Title: Find a Reason to Smile

Author: LoveandFury


Disclaimer: Popular does not belong to me. I own nothing.

Chapter One

The Novak…

“So where are we having the Christmas party?” Nicole asked.

“My house,” Brooke answered. “Where we always have it but again Sam and her friends will be joining us.”

“What? Why?” Nicole asked.

“Cause Sam is also throwing a party,” Brooke replied.

“That’s unacceptable,” Nicole exclaimed. “I don’t want to associate with those freaks.”

“I’m sure it won’t be that bad,” Brooke said. “The first two Christmas parties we shared with them were pretty fun. And Sam and I are getting along quite well now. ”

“Do ya still have that crush on her?” Mary Cherry asked.

“No,” Brooke said. “Well… maybe just a little one.”

“Of all people you could fall in lust over you choose Spam McBitch,” Nicole said.

“I can’t help who I love,” Brooke stated.

“You and Josh were made for each other,” Nicole said.

“I don’t like Josh as more than a friend,” Brooke said.

“But you like Sam?” Nicole asked. “Unbelievable.”

“When are ya goin’ tell her you like her?” Mary Cherry asked.

“So she can laugh at me?” Brooke asked. “I’ll crush on her from afar.”

Carmen, Lily, and Sam walked into the Novak.

“Hi Brooke,” Carmen greeted.

“Hi guys,” Brooke smiled.

“Let’s go,” Nicole said to her friends. “These rejects don’t deserve to be in the same room as me. Besides, if I breathe in the same air as them for too long I’ll get sick and probably die.”

“That‘s not such a bad thing,” Sam commented.

Nicole glared at Sam as she left the bathroom. Brooke waved bye to the brunettes and followed Nicole and Mary Cherry.

“She looks so good today,” Sam said.

“Just tell her you like her,” Carmen said. “You’ve been pining over her since freshman year. It’s been two years.”

“Brooke would laugh herself into a coma if I told her I like her,” Sam said.

“You don’t know that,” Lily said.

“Yeah I do,” Sam said. “It happened in a dream I had.”

“The mighty Sam McPherson is afraid to tell Brooke she likes her,” Carmen joked.

“Just tell her,” Lily said. “It’s as simple as that.”

“If it’s so easy you tell her,” Sam said.

“Fine,” Lily turned around to leave.

“No!” Sam yelled. “I wasn’t being serious. Now enough about Brooke. Are you two still coming to the party even though Brooke’s crew is going to be there?”

“Yeah,” Carmen replied. “We wouldn’t abandon you.”

“When is it anyway?” Lily asked.

“In two weeks,” Sam said.

A knock on the door ceased their conversation. “Sam, Lily, Carmen? Are you guys done having your little girl talk?” Harrison asked. “We’re going to be late for physics.”

Sam and her friends exited the restroom.

“Hey Harrison,” Sam said.

“Hey,” Harrison said. “What was your topic of discussion today?”

“The same as it always is,” Carmen answered.

“Brooke McQueen?” Harrison asked.

Carmen nodded.

“Sammy, just tell her,” Lily said.

“Harrison never told Brooke he liked her,” Sam pointed out.

“Because he was so damn obvious about it,” Lily said. “Everyone knew he liked her.”

“I was not obvious,” Harrison said.

“Oh yes you were,” Sam said.

The four friends entered their physics class and went to their assigned seats.

“Hellooo all you worthless turds who are destined to drop out of college after only a month,” Bio Glass said. “Today you will be given a project.”

Everyone began to groan and complain.

“Yes, I know how much you love projects. That’s why this one is worth half your grade,” Bio Glass said.

“It’s December,” Mary Cherry said. “Can’t ya give us a break?”

“Let me think about that… no,” Bio Glass replied.

“Can we at least choose our own partners?” Popita asked.

“Of course not,” Bio Glass said. “What’s the fun in that? Your partner is whoever you‘re sitting next to.”

“Why must I be subjected to such cruelty?” Nicole asked. “Harrison has this thing for me and I can’t stand him gawking at me.”

“I don’t have a thing for you,” Harrison said. “When do I gawk? I never gawk.”

“You’re doing it right now,” Nicole said.

“What?” Harrison asked. “You’re insane.”

“Thank you,” Nicole smiled.

“Everyone shut up so I can explain the project,” Bio Glass ordered.

This is just great. I have to work with Brooke yet again. I’m so not going to be able to concentrate. Sam thought.


The Palace…

Sam was in her room reading a magazine when her mother walked in.

“Sam you need to clean this place up for the holidays,” Jane said.

“It is clean,” Sam said. “I cleaned it up like two days ago. It’s spotless.”

“You cleaned this room two days ago?” Jane asked. “It looks like a tornado went through it.”

“You couldn’t find an elephant in this room,” Brooke said as she exited the bathroom and entered Sam’s room.

“What she said,” Jane agreed with the blonde.

“It’s clean,” Sam repeated.

“No it is not,” Jane said.

“I’ll help you if you want,” Brooke offered.

“Really?” Sam asked.

“Yeah,” Brooke nodded. “We need to bond more anyway.” And I love spending all the time with you I can get. Brooke thought.

“See, now you don’t have a reason to have such a messy room,” Jane said as she left.

“Okay thanks,” Sam said to Brooke. “We can start after dinner.

Chapter Two

Sam and Brooke had put a pile of Sam’s junk in the middle of the room. They were now staring at it.

“What now?” Sam asked.

“We separate the things you want from the things you don’t want,” Brooke instructed.

Sam picked up the first thing that caught her eye.

“An N*SYNC CD?” Brooke laughed.

“My mom bought it for me,” Sam said, “It hasn’t even been open. It’s still in the plastic and everything.” Sam tossed the CD over to the trash pile.

Brooke picked up a picture she saw on top of all Sam’s things. “When did we take this picture?”

Sam looked at the picture Brooke was holding. It was a picture of Sam and Brooke. Brooke’s arm was around Sam’s shoulder and Sam’s arm was around Brooke’s waist. “Sometime last year.”

“Can I have it?” Brooke asked.

“Sure,” Sam said.

Half an hour later Sam’s floor was clean.

“Finally,” Sam said plopping down onto her bed.

“We’re not done yet,” Brooke said.

“What are you talking about?” Sam asked.

“Under the bed,” Brooke said.

“Leave well enough alone,” Sam said.

“No,” Brooke shook her head. “Get up and pull all the crap you must have under there out here.”

Sam sighed and got onto the floor. “You are never helping me clean my room again.” Sam got on her stomach and put half her body under the bed.

“Why do you have a spoon under there?” Brooke asked when Sam pulled it out.

“I don’t know,” Sam said from where she was. “Ask the spoon. Do we seriously have to clean under my bed?”

Sam has a nice butt. Brooke thought as she stared at Sam’s… features.

“Brooke are you listening to me?” Sam asked.

“Huh?” Brooke asked.

“Do we really have to clean under my bed?” Sam repeated.

“I guess not,” Brooke said. “Well, I need to take a shower. I’ll see you tomorrow morning.”

“Okay,” Sam got off the floor. “Thanks for the help.”

“Anytime,” Brooke said as she returned to her room.”

I wish I could join you in that shower. Sam thought. Homework will take my mind off Brooke for awhile. Sam grabbed her books and went over to her desk.


The next morning…

Sam slapped the snooze button on her alarm clock for the umpteenth time and put her pillow over her head. Ten minutes later the alarm went off again. Sam turned it off and got out of bed. “Damn alarm o’clock,” She muttered. Sam entered her bathroom and grabbed her toothbrush. Seconds later Brooke entered the bathroom.

“Oh sorry,” Brooke yawned.

“I’m just brushing my teeth,” Sam handed Brooke her toothbrush from the holder.

“Thanks,” Brooke said as she went over to the right side of the sink. Sam had finally agreed to just let her have it instead of flipping a coin for it every week. She thought that was incredibly sweet of Sam since she knew that the brunette really wanted the right side.

“Hey do you mind if I bum a ride off of you today?” Sam asked.

“No it’s fine with me,” Brooke said. “Did something happen to your car?”

No, I just want to be around you. Sam thought. “It just needs a break. It was acting up yesterday.”

“I think it’s time you give that worthless piece of metal away,” Brooke said.

“That worthless piece of metal takes me places,” Sam said.

“No, it takes you near those places and then you have to walk the rest of the way.”

“A little exercise never hurts anyone,” Sam said.

“Do you want to leave early and get breakfast?” Brooke asked.

“Yeah, that’d be cool,” Sam said.


Kennedy High…

Brooke and Sam had spent an hour together at Denny’s talking about everything from their childhood to what they wanted to do with their lives after college. Now they were at school and Brooke was at her locker getting her things for her first period class.

“Hey Brookie,” Nicole said as she walked up to her friend.

“Hi Nicole,” Brooke said.

Nicole looked at the new picture in Brooke’s locker. “Why do you have a picture of you and Spam in your locker? People might see it.”

“I found it yesterday when I was helping her clean her room,” Brooke replied. “It’s a nice picture of us. We kind of look like a couple, don’t you think?”

“You helped her clean her room?” Nicole exclaimed. “Are you Cinderella? No! What is wrong with you? High maintenance people like ourselves do not clean up after people.”

“I wasn’t cleaning up after her,” Brooke said.

Mary Cherry walked up to the two blondes. “Hey y’all.”

“Mary Cherry you’re not going to believe what I just heard,” Nicole said. “Brooke helped Sam clean her room yesterday.”

Mary Cherry put her hand over her mouth. “That’s shockin’ news. Did she threaten to kill ya if ya didn’t help her?”

“No, I volunteered,” Brooke said.

“If she’s doing this now imagine what she’s going to do when they’re together,” Nicole said,

“I don’t even wanna think about it,” Mary Cherry said.

Brooke rolled her eyes. “You guys are overreacting.”


“That is so sweet,” Lily said. “She even paid for the breakfast.”

“And you lied so you could spend time with her,” Carmen said.

“I didn’t lie,” Sam said. “My car was acting up yesterday.”

“You still could’ve driven it,” Harrison said.

“I didn’t want to take the chance of it going out on me half way to school,” Sam said.

“Have you guys started the project yet or were you too busy “cleaning your room,” Harrison asked.

“Sam slapped Harrison on the shoulder. “We really were cleaning my room. And no we haven‘t started that heinous project.”

“I’m just messin’ with ya,” Harrison said. “I think Nicole’s going to make me do all the work and take half the credit.”

“Bio Glass has a crush on you,” Lily said. “You could do nothing and still pass the class just like Brooke.”

“That is not true,” Harrison said. “Bio Glass does not like me. Don’t ever say that again.”

The three girls laughed at Harrison.

“I’m gonna head to class,” Sam said. “See ya later.”

Chapter Three

Sam, Lily, and Carmen were in the cafeteria discussing school lunches.

“Do they really keep leftover food from last year?” Carmen asked.

“I don’t even want to know,” Sam said pushing her tray aside.

“New girl alert,” Harrison said as he took his seat next to his friends.

“Where?” Carmen asked as she began to look around the cafeteria.

“Over there,” Harrison pointed over to a table in the middle of the cafeteria.

The girl was Caucasian, she had black hair with blue streaks, and her eyes were green. She was about 5’5, skinny but not too skinny. She was at an average weight. She had on a jeans skirt that reached her mid-thigh. Her long-sleeved shirt was black and it had a picture of a rose in the middle. She also had on long black boots. She was sitting with the artistic people.

“Hot,” Sam said.

“Very,” Harrison agreed. “Not my type though.”

“And what’s your type?” Carmen asked.

“Someone like Brooke,” Harrison replied.

“Of course,” Carmen replied.

“She seems cool,” Sam said. “I’m going to go introduce myself.”

“What about Brooke?” Harrison asked.

“I’m introducing myself not asking her out,” Sam said. “I’m being friendly.”

“Riiight,” Lily said. “I’ll come with you.”

“Us too,” Carmen said as she got up.

They went to where the girl was.

“Hi, I’m Sam. This is Lily, Carmen, and Harrison,” Sam said.

“Welcome to Kennedy High,” Carmen smiled.

“Thanks,” the new girl smiled. “My name’s Skyrah. My friends call me Skye. You‘re a member of the school paper right? I was told you were.”

“Yeah,” Sam nodded. “Are you interested in joining?”

“Yeah,” Skye said.

“Okay, stop by the journalist room after school and we’ll talk,” Sam said.

“Awesome. Thanks,” Skye said.

Sam and her friends went back to their table.

“She’s totally into you,” Lily said.

“She is not,” Sam said. “You don’t even know if she swings my way.”

“Hey, ya never know,” Carmen said.

“She’s bi,” Harrison said. “I heard people talking about her.”

If she is into me would I want to start a thing with her? Sam thought. I probably don’t have a chance with Brooke… maybe I should move on.


“Have you guys seen the new girl?” Nicole asked.

“Yes,” Brooke answered.

“She’s a total whore,” Nicole said.

“What makes ya think that?” Mary Cherry asked.

“She just looks like one,” Nicole replied.

“Nic, be nice,” Brooke scolded.

“You won’t be saying that when she’s all over Spam,” Nicole said.

“What?” Brooke sat up in her chair.

“I heard that she’s bi, just like Sam. She was the leader of her school paper at her old school also. And they both have no style whatsoever,” Nicole said. “She has a lot in common with your little crush.”

“I just saw them talkin’ and smilin’ at each other a couple of seconds ago,” Mary Cherry said.

“I’m not going to freak out until I have a good reason to,” Brooke said. She looked over at Sam who was laughing and talking with her friends. I really hope that new girl doesn’t become a problem.


After school Brooke approached Sam at her locker. “Hey.”

“Hi,” Sam gave Brooke a half-smile. “What’s up?”

“Not much,” Brooke said. “I can’t drive you home until four. I have cheerleading practice. You can take my car and then come pick me up later.”

“I have to meet up with Skye in the journalist room and then I’ll just wait for you there,” Sam said.

“Who’s Skye?” Brooke asked.

“The new girl,” Sam said. “I’ll introduce you. Come on.”

Brooke didn’t want to go but she followed Sam anyway. When they got to their destination Skye was waiting for Sam at the door.

“Hi,” Sam said. “This is Brooke. She’s my step-sister. I just wanted to introduce you to her.”

“Hi,” Skye said.

“Hey,” Brooke gave a little wave.

“I’ll see you when you’re done with practice,” Sam said to Brooke.

“Okay,” Brooke said. “Bye.”

Sam and Skye entered the journalist room and sat down.

“What is it that you want to do?” Sam asked. “Write articles or take pictures?”

“Take pictures,” Skye said. “I was never that good of a writer.”

“I’m sure you’re a great writer,” Sam said. “Almost all writers think their writing sucks unless someone tells them differently… and even then we still don’t agree. So what brings you to Kennedy High?”

“I moved here from Delaware,” Skye replied. “My family got tired of being there and decided to move.”

“Well here are a few warnings,” Sam said. “Brooke’s friends, Nicole Julian and Mary Cherry aren’t the nicest people in the world. Stay clear of them.”

“Is Brooke like them?” Skye asked.

“No, Brooke’s a sweetheart,” Sam smiled. “We didn’t get along for a couple of years but we’re like best friends now.” Sam explained her history with Brooke to Skye.

“You two have been through a lot together,” Skye said. “I’m surprised one of you didn’t kill the other.”

Sam laughed. “So am I. So tell me a little about yourself.”

“I’m the only child, my parents are awesome, I like to sing and write, and I love photography. Oh, and I‘m bi. I‘m sure that‘s been going around the school already. That doesn’t bother you does it?”

“No,” Sam said.

Skye smiled. “I should get going. I have to report home and tell my parents how my first day was.”

“We’ll talk later then?” Sam asked.

“Absolutely,” Skye said.

Sam smiled to herself as Skye left.

Chapter Four

Brooke was in her room talking to Nicole on the phone. “She wouldn’t shut up about her in the car. It‘s like she‘s known her as long as she‘s known me. What if Skye does steal Sam away from me?”

“Do you want me and Mary Cherry to do damage control?” Nicole asked.

“No,” Brooke sighed. “I just have to step it up.”

“What do you mean step it up?” Nicole asked.

“Flirt with Sam and stuff like that,” Brooke said. “Maybe she’ll get the hint.”

“Spam is dense,” Nicole stated. “You could flat out tell her you want her and she still wouldn’t get it.”

Brooke heard someone knocking on her door. “Come in.” Mike entered the blonde’s room. “Nic let me call you back later.” Brooke hung up the phone and gave her attention to her dad.

“Jane and I are going to visit my relatives for three days. We’ll be back Thursday night. No parties. Which means no parties,” Mike said.

“I can have a couple of friends over though right?” Brooke asked.

“Yes,” Mike nodded. “But not your entire school.”

“Okay, when are you guys leaving?” Brooke asked.

Mike looked at his watch. “Right now. Bye hun.” Mike left his daughter’s room and a few seconds later Sam ran into Brooke’s room and threw herself onto the bed.

“No parents for three days!” Sam exclaimed. “What do you want to do?”

“Don’t know,” Brooke shrugged. “Did you have anything in mind?”

“No,” Sam sighed as she turned around so she was on her back.

“I could help you clean your room again,” Brooke suggested.

“We just cleaned it yesterday,” Sam said. “There’s not a spec of dirt in there,”

Brooke got a surprised look on her face. “You kept it clean for more than two hours?”

Sam began to tickle Brooke fiercely. She moved so she was straddling the blonde’s thighs. “I am a very neat person. I am probably the cleanest person you have ever met.”

“Whatever,” Brooke said between her insane giggles.

“Do you give up?” Sam asked. “You’re turning red. I don’t think that’s good. You should give up.”

“Alright,” Brooke said. “I give up.”

As soon as Sam stopped tickling Brooke, Brooke flipped their positions so that she was on top and Sam was beneath her. She began to tickle the blonde relentlessly. “Now do you give up?” Brooke asked.

Sam tried to grab a hold of Brooke’s hands but it didn’t work. “I give up!”

“Winner and still champion,” Brooke said as she raised her arms in the air.

Sam stared at Brooke with a smile on her face and then she realized the position they were in. Ohmygod, Brooke is on top of me! Sam thought.

“Is it just me or did it just get really hot?” Brooke asked.

“It got hotter,” Sam said.

“I’m gonna go get myself something to drink,” Brooke said as she got off of Sam. “Are you thirsty?”

“No, I’m fine,” Sam said.

Brooke left her room and went down to the kitchen. She pulled a bottle of water out of the refrigerator and rubbed it on her forehead.

“I adjusted the air conditioner,” Sam said as she walked into the kitchen. “Is it still hot?”

“Only ‘cause you’re in here,” Brooke answered.

“Excuse me?” Sam raised an eyebrow.

Brooke smirked. “I just gave you a compliment.”

“You think I’m good-looking?” Sam asked.

“Yeah, don’t you?” Brooke asked.

“Well, no,” Sam answered. “I could never compare to those girls in Seventeen Magazine or anything.”

“I thought you didn’t care about that stuff,” Brooke said.

“I don’t,” Sam said.

“Well, you’re gorgeous,” Brooke said. “I have to call Nicole. I’ll be in my room.”

Sam sat down on the nearest stool so she could think. Brooke just said I was gorgeous and she was flirting with me… well, I’m pretty sure that was flirting. I’m overanalyzing things. Friends flirt with friends all the time. Hmmm, I think I’m developing a crush on Skye. Brooke or Skye? Let’s see, Brooke is the most popular girl in school. She wouldn’t think twice about dating me. And I’m pretty sure she’s straight. Even if she wasn’t, Satan and Mary Cherry wouldn’t allow her to date me. They’d talk her out of it. Skye on the other hand isn’t straight. No one would care if we were together. We have a lot in common. And I’m sure I have a better chance with her than I would have with Brooke. You know what; I’m not going to think about this anymore… at least not until tomorrow.


Kennedy High…

Sam was with Lily, Carmen, and Harrison when Skye came up to her.

“Hi,” Skye said. “Sam, I just wanted to give you my number. I meant to give it to you yesterday but it totally slipped my mind.” Skye handed a piece of torn paper to Sam. “Call me sometime.”

“Okay,” Sam said.

After the girl left Harrison spoke up. “She gave you her number. She definitely likes you.”

“So if I give someone I meet my number it means I want to date them?” Sam rolled her eyes. “She probably just wants to be friends.”

“Sam, you have a crush on the new girl don’t you?” Carmen asked.

“Yeah,” Sam sighed. “If you were me would you choose Brooke or Skye?”

“I can’t make that decision for you,” Carmen said.

“Both,” Harrison answered for her.

Lily punched Harrison in his arm.

“Just a suggestion,” Harrison said.

Nicole was walking to her locker with Mary Cherry and when she reached it she saw Sam and her friends by it. “Why are you pathetic idiots near my locker? Go away.”

“You don’t own this school Nicole,” Lily said. “We can stand wherever the hell we want and if you want us to move ask nicely.”

“Is pounding your faces in nice enough?” Nicole asked. “MC do you have anything I can use to get rid of the stench these freaks have left at my locker?”

Mary Cherry pulled a bottle of Lysol out of her purse.

“She carries around shovels and God knows what else in that purse,” Carmen said. “Let’s go before she pulls out a guillotine or something.”

The brunettes left and Nicole opened her locker. “I’ll be glad if Sam hooks up with Skye. Brooke could do so much better.”

“Yeah but Brookie’s in love,” Mary Cherry said. “And you know love is blind.”

“It’d have to be for anyone to want Sam,” Nicole commented as she closed her locker. “Let’s go find Brooke.”

Chapter Five

“Me and Mary Cherry are coming over your house today,” Nicole said to Brooke. “We’ve decided that Sam just isn’t worth your time. We’re going to help you find someone new.”

“That’s okay,” Brooke said. “I only want Sam. We shared a moment yesterday.”

“A moment?” Nicole asked.

“Yeah, I was on top of her and she looked at me and I looked at her. It was a moment,” Brooke explained.

“And what were ya doin’ on top of her?” Mary Cherry asked.

“Nothing you’re thinking,” Brooke said. “I was tickling her.”

“Moment or no moment, you need to get over Spam,” Nicole said.

Brooke sighed. “But there’s no one like her. She‘s unique.”

Nicole rolled her eyes. “Whatever.”


Skye walked into the Novak and saw Carmen washing her hands.

“Hi Carmen,” Skye said.

“Hey,” Carmen dried her hands and turned to Skye.

“Can I ask you something?” Skye asked.

“Sure,” Carmen said. “What’s on your mind?”

“Is…uh… Sam into…uh-” Skye fumbled with her words.

“Girls?” Carmen finished for her.

Skye nodded.

“You should ask her,” Carmen said. “I don’t want to tell her personal business.”

“I would but I’m really nervous,” Skye said.

“Don’t worry,” Carmen assured the girl. “Sam’s pretty open-minded.”

“Okay, thanks,” Skye said. “I’ll see you around.”



“Guess who asked about you today,” Carmen said to Sam as soon as she entered the classroom. Lily and Harrison were already there sitting on the table.

“Who?” Sam asked.

“Skye,” Carmen grinned. “She wanted to know if you liked girls.”

“You’re in,” Harrison said. “All you have to do is make a move and you’ve got yourself your very first girlfriend.”

“Maybe she was just curious and didn’t mean anything by it,” Sam said.

“Okay, but if she does ask you out will you say yes?” Lily asked.

“There’s a possibility I will,” Sam answered.

Brooke entered the classroom along with her friends. Lily, Harrison, and Carmen took their seats.

“How are you?” Brooke asked.

“I’m okay,” Sam said. “You?”

“The same,” Brooke replied.

Sam started to think about being in a relationship with Skye. If I can’t be with Brooke I might as well move on.


After school Sam saw Skye at her car and decided to go over to her.

“Hi,” Skye said when she saw Sam.

“Hey,” Sam said. “Do you want to hang out at my place today?”

“Will your mom and step-dad mind?” Skye asked.

“No,” Sam said. “They aren’t home.”

“Then I’d love to come over,” Skye said.

“Great,” Sam smiled.



Sam and Skye walked into the Palace and were greeted by Nicole.

“It’s Sam and her new reject friend,” Nicole said.

“Nicole,” Brooke said.

“What?” Nicole asked.

“Don’t worry Nicole,” Sam said. “We’ll be in my room. We won’t bother you guys.” The two dark-haired girls ascended the stairs.

“Alone in Sam’s room,” Nicole said. “Skye’s definitely going to try something.”

“You know what, after Skye leaves I’m going to tell Sam how I feel,” Brooke announced.

“Nice CD collection,” Skye said as she flipped through Sam’s CD case.

“You can borrow a couple,” Sam sat down on her bed next to Skye.

“Cool,” Skye smiled. “Sam.”

“Yeah?” Sam said.

Skye took a deep breath. “I kind of like you a lot.”

“Did I hear you right?” Sam asked.

“Yes. How would you feel about dating me?” Skye asked. “I don’t know if you’re gay, straight, or bi.”

“The third one,” Sam said.

So you’ve been with a girl before?” Skye asked.

“No,” Sam said. “I haven’t found anyone I want to be with.” Except Brooke. Sam thought.

“What about me?” Skye moved closer to Sam.

Sam swallowed hard. “I’ll admit I developed a crush on you the first time I saw you.”

Skye licked her lips and moved her head down to Sam’s. Sam closed her eyes when their lips connected. Skye licked at the brunette’s lower lip and Sam opened her mouth. Skye placed her right hand behind Sam’s neck and deepened the kiss. When the girls needed air they pulled apart.

“Wow,” Sam said.

Skye grinned. “Does that mean you’ll go out with me?”

“Yeah,” Sam nodded. “It does.”

“I need to get home,” Skye said. “If you give me your number I can call you later.”

Sam got off the bed and ripped a piece of paper from her notebook. She scribbled her number down and handed it to Skye. “I’ll walk you to your car.

Skye and Sam walked downstairs and stopped in the living room.

“Bye Brooke,” Skye said. “It was nice meeting you again.”

Brooke put on her fake smile. “Bye.” Brooke sighed as soon as the two girls left the house.

Chapter Six

It was night now and Sam was watching TV in the living room and Brooke thought this would be the perfect time to talk to her.

“Sam, I have something to tell you,” Brooke said.

Sam turned off the TV and looked at Broke. “What’s up?” Sam asked with a little smile on her face.

“Let’s talk about you first. You’ve been chirpy ever since this afternoon. What’s got you all giddy?” Brooke asked,

“Skye asked me out,” Sam smiled.

“And you said yes?” Brooke asked.

Sam nodded and Brooke felt her heart sink. “That’s great Sam,” Brooke feigned excitement. “I’m happy for you.”

“Thanks,” Sam said. “Now what’d you want to tell me?”

“I forgot,” Brooke said.

“Okay, you can tell me when you remember,” Sam said. “Oh, and we should finish our physics project tonight.”

“I just need to take a quick shower and we can get started,” Brooke said. When Brooke reached the bathroom she wiped the tears that had fallen from her eyes.


“I told you she was a whore,” Nicole said.

“I can’t believe I lost my chance with Sam,” Brooke said. Her and her friends were sitting on the plush couch in the middle on the Novak.

“You should just tell her anyway,” Mary Cherry said.

“I think I might,” Brooke said.

“When I asked you if you wanted us to take care of her you said no. If you hadn’t then none of this would be happening,” Nicole said.

Sam walked into the Novak laughing at something Skye had said. “Hi Brooke.”

Brooke noticed Sam holding hands with the other girl and became angry. “Come on,” Brooke said to Nicole and Mary Cherry.

Sam watched Brooke leave without saying a word to her.

“I don’t think she likes me,” Skye said.

“She’s probably having a bad day,” Sam said.

“Does she know about us?” Skye asked.

“She was the first person I told,” Sam answered. “I’m telling the others today. Did you not want me to say anything?”

“No, I’m glad you want to tell people,” Skye said.

“Good,” Sam gave Skye a kiss.

“Let’s stay here during first period,” Skye suggested. “We can put those ugly couches to good use.”

“I really should go to class,” Sam said.

“I’ll make it worth your while,” Skye whispered into Sam’s ear.

“Maybe I can stay for awhile,” Sam said.


Sam walked up to her friends who were hanging out around Lily’s locker.

“Hey Sam, do you want to sign my petition?” Lily asked.

“What’s it for?” Sam asked.

“It’s a petition to get vegetarian food in the cafeteria,” Lily replied.

Sam signed the paper and gave it back to Lily. “I have good news to tell you guys.”

“You and Brooke are finally an item?” Harrison asked.

“Not Brooke,” Sam said.

Carmen’s jaw dropped. “You and Skye?”

Sam nodded. “She asked me out yesterday.”

“Congratulations,” Lily said.

“Thanks,” Sam said.


Skye approached Brooke at her locker after school.

“What do you want?” Brooke asked her dully.

“I know you like Sam. I can see it in your eyes when you look at her. But I’m with her now so stay away from her,” Skye warned.

“Seeing as how we live together that’s going to be kind of hard,” Brooke said sarcastically.

“You know what I mean,” Skye said.

“You can’t tell me what to do,” Brooke said. “You may have her now but I’ll have her in the end. We’d be together right now if you hadn’t asked her out yesterday.”

“Stay away,” Skye said. “Sam’s waiting for me outside.” Skye turned to leave and Brooke felt like attacking her from behind.

“What were you two talking about?” Nicole asked as she walked up to Brooke.

“She was warning me to stay away from Sam,” Brooke answered. “I’m skipping practice today and going to the gym.” Brooke said bye to her friend and took off.

“Looks like me and Mary Cherry need to have a little talk with that new girl,” Nicole said to herself.


When Brooke got home she went straight to her room. Sam heard the blonde’s door close and went to go see her.

“Where were you?” Sam asked. “I was worried. You’ve been gone for four hours.”

“I went to the gym and then I just drove around,” Brooke replied.

“I baked some cookies with Skye at her house,” Sam said. “I brought you some.”

“Thanks,” Brooke said coldly.

“Did I do something?” Sam asked. “You’ve been acting real uptight since this morning.”

“You didn’t do anything,” Brooke said. “I’m just not in a good mood.”

“Do you want to talk about it?” Sam asked.

“No,” Brooke said. “Can you please just leave?”

“God, Brooke, it’s so hard to be your friend when you act like this,” Sam said.

“Then don’t be my friend!” Brooke yelled.

“What the hell is wrong with you?” Sam asked.

Mike and Jane entered their home and heard the two girls arguing.

“And I thought they were making progress,” Mike said.

“I’ll go put out the fire,” Jane said walking up the stairs. She entered Brooke’s room. “Girls what’s going on in here?”

“Brooke’s being a bitch,” Sam replied.

“Sam go to your room,” Jane instructed.

Sam glared at Brooke and left the room.

Chapter Seven

It was the next morning and Sam was feeling bad about what happened with her and Brooke yesterday. She wanted to talk to her before they left to school; she just wasn’t sure how to approach the blonde. Sam entered the bathroom hoping to find Brooke in there but she wasn’t. She knocked on the door to Brooke’s room and when she didn’t answer she opened the door. Brooke was sitting in the chair in front of her mirror putting her make-up on.

“Morning,” Sam greeted.

Brooke didn’t respond.

“Are you doing that silent treatment thing?” Sam asked. “I really hate when you do that. Please talk to me. Why are you acting the way you’ve been acting?”

Brooke stood up and looked at Sam. “I’m in love with you. I was going to tell you two days ago but Skye had already asked you out. I’m sorry I was mean to you yesterday. I just can’t stand seeing you with anyone else but me.”

Sam didn’t know what to say. The girl she had loved for so long had just told her she shares the same feelings as she does. “Why’d you wait so long to tell me?” Sam asked. “And why’d you have to tell me right after I get a girlfriend?”

“I know my timing sucks,” Brooke said. “But Sam please say you want to be with me too.”

“Brooke, I can’t,” Sam said. “I’m sorry.” Sam left the room and Brooke sighed.


“Isn’t that what you always wanted?” Harrison asked Sam. “To have Brooke tell you she wants to be with you?”

Harrison, Lily, Carmen, and Sam were outside of their school sitting under a tree. They had several minutes before school started.

“Yes, but this isn’t the right time to be telling me,” Sam said.

“Are you going to stay with Skye?” Lily asked.

“Yes,” Sam answered.

“Poor Brooke,” Carmen said. “She confessed her love only to be turned down.”

“Hey,” Skye sat down next to Sam and gave her a peck on the cheek.

“Hi,” Sam said.

“You look a little down,” Skye said. “Is something wrong?”

“No, I’m fine,” Sam replied. “Brooke and I just had a fight yesterday.”

“What about?” Skye asked.

“Stupid stuff,” Sam responded. “We fight all the time. It’s nothing.”



Later in the day Nicole saw Skye enter the Novak alone. “Come on Mary Cherry,” Nicole said. “We have to take care of that slut.”

The two blondes entered the Novak.

“Hi there Skye,” Mary Cherry said. “How ya doin?”

“I’m okay,” Skye replied cautiously.

“Not for long. Now listen up,” Nicole ordered. “You’ve become a problem for our friend Brooke and if you don’t break things off with Sam I’m going to have to break you.”

“I’m not afraid of you,” Skye said. “Brooke should’ve told Sam how she felt months ago.”

“You’re new. You don’t know how things work around here,” Nicole said. “The popular people run things. Remember that.”

“Whatever,” Skye said.

“I think we’re goin’ to need to use a more… physical way to explain things to her Nic,” Mary Cherry said.

Skye took a step back and Sam walked into the bathroom. “What’s going on here?” Sam asked.

“We were just giving Skye a formal welcome to Kennedy High,” Nicole answered. “Bye. We’ll see you around.” Nicole winked at Skye and left.

“Are you okay?” Sam asked after Nicole and Mary Cherry left.

“Yeah,” Skye said.

“What were they bothering you about?” Sam asked.

“Nothing important,” Skye said.

“Do you want to come over again today?” Sam asked.

“I don’t think that’s such a good idea,” Skye said. “Brooke hates me.”

She sure does. Sam thought. “No she doesn’t,” Sam said. “You won’t have to talk to her. We can stay in my room.”

Skye smiled. “That sounds like fun.”

“You’ll have to meet my mom though,” Sam said. “I told her about you.”

“That’s fine with me,” Skye said.

Sam was exiting her classroom with a bathroom pass when she saw Brooke. She stopped the blonde in the hallway and pulled her to a secluded area.

“I’d appreciate it if you wouldn’t send your goons after my girlfriend,” Sam said.

“What are you talking about?” Brooke asked.

“Tweedle dee and Tweedle dum cornered Skye in the Novak,” Sam said.

“I didn’t tell them to do that,” Brooke said.

“You need to have a little talk with them,” Sam said.

“Sam, can you honestly say you don’t feel the same I do for you?” Brooke asked.

Sam didn’t answer the question.

“Sam,” Brooke said.

“Why’d you wait so long to tell me how you felt?” Sam repeated her question from this morning.

“I don’t know,” Brooke answered. “I saw you with Skye and I got jealous and that helped me get the courage to tell you.”

“I really do like you Brooke,” Sam said. “But I also like Skye.”

“We have a history,” Brooke pointed out.

“Don’t complicate things,” Sam said. “I want us to be friends. Can we just be friends please?”

Brooke nodded. “We can just be friends.”

“Thank you,” Sam said. “And can you be nice to Skye?”

“No,” Brooke shook her head. “That’s asking too much.”

“Alright,” Sam said. “I should go.”

“Okay,” Brooke said. “Bye.”

Why did Skye have to move here? Damn her. Brooke thought.

Chapter Eight

Brooke was in her room writing in her journal while Sam was downstairs introducing Skye to her dad and Jane. When she heard someone knocking on her door she put her journal under her pillow. “Come in.”

Sam entered the blonde’s room and sat down on her bed. “Skye’s staying for dinner.”

Brooke rolled her eyes. “I guess I’m not eating then.”

“Come on Brooke, please don’t be like this,” Sam said.

“I’m going over to Nicole’s,” Brooke said.

“Please stay… for me,” Sam begged.

“Fine,” Brooke sighed. “I’ll stay only because you asked me to.”

Sam smiled. “Thanks.” Sam noticed tears forming in Brooke’s eyes. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” Brooke replied.

“Talk to me Brooke,” Sam said. “What’s bothering you?”

“I think you know the answer to that already,” Brooke said.

“I’m sorry I’m hurting you Brooke,” Sam said. “I wish I could make things better for you.”

“It’s okay,” Brooke said. “It’s just that ever since my mom left me I’ve had this empty feeling inside. When I met you that empty feeling went away. I never really hated you Sam. I just pretended to. I could never find a reason to smile until I saw your face. Sam, I love you more than anything in this world.”

Sam opened her mouth and then closed it back.

“You don’t have to say anything,” Brooke said. “I understand that you have Skye and eventually I will accept that. I just want you to be happy.”

Sam ran her fingers over Brooke’s cheek gently. “That’s the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard.”

Brooke put her hand over Sam’s hand which was still on her cheek. She bent her head down a bit to reach Sam’s head and kissed her. She pulled away quickly and let go of Sam’s hand. “I’m sorry I shouldn’t have done that.”

Sam’s heart was pounding fast and she really wanted to kiss Brooke again but she was with Skye and it wouldn’t be right. “I should go back downstairs. Skye’s probably wondering where I’ve gone.”

Sam left the room leaving Brooke alone.


Dinner at the Palace…

Brooke was sitting across from Sam and Skye was sitting beside her. Brooke was still thinking about the chaste kiss that she had shared with Sam about an hour ago. When Brooke had first sat down at the dinner table Skye was looking at her menacingly and Brooke thought for a second that Sam had told her about the kiss, but then she realized Skye would’ve probably attacked her by now if that were the case.

“Brooke you aren’t eating much is something wrong?” Mike asked.

“I’m just savoring the bites,” Brooke replied.

“So, how was everyone’s day?” Jane asked.

“I’ve had better,” Brooke said.

“Do you want to talk about it?” Jane asked.

“No, I’ll be fine,” Brooke said.

“You should take up boxing,” Skye suggested. “You know, to get rid of all that pent up anger.”

“That’s sounds like a good idea,” Brooke said. “Maybe you can spar with me.” So I can bash that pretty little head of yours in. Brooke thought.

“Great,” Skye said. I’ll kick all that blonde out of your hair.

“Mom, can you pass the bread rolls please?” Sam asked.

“Brooke’s closer,” Jane said. “Brooke, can you pass the rolls to Sam.

“Sure,” Brooke picked up the bowl the rolls were in and held it towards Sam so she could take one out.

“Thanks,” Sam said taking a roll out of the bowl.

Brooke picked up a baby carrot that was on her plate and ate it seductively while looking at Sam. Sam watched in awe and her thoughts of Brooke became rated R. She was brought out of her daze when she felt Skye elbow her in her side. Sam cleared her throat and looked down at her plate.

Skye stared daggers at Brooke and the blonde simply smiled.

“You guys are quiet,” Mike said. “Does anyone want seconds?”

“I’m fine,” Skye said. “I really should get going. I have homework to do.”

“Okay,” Jane said. “It was nice meeting you.”

“We hope you come back sometime soon,” Mike added.

“It was nice meeting you both,” Skye said. Skye got up and Sam got up with her. When they got outside Skye turned around to face Sam. “You were staring at her all through dinner.”

“I was not,” Sam said.

“Yes you were,” Skye said. “And that thing she did with the carrot had you totally turned on.”

“It did not,” Sam said. “The only thing that turns me on is you.”

Skye smiled. “My parents aren’t home yet. You can come over for awhile if you want.”

“I’ll need something believable to tell my parents,” Sam said.

“Tell them you’re helping me with my homework because I‘m desperately in need of help,” Skye said.

“Alright,” Sam said. “I’ll be right back.”


Skye’s house…

Sam and Skye were in Skye’s room making out. Skye decided to take things a little further so she pulled of Sam’s shirt and was glad the brunette allowed her to.

Maybe sleeping with Skye will help me get over Brooke. Sam thought.

Skye moved on top of Sam and began to suck on her neck.

“Hmm, Brooke,” Sam said.

“What?” Skye said lifting her head to meet Sam’s eyes.

“Nothing,” Sam said.

“You just said Brooke,” Skye said.

“You’re hearing things,” Sam said.

“No I’m not,” Skye moved off of Sam. “I like you and I thought you liked me-”

“I do,” Sam said.

“But you like Brooke too?” Skye asked.

Sam looked down at the bed and nodded.

“You’re going to have to pick on of us,” Skye handed Sam her shirt. “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Sam took her shirt and pulled it on. “Goodnight.”

Chapter Nine

Sam entered the Palace and headed to her room. When she arrived there she found a note on her pillow from Brooke.

I’m sorry I kissed you. You were there…. your lips were there… and it just kind of happened. I don’t want you to be angry with me. I’ll see you tomorrow.

Sam crumpled the note and threw it away. She decided to go talk to Brooke. When she knocked on the girl’s door she didn’t get an answer but she entered anyway. Brooke was asleep with her lights on and her diary was next to her. Sam let curiosity get the best of her and she grabbed the diary. She flipped to the last entry and began to read.

Skye is ruining everything. I’m supposed to be with Sam not her. She told me to stay away from Sam like she owns her or something. I know it may only look like I want Sam because Skye has her but that’s not true. I’ve always had a thing for Sam. I was just too afraid to say anything.

Sam heard Brooke stir in her sleep and she tossed the diary back down next to the blonde.

“What are you doing here?” Brooke mumbled half awake.

“I was just turning off your light,” Sam said.

“Oh,” Brooke sat up in her bed.

“I got your note,” Sam said.

“So you’re not mad?” Brooke asked.

“No,” Sam said. “To be honest, I actually liked the kiss.”

Brooke smiled. “You broke things off with Skye?”

“No,” Sam said. “But Skye does want me to choose between the two of you.”

“You told her about the kiss?” Brooke asked.

“No,” Sam said.

“Well, who are you going to choose?” Brooke asked.

“I don’t know,” Sam answered. “I need to take a shower and get to sleep. See ya tomorrow.”

Brooke sighed heavily after Sam left. “Maybe I do need Nicole and Mary Cherry to take care of Skye for me.”


It was a Saturday morning and Sam was walking around a park with her friends.

“Is it really that hard of a decision to make?” Lily asked.

“Yes,” Sam answered.

“You’ve wanted Brooke for so long and now that you have her in your grasp you’re being an idiot,” Harrison said.

“Hey,” Sam said. “I am not being an idiot. I just don’t know if it’s going to work out with Brooke. Skye’s a sure thing. We have a lot in common. Brooke and I haven‘t always gotten along. Things could go sour after only a week.”

“So you’re scared?” Carmen asked. “That shouldn’t stop you from going for what you want.”

“Okay that’s it,” Lily said. “Sam either you choose right here, right now or I will hurt you.”

“Brooke,” Sam said. “It’s always been Brooke. I just… what if it doesn’t work out?”

“It will,” Carmen said. “But not if you’re walking around with your negative attitude.”

“Woo, let’s celebrate,” Harrison said clapping his hands together.


Brooke was at Nicole’s house with Mary Cherry. Nicole was on the phone talking to Popita Fresh. After several minutes Nicole hung up the phone.

“Popita is coming over,” Nicole announced. “She has information about your little problem.”

“Wonderful,” Brooke grinned.

“I don’t think it matters,” Mary Cherry said. “I’m sure Sam’s gonna choose Brooke.”

“Thanks Mary Cherry,” Brooke said.

Half an hour later the door bell rang and Nicole’s butler went to answer it.

“Hello girls,” Popita said as she entered the living room.

“What’s the dirt on Skye?” Nicole asked. “Was she once a male?”

“She’s a psycho freak,” Popita said. “Her ex-girl broke up with her back in Delaware and Skye totally beat up anyone that tried to get with her ex.”

“I knew something was wrong with her,” Brooke said.

“I’m not done yet,” Popita said. “She had to have a restraining order put on her just to keep her away from her ex.”

“How do you know all this?” Brooke asked.

“I know everything,” Popita said. “I have friends everywhere.”

“Thanks for your help hun,” Nicole said.

“Anytime,” Popita smiled.

“What are we gonna do now?” Mary Cherry asked.

“Tell Sam her girlfriend’s whacked,” Brooke answered.


Sam and Brooke arrived home at the same time. Sam got out of her car and went over to Brooke.

“Hi,” Brooke said.

“I’m choosing you,” Sam said. “I should’ve told you how I felt about you along time ago but I was nervous just like you were. I thought Skye would help me want you less.”

Brooke hugged Sam. “I would kiss you but we’re outside and someone might see.”

“I don’t care if anyone sees,” Sam said.

“You won’t be saying that when our parents find out,” Brooke said.

“I don’t care if they know either,” Sam said. “I’m not in any rush to tell them but if they find out about us I don’t care.”

Brooke kissed Sam and pulled away. “I have some bad news about Skye.”

“Is she alright?” Sam asked.

“She’s fine,” Brooke said. “Popita told us that after Skye’s girlfriend back in Delaware broke up with her she went all psycho and hurt anyone that tried to go out with her and her ex filed a restraining order against her.”

“Are you serious? I’m gonna be stalked and you’re going to get dismantled,” Sam said.

“I said nothing about me getting harmed in anyway,” Brooke said. “Nicole’s my bodyguard.”

“Then where is she?” Sam asked.

“Shopping,” Brooke answered.

“What have I gotten myself into?” Sam asked herself.

Chapter Ten

It was Monday and Sam and Brooke were at Sam’s locker. Nicole was there with Mary Cherry who was also recruited as a bodyguard for Brooke.

“Brooke get rid of your so called bodyguards,” Sam whispered to the blonde. “I want to spend some alone time with you… in the Novak… like right now.”

Brooke smirked at Sam and turned to her friends. “Guys, Sam and I are going to the Novak. We’ll meet up in the cafeteria.”

“Sorry Brookie,” Nicole said. “Where you go we follow.”

Sam sighed heavily.

“How are you going to tell Skye it’s over?” Brooke asked.

“I don’t know,” Sam shrugged.

“Nicole pretend to be Skye so Sam can practice,” Brooke said.

“We’re not doing this in the middle of the hallway,” Sam said.

“Fine,” Brooke said. “Let’s go to the Novak.”

When the four girls reached the Novak Brooke went to open the door but was stopped by Mary Cherry.

“She could be in there just waitin’ for ya,” Mary Cherry said.

“Mary Cherry’s right,” Nicole said. “One of us should enter first just in case. Mary Cherry go inside.”

Mary Cherry pulled a tennis racket out of the inside of her coat pocket.

“Why do you have that in your coat?” Sam asked.

“I figured if I were gonna protect Brookie I’d need weapons,” Mary Cherry replied. “Now stand back.” The Texan kicked the bathroom door open and began swinging the racket around frantically.

“Okay, stop already!” Nicole yelled from outside the door.

“Alright, it’s safe y’all,” Mary Cherry said as she stopped swinging.

The other three girls entered the bathroom and Nicole looked under all the stalls. “Clear.”

“Let’s get this little skit over with,” Sam said. “Skye, it’s not going to work between us. It wouldn’t be fair for me to drag you along if I’m not going to be in this relationship one hundred percent.”

“You stupid whore! I’m going to kill you!” Nicole yelled in a voice that was supposed to sound like Skye.

“She is not going to say that,” Sam said.

“You’re right,” Nicole agreed. “She’ll probably just attack you.”

Sam rolled her eyes and went over to where Brooke had taken a seat on the counter. “Harrison wants to know if we can move the Christmas party to Friday.”

“Why?” Brooke asked.

“He can’t wait until next week and he said the party can be used to celebrate us getting together,” Sam replied.

“I’m all for moving the party up,” Nicole said. “We can have that party and I can throw another one after.”

“Okay,” Brooke said.

Skye walked into the Novak and saw Brooke’s arms around Sam’s waist. “What’s going on here?”

“I-” Sam began.

“You chose this blonde bimbo over me?” Skye yelled.

“You told me to choose so I did,” Sam said.

“Argh, I could just-” Skye was cut off by Nicole.

“Simmer down freakazoid,” Nicole said. “Spam chose to be with the sane rather than the insane. Move on with your pathetic life.”

“I told you I wasn’t afraid of you,” Skye said. “And if you had anymore hairspray in your hair you’d be able to break your hair off. No human being needs that much hairspray.”

“Mary Cherry give me your racket,” Nicole held out her hand and Mary Cherry placed the racket in the blonde’s hand. “I’ll give you a five second head start.”

Skye looked at Nicole and laughed. “Are you serious?”

“Five!” Nicole yelled.

Skye ran out the bathroom and Nicole chased after her. When she got close enough Nicole swatted Skye on the butt hard with the racket.

“Ow!” Skye yelled.

“You’re just jealous ‘cause you can’t have hair like mine. Nicole stopped and once Skye got half way down the hall she threw the racket at her. “Don’t ever fuck with me again or I will shove this racket up your ass!”

Nicole returned to the Novak after retrieving the racket. “She’s been taken care of for now.”

“You didn’t kill her did you?” Brooke asked.

“Not yet,” Nicole answered.

“Lily, Harrison, and Carmen are probably wondering where I am,” Sam said. “I should head to lunch.”

“I’ll come with you,” Brooke said.


“Brooke you can’t sit here,” Nicole said. “If you do I’ll have to and that’s just not going to happen.”

“I’m sure Skye won’t attack us in a lunch room filled with people,” Sam said.

“And if she does can you put “Nicole let her best friend die because she was too good to sit next to the unpopular,” Brook asked.

Nicole rolled her eyes. “Scoot down two seats you retarded activist.”

Lily glared at Nicole but moved anyway so Mary Cherry and Nicole could sit down.

“Guys the Christmas party got moved to this Friday,” Sam announced to her friends.

“Alright,” Carmen said.

Brooke saw Skye staring at her from the other side of the cafeteria and grinned. She put her arm over Sam’s shoulders possessively. Brooke saw Skye get up and start walking over to the table but she wasn’t afraid.

“What do you want?” Nicole asked. “I thought I took care of you.”

“Yeah, my ass still hurts. Thanks,” Skye retorted. “Now Sam think long and hard about the decision you made. Do you really think it was the right one?”

“Yes,” Sam nodded.

Nicole grabbed the twinkie Carmen was getting ready to eat and stood up to face Skye. “Go away before I rearrange your face.”

“Yeah,” Mary Cherry said standing up. “If ya knew what was best for ya you’d go away.”

“You wannabe cheerleaders need to shut the hell up and mind your own business,” Skye said. “I can take both of you. You’re just a-”

Nicole shut Skye up by shoving the twinkie in her mouth.

“I was going to eat that,” Carmen whined.

Skye spit out the twinkie and attacked Nicole. She grabbed the blonde around the neck and choked her. The two girls fell back onto the floor and Nicole got the upper hand. She put her hands around Skye’s throat and began to shake her.

“What now bitch,” Nicole said. “I told you not to fuck with me.”

Mary Cherry grabbed Lily’s carrot and used it to hit Skye in the head repeatedly.

Nicole got off of Skye and fixed her clothes and turned around to face Sam and Brooke. Before she could say anything Skye jumped on her back. Mary Cherry grabbed Skye’s hair and pulled her off of Nicole.

Skye held up her arms in surrender. “Alright, I give up. I’m gone.” She walked back to her table.

“Way to go Satan,” Sam said.

“I hope that’s the end of all that,” Brooke said.

“Sam just get into your car,” Brooke ordered. She had been waiting several minutes for the brunette to go into her car. Nicole and Mary Cherry were getting impatient also.

“What if she planted a bomb and as soon as I open the door… kaboom?” Sam asked.

“Kaboom?” Brooke laughed. “I don’t think she’d go that far.”

“Satan open my car door after me and Brooke are far away,” Sam said.

“Pssh, yeah right,” Nicole said.

Brooke rolled her eyes and opened the car door. “Look, nothing happened.”

“Then maybe she messed with my brakes,” Sam said.

“Well I’m going home,” Brooke said. “If you ever get there come to my room. I have something for you.” Brooke went to her car and Sam yelled to her. “What is it?”

“It’s a surprise,” Brooke replied.

Sam thought about it for a minute. “Is this a trick to get me to drive home? And please don‘t tell me you two are going to follow her home too.”

“We only work durin’ school,” Mary Cherry said. “We’re not her bodyguards right now.”

Nicole and Mary Cherry went off to their cars leaving Sam alone. “If I die it’s all Brooke’s fault.” Sam entered her car cautiously and started her car. “I really hope the brakes work.”

“I didn’t do anything to your car,” a voice said from behind her.

Sam jumped and looked behind her. She saw Skye rising from the floor of the back seat. Sam quickly got out of her car. “What the hell are you doing in my car?”

“I wanted to talk to you,” Skye said. “And if I would’ve approached you those two crazy blondes would’ve been with you.”

“Well what do you want?” Sam asked.

“To give you a chance to reconsider,” Skye replied as she exited the car.

“I’m not going to change my mind,” Sam said.

“I didn’t really come here for that anyway. I just wanted to apologize. I’m in anger management. I need to learn to control my anger better. I hope you’re happy with Brooke,” Skye said.

“Thanks,” Sam smiled. “You can still come to the Christmas party. We moved it to this Friday.”

“That’s okay. If I see you and Brooke all over each other I’d probably rip her apart,” Skye smiled. “Thanks though. I’ll see you around. Oh and check your glove compartment.”

Sam watched as Skye left and got back into her car. She stared at her glove compartment for several seconds before slowly opening it. She saw a piece of paper there and took it out.

Someday we’ll be back together. Until then, I’ll be watching you.

“Now that’s just freaky,” Sam said to herself.


Sam entered her house and went up to Brooke’s room. “I’m ready for my surprise.”

Brooke smiled. “You survived your ride home. I told you she didn’t do anything to your car.”

“Nope, she didn’t,” Sam said. “But she was hiding in the backseat.”

“She was?” Brooke asked. “What’d she do?”

“She just apologized, told me to check my glove compartment, and then left,” Sam said.

“What was in there?” Brooke asked.

Sam pulled the paper out of her pocket and gave it to Brooke. Brooke began to laugh. “Psycho.”

“So what was that thing you had to give me?” Sam asked.

Brooke went over to her dresser and pulled out a box. “I wanted to give you your Christmas gift early. I bought it yesterday.”

Sam took the box and gave Brooke a kiss. “Thank you.” She opened the box and saw half of a heart necklace.

“I have the other half,” Brooke said. “I know it’s kind of cheesy but I like it.”

“I love it,” Sam said. “I’ll cherish it forever.”

“You know it’s only us here,” Brooke pointed out. “Jane and my dad went out for dinner. They told us to order out and I’m not really feeling that hungry. Are you?”

“Yeah… but not for food,” Sam grinned.

Brooke smiled and brought Sam in for a kiss.


Christmas Party…

Everyone was in the living room exchanging gifts. It was Mary Cherry’s turn now.

“Here Lil’ Lily,” Mary Cherry handed Lily a bag.

“You got me something?” Lily said. “That was sweet of you.” Lily looked in the bag and pulled out a fur coat. I don’t wear fur Mary Cherry. You know that.”

“I guess I’ll just keep it for myself than,” Mary Cherry smiled.

“Nicole, I got you this skirt,” Mary Cherry said. “It was personally made for Gwenyth.”

“Why thank you Mary Cherry,” Nicole said as she took the skirt. “I’ll go get everyone some eggnog,” Brooke said. “I’ll be back.”

“I’ll help you,” Sam said getting up.

When the two girls got to the kitchen Brooke grabbed the glasses and Sam poured.

Sam looked up and smiled. “We’re standing under a mistletoe.”

Brooke looked up and then looked at Sam. “Kiss me then.”

Sam put her arms around Brooke’s neck and kissed her. Brooke held Sam’s head in place so she wouldn’t pull away. When they both needed oxygen Brooke let her go.

“I haven’t gotten you a Christmas gift yet,” Sam said. “Is there anything you want?”

“All I want this year is you,” Brooke answered.

“Well you got me,” Sam said as she kissed Brooke again.

-the end-

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