Title: Internally & Eternally

Author : Mel M/Misty

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Rating: NC-17

Disclaimers: I don't own the characters of BtVS so please, for the love of the goddess, don't sew me. Joss is god!

Comments: Yes, I need feedback badly. This is my first W/T fic so please give me some. . .you thought I was gonna say pity didn't you? Well anyway, creative criticism was what I was aiming for ::smiles:: now onward ::magically makes the fic appear before you:: ^.^ Oh, and it's in Tara's POV. One last thing, this is dedicated to my biggest fan Brandy. Happy Birthday girl, hope you like the fic ::smiles::

We're here in our dorm sitting silently on the bed with the blinds closed and the lights dimmed. "Dinner was wonderful, thank you," she meekly whispers. "It was my pleasure," I whisper back. Her hand touches my cheek as she smiles elegantly. Her thumbs trace my lips sending lightning down my spine. Her eyes capture mine with their mystical forests that hold her dreams. I return her caress, touching her cheek timidly.

"Tara," she whispers my name in a sugar coated tone that melts even before she inhales to breathe another word. "Y-yes," I stutter as my fears churn within me as I await her next words. "I love you," she breathes, easing the stirring fears within me. I know she loves me unconditionally and I give her that in return as well. "I love you too," I confess as a light hue of crimson dusts over my cheeks.

She nervously breaks eye contact, letting me know that she wants to ask me something but she's afraid I might judge her. I hear her inhale deeply but all she manages to say is, "Tara." "Hmm?" I ask, pondering upon what she may request. "Hold me," her eyes pout sweetly, her honey soaked voice more begging than asking. I could never say no to that face, of course why would I?

I take her in my arms and we lay on the bed snuggling as close to each other as humanly possible. She make every fleeting moment worth living. She nuzzles her face to my neck and I can feel heat rushing through my veins. I hold her tight as she breathes onto my skin.

She moves to speak but cuts herself short. I hesitantly but comfortingly run my fingertips down her back and her muscles simultaneously subdued to relaxation and ease under my caress. Her feathery lips crash onto my pulse point gently. My eyes slide shut into darkness as she parts her lips and encircles my beating flesh. Fire engulfs every inch of me, every limb as she suckles my skin. I hope nobody will notice her mark tomorrow at our girls night.

Mmmmh, only she knows how to drive me crazy. This is my first time, our first time. We've touched and kissed, even fondled but it's never gone this far. I know it's time, time for our passions and fears to free themselves. I glide my fingers through her soft, sensitive, sweet smelling fire hued hair.

She stops as she builds courage to speak. Anticipation courses through me as she speaks. "Make love to me," she says in a faint gasp as her breasts press against me. Our eyes meet and for the first time I know exactly what she wants and how she wants it. All fears disperse from my mind. She's the only one I'll ever do this for.

I capture her pouty lips in a tender, passionate kiss. My eyes are sealed shut as our tongues duel gently in her warm mouth. She temporarily surrenders. I inhale her tongue, grasping it between my lips and sucking gently. Releasing it, I capture it again and repeat the same motion. She moans, laying on her back as I half hover over her fragile form. Her warm hands slide under my cotton shirt grazing over my stomach and ribs. I reluctantly break the kiss and slowly unbutton her flimsy silk Care Bear pajama top with finesse. I back away slightly as she sits up. I slip the silk off of her milky shoulders and toss it onto the floor beside the bed to uncover her beautifully pale breasts and hard perfect nipples. She unbuttons my shirt and tosses it carelessly aside. Her eyes rake over me, anxious and intrigued.

I kiss her again as her thermal hands work my pants off. I wiggle out of the material and kick it to the floor as I work on getting her pants off. The slippery material comes off easily and her pants join mine on the floor. We lay there in awe. She's always been the most beautiful creature in the world to me and now my eyes prove to my mind that in fact she is. Well at least to me she is and she always will be.

She paralyzes me with a glance and her hand caresses my cheek to tell me everything's alright. She places a ghost kiss upon my lips and a content smile creeps across her lips. What's she thinking? Do I disappoint her? She interrupts my thoughts as she purrs in my ear, "by the goddess, you're gorgeous. There are no breathable words to describe your beauty." A soft shade of strawberry washes over my cheeks. "You're the most beautiful creature I've ever seen. I've always thought that and I always will," I whisper. Now she's blushing. I now realize how much I love her. I want to melt into her and touch her deep within.

I feel her strong hands pull me completely onto her and we exchange another kiss. I pull the slippery satin sheets over us with one hand. My body's set on fire as her velvety skin rubs against me. Our hands roam free as we share more intimate kisses.

Somehow out panties end up on the floor in a pile with the rest of our clothes. The friction of our most intimate areas clashing is blinding and I can't help but be overcome with pleasure. I can't even feel my own body, let alone hers. All I can see is her face, beautiful in all its now sweating glory. She's clinging to me, our bodies unconsciously continuing the overwhelming movements and caresses we began. My senses are so intoxicated that all I can see, breathe, taste is her. My Willow, my world. Every rapid pant, every plead for release, every whimper of pleasure draws us closer, deeper into oblivion.

We're both too drugged with pleasure to even remotely describe what we're feeling, what's happening between us. My body shivers against her quivering form as waves of boundless passion and intoxication seduce our minds and drug us senseless to the point of release.

My body collapses on her. Oh goddess, does it always feel this way? She holds me close as out tremors simmer down to shivers. "Tara," her raspy breathe utters softly. "Hmm?" is all I can reply, still attempting to regain my ability to speak. "That was . . .amazing," she huffs as her chest still rises and falls at an unsteady pace. "You were amazing," I whisper back, my insecurities forcing their was back into me.

She kisses my forehead, then my lips. "I love you Tara, internally and eternally," she calms my fears with her soft voice. "Let's take a shower," she suggests, weakly sliding out from under me. She stumbles out of our bed flashing a smile at me. I weakly attempt getting out of bed and she helps me, practically carrying me to the bathroom.

She runs a warm bubble bath and helps me in. We're laying here in the warm water, me on my back and her cuddling close to me as we talk. "You know what," she says as we wash off and get out to dry. "What?" I ask, towel drying every beautiful inch of her body. She giggles and teases, "I'll tell you when we get back in bed."

She dries me off and we venture back to our bed. I wiggle under the covers and she snuggles as close as she possibly can. "Now what were you saying?" I remind her. "I love you Tara," she embraces me tightly, purring in a very low tone. "I love you too Willow," I whisper to her sleepily as we mold into each other and drift deep into a fantasy stricken land of dreams, together.

~<>~ End ~<>~

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