Title: Many Talents

Author : Mel M/Misty

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Pairing: just read to find out

Rating: PG 13/NC 17 (beats the hell outta me!)

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Talent Show

Bobbi Glass studied her students with a hellish smirk. "Listen up class. Your probably boggled as to why your assignment's not on the board, so I'll explain it to you in small words so you can understand. This assignment's worth more than your pathetic lives so listen closely. All of you are to sign up for the talent show. Here's the hard part. You have to do something that shows how you feel. Sing it, dance it, read it, rant it, play it on an instrument, mime it if you have to. Just get your point across and make it seem like it's from those small adolescent hearts of yours. You'll be graded on effort, not talent because it that were the case I'd have six classes with nothing but F's. Do your practicing on you own time, not mine. Any questions?"

Sam's hand shot in the air as she glimpsed at Nicole.

"Miss McPherson."

"What if you don't have a heart?"

"Funny, amusing even but we're not here to dish out insults McPherson. I look forward to seeing yours."

Nicole looked at Sam who was grinning stupidly and giggling like an idiot. "Your not worth my precious energy," she muttered, retreating back into herself like she had been the past week. Being in love was literally making her sick. She couldn't eat, drink, hell she could barely move. This project was exactly what she needed. Something to let out some emotion, even if nobody else got her drift or cared about what she was saying. At least she was gonna get up and say it. Well, sorta.

Glass eyed Sam, Nicole, Carmen, Lily and Mary Cherry as the bell rang and they all stood to leave. "Grab a paper on your way out. It gives a list of what will be acceptable for the talent show. Signup's at lunch in the cafeteria. Don't get lost."

"So Sam, what are you gonna do?" Lily chirped excitedly.

"Fake a death scene?"

"Sam, I'm serious."

"I dunno yet. I'll look over the list later. What are you gonna go?"

"Rant! It's the perfect opportunity to tell everyone what I think."

"I'll be sure to wear my headphones," Sam joked.

Lily punched her gently on the arm.

"So what are you doing Carm?" Lily asked.

"I don't know." Carmen smiled internally. She knew what she was gonna do but she wasn't gonna tell anyone. They'd have to see it for themselves.

"Nic, are you ok?"

"Hmm, oh, yeah Brookie. I'm just a little sick."

"Maybe you should have stayed home."

"Would you wanna stay home with MY mother in the same house? School's far less torture than being with mommy dearest. Plus, you're here so at least I have somebody to drag me to the nurse if I pass out."

Brooke smiled. "So what are you gonna do for Bio's class."

"Tell it to fuck off."


"Joking. I'll probably look through that stupid list while I'm getting my pedicure this afternoon. What about you?"

"I'm gonna sing. Don't know what yet but I'll see what the requirements for the show are."


Bio Glass smiled briefly as the curtains parted to reveal her in a nice black outfit. "Lady's and gents. I'm glad you wasted your time and money by coming here tonight and I'd also like to thank you. Our first performance is from our first guest of the night. One of the only people here who actually has any real talent. I present to you, Amber Benson."

Amber came out clad in a baggy "Willow and Tara Magik" shirt and black jeans with a broad smile upon her lips. She'd gotten millions of letters begging her to come here tonight and the money raised was for a good cause so she was willing to participate. The crowd (which includes all Popular family and friends plus rows of nameless, faceless people) fell silent as the spotlight dimly lit the stage.

"I live my life in shadow. Never the sun on my face," she sung with her head toward the sky, shining just a little light on her face. She bowed her head and continued, "It didn't seem so sad, though."

"I figured that was my place." She began to slowly walk the stage and the light on her face became brighter as she sang the next verse, "Now I'm bathed in light. Something just isn't right." "I'm under your spell. How else could it be? Anyone would notice me? It's magic, I can tell. How you've set me free. Brought me out so easily. I saw a world enchanted. Spirits and charms in the air. I always took for granted, I was only one there. But your power shown, brighter than any of I've known," she continued. She looked up and danced freely like an angel. "I'm under your spell. Nothing I can do, you just took my soul with you. You worked your charms so well. Finally, I knew, everything I dreamed was true. You made me believe!" She stopped dancing as the light dimmed a bit and the spotlight shone on her. "The moon to the tide, I can feel you inside. I'm under your spell. Surging like the sea, drawn to you so helplessly. I break with every swell. Lost in ecstasy, spread beneath my willow tree. You make me complete! You make me complete! You make me complete! You make me complete!"

The music died out as the lights came back on. The audience gave a standing ovation as Amber walked off the stage.

Bio took the stage and smiled. "And now we get to the students." She walked off stage as some nameless student appeared.

Brooke approached Glass backstage with a piece of paper.

"What is it McQueen?" She read the note and rolled her eyes. "Fine. Since you've lost your voice I'll make you a deal. If Miss Julian can get more than one person out there to seem moved or more than three people, excluding you, Cherry and Ford, than you'll both get A's. If not, you both fail."

Nicole smirked. "What do you think Brookie? I think I can do it."

Brooke nodded the hugged Nic and whispered a hoarse "thank you."

Lily stood tall in front of the audience and began to read. "This has been on my mind for quite some time. Should gays and lesbians have the right of marriage in the US? Yes! Gays and lesbians are still human and deserve the same rights as every other person in the world.

Millions of American's have taken a stand for their rights but what about the rights of those not accepted by the population as a whole? Do they not have rights? Marriage has never been a right, but a union between two loving people but now the US has gone too far by restricting the laws of marriage.

Only one state out of fifty, Vermont, legally allows same sex unions. Many other countries, such as Russia and most of Europe, already have laws that allow same sex unions but the US still refuses to make any law for the rights of the gay and lesbian community.

In the United States, it is estimated that 10% of the population is homosexual. That 10% deserve the right of marriage just like the other 90% already posses that right. The populace doesn't have to accept gays but they do have to face the fact that they do exist and that they won't just go away if more restrictions are put on them.

The US Constitution and government are for the people, by the people but more than half of the population is against same sex unions because they feel it's wrong. Maybe to them it is but how far are you willing to take your beliefs? Two men took their beliefs too far when they met a gay man at a bar, took him for a car ride then beat him to death and left him in the desert to die. Mathew Shepherd was only one of the unlucky cases of homosexual discrimination and the US is discriminating against homosexuals in the same way with their laws.

What would you do if you fell in love and wanted to marry this person but the State you live in wouldn't let you because they were African American? Native American? Hispanic? Homosexual? Wouldn't you feel that your rights as a US citizen have been taken from you? That's how the gay community feels and they have been robbed of their rights. Every American has the right to choose their own religion but what right does the government have to take away that American's right to marry who they love?

They don't and that's why I'm taking a stand. We are all equal. No president, no legislature, no Supreme Court has the right to violate our rights as human beings and the right of marriage is one of those rights." She took a breathe and received a round of applause.

Mary Cherry was next. She pranced on stage in her finest spandex and minx. What a combo. The audience blinked as the song began. It was inaudible at first but then the words became clear. ". . .Michelle, can you handle this. Beyoncé, can you handle this? I don't think they can handle this." At that the Southern Belle started dancing (and you all know what I mean. Think about the song and you'll get it. If you don't know the song, it's "Bootylicious" by Destiny's Child).

Every person in sight turned away, closed their eyes, were temporarily blinded or just refused to visualize that (namely the writer).

As soon as the music died down the masses calmed and where VERY, VERY, VERY (I cannot stress this enough) relieved to see Sam standing on stage. "Before," she began. "Before your colors, life was dull. Before your blue skies, I saw gray. Before your light, there was darkness. A darkness deep in my heart. Loneliness, pain and anger. You shone your light upon me and I saw the world in its many beautiful colors. Before your rainbows, there was no life. Your beautiful colors. They consume me. You bring the light you have into me. I am now of light. No darkness awaits. In love am I, with an angel." Jane and Mike clapped proudly, apparently the loudest of all as Sam retreated backstage.

Carmen grabbed her guitar and headed for the stage. Lily and Sam looked at her strangely. "There are always things you don't know about your friends," she said with a smile. "I better see you two in the audience." They nodded and rushed to get to their seats. Carmen got on stage and plugged the guitar into the amp. She waited for a moment and when a silence fell she played sweetly. She played Sleepwalker, sweet and emotional. She poured her heart out with every chord. She was free, and though it had no words you could tell it was soulful. She stood and unplugged her guitar. The people were cheering but the only ones she heard were Sam, Lily and her mom.

Glass returned to the stage as Carmen left and smiled slyly. "And last but certainly not least, our very own Nicole Julian."

Several kids booed as Nicole walked on stage. She had something on her back but nobody could quite tell what it was. She adjusted the amp then sat in the chair that was on stage. She gently swung the wooden guitar in front of her and let it rest on her knee. She plugged it into the amp and brought the microphone down so all would be able to hear her.

Now she had a pang of fear and wanted to turn back. No, she wouldn't back down. She smiled and began to play the guitar. Her eyes focused on Brooke as she began to sing, "This is the place where I sit. This is the part where I love you too much. Is this as hard as it gets? Cause I'm getting tired of pretending I'm tough. I'm here if you want me. I'm yours, you can hold me. I'm empty and aching and tumbling and breakin." She close her eyes.

"Cause you don't see me and you don't need me. And you don't love me, the way I wish you would. The way I know you could." Her playing became more emotional, strumming away as she poured her heart out, "I dream a world where you'd understand that I dream a million sleepless nights. I dream of fire when you're touching my hand but it twists into smoke when I turn on the lights. I'm speechless and faded, it's too complicated. Is this how the book ends, nothing but good friends? Cause you don't see me and you don't need me. And you don't love me, the way I wish you would."

She took a breath, leaving those words hanging for a moment. She cleared her throat and this time sung with a stronger voice, emphasizing this one part, "This is the place in my heart. This is the place where I'm falling apart. Isn't this just where we met? And is this the last chance that I'll ever get? I wish I was lonely instead of just only crystal and see-through and not enough to you. Cause you don't see me and you don't need me. And you don't love me, the way I wish you would." Another brief pause before she finished with her last ounce of passion, "Cause you don't see me and you don't need me. And you don't love me, the way I wish you would. The way I know you could."

She let the last note hang for a second then looked up at her absolutely stunned audience. The all stood and clapped and cheered. "Thank you," she whispered into the mic as she unplugged the guitar. She hurried off stage and set her guitar down backstage. Before Brooke could find her she locked herself in a small bathroom near the theater.

She leaned back against the wall and slid down it until she was in a sitting position. With her knees to her chest she began to cry. Why did Brooke have to be so blind? WHY? It wasn't fair. Not caring that her mascara was no doubt leaving her with raccoon eyes, she wiped her tears away and just sat there for a moment to think about what the hell she was gonna do. Monday morning would only tell.

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Kisses and Roses

It was Monday and visibly passing period at Kennedy High. Nicole Julian sat before the mirror fixing her lipstick when she heard a soft sound. Her head spun toward the wretch who dared to disturb her. "What the hell do you want Spam? I'm busy."

Sam narrowed her eyes then sighed as Nicole returned to reapplying her lipstick. "Look Satan, I didn't come here to swap insults. I just wanted to say that you were ok at the Talent Show last Friday."

Nicole stopped dead in her tracks. "Cut the crap and get lost. If you're trying to get your next big scoop with the headline "Nicole Julian's Crush Exposed" then think again and move out of my way." She really didn't want to deal with Sam, especially this morning. Today was not a day to fuck with her but of course we all know how persistent Sam is.

Sam had snuck up on the blonde and was right behind her. "I'm not trying to get a story Nicole," she whispered with her hands on the cheerleaders hips. "I love you."

The alarms were going ballistic in Nic's head. This was not happening! Not when she was in love with Brooke and was at the verge of telling her. If it had been anyone else she would have chewed them up and spit them out but Sam was close to Brooke and she didn't want to do anything that would threaten her friendship with the other Glamazon. With all this thinking she had lost herself, not realizing that Sam's lips were now firmly pressed against hers and that the journalist's hands were becoming quite brave.

Sam broke the kiss a looked deeply, longingly into Nicole's stone cold eyes. There was nothing there. It was like staring into the mouth of Hell and seeing no end. Like looking death in the face and seeing no escape but Sam loved it, every death defying second that she continued to gaze into the angry eyes of the hell bitch before her.

Nicole glared more intensely now. It had felt good but so wrong and now it disgusted her to no end. "I will never be yours," she hissed then spat in the brunettes face. Turning to leave she stopped with a grin. "Do that again and you'll wish the word mercy meant something to me." She stormed out of the Novak and headed straight for the nearest mirror to fix her makeup.

Sam dropped to her knees. How could she have been so stupid? What made her do what she had just done? She knew the answers but she just couldn't face the facts. Brooke had won again but this time she wouldn't just walk away. This time she would win the war.


Nicole paced as she waited. Why did Brooke have to take her time? It was painful. Hearing a noise she glanced behind her to find Brooke smiling at her. "Brookie, just the blonde I've been looking for."

Brooke raised a brow. "Really, and why is that? New plan to destroy Sam?"

"No, this has nothing to do with that filth." Nicole looked extremely vicious and dangerous for a moment but as quick as the look had come, it faded. "Listen Brookie, I have to tell you something. That song, it was for you. Here," she handed the other Glamazon a glass rose with searing red perfume that smelled like a wildfire inside of the petals. The stem was pure jade and was smoother than anything Brooke had ever felt before. She leaned in and whispered into Brooke's ear, "I love you."

Brooke was several shades of red at this point. As the bell rang she saw Nicole fade into the crowd like smoke. Where had she gone? "Nic. . ." she whispered, "I love you too." She looked at the note attached to the rose and it simply said, "Meet me at my place. 5 sharp. I have a surprise for you." She got into her car and waited for Sam with a soft, blissful grin on her face.

Sam opened the car door and scowled at the blonde who didn't even acknowledge her existence at first. Sitting in the car she turned some music on and stared out the window silently as Brooke drove off.


Nicole laid down with a sigh. Everything was perfect. Now all she needed was Brooke. When she heard the doorbell ring she threw on her robe and flew down the stairs to the door. Opening the door she smiled, letting Brooke in.

"So what's the surprise?"

Nicole led her up the stairs to her room and off went the robe.

Brooke gasped at the beauty before her. She was speechless for a moment but quickly regained her ability to speak. "Nic. . ."

"I'm yours if you want me. . ."

Brooke could see fear consuming her best friend so she took her in her arms and laid her on the bed. "I do. . .want you. I've wanted you for a long time." She leaned in and kissed the blonde with raw passion and desire.


Sam grumbled as she lowered her binoculars. She had to stop this from happening and pronto. This so could not. . .then she lost her balance. Down. . .down. . .down she went, crashing face first into another human body. Getting up she glared at the blurry figure with one eye.

"Sam? What were you. . .I'm not gonna ask. Are you ok?"

Sam recognized the voice. "Not really. I think I'm going blind and my body doesn't want to move."

"That means ambulance."

"Lily, don't even or I'll. . ."

"Shut up Sam. I'm getting an ambulance." She used Nicole's cell phone to call 911. That was why she'd come to the Julian estate, to return the phone Nic had dropped at school. Well, that was her excuse anyway.

Sam forced herself up. "Lil, I'll be fine. Think I might have a concussion but we can wait in the ER for a few hours."

Lily sighed and hung up. "Ok. I'm sure Brooke'll drive you."

"Maybe drive me insane but not to the ER. She's busy screwing Heartless Hell Whore."

Lily was taken back by the statement. "Come on Sam. I have a friend who lives near here who can help. She's a doctor. Friend of my mom's." She held out her hand and waited for the other brunette to take it.

Sam didn't know why she had this feeling that Lily's appearance wasn't coincidental but now wasn't a time for thinking. She grabbed the Latina's hand and pulled herself up.

Lily smiled. She knew what Sam was thinking and it was true. Her being there wasn't an accident or by chance. She'd followed the journalist there, just as Sam had followed Brooke. The situation was quite complicated. She knew Sam was lusting after Nicole and after the talent show she'd figured out that Nic was in love with Brooke. So where did that leave her and Brooke? She'd spoken with Brooke after the show only to discover Sam's greatest fear had become a reality. Brooke loved Nicole. One happy couple. So how did the last puzzle piece fit in? Her feelings for Sam. She loved her best friend more than a friend should and she was willing to do anything for Sam, anything.

They walked a few blocks, making their way to this doctors house.


Nicole sighed as she held her sleeping lover close. She could feel soft breathing on her neck and a grin spread across her lips. Brookie was her world, always had been. How could she have waited so long to tell her how she felt? She hadn't been ready for rejection and that was why she had waited so long. They had been through a lot together and there were more rough times ahead but she knew that if Brooke was beside her she could do anything.

Running her fingers through Brooke's silky hair, she watched her sleep. She looked so peaceful, so content, so gorgeous. Her slightly parted lips so kissable, her angelic face so inviting yet all Nicole wanted to do was look at her and protect her from the cruel world. She couldn't let the close minded people get to her angel, it just wouldn't happen. Not to the only person in her life that she cherished and loved so deeply.

Brooke began to stir and whispered sleepily, "I love you Nic."

She smiled. "I love you too Brookie." Her thumb eased down the other blonde's spine as she kissed Brooke's lips softly.

"Mmmmh." Brooke smiled blissfully, burying her face in the slope of Nic's neck. "Wish I could wake up to this every morning. What time is it?"

"Not morning yet babe. It's 7:30 p.m."

"I gotta get going. Dad wants me home at least ten minutes before the curfew they set but I don't wanna leave. I love being this close. I never want to let go." She let out a dramatic sigh and stood.

Nicole got up quickly, wrapping her arms around Brooke's waist. "Hey, I'm gonna take a shower. Be careful on your way home. Some pretty fucked up people out there." She had a bad feeling about Brooke driving home but there was no way around Brooke having to be home by 8. She pressed her lips to Brooke's as if it were the last time she would be able to do so.


Sam laughed. "You know, you are one of the only people that can make me laugh."

"It's a prop to being your best friend. I know what you do and don't like. Of course there are still some things I don't know."

"Yeah. That doc was pretty cool. I'm glad she was home."

"Yeah. She's been like an aunt to me nearly all of my life. I'm just glad you're ok."

An uncomfortable silence set in. Lily wanted to tell her but she couldn't find the right words. All she could think of was the rejection that could lay ahead. She tried several times to speak but every time she'd look away and sigh. Why was this so damn hard?

Sam could tell her friend had something to say and she'd concluded that it was something either extremely embarrassing or deathly serious. They stopped in the park. Sam looked at her watch and smiled. "I still have some time. You wanna talk?"

"Hmm?" At first the question didn't register but once her brain retreated from her thoughts she answered softly, "sure. What do you wanna talk about?"

"What's on your mind Lil? I know your really deep in thought so spill."

"I don't exactly know how to say what I have to say." It was now or never. "Sam, I'm in love with you."

Sam was speechless. She didn't need to ask what the Latina meant because it was clear. How long had she felt this way? Sam sunk, the realization of what those words meant hitting her hard. She'd said those words to Nicole and now they seemed like nothing when it came to Satan. They hadn't meant the same thing as what Lily had just said. It was then that she realized the depth of her mistake with Nic but she had way more to think about now. Lily loved her, had it been apparent before? Yes it had. She couldn't pinpoint when she'd first seen it but the signs had been there. She'd passed it off for friendship yet she knew something was there. Something more that just sleepovers and heart to hearts. She couldn't thoroughly doubt Lily's feelings but some part of her just couldn't believe it. There were also the fears churning within her. What if she couldn't give Lily the love she deserved? Did she love her? So many questions. She swallowed hard. She needed some time. "Lil. . .I. . .just give me a little time, k? I need to sort things out."

Well, it was better than rejection on the spot. She nodded and smiled, happy to even have a chance at being with Sam. "Ok."

Sam felt lightheaded. She smiled, knowing it was her ego that was giving her this amazing buzz. "How long have you felt this way?" She had to know. She wanted to know how long this beautiful girl had been torturing herself to keep this secret under wraps.

"I guess you could say I knew there was something special about you when we first met but I didn't really know what. Nearly a year ago I decided I was a lesbian but kept it to myself. After all, it would give that evil slutbomb dirt on me. Just another way to insult me and hurt me. About six months ago I took a long hard look at my life and my friends. That was when I realized I'd always had feelings for you and within the past six months I've felt those feelings welling up inside, not letting me let go because I love you too much to just let it be."

"Six months? You've covered it up for six months? That would kill me."

"It was killing me but now it's out in the open."

"Are you sure? I mean. . ."

"Sam, I know I love you. I'm very sure."

Sam smiled. "I'd better be getting home."

"Ok. Goodnight Sam."

Sam grinned as she turned and began to cross the street.

Brooke sighed, seeing Sam at a crosswalk in the distance. She smiled. Seemed they were both trying to get home before curfew. 'I'll ask if she wants a ride,' Brooke thought as she drew nearer.

Then it appeared. A semi carrying metal beams with a drunk trucker behind the wheel. It zoomed in the opposite direction Brooke was going and it was headed straight for Sam who was unaware that it was speeding toward her.

Lily saw the semi. She was too far away to push Sam out of its path so she did the next best thing. She leapt at the brunette, pinning her to the asphalt, covering her body as best as she could. The semi screeched as it tried to stop. It plowed over the two girls, spinning out of control. The beams flew everywhere as its back half crashed into Brooke's car, pinning it to a light post.

It sounded like thunder. The shattering glass, the twisting metal and the faint sound of weeping. Nicole, from blocks away, heard it. She didn't bother jumping in her car. Instead she ran faster than even she could imagine her legs could take her. Then she saw it. She could hear the shrill roar of the approaching ambulances as she fell to her knees. This would bring no sunny day nor cheery laughter as days and night alike had brought before. This bore sorrow and grief. Had her only love been slain at the hands of irresponsibility? How many other lives had been lost? She wept without a sense of comfort, without a sense of life. Could she live without that heartbeat or would she die in a lonely dark sky with no light to ever shine upon her.

The ambulances, fire trucks and police cars were there now though she couldn't hear the dismal howls of their sirens. She could only hear her heartbeat and then the morose voice of a woman. "Are you alright Miss?"

It sunk into her like a dagger plunged deep within her life. She could do no more than nod as her eyes followed the horrid image of her love being pried from the twisted mass that had once been a car. Then she caught a vague glimpse of Sam. She seemed to be better off than Brooke but the image she saw next wracked the very essence of her humanity. There, in a heap of tattered flesh, flowing blood and exposed bone lay what was once the girl she picked on so often. A girl whom Nicole Julian never really hated but picked on daily.

She rose and shakily stumbled to the ambulance Brooke was in. Looking at the paramedic she asked a simple question with a glance. He nodded as she crawled into the back of the ambulance. There were so many tubes and so much blood. She couldn't even see Brooke's gorgeous face through all of the strewn hair and drying blood. She grasped her lover's limp, cold hand and managed a whisper, "I'll never give up on you and I'll never leave baby. Never."

The sky was falling in Santa Monica as three emergency vehicles flashed through traffic to the nearest hospital. Never again would this night be cherished as most memorable nights are, but cursed for the sorrow that it bled into the hearts of all who knew of this tragedy.

Don't Fear the Reaper

Warning:  MAJOR ANGST WARNING!  Very graphic and ANGSTY!

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Sam threw a rose on her lover's coffin.  Tears were held back as she allowed the others the honor of saying goodbye to her dearest Lily.  Standing aside she thought of that night.  Lily had given her life to save Sam's and that was one thing she could never repay.  She'd escaped with a minor concussion, a few bruised ribs and a sprained ankle.  Swallowing the knot in her throat, she glanced at Brooke who stood beside her.  Brooke had been in the hospital with more serious injuries.  She'd suffered a broken arm, internal bleeding and three broken ribs.  She almost died the first night because they couldn't stop the bleeding but they'd saved her.  Lily was another story.  She arrived at the hospital and died moments later.


"Jane, where's Sam?"

"She. . .she went to visit Lily's grave," Jane whispered.



"No. . ."

"Don't talk bitch!" he yelled.  He yanked her arm back, removing it from the socket.  She cried in pain and he laughed in pleasure.  Throwing her to the ground as she whimpered, he unbuckled his pants.  Ripping her clothes from her shaking body, he smiled daggers.  "A fuckin virgin?  How about that!" he roared, abusing her insides as he slowly dislocated her other arm.  Pushing her hard on the harsh asphalt, he ground into her and pushed her beautiful skin against the rough surface.

When he was done, he turned her over.  Blood poured down her mutilated face, cuts and bruises adorning her once gracious face.  Slapping her hard, he laughed.  "That's for fuckin biting me.  I wanted to take your cash but you had to be a bitch about it.  See what you get!"  Kissing her bloody lips, he pulled a needle from his pocket.  He stabbed it violently into you, injecting its contents deep within her system.  Looking over his masterpiece as she slowly died, her pulled his butterfly out and drove it into her leg, cutting a gash from her thigh to her knee.  Slitting her stomach open he watched her bleed.  Shoving the steel blade inside of her, he stood and dressed.


"Sir, she doesn't have a pulse!"

"Do CPR, I'll call the hospital."

"Sir. . ."


The Marine bowed her head.  "She's dead."


"Ma'am, may I come in?"

"Um, ok."  Jane guided the Marine into the living room.  "Mike, Brooke, this is Private Fowler.  She wants to talk to us."

Brooke waved at the shorter blonde as her and her father sat on the couch.  The woman bowed her head.  "We found Samantha tonight, near the base."  She swallowed hard.  Telling the girl's family was hard.  "She. . ."

"Is she ok?"

"I'm afraid not.  She overdosed on heroin.  She was mugged & raped then the perpetrator injected a large quantity of heroin into her system.  We have him in custody and we're currently investigating the matter," she answered sternly.  Standing to leave, she whispered, "I'm sorry."

Mike showed her out as Brooke helped Jane to her room.  They were both sobbing as Jane threw herself on her bed and cried harder.  Her daughter was gone.  Brooke slowly padded into room, her tears blurring her vision.  Nicole walked in, her head bowed.  "I heard what happened."

"Nic!  Why her?  F-First Lily and now Sam.  Why?" the sobbing blonde cried.

Nic sat beside her love and held her as she cried.  Hell was now upon Earth for them but the veil would lift in time.


I feel so free, as if the burdens have been lifted.  The light was bright, now I stand with her watching them.  So mournful but it shall pass.  I'm with her now and that's all that matters.

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