Title: moving on.

Author: Mikey

Email: Morrighan_85@hotmail.com

Copyright: March 2004

Rating: PG-13

Author’s Note: This is a work of original fiction. I may write some more but I don’t know yet. Kinda soft story so if I write some more, it will probably be a little less soft and stuff. Guess I was a little lonely and depressed ;-). So if you want me to continue, just ask and I’ll think about it J Oh and don’t pay attention at my titles I just suck at giving a story a good title :s

Sammy sighed and wondered what the hell was wrong with her. She was at this party with all her friends and she still felt terrible. She couldn’t believe it. She watched her friends dancing and felt so lonely. They where all in love, and she didn’t have anyone.


Sammy turned around so quickly she almost fell. She saw a gorgeous girl in front of her smiling.

‘Hi.’ She said back to the girl.

‘So what is a pretty girl like you standing here alone?’

Sammy looked at the girl, still a little shocked by the cute girl talking to her. And calling HER pretty.

‘Euhm.. well my friends are dancing and euhm...’ she didn’t want to tell this girl she was alone.

‘And you have nobody to dance with.’ Sammy nodded and looked at the floor.

‘Well, I would say that’s perfect.’ Sammy looked back at the girl.

‘Cause I have nobody to dance with either. Would you dance with me... euhm...’


‘Sammy... cute name for a cute girl. My name’s Jess.’

Sammy smiled at the girl. ‘So Jess.. let’s dance.’

Jess smiled back at her and they started dancing.


When it was time to go home, Sammy really didn’t want to leave. She already liked Jess a lot. They had danced and talked and danced some more and she had found out that they had a lot in common.

‘Hey Jess, I’m really sorry, but I have to leave.’

The other girl looked exactly like Sammy felt. Then she took her wallet and give a little card to Sammy.

‘Here.. my name and phonenumber are on it. So euhm you can call me or something if you want to do euhm.. something.’

Sammy smiled. The girl was even cuter when she babbled. ‘thanks. I will.’ She smiled. And then she really had to leave so she quickly gave the other girl a kiss on the cheek and turned to her friends. She already left while Jess was still standing on the same spot, her hand on the cheek where Sammy kissed her, smiling.


‘So Sammy, tell me, who was the dropdead-gorgeous girl you where talking to all night?’

Sammy smiled at her best friend Nicky. ‘Yeah, she was cute wasn’t she? Her name is Jess. And she even gave me her phonenumber, asked me to call her.’ Sammy smile got even wider. ‘You really liked the girl didn’t you?’

‘Yeah, definitely.’

‘Oh Sammy I’m so happy for you!’

‘Hey hey don’t go to fast hun, nothing happend... yet.’ She grinned.


The next day, Sammy sat next to her phone, with the card next to her. She wanted to call the girl, but she didn’t know what to say. And she didn’t want to look too pathetic. But by the evening, she just couldn’t wait anymore. She really wanted to talk to the girl again so she called anyway.

‘Hi. This is Jo speaking.’

‘Euhm hi. My name is Sammy. Is Jess there?’

‘Yeah, just a sec.’

Sammy heard the girl shout. ‘Hey Jess! It’s for you. That girl you’ve been talking about all freaking day!’ Sammy blushed. So Jess talked about her all day huh? That was nice to hear.

‘Hi Sammy.’

‘Hi Jess. Euhm... how are you?’

‘Great, now you’ve called. How are you?’

Sammy blushed again.

‘Yeah I’m fine. Hey I was wondering if you wanted to do something tonight.’

‘Yeah sure. Ow wait, I promised Jo to watch some movies with her. Hey but you can come too!’

‘Are you sure? I mean, don’t want to force myself or something...’

‘No it’s allright, her girlfriend is coming too so I would be kinda lonely.’

‘Euhm ok then. Tell me where and when and I’ll be there.’

5 minutes later, Sammy hang up happy. She jumped a little in the room and then started wondering what she would wear. So she ran to her bedroom and started searching true her clothes. Finally, she found something. She decided to just go in her black baggy-jeans and her favorite top, with the text ‘touch these and you’re dead’, and because it was a little too cold to go on the street like that, a white vest. It was time to leave, so she took her bike and left her place.


When she arrived at Jess’ place she suddenly got a little nervous. She hoped she would fit in with Jess and her friends. But then she remembered what Jo had shouted ‘It’s that girl you’ve been talking about’ and she smiled again. She nocked at the door and looked a little surprised cause it opened right away.


‘Hi.’ Sammy said back. They stood there, looking at eachother untill suddenly another girl appeared behind Jess.

‘Hey Jess, let the girl come in will ya?’

Jess blushed. ‘Euhm offcourse, come in.’ She said, letting Sammy in.

‘So you’re the cute girl Jess couldn’t stop talking about. I have to agree with her, you are cute.’ Jo smiled, making both of the girls blush.

‘Jo...’ Jess said.

‘Allright I’ll leave you two alone. But remember, I’m gonna start the movie, with or without you guys!’ with that she left the 2 girls alone.

‘Yeah euhm, so that was Jo.’ Jess said smiling. ‘and yes, she’s always like that.’

Sammy smiled back.

‘She always makes everyone blush?’

Jess laught. ‘Yeah she does that a lot.  She’s not really subtle. But come on, let’s go watch the movie.’

Sammy followed Jess to the living room and then sat down next to Jo and her girlfriend, Steph, and watched Coyote Ugly. Sammy smiled cause Jo had comments at everything.

‘Ah come on, everybody can see that Rachel likes Cammie A LOT! Are they freakin’ blind?’

‘Sweetie calm down, it’s just a movie.’ Steph started.

‘Don’t tell me you can’t see it.’

Steph sighed. ‘Allright, you’re right. Rachel likes Cammie A LOT! Now can you be quiet and watch the movie?’

Jo murmured a little, but then just watched the movie.

Sammy watched Jess, who looked very nervous suddenly. She smiled and then moved a little closer to the other girl. Jess smiled at her and put an arm around Sammy. They just sat like that for the rest of the movie. But when the movie was over, Jo and Steph started kissing and suddenly Jo said ‘Euhm, Jess, I think Steph and I are going to my bedroom.’

Jess laughed and said ‘Yeah I saw that one coming. Go and behave.’

‘Yes mommy.’ Steph and Jo said together, and they left the room.

‘So Sammy, now it’s just you and me.’

‘Yeah. So euhm, what do you wanna do?’

‘Oh I got something very nice in my mind but I don’t know if you’re gonna like it.’

Sammy looked at Jess, who was blushing, and she laughed. ‘If you don’t try, you never gonna know it.’

Jess looked at her. ‘Yeah guess you’re right.’ And with that, she kissed the other girl.

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