’

‘Anything special that made you come here?’

‘Right to the point huh? Yeah I wanted to talk to you about Sammy.’

‘What about her?’

‘She was a little worried because you ran out on her.’

‘Yeah well she just... the things she said... I don’t know.’

‘Wanna talk?’

‘No, I’m ok. Just a little shocked at the things she said.’

‘Hey she’s high on drugs don’t take it to serious.’

‘Yeah that’s the problem.’

What? Why did I say that?


‘Nothing. Never mind. I’ll call her tonight, ok?’

‘Yeah sure. Well... guess I’m going again.’

‘Ok. See you later Lily.’

‘Yeah seeya.’

OK. Now let’s slow down. Why the hell did I make that comment? Do I really want Sam to mean those words? And what does it mean if I do? Sammy is just a friend right? Nothing more. Oh god no, I’m falling for her.

The moment that thought came in her mind, Nicole had to sit down.

Can’t be. I mean, yeah she’s cute and stuff and I care about her, but that’s it right? God I don’t want to think about it. So why am I? She’s the only thing in my mind for some time already. This can’t be possible. I find a good friend and this happens? I’m unbelievable. And I still have to call her. Better do it right now.

‘Hi Nic.’

‘Hi Sam. Hey just want to say I’m sorry that I’m sorry I split like that.’

‘You don’t have to apologize. I should. I made you uncomfortable. Shouldn’t have said those things.’

‘No problem. I overreacted. Anyway, what did the doctor say?’

‘I have to stay at least a whole week.’

‘Auw that sucks.’

‘Tell me about it.’

‘You want me to come over tomorrow?’

‘Yeah sure that would be nice.’

‘Ok. See you tomorrow then. Don’t spend too much time on your laptop. And sweet dreams.’

‘How do you know that I have my laptop?’

Nicole chuckled. ‘I know you Sammy.’

‘Guess you’re right. Gotta go Nic. Sweet dreams.’


Well. That went well. At least you didn’t say anything stupid. Unless the fact that you have to go and see her tomorrow.

Nicole sighed. She hoped it wouldn’t be too hard.


Sam’s POV

Sam smiled when she hang up the phone. Nicole had called her Sammy again. And she had to admit that she liked that. And she was happy that Nicole got over the little thing that happened earlier. She had thought so, but she wasn’t sure. Guess Lily’s right again. Lucky me for having a friend like that. What reminded her... she had to call her. She wanted to know if Lily went to Nicole and if, what she had said.

‘Hiya sweetie.’

‘Hey Lil.’

‘You’re probably calling for my conversation with Nicole.’

Sam giggled. ‘Now how did you guess.’

She could almost see Lily smile at her reply. ‘She didn’t say much.’

‘Ok. So what did she say?’

‘Hehe somebody is curious. Just that she was a little shocked at what you had said but that it wasn’t a big deal. She didn’t want to talk to me so. Although she said something strange. When I said that you said those things because you where high on drugs, she said something like ‘That’s the problem.’ I don’t know, I can have heard it wrong or something.’

‘Thanks Lil. And yes I promise not to think about it to much.’

Lily chuckled. ‘Now how did you know I was going to say that.’

‘Because I know you Lil.’ Sam answered smiling, thinking about the earlier conversation with Nicole.

‘Hey btw did she call you?’

‘Yeah, a few minutes ago.’

‘What did she say?’

‘She apologized for running away, I apologized for the things I said and then she said she would come over tomorrow.’

‘That’s nice. ‘

‘Yeah guess so.’

‘Anyway Sammy, I’ve got to go.’

‘Ok. See you tomorrow or so.’

‘Yeah deal. Bye.’

‘Bye. And thanks.’

‘No problem sweetie.’

When Sam hang up the phone she started thinking. She had promised to Lily that she wouldn’t but she couldn’t help it. She was wondering what Nicole meant with ‘that’s the problem.’ But she couldn’t find a good reason so she just had to forget it. She started her laptop and opened a file with the name ‘In my perfect world’ and read the last sentences.

When Sam came home, she found Nicole waiting for her. They smiled at each other and Sam gave Nicole a kiss.

‘Hi babe.’

‘Hi sweetie. How was your day?’

Sam closed her laptop. She didn’t felt like writing today. She turned the light off and tried to get some sleep.

Part 2

Nicole’s POV

When Nicole woke up the next morning, she didn’t really felt like going to see Sam. Off course, she wanted to see the other girl, but she was afraid. Afraid that she would say or do something stupid that would give her away. She had had a dream about Sam that night and she knew that when she would see Sam, she would think about the dream. And they had kissed in her dream. She really didn’t know what to do with all those feelings she suddenly seemed to have. But she realised she didn’t have a choice. She had promised Sam that she would come, and she knew Sam would be disappointed if she didn’t. So she decided to get dressed, just go to the hospital and pray that it would have a good ending.

When she arrived at Sam’s room, she saw the girl lying in her bed with her eyes closed. She walked in the room while watching the girl. God she’s so peaceful. She is even cuter like this. I’m falling for her. I’m really falling for her. Damn.

‘Sammy? You awake?’

Sam opened her eyes.

‘Ah yeah sorry Nic. Just thinking and stuff. Sit down.’

‘Thanks. So what are you going to do today?’

‘Well can’t do much huh? I have to stay in this freakin’ bed and I’m already tired of it. I wanna get out and have some fun!’

‘Can’t have it al Sammy. But hey you got you’re laptop.’

‘Yeah I know. But for some reason, I don’t feel like writing. I don’t know.’

‘What’s wrong?’

‘Nothing special. It’s just hard to write sometimes you know? It’s like telling sweet stories about other persons while you feel like shit because you ain’t got anybody.’

‘Yeah I guess.’

‘Sometimes it feels like a release. Get your fantasies in a story. But for the moment, I’m not feeling like that.’

‘Got the point Sammy. So, anybody you like?’

‘Yes... no... yes... doesn’t matter.’

‘Ow come on Sam. Tell me.’

Please be me. Please be me. Ow, who am I kidding anyway? Can’t be me. She’s like totally straight.

‘No. I mean... it’s useless. It will never be responded in the way I want it to.’

‘Then that guy must be totally crazy cause you are one of the most fabulous persons I’ve ever met Sammy. You’re smart, funny, sweet and beautiful.’

‘You think I’m beautiful?’

Damn. Shouldn’t have said that.

‘Well... yeah. I mean, I’ve got eyes too you know?’

Sam blushed.


‘No problem sweetie. Just telling you the truth.’


Sam’s POV

Wow. She really thinks I’m beautiful? Probably just feeling like comforting me. She’s the one that’s like absolutely gorgeous. I wish I could just tell her it was her I was talking about.

‘So anyway... is there somebody you fancy?’


‘Yes or no Nic, there is no maybe.’

‘Ok then, yes. And it’s the same as in your case. Never to be returned.’

‘Well then he’s the stupid guy. You’re the one that’s like, totally gorgeous.’

Did I just said that out loud?

‘You think I’m what?’

Guess so. Damn.

‘Well, like you said. I’ve got eyes too. So what are you going to do today?’

Very smooth Sam, very smooth.

‘I don’t know. Probably boring you so much you will be pleading me to leave so you can have fun on your laptop.’

‘Don’t think that you can bore me so much.’

‘You sure?’

‘Pretty much. Can’t be more boring than being here on my own.’

‘If you put it that way... prepare for a whole week of me trying to bore you.’

Sam smiled.

‘You really want to hang out in the hospital for me the whole week?’

‘Yeah sure. Got nothing better to do.’

‘Thanks Nic.’

‘Pleasure is all mine.’

Now what does she mean by that? Can’t be that much fun sitting in a chair talking to me all day. Definitely not all week. But hey, who am I to complain?


Nicole’s POV

Dear Diary,

Ok, guess you and me both agree that I’m not really the type of having a diary. Got to admit that it wasn’t my idea. Right, you got it. It was Sammy’s. She thought that maybe writing would help me. No, I still haven’t told her that she’s the one in my mind all the time. I guess, because I won’t tell her, she told me to get a diary. To get the things out of my mind. Don’t think it will work but hey you never know.

Never thought I would have so much fun hanging around in a hospital. But then, I always have fun hanging around with Sammy. She’s really funny. God I’ve definitely falling for her. She’s just everything I would want in a girlfriend. Ok, honestly, a while ago I only thought about boyfriends. It’s weird, cause if I think back, I’ve always liked Sam. In the time we were still fighting, I always got excited after a fight with her. It just never came in my mind that I liked her. I thought it was just the excitement of having a good fight. Yes, I know I’m weird. And if I didn’t know it before, I know it now, because I’m telling a diary that I’m weird.

Anyway, I’ve got to go. I’m going to the hospital, Sam can go home today. I promised to get her there. Btw, I got a little surprise party for her. All her friends are going to be at her home. Isn’t that nice of me?

So, guess I’ll write you later. God, that sounds lame.


‘Hi sweetie. Ready to go home?’

‘Definitely. I’m so sick of being here! Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go!’

‘Easy tiger.’

‘Sorry. I’m just so happy that I can home. So I still have to rest but hey, at least I got my internet back.’

‘Yeah I thought that was the real reason.’


‘Just kidding Sammy.’

‘Very funny Nic. Now lets get out of here.’


‘Here we go Sammy. Home at last.’


‘Oh how mature.’

‘Shut up Nic. Let me be happy.’

‘Of course. Now let’s go inside.’


‘God you guys! You want to scare me back in the hospital? Jeez.’

Lily laughed. ‘Sorry sweetie. If we did, Nic got the blame. It was her idea.’

Sam looked at Nic and mouthed a ‘thanks’. Nic just smiled at her.

‘So what do we got to celebrate? Good drinks, candy?’

‘Everything you like Sam. Nic made sure of that.’

Sam pulled Nic in a hug and whispered in her ear. ‘You’re the best.’

Nic shivered when she felt Sam’s breath on her ear. ‘Anything for you.’

They smiled at each other.

‘Now let’s go inside and celebrate!’ Brooke shouted.

They all laughed and went inside.

Serious Sammy. I would do anything for you to make you happy.


Sam’s POV

Dear diary

Nicole is such a sweetheart! She went to pick me up in the hospital and even got me a surprise party at home! She really did everything to make me happy. If she only knew that the thing that would have made really happy is being with her. Like in a relationship. But I guess we can’t have it all now can we? You know what, I feel inspired to write at my story so I’m gonna leave you alone. Yeah sorry.

Sam started her laptop and waited for connection.

Ok, so maybe Nic was right. I really love having my internet back. You know what? I’m gonna send her a mail to thank her for everything.

She opened her story and then her outlook. She started typing the mail until she suddenly hit a wrong key. Before she knew what happened, she got the message that her mail was delivered. A mail with attachment. An attachment named ‘In my perfect world.’

Oh no. Oh God no. How did this happened? Now she’ll know. She’ll know and never want to talk to me again.

Tears started falling.

I’ve ruined everything. I’ve lost her. This can’t be true. Why me? Why do all these stupid things always happen to me? I’ve got to call Lily. She’ll know what to do.

‘Hi Sammy.’

She couldn’t speak.

‘Sammy what’s wrong?’

‘Could you... could you please come over?’

‘Sure no problem. I’ll be there as soon as I can, ok?’


‘No problem.’

An hour later, Lily was finally there.

‘Sorry it took me so long.’ She saw the tears.

‘Oh sweetie, what’s wrong?’

Sam started crying even harder. Lily took her in her arms and let her cry for a while.

‘I’ve ruined everything.’

‘What do you mean?’

‘I... I had this story. About... about Nic and me. And I kinda sent it to her by accident.’

‘Oh sweetie.’ Lily didn’t know what to say so she just hugged Sam a little harder.

‘Now she’ll never want to speak to me again. She’ll hate me. I’ve lost her.’

‘Sammy I think you’re giving the girl a little too less credit. Come on, it’s going to be a little strange maybe, but it’ll get better. She’ll understand.’

‘I can’t face her anymore Lil. I would be too ashamed.’

Lily sighed. ‘It will get better Sammy. You have to believe that. Now try to get some sleep.’

‘Stay. Please. I really don’t want to be alone tonight.’

‘Ok. No problem.’

They crawled in bed together. Lily put an arm around Sammy. ‘Don’t think too much about it. Sleep.’

‘I’ll try.’


Nicole’s POV

Dear diary

I’m so excited! I got this mail tonight from Sammy. And in attachment there was this story about her and me. I’m not sure if it meant what I hope it meant but I pray to God that it does. It would mean that she got the same feelings for me as I have for her. I really want to go over there now, but it’s too late. And besides, maybe I’m wrong. I’m still scared you know? But I really hope that I’m right.

Anyway, I’m going to try to get some sleep now.

Next morning, Nicole got up early. It had been a long time she had felt this great. She decided to go for a run and then go over to Sammy’s place.  Or maybe... she really felt good... yeah she was going to run to the Palace. Why not? It wasn’t that far.

‘Sammy? You awake? I got your mail yesterday and I.... Oh god.’

Oh my god. She’s in bed with Lily. Oh god how could I been this stupid? She loves Lily! I’m such an idiot, thinking a really had a chance with her.

Tears started falling.

‘Nicole? Oh shit. Nicole, this is not what it seems to be.’ Lily started, getting out of the bed, but Nicole already turned and run out.

‘Nicole! Wait!’

Nicole ran out the house.

I’m so, so stupid...


Sam’s POV

‘Sammy... Sam! Wake up!’

‘huh? What? Lily?’

‘Sam! Nicole was here.’

Now that got Sam awake.


‘And she saw us together. I tried to explain but she was already gone.’

‘She ran away? Why?’

‘Sam are you really that blind? She likes you!’

‘You mean like.. like me?’ Can’t be.

‘Duh! Now get dressed so we can go find her!’

‘Why would she like me?’

‘Come on Sam! I saw the look on her face! She likes you. Have I ever been wrong about these things?’

Sam thought. ‘No... Oh god. And she saw us...’ Sam got out of bed, getting dressed as fast as she could. Witch wasn’t fast, with a broken leg. But finally, she was ready. They got in the car and Lily started driving.

‘You having any idea where she might went?’

Sam thought. ‘You know, there is this place she likes to go to and think. I’ll give you directions.’

When they got there, they saw Nicole lying on the grass, crying her eyes out.


Nicole and Sam

Lily turned to Sam. ‘Go over there. Talk to her.’

Sam nodded and climbed out of the car.


No respond.

‘Nic... listen to me.’

‘Sam... please go away...’ Nicole whispered. I don’t want to see you now don’t you get that?

Sam sat down next to Nicole and tried to take her in her arms. But Nicole pushed here away.

‘Nic please. You don’t understand.’

‘Sure I do. You’re with Lily. Hope you’re happy Sam. I mean it. As long as you’re happy.’

‘Nic I’m not with Lily.’

You’re not? ‘Then why where you lying together in you’re bed?’

‘Because I needed somebody last night.’ Sam sighed. Confession time. ‘You read your mail yesterday?’

Nicole nodded.

‘Well.. I didn’t meant to send that story to you.’

Nicole looked hurt.

‘Don’t get me wrong here. I thought you would never speak to me again if you knew that I... that I...’ Damn I can’t even confess now! ‘I really like you Nic. More then I should like you. Remember our conversation in the hospital? If there was somebody I liked?’

Nicole nodded again.

Sam sighed. ‘I was talking about you.’ When she didn’t got a responds, she took it wrong. Oh God. Lily wasn’t right. Nic was just shocked about me and Lil in the same bed. She doesn’t like me like that. ‘I’ll... I’ll leave you know. Sorry I said that. I shouldn’t have. I’m going now.’

No. She can’t leave. ‘NO!’ Ok, that was a little too loud. ‘Sorry. Didn’t mean to shout. Please stay.’

Sam nodded and looked really nervous.

Guess I have to confess too.‘I was talking about you.’

Sam looked at her confused.

‘In the hospital. I was talking about you too. But I thought you couldn’t feel the same about me. And when I got that story... God Sammy I never felt so happy in my whole life. But then this morning, when I saw Lily and you... my heart broke Sammy. I thought.. I thought you and her...’

Sam putted her arms around Nicole and they sat like that for a while.

Sam gathered all of her courage and whispered in Nicole’s ear. ‘I love you Nic.’

Nicole shivered. She looked in Sam’s eyes and saw only love in her eyes. She felt tears coming up again.

‘Thank God. I love you too Sammy.’ And with that, she kissed Sam.


Nicole’s POV

Dear diary

I can’t believe this. Just at the moment I thought I lost Sammy forever, I seemed that I was so wrong. She loves me too! I’m so, so happy. It’s like everything I’ve ever dreamt about. Her lips... they are so soft. It was the best kiss I’ve ever had. She’s so sweet and soft and... I just don’t have the words for it. She’s the best thing that ever happened to me. I just can’t get enough of her. Lily brought me home just a few minutes ago, and I already miss her terribly. But I admit, I really have to take a shower. The running got me all sweaty. And the crying didn’t really help. So I’m going to shower now, and then I’m going to Sammy.

I don’t know if I’m going to write anymore. I bought you to get my mind cleared. And now I’m with the most beautiful girl in the entire world. So I guess my mind is cleared. You know, I’m going to keep you. You never know what happens. Maybe some day, I feel like writing again.

But I’m really gone now. I’ve got a date. A date with the girl I love so much.

See Ya.


It’s 3AM right now. If my parents knew that I’m still awake... but hey, it’s not my fault that I’m still writing. If they would leave me alone during the day, I could write then. Problem is, they can’t. So I have to write at night. Got this whole part in an hour or so. The first part took me 3days because they where always disturbing me. And because you all probably don’t care, I’ll leave you guys alone now.

P.S. feedback on this story would be really nice. It’s my first story that is a little longer. And well... I just need to know if you liked it or not. And now I’m going to bed cause I can’t seem to stop writing. *gone*


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