Title: Strange Occurrence

Author : Mel M/Misty

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Pairing: Isabel/Mary Cherry (even cute lil mushy moments) and maybe somewhere implied or if I get to it, Maria/Sam. Maybe even. . .ok, I'll stop there cause if I don't you'll know the whole story before I write it ::smiles::
Rating: R/NC-17

Warnings: language, violence, etc.

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This is a continuation of A Strange Occurrence by Snarlsnout. Please read that story first.

What? I'm Pregnant?

It's done and over with. The scarlet night cried her name to the wind and he screamed silently at it to calm it's rage, for the awakening of the chosen ones had already dawned. The spawn of lover's united for the same unearthly bidding though they themselves knew nothing of what was to come.

"Sweet Prince," she beckoned in a whispering echo that stung his soul. "They shall wake anew and bare the beings of a new race."

"I know but how?" he struggled to gasp, his throat dry and scratchy as she slipped back into the silence of death without a trace.

"Mother!" Max cried out, shooting into a sitting position bathed in sweat. His chest rose and fell unsteadily, breathes ridged and worn. "Mother?" he repeated like scared child with his bewildered sullen eyes the size of chestnuts.


"Hon, are you sure?"

"NIC! B L U E! IT'S BLUE!!!" the irate blonde screamed, reaching new heights on the Decibel Scale.

Nicole sighed deeply, trapped in intense thought. "These things can be wrong," she tried to say comfortingly."

"Nawt awll three of um!" the panic stricken Texan whined.

Nicole clutched her head in agony. "Fine. Grab your purse, we're going to the clinic."


"We. . .we got here as fast as we could. What's wrong?" Michael panted as Max and Alex appeared behind him, also out of breath.

"I. . .I. . .I'm. . .pregnant!" Isabel sobbed.

"Y-you're. . .WHAT?" Max huffed breathlessly with a sideways glance at his sister.

Isabel cringed at that tone as Liz held her tighter for comfort.

Maria glared fiercely at Max and then began the explanation. "She missed her period, or the alien equivalent anyway, and she was fretting so Liz and I took her to the clinic. They said they'd call and did just that about ten minutes ago. She just found out and when she did, Liz and I had to pick up the mess. She was completely mortified. Don't any of you dare to even hint at a snide remark or you'll feel the wrath of Maria. . ."

Michael cut her off, gently whispering, "We get the picture."

"W-who?" Alex stammered.

"She hasn't been with anyone since that night," Liz whispered.

"You mean. . ." Michael trailed off.

"It's begun. The dawning of a new race," Max offered, shock consuming his face.

"Huh?" Alex muttered, confused as usual.


"Nic, mind telling me the real reason why I saw you and Mary Cherry at the free clinic?"

"Brookie, hon, please try to grasp what I've just told you. I hated even speaking those words but it's true."

"You're telling me that our psycho loudmouth of a Texan is knocked up by some alien chick from Roswell, New Mexico? C'mon Nic, I'm not dense. Aliens I can believe in but the rest is insane! Have you been reading those god awful Sci-Fi books again?"

Nicole's face twisted into a snarl as she shoved the two-page report in the other cheerleader's face. Her and MC had gotten the test done, printed in report form and destroyed from the computer system so Cherry Cherry wouldn't find out. Yes she was out of town but she had to come back some day. That would be quite a predicament but that was one problem they could hold off on for now.

"OMG! OMG! Nic! It's true!" Brooke screamed.

Nicole clamped her hand over Brooke's mouth and growled gently, "Brookie, if you don't keep that voice of yours on the lower end of the Decibel Scale I may have to hurt you. I heard enough screaming from the mother-to-be, so please for the love of sweet Jesus, try to keep it down!"

Brooke nodded in a silent agreement. A moment later she whispered, "Sorry Nic, it was just a very huge shock to my system."


"Let's see if I've got this right. You're telling me that Isabel and that psycho Texan bimbo have been hand picked to participate in the creation of a new race by giving birth to those. . .those. . .things! No ands, ifs or buts about it?" Alex fumed angrily.

"Alex, you don't understand. These two beings will change our whole existence as occupants of Earth, the community as a whole. They'll change everything," Max insisted.

"And they're not things," Isabel growled angrily.

"Change our existence in what way?" Michael broke in, inserting a much needed shift in subject.

"I don't know yet," Max answered truthfully.

"I hate to sound conceded but when will I start showing?" Isabel questioned, managing to ease a little of the tension that seemed to be growing within the group.

"That depends," Max pondered aloud.

"On what?" Isabel blurted, needing to know when she'd need to call in sick at school.

"On whether you go through the human or alien process. We all know through health class how long the human process takes but I'm unsure of the alien process. I have a feeling both you and her will experience the alien process but your children will appear perfectly human. It's the only possibility that would fit this situation. Now we need to know if she's going through this as well and what effect these children will have on all of us," Max replied, thoughts searing his brain.

Morning Sickness

Brooke held her head in pain. Mary Cherry had been "worshiping the porcelain god" for about twenty minutes and the worst part was that it was Brooke's day to watch her. Her and Nicole had made a deal. Both of them would take care of MC, they just had shifts so they both wouldn't get in trouble for missing too much school.

This pregnancy disturbed Brooke. It seemed to be going by too fast. It was only the second day and already MC was having morning sickness. Brooke sighed and trudged to the bathroom tiredly. She hadn't been able to sleep the night before because her mind was clouded and haunted by this whole situation. She poked her head in and looked down upon the kneeling blonde. She actually felt sorry for her. It was like she was becoming a whole new person. Not once this morning had she worried about her attire or anything else for that matter and that worried the head cheerleader.


"Isabel, you ok chica? You look sick."

"I am."

"Oh. . .OH. Then I won't ask if you want anything to eat."

"Isabel, there you are. I need to speak with you," Max interrupted.

"About what?"

"About going to stay with Mary Cherry until you. . .you know."

"Have the baby?"


"And have you talked to her about this?"

"Not her but one of her friends invited all of us."

"Let me guess, the bleach blonde whore wants another round with Michael," Maria inserted, gritting her teeth.

"I don't know about that but I spoke with her friend Brooke and she said there's plenty of room. We just need to. . ."

"Find a way to get out of school?"

"The whole school was annihilated by a bomb!" Michael screamed cheerily from the kitchen.

"What?" the others echoed.

"Yeah, happened about half an hour ago. They said the students will be transferred to another school until they fix the building but it's gonna take a week to transfer everyone."

"I guess we can take Brooke up on her offer then. It'll be good to see Mary Cherry again," Isabel sighed dreamily.

Maria rolled her eyes.

"Good. I've already spoke to Liz and we leave in about two hours."

"Gee, give much notice?" Maria muttered.


"Are you sure you want to know?"

"Ah want tah know if you invahted some strange people to mah house!"

"I only invited Isabel and her friends."

"Mah Isabel? Brooke ah love you hun. Oh mah gawd, what am ah gonna wear?" Mary Cherry frantically rummaged through her clothes as Brooke sat to gather her thoughts.

At least the weekend was upon them and she wouldn't have to put up with Mary Cherry for a few days. Maybe more now that the alien and her friends were to arrive by nightfall. God, what a mess.


"Are you sure this is the right palace, I mean place?" Alex whispered.

Max glanced at a piece of paper and nodded. "This is the place. Brooke told me to press the button on the little black box then let Isabel speak. Security measure I suppose."

"More like a precaution. She wants to know it's me and not some telemarketer or Jehovah's Witness. I didn't know she had such a big house." Isabel stared up in amazement even though the only thing on her mind right now was Mary Cherry.

"Well, let's get this show on the road, or are we going to stand out here for the rest of the night?" Michael grinned. He wanted another round with Nicole, but would he get one?

Maria shot him a warning glare as Isabel pressed the small gold button on the fancy black speaker. "Hello? It's me, Isabel."

"Isabel? Hey, it's Brooke. The butler will be there shortly to take your bags and bring you to MC's room," the box emanated clearly.

Isabel smiled. She could tell this would be one hell of a mini vacation but little did she know that there was much more to come.


"Sam, why are you here?"

"This involves me too. I was there, or don't you remember that part!"

"Yeah you were but what does THIS have to do with you?"

"I dunno, I just feel compelled to help in any way I can and maybe get to know them a little better."

"Sam if this is another scam to get a good scoop I swear I'll. . ."

"You'll what? Kill me?"

"No Sammy, I won't kill you but there ARE things far worse than death."

At that Sam shut her mouth. She knew that angry, threatening Brooke McQueen tone and it always made her squirm. She didn't know why but Brooke had a certain power over her that no other person, that she knew of, had. It was like they were mentally connected or something.

"I'm not going to use it for any journalism articles or anything, I just want to help, ok?"

"Fine, but you better be nice. . .to everyone!"

"Even Satan?" Sam pouted.

"Even Nicole!"

Sam grumbled and nodded.

Brooke led Sam into the hallway to find the Roswell gang approaching. "Hey guys," she welcomed, opening the door to Mary Cherry's room.

They entered the room quietly with a prowler's step. Isabel saw Mary Cherry sitting by the window, staring into the heavens. She smiled softly. This girl, no, this woman made her feel something nobody else ever had. Sometimes that feeling scared her but right now it made her feel warm and loved. She wrapped her arms around the cheerleader's waist and gently rested her chin on the other female's shoulder. "Hi, how are you feeling?" she whispered, worry hinting in her voice.

"Ah. . ." Mary Cherry sighed. This was nothing like her. She was calm, serene and she was actually acting as mature as her mind really was. She'd acted her part as the idiot, comic relief effort for too long and now it was getting to her. Even she couldn't stand the stupid things she'd rant about and the annoying accent she'd been using. Knowing that she was going to be a mother made her think, 'to hell with playing my part! I am who I am and it's about damn time I showed it.' Her plan was simple. As the pregnancy went along she would slowly slip out of her role as the psycho and show them all that she really wasn't stupid and that she had a whole other side to her. By the time she gave birth the role would be gone with the wind and she wouldn't have to worry about acting a certain way but for now she had to because Brooke and the others were there. "Ah'm feelin ok," she whispered back.

Isabel frowned. She hated it when her lover had to put on a show. She never had and she didn't see why Mary Cherry had to. Maybe it was all about popularity but she still didn't see the point in it all. "Guys, can you give us a moment. I'd like to talk to her, alone."

Brooke smiled, opening the door. The Roswell gang stepped into the hallway as Brooke dragged Sam out.

"Hey, paws off McQueen. What the hell?"

"Sammy, they wanted to be alone."

"But why? Doesn't it make you a little curious?"

"A little but it's their business, not ours."

Sam grumbled. This wasn't what she expected. She wanted to get the scoop on the aliens, take notes then get the hell outta there but she'd already promised she wouldn't spill about the aliens so she was screwed. Sam looked up to see an approaching figure. As if things weren't bad enough, now Nicole was in her presence and she had to be nice. Talk about your night from hell.

"Nic? What's up?"

"We both watch her on weekends and technically it's a weekend. At least for me so here I am." Nicole noticed Sam was there and shot Brooke a glare. "What is that doing here?"

"She's here to help. I've already made her promise to be nice and not print a word of this whole situation."

"Good." Nicole nodded then shifted her attention to the tough looking alien that was eyeing her. She raised a brow. "Brookie, what are THEY doing here?"

"We came her so your friend and Isabel could be together. Both of them a pregnant and they need each other right now," Max explained.

Maria glanced at Michael and smacked him upside the head. "Michael I swear."

Michael glared at her and the battle began. "Look, you can't tell me what to do!"

"Maybe not but I am your girlfriend. Doesn't that count for anything? Or did you grace us with your presence so you could have round two with Miss Bleach Blonde Bimbo?"

Michael fell silent.

Nicole glared at Maria then spoke up. "Look hun, I slept with him, end story. Sorry to diss your boy but it was a one time thing. No strings or further fucking involved. If he came here to get me in bed, he's outta luck cause I've already got a very hot, sexy body warming up my bed." Nicole glanced at Brooke then shifted her attention to Michael. "As for you, you weren't that bad, for an alien."

Maria was red with fury but not at Nicole. Nic had actually told her exactly what she wanted to hear and then some. Her anger shifted to Michael. "Michael, you cheated and for that I can't trust you. Without trust there is no relationship. It's over." If she would have known what room to run into she would have but she just stood there looking like she was about to explode.

"Sam, maybe you should take Maria to one of the rooms and calm her down," Brooke suggested.

Sam nodded. That was the best idea she'd heard all day. She led the other female to an empty room and sat her down. Maria then broke down. Tears began to cascade down her cheeks as Sam pulled her close for comfort. With Sam's arms around her, Maria felt safe and warm. She had never felt that in Michael's arms but she felt it now. Her sobs slowly subsided as she nuzzled her face to Sam's neck.

"You ok?"

Maria nodded.

"It'll be ok sweetheart, he can't hurt you unless you let him," Sam whispered, caressing the soft blonde hair that lay beneath her fingertips.

Maria pulled away, staring into Sam's eyes. She blushed a little as she leaned closer and placed a soft, passionate kiss on Sam's lips.

Secret Unveiled

"Max, don't lie to me. Is this all true? Are you, Isabel and Michael aliens?"

"Yes dad. We are."

"Why? Why didn't you tell us?"

"We couldn't. Don't you see? We didn't want to put you in danger. Who told you anyway?"

"I found a book."


"Max, we'll talk more when you get home, ok?"

"Ok dad. Bye." Max hung up the phone and sighed. Their parents had just found the book where he kept all of the information about his planet and somehow found out how to translate them. This whole mess was getting way too complicated.

"So they know?" Michael whispered from behind his fellow alien.

Max was startled at first but nodded, not knowing what to say.


"Sam. . ."

"Shhh, go back to sleep."

"It's morning."

"It's 6 a.m. To me it's still night."

Maria smiled, kissing Sam on the cheek as she rose. "Then sleep."

"Don't go."

"I'll be here when you wake up. Don't worry." Maria smiled softly and caressed Sam's cheek. So much had happened in one night and it all confused her but she did know that no matter what she was gonna be with Sam. It didn't matter what anybody else said, even Michael. It still hurt, what he'd done to her, but Sam made it feel better. With the glow that consumed her aura one would think she'd gotten lucky the night before but somehow that concept hadn't even crossed her mind. They had talked so much last night and now there was a bond that not even the powers that be could break.

That little kiss had started everything. After that it had been silent but the motions were sweet and innocent. Sam was gently running her fingers through Maria's hair and Maria was playfully tracing shapes on Sam's stomach. When they'd gotten the courage to speak they didn't stop for at least three hours. They discussed everything and when exhaustion hit them they curled up under the covers and fell fast asleep in a warm embrace.

Maria didn't know what to call it. Maybe love. No matter what it was called it had made her feel so complete, so calm and so loved that she never wanted to leave that moment in time when they'd fallen asleep in each other's arms.

Now she watched this beautiful angel nuzzle to her touch and fall back into a peaceful rest. She couldn't help kissing Sam on the forehead before she silently slipped to the door. She only wanted to see how the others were but she would return because she had to. She had to because she promised. She looked at her sleeping angel and with a smile she pulled the door silently closed and headed down the main staircase to find the kitchen where she knew Max would be.

"Max, what do you think these kids will be like?"

"I don't know. Why do you ask?"

"Just wondering."

Maria walked in and sat on the counter. "Am I interrupting something?"

"Nope, just chatting about the babies," Liz offered with a smile.

"Ah," Maria nodded, now understanding the small piece of conversation she'd heard.

"Have you and Michael made up yet?" Max inquired.

Maria automatically switched from happy mode to bitch, wanna hurt Michael mode. "Not a chance in hell. That bastard has lost me for good, not to mention he lost what he came here for," she growled.

Max became uneasy at the anger in her voice. "I'll go check on him," he whispered, racing out of the kitchen as fast as he could without looking suspicious.

"So, I take it somebody got lucky last night," Liz proposed.

"No, I just had a really good cry, a wonderful chat and a warm body to wake up next to is all," Maria answered with a blush. That wasn't exactly how she felt about last night but some things were better left unsaid.

"Ah, I see. So what's his name?"

Maria cringed. Well, Sam was a masculine name so it could work. "Sam."

"Have I met him?"

"Sorta. She's Brooke's soon to be stepsister."

Liz looked like she'd swallowed a toad, all speechless and wide-eyed.

"You know, the sexy brunette with chocolate brown eyes, snow white skin and the most gorgeous lips. . ." Maria stopped herself, noticing Liz looked like she was about to pass out. "You ok chica? Was is somethin I said?"

Liz stared at her for a moment then spoke. "I never knew you liked girls. Why didn't you tell me?"

Maria smiled. This was exactly what she expected. "I would have but I just found out last night. Do you have a problem with me and Sam?"

Liz's eyes became narrow. "Yeah I do. I mean, it's just not right. Girls weren't made to be together! Was Michael that bad?"

This was something Maria hadn't expected. She knew Liz to be an open minded kinda gal but it seemed she was more close minded than she'd imagined. "Look, she makes me feel things Michael never could and no matter what you say or do I won't leave her. Don't you even go into all that "girls weren't made to love girls" bullshit because I don't buy it. If you're against it then fine but don't try to step to me on this chica cause I won't stand for it."

Liz gave her a disgusted glare then silently walked out of the kitchen.


"I have to tell you all something very important but please try not to worry."

"Max, when you use that tone I worry," Isabel stated.

"Mom and Dad know. . .about Michael, Isabel and me. They don't know about the pregnancy but they know everything else." Max lowered his head. As if it wasn't hard already, now they had to worry about going home.

The room was silent for a moment. Then Maria stood. "Well, since we're on the subject of knowing stuff I'd like to tell you all something." She smiled at Sam, getting one in return. "Last night I got my heart broken but Sam helped me get past that. She helped me see that I shouldn't waist my time on crying over something that wasn't really there. To make a long story short, we're dating. Apparently Liz has a problem with it but like I told her, if you don't like it fine but don't you dare step to me on whom I can and cannot see. That's my choice, not yours." With that she sat down and waited for it to sink in.

"Congrats. Spam's a pretty fair catch, but I warn you, she's feisty," Nicole spoke up. At least now Sam posed no threat to her relationship with Brooke and she got a few good words in to boot.

Sam turned red as Brooke glared at Nicole.

Maria laughed. "Thanks for the warning. You know, you're not so bad after all."

"For a hellspawn," Sam added with a grin.

Isabel and Mary Cherry just looked at each other lovingly then back at the new couple. "We're happy for you both," Isabel said softly.

"Thanks chica," Maria whispered, hugging her best friend tightly.

"Like you said, it is your choice and if she makes you happy Maria, I'm happy for you. Congratulations."

Maria turned to see Max smiling at her approvingly. She smiled back and all eyes focused on Michael.

"Michael. . ."

"I have nothing to say."

Maria bowed her head. "It wasn't you," she tried to lie. It had been him. He had hurt her and now he was paying the price.

"You know, since we're on the subject of scumbag over there, sorry to say but I wouldn't even wish him on Ferrera."

Sam, Brooke and Mary Cherry all looked in Nicole's direction.

"What? Stop looking at me like I've grown another head."

"Satan, are you feeling alright? You seem to be placing Michael lower than Carmen."

"Can it Spam! I'm sorry to ruffle your feathers or whatever but your reject friends have never, to my knowledge, wasted a good relationship on a one-night stand. Our boy there did. First he committed the act then he lied about it, bad move. Espasito isn't even that low. He's filth to me, lower than you," Nicole explained, eyeing Sam.

Sam was in shock though the explanation pretty much covered all of her questions. Satan was placing a cute guy below her on the filth scale because he was morally corrupt? Something about that didn't seem right but now was not the time to question anything.

Michael stood and stormed out of the room, heading upstairs to brood. Liz glared at Nicole then followed after Michael.

"Max, how long before we deliver our babies?"

"I haven't figured it out yet but it is moving faster than the human process."

Sam smirked as a thought came to her mind. "Wait, I think I got it. Day one you found out, day two you experienced morning sickness and day three has been pretty calm?" At getting a nod she continued. "If this keeps going the way I think it will, you have six days. One day is one month for your pregnancy."

Mary Cherry and Isabel got wide-eyed as Nicole and Brooke gave looks of pure agony. This would be quite a task.

Touch of a Child

Michael had been brooding overnight and Liz had been brooding with him. After all, misery likes company. Max was worried not only about Michael but about his relationship with Liz. She opposed his opinion of Maria's new relationship and he knew that she would not just let this go.


Max knew that scream and raced upstairs to see what was happening. When he got to the room Mary Cherry and Isabel were occupying he was met by the other six teens and they went in quickly.

"What is it?" Maria huffed breathlessly.

"Come here," Isabel beamed with joy.

The others walked to the bedside and Maria sat silently. Isabel took her hand and placed it on her stomach. Maria was confused until she felt it. The baby kicked.

"Oh god chica, this little one's strong. Looks like you've got a future kick boxer on your hands," Maria whispered as tears of joy began to fill her eyes. She was really happy for Isabel and it was almost like they were all going through this together. She knew Isabel would need help raising the baby and she would be the first one to volunteer.

"May I?" Max asked softly, his eyes watering though he refused to cry.

Isabel took his hand and placed it on her stomach as Brooke sat beside Mary Cherry. Max smiled as if in awe. It was amazing, this whole process. For all of them it was like a whole new beginning, a new meaning of life.

Brooke meekly touched Mary Cherry's stomach as the mother to be smiled. She felt it then, the soft kick of the unborn child. Brooke motioned Nic over as tears of happiness fell from her eyes. Nicole placed her hand on her friend's stomach and for once she knew what it was like to feel. She loved Brooke deeply but this was another type of love. The type of love only a child could bring. Nic actually let herself smile a genuine full, tender, happy smile which was usually only witnessed by Brooke.

Sam smiled as she turned to leave. She was happy for both mothers but she wasn't really close to either of them so she didn't need to be there.

"Sam, come here."

Sam turned around, glancing at Isabel with a confused look. Maria gave her a smile and she went to the bedside.

"Feel," Maria whispered as she placed her lover's hand on her best friend's stomach.

Sam had never felt anything so amazing. It was like this child was interacting with them from the womb and touching them all deeper than they knew existed. It was the touch of a child.

Michael watched from the doorway and smiled. Maria looked happy and that's all he wanted. Somehow these unborn children had touched him and made him realize that he wasn't the only being on Earth that could feel pain and heartbreak. He turned and walked back to his room where Liz met him.

"You really should talk to Maria," he whispered.

"Why? What she's doing is wrong!"

"It's not wrong Liz, it's just not publicly accepted. You need to get over it or you're gonna loose her as a friend forever."

"What about you?"

"I know where I stand and as soon as they leave Isabel's room I'm gonna talk to her."


"I'm sorry I hurt you. I'm not asking you to take me back, I'm just asking for redemption. I still want to be friends."

"I forgive you Michael and I still wanna be friends too. Did you hear? Isabel's baby kicked for the first time this afternoon."

"Yes, I really hope I can help once they are born."

"Oh c'mon, you'll be a great father figure. They need some male figures to look up to. You and Max are the perfect candidates. Plus, that'll give you time to teach them of your planet and stuff like that."

"Now that's something to look forward to. Well, it's getting late. We'd better head off to bed."

"Great idea. I'll see you in the morning Michael," Maria whispered as she left.

Tastes and Telling the Truth

"Dad, please don't yell."

"MAX! You just informed me that my little girl's pregnant! What am I supposed to do? Sit down and say, "oh, is that all?"

"No, but you don't have to yell. Isabel will be fine, I'll make sure of that."

"Max, you have A LOT of explaining to do when you get home!"

"I know dad."

Max hung up. This wasn't going well. Isabel had told him to tell their parents that she was going to have a baby and they freaked, just like he'd expected.


"Hmm?" Max turned to see Maria before him.

"Is there really a hell? I mean, it's 6 a.m. and our pregnant friends in there are hungry."

"What do they want?"

Nicole walked in, her face scrunched up like somebody had just shoved a lemon in her mouth. Looking at the chef she mumbled tiredly, "hey chef boy, I need some Fettuccini Alfredo with Tabasco sauce and a glass of Cherry Sprite, pronto."

Max eyed Nicole, trying not to laugh.

"Oh, that reminds me. We also need a slice of chocolate cake, scoop of mint chocolate chip ice cream with crushed pineapples and butterscotch syrup and a side of Maraschino cherries," Maria added.

The Italian chef looked at them for a moment and nodded. "Give me ten minutes." He began to work frantically, faster than Nic had ever seen him work. Of course it helped that he had pre made fettuccini and all the ingredients to make every item on the list.

As he finished up he put each order on a different tray and set both trays on the counter. "I don't deliver."

"Where'd you learn to cook so fast?" Maria had wondered this since he'd begun but now was a better time to ask.

He smiled brightly. "My wife and her sisters were all pregnant at the same time and being a chef they ask me to cook for them. I didn't have any help other than my five year old little girl but we got it done very fast. You better take this to them soon or they will loose interest."

Nicole rolled her eyes and they headed up the stairs.


"Max, what did they say?"

"Dad was very angry. I don't think mom even knows. We have a lot to face when we get home Isabel."

"I know. I want to stay here."

"You can't."

"After I graduate, I'm going to go to college here."

"Can I change your mind?"



Sam stretched and yawned. It was only 7 p.m. and she was ready to pass out. After seeing that much food at dinner, anybody would want to pass out. They had anything you could imagine and a lot of things one couldn't even pronounce. It was like a seven course meal only you didn't get one course at a time and each serving was much bigger than what those rip off snooty restaurants give you.

Sam had never seen so much food, let alone devoured as much as she did. Now she knew how a stuffed Thanksgiving turkey felt. She rolled onto her back and smiled. This was all going very well, aside from the constant requests for food that had kept them all up throughout the day.

"What the. . ."

Sam raised her head at hearing the male scream from the room above hers. Looking around she wondered if anybody had heard the scream. They couldn't have. Everybody else, aside from MC and Isabel who were forced to stay in bed, was in the kitchen. She crept to the window and opened it a crack. Looking down her eyes became large and a scream of horror leaked from her vocal chords.

The site was horrifying. Blood, so much blood. He was covered in blood. She heard a rustle in the bushes but looked only at the lifeless form. It could only be one person. Michael. Her heart was racing. She was scared to death and stiff as a board. She turned away but she still saw him. He was laying on the cement covered in blood with his throat ripped out.

Maria rushed into the room. "Baby, what's wrong?"

Sam couldn't even look up. She ran passed Maria and locked herself in the bathroom.

Maria walked to the window and looked down. She let out a shriek of horror. The other's would be there soon and only Sam would be able to explain. She turned away and ran to the bathroom Sam occupied.

"Sweetheart, let me in. I won't hurt you."

"Maria, he's dead," the shaky voice replied.

"I know," Maria whispered. The door clicked then creaked a little as Sam opened it. Maria hugged Sam tight. "It's gonna be ok, it's gonna be ok," she whispered as she tried to calm her lover down.

The others, including Liz, heard Maria scream and shot up the stairs to find her and Sam in an embrace with tears spilling out of their eyes.

Nicole looked at them then wondered into their room.

"I wouldn't if I were you," Maria warned softly.

Nicole ignored the warning and slipped into the room as the others looked at each other silently. Nicole returned, pale as a sheet.

Brooke touched her on the shoulder. "Nic?"

"Michael's dead," Nicole whispered coldly, putting up her best front. It wasn't like she really cared about him but the way it was done got to her. 'No being should suffer that kind of fate, even that filth,' she thought.

Max's eyes shot toward Nicole. "What?" he asked ruggedly.

Nic pointed into the room and toward the window. The others went in and came out either pale or crying.

Max ran down the stairs and to the place where Michael was. He placed his hands over Michael's neck and tried his hardest to heal him but he was gone. Max swallowed hard. "NO!" he echoed in the wind as he began to cry.

Hiccups, Music and Sorrow

The whole house was silent that day, except for one room.

"C'mon hun, I think they'd love Melissa."

"I think they'd like Sophie better."

"Why don't we play one then the other?"

"Fair enough. Melissa's first."

"Ok, but play a really good one."

Isabel stood with a smile and placed two CD's in the 5 disc changer. She pressed the play button and laid back down. She rested her head on her lover's arm and sighed deeply.

"It's gonna be ok Iz, try not to worry."

"It's hard. Michael's dead and I think they're after our babies."

"What makes you think that?"

"I just have a feeling. Whatever it was must have messed up and gotten to Michael instead of us." Isabel began to cry as Mary Cherry held her close.

"Don't cry angel, you're safe with me."

Isabel believed her and she settled in and her tears subsided. Just then she felt something weird in her stomach. She pulled away a little, giving a raised eyebrow.

"What is it?"

"I-I don't. . ." she stopped and giggled. "I think the baby's hiccuping."

Mary Cherry gently felt her love's stomach and smiled. "Sure is. It's so cute."

"I think they like the music too."

"Yeah, I guess they do."


Dinner had been quiet. Max and Alex were in the billiard playing pool, Isabel and Mary Cherry were sleeping, Sam, Maria, Brooke and Nicole were in the Jacuzzi and Liz was brooding.

"Give it up Max, I'm better than you at pool."

"Let's play air hockey or paint ball."

"I say we play air hockey. It hurts less."


Liz shut the light off and sighed. She closed her eyes then felt a hand clamp over her mouth. Her attacker violently pulled her head back causing pain to shoot through her body. She felt faint and she could feel pain all over. Then it was over. She was on the floor, dizzy and weak. She crawled into her bed and fell fast asleep.

Creatures of the Night

Michael had been buried that morning and laid to rest by his friends and family. It was a sorrowful morning but they had managed to come to grips with reality and settle in for the day.

Max yawned as he stared at the mothers to be. "Are you alright?"

Isabel sighed and stretched uncomfortably. "The baby can't figure out which position is more comfortable; curling up in my rib cage or doing handstands in my stomach," she grumbled.

"Maybe you should get some rest."

"Max, I think you've got something there. I haven't been asleep since 6 a.m. and it's already 2 p.m. I deserve a nap."

Max smiled. "Sleep well. I'll be back to check on you." Max wondered out of the room and went to the kitchen.

"Have you seen Liz today?" Brooke asked softly, a little worried.

The others shook their heads.

"She's probably brooding in her room," Maria reasoned with a snarl(snout. . .shout out to snarlsnout! Hee hee. Yes, I do remember you Paul ^.^).

"I wouldn't worry about her, she'll come around," Alex added.

"Maybe," Max said darkly.


Alex yawned and walked into his room. It was nice and quiet, just the way he liked it. He sat on his bed in the dark and began to get ready for bed. It was late and not much was happening. He could hear Brooke, Nicole, Sam and Maria splashing around in the pool and the faint sound of Aerosmith's "Crazy" emitting from Max's room. He knew Mary Cherry and Isabel were asleep and the music didn't bother him so he could get some sleep.

Brooke, Nicole and Sam had to go to school tomorrow which meant he would have to pay close attention to the mother's to be. Those three had already missed a day of school. It would have been two but they had that Monday off so it was ok. It was getting late and he knew they would be leaving soon because their parents wanted them home. Well at least Jane and Mike wanted Sam and Brooke home. Nic's mom didn't give a fuck.

He sighed as he heard Sam and Brooke tell the other two they had to go. He smiled and stood up. He needed some music. He stood and stalked to the CD player which every room had. He opened his CD case and put in his Eve 6 CD. He programmed the stereo and grinned at his favorite song, "Inside Out", began to play. He turned it down and turned to walk to his bed when he saw something.

It stepped out of the darkness like a creature of the night, like a prowling panther about to tear its prey to shreds.

Alex jumped back. He recognized the face and eased, saying softly, "Liz, thank god it's you."


(a male scream is heard)

Nicole's head snapped toward the house. "Brookie, call your dad and tell him you'll be a little late."

Maria looked at Nicole and nodded, reading her mind. She ran into the house and up the stairs where they assumed the scream had come from. She silently explored each room, turning every light on.

She checked on Isabel and Mary Cherry, then Max. Now she stood outside of Alex's room, afraid of what she might find. She opened the door and crept in. He wasn't in site but what caught her eye was the curtains blowing in the breeze. She turned the music off and flipped the light on. She froze, too horrified to even scream. Now she knew how Sam had felt when she'd seen Michael. "Alex," she whispered.

Sam and Brooke looked at Nicole and all three rushed into the house and up the stairs. They saw Alex's door open and hurried to the door. Brooke saw what was before her and barely made it to the bathroom to get sick. Sam held her stomach as fear consumed her every feature and Nicole went pale, again.

"Max," Nicole hollered, her vocal chords strained with horror.

Max hurried to the location of the crime and fell silent. What he saw made him both angry and afraid. Alex hung lifelessly on the wall, his head bowed, railroad spikes pinning his wrists and ankles to the wall, an ancient sword through his sides and a barbwire crown on his head. Above him the haunting words "In Jesus' name we sin. He gave his life for yours, now seek redemption you pathetic mortals. Christ and all he stands for is a" the last blood smeared word was unclear but was read as "joke."

Sam regained her ability to move and led Maria to their room. Another tragedy, another day.

Brooke crawled to the phone and called her dad to tell him they'd be a little late.

Nicole and Max carefully took the spikes from the boy's wrists and ankles, then took him down to the crypt where they had kept Michael until they'd buried him. The next morning would be another mournful wake, the second in one week. Perhaps this hadn't been such a great idea but they were here now and they weren't due back home until the following week when they had to resume school again.

Nicole drove Brooke and Sam home then ventured back to her own lair to soak in the tub. So much had happened and all of this was eating away at the Ice Queen's frozen exterior. Maybe tomorrow would bring a better day, a new horizon that would make the cruelty of the world calm its rage and give these innocent teenagers a break or maybe it would bring more pain and anger but nevertheless, it would still bear the creatures of the night.

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