Title: Never been so happy

Author: Mikey

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Couple: Sam/Brooke.... DUH

Rating: PG13

Spoilers: I dunno.. some

Summary: Promnight

Warning: If you don’t like 2 girls together... then I don’t know what you’re doing here.

Disclaimer: not mine (too bad.. I never get lucky)

Author's Notes: just a try-out and please don’t be mad at me if you find some faults. I mean, I speak Dutch so I ain’t that good in English. And spelling check ain't working :s


Promnight. It was promnight and she was standing in the corner, watching the girl she loved dancing with her best friend. <When did this happened?> Lilly came and said something to her, but she didn’t even hear it. All she saw was Brooke. And then.. she saw them kiss. Her Brooke and Harrison. She felt the tears in her eyes and ran outside. She couldn’t take it no more. She didn’t even saw Brooke ran after her, yelling her name. All she wanted was go home, get in bed and cry herself to sleep.



<Why am I dancing with Harrison again?> She could feel Sam’s eyes in her back. <Sammy... I’m so sorry. I know you like Harrison> Suddenly she felt his lips on hers. The second she realised what happend she pushed him away and looked behind her. Only to see Sammy running out the door. <God no.> She ran after Sammy. ‘Sammy!’ But Sam didn’t even hear her. She could only hope that Sam ran home because that’s where she was going now.


Sammy’s room

Sam was crying in her bed, listening to her music.

I guess that I should have known
I'm better off on my own
But dancing there all alone
Was the girl of my dreams

<Yeah, except she wasn’t alone> she thought sarcastically. She didn’t look up when she heard Brooke come in her room.


‘Brooke... please go away.’ She whispered.

‘Sammy listen to me. I didn’t want to kiss him. He kissed me and I pushed him away. You have to believe that!’


Brooke started crying.

‘Please Sammy don’t hate me. I can’t live if you hate me. I don’t want Harrison! I want...’ she cut herself off just in time.

Sam looked at her. ‘Who do you want?’

‘Sammy please don’t ask... I can’t tell you that.’

‘Fine then I don’t believe you. Now please leave.’

Brooke fell down on her knees crying.

‘Sammy... ok, you want to know who I want? Good. I want you.’ She whispered.

Sam looked at her angry. ‘Come on you really think I’m going to believe that?’

Brooke looked up at her. And when Sam saw her eyes, she saw love. But it couldn’t be. Not Brooke, head cheerleader, totally straight.

‘Why are you playing with my feelings? Wanna have some fun with me?’

‘Sammy... don’t say that. I would never play with your feelings.’

Their faces where just inches apart now.

‘I’m sorry.’ Brooke whispered and then kissing the other girl. Sammy couldn’t believe this was happening. Before she could even respond the kiss, she felt Brooke back away.

‘Sammy... I’m sorry.. I shouldn’t have kissed you.. Oh god I know you want Harrison and...’

‘You think I want Harrison? Are you crazy? Why would I want him if I can have you?’ there, she said it. She took Brookes hand, pulled her closer.

‘Now can you please kiss me again?’

Brooke smiled true her tears and kissed Sammy. And they both felt happier then ever before.

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