Title: Very educating language-camp

Author: Mikey

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Couple: Sam/Nicole

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Warning: If you don’t like 2 girls together... then I don’t know what you’re doing here.

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Author's Notes: Just a weird little story ;-) Sam went on vacation in Europe and she found out that she likes girls more than boys. Back home, she hears a conversation between Nicole and Sam.

Sam’s POV

Dear Diary

It’s nice to be back home. Although, I have to admit that I had a lot of fun in Belgium. Who would have thought it would be a boring language-camp was definitely wrong. Of course, we studied on languages. But I liked it. If I want to be a reporter, it’ll always be nice to know some Dutch and French and even some German.

And I’ll never forget Angela. She taught me things that no camp could ever do. And no, I’m not going in details with you. Let’s just say it was very nice, and that I now have more respect for female forms. Oh, and guys? Forget them.

Sorry, Brooke is yelling that somebody’s on the phone for me. Gotta run.


‘Some girl named Angela.’

Oh my god. I’m blushing. I hope Brooke doesn’t notice.

‘Hello Angela.’

‘I’m sorry. Am I calling at a wrong moment?’

‘No no, not at all.’

‘So that was the famous Brooke huh?’

‘Yup. You got that right.’

‘So euhm. How was the trip back home?’

‘Oh it was ok. Long flight but I got some memories to get me entertained.’

‘So you don’t regret what happened?’

‘Definitely not. I really enjoyed being with you Angela. You’re a very sweet girl. It’s something I’ll always remember.’

‘Thanks Sammy. Anyway, I’ve got to go. It’s already midnight here you know and it’s a pretty expensive call.’

‘Yeah I know. So euhm... I’ll talk to you later, ok? E-mail me.’

‘I will. Bye Sammy.’

‘Bye Angela.’


Nicole’s POV

‘You know, yesterday happened something weird.’


‘Sam got a call from a girl named Angela. From the camp.’


And again, we’re talking about Sam.

‘I don’t know... when I said to Sam that it was Angela on the phone she blushed. She never blushes. And they where talking about something. That it was nice to be together and stuff. You don’t think..’

‘Nah Brooke. You’re thinking too much. They probably slept in the same room or something and they became good friends. You know, since I told you I’m more into girls, and mostly into Sam, you’re searching something behind everything someone says.’

‘Maybe you’re right. I don’t know.’

‘Don’t think about it.’

‘Anyway, I’ve got to go home anyway. Have to be home before dinner you know.’

‘Yeah I know. See you later Brooke.’

‘Bye Nic.’

I can’t hope too much. I mean, god, even if Sam and that Angela would have been together, she would never go out with me. She hates me. And I made sure of that myself. But in that time, it was the easiest way to hide my feelings. Imaging her and I be friends. By now, I would have been so madly in love with her I would kill myself. At least now, I won’t kill myself.... yet.


Sam’s POV

Dear diary

Brooke has been acting weird all week. She keeps asking about Angela. I hope she didn’t find out something cause that would be my death. She would tell Nicole and then they would plan something to humiliate me in front of the whole school. Now, can’t let that happen, can I? I wished I could just tell everybody about Angela, but I guess it’s not that simple.


‘Come on Sam. Tell me about her.’

‘What do you care anyway Brooke. Searching for some gossip?’

‘All right. Never mind.’

‘You’re finally giving up?’

‘No. I’m letting it go for now. Besides, Nic’s going to be here in a few minutes.’

‘Oh great. A visit from Satan.’

{She’s cute though.} What? For gods sake, we’re talking about Satan! {Come on. Admit it. She’s cute.} All right, she is. But still, she’s Satan.

At that moment, the bell rang.

And if you’re speaking about the devil...

‘Hi Satan. Come in. Brooke’s upstairs.’

‘Hi Spam. How did the bookworm-camp go?’

‘It was very educating.’

If you only knew how educating.

She grinned at her own little joke.

‘What’s so funny Spammie?’

‘Nothing Satan. Go to Brooke.’

‘Yes captain Loser.’

What a bitch. {a cute one.} oh give it up. I already agreed with you. {Hey, I wonder what those girls always talk about.} See? That’s better. I like this side of you more, brainy. Evil. Let’s go listen.

‘So Nic. How’s it going?’

‘Not good Brookie. I can’t stop thinking.’

Oh this is good. She’s thinking. Funny.

‘I know Nic. But you really should find somebody. Maybe you can forget then.’

Should have known. Boys. They just don’t know what they miss.

‘Yeah I know. It’s just... I don’t know. It hurts.’

Seems she got it bad. Who would have thought? Satan has feelings!

‘I know Nicky. But you have to realise that she’s probably straight.’

At that comment, Sam backed away from the door, shocked. She ran to her room.

Oh my god. Satan in love with a girl? When the hell did this happen? Damn, I should have stayed there. You never know, maybe they had called out her name. {And you secretly hope that it was yours huh?} Are you kidding me? Look, I said she was cute. Don’t make me go further than that. Come on, she’s Satan. {Ok. I’ll let it rest for now.} Why thank you so much. God, I wished it was just a boy. It would have been funny to spread around that she’s in love. That she has feelings at all. But now, jeez I can’t spread this around. I couldn’t hurt anyone if I found out something like this. {Not even  Satan?} No, not even to her. And no, I’m not getting weak!


Nicole’s POV

‘You know, I really want to change. I’m sick of being the bitch. I want to show my real me. Or at least at the rest of the group. You know, since we’re hanging around a lot with Sam and her friends lately.’

‘You think you can do that? I mean, I like the real you I’ve got to known, but still. I know it was hard for you to even do that in front of me. And you knew me so much better then you know them.’

‘Yeah I know. There’s a big change I get hurt if people know that I really have feelings. And I’m mostly scared that Sam finds out that I have feelings for her. She hates my guts, I know that. I made that happen.’

‘I don’t know Nicky. I mean, ok, she doesn’t really like you but I don’t think she would use something like that against you.’

‘Well. Only one way to find out huh. Besides, I really can’t do this anymore. It hurts me to act like that, especially against Sam. You know what, I’m going over there right now.’

‘Are you sure? I mean...’

‘No I’m not. But still, I have to do this. Just trying to get agreed with her for a truce.’

‘In that case, I wish you luck.’

And I’m going to need it.



‘Spa... I mean, Sam? Can I come in?’

‘Satan? What do you want?’

Oh yes, this is going to be hard.

‘Come on Sam. Let me in. I want to talk to you.’

She jumped a little when the door suddenly opened.

Was she standing right behind the door or something? Damn.

‘What do you want to talk about Satan? Came her to laugh with me some more?’

Guess I deserved that one. But still, it hurt.

‘No Sam. I wanted to make you a purpose.’

‘And what would that be?’

Here goes nothing.

She offered her hand and said ‘Truce?’

Sam looked at her with her mouth open.

‘You serious?’

‘If you don’t want to...’ Nicole started to pull her hand away when suddenly Sam took it.


Nicole smiled.

‘Ok so euhm... guess I’m going back to Brooke’s room now.’

‘See ya later Sat... Nicole.’

Nicole walked back to Brooke’s room. Well, I really didn’t think she would agree. And god, she said my name. I suddenly love my name. Especially if she says it. God I’ve got to get over this.


Sam’s POV

Ok, so that was weird. Sat... Nicole {get used to it.} Yeah, I really have to do that. Anyway, Nicole coming over her to purpose a truce. Who would have thought? And it almost looked like she was hurt when she thought that I didn’t want to... nah, can’t be. {Maybe you really are the girl she likes.} Would I? Wait, what do I care. I don’t like Nicole, do I? Oh shit. You can’t do this to me. Well, only one way to find out. Let’s get Brooke into interrogation. In a very, very smooth way. I hope.




‘Did Nicole leave already?’

‘Yeah, why?’

‘Can I come in? I want to talk to you.’

‘Sure. Come in.’

‘So. What do you want to talk about? You finally telling me something about Angela?’

She really isn’t going to give up huh? But maybe this is a good way.

‘You really want to know?’

‘Of course!’

‘Fine. I euhm... I dated her.’

Ok this is even more fun then I thought. She’s just looking at me, with her mouth open. Really funny.......ok, now it’s getting creepy.


‘Euhm... yeah sorry Sam. You kind of took me of guard.’

‘Guess so. Sorry.’

‘Hey no problem. So, tell me details. You slept with her?’



‘Ah come on Sam.’

‘Ok. No, I didn’t. We cared about each other, but we also knew that we weren’t ‘the one’ for each other so we decided not to. Just kissing and a little feeling.’

‘Ok. That’s nice too.’

‘Brooke? Why aren’t you like... totally freaking out on me?’

‘I euhm.... I....’

Haha, got her.

‘Sorry Brooke. I kind of heard a part of your conversation with Nicole. Did you think I would come and talk to you about this if I didn’t know something?’

‘What did you hear?’

‘Just that Nicole has the hots for a girl.’

‘Your not going to tell anybody are you?’

‘Of course not. I wouldn’t do that. It’s her business if she likes girls more. I mean, I’m not someone to judge her, am I?’

‘So. You decided to stay with the girls too?’

‘Yeah guess so. But still, I’m really curious about that girl Nicole seems to like.’

‘I euhm... I can’t tell you that Sam.’

‘Yeah I know.’

‘If you want to know, Nicole’s the only one who can answer you.’

‘Yeah probably. You know what? We got a truce. I’m just going over there and ask her.’

‘You serious?’




‘Do you have feelings for Nicole?’


‘No!’ she sighed. ‘Ok. Honest. I don’t know Brooke. I mean, she’s cute and stuff but still. I don’t see her as quite human.’

‘Maybe if you know her better....’

Why is she pushing this? Oh my... maybe I am that girl Nicole’s likes.

‘Brooke? Why are you pushing?’

Oh shit. I am that girl. Brooke’s not a good liar. She’s blushing.

‘I euhm...’

‘I’m the one Nicole likes huh?’

Brooke was quite for a few minutes, observing Sam.


‘Oh my god....’

oh my god... oh my god! What do I do now? Do I like Nicole? Honestly, I don’t think I would mind kissing her, but do I like her? I don’t know her. All she ever did was bitching me around.

‘Sam? You ok?’

‘Huh? Yeah sure. Quite of a shock. How long? And why? And...’

‘You have to talk with her. You still want to go over there?’

No. {Yes.} Ok, I’m curious about it.

‘Maybe. Yeah, I’m going to talk to her.’


‘See ya later Brooke.’

‘See ya Sam.’


A.N: Ok. It’s 6Am now. And I really should go to bed. I have to get up in 5hours and I’m so not a happy person if I don’t sleep enough. But this is getting really fun to write. What a dilemma. I’m going to write. I’m having way to much fun.


Nicole’s POV


‘Nic? It’s Brooke.’

‘Hi Brooke. Why are you calling? Did I forget something?’

‘Euhm no... I euhm... damn. Ok, Nic, don’t panic but Sam is on her way to your place.’

‘What? Why?’

‘Euhm. See she came to talk after you left and...’ Brooke told the whole story.

Oh my god. Oh shit.

‘You got to be kidding me Brooke! I trusted you!’

‘Nic I’m really sorry but I don’t know. I think she kind of likes you too, but she doesn’t want to admit it. Come on, would she come and talk to you if she didn’t?’

‘Brooke I told you already! She hates my guts! You know how much I like her and you do something like this? Oh god I want to die now. This is too much. I just wanted to be friends with her but I guess I can forget that too. I don’t even care anymore if she told the whole world! I don’t care what they think anymore, I only care about what she thinks! And now it’s ruined! She’ll hate me even more. Oh god what am I going to do?’ Nicole was crying now.


‘Why do you think I hate you?’

What the....

Nicole turned, to see Sam standing in the door of her room.

‘Sam? How did you....’

‘Butler let me in and told me where your room was.’


‘Brooke? I’ll call you back.’ Without waiting she shut down her phone.

Oh god I hope she didn’t hear everything I said.

‘What did you hear?’

‘At least your whole speech.’

Oh shit.

‘You still didn’t answer me.’


‘What was the question?’

‘Why do you think that I hate you?’

What should I say? Oh what the hell, just tell her the truth. What’s left to loose.

‘Because I made sure of that. I always laughed with you, pulled a lot of nasty tricks on you.’

‘Yeah so? I did the same to you and you like me.’

‘That’s different!’

‘How come?’

‘I don’t... I don’t know.’

Great. I’m crying again.

‘Ow damn Nic. Please don’t cry.’

‘You surprised I got feelings too?’

She looks hurt? Why does she look hurt? I’ve said so many worse things to her and she never cared.

‘Nic. I know you have feelings. Please don’t cry.’

‘I can’t help it Sam! My whole world just collapsed in a few minutes! I thought I could be at least your friend and now I have nothing anymore! I don’t know anything anymore now.’

‘Why do you think you lost everything Nic?’

‘This isn’t funny anymore Sam. You know well enough what I’m saying.’

‘No I don’t Nic.’

Ok, she wants it, she gets it.

‘How can I be friends with you now? You’ll stay like as far as possible from me now you know that I love you and that will hurt me so I can’t even come close to you anymore.’

‘You.. you love me?’

Did I say I love her? {Yeah, you did. Sorry hon. Not my fault this time.} crap.

‘Yeah. Guess I do. Now could you please leave? I really need to be alone.’

‘You know what I think?’

She’s coming closer. Oh god, she’s so close now. If I reach out, I can touch her.

‘No’ it was only a whisper.

‘I think you have been alone long enough.’

She’s kissing me! She’s kissing me! Wait. Why is she kissing me?

Nicole backed away.

‘What are you doing?’

‘Euhm... kissing you?’


Sam sighed. ‘Because I like you. I don’t know Nic. Before I came here, I didn’t know for sure. I admit, my feelings were a little confused before now. There was this little voice in my head that kept interrupting my thoughts. You know, while I tried to think something evil about you, that voice in my head dropped in and said something like ‘yeah maybe, but she’s cute’ and things like that. Really weird though. And well, when I came here, and I heard you talking to Brooke... the things you said... and the things you said to me... and if I didn’t believe you totally, I surely did when you cried Nic. I know this isn’t some game you guys are playing. And it made me realise I really like you. I don’t know if I love you, but I surely like you... a lot.’

Well. That was some confession. Oh, who am I kidding? I feel like I could jump 10 feet high.

‘Do you mean that?’

‘Yeah. So why are you still crying?’

‘Happy tears Sam. These are happy tears.’

They smiled at each other.

‘So euhm.. what do we do now?’

‘I don’t know Sammy. Can I call you Sammy?’

‘You can call me anything if you want, if you smile like that if you say it.’

Oh god she’s adorable.

‘So I don’t know what’s going to happen. But we’ll find out together. If you want at least.’

‘God Nicky, stop with being so insecure. I would love that.’

Stop being insecure huh? Well, I got an answer to that.

And with that, Nicole closed the space between her and Sam, and kissed her.

The End!

Jeej, 6.30Am. I think I’m gonna stay awake. Yeah, that’s it. I’ve only been awake now for euhm... 16hours... I can make it another 20. I hope. We’ll see. Hoped you enjoyed reading it. And if you didn’t, well, guess that’s your problem then.

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