Title: Never Too Late

Author: Love

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Part 1

Sam's POV

Sam was wandering around the halls of the huge college she now spent her life at, waiting for her beautiful cheerleading girlfriend to get out of class. She had a special night planned. She'd decided to take her girl to this quiet little spot she had stumbled upon while going for her morning run. She had everything worked out in her mind, and Sam knew tonight would be different because tonight she would concentrate all of her energy and attention on Toni. She realized she hasn't been fair, she decided after Brooke's last email about her boyfriend Jake buying her a ring. She sat back and thought about everything, it was like a rude awakening.

Carmen had been telling her all along she was just waiting for Brooke. That was the reason she wouldn't commit or take any relationship to the next level. She thought Carmen was crazy. When she brought Toni back to their dorm room to meet Carmen, she realized that was a mistake.

When she got back after dropping the cheerleader off, Sam got an ear full of how Toni looks like Brooke, and acted a little like her.

"She's a Cheerleader! For goodness sake!" Carmen yelled and pleaded with her to open her eyes and admit her heart belonged to Brooke. And to tell Brooke, to take the chance that she and Brooke might feel the same way.

With all these thoughts running through her head, She stood in the hall staring at a painting not really seeing it, as her mind drifted off to the last time she saw Brooke...

Sam was carrying her boxes to the car, while her mom stood in the doorway holding Mac and Mike stood behind her with his hands on her shoulders for support. She was very emotional, her baby was going off to college, even though it was only a 6 hour drive she felt like it was on the other side of the world. She went back in and up to her room for her last box. She went over to the window and stared out it for a few minutes thinking about how everything was going change now. How much she was going to miss this house she had called home for so long and she knew she was gonna miss Brooke the most. With a deep sigh, she turned to grab the last of her belongings. She saw Brooke standing about 2 feet away and just like every other time she made eye contact with her beautiful step sister her heart started pounding. Brooke broke the brief silence that fell between them.

"I thought I would come up and say goodbye", She smiled at Sam and spoke in a shaky voice. "I'm gonna miss you so much. I am not going to know what to do with myself without you around"

Sam let her signiture cocky grin glide across her face and said "yeah no one to fight over the better sink, or what to watch on T.V. or who used all the shampoo, shall I go on?"

Brooke giggled and looked away for a moment, but when her eyes returned to Sam's there was a look Sam couldn't quite make out. The blonde looked like she was going to say something but nothing came out.

Finaly she said "Please be careful, Email me, call me, and make sure you visit" Sam knew this wasn't what she was going to say but let it slide. She Just smiled and nodded

"I will and, I am going to miss you too." They hugged and Brooke seemed to be shaking slightly so Sam held on just a little tighter. Brooke pulled back slightly and stared into Sam's eyes. She leaned in, placing a soft, slightly lingering kiss on her full lips. Sam just stood there rooted to the spot staring into tear filled eyes. Brooke turned and was gone. By the time Sam came out of her stupor Brooke was on her way out the front door. So she walked over picked up the box and headed down the stairs still feeling the tingling sensation from those soft lips. She said her goodbyes as if on auto pilot got into the car and went to pick up Carmen.

She knew everything changed after that moment, she just didn't realize how much. Coming back to herself as the classes around her let out, she turned and smiled when she saw the familiar face smiling back at her.

Part 2

Brooke's POV:

"I should be getting ready for my date with Jake," Brooke thought for the 50th time in the last hour as she sat staring at the computer screen.

"Where is Sam? She's usually on by now." With a heavy sigh she sent a short email to Sam explaining she really needed to talk to her and then exited AOL and shut her laptop down. Brooke got up and went to the bathroom of her apartment and started running water for a hot bath.

She decided that she wanted a place of her own when she started college. It was walking distance from her school so it was perfect. But she missed all her friends so much. She got to see Lily and Josh a lot because she chose a college that was only an hour away from where she used to live. She went home every weekend and on each visit she would walk into Sam's old room and just sit and think about all the fights and the fun. She would smile and feel just a little bit closer to Sam.

To say Brooke was confused would be an understatement. She never stopped thinking about Sam, She was the first thing she thought about when waking and the last thing she thought about before falling asleep. Most of the time her dreams were full of her beautiful step sister. She was forced to admit to herself along time ago that she had a crush on Sam but she was afraid to tell her. She didn't understand why she almost let it slip the day Sam was leaving for college, or why she had kissed her. Sam obviously wasn't interested in her like that. Neither of them ever mentioned the kiss again.

Brooke eased herself into the hot water, slowly reclining in the relaxing heat. She washed herself in a purely disinterested state. She couldn't keep her thoughts from wandering.

"What am I gonna do? Why did Jake have to ask me to marry him? If I have to think about it so much than it cant be right. It should be easy. I should have felt a rush and I should have wanted to scream 'Yes'. What is wrong with me? I have a great guy who is willing to take care of me, be there for me. Why can't I just feel even slightly for him what I feel for Sam?"

And that set off a stream of more questions, but these were all about Sam.

"Why haven't I heard from Sam? Where is she? It's been almost a week since I even got an email" She frowned and realized that since Sam left for college they had contacted each other at least once a day either by phone or email. It wasn't like Sam to not email her.

A knock on the startled her out of her Sam haze.

"Just a minute" she yelled as she stepped out of the tub. She glanced at the clock and was surprised that it had been an hour that she was in the tub and she was not ready for her date with Jake. Brooke put her robe on and went to answer the door.

"Come on in and have a seat, I'll just get dressed " she said as she turned and headed for her bedroom, dreading the date more and more.

Part 3

Sam stood rooted to the spot till Toni made her way through the crowd to her. Toni almost squealed and propelled herself into Sam's arms nearly knocking her into the wall. Sam smiled

"I take it you're happy to see me?" Toni pulled back so that she could look her in the eyes.

"Well, you have a habit of not keeping the plans we set." Sam just pulled her closer.

"Yeah I'm really sorry about that. From now on, you are gonna come first," Sam leaned her head down and brushed her lips slightly against the blondes. When she pulled back Toni had a huge smile playing across her lips.

"And what brought that on? I mean, I know I am the best thing that ever happened to you," with that she smiled, winked and turned to start walking. Sam swatted her on the butt and fell into step with her.

"So what's the plan?" Toni turned to look at her beautiful girlfriend.

"Well, I was thinking that we would go take a walk," Sam reached down and grabbed the other girl's hand and lead her away. They walked for a good 15 minutes just chatting about nothing in particular and Sam's mind started to wander again. She looked over to Toni, who was going on about one of the girls on her cheerleading squad and when she looked up and smiled at Sam, Brooke's beautiful smiling face flashed in her mind's eye. Sam looked away real fast and shook her head to clear the image. Toni pulled Sam to a stop and turned her toward her.

"Are you OK, Sam? You looked a hundred miles away just now." Sam just smiled and said she was fine.

"Let's continue our walk, OK?" The blonde knew there was something up, but she just smiled and let it go.

They came to a spot that had a blanket laid out and a huge picnic basket set up. There were candles placed on various big rocks waiting to be lit. Toni stopped and her breathe caught in her throat. It was a beautiful spot. Sam smiled and pulled her along. When she came fully into the clearing, she saw the most breath taking view of the ocean beating against the rocky shore. When Sam noticed Toni's reaction she smiled even bigger. She was going to make her commitment to Toni tonight.

"Wow, how did you find this place?" She looked over to Sam with an expression of total awe.

"I kinda ran into it," she said with a slight smile. " So I take it you like it?" Toni looked at Sam and she seemed nervous about something. She walked over to her, wrapped her arms around Sam's waist and pulled her close. She looked her straight in the eyes and said,

"No, I love it." It came out as a breathy whisper but Sam heard it and relaxed a little and held Toni tight.

"Glad to hear that. Come on, let's eat." They broke apart and Sat down on the blanket. Sam pulled open the picnic basket and pulled out some Strawberry wine and 2 glasses, passed one to Toni and kissed her softly.

Toni was confused to say the least. They had been seeing each other for a while and Sam barley made time for her. And all of a sudden she is the center of the gorgeous girls attention. She wasn't stupid, she knew Sam was harboring feelings for this girl named Brooke. She saw the pictures and the far away looks when she talked about her. Brooke was kind of a touchy subject with her girlfriend. She really didn't tell her much about the girl only that she was back home and dating some guy named Jake. Although she said they were never going out, she knew it wasn't because Sam didn't want it. So she figured it was because Brooke was straight. But it didn't add up. The pictures she has up on her wall and laying around, there were a few of Brooke looking at Sam with a passion that even Toni could see. She tried to talk to Carmen about it but it seemed that she and Carmen just couldn't get along, so the other girl always clamed up when she was around.

'That's OK because when Sam and I are fully together I'll get her to move out of that stupid dorm room, with that bitch, and I'll have her all to myself.' Toni thought. She got an almost evil smile on her face and Sam wondered what was on her mind. Toni looked to Sam and saw the brunette looking at her questioningly. She just gave her a cute smile and told her she was thinking about the girl from the squad again. Sam stared at her for a few more minutes and shrugged. They ate and talked for a while, than it started to get dark so Sam stood and lit all the candles before coming back to the blanket where Toni had lay back in a reclining position with her hands behind her head. Sam tilted her head to the side and a rush of memories hit her hard.

Her and Brooke watching TV, opposite of each other on the couch and Brooke was smiling at Sam. Then she poked Sam with her toe and made her squirm, then Sam did it back and again Brooke did it, and it continued till it was a full out wrestling and tickle match. They slid off the couch to the floor and Sam slid on top of her. She pinned the blonde down and they were both breathing heavy from their little war. Their faces were so close she could feel each quick breath Brooke let out. They both just sat there and stared into each others eyes. Brooke whispered her name she started to lean in and they heard car door. They both jumped up like they were on fire.

"Ummm goodnight, Sam," and Brooke was up the stairs and into her room before their parents were all the way in the house.

Sam came out of her daze when she heard Toni calling her name. She shook her head and apologized. Toni just smiled and told Sam to come join her on the blanket again, holding out her hand for Sam to take. When Sam was sitting on the blanket Toni pulled her down so she was lying with Sam's sexy body on top of her. She slid her fingers through Sam's hair and tugged till their lips were inches apart and whispered,

"Pay attention to me." And with that their lips met in a deep passionate kiss.

Part 4

Brooke was in a daze through most of her date. She felt bad because she really hadn't tried to have a good time. All she could think about was,

'Before I give him my answer I need to talk to Sam.' Her thoughts were interrupted by a hand being placed over hers. She looked up from the candle that she had been staring blankly at for the majority of the night. She looked into deep almost sad brown eyes and sighed, apologizing for her zoning. Jake just smiled and said he understood.

"You have a lot on your mind. Maybe you should take a trip to visit Sam. Maybe getting away from me and all that is going on can help you clear your mind." That brought a huge smile to Brooke's lips.

"I think you're right. Maybe that's all I need." Deep down Brooke knew that Sam was all she needed but she was having a hard time admitting it still. Even with all the signs and evidence pointing her in that direction. But with that decision made she was able to relax and enjoy what was left of their evening. She was gonna make the preparations and pack as soon as she got back to her apartment. She could leave in the morning and be there by early afternoon. She felt like a weight had been lifted off her shoulders and wasn't even sure why exactly. All she knew was that she was going to see Sam for the first time in a year and a half and it was exciting, nerve wracking and made her happy beyond belief.

Jake noticed the change in her the instant he mentioned Sam's name and it made him jealous. He couldn't make her look that happy. He wanted her to go see Sam now and get her out of her system. He had a feeling Brooke was going to come running back to him and this trip was going to be an eye opener. He thought about how Brooke would need him and how it would be his arms she would be seeking comfort in very very soon.

"Will you excuse me Brooke? I need to make a phone call." This said Jake stood and walked toward the back of the restaurant.

"What are you doing? Is everything going as planned? YOU better make it happen! And SOON. She is going there. When I find out the times I will let you know. I don't care! Just make sure she sees what I want her to see. Make it happen! I am counting on you. I want her back in my arms by the next morning and in need of some comfort!" Anyone that could hear the one sided conversation could tell that he was up to no good and the almost evil laugh he just let out was enough to confirm it.

Brooke sat at their table and looked to the back of the room where Jake stood on the phone. It seemed to her that he wasn't too happy at first, almost like he was yelling, but than he calmed down and was smiling. She just shrugged it off. She was too busy being excited about seeing the one person that could put a smile on her face no matter what mood she was in. She smiled to herself and decided nothing was going to get her down tonight.

When Jake came back to the table she asked if they could leave. She wanted to hurry home to start packing because she was going to leave at sunrise. They drove back to her apartment with her actually making conversation and Jake could tell she was very happy. Again he felt the swirl of anger and jealousy in the pit of his stomach. He walked her to her door and leaned in to kiss her. When she didn't pull away, he pulled her to him almost roughly and pressed her hard against her door. His hands started to glide over her hips and up her stomach. Brooke for her part tried to push him away gently till his hands came up the front of her. She grabbed his hands and laughed a little uneasily and said,

"Easy," with a half smile she said goodnight and went in without giving him a chance to protest.

To say Jake was mad would be an understatement of titanic proportions. He almost had steam coming out of his ears. He grit his teeth and turned away, thinking she would soon be all his. He repeated that over and over again. He made another call and got an answering service and spoke into it through clenched teeth.

"She's leaving at dawn. Be ready!" And with that he drove home.

Part 5

Sam felt Toni's fingers digging into her head and pulling her hair but she couldn't relax for some reason. She reached up and pulled the other girl's hands from her hair, brought them over her head and pinned them to the ground. At this Toni growled and started grinding against Sam's body. Sam started to let herself go and was really starting to enjoy it when a piercing ring of a cell phone sounded over their heavy breathing. Sam pulled away and looked down at Toni. The blonde smiled, slightly out of breath. She said she needed to get that. Sam rolled off of her and lay back staring at the stars.

"Hello? I know! I'm with Sam. Can you call back?" She yanked the phone away from her ear as she jumped to her feet and walked a few feet away so Sam couldn't hear the yelling on the other end.

"Look, shut up. All right?! Everything is under control. I got what I want, you work on what you want. Stop yelling at me! I have everything under control. OK, Bye." With that she hung up and walked back to where Sam lay waiting. "Ummmm you look so incredible right now" Sam looked up and smiled slightly.

"Whoever that was sounded mad." Toni just dropped to her knees next to Sam and shrugged.

"It was my brother. He was just being an ass." Toni leaned over Sam and kissed her softly and pulled back. "Now back to more important things."

She kissed Sam over and over slowly and softly till she couldn't keep that pace anymore. The more she kissed Sam, the more aggressive she got. The blonde's hands weren't idle for long. Toni slid her right hand up Sam's sexy flat stomach to the silky material of her bra. She squeezed gently and ground her hips at the same time moaning into Sam's mouth.

"God, you feel so good," came out in a breathy moan. "I want you so bad. Relax, let me touch you." Sam moaned and was starting to really enjoy Toni's attention. Feeling those words breathed into her mouth, she closed her eyes and almost screamed with pleasure when the visual floated across her closed eyes. With her eyes closed it was no longer Toni touching her or kissing her, it was Brooke and she couldn't hold back anymore.

She let all her feelings pour out into her kisses. She rolled Toni over and started kissing her neck and nipping gently. All Toni could do was lay back and enjoy Sam's passionate responses. Toni was loving this turn of events but she had a feeling she knew what caused Sam to take control.

"Oh God, YES!! Sam! Please, don't stop," was screamed as Sam yanked her top up and latched onto one of her nipples as her hand slid up and caressed the other. Sam was totally into her fantasy of Brooke, she couldn't control herself. In her mind she saw Brooke laying under her, eyes closed, head thrown back moaning her name over and over. She started to grind against the blonde beneath her. She slid her tongue all around the nipple she had been sucking on, then she switched to the other. She wanted to devour Brooke. She had to taste her. She started to slide her body down placing kisses and gliding her tongue down the expanse of muscled skin along the way.

"OOOH, Baby! YES!" Toni tangled her hands in Sam's hair again, urging her on. Just as Sam reached the button of the blonde's pants, her cell pierced the again and startled her out of her little fantasy. She jerked up and her glazed eyes made contact with highly aroused hazel ones and at once she realized what she had just done.

"Oh my God!!!" she breathed with wide eyes. Toni ignored the phone and tried to calm her lover. Placing a comforting hand on Sam's shaking knee, she was startled when Sam jumped.

"Hey, Sam are you OK?" Sam focused on her face and shook her head.

"I need to go back to my dorm room. I'm not feeling well."

"OK, let's get this stuff cleaned up and I'll walk you back," Toni said. They got everything together and headed back without another word passing between them.

When they stopped in front of Sam's door, Sam felt extremely guilty for freaking on her girlfriend like that and for picturing another woman while she was making love to her. But then it wasn't just any other woman, it was Brooke and at that moment she had to admit at least to herself that everything Carmen had said had been right. She was now and had always been in love with Brooke McQueen. And with this realization she felt helpless too. She knew Brooke was in love with Jake and she needed to move on. She looked into Toni's eyes and asked.

"Stay?" Toni smiled and shook her head yes. Sam reached for her hand and apologized. "I am going to make it up to you, I promise" With that said they went into the dark room without another word.

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