Title: Crush Series

|~ Crushing ~|~ Crushed ~|~ Crashing ~|

Author: Megan

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Summary: Brooke is falling. Hard.

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Disclaimer: I don't own the characters. Not sure who does. The song is Falling by Angelo Badalamenti.

Author's notes: This is a silly song snippet. It's nothing much, but I hope you enjoy it. The song is from the tv-series `Twin Peaks'. If you haven't seen it, I recommend you do. It is one of the best shows ever made. And also the song is as beautiful as anything.


// Don't let yourself be hurt this time
// Don't let yourself be hurt this time

I hate the way I have to watch everything I do and say around her. I hate the way I can't talk to her about anything. I hate that she can do such evil things to me, I hate that she can hurt me without even blinking an eye. But the most I hate the way my world starts to spin when she walks into the room. No, actually I love that. I love the queezy feeling I get whenever she's there. I love the way I can look at her for the longest of times and not figure her out. I love the way she is sometimes so consumed in the things she does, that she doesn't even know I'm around. And at the same time I'm hurt by that. It's a huge blow to my ego. Everyone HAS to notice me when I'm around! It's like a rule.

"What the hell are you looking at?", she asks whenever she catches me ogling her way.

And I'm always startled. And I begin to stutter and mumble incoherently, and she will shake her head and throw some wicked comment at me. And I feel this burning rage invade my body, it replaces the mushy feelings. And I swear to myself I'll never ever again look at her. Think about her. Love her.

// Then I saw your face
// Then I saw your smile

And then after a time I'll see her again. The rage has passed and everything's the way it was. And sometimes when she's in a good mood she'll smile at me. And I almost faint. When she's in a good mood, she doesn't insult me even when I do something stupid. Sometimes she'll even apologize for an earlier incident.

One morning she walked into the kitchen, smiled and said, "Morning Brooke." I tried to reply, but only managed to drop my coffee mug. And she started to laugh. But she wasn't laughing at me. She was just laughing. And so I smiled back.

"Are you okay Brooke?", she asked after a minute.

I was cleaning the floor and looked up at her. She was standing only a few feet away, "Sure. Why do you ask?"

"Cause lately it seems you've been... I don't know, distracted or something. You are always fumbling and stumbling around."

It was so sweet. Sam was actually worried about my well being. I think my heart almost exploded at that moment. I smiled and nodded, "I'm fine", and she smiled back. It was the second smile that day. Fourth that week and fifteenth all together. If you only count the real smiles, and not the smirks or the mock ones.

// The sky is still blue
// The clouds come and go
// Yet something is different
// Are we falling in love?

Those are the times I live for. It is unbelievable how good I feel. One smile and I'll be on the top of the world for the rest of the day. And what a world it is! Full of beautiful things I didn't see the day before. And yet they were there, I just missed them.

Take the cheer leading practice for example. It is so much fun sometimes, just listening to Nicole boss around the others. Screaming at them when they make mistakes, or just watching her storm away when she gets really mad about something. Usually at Mary Cherry. That girl can't dance to save her life. And usually I'm as mad about it as Nicole, cause it's almost as if she doesn't even try her best.

But on the good days, I don't care. It's just a stupid cheer leading team. She smiled at me, so who cares about cheer leading? It's actually kind of funny watching MC fall on her ass all the time.

But Nicole cares. Sometimes she corners me in the locker room and demands answers, "I don't know what you're talking about Nic. Can't a girl feel good once in a while?"

"No", oh yeah. I was talking to Nicole. She doesn't feel good unless someone else is feeling like shit, "Not without a reason."

And if I'm feeling especially high on love, I'm tempted to tell her. What does it matter who knows, as long as she still smiles at me?

"I'm falling in love", I told her once.

She was kinda shocked at first, "With who?", cause she hadn't seen me with anyone. Not after I broke up with Josh.

"I can't tell you yet", I answered and left it to that.

Now she keeps pestering me about it almost every day.

// Don't let yourself be hurt this time
// Don't let yourself be hurt this time

But I can't tell anyone. Not yet. Cause this thing is so delicate. One false move and it's gona crumble to dust. Sometimes I'm too scared to even breathe. What if she won't feel the same? What if she'll be appalled? Then I'll end up destroying, not only my life, but a few others around me as well. I wouldn't survive that. Not without her smile.

I'm not that strong. If she hurts me, really hurts me, then I'll break into millions of pieces. And I'm still scared she'll hurt me. She sometimes does. She ignores me sometimes, and that hurts the most. If she loved me, she wouldn't be able to ignore me. Ever. That's why I can't tell her, or Nicole. Not yet. I have to be sure.

Dad and Jane are starting to think I'm manic-depressive. Cause in my more cranky moods, I'll just sulk in my room, or lie on the couch and watch stupid tv-shows. And then on my better moods I'll be cooking dinner and laughing and joking with the best of them. Dad actually suggested yesterday that I go see a shrink. It was a bad day, so I told him to get a life and stop bothering me. And then I slammed the door to his face and went to bed.

// Then your kiss so soft
// Then your touch so warm

And now today I'm walking down the stairs and she appears from out of nowhere. She smiles and says, "Hi Brooke. Wanna watch a video with me?", and before I know it, she's standing right next to me.

Oh my God! SHE wants to watch a video with me!, "Sure Sam...", I answer and forget I'm in the stairs. I only see her smile. And when I take the next step the floor isn't where I expect it to be. And I trip and I fall. Only I don't, because she has reached out and stopped me from falling.

"Hey", she says and steadies me with a firm hold, "You gotta be more careful."

One of her hands is holding me by my right arm. And her touch is like heaven. It is strong but still so delicate, so warm. So caring. I don't want her to ever let go. I look at her hand and then I turn my head and I look at her face. Her mouth is mere inches from mine. I could just... lean closer and kiss her. And she would kiss me back. I try to imagine how it would feel. How it would taste. Would it be soft and tender, like her touch? Or intense and passionate, like her temper? Or maybe both, or maybe neither. All I need to do is lean closer. But I don't. I just keep staring at her lips, making her feel uncomfortable.

She let's go of my arm and starts descending the stairs, "You coming?"

But in my head she's still kissing me. And she won't ever stop. Because in my head, she loves me.

// The stars still shine bright
// The mountains still high
// Yet something is different
// Are we falling in love?

I must've seen Pretty Woman a hundred times before, and every time I've loved it. But this time it's different. This time I hate it. Because she hates it too, "Yeah, you're so right Sam. She doesn't deserve him."

And the girl turns to look at me and frowns, "No, Brooke, I said HE doesn't deserve HER."

Yeah but.. she's a hooker and he's a millionaire.. oh whatever, "Oh yeah, definitely. That's what I meant."

She looks at me a little while longer and then shakes her head, "What is wrong with you?", she asks.

"What?", I say a little confused, "I said you were right?"

"Yeah, exactly. I've been right about everything for the past two hours."

Yeah, cause you're so smart. And pretty. I suddenly develop a keen interest to the end credits, "No you haven't", I answer. That's what she wants to hear.

"Name one thing", she challenges me. I want so badly to just turn my head and look at her. She must look so adorable right now. With that cocky look about her.

"Well.. uhm..", think silly girl. There has to be something, "This thing right here", I finally say and grin at the tv.


Now it's safe to turn. I've gotten her confused. She's frowning again, "This. You said you've been right about everything, and I said no, you haven't."

She looks at me for a few seconds and then groans, "That is SO lame Brooke!", she picks up a pillow and throws it at me. And she's laughing. And I'm floating on air. I have never been happier, I have never loved anything this much.

// Falling, falling,
// Falling, falling,
// In love

I am so madly in love with her, someone is bound to notice it sooner or later. I have to tell her first. I have to tell her now. Just knock on the door and go tell her. But what if... what if she doesn't want to know? What if this is what she wants? This weird game of fighting and bonding, with each event given their proper time. This game that is killing me. I can't stand it much longer. An emotional roller coaster, that's what it is. I don't think I can survive another plunge to the depths. Not after today. So just knock already.

I'm standing in front of her door with my right hand up and curled into a fist, ready to knock. And that's when Jane walks up from behind me. I must be quite the sight, "Hey Brooke", she says and my heart almost jumps up my throat, "What are you doing?"

"I'm...", huh boy. I wonder if there is a single soul in this world who still thinks I'm sane, "Ehh.. going to bed", I say and quickly turn to leave.

"Okay.. goodnight", she calls after me.

Yeah, goodnight. I walk into my room and close the door. I am so pathetic, it isn't even funny anymore. I have to tell her. So I walk into the bathroom and up to her door. Again I raise my hand to knock... and something stops me. I am SO pathetic. And so gutless. I can't do it. I can't knock on the door. What if she's in a bad mood? Then she definitely don't wanna hear it. Maybe I should just wait till tomorrow.. see how she's feeling and then tell her.

Yeah, I'll tell her tomorrow. Tomorrow's a good day to start a new life.

// Falling, falling,
// Falling, falling,
// In love

I turn and walk back into my room, only to find her in there, "Mom said you wanted to talk to me?", oh.. did I? No, she must've made a mistake. I didn't say anything like that.

But she's smiling at me once again. Number twenty-six. She's been doing it a lot lately. Maybe.. maybe she doesn't want to fight anymore either. Maybe she's feeling exactly the way I am. She might be just waiting for a sign from me. Or she might be gathering up her nerve just the way I am. I so want to believe that. I so want things to change. So I'll just tell her. Right now. And she'll... she'll do whatever she wants. And I'll live with that. So.. just tell her. Today's the day, not tomorrow.

"Sam..", I say and the world starts to spin. I fix my eyes on her. And she starts to spin with the world. But I keep my eyes on her, and she is the only thing I can make out, everything else is a blur, "I'm falling in love with you."


Author's notes: Sequel to `Crushing', read that first. I got a couple of requests for this, so here it is. Picks up straight after Brooke's admission. Actually, let's assume she fainted right after, cause that sounds cute. Thanks for the idea Hope. Also, there's a little song piece hidden there. Let me know if you guess the artist and the name of the song.


There's all kinds of voices circulating in the air. They make little sense. They are just one big bundle of noise. Then slowly they start to meld together and form like this one single humming sound. It keeps getting louder and louder until I think I can't take it anymore. And then all of a sudden everything goes quiet. Just like that.

And then I hear her voice. Everything else has stepped aside cause she's talking. And she's the most important thing in this world, "I didn't do anything mom!", her voice is as beautiful as ever. Even in it's agitated state it rings clear. Pierces through everything, "It's like I've always said. There's something very wrong with her up here. You should've heard what she said right before passing out!"

The voice subsides, and is replaced by another one. This one is closer but still farther away, it is not as pure, or as demanding as the first one. As her voice, "Like what?", there's a few grumbling sounds as she tries to say something. But when she doesn't, the weaker voice goes on, "Sam... you didn't slap her, did you?"

"MOM!", the shriek almost sends me back to spiraling in the weird mix of sounds, but her voice grabs a hold of me and doesn't let me fall, "Sheez! What the hell do you think of me?"

"Well, I'm sorry. But you and Brooke fight a lot. And she has been quite difficult in the past few days."

"I would. Never. Hit her", she says. And in my dream I smile. The way she says it, makes it seem like she could hit someone else, but not me. Like I'm in some ways more special to her. Of course it's only my mind making assumptions it's not entitled to make.

"So what do we do with her?"

"I don't know. You're the parent", there's a sigh and it's not hers. But the way I hear it so clearly, let's me know I'm waking up. I'm almost ready to open my eyes, "Well, fine. Let's try this then.."

"Sam..", the weak voice says. Then something cold and wet splashes across my face, "Don't..", I gasp for air in a massive panic attack as my mind thinks it's drowning. At the same time my body instinctually bounces up into sitting position, and my eyes shoot open.

"Hey! It worked!", she's standing in front of me with a smug smile on her face, and an empty glass on her hand, "Who would've guessed?"

I lift my hand and try to wipe my face dry and still keep my eyes on her, "Are you okay Brooke?", Jane asks from beside her.

I attempt to nod in response but fail miserably. I only manage to amuse her, "Hello?", she says waving a hand and grinning, "Anyone there?"

I could so kill her right now! Oh, how could I ever be so stupid as to think she'd ever love me! She's just mocking me and I'll probably get to read all about my crush on tomorrow's paper at school, "Yeah I'm here", my rage shocks some sense back into me, "As much as I'm ever here. You know, cause there's something very wrong with me up here", I glare at her and tap my head with a finger.

Sam's a little taken a back, "You were conscious?", she finally asks sounding appalled, "You were just playing a joke on us?"

"No. I don't know what I was", but I know you have no right to get angry, you bitch!, "Could you please leave me alone?"

"Are you sure you're okay?", Jane sounds genuine enough.

This time I'm able to nod. Sam opens her mouth and tries to say something, "Please Sam?", I cut in.

"Come on Sam. Brooke needs to rest", Jane says and grabs her daughter's hand. Sam reluctantly follows her out and Jane closes the door behind them.

Good God. I throw myself back down on the bed. I had no idea it would go this badly. I thought... I thought she would at least be nice... Instead she only mocks me. And laughs at me. Probably right now. Behind my back. But I don't care. I don't... I won't cry. She doesn't deserve my tears.

"Brooke?", there's a knock on the bathroom door. And it's Sam. She must've just circled around there, cause she hasn't been gone a minute yet.

"Go away Sam", I try to keep my voice even, but it falters. And I want to cry. Cause just hearing her voice feels so good.

She opens the door and comes in, "Brooke.. we need to talk", she says and I hear her steps as she walks closer. I don't look at her. I'm lying face towards the wall on the bed and refuse to look at her.

"No we don't", I answer her, "You said enough already."

The bed shifts slightly as she sits down at the foot end, "Yeah, but you didn't", her voice is so tender this time. It's nothing like when I woke up. Nothing, "What did you mean?"

"What? You didn't get me on tape the first time?"

"Brooke, please don't be like that."

I fling up and start screaming, "Me?! You threw WATER on my face!", she jerks back from the shear ferocity of my voice, "And you called me insane! And a liar and God knows what else!", I pour out my emotions and the tears take advantage of the situation. They start to dribble down when I'm not paying attention, "And all that right after... right after...", the words get stuck in my throat. I lie back down and I start to sob.

A minute goes by. I want her to leave. She doesn't. I want her to stay. She puts her hand on my leg. I want her to love me. And she starts to talk, "Brooke", she says and I love her voice, "I'm sorry. I thought... I thought...", she doesn't finish. She sounds so sad, I have to look. I twist my neck and I look at her. The tears have stopped and I see almost clearly, "I thought you were... making fun of me."

What? I would never, "What?", my voice is barely a whimper.

She nods a little and smiles. It's the smile I love the most. It's happy, but it's a little uncertain. It's rare that she is unsure about anything, "Yeah it sounds silly now. But I thought you had...", she bows her head and tries to find the words. I sit up cause I know what's coming, "I love you too Brooke. And I thought you had found out... and were just making fun of it."

Oh, I would never make fun of you! I love you Sam! I throw my arms around her back and pull her into a hug, "I would never", oh joy of joys! She does love me!, "How could you think I'd be so cruel?"

"How could you?", she whispers back. And I feel how her hands tentatively raise up my back. She barely touches me, but it's enough. I don't answer, because she doesn't expect an answer. Love is funny. It makes you so vulnerable. We both know it now. We both know we could tear each other apart with only a few words, "The water was just to revive you by the way", she whispers after a time. Her hold is firmer now. She's hugging me back and not just lying in my arms, "And I love the way you're a little slow up there. In your pretty head."

I press my head against her hair, and I smile, "I'm not. Slow."

"Oh, of course you aren't", she says and one of her hands sneaks upwards, she's caressing my neck, "Little Brookie is a clever girl", she talks in slow and clear words, pronouncing them just right, like I was a baby.

I start to giggle, "Seriously, Sam. Stop it", I say and pull away from the hug.

She pushes her forehead against mine, "Make me", she says with a husky voice. Her lips linger less than an inch from mine, but she refuses to kiss me. Refuses to make the last move, "Kiss me."

"I don't think I can", I say grinning evilly, "My slow brain needs a little time to process all this. Get back to me in a week or so."

She pulls away a little and starts grinning herself, "Oh!", she chuckles, "You think you can hold out a week? Please... I've seen the way you lust after me."

I tilt my head and replace the grin with a smug smile, "Well, I know I could hold out longer than you."

"Ab.. Ts..", she stutters and looks at me for the longest time with her mouth open.

"Yeah, and I'm the one who's slow..."

"Oh!", she screams and jumps into motion. She pushes me down on my back and pins my hands down on the bed, "Take that back."

"What?", I still keep smiling the smug smile, making her even more furious.

"You can either be the smart one, or the pretty one", she says, "Take your pick."

It's so adorable how she is so serious about it, "You can be both", I finally say and soften my smile a touch, "I'll be.. the famous one?"

She releases her hold and lies down next to me, "No", she says and agrees to smile again, "I want that too."

"Aww!", I grumble, "Well, what am I then?"

"You can be the girl who sings for her supper."

"So that would make you the monk whose forehead is high?", I say completing the verse.

And she is surprised that I knew it. But of course she tries to hide her astonishment, "Are you saying my forehead is too big?"

"No", I answer and lean forward. I place a light kiss above her eyes, "It's just perfect."

"Then what are you saying?"

"I'm saying I love you", I answer, not smiling. Cause I want her to know how much I mean it. Slowly I lift my hand and place it on her cheek.

We look into each others eyes the longest time. She's not smiling either. And I find that she's even more beautiful when she doesn't smile. Or when she doesn't hide behind her mask. She's the most beautiful when she just is, "But you still won't kiss me?"

"And give you the satisfaction of beating me? No way!", I start to laugh.

"You know Brooke", she says trying to sound hurt, "When you love someone, you're supposed to be nice to them. And let them win from time to time."

She looks so serious, for a second I almost give in, but then I just burst into a bigger laugh, "Yeah right! You almost had me going though."

And she's laughing too. Her head twitches closer unintentionally and our noses brush against each other. And then before I know it we've stopped laughing and we're kissing. And it's so passionate at first. So intense, so hungry. Like I have dreamed it many times. But when it goes on for longer it becomes more tender. More affectionate. It's not just lust anymore, it's more. It's love. I roll myself on top of her and bury my hand into her hair. We break for a second and she smiles again. She tries to throw in some cute comment, but before she has time I'm kissing her again.

And then just as I'm pushing my tongue into her mouth the door flies open. We both turn to look at the distraction, "Brooke, have you seen Sam?", Jane asks and then sees the both of us.

Her mouth is hanging on the floor, "Uh... yeah", I stutter out. And it's too much. Sam's love, the kiss, Jane, all of it is too much. The world starts to spin again. Huh boy, here I go again.


"Brooke?!" something is shaking me hard, ""For the love of God, wake up!" Sam's annoyed voice brings me to. I open my eyes and find her sitting on top of me, holding me by the shoulders. She stops the shaking when she sees my eyes, "What the Hell is wrong with you?!" she cries out, "Can't you stay awake for a few freaking minutes!"

"I'm sorry," I mumble a little confused, "What happened?" I try to remember back. I told Sam I loved her, then I fainted. Then I woke up... or did I? Maybe I dreamt it. Maybe Sam never came back and told me...

"My mother happened!" she yells and jumps up, "Now get a move on! We have to leave!"

"What?" I ask frowning and fighting myself into a sitting position.

"Quickly!" she rushes into my closet and starts throwing out clothes, "Before she comes back with the shotgun!" her head pops out again. She seems to be quite frantic.

So, I'm gathering it was not a dream. And I'm gathering Jane didn't react that well either. With me devouring her daughter, "Sam... what are you doing?" I ask when she disappears into the wardrobe again, "Sam?" I stand up and start to walk towards her.

"We have to go Brooke!" she shouts and throws out a pink skirt which I catch in the air, "God knows, what she's doing right now! She could be calling the police!"

The police? Oh, come on, "What did she say?"

"Say?" Sam asks befuddled, "She didn't say anything. She just walked out."

Oh. And that's why Sam's going berserk? "Sam, you're overreacting," I say from the closet door. She's spinning around, and furiously trying to decide, which clothes to take, "She's probably just... confused," I say, and then add very quietly, "Like me."

Sam grabs a pair of white jeans and hands them to me, "Put those on," she orders, and grabs a bag herself.

"Why?" I shake my head, still in a daze. Why is Sam cleaning out my closet? "You don't like my skirt?"

"It's lovely," Sam says breathing out heavily, and smiling at me. She walks past me, back into my room, and slowly spins around once in the middle of it, "It's just easier to climb in jeans," she sighs, and quickly brushes her forehead with her hand, "Okay... so, you pack up here," she says, and drops the bag on the floor, "And I'll go get my own stuff."

I follow her with my gaze, and try to comprehend, what the Hell is going on, "Climb where, Sam?" I shake my head.

She stops briefly at the bathroom door, "Out the window, of course, Brooke," her expression is a mix somewhere between a smile and a frown, when she thinks I'm asking the stupidest questions.

"Out the window!" I yell incredulously, "Are you insane?!"

"Well, how are we supposed to get out of here?" Sam asks back.

"Through the door!" I scream again.

Sam smiles condescendingly at me, and shakes her head, "With my mom there? Now who's talking crazy?" she says. And after proving her point, to herself at least, she leaves the room via the bathroom door.

I'm left staring at her vacant spot, with my mouth hanging on the floor. What the Hell? What did I miss? When did Sam become a paranoid lunatic?

A few minutes go by, and I don't move a muscle. I consider changing into the jeans, just to please Sam, but it'd be stupid. There is NO WAY!, I'm climbing out that window. I pick up a few random clothes from the floor, where Sam tossed them, and place them on the bed. It's a wild mess, we're in.

A knock on the door interrupts my lazy cleaning operation. It's followed by Jane's voice, "Brooke?" she asks, "Can I come in?"

Uh oh. I hope Sam is insane, and Jane just wants to talk. Well, if she had a shotgun, I'm sure she wouldn't be knocking, but blasting her way through the door, "Su...re, Jane," I manage to answer.

She opens the door a crack, and peers inside. Probably scared to death, what she might see. When she realizes, Sam isn't here, she dares to open the door all the way, "Sam isn't here?" she asks.

"No," I shake my head, "She went into her own room," I say, "Jane... about what happened..."

"Stop!" she yells, scaring me to death. I half expect her to pull out a gun from somewhere, and start aiming at me. Telling me to lay off her little girl, "I... I mean, we'll talk about it downstairs. The three of us. I'll just go get Sam and meet you there," she talks very fast, and leaves even faster. I don't even get the chance to answer, when she's already out the door, and the door is closed.

Okay. Seems that neither of the McPhersons do well under pressure. That so wasn't the Jane I know. I hope dad gets home soon. He, at least, holds up together during tough times.

A few moments later, when I'm still staring after Jane, another door flies open. The bathroom door this time. And Sam breezes in. I spin around to face her, "Your mom was just here," I say.

"I know," she talks quietly, and flies by me, "She came to my door too, and I told her to wait, while I put on some clothes," Sam says. She walks up to the door, which Jane just used, and locks it.

I frown a little, "But you're dressed already," I say.

"Of course I am," she shakes her head, and turns to look at me, "I just bought us a little time."

"Time to do what?" I ask hesitantly. Dreading the answer, which, I guess, I already know.

"To escape through the window," Sam states, and walks up to it. She studies the view for a few seconds, and then starts sliding open the window.

"This is getting out of control, Sam. You're gona get us both killed!" I tell her.

Sam turns to look at me, and smiles encouragingly, "No, it's the only way! Don't you see? We're like two star-crossed lovers, who have to flee to keep their love alive," she talks with a dreamy gleam in her eyes, "It's very romantic!"

"It's very stupid!" I yell back, "You want to run away, just to create drama?"

Sam smiles at me, "I'm going," she says, and walks up to me. Her stare is fixed on my eyes, and I start to feel all wobbly. She leans closer, and kisses me passionately. I close my eyes just as she pulls away, "You can stay, if you want," the evil girl huskily whispers. Making my knees weak.

I feel her presence distancing from me, and force my eyes open. Sam's already halfway out the window, when she glances back once more, and grins at me. Oh, God. What IS SHE doing? "Wait!" I yell, and rush to grab her before she falls down. But I miss her by a second. She jumps off the windowsill, and onto the nearby tree branch. Like a squirrel.

"Brooke?!" Jane's irate voice comes through my door again, "Is Sam in there?!" she sounds really pissed off. My head flips between the door, and Sam, who's deftly climbing down the tree. My door handle rattles, as Jane tries to come in, "Why is the door locked?! What are you doing in there?!" she keeps shouting. Now I'm gona have to face her alone, or break my neck, climbing out this window. When Jane starts banging the door, I decide to take my chances with the escape plan.

"Come on!" Sam calls from the ground. I look down, and she's waving her hand, encouraging me to join her. I glance back at the door once more. The banging has ceased. And the handle is still. And Jane isn't even shouting anymore, "Quickly!" Sam yells.

Slowly, I take a firm hold from the rims of the window, and climb on the ledge. As cautiously as I can. The tree branch isn't more than a few feet away. I can just... reach out and...

"Brooke?" Jane's voice surprises me from behind. I turn to look, and she's emerged into my room through the bathroom. Her head spins towards me, and there's a terrified look on her face.

"Come on, Brooke!" Sam yells.

Again drawing my attention outside. But at the same time, my foot slips on the ledge, and I fall out, head first. I shriek, and hopelessly wave my hands in a pathetic attempt to fly. My eyes stay fixed on Sam, as I get closer to her all the while. She spreads out her arms, and catches me before I hit the ground. The strength of the collision is enough to crush poor Sam, and she falls down on her back. I land on top of her, and hit my head on the ground.

A few moments go by, while I try to grasp what has just passed, "Brooke?!" Sam wails. I feel her hands gently take hold of my head, and she pushes it up a little. I open my eyes again, and find myself still staring at Sam. But she's all hazy now. Like in my dreams, "Are you okay?" she asks.

I don't quite understand the question, "You caught me, Sam," I mumble wearily. A distant bang pulls my attention away from the brunette. I lift my head enough, so I see on the driveway. I see a pair of legs running this way, and I recognize the shoes as my dad's, "Oh, crap," I mutter. And then lose consciousness.

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