Title: What a little (lot) booze can do

| Part 1 | Part 2 |

Author: Mikey

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Couple: Sam/Nicole

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Warning: If you don’t like 2 girls together... then I don’t know what you’re doing here.

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Author's Notes: guess I really like Sam/Nicole stories. And there are already so many Sam/Brooke stories so I’m gonna stick with this for a while I guess.

Part 1

Nicole’s POV

Dear diary,

My head is such a mess right now. I think I’m going to the bar in a minute, cause I really need some booze. I want to get drunk to make sure I’m not thinking about her for a while. Yes I know that’s not the right solution, but it’s the only solution I’ve got now.

You know, I guess I’m the only one to blame. And Jane and Mike. They should have stayed out of each others life. And Sam. Cause she’s the one giving me so much trouble.

You see... I’m falling in love with Sam. Oh god did I just admit that to you? Anyway... if Jane and Mike never got together, Brooke would have never got friends with Sam. And if that never had happened, everything would still be like it used to be. I started falling for Sam when we got ‘friends’ or something like that. She and her friends hang out with Brooke and us so we got to ‘know’ each other. And I had to admit that I liked her more then I should like her.

I guess I liked her already, even when we were still enemies. But you know, because I didn’t know her, I didn’t think about it. She did all these things that pissed me off, she I got angry at her and that was it. So I never thought about it. But now... she’s nice to me and I hate it. Ok so I love it too. Confusing much? I know.

See I love it that she’s nice to me. Cause that maybe means that she kinda likes me now. But I hate it, cause I love it. Got it? No? Thought so. Sometimes I don’t even understand it.

God I thought writing would help to get this mess out of my head. Guess I was wrong. I’m still as confused as I was before. So I’m going to my solution. I’m going to the bar.

I surely hope that next time writing to you will help some more.


Sam’s POV

Dear Diary,

I’m so bored. Brooke is out to some kind of club, mom and Mike are having dinner and there is nothing on TV. Lily is out of town. Carmen has problems with her mom. Harrison... well let’s just say that I’m not THAT desperate. So that leaves nothing for me then.

So what am I going to do? I don’t feel like writing so that’s off too. I haven’t done anything else for the last 4days. God I hate my life.

You know what, if everybody can have fun, so can I. I’m going to the bar. I’m just going to drink a lot. If I do that, maybe I have the courage to talk to somebody. We’ll see.

Yeah I’m going to the bar. It’s not that I can get even more bored.


Nicole’s POV

God I’m sooo drunk. And again it’s only part my fault. It’s also the bartender. He gives me the booze so it’s his fault too. Well at least I got part of my solution. I got drunk. the other part didn’t went so well. She’s still on my mind. It’s so bad that I even see her.


It IS her! She just came in. Oh God I hope she doesn’t see me. I’m just going to sit here and not look at her. That should work.

‘Nicole? What are you doing here?’

Or not. Damn reporters. They see too much.

‘Hi Sam.’

God I’m drunk.

‘Are you drunk?’

Told you. They really see too much!

‘Yeah. So? Can’t I even be drunk now? Jeez mind your own business.’

‘It’s not because you’re drunk you can talk to me like that.’

She really isn’t going to leave me alone now, is she?

‘God Sam just go away.’

{I love you.} Oh shut up stupid mind.

‘Tell me what’s wrong.’

‘Why would I?’

‘All right then don’t. I don’t care.’



Silence. I hate silence. {I love her voice.} Shut up!

‘So what are you doing here?’

‘Guess that’s mine business.’

Strike one.

‘Yeah probably.’

‘Just got bored at home. Nobody there.’

Thought it was her business.

‘Nic... I know we’re not exactly best friends but still. You can talk to me you know.’

Reporters don’t give up neither now do they?

‘It’s nothing. Everything’s fine.’

‘Yeah and I’m the pope.’

Damned! Give up already!

‘You want to dance?’

Did I say that out loud? Guess so, she’s looking weird at me.

‘Sure why not?’

Yeah I said that out loud. Wait a minute.. did she say yes?

‘Come on then. Let’s go dance.’

Guess that’s a yes. I hope I can stand on my feet.

Nicole stood and almost immediately went true her knees. If Sam didn’t catch her, she would have gone down to the ground.

Oh god she’s so close. I’m in her arms. I’m dying now.

‘You ok?’

‘Yeah sure.’

‘Ok then. What about that dance?’

‘I’m right behind you.’ {Looking at your ass.} Jeez stupid mind. Get out of the gutter!

Just when they started to dance, the music changed.

Well isn’t that nice. A slow. Great. Oh my god! She wants to dance with me! Her arms are on my waist. Somebody please kill me now! She’s so close... hey! When did I put my arms around her? Doesn’t matter. Her head is on my shoulder. She smells so good. I died and went to heaven. {they would never let you in there.} Yeah proba... hey! {giggle.} Schizophrenic much? Never mind. Maybe this is a dream. Yeah that’s it. It’s a dream. Oh my god. She’s looking at me now. Her eyes... they are so beautiful. Ok, Sam just IS beautiful but still. Those eyes. I’m drowning.

Oh god. What am I doing? I’m kissing her! Shit! I got to get out of here!

And with that, Nicole ran away, leaving a very confused Sam behind.


Sam’s POV

Did Nicole just kiss me? Oh my god yes! She kissed me! And I liked it. Oh shit.... I liked it. Does that mean I like Nicole? No way! Can’t be. I mean, I’m straight, right? There was George. {You never liked kissing George.} Sure I did! {No you didn’t.} Ok, so maybe I didn’t. That doesn’t prove anything. {Doesn’t it?} No! I need a drink. Nicole kissed me and I’m discussing my sexuality with myself. Hell yeah I need a drink.

An hour later.

Guess I’m drunk now too. Lucky I got here by bike. Damn! Nicole was probably here by car! Oh god I hope she’s ok. {You have to talk to her.} You still in here? Damned. Well I guess you’re right. And I better go home too. Sleep. And I’ll call her tomorrow.

Hey. Isn’t that Nicole’s car? She still here?


Sam walked to the car and saw Nicole sitting in the car, crying.


Nicole sighed and opened her door.

‘Go away Sam.’

‘Nic come on.’

Why am I trying? I don’t want to talk to her either. I’m so confused.

‘Look Sam. I’m sorry I kissed you. Shouldn’t have done that. Discussion over.’

‘No it isn’t.’

It isn’t?

‘What do you want to say Sam? You want to yell at me? Call me names? I know a few good ones. Dyke, lesbo,...’

‘You really think I would do that?’

Why do I feel hurt? I should feel offended, but hurt? No. No way.

Nicole sighed. ‘No.’

‘Can I come in?’

Ok this is getting too weird. I’m saying things I don’t want to say. Or am I thinking things I don’t want to think? You know.. I shouldn’t have drink that much. I’m confusing myself.


‘Come on Nic, let me in.’

‘Al right, get in.’

Sam smiled and walked around the car, getting in.

‘So you want to talk? Talk.’

Great Sam. Let’s see if your mouth still talks by itself cause I really don’t know what to say.

Silence. I hate silence. {It’s your own fault. You wanted to talk, so talk.} Yeah yeah I know. But I really don’t know what to say.

Ok did I miss something? I’m kissing her? Something is getting weird here! God her lips are soft. And she is a great kisser, I have to admit that. Oh god, I really like her.


Nicole’s POV

Oh my god! She’s kissing me! She’s really kissing me! And I thought she was straight. Wait a minute... she’s drunk. Yeah there’s my explanation. She’s drunk. she doesn’t know what she’s doing. I should stop kissing her. But I can’t. Her lips... god it’s even better than in my dreams. But I got to stop this. It’s wrong.



‘How did you come here?’

‘With my bike.’

‘You think you can get home?’

‘Yeah sure. It’s not far anyway.’

‘Ok. Sam.... go home. Sleep. You’re drunk.’

Sam just nodded. ‘Yeah I guess.’

Thought so. She doesn’t know what she’s doing.

Sam got out of the car.

‘Bye Nicole.’

‘Bye Sam.’

{You know you can’t leave her like that.} Yeah I know. I’m going to drive behind her. Make sure she gets home save. But she doesn’t have to know that. {Yeah like she isn’t going to notice when you drive behind her.} She’s drunk. She won’t notice. {If you say so...} I do! {Easy. I’ll shut up.} Please do that. You’re driving me nuts.


Sam’s POV

Finally home. And I survived. Got to admit, the air did me good. I’m not drunk anymore. At least, I know what I’m doing again. And did Nicole really think I wouldn’t notice that she was driving right behind me? {But it was sweet she did. Making sure you got home ok.} Yeah I guess so.

She stumbled to her room.

I’m going to sleep now. It will make me stop thinking.

When Sam woke up the next morning, she got a headache. And the night came back to her mind.

Oh god. It wasn’t a dream. I really went to the bar. And Nicole really kissed me. And I really liked it. And I really kissed her too. What am I going to do now.

Suddenly, the phone rang.

‘Sammy. It’s for you.’

‘Brooke. Could you please keep it down? I’ve got a headache.’

Brooke grinned. ‘Drank to much?’

Sam grumbled. ‘Shut up Brooke.’

She took the phone.


‘Sam? It’s Nicole. I didn’t wake you did I?’


‘Hi Nic. No you didn’t wake me. Why are you calling?’

‘I was uh... just wondering. If you remember last night.’

What would I do? I could lie and say that I don’t. I mean, even if I like her, she doesn’t like me back. Why would she anyway. She was drunk too.

‘Uh... I remember some parts.’

‘Like what.’

‘Us dancing, talking, kissing.’ Well I guess you told her now didn’t you? At least you didn’t have to make the decision.


That all she has to say?

‘Nic? I think we need to talk.’

Silence. Did I say already that I hate silence?


‘Yeah I guess you’re right.’

‘Can I come to your place? I don’t want to talk here with Brooke hanging around.’

‘Sure no problem.’

‘I’ll be there in a few hours.’


‘Later Nic.’


Part 2

Nicole’s POV

Dear diary

What am I going to do now? Sam is coming here soon, to talk. But what am I going to say? Should I just confess that I have feelings for her? Or say that I was drunk and that that’s the reason I kissed her? I really don’t know.

I want to tell her. But I’m afraid. Yes I admit it, I’m afraid. You know, what if she laughs at me? And tell everyone? I won’t go back to that place. I can’t take it anymore. I’ve been a joke ones, but I won’t be it again. So what should I do? God I wish I could talk to someone.

Brooke’s no option. I know she won’t tell anyone but still. I mean, she is a blond. And she lives with Sam. So you never know. Maybe she’s going to say something she didn’t meant to say.

But who else? I’m not exactly someone with a lot of friends. Yeah I know that’s my own fault.

Maybe I can call Lily. We’re not really friends I know. But still. She’s not the kind of person that would talk. Plus she won’t judge me. I know that for sure. But she is Sam’s best friend. I don’t know. You know what? I got to do something. I’m going to call Lily. I hope she won’t tell Sam.



‘Lily? It’s Nicole.’

‘Nicole? As in, Nicole Julian? Why are you calling me?’

‘I really need to talk to someone. Someone I can trust.’

‘Ok... why didn’t you call Brooke?’

‘Because it involves Sam and well I’m afraid that Brooke’s going to say something by accident. And I know you won’t judge me.’

‘Sam? How can it involve... never mind. Talk.’

‘You have to promise me you won’t tell her I called you.’

‘I don’t know Nicole.’


‘Al right I won’t tell her.’

‘Thanks Lily. So ok... here goes nothing. I euhm... I kind of have feelings for Sam.’

And this is it. The first time I said it out loud.

‘Feelings? Like... I see. And what about Sam? She got feelings for you too?’

‘I really don’t know Lily. You see, I went to the bar last night and she was there too. But I was like totally drunk and well I euhm... I kissed her.’

‘You what?’

‘I know I know but I was drunk! anyway I ran out and just sit in my car and when she came out an hour later she was drunk too. And she kind of kissed me when we were sitting in my car. But I don’t know. She was drunk.’

‘I see.’

‘And now she’s coming here. To talk. About last night. And I really don’t know what to do. Should I confess? Or just say I was drunk. I’m afraid that she’ll laugh at me and go tell everybody.’

‘Sam wouldn’t do that Nicole. Ok she did before but she wouldn’t do that to you now. And definitely not about something like this. But...... Nicole? Hold on a second. Somebody’s here.’

‘Nic? I’m going to call you back. Sam’s here. Guess she needs a talk too. I’ll call you back I promise.’




Sam’s POV

‘God Lil I’m so glad that you came back today. Cause I really need to talk to you.’

‘What’s wrong?’

‘I think I might be falling for Nicole.’

‘You are? That’s great! I mean euhm... how come?’

Did she just say that it’s great to fall for Nicole?

‘You see, I met her yesterday in the bar and she was drunk and she kissed me and later when she was in her car I kissed her back but I was drunk you see but I liked it and now I don’t know what I feel I’m so confused.’

‘Ok... slow down sweetie. I’m afraid I can’t tell you what you feel. That’s something you got to find out yourself. But I tell you, if you really like her? Go for it. Believe me.’

Does she know something?

‘You know something I don’t know?’

‘Maybe. Just believe me Sam, if you do, go for it.’

She knows something! She’s a terrible liar.

‘Ok. Listen I got to go. I was on my way to her. We need to talk about it.’

‘See ya later babe.’

‘Bye Lily.’


Nicole’s POV

I wonder why Sam’s at Lily’s place. Need to talk? God I’m so curious! Oh that’s my phone!


‘Nicole? Lily here.’

‘Hi! So, what did she say?’

‘She’s confused. You got to be a good kisser Nicole, to get her confused like that! She was even babbling at one point and believe me, she never does that.’

‘Really? You think I have a chance?’

‘I think you really do. I told her to go for it if she was sure. So euhm... I don’t know. I think she knows something because I said that. So I think if she’s sure she will tell you. Don’t worry. Just wait.’

‘Ok. Thanks Lily.’

‘Hey no problem. As long as my Sammy’s happy. So I’m going to tell you the things already. I’m not a violent person but believe me, if you hurt her I will hunt you down and kill you.’

‘I know Lily. I promise I won’t hurt her. At least not on purpose.’

‘Ok then.’

‘I’ve got to go Lily she’s here.’

‘Ok. Good luck.’



Oh god she’s here. I hope she feels the same. I really hope so.


Sam’s POV

I really don’t know what I’m feeling. I hope I know what to say. There she is. {God she’s cute.} Did I just think that? Well, guess she really is cute. And she is a good kisser. I really don’t know anymore.

‘Hi Sam.’

Oh my god she’s blushing! And it’s sooo adorable! Oh damn I think I’m really falling for her.

‘Hi Nic.’

Damn. I’m blushing too !

‘So euhm... you want to come in?’

‘Yeah sure.’

Silence. God damned.

‘So you want to euhm talk about last night.’

Ah yes I wanted to talk. That means I have to talk. Why do I always end up in a situation where I have to talk?

‘Yeah. Euhm...’

Oh god she’s so close now. Sitting right next to me. And she smells good. {Lily said go for it.} Yeah I guess. Here goes nothing.

‘I euhm... I really liked last night.’

I can’t look at her. She’s going to laugh at me. Say she was drunk. I’m an idiot.

‘Me too.’

See? She’s.... what? She liked it too?

‘So euhm... damn I’m nervous!’

Well I got her to smile at me. And it’s a beautiful smile.

‘Yeah so am I. But I really need to know Sammy. Why did you kiss me? I mean, you were drunk and I... I don’t know.’

God she’s adorable when she blushes. Ok, she’s staring at the floor. Not good.

‘I have to admit that I was drunk. Otherwise I don’t think I would have kissed you.’

Oh shit she’s taking it wrong.

‘Yeah I thought so. Could you go now? Please?’

Damn I screwed up. That’s not what I meant!

‘That’s not what I meant Nic.’

‘No I understand, you were drunk. No problem.’

She’s crying! I don’t want her to cry! I want to see that smile again!

‘Nic... please Nic look at me.’

Ok... she doesn’t want to look at me. Let’s force her.

Sam took Nicole’s chin and held it so she had to look at her.

‘Nicky... I wouldn’t have kissed you when I wasn’t drunk. Not because I wouldn’t want to, but because I wouldn’t dare. I was serious when I said that I liked last night. I... I like kissing you. Infact, I want to do it again. Right now.’


Nicole’s POV

She’s kissing me! She’s kissing me again and she isn’t drunk this time. Oh god it’s a good thing we’re sitting cause if we didn’t, I would have went right true my knees. God she’s a good kisser. Oh god. She’s licked my ear!


Was that my voice?

‘Sam please. Stop for a second. We really need to talk.’

Sam sighed.

‘What do you want to know now Nic? I thought about it. And I... I like you Nicole.’

I’m in heaven. {You wouldn’t...} Ow shut up! It’s a stupid joke! {Sorry.} So I was saying... oh yeah. I’m in heaven. Sam just said she likes me?

‘You... you like me?’


Sam’s POV

Damn I shouldn’t have said that. She’s looking weird at me now. I knew it! She was just drunk. I really am an idiot. Well, can’t deny it anymore now.

‘Yeah I euhm.. I like you. I mean, how could I not? You’re a great kisser, you’re gorgeous. And since I’m hanging out with Brooke and you, I have to admit that I started to like you. You’re funny and smart and... and I’m going in babble-mode again if I don’t shut up. Witch I better should because you’re going to kick me out anyway.’

‘Why would I do that?’


‘What do you mean?’

‘Why would I kick you out Sammy? You’ve just said exactly what I wanted to hear.’

‘What do you mean?’

‘God Sammy! I like you too!’

She does?

‘You do?’

‘Of course! Now could you please, please kiss me again?’

Oh my god! She likes me too! She likes me! ME! {yeah yeah we got it just kiss the girl now!} Ok, take it easy.

God I love kissing her. Her lips are so soft and she smells so good and... oh god! Her hand is going under my shirt. Oh my... that feels so good. Her hands are so warm.

Sam moaned in Nicole’s mouth and she felt Nicole smiling in respond.

‘I think we better take it easy now.’

Damn! I don’t want to! But I guess she’s right.

‘Yeah probably. I don’t know if I can control myself if you keep going like this.’

Nicole smiled and licked Sam’s ear. She whispered ‘My Sammy.’



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