Title: Who would have thought

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Author: Mikey

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Couple: Sam/Nicole

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Warning: If you don’t like 2 girls together... then I don’t know what you’re doing here.

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Author's Notes: hehe it’s kind of funny... I have no problems to write a story, but damn, giving a title to it... gives me something to think about for a whole week. So please, again, don’t mind the titles cause they suck...

Part One

Sam’s POV

Boring, boring, boring. There’s really nothing on TV! It’s friday night come on, there must be something. Hey, the doorbell. Wonder who that is.


‘Spam? Is Brooke home?’

‘No, she’s at the movies with Josh.’

She looks sad.

‘Something wrong?’

‘What do you care Spam? Searching for something for the newspaper?’

Ok. I so didn’t deserve that one.

‘Not everybody is like you Satan. Some people do have feelings and they care about others.’

Is it me or is her face swollen on the left?

‘Nicole... you want to come in? You can wait for Brooke if you want.’


God her face really is swollen. I wonder what happened. I even feel sorry for her. Can you believe that?

‘Nicole I’m serious. If you need to talk...’

‘So you can tell it to everyone?’

Ok she has to stop doing that.

‘Sorry Sam. Thanks for the offer but I rather wait for Brooke.’

Is she apologising? Well there is a first time for everything but I didn’t expected that!

‘Ok. It’s your choice.’

They sat together on the couch for almost an hour when Sam looked at Nicole and saw the silent tears.

Oh god. She’s crying and I didn’t even notice. She looks so vulnerable now. What should I do? I really don’t know anything about her. Oh damn. But I can’t just leave her crying.

‘Nicole. I know we’re not really friends. Far from. But I promise you, if you want to talk, I’ll listen. I won’t judge and I won’t tell anybody. But please, stop crying.’

‘You want to know so badly? Fine! My mother is a freaking alcoholic who beats the shit out of me every time she’s a little too drunk and she feels like it! Happy now?’

Ok. So she told me. Not quite the way I hoped but still. God she’s crying even more now.

‘Why would I be happy Nicole? Nobody deserves to be beaten. No, not even you. I really feel sorry for you.’

Oh great now she’s even more crying. Seems I do everything wrong. Well, last solution.

She took the crying girl in her arms and let her cry at her shoulder.

I hope this helps her. I don’t know. I’m even surprised that she let me do this.

When Brooke came home later, she saw the two girls lying like that.

‘What the fuck?’

Sam jumped. ‘Damn Brooke! Don’t scare me like that!’

Nicole was already getting up. ‘Hi Brooke. I was waiting for you.’

Brooke just looked at the girl and knew what was wrong.

‘She did it again huh?’

‘Yeah. Came home drunk and decided to use me to get out her frustrations.’

‘Oh Nicky.’ Brooke hugged Nicole.

‘Still. What were you two doing?’

‘Sammy here was curious so I told her and well. I started crying and she comforted me.’

‘Still. Believe me. That was the last thing I expected to see when I saw your car outside. I thought you were killing each other or something.’

Yeah. That’s what I thought would happen when I hugged her.

‘So euhm. You know. I’m going to leave you two alone. So you can talk. See you tomorrow Brooke. Satan.’



And Sam has left the building. {Stupid joke.} Yeah I know. Can’t have it all. God, I can’t get Nicole’s face out of my head. She looked so hurt, so small, so... human. Ok, it was really sad, but still, I wish she could be more like that.


Nicole’s POV



‘You told Sam about the beating?’


‘You told her why?’

‘Are you nuts? Look, confessing to her that my mother beats me was hard enough. The crying came by itself, trust me, I would never do that in front of her if I had the choice. But I’m definitely not going to tell her that I’m gay and that that’s why that bitch beats me!’

‘Calm down Nic. Or she’s going to hear it anyway.’

‘Yeah you’re right. I hate my life. I wished my mother never found out that secret’

‘Come on Nic. You can sleep in my room tonight.’

‘Thanks Brooke.’

You know, there are even things you’ll never know. Like the fact that I’m not only gay, but also in love with Sam. I couldn’t tell you. Nobody will ever know. That would be the end of my life. God, lying in her arms tonight, I almost lost it. She’s so sweet. I do nothing else but hurt her and still. She tells me I don’t deserve to get beaten and she tries to comfort me. She’s one special girl.


Sam’s POV

Dear diary

Well, last night was one special night. Who would have thought? Nicole Julian’s life isn’t as perfect as it seemed to be. Don’t get me wrong, I really feel sorry for her that she has to live with that.

You know, I was thinking. Nicole never lets her emotions out, except last night. Maybe she’s just scared to get hurt. I know I would be with a parent like that. Maybe she isn’t as bad as I thought she was. She’s just a scared little girl. God, now that’s weird to think about Nicole. She’s always like miss superbitch but last night.... I don’t know I think I would have done anything to help her.

She’s cute huh? I don’t even know why I’m writing that but still. I wish I could help her.

Ok, wait a minute. Somebody’s at my door. And it’s only 8Am. Wow I’m popular. Not. Probably Brooke.



Huh? What’s she doing here?

‘Hi Sam. I euhm... I just wanted to thank you for last night.’

‘Hey no problem... you slept in Brooke’s room?’


Now that explains what she’s still doing here. And she keeps surprising me. Never thought she would come here and thank me. Wait, she probably just wants to make sure I keep my mouth shut.

‘Nicole. Don’t worry. I won’t tell anybody about what you said last night. I can keep a secret you know.’

Damn she looks hurt now. I guess I said that a little too harsh.

‘Yeah thanks Sam. But really. I appreciate what you did last night. I didn’t exactly give you any reason to help me, and still, you did.’

Guess that’s why she looked hurt.

‘Sorry Nicole. Shouldn’t have said that like I did. But I still meant it. And again, no problem.’

‘Yeah so euhm.. I’m going now.’

‘Ok. See you around.’


‘And Nic?’


‘If you want to talk, you know where I live now.’

Nicole smiled.

‘Thanks. See you later.’


Nicole’s POV

Dear diary,

Well. I guess I really surprised her by going to her room and thank her. I don’t even know why I did it. Guess she really is special. I think I could really talk to her. She won’t judge anything. Well, except the fact that I like HER. But I believe her. She won’t tell anybody what happened last night. I know I would run around and tell everybody that I met if it was somebody else. Not if it was Sam. But that’s because I like her. So I guess that’s the difference between the two of us. I’m a bitch. She’s the opposite.

So. Guess I don’t deserve her anyway. Why would a girl like me deserve a girl like her? God if only she knew how I felt last night. Lying in her arms. It was like a dream coming true. I cried and she just took me in her arms. Who would have thought? And god it felt so good. I think I could get used to that. But hey, bummer. I’ll never have her.

Maybe I should talk to her. Nah, why would I? I mean, even if I told her that I’m gay, what would it matter? But I really want to tell her. I don’t know, but I do. But maybe we could become friends before that. You know, doing stuff together. I don’t care anymore what everybody will say. I just want to be around her. Get to know the real Sam McPherson.

I’m going to call her. See if she wants to do something. I don’t know.



‘Sam? Nicole here.’

‘Hi. Why are you calling? Something wrong?’

‘No everything’s fine. My mom is on a business-trip for a few days so it will be calm. No I was just wondering if you would like to do something today. I don’t know, rent some movies or something?’

‘You serious? Why? I mean, I would love to, but why?’

Typical Sam. She has to know why.

‘I don’t know Sam. I want to thank you for last night. And euhm... I thought... maybe you and me could be friends.’

Oh my, she even makes my stutter now.

‘Nic, I already said that it was no problem last night. But euhm... the friends part? I would like that. If it means that I get to know the real you at least.’

‘Ok. So you coming over?’

‘Yeah sure. What do I tell Brooke?’

‘Oh euhm... could you please tell her that you go to Lily or something? Because you know, she’ll be hurt that I didn’t invite her instead of you.’

‘You know I don’t like lying. But ok, just for this time.’

‘Thanks Sammy. I’ll go rent some movies.’

‘Ok Nic.’



Sam’s POV

Ok. This is getting weirder and weirder. The thank you part was weird, but Nicole Julian inviting ME in her house? No way possible. Rent some movies... you know, I really want to become friends with her. I think. I mean, I liked the real Nicole. The one crying in my arms yesterday and the thank you this morning. That was like, really sweet. And she called me Sammy. That sounded so sweet. What is happening with me? I’m totally exited to go there. Well, lets go get ready then.



‘I’m going to Lily tonight.’


‘See you later Brookie.’

‘Bye Sam.’

God I’m so nervous. This is the first time that I hang out with Nicole. Alone. God I hope everything will go well. I really don’t want to make a foul out of myself. I even put on my best clothes. I don’t know why. Guess I want to impress her. I mean, this IS Nicole Julian, Queen Bitch of Kennedy High. Oh god what am I doing? I’m actually going over to Nicole’s place. Ha! Who would have thought?

‘Hello. I’m here for Nicole Julian.’

‘Ah yes. She told me somebody was coming. Come in.... follow me.’

‘Miss Julian? Your guest is here.’

‘Let her in.’

‘Wow Nic. This room is great.’

‘Yeah guess so. Replacement of the love.’


‘I euhm.. sorry.’

‘No it’s ok. Shouldn’t have said that. This is a fun night. Sit down. By the way, you look nice.’

Oh god I’m blushing.

‘Thanks Nic. So do you.’

‘I’ve got a reputation to think of.’ Nicole joked.

‘Sure. So, what movies did you get?’

‘Not another teen movie, 10things I hate about you and G.I Jane.’

‘Ok. I sensed a theme there until you said that last one.’

‘Yeah I know. I’m a little in the mood for sappy love stories. Sorry.’

‘No problem Nic. They’re funny.’

‘That’s true.’

So the girls sat down and started watching the movies.


Nicole’s POV

I hope she doesn’t want to talk about the movie when it’s done cause I have no idea what’s happening in it. She’s so close... I can even smell her shampoo. Damn I wish she was my girlfriend. What I would be doing right now... ok, got to stop thinking like that or she will notice something. If she doesn’t already cause I keep looking at her. Ok Nic, turn your head back to the TV. Now!

‘Nicole? Are you al right?’

‘Huh? Yeah.’

‘You sure? I’ve said your name 5 times before you answered.’

‘Sorry. Kind of zoomed out I guess. You wanted to ask something?’

‘No. It’s just that I have to go. It’s getting late.’

No! I don’t want her to go!

‘Stay. Please.’

Ok, now I’m getting a weird look.

‘I just... I don’t want to be alone tonight Sam.’

‘But I have nothing to sleep in.’

‘I’ll give you something of mine. Please Sam.’

‘Ok. I’ll stay. Just let me call Brooke to tell her.’


God, good that I came up with that excuse. I really don’t want her to go. But then, at one moment she’ll have to go and I don’t ever want her to go. Can’t have it all.

‘Nic? It’s ok. I called Brooke.’

‘Good. Here’s something for you for tonight. The bathroom is over there.’


‘No. Thank you. For staying.’

‘I’ll go change now.’

Can I watch?


They both got up and Sam went to the bathroom while Nicole cleaned up the movies. When Sam came out, Nicole went to change.

‘Euhm Nic? Where do I sleep?’

‘I thought you could sleep with me. In my bed.’ Nicole came out the bathroom, a little insecure. ‘That is, if you don’t have a problem with that. We could go and get another bed in here if you want.’

‘No it’s ok. I was just wondering.’

Oh my god. I’m going to sleep with Sam in one bed. I hope I can control myself.

‘Ok. Let’s go sleep.’

The girls got in the bed and Sam almost immediately fell asleep.

God she’s so gorgeous. She looks so peaceful asleep. I really want to hold her, but I can’t do that now, can I? I really should get some sleep.


Sam’s POV

Where the hell am I? Oh yeah, right, I stayed at Nicole’s place. She looked at her watch. It’s only 4AM. Why am I awake? At that moment, she heard Nicole sobbing next to her. She’s crying again. I feel so sorry for her. And I really don’t want to see her cry. I like her smile much more.

‘Nicky? You ok?’

‘I’m al right. Go back to sleep Sam.’

‘Nic. Talk to me.’

‘I... I can’t. You wouldn’t understand.’

‘Nicky come on....’

‘Please don’t ask Sam. Please.’

‘Ok. I won’t.’

I wonder what this is about. Still about her mom? They she could tell me, right? No, this got to be something else. But I can’t push her to tell. But I really want her to stop crying.

Sam wrapped her arm around Nicole and pulled her closer. Nicole cried in her shoulder.

God I wish I knew what was wrong with her.


Nicole’s POV

I feel so bad. I mean, she lets me cry in her arms. And I enjoy it. If only she knew. But if she knew, she would be running out of here right now. God I wish I could just tell her. She seems really concerned about me. I wonder why. I mean, she’s supposed to hate me. She’s a special girl. {you’ve said that before.} Can’t help it. She really is. It’s so nice to wake up in her arms. I wish I could just stay in them forever. Just lying here, for the rest of my life. I could do that. I definitely could.


Damn she scared me! Didn’t know she was awake. But oh god, she’s even sexier in the morning!

‘Goodmorning Sammy.’

‘Goodmorning Nic. You feeling a little better?’

If I could stay like this, oh hell yeah couldn’t feel any better.

‘Yeah I’m ok.’

‘Good. So euhm. What are we going to do today?’

She wants to stay?

‘You want to stay?’

‘If that’s ok with you.’

Hell yeah!

‘Yeah of course. I had fun last night.’

‘So did I.’

God she has this incredible sexy smile now.


‘Are we getting up?’

I don’t want to.

‘Could we.. just lie down a little longer like this? I mean....’

‘No problem Nic.’

God I love this. Being so close to her. Feeling her warm skin next to mine.

Part Two

Sam’s POV

Dear diary,

Is it normal that having her in my arms feels so good? I love having her in my arms. It feels right. But is it? I’m getting more and more confused here. The real Nicole is really special. She’s sweet and funny and... adorable. I feel like I want to hug her the rest of my life. But this can’t be normal. It’s just... I’m not suppose to feel this, right? I mean, I’m straight. At least, I thought I was. Could I be wrong?

Oh god, imagine. This is great... when the fuck did this happen? She needs me, I can’t do this now. But I have to admit... the last few days were really great. I mean, I had a lot of fun with her. I really did. But I can’t like her like... like her. Ok, that sounded stupid.

I’ve got this feeling that I’m babbling really bad. I don’t want to read this again, cause I don’t think I would understand any of it.

Conclusion. I think I’m falling in love with Nicole. Crap.



‘I’m going to Nicole.’

Brooke is going to Nicole?

‘Ok. See you later Brooke.’


Why am I jealous now? I mean, they’re still best friends. It’s normal that Brooke’s going to Nicole. She did so many times. I miss Nicole. Damn. I’m in sooo much trouble now.


Nicole’s POV

Dear diary,

I’ve had so much fun with Sam the last days. I’m even more in love with her then before. This is so not good. I think I need to take some distance or I’ll do something really stupid. Like kissing her.

So I invited Brooke for tonight. Get my mind of Sam. I hope. This is so not good. I’m falling deeper and deeper and I can’t get back up.

Ok. Brooke’s already here. Gotta go.

‘Hiya Nicky.’

‘Hey Brooke.’

‘So. What are we going to do tonight?’

‘Watch some movies?’

‘Ok. Fine by me.’

And they watched movies.

This is so not helping. I’m still thinking of her. This is going wrong. Terribly wrong. Damned!

‘Nic? You ok?’

‘I’m fine.’

‘Come on Nic. I know you. Something’s bothering you.’

‘I’m fine!’

Leave me alone. Please.

‘Nic? Has this something to do with Sam?’

What? How did she...?’


‘Ok. Your face said enough. Tell me.’

‘I... I can’t.’

‘Nicky.... oh god... you’re falling for her.’


‘No! Am not!’

‘Nic. Your face says enough. I promise I won’t tell her. But you have to talk with somebody. I can see that it’s bothering you a lot.’

‘Fine. I’m not falling for her.’


‘I’m in love with her. Have been for a while. Can’t even remember the time I didn’t love her.’

‘Then why were you always laughing with her?’

‘I had to hide Brooke. She can’t find out! If she does... god I don’t even want to think about it.’

‘I think you should tell her.’

Is she crazy?

‘Are you crazy? She’ll hate me forever Brooke. We’re becoming friends now. It’s fine.’

‘Still. I think you should. And she wouldn’t hate you. Ow Nicky, don’t cry.’

Brooke pulled Nicole in a hug and let her cry for a while.

‘I don’t know anymore Brooke. I don’t know if I can hide it any longer. I love her so much.’


Sam’s POV

Dear diary,

This is so not good! I had this dream last night. Oh god. So not good. Ok, the dream.

I was at her place again, and we were watching movies and having fun. So far so good. Until one moment, she turned to look at me. And god, she kissed me. And I liked it! Oh god. I’m really falling for her. Badly. This is bad. This is so bad.

I’m right back. Phone.



‘Hi Nic.’

‘Hi. I was wondering if you wanted to come to my place. I euhm... I want to talk to you about something.’

She’s finally going to tell me what’s bothering her?

‘Yeah sure no problem. Give me half an hour and I’m there.’

‘Ok. See you then.’

‘Bye Nicky.’

I’m back. Nicole called. She wants to talk to me. Maybe she’s going to tell me what was wrong that first night I stayed at her place. We’ll see. I got to go.

‘Hi Nic.’

‘Hi Sam. Come in.’

She looks really, really nervous.

‘Thanks. So euhm. What did you want to talk about?’

Ok. Now she’s even more nervous.

‘I euhm... god I really don’t know how to tell you.’

‘Just tell me Nic.’

‘Promise you won’t freak out.’

Why would I... never mind.

‘I promise.’

‘I... I’m gay.’ It was only a whisper.

She’s what? No way! Nicole Julian is gay? This is... this is great!

‘Nicky. Look at me. Good. Now that I have your attention back.’ Sam smiled at Nicole. ‘I really don’t care Nic. And euhm... lately, I’m having my own doubts about my sexuality.’


‘Yeah. So it really doesn’t matter, ok?’

‘Thanks Sam. You want to watch some movies?’


Ok. Now that I’ve calmed down. Even if she’s gay, she’ll never look at me that way. She probably has a crush on Brooke or something. I mean, even if we’re friends now, she’s still one of the popular kids, and I’m not. She probably wouldn’t even notice me in any other way. Why would she anyway.

‘Sammy? You in there?’

‘Huh? Yeah, sorry, kinda zoomed out, didn’t I?’

‘Yeah. What were you thinking about?’

‘Nothing important. Hey euhm. Could I sleep here? It’s getting late and I don’t want to go home.’

‘Yeah of course. No problem.’

‘Thanks Nic.’

At least I can sleep with her. Too bad it’s literally sleeping.


Nicole’s POV

This went better then I thought. I mean, when I told Brooke, she was really shocked. Didn’t know how to act around me for almost a week. But then again, Sam is thinking about her sexuality herself. Or did she just say that to comfort me? Well, even if she’s thinking about it, she’ll never like me in that way. I should be glad that she even wants me as her friend.

You know, sleeping with her in the same bed is so hard. I mean, I love it, cause I want to be close with her, but I hate it, because I’ll never get closer then this. I mean, this is it. Just sleeping in the same bed. It makes me so depressed.

‘Nicky? You crying again?’


‘I’m ok Sam.’

‘Come on Nic. You’ll have to tell me some day what’s wrong.’

‘I can’t!’

‘You don’t trust me huh?’

Oh great. Now I’ve hurt her. Can’t I do anything right?

‘Of course I trust you. This is just something I can’t tell you.’

‘Why not?’

‘I just... I can’t.’

‘You’re in love with someone.’

What? How did she...

‘I can see that Nic. But you don’t trust me enough to tell me who.’

‘I just... I really can’t tell you this Sam. Please. don’t ask this.’

‘Oh my god.’

What? Oh no.

‘You’re in love with Brooke.’

Now that’s funny.

‘You’re kidding me, right? Brooke? No freakin’ way Sammy. Definitely not Brooke.’

‘Well. Who is it?’


‘You can’t tell me. Al right, got it. Does it make you feel better if I tell you something?’


‘Ok. I told you I was thinking about it, right?’


‘I know now. I’m in love with a girl.’

Oh god! She’s in love with a girl! But who?


‘Same here Nicky. Can’t tell you.’

Shit no! She’s in love with Brooke! That’s why she asked that!

‘You’re in love with Brooke?’

Please not.

‘Hell no.’

‘Ok. This is getting crazy. We’re both hiding.’

‘Yeah I know. If I tell you, you tell me.’

Great. Well, at least I can lie. I’m second.

‘Deal. Tell me.’

God she looks nervous.

‘You.’ It was only a whisper.

She... she’s in love with me? Could it be... no way... this is a dream. Yeah, it’s a dream! Well, in that case, I’m going to enjoy my dream.

‘Sammy. Look at me. I... I’m in love with you too. So please stop crying.’

‘You... you love me?’

‘Yeah. Is that so weird?’

‘Euhm. Yes. I mean, I really thought... you know what? Never mind.’

I’m going to kiss her. Yeah, I’m going to kiss her now. Come on Nic, kiss her! This is your chance. God you’re a chicken.



‘Can I... can I kiss you?’

Nicole just smiled at Sam and leaned in to kiss the other girl.

God she’s perfect. She tastes so good. Her lips... oh god. This is even better then I thought. I’m in heaven. Oh yeah.


Sam’s POV

I’m so happy! Nicole Julian has kissed me. And it was even better then in my dream. And now I’m lying in her bed, with her in my arms. This is it. This is everything I’ll ever need. I really love her. And she loves me. This is beautiful.

‘I love you Nicole Julian.’ She whispered to the sleeping girl.

The End

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