Title: Love Is A Confusing Thing

| Part One | Part Two | Part Three |

Author: Mikey the Dreamer

Email: Morrighan_85@hotmail.com

Copyright: July 2004

Rating: You know what? I give up on the rating stuff cause really, I don’t understand any of it! What should I care anyway? If you read something you don’t like, quit reading!

Author’s Note: Sam and Nicole are from Popular and Mary is from 7th Heaven but Alex is clearly my character. Well, she’s kinda me, she just has a better figure ;-). The way she acts and reacts is mostly like me. Her background story is mine. The only things that don’t match, is that I don’t have the mentioned tattoo... yet, I don’t go to college in America and I clearly don’t have a girlfriend like that. Too bad ;-). And yes, I also have that problem, falling in love with straight girls. It just never ends like this.

Part One

Alex’ POV

Wow. I love this room!

She put her stuff on the bed next to the window and sat down for a minute.

This is just incredible! Who would have thought, me, here in America. This is a dream come true! I hope I will fit in here with a few people. Everybody looks weird at me already. Guess they’re not used to girls with baggy-jeans and a mohawk.

At that moment two girls knocked on the door before entering.

‘Hi.’ The brunette said. ‘My name’s Sam and this is Nicole. We live in the room next door.’

‘Hi. I’m Alex.’ Oh my god! They’re both gorgeous! ‘ What are you two studying?’

‘Journalism.’ Sam replied.

‘How could it be anything else Sammy. I mean you’re obsessed with it! I’m studying computer science. And you?’

‘Journalism.’ I say, smiling at Nicole’s shocked face.

‘Wow! That’s great! So I already know somebody in my class!’ Sam smiles.

‘Yeah, I’m happy about that too. I don’t know anybody around here.’

‘Where are you from anyway? I mean, you have an accent I’ve never heard before.’ Nicole asked.

‘Yeah that’s because I’m from Belgium. We speak Dutch there.’

‘Well, that explains a lot.’

‘Yeah. So you two know each other from before huh?’

‘Uh yeah we used to be enemies in high school.’ Sam smiled, looking at Nicole.

‘My guess... tell me if I’m wrong, but you seem pretty close now.’

Nicole and Sam both blushed.

Yeah. Very close is my guess. Look at them blush!

‘Euhm we’re friends now.’ Sam said.

‘Friends or... more?’ I smile.

‘How did you know?’ Nicole said, clearly decided to come clean about it.

‘You know the saying, it takes one to see one?’

‘You mean...’ Sam said.


‘Cool.’ Nicole smiled.

‘Too bad for me though.’

‘What do you mean?’ Sam asked.

‘Well, you know, two hot gay girls, not available. That kinda sucks.’ I smile.

Sam blushes but Nicole just answers. ‘You’re not bad yourself.’

I blush. Ok. Giving complements, I’m used of. But getting them? Not so used of.

‘So euhm, you want to do something now? Hang out, explore the campus...’ Sam asked.

‘If you don’t mind, I’m taking a raincheck on that. I’m just here, so I want to unpack. Maybe see if my roommate shows up.’

‘Fine by me. We’ll see you later then.’ Nicole said.




And with that, I was alone again. Time to unpack. I took one of my cd’s and started my radio.

I once had a girlfriend,
But then one day she dumped me and everywhere
I'd go people would ask me where she was.

I don't want to talk about her.
Someone always asks about her.
So I tell them all my girlfriend's dead.

I say it's leukemia or sometimes bulimia
Or a great big truck ran her over
And chopped off her head.

I don't want to talk about her.
Someone always asks about her.
So I tell them all she's dead.

I guess there's a part of me that likes the sympathy
Or the looks on their faces when I tell them how
She passed away.

I don't want to talk about her.
But someone always asks about her.
So I tell them all she's dead.

My girlfriend's dead you see,
It's a total lie - but it's easier on me
Than having to admit she like's someone else.

My girlfriend's dead you know,
Please change the subject or I am going to go
Jump off a building and join her in hell.

I once had a girlfriend,
But then one day she dumped me and everywhere
I'd go people would ask me where she was.

I don't want to talk about her.
But someone always asks about her.
So I tell them all my girlfriend's dead.

I don't want to talk about her.
But someone always asks about her.
So I tell them all my girlfriend's dead.

Just when I opened my first bag, somebody came in the room. I turned around and there was my roommate. I know I had to be staring, but damn, that was one fine girl!


Mary’s POV

Finally I’m here. Seems my roommate beat me. Ok, she looks kinda freaky… and that music… what the hell are they singing?

‘Hi.’ I say to her. She smiles.


‘I’m Mary.’


‘So, seems you’ve decided which bed you want already.’

‘If you don’t mind.’

‘No, doesn’t matter to me.’

I wonder where she comes from. She has a funny accent.

‘I hope you’re not laughing with my accent.’ Alex suddenly says.

I blush. ‘Sorry. It’s just... well, I’ve never heard it before.’

‘Yeah well, I live pretty far from here.’

‘How far?’ I ask.

‘Let me see. It’s a twelve-hour flight.’

‘You’re kidding me.’

‘Nope. I’m from Belgium, Europe.’

‘I haven’t even heard about that place.’

She laughs. ‘It’s a very small country.’

‘And they speak English there?’

‘Oh no, not at all. We’ve got 3 mother languages, Dutch, French and German. And that for such a small country. It’s just stupid.’

‘Kind of complicated too.’

‘That’s what makes it stupid.’ Alex smiles.

‘Yeah I guess.’

Ok, looks are kinda freaky, but she seems nice.

‘So, what are you studying?’ I ask.

‘Journalism. You?’

‘Computer science.’

‘Hey that’s nice. The girls next door, one of them is doing the same as you. I’ll introduce you to them later, if you want.’

‘That would be nice.’ I smile.

‘So euhm. You want to do something after you have unpacked?’

‘Oh I think I’m going to play some basketball.’

‘Really? Can I join you? I used to play basketball in a team back home.’

‘Cool. Me too. Seems I already found someone to play with.’

‘Great. You finished unpacking?’


‘Ok. I’m going to change then for a game.’



Alex’ POV

‘That was a really great game! You’re really good!’ And damn you look really good in that shirt!

‘Thanks. So are you. Hey, you want to shower first?’

‘Oh no I don’t mind. You go first.’

‘Ok thanks.’

When Mary got into the shower there was a knock on the door.

‘Hi Alex!’

‘Hi Nicole.’

‘I was wondering if you wanted to join Sam and me. We’re going to look for some food.’

‘Sure, if you can wait half an hour. My roommate is in the shower right now, and I need one too.’

‘You sure do. What have you been doing to your roommate?’

‘Probably not the same as you’ve been doing to yours.’

‘Hey now! We’re a very nice couple you know, we wait till it’s dark.’

‘Yeah sure, so nobody disturbs you.’

‘You got it! So what have you been doing to your roommate?’

‘We’ve played some basketball. She’s good.’ Good looking too.

‘You mean good looking.’

‘How did you know I was thinking that?’

‘I recognise the smile girl. Besides, you ain’t got a pokerface.’

‘Yeah well doesn’t matter. She’s good looking. And my guess that’s she’s like totally straight too.’

‘Oh poor thing.’

‘Really funny Nicole. I don’t even know how she is going to react. I mean, she seems nice and stuff but I really don’t know. I don’t want her to freak out or something. It’s not like I’m going to jump on her.’

‘Yeah I know what you mean.’

‘Sweety? What’s taking you so long?’ Sam says walking in the room. ‘Hey Alex. You joining us?’

‘I was just telling your sweet girlfriend here that you guys will have to wait a little. Need a shower and I’ll have to wait till Mary comes out.’

‘What have you two been doing?’ Sam asks and Nicole starts laughing.

‘Oh my god. I can see why you two are together. We’ve been playing basketball so get your mind out of the gutter!’

‘Sorry Alex.’ Sam laughs.

‘Hey Alex!’ Mary suddenly yelled.


‘Could you come in here for a second?’

What the hell?

‘Uh sure.’

She saw Nicole and Sam grin at her. ‘Don’t even think about saying it.’ While walking towards the bathroom.

‘What’s the problem.’

‘No problem. Just want to tell you that these walls aren’t soundproof.’

Oh my god. She heard everything?

‘Yeah, I heard everything. Nicole is right, your face really tells what your thinking.’

Great. I’m blushing.

‘Alex. I really don’t care that you’re gay. One of my friends at home is gay, and she was in my basketball team and we showered together. Don’t worry.’

‘Ok. Sorry for thinking that you might freak out.’

‘Hey. I understand. Now, I’m out of here so you can shower.’


Ok. So not only a babe, but sweet too. Damn.


Mary’s POV

‘So. Who’s who?’

‘I’m Nicole and this is my roommate Sam.’

‘You mean your girlfriend.’

Oh look how cute. They’re blushing.

‘She told you?’

‘No. I was just explaining to her that these walls aren’t soundproof. I heard everything. And I really don’t mind. Besides, I got a compliment of her, she told you I was good looking.’

‘And she was right.’ Sam slapped Nicole on the arm. ‘Hey! Come on, Alex was right.’

‘So?’ Sam said. ‘That doesn’t mean you have to say it out loud!’

They’re really cute together.

‘Hey euhm, Alex said one of you two was following computer-science.’

‘Yeah me.’ Nicole answered.

‘Cool. So am I.’

‘That’s great. So Sam and Alex are together in class and you and I. Hey you want to join us for dinner?’

‘Yeah sure. Thanks.’

‘No  problem. Yo Alex! What’s taking you so long? I’m hungry!’ Nicole shouted.

‘You think my hair is natural like this? If one of you can help me, I’m going to be faster out of here!’ Alex shouted back.

‘I’ll go help her. Wouldn’t want to see you getting another slap from your girlfriend.’ I grinned at Nicole and entered the bathroom.

Wow. She looks great in that outfit. Mary thought seeing the black baggy-jeans and the black tanktop with the red Anarchy-sign on it.

‘You gonna help me or are you just going to stare at me?’ Alex smiled.

‘Euhm yeah. I mean, I’ll help you. It’s just.. you’re really cute.’ Did I just say that?

Alex blushed. ‘Thanks.’

‘It’s the truth. Anyway, I’ll help you with your hair so we can get something to eat.’

I’m so not going there! I’m not gay! I’m like totally straight! {then why do you think she’s cute} because she is! A girl can say that about another girl! {but it means more, doesn’t it?} No it doesn’t. I just need a boyfriend, that’s all. Been lonely for a while. {sure. Whatever you say.}


Alex POV

She said that I’m cute. SHE said that I’M cute. She said that I’m CUTE. Ok. Calming down now. We’re not going there. We’re not falling for the totally straight roommate. That would be like, totally stupid.

‘All done.’ Mary suddenly said.

‘Thanks. I wish I could say you did a great job, but sadly, I can’t look at the back of my head. So I’ll just have to trust you.’

‘Yeah. Too bad for you.’ Mary smiled.

They walked back into the room and joined Nicole and Sam.

‘Let’s go eat.’ Sam said, pulling her girlfriend out of the room.

‘I guess somebody’s hungry.’ I smile.

‘She’s always like that when it comes to food.’ Nicole smiles.

‘You watch it girl, or I’ll tell them for what you can’t wait.’ Sam replied.

Nicole blushed and I started laughing.

‘That’s an easy guess.’ I said, winking at Sam.

‘Yeah yeah. Just like you could wait for that.’ Nicole replied.

‘With a girl like Sam here? Definitely not.’

Sam blushed again and Mary laughed.

‘Poor Sam. Alex, you’re making her blush!’

‘Yeah. That was the whole plan. It’s cute.’

‘Totally.’ Mary and Nicole agreed.

‘Funny. Now let’s go.’ Sam said.

‘Whatever you say honey.’ Nicole smiled.

They’re really cute together. Ok, I’m just a little jealous.


Mary’s POV

‘That was really fun.’

‘Yeah it was. Those two are fun. They love teasing each other.’

‘And that’s so cute.’ So are you. Ok, not going there. Why the hell do I keep thinking she’s cute?

‘Totally. Anyway, I’m gonna crash. I’m really tired. Jetlag.’


Oh god. She really is good looking. Totally  muscled. Hey, did I see that right?

‘You have a tattoo?’

‘Ah yeah.’

‘What does it say?’

Alex turned to Mary, letting her see.

‘Annelies R.I.P’? Tattooed on her heart?

‘Who was she? I mean, if you want to tell, that is.’

‘My little sister. Died when she was 6 weeks old. I was five.’

‘Wow. Must have been hard.’

‘Yeah it was. Anyway, I’m crashing. Goodnight.’

She clearly doesn’t want to talk about it.

‘Goodnight Alex.’

I changed too and got in bed. Soon, I was asleep.


Few weeks later...

Alex POV

‘Hey Sam.’

‘Hey Alex! Come in.’

‘Thanks. Is Nic here?’

‘No, why?’

‘I just wanted to talk to you.’

‘Oh. Sure, no problem.’

‘Thanks Sam. I’ve got a problem. A big problem.’

‘What is it?’

I sighed. ‘I’m falling in love.’

‘And that’s bad?’

‘Oh yeah. I’m falling hard.. and she’s straight.’

Sam looked at me. ‘Mary?’

‘Yeah. God this sucks.’

Sam hugged me. And I just started crying.

‘I really don’t know what to do Sam! I mean, what if she finds out? I can’t deal with this again. Why am I always falling for the straight girls?’

‘Oh sweety. It’ll be ok.’

‘No it won’t! How can it be? I’m like totally falling for her! She can’t find out. She really can’t!’

‘She won’t. Calm down.’

‘It happened to me before Sam. I lost a very good friend because of it. I don’t want that again.’

‘I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t just drop you Alex.’

‘I’m really lost Sam. I don’t know what to do.’

Part Two

Alex POV

This is nice for a change. Instead of a wild party just playing pool in a pub near the college. Although Mary was definitely right when she said she can’t play pool.

‘Here. Let me help you.’ I said, standing right behind Mary and putting my hands on hers. ‘You just need to hold it here. Good. Now, shoot.’

It was a clear shot in the corner pocket.

Ok Alex, you’re making yourself suspicious. She scored. Let go of the girl… right… now…. Ok, counting then. 1…2…3… now!

‘Euhm yeah see? Beautiful shot.’

Mary smiled a little flushed. ‘Thanks Alex.’

She hugged me. She let go and I wanted to kiss her on the cheek, when she suddenly turned her head and I kissed her right on her mouth.

‘Oh god sorry Mary. I didn’t mean to…’

‘I know. No need to apologise. I turned my head. Don’t worry.’

‘Euhm yeah.’ Calm down Alex. It was just an accident. ‘You want another beer? I’m going to get another beer.’

‘Yeah sure. Alex…’


‘Calm down. No big deal, k?’

‘I’m calm.’ {Liar.} Shut up.


‘So… beer… now.’

I left and walked to the bar, not seeing Mary smile and touch her lips.


Mary’s POV

Ok. This is really not good. What are these feelings I have about Alex? I mean, I just like her, right? She’s nice and stuff. And she really is a great friend you know? I can talk to her, she just listens and doesn’t disagree, and I still have a lot of fun with her. Playing basketball, going to party’s,… You know, I just need to find a boyfriend, and everything will be fine.

Suddenly this guy from class, Riley, started talking to me.

‘Hi Mary. How are you?’

‘I’m fine Riley, thanks.’

‘Hey euhm.. I was wondering if you would like to go on a date with me.’

Maybe it will get my thoughts away from Alex.

‘Yeah sure. When?’

‘Let’s say tomorrow night, about 7PM? I’ll buy you dinner and we’ll go see a movie or something, if that’s ok with you.’

‘Ok. Pick me up at my room?’

‘Yeah. Just give me the number.’

I gave him my room number and he left just when Alex came back..

‘So, what did he want?’ She asked, handing me a beer.

‘Wanted a date.’

‘You agreed?’

‘Yeah. He seems like a nice guy.’

‘Oh.’ She just answered, not looking at me. ‘You want to play another game?’

‘Sure.’ I wonder why she’s not looking at me. Did I do something wrong? She’s probably just a little nervous about that kiss. Yeah, that must be it.


Alex POV

‘She has a date?’

‘Yeah. This sucks. This really sucks.’

‘I know sweety.’

‘Yeah well. I had to fall for the straight girl. Anyway, I promised I would help her pick an outfit so I got to go.’

‘Ok. See you later Alex.’



‘Alex! There you are! You got to help me, I can’t choose!’

Great. I can help her pick an outfit for her date with mr lover. Did I already mentioned that this sucks?

‘Sure. You found something al ready?’

‘Yeah. I’ll go put it on and you choose.’


When Mary came back out of the bathroom, I just stood there, mouth open. Maybe I even drooled.


‘uh? Yeah, sorry. Kinda zoomed out. Anyway, euhm….’ I should be honest, shouldn’t I? ‘Show me the other one.’


So I couldn’t be honest. Just don’t want the guy drooling on her.

She came back out, looking even more gorgeous. Damned.

‘Take the other one.’

‘You sure? I liked this one more.’

‘Hey, you’re the straight girl, I’m the gay girl. Take the other one.’

‘Ok, got your point.’

At that moment, somebody knocked on the door.

‘That will be Riley. I have to change so can you open?’

‘Yeah. Sure.’

‘Hey. Is this Mary’s room?’

‘Yeah, she’s just changing. She’ll be out in a few seconds.’


I hate the way he’s looking at me. I’m not the freak, you are! Stay away from my Mary!

‘Ok. I’m finished. We can go now Riley. Thanks for helping me out Alex. Bye.’

‘Bye. Have fun!’Not too much!


Mary’s POV

Ok. So he is a little boring. Can’t have it all.

‘You had a good time?’

‘Yeah sure Riley. Thanks.’

‘So euhm. I’ll see you Monday? In class?’

‘Yeah.’ I smiled at him.

‘Can I give you a kiss goodbye?’

I laughed and kissed him.

‘I got to go now. Bye Riley.’

‘Bye Mary. Sweet dreams.’


‘So. How was it?’

‘Good evening to you too Alex.’

‘Hi Mary. So, how was it?’

‘Ok ok. I get the point. It was nice. He’s a little boring, but he’s a sweet guy.’

‘You gonna see him again?’

‘Well, I think so. It will depend on him. If he asks me again. But I think he will.’

‘How come?’

‘He seemed to enjoy the kiss.’

‘You kissed him?’


‘Oh…’ She looked down. ‘Well. I’m tired. Sweet dreams Mary.’

‘Yeah. You too Alex.’

She looks hurt… why would she look hurt? I don’t get it. I feel bad and I don’t know why.


few weeks later…

Alex POV

‘Alex? You ok ?’

‘No Sam. I feel horrible. She’s with this guy, and she just totally forgets about me. We barely even talk anymore.’

‘Yeah I know.’

‘Anyway, I got to go. Need to do some stuff and then I’m going to the gym. Need to get out some frustrations.’

‘Ok. See you later.’

‘Yeah… later Sam.’

I walked into my dorm.

‘Who are you?’ A girl, sitting on Mary’s bed, asked.

‘I could ask you the same question. What the hell are you doing in my room?’

‘Oh I see. You’re Mary’s roommate. I’m her sister.’

‘Her sister? I didn’t even know you were coming.’

‘Mary didn’t tell you?’

I sighed. She doesn’t even tell me stuff like this anymore. ‘No.’ I answered quietly. ‘She didn’t.’

‘She probably forgot. She does that a lot. Do you know where she is now? My parents and the rest are outside.’

‘She’s probably… with a friend.’

At that moment, Mary walked in.


Mary’s POV

‘Hi Lucy! You’re here already!’ I say, hugging my sister. Then I see Alex standing a few feet away.

Oh damn, I forgot to tell her they were coming.

I looked at her, and she just shrugged. ‘I’m going to the gym, I’ll see you guys later.’ And with that, she disappeared in the bathroom.

‘Hey you never told me your roommate was so weird. I mean, a girl with a mohawk, baggy pants and tanktops? Totally weird.’

‘She isn’t weird Lucy, ok? She’s great. Don’t say things like that.’

‘Oh come on Mary, you can’t tell me that you think that’s normal.’

‘Define normal. I like it. It looks awesome on her.’

‘She looks totally dyke.’

‘Lucy! This discussion is over! I don’t want to hear a word about it ever again, ok? She’s a great girl, that’s it.’

‘Wow don’t get so defensive. You’re almost acting like you did with your boyfriends if anybody said something about them.’

‘You’re so not funny Lucy. Let’s go.’

Great. Alex has heard everything. I know it, thin walls. Who knows what she’s going to think now.

We walked outside to our parents.

‘Mary! There you are.’ Dad said.

‘Hi dad.’ We hugged.

‘Yo Matt, you should see her roommate. She’s totally freaky.’

‘Lucy! I can still hear you! Stop talking like that about her!’

‘Yeah yeah, you can keep telling me how nice and stuff she is, but she’ll still look freaky.’

‘Now Lucy, what did your mother and I always told you? We’re tolerant people.’

‘Judge her yourself, she’s just coming out.’

The whole family looked in Alex direction. Alex noticed, stopped and glared back. Then her eyes shifted towards me. I just shrugged, what could I say? She walked towards the gym.

‘Ok. So she doesn’t look like everybody. It isn’t necessary.’ Dad said.

I was getting pretty mad.

‘Oh come on dad, I can see at your face that you didn’t like it. You’re just too “polite” to say it out loud.’

‘That’s not true.’

‘She doesn’t believe in God.’

Dad looked shocked at me.

‘Maybe I should go talk to her.’

‘See! You’re as bad as Lucy. Just leave her alone! She’s fine like she is. You don’t even know her so stop judging her!’

Why am I so defensive about her? {You…} Shut up! I’m not going to defend myself again. I don’t have feelings for her! That’s it! {yeah…sure… whatever you say.}


Alex POV

My god what a family! I’m so glad that isn’t my family. And she clearly never told her family that I really AM a dyke, like Lucy described it. I wonder if Mary really is as defensive over me as she is with her boyfriends… oh get it out of your head Alex. You’re only hurting yourself with thinking positive.

I walked into the gym, right to the punchbag and just started hitting it. I needed to get the anger out of me.

So now is the time to give up all hope. She barely even talks to me anymore. I’m such a loser. Thinking I might had a chance with her.

I stopped punching the bag.

I’m going back to Sam and Nic. At least they are still friends with me.


‘Sam? Nic? You guys here?’

A gorgeous blonde opened the door.

‘They’re in here.’ She looked at me. ‘You must be Alex.’

‘Yes I am. Who are you?’


‘Ah the famous step-sister of Sam and the best friend of Nic.’

‘You got that right.’

I looked around.

‘Why are Sam and Nic sitting on the bed staring at you?’

Brooke smiled. ‘I just explained to them why they should wait with telling our parents that they are together.’

‘And it’s that shocking?’

‘Yeah. I just told them I’m gay.’

I looked at her. ‘Damn. My gaydar is broken.’

She laughed. ‘Yeah well… theirs too.’

I smiled. She’s nice… and cute.

‘You want to wait till they unfreeze or you want to do something else?’

‘Let’s do something else.’

‘What do you want to do?’

‘Let’s just go to your room and talk a little.’


They had been talking for almost half an hour when Brooke suddenly asked.

‘So, who’s your crush that doesn’t answers to your feelings?’

I looked at her, surprised.

‘I can see it in your eyes.’

I sighed. ‘My roommate.’

‘Auch. Tough one.’

‘Yeah. So, who’s yours?’

She looked back at me and sighed too.

‘You got to promise not to tell Sam and Nic.’

‘Mutual friend?’


‘Sure. I’ll keep my mouth shut.’

She sighed again.

‘She’s one of Sams best friends. She’s this gorgeous, little latino activist.’

I smile.

‘Sounds nice.’

‘Yeah well. She definitely changed my whole world. Before I fell for her, I was just the head-cheerleader, dating the quarterback of our footballteam.’

‘You mean that cliché really happens?’

She laughed. ‘Clearly.’

‘So when did you know?’

‘When Sam became my stepsister, everything changed. We started to hang out with Sam and her friends. That’s when I started falling for her. And now, I can’t even date guys anymore. I tried, but they are so stupid and I keep comparing them to Lily.’

‘You’ve never dated a girl before?’

‘No. I haven’t even ever kissed one.’



‘Is that an invitation?’ I joked.

‘Maybe.’ She smiled. ‘Would you say yes?’

‘Hell yeah.’

‘In that case…’ She leaned towards me and kissed me.


Mary’s POV

So I finally admitted it. I have feelings for Alex. More than friendship ones. Even with dating Riley and avoiding Alex, they didn’t go away. What should I do now?

I walked to Riley’s room.

‘Mary! Hey!’ He leaned towards me to kiss me, but I stopped him.

‘Riley… we need to talk.’

‘That doesn’t sound good.’

I sighed. ‘Can we go inside?’


‘Riley… I’m really sorry, but it’s over between us.’

‘Yeah… I thought that would be the talk.’

‘You’re a really nice guy, but I just don’t have feelings for you.’

‘I understand. At least you’re honest about it. Just answer me one question.’


‘You having feelings for somebody else?’

I sighed again. ‘Yeah.’

‘Could that person be… Alex?’

I looked at him, shocked.


‘I’m not blind Mary. Maybe you where, but I’m not. I saw the way she looks at you behind your back. I saw the way you looked at her. I’m not stupid.’

‘The way she looks at me?’

‘You don’t see it? God Mary, that girl is in love with you!’

‘You think?’

‘I know.’

‘You’re not mad at me?’

‘Look Mary, I knew this day would come. The day you would finally admit to yourself that you have feelings for her. So I can live with it ok? I don’t like it, that’s a fact. But I accepted it.’

‘Thanks Riley.’ I gave him a last kiss and I left.

‘The way she looks at you’…. He thinks Alex really has feelings for me? Oh god I hope so.

I walked to my own room, opened the door and… saw Alex kissing some gorgeous blonde girl.

No….NO! This can’t be true.

I turned around and run away. They didn’t even notice me.


Alex POV

‘That was nice.’

‘Yeah. But…’

‘I know. It wasn’t perfect. I’m not Lily, and you’re not Mary.’

‘Yeah. Still Alex… thanks.’ She smiled at me.

‘Definitely no problem.’ I grinned.

‘Long time ago huh?’

‘You have no idea.’

She smiled again.

‘At your service.’ She joked.

‘Same here. Hey, shouldn’t we go check on your beloved stepsister and her girlfriend?’

‘Probably. Let’s go.’

Just when they wanted to go inside, they heard voices.

‘Look Sammy, I heard Nic say, ‘I used to have a crush on Brooke.’ I don’t have it anymore! You’re the only girl in my world…. Sam, please, say something.’

‘I know Nic… it’s just, well it’s kinda hard to hear that. I mean, was I second choice or something like that?’

‘No Sam. When we became friends, I totally forgot about Brooke. I mean, she was still my best friend, but nothing more. She will never be Sam. You are. You are my everything. I can’t imagine life without you in it. Brooke and I… It would never have worked long. But you… you changed me Sam. And you know that, don’t you?’


At that moment, we didn’t hear talking anymore, only… other noises. We looked at each other and I laughed.

‘Better not go in there now.’

‘I agree. Let’s go back.’ She smiled.


‘So… where are you staying now? Or are you going back home tonight?’

‘I planned to stay away from home for a few days. Give the parents some room to think about it you know? I thought I could stay with Nic and Sam, but I don’t think that’s a good idea right now.’

I smiled. ‘I can see that point. So what are you going to do now? It’s getting pretty late.’

‘I don’t know. You know anything around here? Hotel or something?’

I thought for a second. ‘You know, that would be kinda crazy. You can sleep here.’

‘You sure? What will your roommate say?’

I sighed. ‘Like she even talks to me anymore.’

Brooke looked at me and I shrugged. ‘Never mind. Let’s go sleep.’

‘Ok.’ Brooke smiled at me. ‘It’s a good thing I took my bag with me when we came here.’

I laughed. ‘Definitely.’

We changed and got into my bed.

I wonder where Mary is… probably with Riley… ok, I don’t want to know where she is… or what she’s doing… argh!

Part Three

Mary’s POV

When I finally got back to my room, it was almost midnight. I don’t even remember where I’ve been.

Great. The blonde is sleeping in Alex’ bed. This sucks.

I changed and got into bed. And I just started crying.

This is just great. I finally admit my feelings and Alex has a girlfriend. And I hate it! I want her to be mine…

‘Mary? You ok?’

I jumped and turned around. Alex was sitting next to my bed.

‘Don’t scare me like that!’

‘Sorry.’ She smiled sadly. ‘What’s wrong?’


Alex looked really hurt. ‘Yeah well, another thing you lied about then.’

I looked at her.

‘You know, those times you said I was your best friend? That was clearly a lie cause you barely talk to me anymore. Now I guess that, quote, I can tell you everything, end quote was a lie also.’


‘Never mind Mary. I’m going back to bed.’

Alex got up.

‘Alex, wait!’

‘For what Mary?’

‘I broke up with Riley, that’s what’s wrong.’

Her face softened again and she sat next to me on the bed.

‘I’m sorry Mary.’

‘I’m not. I can’t even believe I ever was with him. I never had feelings for him.’

‘So why did you stay with him until now?’

‘Because I only just wanted to admit that I had feelings for somebody else.’

‘Oh.’ Alex said, looking away again.

I can’t tell her. She can’t ask.

‘So, who’s the blonde chick sleeping in your bed?’

Alex smiled. ‘That would be Brooke. You know, Sams stepsister…’

‘And Nics best friend. Yeah. That doesn’t explain why she’s sleeping in your bed.’

‘She told Sam and Nic that she’s gay and they where kinda shocked. So we left there and when I wanted to bring her back euhm… we heard Sam and Nic doing some stuff that we didn’t want to interrupt.’

I laughed. ‘I see. That doesn’t explain one more thing.’

‘And that would be…’

To tell or not to tell? ‘Why you where kissing her.’ I said softly.

Alex looked at me. ‘She’s in love with one of Sam’s best friends for more then a year. She’s been kinda lonely. So have I been. It was just a kiss. How do you know anyway?’

Thank you god.

‘I came in while you where… kissing her. So I just left again.’

I started crying again. No. Please not now. Stop crying! She’ll find out.

Alex just hugged me. ‘Oh man, and you just broke up with Riley. Must have been kinda painful.’

You have no idea. ‘Yeah… something like that.’

Alex sighed. ‘I know the feeling.’ She said so softly I almost didn’t hear it.


‘Nothing.’ Alex replied quickly. ‘Hey you think you’re going to be ok? Cause I’m really sleepy.’

‘Alex… could you sleep with me tonight? I mean, I just want someone to hold me.’

‘Yeah… I know what you mean. No problem.’

‘Thanks Alex.’ I smiled at her while she got into my bed and wrapped her arms around me.

‘Now, sleep.’


Alex POV

Ok. I was sleepy. Not anymore. God, I could never sleep when I have Mary in my arms. She looks so beautiful. I wish I would never have to get up. That I could stay here with her for the rest of my life.

I gave her a kiss on her forehead.

‘Alex? You ok? Why are you crying?’

Damn. I thought she was sleeping.

‘Yeah I’m fine.’

‘No you’re not. Come on Alex. Tell me.’

‘I’m just kinda lonely you know?’

That’s not a total lie.

She looked at me like she wasn’t believing me.

‘Yeah. Sure Alex. You know you can talk to me right? When you’re ready.’

I smiled. ‘I know Mary. Thanks. Now we better get some sleep.’

‘Yeah. Sleep tight Alex.’

‘Goodnight Mary.’

Yeah right. I ain’t gonna sleep at all.


I guess I fell asleep after all, cause the next thing I know, it’s morning. I look at Mary, still sleeping peacefully in my arms. I sigh. It’s almost perfect.

‘You awake?’

I almost jumped out of bed. ‘God Brooke, don’t scare me like that.’

‘Sorry Alex. But I’m already awake for like, an hour, and I’m getting pretty bored.’

‘Why didn’t you wake me up?’

‘You two looked so peaceful. Didn’t want to disturb you. So I guess this is the famous Mary.’

I sigh again. ‘Yeah.’

Brooke just nods. ‘You want to stand up?’

‘Not really, but I got to anyway.’

‘You want to grab a coffee somewhere?’

‘Yeah sure.’

I carefully get up so I don’t wake Mary up and get dressed. A few minutes later, we leave for the coffee.


Mary’s POV

God, it’s a long time ago I ever slept this good. Just too bad she’s already gone. I would have loved waking up in her arms. And Brooke’s gone too. I still don’t like it.

I get up and wait for them to come back. I don’t have to wait long.

‘Hey Mary, you’re awake! Slept well?’

I smile at Alex. ‘Yeah, slept great. What have you guys been doing?’

‘Ah we went for a cup of coffee.’

‘Hmm coffee. Would love that now.’

‘Yeah, I know. So I brought you a cup.’

Oh god, you’re not gonna cry about something like this!

I look up at her, and we lock eyes. I smile at her.

‘Thanks Alex, that’s really nice of you.’

‘Hey we just ran into Sam and she asks if we’re going to the party tonight.’

‘Yeah sure, I would like a party. Been a long time.’

‘I’ll go tell her, I guess I need to talk to those two anyway sometime.’ Brooke suddenly says.

I almost forgot she was here.

‘Yeah thanks Brooke.’ I smile at her.

‘See you guys tonight then.’


Finally, alone with my Alex again.

‘So, what do you want to do today?’

‘Play some basketball?’

Alex smiles.

‘I would love that.’


God I don’t know how I managed to ignore Alex for so long. I missed this so much. It’s just so much fun hanging around with her, I can just be myself and I know she won’t judge me.



I smile at her. ‘I’ve missed this.’

‘So did I Mary. So did I.’

‘I’m really sorry for these past weeks you know. Letting you hang just like that.’

‘We cool now?’

I laugh. ‘Yeah. We are.’

‘Then let’s forget it.’

She’s the most wonderful person I’ve ever met.

‘You’re the best Alex. Now I’m going to get ready for the party.’

‘Now? Are you crazy? You still have 3 hours!’

‘Yeah, but I need to shower and pick out clothes.’

‘So do I, and it only takes me half an hour.’

‘Well, I need more time.’

Alex sighs. ‘Girls.’

I laugh. ‘You’re one too.’

‘Ow hush. Can I shower first? I’m done in a few minutes.’

‘Sure, I’ll start looking for clothes.’

I look at Alex who shakes her head and disappears in the bathroom.

God I missed her. I’m a fool. {yeah.. you are.} oh shut up.


Alex’ POV

‘You still looking for clothes?’ Oh my…

‘Yeah, so what?’

‘Never mind. Found something?’

‘I can’t choose.’

‘Ok, let me help. Take your blue top with the dragon on and those black paints. You look so hot in that.’ Did I just say that?

Mary blushes. ‘Ok…. Wait a minute. That’s what I wanted to wear on my date with Riley.’

Ow.. shit.


‘Yeah Alex. And you told me to wear the other outfit.’

‘Uhm well yeah but…’ Come on brain, think! ‘The other outfit was better for a date, you know? This is more for a party.’ That was lame.

‘Sure Alex. I’m going to shower now.’

‘Ok, I’ll go see if the others are ready.’


‘Hey Alex!’

‘Hey Sam. Happy to see me or something?’

‘You have no idea. Brooke and Nic are in the bathroom. For already 2 hours!’

I laughed. ‘I know the feeling. Mary’s doing the same. I’m ready and it only took me half a hour.’

‘Same here. So, what now?’

‘Let’s just put on some music and talk a little.’


 ‘Ok, I’m ready.’

‘Great! It’s about…’ I started while looking up at Mary.

Oh my god. She is sooo hot! That body, it’s just.. oh god.

‘Alex? Alex, honey? You’re drooling.’

‘Huh what?’ I blushed. ‘Hey it’s not my fault. You’re looking damn good.’

Now she blushed. ‘Thanks. So are the others ready?’

Just when she said that, Brooke and Nic came out of the bathroom.

‘We’re ready.’

Sam sighed. ‘Finally.’

‘Hey. Looking good takes time babe.’ Nic smiled.

‘So you saying that I don’t look good? It only took me half an hour.’ Sam responded.

‘You’re a natural beauty.’

Sam blushed and I laughed. ‘God Nic, you’re good.’

‘Only telling the truth Alex.’

‘So can we finally go now?’ Sam recovered.

‘Sure hon.’


The party


Mary’s POV

Damn, I wanted to dance with Alex tonight, but she’s just standing there. Why doesn’t she want to dance?

‘Hi Mary!’

I turn around. ‘Hey Riley!’ I smile. ‘What’s up with you?’

‘Same old, same old. Not important anyway. So you already made a move on Alex?’

I blush. ‘No, I didn’t. I’m just… I’m not sure if she feels the same.’

‘Mary, honey, believe me, she does.’

So you keep saying. How can you know anyway?

‘Hey, you want to dance?’

‘Sure.’ He smiled at me. ‘But not to long, don’t want to make a certain girl jealous.’

‘Ow hush Riley.’

We dance for a while, until Riley speaks up again.

‘Hey hon, I’ve got to go. My date’s here.’

‘Your date? You got a date? Nice going boy!’

He laughed. ‘Yeah. So I’ll see you around huh?’

‘Of course.’ I smile at him.

He gives me a kiss on the cheek and turns to leave.

‘Euhm Mary?’


‘I think I did make a certain girl jealous. She just bolted out of here.’


Oh god.

‘I’m really sorry Mary.’

‘Hey, no problem. You didn’t do anything wrong. I’m just gonna go after her.’

‘Ok. Bye.’



Alex’ POV

God, I could have guessed. That slimy jerk is just trying to get her back. All smiling and joking.. And eventually Mary’s gonna give in. My life sucks.


Great going Alex!

‘Damn! sorry, I didn’t see you. Did I hurt you?’

‘No, I’m ok. No problem. Hey, are you Alex?’

‘Yeah. How do you know?’

‘Heard about you. Didn’t think there’d be many girls walking around here looking like you.’

‘Probably not. So, who told you ‘bout me?’


And then it clicks in my mind. The little latino activist.

‘You’re Lily.’

‘Yeah. How did you…’

I laugh.

‘Sam. And Brooke.’

‘She’s here?’

‘Yeah. You didn’t know?’

‘Nobody did. She just left after telling the parents.’

‘Well, she’s here. You want to go to them?’

‘No, I’m ok here.’

I only now notice that she has some tears dried up on her face.

‘You sure?’

She sighs.

‘You sure you want to know?’

I smile. ‘Tell me. People tell me I’m a great listener.’

Lily smiles. ‘Yeah.. maybe you can help me, cause I sure don’t know what to do.’

I sit down next to her. ‘Spill.’

‘Ok.. don’t really know where to start. What do you know about me?’

‘Not much. You’re an activist, one of Sam’s original friends, also good friend of Brooke now and you’re dating her ex, the all American dream, the quarter back.’

‘Not anymore.’

I look at her, confused.

‘Not dating Josh anymore. It’s over.’

‘Wow, must have missed that. Since when?’

‘Tonight. So you didn’t miss anything.’

‘Ow. So I guess that’s the big problem huh?’

‘Not really.’ She sighs. ‘I guess I really loved the guy, but I think I never was in love with him. You know what I mean?’

I nod.

‘We have had some problems the last few weeks, so I already expected a break up. The big problem is, that I found out that I have feelings for somebody else.’

‘What’s the problem? Is he dating, married, too old, too young,.. stop me anytime.’

She smiles for a second, then looks sad again. ‘He’s a she.’

Huh? Oooh, wait, I got it.

‘And she’s straight?’

‘Apparently not.’

And it clicks again. ‘Brooke.’ I say, smiling a little.

She sighs. ‘Yeah.’ Then she looks shocked. ‘You have to promise not to tell her!’

I smile and look at her. ‘I’m not going to.’ She looks relieved. ‘You are.’

‘No way. I mean, we’re finally friends now. Besides, have you looked at her? I never stand a chance! She’s one of the popular, you know? She doesn’t even want to think about me that way if I was the last person on this planet!’

God I hate it when girls start doing that.

‘First of all, I think Brooke wouldn’t like it if she heard you call her shallow. Second, you’re cute. No buts.’ I say when she starts to respond. ‘Third, high school is over girl, no more popular stuff. And last, didn’t you date the quarter back until tonight? I’m thinking he was damn popular too.’

She sighs again. ‘I don’t know Alex.’

‘Believe me, talk to her. Just tell her how you feel.’

She looks at me. ‘Do you know something I don’t know?’

I give in a little. ‘Maybe. And now I’m going back inside and I’ll send Brooke out. Again, not buts. Talk to her, ok?’

‘Ok.’ She agrees, but I can see she’s not really looking forward to it.

So I go back in to find Brooke.

‘Brooke?’ I interrupt some annoying guy talking to her.

She immediately turns to me, smiling. ‘Yeah?’ mouthing a ‘thank you.’

I laugh. ‘Was he annoying you?’

‘You can’t imagine how much. What’s up?’

‘Somebody’s outside waiting for you.’

She looks confused. ‘Who?’

‘Lily.’ I say smiling. ‘She wants to talk to you.’ I can see her getting nervous.

‘About what?’

‘You’ll see. I promise you though, you’re going to like it.’

And with that, I send her outside. Only to hear somebody shouting my name.


I sigh. ‘Yeah Mary?’


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