Title: "Mutual Needs"

Author: Love

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Couple: Sam/Brooke (DEFINITELY)

Note: I don't own any of the characters in this story, just borrowing them for a little while. I am not getting or expecting a profit of any kind for writing this, just hopefully a little entertainment =)

If the thought of two women loving, Kissing, touching, etc. (you know where this is heading ;)don't you?) If the idea of intimate encounters between 2 women Bothers you or you are under age or it is illegal where you live, Run don't walk to the nearest exit.

A special thanks to everyone who has been reading my story and to all those sending me the great feedback, I really and enjoying it =)

Rating: XXX

This is sort of a PWP quick fic = ) I hope you enjoy it. Yet another fic that popped into my head, I have A LOT of ideas, It looks like I will be doing a lot of typing = ) I think Aeryn is rubbing off on me a bit ;) I definitely have to say a personal THANK YOU to her (My Jedi master ) "Aeryn, Thank you, you really have helped me out in the past months" Now on with the story…

Sam walked in and the first thing she noticed was the absolute silence. She walked into the kitchen and went in search of something to snack on. When she went to the fridge she noticed a note on the door and read it.

I'm sorry I didn't have time to cook any dinner but there is some money in the top drawer of my dresser for you to order a pizza or something. Mike had to go out of town for 2 days and needed me to go with him. Brooke is staying at Nicole's so it looks like you have the house to yourself, at least for the night. If you need anything, the number to where we are staying is with the money. Stay out of trouble please. I love you and I'll see you when we get back.

Sam couldn't suppress the smile that threatened to engulf her face thinking about the weekend, parent and Brooke free. Her first thought was (I can walk around naked if I want). She was glad for the time alone, she needed it. Especially time away from Brooke. Not that she was mad at the blonde. It was just that everywhere she went, Brooke seemed to be and she had come to realize that she was crushing on her soon to be step sister.

She wanted to figure out a way to get over these feelings, or at the very least hide them better. It seemed the deeper her feelings the more careless she became with her stares and her comments. Even Lily and Carmen had been giving her funny looks and asking way too many questions that were making her nervous. Questions that were hitting too close to home.

After eating a bowl of cereal, she headed up toward her room. Not really knowing what to do, she decided to snoop around a bit in Brooke's room. When she opened the blonde's door, Brooke's scent hit her and she took a deep breathe.

"Mmmmm," she moaned and closed her eyes as she stepped further into the room. Opening her eyes she first noticed a picture of herself sitting on Brooke's bedside table. Walking over and picking it up, she tried to remember when it was taken. It was in black and white and she was just looking straight ahead smiling.

Putting the picture down, she scanned the room some and than sat down on the bed. She lay back on it and caught the familiar scent again. She rolled over and grabbed a pillow, hugging it to her. She pushed her face into it, took another deep breath and sighed. She could detect Brooke's strawberry shampoo and a slightly vanilla smell that she thought had to be all Brooke. She never saw anything like perfume or lotions with that scent. She lay there for a few more minutes holding the pillow close and smiling.

She then sat up, put the pillow back, stood up and straightened the bed back up, not wanting to leave any evidence to her visit. As she was walking toward the bathroom, she noticed a picture upside down laying on the floor beneath the blonde's desk. Figuring it fell out, she picked it up planning to put it in the drawer. She gasped when she noticed what it was.

"Oh my God," she whispered as she stared at the gorgeous sight of Brooke wearing only a white sheer top and matching t back panties.

Instantly, Sam felt her legs grow weak and her face flush. She stared at the picture a little longer and felt parts of her swell and a definite dampness developing. Groaning as she put the picture back where she found it, she wished she hadn't seen it. Her imagination didn't need the help. She went into the bathroom and started the water for a shower, wondering if she should make it cold.

She intentionally made the water cool, hoping to drive the need away. Until now she had been able to hold her hormones in check. She never needed or ached this bad before. She laughed mentally and thought (All because of a picture. I can't imagine what I would feel over the real thing) Deciding to try and ignore the new feelings rushing through her body, she started to wash her hair and tried to think of something else. Like who took that picture? And that thought just made her slightly jealous. But the way Brooke looked in that picture was burned into her memory now.

Brooke came in the front door swearing and asking herself (Why are you still friends with that infuriating bitch?) She went straight to the kitchen.

"I will not waste another minute listening to Nicole's ranting. 'Spam this' and 'Spam that'. I swear you would think she is obsessed with Spa…I mean Sam." Quickly getting a bottle of water she headed up to her room.

She was beginning to think calmly and she started to wonder why Nicole pissed her off so bad tonight. It's not like she was saying anything different from she normally did. And the fact that lately everything Nicole said about Sam irritated her and made her want to lash out at the other girl made her feel uncomfortable.

She had been spending entirely too much time thinking about Sam. Everything the other girl did lately had her attention. Her smile made Brooke weak. She thought it was adorable how Sam would pout when she didn't get her way or the way her eyes danced when she laughed. And the way she was always doing something with her tongue. Her oral fixation was making Brooke think very nasty thoughts and that disturbed her beyond words. She knew what all the signs meant; the dreams, the watching Sam when she knew no one was looking, the way she would smile at Sam just to see the other girl smile back. Yep, she knew what it all meant. She was infatuated with Sam. She didn't want to call it love, but deep down she knew it was. And it scared the shit out of her.

She walked up the stairs and into her room deep in thought. When she came out of her mental musings, she noticed the bathroom door was open and that the shower was running. Knowing that it could only be one person she couldn't help but smile. Mentally berating herself at her perverse thoughts; she was telling herself she couldn't look in there, it was wrong, but even as she was thinking it she was moving slowly towards to door. When she was standing right outside the bathroom she told herself (Just a quick peak and that's it. There is no sound other than the water and I really do just want to make sure Sam is all right.) Happy with her excuse, she slowly peaked around the corner. What she saw stole her breath away.

There Sam stood under the pulsating water letting it just run down her firm sexy body. Her left hand was bracing the wall as the other was running a bar of soap slowly over her breasts. She let out a slight gasp as she made contact with her hardened tips, shaking slightly she guided the bar to repeat the caress. She felt a need to do it again but ignored it and moved her hand down her tight abs, circling a little and than moving further toward the intense ache between her legs. When she made contact, she whimpered and dropped the soap but continued to run her fingers through the soft throbbing flesh.

Brooke stood there, eyes glued to Sam's movements. Even from her viewpoint she could see how hard Sam's nipples were and her mouth watered at the sight. Never had she felt so consumed with a need to touch another person's body. But Sam's body was making her crave things she only saw and read in Josh's dirty magazines. Licking her lips she tried to turn her gaze away to give Sam some privacy but her eyes were not cooperating.

Sam couldn't stop. Her body was begging for release. She started moving her fingers a little faster and her breathing was quickening. She closed her eyes and instantly she saw Brooke. It was now Brooke's hand touching her, taking her higher, making her feel incredible. Her moans were low but constant. She was close and her actions were getting faster as she neared the bliss her body was floating towards. And then suddenly she took in a breath and held it, her head fell back and her body jerked as the orgasm that shot through her almost made her legs give out. As she went over the edge, she screamed out the blonde's name. Taking a moment to catch her breath, she leaned against the tiled wall of the shower and waited for the last of the tremors to subside.

As Brooke watched Sam's erotic display she felt her entire body thrum with excitement. She wanted to go in there and touch Sam, kiss her and she wanted to be the one making Sam moan. She was almost hypnotized watching the water cascade over every inch of Sam's tight body. When she realized her own hand was caressing her breasts through her top, she was startled. She knew she should turn away but she was drawn into Sam's intoxicating show. Her body never felt so out of control before. Her heart was racing, her legs were shaking, and she was panting. That was all she could take. She forced herself to turn around and move away. She knew she had to calm down before Sam got out. Than she heard it.

"Ohhhhhhh Brooooooke, Ohhh yeeessss!" Brooke's head snapped up and her eyes got wide. Suddenly she felt dizzy and her legs gave out from under her. Luckily she was near the bed and she collapsed on it, staring with her mouth opened at the bathroom door.

A few minutes later Sam turned the water off and got out, grabbing a towel and just wrapping it around herself not bothering to dry off as she walked into her room. Brooke waited a few minutes until she was sure her legs would hold her up. She got up and quietly went back down the stairs and into the kitchen so Sam wouldn't think she heard her or was spying on her. (That's exactly what you did do, and what a sight that was) she thought with an evil grin. Her body was so wound up now all she could do was picture Sam touching herself and the sound of her voice as she called out Brooke's name. She was still shocked but she couldn't help but think that things were definitely looking up. Now that she knew Sam was interested, tonight just might get very exciting.

Brooke sat down at the kitchen table trying to think up a plan of seduction and getting more and more excited as a few extremely hot scenarios popped into her head. Sitting there staring off is exactly how Sam found her when she walked into the kitchen in only her mid thigh white silk robe.

"Oh my God, Brooke!! You scared the Hell out of me!" she yelled as she jumped and then put her right hand over her pounding heart. Then in a calmer voice she asked, "Why are you here?" Sam's little outburst made Brooke jump too.

"What the hell do you mean? I do live here too, you know!" she yelled back trying to gain some control over her agitated nerves. Then all at once Brooke noticed Sam's still wet hair and the fact that she was only wearing her robe which was getting slightly transparent right above her breasts from her hair. Unbidden to her, the images of what Sam was just doing came back with a force that took her breath away.

Sam noticed Brooke's sudden flush and the slightly glazed look in her eyes.

"Brooke? Are you all right?" she asked worried. Brooke just smiled slightly but didn't answer. Sam watched Brooke for a few minutes then placed her hand on the blonde's shoulder and felt her tremble. "Brooke? Are you coming down with something?" she asked as she felt Brooke's head. "You are kind of warm," she stated.

Brooke realized that she might be able to work this to her advantage.

"Sam, I feel kind of shaky and weak," she said as she leaned into Sam's warm hand. Sam started to worry. Brooke was panting heavily and shaking noticeably.

"Come on, Brooke, let me help you to bed." She grabbed Brooke's hands and pulled slightly to get her to stand and then put her arm around Brooke's slender waist as the blonde put her arm over Sam's shoulders.

Brooke couldn't help the slight smile and the giddiness she felt bubbling up inside of her at Sam's words and the close press of their bodies. (Mmm, yeah Sam help me to bed, as long as you are in it with me) she thought to herself as they headed up the stairs toward her room.

Sam was chastising herself for taking too much joy in helping Brooke. Feeling the blonde's warm body against hers, she could smell the same scent that was on the blonde's pillow and it took all her strength not to turn her head into the crook of Brooke's neck and breathe it in. Once in Brooke's room, she led her to the bed and sat her down. She walked over the blonde's dresser and pulled out a pair of pajama pants and a tank top and brought them back to her.

"Here," she said as she handed them over the Brooke. "I'll just let you get dressed while I go lock up and I'll check on you before I go to bed," she said in a rush wanting to get out of the room before she drooled all over the blonde's low cut teasing top.

As she got to the door Brooke spoke up.

"Sam?" she waited for her to face her then continued shyly with her head down. "Um, I was wondering. I mean, could you sleep in here with me tonight?" she finished looking like a child needing comfort after a bad dream. But Brooke smiled internally. (Mmmm Sammy, yes PLEASE sleep with me tonight) she thought.

Sam looked at Brooke and knew she wouldn't be able to say no. But she also knew she wouldn't be getting any sleep that night being so close to the blonde and wanting to touch her. Sam smiled slightly.

"Let me go put some clothes on and take care of the doors and I'll be right back," and with that she left Brooke to change. Brooke was suddenly energized (Oh you don't need to put any clothes on, I wont mind) She giggled, jumped up and went back to her dresser. She took out a sexy bra and panty set similar to the one in the picture, only this one was a light purple sheer set. She changed, brushed her teeth, lit a vanilla candle on her bedside table and then turned the lights off and slipped under her blanket to anxiously wait for Sam.

Sam went around turning off lights, locking doors and then headed back up to change into a pair of black boxers and a black tank top, and then brushed her teeth. Turning off the bathroom light, she walked into Brooke's room and smelled the candle instantly. She shivered slightly at the sight of Brooke already in bed. She walked over and slipped under the covers as far away for the blonde as she could get, desperately trying not to touch Brooke.

Laying back she settled in, thinking that Brooke was already asleep because she hadn't moved or said anything. She tried to relax and go to sleep too. Just as her senses and her body calmed its hormonal urges, Brooke rolled as close as she could. She wrapped a long tan leg over Sam, her right arm over her stomach and her head on her shoulder. Sam tensed at the feel of Brooke's almost naked body so close and the blonde's hot breath fluttering over her neck sending chills all over her body.

Brooke felt Sam body reacting to her and she smiled against her neck. Leaning a little closer she moaned.

"Mmmmm, Sam," she whispered.

Sam's eyes widened and she lay perfectly still, wondering if the blonde was dreaming. Then wondered if she herself was dreaming. But she soon had her answer when Brooke's body slid almost on top of hers and the blonde lifted up enough to look into her eyes. What she saw there made her body feel like it was suddenly on fire.

Brooke stared down with a hunger that Sam couldn't mistake. Brooke spoke breathily.

"I want you, Sam," leaning down she got close to Sam's lips and whispered. "I need you," and then she placed a soft kiss against Sam's gorgeous full lips. Pulling back slightly, she looked into Sam's eyes again and waited for a reaction. She didn't have to wait long though.

Sam grabbed the back of Brooke's neck and pulled her back down to connect their lips again and again. She whimpered when Brooke pushed firmer and then slid her tongue into the passionate embrace of lips. Kissing for some long moments until both were breathless, Brooke moved her lips down over her chin. Then down further to place tiny kisses along Sam's neck, continuing on to a perfect ear.

"Mmmm Sam, you are so gorgeous," she moaned out. Sitting up, she pulled Sam with her reaching for the bottom of Sam's top. She looked into her eyes for confirmation that Sam wanted this too and her breath caught at the hunger she saw there.

Without further hesitation, Brooke took Sam's top off then her shorts. And with the help of Sam, her underwear came off too. Then she lay Sam back down and covered her with her own naked form. Both let out heavy sighs at the contact. Brooke's hips automatically started a slow rocking as she leaned in to kiss Sam again.

Both never felt anything so amazing. Their kisses became more heated as their hips started moving faster. Tearing her mouth away as she felt tremors start deep inside of her, Brooke groaned and her eyes fluttered shut. But she couldn't keep them shut for long. She needed to see Sam, she needed to watch the beauty beneath her.

Sam couldn't believe this was happening. She couldn't control her body. She was going on instinct and instinct drove her hands to move from their idle place around Brooke's back. Sliding her right hand down between their thrusting bodies and into Brooke's wetness. Brooke stopped all movement and held her breath for a moment at the feel of Sam exploring her need. Sam slid her finger around her hardened nub and felt Brooke's hips jerk in response. Loving the reaction she got, she did it again and she got the same result with Brooke moaning.

"Ohhhhh Sammy!!" Now more sure of her actions, Sam continued to stroked Brooke's soaked need and she could feel Brooke's passion growing with each movement of her fingers.

Sam couldn't control herself. She spoke for the first time since she got into bed.

"Does this feel good, Brooke? You look so sexy baby, mmmm. I want you so bad." At Sam's words Brooke's essence soaked her fingers even more and Brooke started rocking again.

"Oohhhh Sammm, Yeesss!!" Brooke practically screamed as Sam's fingers brought her closer to the edge. Sam brought her other hand up around Brooke's neck and pulled her down for another kiss. Whispering against Brooke's lips Sam said:

"I touched myself thinking of you tonight. I pretended my fingers were yours. Mmmmm, God, Brooke, I have wanted you for so long," Sam said then kissed Brooke again.

Brooke gripped the sheets on either side of Sam's head and her muscles clenched with every word Sam said. As Sam kissed her again she felt her release rushing in. Throwing her head back and stilling her hips she cried out.

"Ohhhhh Godddd SAM YES oohh God!!!" The most incredible orgasm raced through her body and made her spasm against Sam's fingers. When her tremors stopped she lay gasping against Sam's neck.

Sam lay there caressing Brooke's back and smiling thinking that that was the most amazing experience of her life. There was no denying she loved Brooke to herself anymore. Brooke couldn't help the smile and feeling of contentment laying in Sam's arms. Pulling back, she looked into the still heavy lidded eyes and she suddenly got all her strength back. She needed to make Sam feel what she just had. Leaning in Brooke whispered:

"My turn," and she started kissing Sam's neck again, gliding her tongue down and across a collarbone and then down between Sam's beautiful breasts. She pulled back slightly to admire the hardened peaks. She needed to taste them so she leaned in and circled first one then the other with her tongue. Taking Sam's right nipple into her mouth she sucked softly then nibbled, groaning against each one as she moved to the other.

"MMMMM Sam, you taste good." Pulling back, she stared into Sam's darkened eyes. "I need to taste ALL of you." And with that she swooped down and kissed Sam intensely then slid all the way down her body. She positioned herself between Sam's toned sexy legs and lifted them and placed them over her shoulders. Just looking at this gift that was presented to her, she couldn't control this need building inside of her to please Sam, to make her cry out her name. Leaning in she felt Sam stiffen a little.

She looked up and saw the uncertainty in dark eyes but she needed to do this. Every fiber of her being craved Sam this way. This was new to both of them but she somehow knew exactly what to do to make Sam relax for her. Lifting up slightly, she caressed Sam's thighs and kissed her stomach. Never losing contact with her eyes, Brooke ran her tongue out to dip into a sexy little belly button. Then she moved to a thigh and then to the other. By the time she got done showering kisses, Sam's hips were slightly rocking to make contact where she needed it most. Brooke stared imploringly into needy eyes and Sam nodded slightly. That's what Brooke was waiting for.

Kissing Sam's soaked core then she slid her tongue out to taste the sweetness that was Sam.

"OH MY GOD!" Sam moaned out as her hips came off the bed to make more contact with Brooke. Then she slid her hands into the blonde's hair and pulling her closer while she rocked her hips up and down with the blonde's tongue. Sam was so close she knew it wouldn't take much to send her over.

"Oooooh Brooke, oh yeah right there baby, right there!" Sam never knew anything could feel this good.

Brooke was in euphoric state. Sam looked so hot and tasted better than she imagined and her passionate cries were bringing her closer to the brink herself. She slid her tongue in circles and Sam froze her hips. Then she took Sam's hardened clit into her mouth sucked on it and swirled her tongue sending Sam careening into bliss as her orgasm pulsed through her entire body.

"OH MY GOD BROOKE! OOOHHHH!" Sam screamed out sending Brooke over with her own release.

A little while later Sam lay still, her breathing and heart rate back to normal with Brooke's head resting on her stomach. She ran her fingers through Brooke's slightly damp silky blonde hair. Looking up into the most beautiful face she had ever seen Brooke smiled. Sam smiled back and gestured for Brooke to move up. When the blonde got closer Sam pulled her in and kissed her slowly and full of love. When they separated Sam whispered against Brooke's lips.

"I am so in love with you, Brooke, even if you don't return…" before she could finish her statement Brooke covered her lips in another kiss, then pulled back looked warmly at Sam.

"I am in love with you too, Sam. I have been for so long and just didn't understand what I was feeling," she looked down shyly and continued. "But if you will be with me, I promise to prove my love to you with every breath that I take." Sam smiled.

"Brooke? I will be with you for as long as you'll have me," she finished with a slightly teary eyed smile. Brooke looked back up and returned the smile then leaned her head against Sam's.

"Well, then, forever it is." Then they proceeded to show each other just how much they loved each other repeatedly until exhaustion took over and they fell asleep.

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