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I’m Not That Innocent

She sat sipping a mug of hot cocoa.  Barbra was out with Wade tonight and she’d mentioned staying at his place if things went as planned.  That left her here alone, well almost alone anyway.  The redhead refused to leave her all alone even if it was just for the night.  She had to go and make sure both of them were in the same place in case she needed them.  It made sense, having them both at the tower but what she couldn’t figure out was why she’d picked tonight.

This night was suppose to be very special but they didn’t know that, did they?  She didn’t really want them to.  Taking another sip, her gaze landed on the sullen form perched outside on the balcony.  Watching contently she wondered why her companion looked so restless.  Setting her cup down, she threw on a jacket and walked out onto the balcony.  Pulling out a clove and a lighter, she took a long drag as she lit it.  Blowing the smoke into the chilly air she glanced at the other woman with a smile.  “What?”

“Does Barbra know you smoke those?”

“Yeah, she just told me not to smoke in the tower.  I don’t know why though.  They smell great,” she replied, sucking down another lung-full of toxic smoke.

“Yeah, they do.  Kinda like incense.”

“Does she know you smoke that?” the blonde inquired, motioning toward the small shiny pipe gripped in the other female’s hand.

“Well, um, yeah.  Just like she knows about you smoking,” Helena quipped slyly.

“Fair enough.  Your secret’s safe with me.  If you’re gonna share that is,” she purred back boldly.

“You want some you’re gonna have to come get it,” the brunette teased, taking a long drag from the pipe before clutching it in her hand tightly.

Sapphire blues became narrow, one blonde brow arched in wonder.  Was that an invitation?  Deciding it clearly was she put out her clove.  Walking toward the older girl, she smirked seductively.  Stopping only inches away from her friend she leaned in, pressing their lips together gently.  For a moment Helena was stunned which gave the young blonde the opportunity to suck the smoke right out of her lungs.  Steel blue changed, revealing the Huntress. 

Dinah held the smoke in as she pulled away and left the woman breathless.  Releasing a puff of smoke, she grinned at the still shocked Huntress.  “What’s the matter?  Didn’t think the kid from a small town knew how to shotgun?”

Huntress grinned wildly, a hint of danger dancing in her feral eyes.  As much as Helena fought for control of her primitive side she continued to fail, unable to stop her from what she was about to do.  Huntress pinned the girl against the wall, kissing her passionately.

Dinah didn’t push her away.  In fact she wrapped her arms around the Huntress and kissed back with equal desire.  She felt their hearts racing and wondered if Huntress would take her all the way, unlike any of her other “friends” who treated her like glass, not wanting to break her.  “Huntress,” she growled softly when they parted.

“Dinah,” Huntress purred, inhaling and memorizing the scent of the younger girl’s arousal.  She kissed the girl’s neck hungrily, Helena still trying to gain control as she was pushed further and further down into their subconscious.

Leaning her head back, the blonde gasped.  She’d never had somebody want her this bad before but she was really starting to like it.  Running her nails down the brunette’s back, she grinned as the other woman pressed against her even more.

Helena finally regained control, her eyes returning to steel blue.  She met the girl’s gaze and pulled away.  Dinah began to protest but she placed her thumb over the teen’s lush pink lips.  “I have something to show you,” she whispered, leading the blonde inside.

Dinah pouted as Helena led her to her room.  She knew the bartender wanted to talk about this but she didn’t wanna talk.  She wanted Huntress. . .naked, sweating and screaming her name.  She wanted hot, wild, mind-blowing sex and if Helena interfered with that she’d be sorry.  Waiting in front of her bedroom door she stared at Helena cautiously.

The bartender smiled warmly, opening the door to reveal a table with a small German chocolate cake and lit candles that read “17” in pink upon it.  Inhaling Dinah’s shampoo as she walked in, she whispered, “Happy Birthday Supergirl.”


“Yeah, you’ve earned a promotion.”

Dinah smiled then looked at the table.  Her eyes lit up at the sight before her as she turned to look at Helena.  Pulling her into a hug, she whispered softly, “thanks but how did you know?”

“Barbra left your profile up when she checked you out on the Delphi.  Saw your B-day and kept it in mind.  Even marked it on the calendar so I wouldn’t forget,” Helena whispered proudly into the girl’s ear before pulling away again.

“Helena, I really appreciate this but. . .”

“Shhh, make a wish,” Helena whispered, motioning toward the candles.

Dinah nodded, making a wish then blowing the candles out.  Helena turned the light on dim and stared at her calmly.  “So what did you wish for?”

The blonde pulled the woman close and kissed her tenderly.  “You,” she breathed as she pulled her lips away from the other’s.

Helena pulled away.  “We shouldn’t.  You’re only 17 Dinah.  I could go to jail,” she replied hesitantly.

Dinah shook her head, pulling up a chair.  “Then sit down and watch.  You can’t go to jail unless you touch me,” she purred, pushing Helena down into the chair before shutting and locking the door.

Helena tried to get up but was pushed back down by the blonde’s telekinesis.  Dinah shook her head again, grabbing something from behind the woman.  Helena felt cold steel tight against her wrists and tried to pull her hands apart.  Staring at the blonde she became slightly angry.  “What the hell is this?”

“It’s a little help.  When I’m done you’ll wanna touch me more than anything else in this world but we can’t have you braking the law now can we?” she teased, placing a light kiss on her prey’s lips.

Helena let out a soft growl, still slightly angry.  “Then amaze me,” she challenged bitterly, seeing as she really had no choice but to watch.

Dinah smirked.  “I’ll do my best oh experienced one but please try to control Huntress.  I don’t think she’d be able to keep her hands off me,” she replied cockily.

Helena let out a low hiss as she studied the girl contently.  The blonde grinned, facing the brunette as she knelt on her bed.  Spreading her knees slightly to control her balance, she began to unbutton the pink dress shirt Barbra had made her wear for picture day.  Each button revealed another inch of pale skin and when it was completely unbuttoned she shrugged it off of her shoulders, the fabric cascading from her body before she threw it onto the floor.

She saw Helena tracing her upper body and bit her bottom lip.  She grinned at the lusty look filling the older girl’s steel gaze.  “What’s wrong Hel?  You like what you see?” she teased, sliding off the bed into a standing position.

Helena said nothing, her gaze glued to the jail bait before her.  This wasn’t fair but she’d get her back.  She didn’t know how yet but she would.  Returning from her thoughts she noticed a wicked tinge wavering in the girl’s usually innocent gaze.  This instantly worried her.  What was she up to?  “Look, I don’t have all night.  Contrary to popular belief, I do sleep.  And I’m not impressed by your little game.”

Dinah’s eyes flickered with wild, untamed energy as she shoved the chair into the corner with her mind.  Helena shut her mouth and stared wide eyed.  Had she pissed her off?  The blonde approached silently, her features refusing to reveal any emotion.  “You think this is a game?  Don’t go there Helena Kyle.  I could say allot of hurtful things to get back at you but I won’t.  Life’s too short to waste time.  If you want something, you take it and it’s yours.  Want, take, have.  I learned that a long time ago.”  ((Hee hee, I wonder if she knows Faith. . .))

She paused in front of the woman, closing her eyes with a soft sigh.  Opening them, she met shaken steel blue pupils.  Caressing one tanned cheek with her slender fingers she smiled.  “I’m not gonna hurt you, I wouldn’t do that and you know it.  Now shut up and let me drive you crazy.”

Helena tried to speak but found no words spilling out as this beautiful girl bent over and yanked her blue jeans down to her ankles.  Stepping out of them she kicked the material in the direction her shirt had gone.  With a sly grin she turned the stereo on.  Turning her back to the brunette she hit the play button.  As the music began she slowly turned around.  Before the words began, she whispered softly, “listen closely Hel cause this is how I feel.”

A dance style 90’s song gently began to play and Helena’s eyes widened with remembrance of that song.  “I love myself.  I want you to love me,” the blonde purred as she sat on the brunette’s lap.

Sliding down between leather clad thighs she sang seductively, “When I’m feelin down, I want you above me.”

Working her way up again, she unsnapped her bra and tossed it aside.  Rubbing hard pink nipples against Helena’s face, she gasped, “I search myself, I want you to find me.  I forget myself, I want you to remind me.”

Helena felt her body turn against her, her own center boiling with heat and need.  She pushed Huntress deeper into their subconscious though the battle was beginning to get a little tough.  She felt the wetness between her thighs and squirmed uncomfortably.  She was far better at controlling herself than Huntress but right now she was having trouble maintaining her composure.  Her eyes were threatening to change as she struggled with the handcuffs.

Dinah watched her companion squirm and decided not to take her time.  “I don’t want anybody else.  When I think about you, I touch myself.  Oh, I don’t want anybody else, oh no, oh no, oh no,” she continued, her plush lips tracing Helena’s jaw line.

“You’re the one who makes me come running.  You’re the sun who makes me shine.  When you’re around I’m always laughing.  I want to make you mine,” the blonde admitted as she turned around and slide her back down the brunette’s body.

Sliding back up, she turned around to face the woman and closed her eyes.  “I close my eyes and see you before me.  Think I would die if you were to ignore me.”

“A fool could see just how much I adore you.  I get down on my knees, I’d do anything for you,” she purred as she knelt and scratched her nails down the brunette’s front.

Helena was ready to lose her mind.  She’d never had a girl do a strip tease for her and now it was apparent why.  Her heart thudding in her chest now drown out the music, making it nothing more than a buzzing noise in the back of her mind.  All she could feel was pure, scorching heat within her and against her.  Her hands were balled into fists as she thanked God for those cuffs.  When she opened her eyes they were glazed and she felt dizzy with passion.  The thudding subsided for a moment.  Just long enough for her to hear the next few lyrics.

“And when I think about you, I touch myself.  Ooh, oooh, oooooh, aaaaaah,” Dinah moaned as she rubbed her solid rosy nipples against Helena’s.

Her soft blue eyes focused on steel blue as she stopped the song.  “Now it’s time to listen to the things I have to say.  I love you Helena Kyle., Huntress and all.  I know that’s probably not what you wanted to hear but it’s true.  I don’t expect you to love me back and I understand if you hate me but that won’t change how I feel.  Don’t tell me I don’t know what I’m talking about either because I’m not that innocent and I’m not stupid.”

She paused and looked at her door.  Hearing the elevator door open, she smiled.  Right on time.  She knew Barbra would be home tonight but she hadn’t mentioned that to Helena.  “Barbra’s home.  Date must’ve gone wrong or she’s worried we’ve killed each other already,” she snickered.

Seeing the fear in Helena’s eyes she leaned down and placed a gentle kiss on her lips.  “Don’t worry about Oracle.  I’ll go talk to her and give you a minute to think beautiful,” she whispered, turning the chair toward the window.

“Enjoy the view,” the blonde whispered before throwing on her satin robe and walking out.  Strolling into the computer area she yawned then tightened her robe.

“You’re awake awfully late.  Where’s Helena?” Barbra asked, her need for sleep overwhelming her senses.

“We watched a movie and she passed out on my bed.  I can wake her up if you need her for something,” Dinah replied innocently.

“No, that’s alright.  I was just making sure you were both alive and well,” the redhead yawned, briefly closing her eyes.

“You should get some sleep, you look exhausted,” the blonde hinted, making sure she didn’t sound too forward.

Barbra nodded.  “I am.  You should get back to sleep.  I’m sorry I woke you,” she apologized, falling for the teen’s smoke screen.

“It’s ok.  I’ll see you in the morning,” Dinah whispered as her mentor wheeled off to her room.  Turning toward her room she sighed.  Had she done the right thing?  She calmly walked into her room.  Making sure it was locked, she turned around a stopped dead in her tracks.

“Hey cutie.  Sorry Hel couldn’t stick around but she was starting to piss me off,” Huntress whispered, the handcuffs dangling from one finger.

“Hey yourself kitten,” the blonde purred, licking her lips.

Huntress grinned, tossing the cuffs on the bed.  Stalking over to the girl she forced her against the wall and kissed her passionately.  When their lips parted Huntress was the first to speak.  “Tell me what you want from me.  Helena might be weary and scared like a lost fuckin kitty but I’m neither of those.  I’ll give you whatever you need Di, if you give me the same.”

“Don’t be mad at Helena for being scared, it’s human nature.  Besides, she’s the sappy fall in love half. What I need right now is you.  Fuck me Huntress,” Dinah demanded, her slender digits running through dark brown tresses.

A feral grin spread across her lips.  This little girl wanted to fuck and she wasn’t afraid to admit it.  She liked that, admired it even.  Throwing the blonde down on the bed, she pounced on her with a playful, lustful kittenish growl.  “Well then Di, if we’re gonna fuck we do it my way.  Sensual, painful, rough sex.  I’m gonna blow your mind kid, if that’s what you want.  I’m not into the love making thing at all.”

The teen grinned wildly.  This is what she’d wanted since the first time she’d been attracted to anyone.  This was how she wanted the first time to be and now she knew Huntress was the only one worthy of making that come true.  “This is my first time but please, don’t be gentle.  It would be a waste of time.  I wanna fuck, now.  However we play the game is fine by me.”

“Glad you don’t have school tomorrow kid, you might not be able to walk,” Huntress snickered before ripping pink panties off peach toned flesh.  Pinning the girl down, she kissed her hard as their bodies pressed tightly together.  The kiss ended quickly as the predator moved to her prey’s tender neck.  She bit down almost gently before her grip became slightly bloodthirsty.

Dinah yelped and moaned in pleasure, knowing this was only the beginning.  She clung to her tanned lover, her nails piercing the soft flesh on the Huntress’ shoulders.  Huntress continued downward, nipping and kissing her way to the girl’s pert nipples.  She attacked the small nubs with a fury, sucking and biting until the flesh became an aroused swollen strawberry color.  Hearing the girl panting and feeling her claws rake into her back made the brunette’s heart race.  She could feel the hunger stirring but she would have to wait.

Pinching the reddened nubs she kissed further down.  After plucking the flesh one last time she moved her hands between the blonde’s thighs and threw her legs apart.  Huntress tormented her prey for a moment, biting and sucking on tender thighs.  Deciding to move on she flicked her tongue over the girl’s clit.  Dinah nearly jumped off the bed, her hips instinctively thrusting upward.  Harsh hands slammed the girl back down as the woman’s tongue thrust into the teen’s molten core.  Dinah panted and squirmed, wanting more but enjoying this moment of softness.  After a moment she began to relax a bit, her body still throbbing with need. “Get ready sweetheart, your world’s about to explode,” Huntress purred as she forced the entire length of her middle finger into the tight, young teen.

Dinah muffled an Earth shattering scream of mixed pleasure and pain as her body quivered and begged for more.  Huntress began kissing her way back up, her finger thrusting agonizingly slow.  Ignoring the whimpers and pleas of the girl she continued up until she was once again claiming the girl’s pale neck.  Biting and sucking very hard she added a second finger and thrust deeper, harder.  At this point Dinah had completely lost control.  Her body was so twisted in lust that it moved all on its own.  Though she’d felt a little pain at first this was like heaven to her.  Rocking against her lover, she growled desperately, “fuck me, Huntress.  FUCK ME!”

Hearing the command she added another finger and pumped them into the teen’s wet, needy center.  Dinah’s body shook violently as her release hit her.  She bucked and clawed at her lover’s flesh, screaming her name as she continued her assault.  Dinah bit down on Huntress’ shoulder as her world spun into oblivion once more.  This time her partner slowed to a stop and for a moment they just lay there basking in the scent of sex, blood and sweat.  Huntress slid down between the girl’s legs, lapping up the little bit of blood that had eased out of the girl’s virgin sex.  She sucked up every drop of strawberry juices, then licked her lips and rested beside the girl.  “You ok?” she whispered, wondering if she had gone too far with the young girl.

Dinah stared at the ceiling for a moment, still lost in the void of immeasurable pleasure.  Returning to the realm of the living, she mimicked a Cheshire cat grin.  Rolling over onto the older girl, she pinned her down.  “Now it’s my turn to play Huntress.  I might’ve been a virgin but that doesn’t mean I haven’t fucked a girl before.  I’m gonna try something a little different with you though.”

“Ooh, gettin brave, aren’t we kid?  What did you do to her?  Suck her off?  Or did you finger her till she screamed for more?  Don’t think I’m that easy kid.”

“Actually, I fucked her mind so hard that she came when I kissed her neck but that’s not the point.  I know you’re not easy Huntress but I’ll tame you yet,” she purred as she raised the woman’s wrists above her head.  Holding each wrist toward a bed post she used her telekinesis to bind them with silk.  Before Huntress knew what had happened she was tied up spread eagle and she couldn’t see anything.

“What the. . .”

“Shhh, relax.  I’m still gonna fuck the shit outta you but first I wanna play with you.  It’s my turn to be the hunter,” the blonde purred boldly.

For a moment the Huntress couldn’t feel the girl touching her at all.  When she couldn’t feel her presence she began to worry.  Then she felt a bolt of pleasure shoot through her as the girl’s fingers pulled on her nipples.  Dinah pulled away again, watching the discomfort on the woman’s face.  Straddling the brunette’s hips she pulled something out.  “Time to have some fun.  You made me bleed, now it’s your turn.  I’m in you and I want you in me, flowing through me.  I know you’ll love this.”

Huntress seemed to ease a little.  She knew the kid wouldn’t seriously injure her but she was still a little uneasy.  She couldn’t move or see anything.  Before she could relax completely she felt cold metal against her stomach.  The blonde grinned as she drew the blade up.  She watched the anticipation grow with each movement as she circled swollen nipples with the knife’s dull side.  She continued upward, only stopping when she reached her prey’s pulse point.  She made a small incision near the pulse point, immediately biting down on the flesh and causing blood to squeeze out.  Sucking gently she surprised the woman by pushing the thick, round handle of the knife halfway into her.

The brunette groaned deeply, pushing against the hard object within her as she scrapped her nails down the girl’s back.  “Fuck, you’re good kid.  Uhhhh, oh, fuck me Dinah,” she growled, pushing as much as she could.

After finishing the last drop of blood the teen whispered softly, “ now I’m inside of you Huntress, forever.  Now it’s time you lost your mind.”

With that she pushed the entire length of the handle in and pulled out just as quickly.  Forcing it in again she thrust it deep and hard as her thumb flicked her lover’s throbbing love bud.  Huntress quivered, her body quickly turning against her as she bucked as much as she could with the restraints still on.  Dinah threw the woman back down with her telekinesis as she kissed one nipple.  Taking it in her mouth she connected to her lover’s mind.  Thrusting harder she slowly pushed the feelings of her own orgasm into Huntress’ mind.  Pumping the handle into the woman’s sex, she forced the feelings faster causing Huntress to grab the sheets with an iron grip. 

“Oh FUCK!” Huntress panted, her body shaking as her orgasm approached.

Dinah twisted the handle and pushed it in, the brunette’s body thrashing about wildly as she screamed the girl’s name.  Pulling the handle out she replaced it with three fingers.  Feeling around, she grinned when she found the g-spot.  Huntress was still quivering when she felt scorching heat rise within her again.  Her eyes rolled back in her head as the girl fucked another orgasm out of her.  Still clinging to the sheets she tried to catch her breath.

Dinah released the restraints, working down the woman’s body to clean up her hot, citrus flavored sex.  After that she curled up beside her and whispered, “how was that kitten?  Did I make the grade?”

Huntress smiled tiredly.  “Never had a fuck that kinky or that good kid.  Anytime you wanna fuck, my door’s open.  Just call and I’ll shut Helena up.”

Dinah snickered then kissed the brunette gently.  “Hey, I know this isn’t your thing but would you mind cuddling?”  She blushed slightly, “it just makes me feel safe.”

“Sure thing kid.  That’s about as gentle as I like to get,” she replied, pulling the girl close as they fell asleep.

Heaven or Hell?

Comments:  Here’s the sequel to “I’m Not That Innocent”.  Shout out to helenakyle2002 and all others who graced me with their wonderful morsels of FB for the first one.  And remember, I need feedback so FEED ME!  Enjoy!


Barbra sighed as she sipped her cup of coffee.  It was early on a Saturday morning and cynicism swam in her veins.  The night had been restless, the morning coming too soon.  She sighed, tossing the morning paper on the table.  She couldn’t concentrate so she wouldn’t bother trying.  She studied the door, willing its occupants to wake before her brain exploded with fury.  She finally gave up and closed her eyes.

A few hours later. . .

Consciousness beckoned though she fought it relentlessly.  She could hear what was going on around her yet she still tried to go back to sleep.  Why was there such a thing as morning?  Her eyes fluttered open, focusing for a moment.  She was about to stretch when she noticed she wasn’t in her apartment, asleep in her own bed.  This room was familiar, almost like. . .  She nonchalantly glanced down to find her sleeping sidekick nuzzled to her chest.  Her head started spinning and her brain began to hurt.  She slowly remembered what happened the night before which caused her head to hurt even more.

(In Helena’s mind)

Helena:  What the fuck am I gonna do?  Jesus!  Why couldn’t you just control yourself you horny bitch!

Huntress:  Hey, you gotta get yours and I gotta get mine.  And let me tell you something, Hel.  That kid can FUCK.  Seriously!  I’d keep her if I were you.

Helena:  Why don’t you go fuck off!  I have to deal with BARBRA!  And I don’t CARE what a good FUCK she was!  You KNOW how I feel about her you. . .you. . .  God I hate having you in my head!

Huntress:  You love her, don’t you?

Helena:  You’ve done enough damage so leave me alone.  I have to think of what I’m gonna tell Barbra and worse, what I have to tell the kid.

Huntress:  Hel, just tell her how you feel.  She’ll. . .

Helena:  Shut up.  You’re not coming out until we need to kick some ass and as far as that goes I’ll only use my meta powers when I need to.  I’m in control here and I don’t need YOU to ward off petty muggers.

Huntress:  Helena, you can’t be serious.  You’ll. . .

Helena’s steel gaze drifted to the door as she returned to reality.  She stared at Dinah for a moment and her anger grew stronger.  She untangled her limbs from the girl’s and got dressed.  Creeping out the door, she shut it gently.  When she turned around she met angry jade eyes.  She ignored the woman, heading towards the shower closet where Alfred stored her extra clothes.  She plucked out a pair of clean clothes and headed for the shower.

“Helena,” the redhead growled.

“Not now,” the brunette hissed, disappearing into the bathroom.

About and hour later. . .

Helena sighed as she walked out to the Delphi.  She’d finally figured out what she was gonna say to Barbra but she was still trying to figure out how to avoid hurting the kid’s feelings.  Sitting beside her friend, she bowed her head.  “I’m sorry Barbra.  I was drunk and things got out of hand.  It won’t happen again.”

The redhead stared at the woman for a moment, trying to read her.  Getting nothing, she sighed.  “What are you going to tell Dinah?”

“The truth,” Helena replied coldly with a shrug.

“And Reese?”

“Look, they’ll both know what’s up by the end of the night.  I’m not gonna lead the kid on and Reese deserves to know the truth.”

“Truth about what?” Dinah asked with a long yawn.

Barbra glanced at Helena and nodded.  “I’ll leave you two alone.  We’ll talk about this later Dinah,” she said as she wheeled into the elevator.

Helena avoided eye contact as the blonde sat beside her.  “Did you like the show last night?  I’m sure you’re aching for seconds,” she purred softly, assuming Huntress would respond.

Helena’s eyes narrowed.  “Dinah, about last night.  It was a mistake and it won’t happen again.”

“But I love you Helena,” the girl whispered, trying to nuzzle up to the woman.

“No!  Don’t give me that bullshit Dinah.  You wanted Huntress?  Well you got her!  Now leave me alone,” the brunette growled as she pushed the teen away.

She stood, storming into the elevator.  Reaching the 1st floor she shook her head.  Why were things always so complicated?  Now she had to tell Reese and that made her stomach turn.  Shoving her hands in her pockets, she headed to her apartment.

Evening at the Dark Horse Bar. . .

“Hey there beautiful,” he whispered as he sat at the bar.

“Uh, hey.  What’s up?”

“Nothing.  Just wanted to stop by and see how you’re doing,” he whispered sweetly.

“Reese, there’s something I need to tell you.  I. . .I HHHHHHHHHH want to break up.”

“What?  Why?” he demanded, his face becoming very stern.  “Does it have anything to do with Barbra or Dinah?”

“Just stay out of it Reese.  I need time for me which means I cut all ties to everyone.  Maybe when I’m done figuring this out I’ll be able to explain it but right now I need you out of my life.”

He nodded, slightly stunned.  “Right.  Guess that means dinner’s off.  I’ll catch you later.”

After work. . .

Helena sighed as she locked the bar up.  Taking a walk around the block she decided to stop by an old friends house.  It had been years since she’d seen them and she wondered if things had changed.  Her life had sure changed, especially since Huntress was getting harder to control.  She wanted out and her primal hunger was almost overwhelming.  She stopped, turning into an alley.  Crawling through the hole in the wall, she jumped the chain link fence.  Turning another corner, she smiled.  This place hadn’t changed one bit.  She approached the door quietly and knocked ever so gently.  She was amazed that she still remembered the secret knock as she heard someone walk to the door.  As the door swung open it revealed a shorter woman with a piercing hazel gaze and short, spiked red hair with purple highlights.  A skin tight leather bodysuit painted her athletic form as her black, painted lips spread into a devilish grin.  “Helena Kyle?  Haven’t seen you in a while sweetie,” she greeted, her voice coming out more like the purring of a cat.

“Life’s been a little fucked up for me but I’ll tell you all about it if I’m still welcome here.”

The woman leaned in, kissing the brunette’s lips gently.  “You’re always welcome here Lena.  You’re a part of us and we never forget a face.  Come on in.  Gemini and Amethyst are at the bar and with some of the boys and Aeryn just moved out.  You can crash in her room if you want to.”

“Thanks Beth,” she whispered as she walked in.  Everything looked about the same although a few things had been moved.  It had been three years since she’d been here yet it still smelled like vanilla and sex.  She took a seat on her purple Hello Kitty bean bag chair and smiled up at the woman.

“Please, call me Star.  Everyone else does.  I’m guessing things have been pretty bad the last few months.  You haven’t called in a while,” Star whispered, sitting on the couch opposite Helena.

“Going by your last name now?  Sounds more you.  Yeah, it’s been rough.”

“Tell me about it.  You know that’s why I’m here.”

“I know.  I’ve always admired what you do for people Star but I’m not like them.  I don’t need a shrink or a witch to tell me I’m crazy.  It’s just the truth.”

“You may not need those but you need something or you wouldn’t be here.  I know you need a friend and you know how far I’m willing to go for you.  Just open up to me.”

“Ok.  I guess I’ll start with Huntress.  It’s kinda hard to explain but my meta powers are connected to another part of me, kinda like a split.  I need to get rid of her but I still might need those abilities to do my thing by night, ya know?”

“Yeah, I do.  I’m a meta too but mine isn’t an entity.  I’ve seen this happen to a few metas.  Their alter egos break out and they start losing control of them.  I have a cure for it.  I’ll warn you, it’s VERY dangerous but it’ll put Huntress to sleep and still give you the power to save the world by night.  Don’t take too much of it and space out the dosages.  If you notice Huntress is harder to control at night then take it in the afternoon.  The effects will last until you sleep them off.  Once you’ve taken it for a while Huntress will become easier to control when you’re not on it so you can eventually stop.  She’ll be so scared of you using again that she won’t fight you for control.”

“Sounds like you got what the doctor ordered.  What’s the catch?”

“You can’t let it control you.  If you do, you’re the one who gets shut down and she’ll control you.  The addiction and withdrawals can be painful but if you really wanna do this I have the stuff with me.”


“First time’s free.  After that we’ll see what happens.  I highly suggest you stay here with me tonight so I can help if anything goes wrong.  Besides, it beats being alone.”

Helena smiled.  She knew Star would have some sort of herbal or chemical solution up her sleeve.  She always did.  “So what’s this wonder drug called?”

“Opium.  It’s your choice Helena and either way I’m gonna help you through this,” the girl whispered.  Elizabeth Star had been doing this since she was fifteen and nobody ever came back with the same problem.  She was green but wise and she knew what would be work.  She’d never had anyone die on her or blame her for the effects.  She was always up front and her price only applied to those who could afford it.  She made her own chemicals and grew her own herbs because she didn’t trust anyone else with the lives of those under her wing.  She also refused to pressure anyone.

Helena looked at her for a moment, then nodded.  “Lets do this.  Huntress needs to tone it down and since she won’t do it herself, we’ll do it for her.”

Star nodded, pulling out a small needle.  She placed one hand between the other woman’s thighs and met confused steel eyes.  “It’s better to do it on your thighs because nobody but you knows the marks are there,” she explained, noticing the other woman relaxing.

Helena closed her eyes, blocking out Huntress’ pleas and cries.  She was done listening to that bitch.  She felt the needle slide into her body, sending its venom through her veins.  She didn’t move in fear that the feeling of pure relaxation would fade away if she did.  She didn’t even feel the needle being pulled out and was very surprised to see Star beside her when she opened her eyes.  She smiled softly as she rested her head on the girl’s shoulder.  “I think I’m gonna have to get use to this.  Relaxing is one thing but this is a little too much, even for me.”

“I gave you a little more than what you’ll be using.  You need to rest and relax tonight before you can start getting use to the opium and its effects on your advanced meta-human system.  C’mon, I’ll take you to your room.”

A few minutes later. . .

“Wow, everything’s so calm. I can’t hear her at all.  It’s nice, ya know?”

“Yeah.  Get some rest Lena,” the teen instructed as she got up to leave.



“Lay with me please.”

Star smiled as she crawled into bed with the woman.  “Just until you fall asleep, ok Lena?”

“Mmmh hmmm,” Helena purred, snuggling up to her best friend.

Blood Bath

WARNING:  LOTS of violence, ANGST, drug use, possibly other things

Comments:  This takes place about a week after Heaven or Hell.  Shout outs to my chica pal/mini muse Brandye, my psycho mini muse buddy Mike, my best friend Todd, my lovely renegade gateway Faith, and all who’ve given FB on the last one.  And remember, I need feedback so FEED ME!  Enjoy!


He sighed as he walked along the slightly chilled streets of New Gotham.  He’d finally realized why Helena was acting so strange and it really upset him.  That sick little blonde bitch had brainwashed his girlfriend and she wouldn’t get away with it.  He rounded another corner and stopped.  There she was.  He knew she’d be doing sweeps so he’d set out to find her.  “Dinah,” he growled.

After tying the thug up she turned around.  “Reese?  Look, if this is about Helena just back off.  I really don’t feel like talking about it.”

“We’re going to talk about it.  I know there’s something going on between the two of you so I came here to tell you to leave my girlfriend alone you fuckin dyke,” he fumed, approaching her.

“She’s not your girlfriend anymore, is she?  You’re just pissed off because you know she has feelings for me.  And so what if I am a dyke, what’re you gonna do about it?  You’re no match for me Reese and you know it,” Dinah hissed angrily.

“Wanna test that theory?” he challenged, now in front of her.

“So, what, we’re fighting for her?  Is that what you want Reese?”

“I want you to leave her alone.  She doesn’t want you lesbo bitch, get over it.”

Dinah refused to let this go any further as she tried to walk past him.  He pushed her back and the fight began.

On the other side of town. . .

“Hey Star.”

“Hey.  Have a seat,” she offered as she closed the door.

“Thanks.  I really appreciate this.”

“I know, that’s why I’m doing it.  Here’s enough for the next couple days,” she replied, handing her a brown paper bag.  She noticed the discomfort in her friends eyes and frowned.  “What’s really wrong Lena?  Something’s bothering you, I can tell.”

“There’s this girl.  She’s barely seventeen but. . .”

“You love her?”

Helena bowed her head.  “I think so but it’s complicated.”



Star hugged the woman gently.  “What happened that made you come here last night Lena?”

“It was the night before last.  I. . .It was the kid’s birthday so I got her a cake with candles and stuff.  She made a move on me and I freaked.  She caught me off guard when she cuffed me to a chair and did a strip tease.”

“So what went wrong?”

“Barbra came home and the kid went out to take care of her.  She left and Huntress took over.  I couldn’t stop her, I couldn’t control her.  She. . .she used my body to do something she knew I didn’t want to do.”

“Something you didn’t want to do?”

“I don’t mean I never wanted to but not like that, not the way it happened.  I don’t just blame Huntress, I blame Dinah too and that’s why I want Huntress as close to gone as I can get her.”

Star bowed her head.  “You feel like they ruined a moment you can’t get back?  I understand that.  It’s happened to me before too.”

Helena shook her head as tears filled her eyes.  “That’s not what hurts.  I feel like they raped me.  I close my eyes and I can’t block them out.  No matter how many showers I take the stains won’t wash away.  I just want to forget.  Why won’t it go away?,” she sobbed.

Star swallowed hard, caressing the woman’s hair.  She understood this as well but she knew she couldn’t help.  “I know it hurts sweetie but only time will help you heal.  You need to forgive them eventually or things will get worse.  Have you talked to Dinah about this?”

Helena shook her head as her tears subsided.  “I can’t.  She’s just a kid and she wouldn’t understand.”

Star nodded.  “Lena, you need to take it easy for a little while.  Talk this over with Huntress and when you’ve come to a conclusion talk to Dinah.  They deserve to know what’s going on.”

Helena nodded.  “Thanks Star.  I’ll see you later,” she whispered, hugging her friend before leaving.

As soon as she was alone she injected herself.  She headed back to her apartment when she realized there were a few guys following her.  She stopped when she saw two more in front of her.  They were Hawke’s boys, about twenty of them.  They surrounded her cautiously, knowing of her power.  She followed them closely, the opium starting to effect her senses.  She felt a little dizzy.  Maybe she’d taken a little too much.

An hour later at the tower. . .

Dinah stumbled out of the elevator, cautiously looking around to see if anyone else was there.  Her body ached from her injuries but she knew it wasn’t anything major.  Just a few bruises and bumps.  Noticing the place was empty she decided to sit down and watch a movie until somebody got back.  Hobbling over to the couch, she put “The Boondock Saints” on and sat down.

Just as the previews ended she heard something outside.  Stopping the movie she crept toward the balcony.  She froze suddenly when she saw a mass of dark hair and blood.  Realizing it was Helena she ran over to her.  “Helena?  What happened?”

“I. . .I don’t know,” the brunette rasped, almost losing consciousness.

Dinah focused all of her energy and picked her friend up.  She carried her into the medical room, setting her on one of the metal tables.  She grabbed antibiotics, bandages and a spare pair of clothes.  Leaning down, she whispered softly, “Helena, will you let me clean up your wounds?  If you don’t want me to I can try to find Barbra.”

“It’s ok,” the brunette whispered, too strung out to care.

Dinah stared down at the woman, trying to keep herself from breaking down.  Seeing Helena like this broke her heart but she knew she couldn’t help unless Hel wanted that.  Taking the brunettes shirt off, she cleaned the wounds carefully.  She bandaged the small cuts, avoiding the bruises on Helena’s stomach, ribs and back.  Easing the leather pants off, she frowned.  She had bruises up and down her legs and a few cuts here and there.  She doctored the wounds then met the woman’s eyes.  She handed her the clothes she’d taken out then walked out the door.  She stood there in silence wondering what could have happened and if there was a way she could have stopped it.  Bowing her head, she heard Helena whimper.  She spun around in time to see the brunette collapse.

“Do you need help getting dressed?”

Helena met the girl’s eyes and nodded helplessly.  Dinah helped her up then grabbed the clothes.  She gently slid a baggy shirt over the brunette’s head and helped her put her arms through the sleeves without hurting herself.  She steadied Hel between her and the table.  She eased the sweats up carefully, meeting the woman’s eyes as soon as she’d finished.  “I’m watching a movie, you up for it?”

Helena smiled.  “Yeah, that sounds like fun kid,” she whispered as they headed to the couch.

They laid on the couch together as the movie began.  A few minutes later the blonde noticed Helena was asleep and smiled.  She was so beautiful, so peaceful.  She brushed a stray stand of hair away from the woman’s face before placing a pillow behind her head.  She carefully got up and walked to the Delphi.  Picking up a com she whispered softly, “Oracle, it’s me.  We’re both here at the tower.  Sorry I took off like that.  I. . .”

Oracle smiled softly.  “It’s ok Dinah.  I was actually out looking for the both of you.  I’ll be back soon.”

“See you then,” Dinah replied, setting the com down.  She looked over at Helena then joined her on the couch again.  She slid onto the couch behind the brunette and wrapped her arms around her.  Tonight she would protect her with loving arms even if she was pushed away the next morning.  She loved this woman with all of her heart and somehow she knew things would work out.

Moments later. . .

Oracle wheeled in, pausing when she noticed the silence.  She went over to the couch and smiled.  The TV was still on though the movie had ended and the audience had fallen asleep.  She tilted her head slightly, noticing how serene they both were in each other’s arms.  She was a little jealous but mostly she was scared.  She could see the bruises which told her something bad was going to happen.  Helena was running away from something but this time she couldn’t bail her out of it if it got too bad.  She’d have to do this herself and that worried her.  Looking away she headed to her bedroom to brood.

The next morning. . .

Helena yawned as she opened her eyes.  She turned to see Dinah curled up next to her and sighed.  She wanted so bad to love her but the hurt wouldn’t let her.  She quietly stood up and straightened her clothes.  Walking onto the balcony she jumped onto a rooftop.  She got home quicker than she’d expected, fidgeting with the door slightly before easing it open.  She walked in and shut the door.  She was about to go back to sleep when she realized her answering machine was blinking.  “A message?” she mumbled to herself.

“Um, hello?  This is Detective Reese’s partner.  I tried contacting his parents but they wouldn’t answer the phone.  I found your number in his address book.  I just called to tell you he’s in the hospital because some punk beat him up last night,” a gruff voice emitted from the machine.

She shook her head as she headed to the hospital.  She hoped he was alright.  Even though she wanted to be with Dinah she still considered Reese a friend and she felt horrible for hurting him the way she had.  She began to worry about how he’d react when she got there.  She jumped down into an alley then walked around the corner and into the hospital.  She made her way to the front desk and asked the girl what room he was in.  After getting the information she braced herself and went to find it.  She knocked on the door gently then went in.  She slowly approached him.  “Hey.  I heard what happened.  Are you ok?”

His head snapped toward her, his eyes dark and cold.  “No, I’m not ok.  Why are you even here?  Don’t pretend to care about me because you don’t.  I loved you Helena but I suppose you want me to say all you were good for was a quick fuck.  Is that what you wanna hear?  Will it make you feel better?”

“It’s not like that Reese.  I do care about you but only as a friend.  I’m sorry I hurt you but I couldn’t pretend anymore.”

“Pretend?  So it was a game.  You know what, you disgust me Helena.  You and that little blonde whore of yours.  Get out of my sight before I call the guards.”

Helena was ready to beat the crap out of him but she wouldn’t stoop to his level.  She shook her head then walked out.

That evening at the Clocktower. . .

Helena sat there in a trance.  She’d been waiting for Dinah to come home for nearly three and a half hours and now she was starting to worry.  She stood and walked to the elevator.  Taking it to the first floor she headed to work.  Her shift would only be a few hours tonight because they were hosting a private party.  She made her way to work, setting up behind the bar the instant she arrived.  The party would start in about five minutes but she was ready.  She was getting paid major overtime for this.

Leonard approached silently.  “Helena, somebody left this for you.”

“Thanks,” she whispered, opening the note he’d handed her.  She narrowed her eyes as she picked up the phone and dialed.


“Hey.  Barbra, can you do me a favor?”

“Sure.  What?”

“Keep an eye out for Dinah, ok?  She wasn’t home when I left the tower and I’m a little worried.  I’ll be there in about an hour or so.”

“Ok, I’ll see if I can locate her.”

An hour and a half later. . .

Helena panted as she walked in from the balcony.  She’d made it from work to the tower in record timing and things here looked too calm to be good.  She walked over to the Delphi, sitting on the counter as she stared at the redhead.  “Any luck?”

As the woman was about to answer the phone rang.  Picking it up, she whispered worriedly, “Hello?”

“Hey, it’s Gibson.”

“Oh, hi Gibson.  What up?”

“It’s Dinah.  I found her a few minutes ago.  It looks like somebody beat the living daylights out of her.  T-There’s so m-m-much blood.  I. . .I can’t stop it,” he sobbed weakly.

“I’ll send Huntress right away,” she whispered as she hung up.  “Gibson found Dinah,” she began, grabbing Helena by the arm before she took off.  “She’s really hurt so be careful.”

“I will.”

A few minutes later at No Mans Land. . .

When Helena arrived she noticed the place was dead and instantly began to worry.  How hurt was the kid?  She walked into the shop and through the secret entrance.  There she was met by a very broken up Gibson.  He was crying and muttering incoherently as she approached.  “Gibson?” she whispered, slightly shocked at his demeanor.  She’d never seen him this way.

He wiped away his tears then met her eyes.  “She. . .she’s in the back.  I don’t know what happened.  I was in here f-flirting with this new meta when hell broke loose.  Somebody ran in, crying and muttering about all the b-blood.  H-H-Her hands were stained r-r-red.  I went out there and found her. . .” he held back his tears as he pointed to the back room.

Helena nodded, walking into the room.  She jumped slightly when she saw what he meant.  In a puddle of flesh, bone and blood lay her companion, a sullen sight to see indeed.  She slowly knelt beside the girl to examine the wounds.  After doing so she decided the blonde could be moved but she’d have to be very careful.  She gently wrapped her in a blanket and carried her out to where Gibson was.  “Don’t worry Gibson, we’ll take care of her.”

He smiled softly and nodded.  Then they were gone.

Half an hour later at the tower. . .

“How is she?”

“She’s asleep.  She suffered a few broken ribs, severe bruising and several severe cuts.  She’ll be fine in a couple weeks.”

“Somehow I don’t think this is over,” the brunette sighed, shaking her head.

“Neither do I.  I’ll talk to Dinah in the morning to see if she can ID the people who did this.”

“I’ll talk to Reese tomorrow and see if he knows anything.”

Barbra nodded before unleashing a long yawn.  “I need to get some sleep.  Maybe you should do the same,” she suggested.

Helena looked over at Dinah who rested on the couch then back at Barbra.  “I’ll try but I can’t make any promises,” she replied, walking over to the chair opposite the couch.  She sat down quietly, watching over the girl protectively.

Barbra smiled as she made her way to her room.  She knew they would end up being together but she was still afraid of what could happen between point A and point B.  She had a really bad feeling about this but she would have to deal with that in the morning.

Bloody Kisses

WARNING:  LOTS of violence, ANGST, language, drug use, situations dealing with/mentioning RAPE.  Please proceed with EXTREME CAUTION!

Comments:  This takes place the day after Blood Bath. Shout outs to my chica pal/mini muse Brandye, my psycho mini muse buddy Mike, my best friend Todd, my lovely renegade gateway Faith, and all who’ve given FB on the last one.  Also, a big thank you to Type O Negative for the title.  And remember, I need feedback so FEED ME!  Enjoy!


The sky filled with rusted pastels as the sun began to rise.  She blinked her drooping eyes as she stared down at an angel.  Brushing a stray golden lock from the girl’s face, she placed a longing kiss on bruised lips.  Bowing her head, she turned away.  Her heart sank as she left, her piercing gaze looking back just once before she faded into the early morning sunlight.

Moments later at the hospital. . .

“Did you like the gift?” he mocked arrogantly.

She balled up her fists, her eyes hostile yet desolate.  “Why?” she hissed, extremely aggravated.

“You really wanna know?  Because if I can’t have you, nobody can!”

“Nothing’s going on between me and Dinah so leave her out of this,” she growled darkly.

“Watch your step Helena.  If you even touch anyone else, you’ll be sorry,” he threatened seriously.

“You can’t run my life Reese.  We’re done which means who I choose to see is none of your damn business!”

“Get the hell out now or I’ll call for the guard.  Maybe I’ll have my boys pay Barbra a visit while I’m at it,” he barked angrily.

Meanwhile at the tower. . .

She yawned, blinking her eyes awake.  She wandered to the Delphi and eyed her mentor cautiously.  “You ready?”

Barbra turned around and sighed.  “You’re staying home from school today.”

“What?  Why?” the blonde protested, wincing as she sat on the couch.

“Because you need to rest.  Can you ID the guys who beat you up?”

Dinah shook her head.  “I can’t remember most of it.  I think I lost consciousness.”

Barbra nodded.  “Well, I’d better head to work.  Get some rest, ok?”

The blonde nodded.  “Barbra?”


“Did I do something wrong?  I mean, I think Helena’s mad at me but I’m not sure why.”

The redhead frowned.  “Helena’s having a hard time right now.  I honestly don’t know what’s wrong with her but she’ll come around.  At first I wasn’t happy about the two of you but now I just want both of you to be happy.  I’ll try talking to her later.  I’ll see you when I get home.”

A few minutes later at the school. . .


“Yeah, it’s me Barbra.  Sorry to call you at work but I needed to warn you about Reese.”

“Reese?  Warn me?”

“Yeah.  He’s going ballistic because I broke up with him.  He’s going after Dinah and you because he knows I care about you.  Just be careful and keep an eye on the kid, ok?”

“She’ll be safe.  She’s at the tower with Alfred.  He can’t get to her there and he knows it.  I’ll talk to you later, bye.”

That afternoon. . .

She sulked on the floor with a cup of tea.  Sipping it, she glanced at the door.  She heard a soft tapping and raised a brow.  She walked over to the door and opened it, surprised to find Dinah there.  “Dinah?”

“Hey, can I come in?”

“Uh. . .sure, yeah,” Helena mumbled, moving away from the entrance.  Did she know what kind of danger she was in?

The blonde walked in, looking around the place.  Helena really needed to make this place feel more like home and get more furniture while she was at it.  She smiled as she sat on the loveseat Helena had just purchased.

“So what brings you here?” Helena asked, sitting next to the teen.

“I came by to make sure you were ok.  You were pretty beat up last night,” Dinah answered meekly.

“I know.  Thanks for helping me.”

Dinah leaned in, pressing their lips together.  She nibbled gently on the woman’s lips, capturing her tongue as soon as she could.  Helena pulled away, her eyes still closed.  “I can’t,” she whispered sadly.

“Why?” the blonde whispered with tears in her eyes.

“Kid, you wouldn’t understand,” the brunette admitted, resisting the urge to kiss the girl again.  This time she wasn’t turning her away because of her emotions.  She was doing it for the girl’s safety and, possibly, her life.

“Helena, I love you.  Why can’t you see that?”

“Dinah, we can’t do this.  I have reasons but I can’t tell you.  Do you understand that?  If you love me then trust me.  You made a mistake coming here.  You should have waited for Barbra to get home.  She told you to rest.”

“Helena, what is your problem?  I do trust you but I don’t understand why you’re pushing me away.  Does Barbra know what’s going on?”

“Dinah, you need to get back to the tower.  Please,” Helena begged.

“Fine,” Dinah growled, storming out.

As soon as she was out of the bar two men grabbed her.  One placed a mask over her face then taped her mouth shut.  Another handcuffed her, then shoved her in the trunk of the car.  Dinah tried to squirm but failed in all attempts at escaping.  Before she knew it the car had stopped and she prepared to throw a fit.  She had panicked at first but now that she had calmed down she could use her telekinesis.  They opened the trunk and quickly slid something over her head.  She tried to use her power and found it didn’t work.  She resisted until they got her out of the trunk.  Then she gave up.  Once they got her wherever she was going she would give them a fight but now she had to save her energy.

She heard them typing in codes as they went through numerous electrical doors.  Was she in a hospital or something?  Finally they sat her down on a desk.  They removed one mask, returning her vision to her.  She tried her powers and still they didn’t work. One removed the tape and she growled angrily, “What do you want from me?”

“We’re here to teach you a lesson you fuckin queer.  Don’t try to fight either cause your freak powers don’t work with that mask on.  And be quiet.  Nobody can hear you anyway.  Sound proof room,” a man replied.

“Let me go you mother fuckers,” the blonde demanded.

“I thought I told you to shut up,” he growled as someone snapped a crowbar across her legs.

She whimpered at contact, her eyes squeezing shut as she held in her pain.

“You’re not leaving here til you learn your lesson little girl.  Strip her.  I want the first piece of this feisty little bitch,” he growled as a few other guys did as he ordered.

Dinah fought, receiving a blow to her ribcage.  She whimpered again, still fighting them.  “Don’t fight, they’ll just hit you harder.  Now be a good slut and spread um,” he laughed as his boys overpowered her.

At Helena’s apartment. . .

“Barbra, is Dinah there?”

“No.  She wasn’t here when I got home.”

“I know.  She came to see me.  We have to find her.  I have a really bad feeling about this.”

“I’ll see what I can do.”

That night in a dark alley. . .

She hummed softly as she walked along. Seeing something in the distance she walked faster.  When she got to the street lamp she found a girl bathed in blood with tattered clothes.  She knelt beside her, gently placing one hand on the girl to see it she was still alive.  Suddenly, she was there.  She felt herself fighting, losing.  When she snapped back to reality tears were streaming down her face.  She knew of this girl’s pain, she’d felt it.  She hadn’t wanted to but she had.  She gently caressed the girl’s cheek, noticing her face.  She pulled out her cell phone and dialed 911.

At the tower. . .

“Huntress, I just received a 911 call.  There’s a teenage girl covered in blood in an alley near the docks.”

“I’m on my way,” Helena replied as she sailed from one rooftop to another.

Seeing the flashing lights she dropped down into the next alley then snuck into the other, making sure the cops and paramedics didn’t see her.  She saw the girl on the stretcher and ran over to her.  “Dinah?  DINAH?  Can you hear me?”

The barely conscious teen slightly opened her eyes and smiled the best she could.  “I love you Helena,” she whispered before closing her eyes.

Helena looked at the paramedic as he spoke, “it’s alright Miss, she’s still breathing.  We need to get her to the hospital before she loses too much blood.”

Helena took the hint and backed away.  Looking around she saw the girl who’d called 911.  She walked over to her, meeting her gaze.  “What happened?”

Her eyes fell.  “I found her in the alley covered in blood so I called 911.”

“What else?  I can see you know more than that.”

“Why do you care?”

“Because she’s my friend.”

“Really?  It didn’t look that way to me.  She got the living hell beat out of her because she’s in love with you.  How do people like you end up with people like her?  You don’t deserve her!” the shorter brunette fumed.

“Look, you don’t know me so don’t try to judge me little girl,” Helena hissed bitterly.

“You know what, I’ll take care of the problem myself.  Just stay out of my way,” the girl growled, her eyes flickering with a tinge of red.


“That’s none of your business. I’ll get that slime ball cop back one way or another,” she replied before vanishing into the darkness.

“Damn, why can’t I be the only one who does that,” Helena muttered as she headed back to the tower.

Coming in through the elevator, she sighed as she walked over to Barbra.  “I’m guessing that means bad news,” Barbra whispered as she stopped typing.

“Dinah’s in the hospital.  This girl found her in an alley,” she replied.

“Did you get anything on the girl that found her?”

“She’s some kind of meta.  She got really touchy when I asked about what happened and then bit my head off.  She said she’d take care of this herself.  She was kinda weird.”

“Can you tell me what she looks like?  I can try to get some information on her so we know what she’s capable of.”

“Short, about 5’2, maybe 5’3.  Dark brown spiked up hair, hazel eyes and pale skin.  She looked kinda Gothic but it was dark.”

“Ok, I’ll see what I can find.”

“If you find anything I’ll be on com,” Helena whispered before she left.

She jumped her way to the hospital, then asked the nurse what room Dinah was in.  The nurse told her but also said visiting hours wouldn’t start for at least eight more hours.  Helena thanked her then perched herself outside of Dinah’s window.  She wouldn’t leave the girl unprotected.

At school the next day. . .

Gabby sighed as she sat in her seat.  Where was Dinah?  She was beginning to worry since she hadn’t seen her best friend in two days.  She raised a brow as her ex sat next to her.  “Hey Misty, what’s up?”

“Dinah’s in the hospital,” she whispered.

“And how would you know that?” Gabby replied untrustingly.

“I found her in an alley last night.  She was beat up pretty bad.”

“How serious is it?”

“I don’t know.”

“What are you hiding from me Misty?  I can tell there’s more.”

“I have a mission Gabs but I’m not coming back from this one,” Misty replied, getting up and moving to her seat.

Gabby sighed.  She knew Misty and if she was out to do something nobody could stop her.  What she couldn’t figure out was why.  Misty and Dinah got along but they weren’t by any means close.  So what would push her over the edge like that?

Later at the hospital. . .

Gabby sighed as she went up to the floor Dinah was on.  Seeing Miss Gordon there she frowned.  This couldn’t be good.  “How bad is it,” the blonde whispered, holding back tears.

“Dinah’s in a coma,” Barbra replied gravely.

“Can I see her?”

Barbra nodded, opening the door for her.  Gabby sat beside the bed, placing her hand on Dinah’s.  “Hey Di, it’s Gabby.  I just want you to know I’m here if you need me.  Misty told me you were here.  Just hang in there, you’re gonna be fine,” she whispered, trying to convince herself more than Dinah.

‘Hey Gabs.  Um, I hope you don’t mind me talking to you in your mind.  It’s that weird power I told you about,’ Dinah replied in the girl’s head.  She couldn’t physically speak but her powers were back to working.

‘It’s fine Di, I don’t mind at all,’ Gabby thought, glad to hear her best friends voice.

‘Good.  I just wanted to make sure.’

‘What happened?  I mean, I know you got beat up but why?’ Gabby questioned.

‘It’s complicated.  I’m in love with Helena and her ex can’t deal.’

‘You really love her, huh?’

‘With all of my heart Gabs.  She’s my world.’

‘Is there any way I can help?’

‘Don’t get in the middle.  The last thing I want is for you to get hurt.’

‘Alright, I’ll try to stay out of it.’


‘I have to go but I’ll be back to see you later, ok?’

‘Be safe Gabby.’


An hour later. . .

Gabby’s eyes narrowed as she approached the bike shop.  “Misty?”

The brunette poked her head out and let out a low groan.  “What are you doing here?” she muttered.

“I wanna know why you’re going all homicidal over Dinah,” Gabby spat back.

“It has nothing to do with Dinah so stay out of it,” she growled, crawling out from under a car.

“You know she’s in love with Helena.  She’s not into you.”

“I don’t really care who she’s into.  I’m not just doing this for her.  I’m doing this for me and everybody else,” she replied coldly.

“You haven’t changed one bit,” the blonde huffed as walked away.

Next night. . .

She wandered in from the elevator, finally bringing herself to actually go in and see Dinah.  Walking to the room she stopped when she saw a blonde girl step out.  Their eyes met and she knew this girl must be one of Dinah’s friends from school.

“You must be Helena,” the blonde whispered with a smile.  “Dinah’s told me allot about you.”

“Really?  And who are you?”

“I’m Gabby.  It’s nice to finally meet you.”

“Ditto.  So how’s she doing?”

“She could be better.  She really needs you there for her right now,” the teen replied.

“I wish I could but I’m the reason she’s here,” the brunette confessed.

“Maybe you should make it up to her.”

“I will but I can’t be with her like she wants me to.”


“That’s none of your business.”

“She loves you girl, can’t you see that?”

“You don’t know what’s going on here kid so stay out of it.”

At Misty’s shop. . .

“There you are you sons of bitches.  So you’re Hawke family scum.  Guess it’s time for me to start planning my revenge you sick bastards.  Mystic’s gonna clean house.”

At the tower. . .

Oracle sighed as she hacked a back door to the hospital database.  She pulled up Dinah’s chart and her jaw dropped to the floor.  “Huntress, do you copy?”

When she got no reply she decided to do more research.  Digging deeper into the file and the DNA testing the doctors had already done, she realized all five men had been identified as Hawke family associates.  The police had apparently swept that information under the carpet but they wouldn’t get away with this.  Not if she had anything to say about it.  Doing another search she discovered those men and a few others were meeting the next week at some little bar on the rich side of town.  Reading the rest of the report, she sighed.  This whole thing had gone way too far and now Reese and his people were going down.

She was stunned into reality as the phone rang.  “Hello?”

“Hello Miss Gordon.  This is Dinah’s doctor Michael Domen.  She just woke up and I thought you might want to know.  She really wants to see you.”

“Thank you very much doctor, I’ll be right over.”

Moments later at the hospital. . .

“Barbra?  I’m so glad to see you.  Where’s Helena?”

Meanwhile. . .

She grinned wildly as the last thug scampered off.  Walking down the alley she began to feel a little dizzy.  Her hands began to tremble as she stumbled toward the hospital.  “What the. . .” she muttered as she fell to the ground.

Minutes later. . .

“What do we have?”

“Overdose and alcohol poisoning.  She won’t last much longer Dr. Simmons.”

“Brandye, go tell Miss Gordon I need to see her immediately.  I need Miss Kyle stabilized and we’ll go from there,” he ordered.


Comments:  This takes place the day after Bloody Kisses.  Shout outs to my chica pal/mini muse Brandye, my psycho mini muse buddy Mike, my lovely renegade gateway Faith, and all who’ve given FB on the rest of the series. And remember, I need feedback so FEED ME!  Enjoy!


Her eyes opened slowly, her mind still dizzy with sleep.  She’d been in recovery less than a day and they told her she would be able to go home soon.  Sighing, she closed her eyes again.

(In Helena’s mind)

Huntress:  Are you finally comin to your senses Kyle?  Or did somebody smack you with the stupid stick one too many times?

Helena:  Would you stop being such a bitch?  The only reason we’re even talking is because of Dinah.

Huntress:  Fine, I’m listening.

Helena:  I’m sure you heard what I told Star about you and Dinah.  I’m ready to try to forgive both of you but I need to know I’ll be in control.  I. . .

Huntress:  I’m sorry.

Helena:  Huh?

Huntress:  I’m sorry I did that.  I thought it was all a game.  I didn’t know it was hurting you.

Helena:  I understand Huntress.  She wanted you and that night she got what she wanted.  I just don’t know where to go from there.

Huntress:  She loves you Helena, we both know that.

Helena:  You know, I really hate to say this but sometimes love just ain’t enough.

Huntress:  What are you trying to say?

Helena:  I don’t know.  She loves me but I can’t give her what she wants.  I love her with all of my heart but I’m not like you, I don’t do things the way you do.  She doesn’t know you’re an entirely different person trapped in my head.  She just thinks you’re a different side of me, the meta side.

Huntress:  Maybe we should tell her the truth.

Helena:  That wouldn’t solve the problem.

Huntress:  It’s worth a shot.  Then she can tell you what she wants.

Helena:  And what if it’s you?

Huntress:  Kyle, she’s gone through hell and back to be with us.  Can’t we just tell her and try to figure out details later?

Helena:  I think you’re onto something.  We should wait until she’s better though.  I wouldn’t want to stress her out.

Huntress:  Good idea.  Hey Hel?

Helena:  Yeah?

Huntress:  I promise I’ll never do anything you don’t want to do and I’ll only come out when you let me.  Just promise me you’ll stay away from that opium shit.  Weed’s fine but nothing harder, ok?

Helena:  Ok.  I promise I won’t do any hard drugs anymore.  I mean, look where it got me.  Besides, I’ve had allot of time to think and I realized something.  Even though I might not agree with you all the time you’re still a part of me and nothing can take that away.  You’re kinda like a best friend, only inside my head.  Thanks for hanging in there.

Huntress:  Don’t get all mushy on me Kyle, we can’t afford that.  We still need to talk to the kid.

Helena:  Yeah, I know.  Well, here comes the nurse.  I better see what she has to say.

(Back in reality)

She opened her eyes to find Barbra and Alfred staring at her.  She blinked a few times as the nurse checked her vital.  “Ok, you’re ready to get out of here.  I just need you to fill out some paperwork and then you can all go home.”

Alfred smiled.  “Miss Dinah is already in the car so when you finish up here we’ll be waiting out front,” he whispered then left.

“Barbra. . .”

“Helena, it’s your life.  I can’t tell you how to live it anymore.  I trust your judgement and I know you were under a great deal of pressure.  I’ve been there.  Just promise me you won’t scare me like that ever again,” the redhead replied, cutting the other woman off.

“You’re not mad at me?” the brunette asked, a bit confused.

“No.  People make mistakes, that’s part of life.  But don’t make that mistake again or I will kick your ass, understood?” Barbra replied seriously.

“I won’t do that again, I promise.”

“Then lets go home.”

At the tower half an hour later. . .

She sighed as she pulled up a window.  The other two were asleep so she’d decided to see if she could dig anything up on this mystery meta that had found Dinah.  She pulled up a meta database she’d been searching on and her eyes became wide with surprise.  She blinked a few times then sighed.  It had been right under her nose the entire time.  She knew this girl but nobody knew how well.  Picking up the phone, she dialed a number.  “Yes, I’d like to speak with the District Attorney Tabitha Fowler.  This is Barbra Gordon.”

Two days later. . .

“What are we gonna do?” Helena asked softly as she paced, ready for a fight.

“We’ve given them all the help we can.  The DA has a solid case on these men and Reese.  We just have to wait,” Barbra replied.

“They’re gonna get away with this, aren’t they?” Dinah sighed, bowing her head.

“No, they’re not.  Even if I have to punish them myself.  Starting with Reese,” Huntress growled.

“Just don’t kill him.  Him and the men who did this have warrants out for their arrest which means if the police find them they’re going to jail.”

They both looked at Barbra in shock.  “We just need to flush those bastards out of hiding,” she continued.

“So what’s the plan?”

Barbra sighed.  “There’s another problem.”

Huntress furrowed a brow then nodded.  “That meta I ran into?  What’s her deal?”

“She was once a victim herself and she’s very dangerous.  I have a feeling she’ll be going after Reese’s boys very soon.  She’s a very powerful meta.  When she touches people she gains special abilities from them.”

“So she’s kinda like that meta cop guy?” Dinah asked softly.

“In a sense but the powers don’t wear off.  She absorbs them.  Not enough for anyone to notice but enough for her to gain that ability.”

“So is she on our side or what?”

“She’s on her side.  She wants Reese and his men to pay with their blood.  We need to find them before she does or we’ll have allot of dead bodies and even more questions.”

“Reese is mine.  I’ll be on com so you’ll know when to dial the pigs,” Huntress growled before disappearing.

“Does she have a name?”


Moments later. . .

“There you are,” she whispered as she dropped down into the alley.  Approaching him, she tapped him on the shoulder.

When he spun around a fist met his face.  He stumbled back as she continued her attack.  By the time her rage had calmed he was unconscious on the ground.  “Reese is ready to be hauled off Oracle.  I’ll stick around til they book him.”

At the tower. . .

“Keep me posted Huntress,” she replied, taking off her headset.  “Dinah, where are you going?”

“I need to find Misty.  I can’t let her do something she’ll regret.”

“You know her?” Barbra asked, trying not to sound worried.

“Yeah.  She’s a friend from school.  I have to stop her.”

“Take a com set.  I’ll be here if you need back up,” Oracle replied.

Dinah smiled, took the com and got into the elevator.  Putting the com set on, she walked toward Misty’s shop.  That girl loved bikes and cars and she never left her shop.  Turning out of an alley, she stopped.  She looked around as five men surrounded her.  She knew their faces and her heart began to race.  She couldn’t take all of them on, even with her powers.  “Oracle?” she whispered fearfully.

Then out of nowhere a form jumped in the middle, guarding the blonde the way a lioness protects her cubs.  “Not this time boys.  This time you feel the pain,” she hissed as her eyes glowed red.

They laughed as two attacked her.  She threw one back with her newly acquired telekinesis and launched a dagger at the other, pinning him to the wall.  As two others attacked Dinah made her way out of the brawl.  “Oracle, I found her.  I can’t stop her and she’s really pissed.  Pinpoint my location and send Huntress.  She might be able to help.  I’m heading back to the tower.”

Ten minutes later. . .

She held a blade to their boss’ throat, staring into his terrified eyes.  Pressing it gently to his throat, she growled softly, “you don’t deserve to die you son of a bitch.  You deserve to suffer the way you and people like you make your victims suffer.  Well we’re not gonna take it anymore you sick bastard.”

“Misty, it’s not worth it.  I know you have your reasons but don’t do it,” a soft voice pled, barely above a whisper.

“He deserves to suffer. . .”

“Not like this.  People like us don’t kill.  We seek justice but we can only do so much.  Killing him won’t make him suffer.  It’s only a way out,” she replied.

She threw him to the ground then bound him to the others.  “Who are you?”

“They call me Oracle,” she replied, coming out of the shadows.

“Barbra?  But you’re a teacher. . .”

“By day, yes I am.  By night I help clean up the streets of New Gotham.”

“But you’re not a meta.”

“No, but I was once a vigilante myself and I have friends in the business.  What about you?  You never told me you were a meta-human.”

“They call me Mystic, the shadow.  I’m sorry I didn’t tell you before but I thought it would scare you off.”

The redhead pulled the girl closer and placed a kiss on her lips.  “Don’t be afraid to talk to me, nothing’s gonna scare me off.”

Mystic heard the sirens and met the woman’s eyes.  “We’d better take off.  See you in the morning?”

Barbra almost laughed.  She knew her lover would be going home with her tonight, there was no doubt about that.  Noticing the girl had a few cuts on her arm she replied innocently, “you’re a little beat up.  Why don’t we go back to the tower and take care of those wounds.”

Ten minutes later at the tower. . .

“Everyone, this is Mystic.”

“So that’s what your meta name is?  Am I the only meta who doesn’t have a cool code name?” Dinah whined.

They all laughed before silence set in.  Dinah looked at all of them and smiled.  “Thank you guys, for everything.”

“It’s what we do Di,” Misty replied, glancing at Barbra.

“I’m just glad you’re both safe.  Maybe now we can all have some down time.  I won’t lie to you.  This trial’s gonna be tough but I have a feeling justice will be served,” the redhead added.

“We’ll get through it.  We’re too stubborn not to,” Helena replied with a slight smile.  “Hey Barbra, do you mind if Dinah stays at my place tonight?”

“If she wants to it’s fine with me.  You two have some talking to do.”

Dinah smiled as the elevator door opened.  “See you tomorrow.”

“Have a good night.”

As soon as they were gone Misty grinned wildly.  “Looks like it’s just us tonight B.  What do you say we make a night out of it?”

“What did you have in mind?”

“I like to keep things a surprise sweetie.  Why don’t we go to your room and discuss this in more detail?”

“Hmmm, sounds like a plan,” she purred, leading the girl to her room.

At Helena’s apartment. . .

“Make yourself at home.  You want something to drink?”

“No, I’m fine,” the blonde replied, sitting on the loveseat.

The brunette sat beside her and met her gaze.  “Dinah, I have something I have to tell you about Huntress and about the way I’ve been acting.”

“Fire away.”

“It’s kinda hard to explain but Huntress isn’t just another part of me.  She’s another entity all together.  You still with me?”

“Um, kinda.  So Huntress is another person trapped in your head?”

“Something like that.  That night she took control away from me and I couldn’t make her stop.  I couldn’t make either of you stop,” Helena whispered, her eyes on the ground as she tried not to break down.

Dinah’s face went pale when she realized what she meant.  “She used your body and you were forced to watch?”

Helena nodded.  “I felt so violated, so hurt.  When I woke up the next morning I decided I wanted Huntress gone and you out of my life.  That’s when everything started going to hell.  I was using the opium to repress Huntress and to kill the emptiness I felt inside.”

“Helena, I had no idea.  I’m so sorry,” she whispered, hugging the woman gently.  She knew that feeling all too well and it hurt inside to know she’d made her lover feel that way.

Helena swallowed hard as the girl pulled away.  “Where do we go from here?  I forgive you Dinah but I need to know what you want.  I can’t be what you saw in Huntress because that’s not me.  If you want her I understand.”

Dinah tilted her head in confusion.  “Helena, I love you.  What I had with Huntress was fun but that’s not what I want forever.  I want you and I need you.  I might like things a little rough sometimes but that doesn’t mean I won’t compromise.”

Helena leaned in, kissing the girl’s lips gently.  Touching her face, she smiled.  “I love you Dinah.  I’m sorry about everything that’s happened.  Will you forgive me?”

Dinah smiled.  “Of course I will.  I do need some time before we. . .um. . .”

“Shhh,” the brunette hushed.  “There’s no rush sweetie.  We have the rest of our lives.”

Three months later. . .

Dinah rested her head on Helena’s shoulder, snuggling gently.  Helena caressed her lover’s hair, smiling down at her.  “Don’t worry, everything’s gonna be fine.”

They both looked up as people flooded out of the courtroom.  Barbra and Misty approached silently, stopping in front of them.  Dinah met their eyes as she spoke, “what happened?”

“All five men were found guilty on all charges.  It looks like they’ll be behind bars for a long time Di,” Misty replied.

“What about Reese?” Helena nearly growled.

“Guilty on all counts.  He won’t bother any of us ever again, that’s a promise,” Barbra replied, hugging both girls.  “Lets go home.”

~<>~ The END ~<>~

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