Title: Be My Valentine?

Author: LLE

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Pairing: Sam/Brooke (Yeah, like I’ve ever written anything else)

Rating: PG - And I’m just as surprised as you, believe me.

Summary: I think the title says it all.

Feedback: “I had rather be hissed for a good verse than applauded for a bad one.” –Victor Hugo.

Disclaimer: Still don’t own them. The song “Doesn’t Really Matter” is copyrighted by Janet Jackson and the companies attached to her.

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Author’s Notes: Well, look at that! 11 pages in 5 hours. Tah dah…

Thoughts are in (…)

Brooke sighed in exasperation as she threw her wet jacket over the side of the shower stall. A 2-minute dash from the entrance of Kennedy High to her car, only to discover that she was completely out of gas. She had been unable to find a ride, and had to walk the entire way home in the pouring rain.

“Figures.” The disgruntled blonde muttered to herself. “The sky HAS to open on V-Day. Not that I have anyone to spend it with anyway.”


The house was empty. Mike and Jane had gone out of town for the remainder of the week to celebrate Valentine’s Day together, dropping Mac off at Mike’s parents house on their way. Sam was still at school, and probably wouldn’t be home for another hour or two. She had an article to finish for the school newspaper, and the deadline was at 4 Pm today.

Brooke stripped down to her underwear, and chucked the wet garments in the clothes dryer. She didn’t really feel like putting any dry clothes on at the moment, so she simply proceeded into the living room, turned on the radio and, after clicking away from a few “Special Valentine’s Day Broadcast”, snuggled up in the couch with a blanket and this month’s issue of Cosmo.

Not many minutes had passed when the blonde suddenly hurled the magazine across the room in rage. Of course this issue had a huge Valentine’s Day-Section.

“Just what the doctor proscribed.” Brooke sighed. “More reminders of how miserable my life is.”

The reason Brooke was so upset was simple enough. She was lonely. For the first time in her young life, she was alone on the most romantic day of the year. No boyfriend, no parents, not even a friend to spend it with. Only a soon-to-be stepsister, and she wasn’t even home yet.

Sam, Brooke knew, had no one to spend Valentine’s Day with either. She and George had broken up a few months ago when he, once again, had been transferred to a new High School, this one in Wisconsin. The brunette had talked to Brooke about it, and the blonde had learned that the break-up had been a mutual agreement since both Sam and George had known that they wouldn’t be able to make their relationship work over such a long distance.

“Achoo!” Brooke sneezed, bolting upright in the couch before sneezing a second time, and then a third time. (Oh joy! This day just keeps getting better and better.) She thought sourly as she flopped back down in the couch and pulled the blanket close around herself.

Ok, maybe spending V-Day with Sam wouldn’t be so bad. The two of them had grown closer. They weren’t exactly best friends, but they weren’t constantly at each other’s throats anymore either. Sam was actually sweet, funny and an all-round nice person. In short, she was nothing like Brooke originally had pictured her to be.

The mere thought of her brunette housemate brought a smile to Brooke’s face. She pondered this for a second, but quickly shrugged it off again. If thinking of Sam was what it took to make her smile, then so be it.

As she recalled the delightful sound of Sam’s laughter, Brooke soon drifted off to sleep.


Sam stretched her arms above her head and yawned loudly as she moved her neck to pop a few vertebras back into place. She glanced at her wristwatch, and smiled as she saw that it was 3:55 Pm. That left her just enough time to run the spell-checker, print and hand the finished article over to the editor before the deadline.

A look of sadness crossed the brunette’s features as she noticed the date, which was also visible on the digital watch. February 14th, Valentine’s Day. How could she have forgotten? It wasn’t like there hadn’t been any indications. Josh and Lily had been even more mushy and sugary than usual, and even Nicole had been somewhat civil to people today.

Sam sighed. (Alone on V-Day. Yipee-kai-yai. Well, better get this thing handed in and head on home.)

She got up from her chair and stretched one again, smiling as she felt the exhaustion flow away from her tired limbs. As she waited for the printer to finish (God, this thing is SO slow!), she found her mind wandering to what seemed to be its favorite subject as of late: Brooke. More often than not, the brunette found her brain practically overflowing with images of her blonde housemate. The reason for these thoughts had managed to escape her so far, not for a lack of trying on Sam’s part though. She had always just chalked it up to being happiness over the fact that she and Brooke were actually getting along, and it fit. Still, she couldn’t help feel as if there were still some pieces of the puzzle missing.

Finally pulling the finished story from the claws of the printer, Sam glanced out the window. The blue sky was hidden behind a large amount of dark clouds, and the wind seemed to have increased since classes ended a few hours ago. (Great. Looks like there’s a thunderstorm brewing.)


“Brooke? You home?” Sam called as she shut the door behind her. She had noticed Brooke’s car still parked at the school before she left, and had gotten slightly worried that something might have happened to the blonde.

The house was almost eerily dark and quiet, Sam noticed as she pulled of her jacket and boots. She reached out and flipped the light-switch, only to find that the power seemed to have gone out.

“Well, this is just perfect.” She muttered, heading into the living room in search of candles.


Sam watched as the small flame on the wick of the candle slowly grew larger, letting its warm glow encircle her. Satisfied that the candle was properly lit, she picked up the candlestick, sheltering the flame with her free hand as she walked across the room to the couch.

She placed the candle on the table by the couch and watched it for a second, fascinated by the colors of the small flame. Sam observed the shadows dancing across the room, adding to the already cozy atmosphere created by the soft darkness and the sound of the rain drumming against the windows.

The brunette turned to walk into the kitchen, and almost had a seizure when she noticed the sleeping blonde on the couch.

“Decaf McPherson, it’s called Decaf.” She muttered while leaning against one of the recliners, trying to get her heart rate back to normal. (I did not expect seeing her there, looking all cute and peaceful and…Whoa, cute? Where’d that come from?)

Sam couldn’t help the small smile showing on her face as she drank in the sight of the sleeping blonde. Brooke was lying on her side, curled up in the fetal position, her arms hugging a corner of the blanket and a content smile playing at her lips. The blanket had moved slightly during her sleep, showing a hint of bare shoulders. (Bare sh…Oh shit! She’s not naked under that thing, is she?)

Sam pushed aside the tirade of x-rated images suddenly clouding her brain and decided to head upstairs. (Cold shower. That’s what I need, a cold shower. Why do I need a cold shower? It’s only Brooke for crying out loud!)


//Hmm he he / Oh hey / Doesn't matter (It doesn't matter) / Doesn't matter at all//

//Doesn't matter what your friends are telling you/ Doesn't matter what my family's saying too / It just matters that I'm in love with you / It only matters that you love me too//

//It doesn't matter if they won't accept you / I'm accepting of you and the things you do / Just as long as it's you / Nobody but you, baby-baby//


Brooke raised her head and looked around. She was sitting on a bench in a park. A mighty oak tree stood tall behind the bench, providing a comfortable shadow from the rays of the mid-summer sun shining from the blue sky above her. The park was vast, stretching as far as the blonde’s eyes could see. Various sorts of hardwood trees were spread around the grounds, some alone, some in groups.

A small path, covered in white gravel, ran right by the bench on which Brooke was sitting. Along the sides of the path were two long, somewhat narrow flowerbeds. A plethora of flowering plants, many of which the blonde didn’t recognize, were planted in the fresh soil. All kinds of roses, lilies, orchids and every other type of plant you could ever imagine filled the warm air with the unmistakable scent of a long summer’s night in a floral garden.

The blonde picked up her ears as the soft chatter of her flowing namesake reached her. Curiosity replaced her initial wonder over her surroundings, and she decided to take a closer look at the place. Getting up from the bench, she walked along the small gravel path, breathing in the sweet air as she walked in the direction of the sound.

When Brooke finally reached her destination, the sun was setting. Its last rays were spreading across the scenery, making the water shine like gold as the light of the sky said a temporary goodbye to the earth. The blonde looked around and noticed that she was not alone. A young girl with long brown hair was sitting at the edge of the water, her bare legs dangling over the brink.

“Hey there.” Brooke said as she crouched down next to the child. The girl raised her head and looked at the blonde with a pair of deep, innocent brown eyes.

“Why are you out here all alone?” Brooke asked.

“Why are you?” The child responded.

“Because I have no one special to spend today with.” Brooke sighed.

“Sit here?” The child said, patting the ground next to herself.

“Thanks.” Brooke gave a small smile as she did what the girl asked.

“Can’t you find someone? Then you wont be alone.” The child inquired, once again fixing her gaze on the older blonde next to her.

Brooke looked at the child. There was something oddly familiar about those eyes. The way they seemed to penetrate you and the quiet vulnerability hidden behind a large amount of strength.

“I don’t know where to look.” The blonde replied honestly.

“My mommy says you often find something where you least expect it.”

“Your mommy sounds like a very smart woman.” Brooke smiled.

“She is.” The child replied, also smiling. Again, the feeling of familiarity overcame the blonde. This child reminded her of someone, only she couldn’t quite figure out whom.

“Look.” The girl said, pointing to the water.

Brooke turned her gaze towards her namesake and watched as various images floated past the two of them right before her very eyes. Images of her and Sam. The first day they met in Kindergarten, their fights over the years, the day they found out about the engagement of their parents, the day Sam and Jane moved into the McQueen house, everything that had happened up until now, including Prom night where Sam had somehow managed to get both of them out of the way of Nicole’s car.

“A long and winding road.” Came a familiar voice. Brooke turned her head and gaped as she realized whom it was sitting next to her on the brink.


“In the flesh Princess.” The young woman smiled. She was wearing a long, white summer dress in a light white fabric. Her long dark tresses hung loose around her back, a garland of white orchids adorning the top of her head. She was as beautiful as ever, breathtaking ever.

“Wha…What are you doing here?” Brooke asked, barely able to speak as she drank in the natural beauty of the other girl.

“Again, I’ll answer your question with one of my own.” Sam smiled and leaned back on her arms. “Why are YOU here?”

“And again, I have no one special to share today with.” Brooke replied.

“What am I? Chopped liver?” Sam joked, pouting.

(Oh God, those lips. I could just kiss…Whoa, hold on there McQueen! Kiss Sam? What the Hell is going on here?)

“If you are, then you are definitely the most breathtaking piece of chopped liver I have ever seen.” (Ok, that came out of nowhere.)

“Why, thank you very much Ms McQueen.” Sam grinned and pulled a strand of dark hair away from her face. “You’re not looking half-bad yourself.”

“Thanks.” Brooke muttered, blushing slightly. “So, where are we anyway?”

“Don’t know.” Sam shrugged. “It’s beautiful.”

“You don’t know? An investigative reporter like you?” Brooke teased.

“Very witty Princess.” Sam said, sticking out her tongue at the blonde. “ I don’t have all the answers, you know. A fair amount, yes, but not all of them.”

“Glad to hear you’re not selling yourself short Sam.”

“Oh I’d never do anything as silly as that.” The brunette grinned. “But seriously Brooke.” Sam said, suddenly growing serious. “Who do you want to spend V-Day with?”

“I don’t know.” Brooke breathed, looking at her hands. “Why do you care?”

“Ouch, retract your claws feline.” Sam frowned. “I care very much Princess. Whether I like to admit it or not, you’ve become one of the most important people in my life. You’re my friend Brooke, sometimes my best friend.”

“Thanks Sam, I feel the same way.” Brooke smiled slightly at the admission. “I just think…”

“Brooke.” Sam interrupted. “Listen carefully to what I’m about to say, chances are you might never hear me say it again. Sometimes you can’t think too much about things. You just have to find out what you want in your heart of hearts, find out what FEELS right instead of what makes sense.”

“Sounds like good advice.” The blonde smiled after a few minutes of thinking.

“Hey, have I ever steered you wrong in the past?” At Brooke’s incredulous look, the brunette quickly added. “When I didn’t mean to, that is.”

“Guess not.” The blonde replied. “But I don’t know what I want.”

“Then we’ll figure it out.” Sam smiled and took hold of Brooke hand with her own. “Together.”

Brooke looked at their joined hands and smiled. It felt familiar, and it felt right. “Together.” She parroted silently. “I like how that sounds.”


//My love for you, unconditional love too / Gotta get up, get up / Get up, get up, get up and show you that it...//

//Doesn't really matter what the eye is seeing / Cause I'm in love with the inner being / And it doesn't really matter what they believe / What matters to me is you're in love with me//

//Doesn't really matter what the eye is seeing / Cause I'm in love with the inner being / And it doesn't really matter what they believe / What matters to me is you're nutty-nutty-nutty for me/


A loud clash of thunder erupted, causing the brunette to jump slightly as she came out of the bathroom. (Man, that one was big. Calm down Sam, calm down. It’s only thunder.)

She proceeded down the stairs, a pensive frown on her face as she pondered her latest revelation. (Ok, so I’m gay. So what? Doesn’t change who I am, right? Not like it’s something I can change anyway.)

Sam’s unconscious had been trying to alert her of the fact that her desires did not lie with the male half of the population for some time now. More specifically, since she was forced to share a house and a bathroom with a certain blonde cheerleader. She had been lying in the bathtub for the better part of an hour, thinking hard to make sure that it was true. After all, discovering that you can’t take the road most traveled is never an easy epiphany at the very beginning. It was tempting to just ignore that stubborn little inner voice telling her what she knew was true. But, Sam decided, this wasn’t something you could just shut out. If she was ever to be truly happy with her life, she had to accept who she was. The brunette had admitted it to herself, and she already felt more free and refreshed than she had felt in a very long time.

(That was the easy part.) She thought with a sarcastic smirk. (How the Hell am I supposed to tell Brooke that I’m madly on love with her?)

It had indeed been a very productive afternoon for the mind of Samantha McPherson. Not many brains can brag about the fact that they have made their owners recognize two facts on the same day. Especially not when they have been trying to ignore said facts for more than two years.

As she re-entered the living room, Sam’s gaze once more fell upon the sleeping blonde on the couch. (Cute? Nah, beautiful is more like it.)

With a sigh, Sam sat down on the floor across from the couch and leaned against one of the recliners as she watched the girl sleep. (I’ll tell her when she wakes up. Please God; if she can’t love me back at least don’t let her hate me.)


//(You're so kind) / Just what I asked for, you're so loving and kind / (And you're mine) / And I can't believe you're mine//

//Doesn't matter if you're feeling insecure / Doesn't matter if you're feeling so unsure / Cause I'll take away the doubt within your heart / And show that my love will never hurt or harm//

//Doesn't matter what the pain we go through / Doesn't matter if the money's gone too / Just as long as I'm with you / Nobody but you, baby, baby//


Brooke bolted upright in the couch as another loud clash of thunder filled the room. Panting, she slowly let the last part of the dream replay in front of her inner eye.

[[She was lying with her head in Sam’s lap, watching the stars in the sky above them while enjoying the soft feel of the brunette’s fingers playing with her hair. Exactly when the last light of day had disappeared and nighttime had set in she didn’t know, she didn’t really care either. The air was still warm, and it felt good being close to Sam.

(What DO I want?) Brooke sighed and looked at the constellations in the sky. She didn’t remember their names, but they were beautiful nonetheless. A small voice was yelling in her head, trying desperately to be heard. One part of the blonde’s brain was pressing to make it’s owner hear what was being told her, but another part was pressing just as hard to keep the message buried in the subconscious where it felt this particular feeling belonged.

“Penny for ‘em?” Sam asked, softly tracing the frown on the blonde’s face with an index finger.

Brooke closed her eyes and shook her head in exasperation. “I don’t understand. It’s like... I’m trying to feel, like you told me to. And there is a feeling inside me. But it’s like…like some part of me wont let me see it. Like it’s afraid of what will happen once it surfaces. Am I making any sense?"

“A lot of sense actually.” Sam said, her gaze following her own finger as it moved from the blonde’s eyebrows to her cheekbone. “ Sounds like you do know who you want, you’re just too afraid to realize it for some reason. Afraid of having things with this person change, afraid of their reaction.”

“But who is it?” Brooke groaned. “God, this is frustrating!”

Sam freed herself from the blonde and lay down on the ground. Brooke was lying on her back with her legs over the brink, while Sam was lying on her stomach, her body following the line of the water and her head towards the blonde. The brunette placed her head in her hands and looked at the face beneath her own with a thoughtful expression.

“Close your eyes.” She said as-a-matter-of-factly, looking into the cheerleader’s hazel pools.

“What?” Brooke asked in confusion.

“Close. Your. Eyes.” Sam replied patiently. Satisfied that the blonde was following her instructions, she continued. “Think of love, relax and let the emotion fill you up. Then tell me who you see.”

After a few minutes of silence, Brooke opened her eyes once more. She looked at Sam’s face in wonder, as if she was seeing it for the very first time.

“Who did you see?” Sam asked, twirling a lock of blonde hair between her fingers.

“You.” Brooke said, awe in her voice.

“Don’t look so surprised Princess.” Sam grinned and traced the blonde’s lips with her thumb. “ I am pretty irresistible, wouldn’t you say?”

“Breathtaking.” Brooke agreed, closing her eyes as Sam’s gentle fingers drew patterns on the side of her neck.

“Flattery will get you everywhere.” Sam smiled and leaned in closer.]]

(Oh my God! I’m in love with Sam? I’m in love with Sam. Ok, so noted. What do I do? Tell her, you idiot. But what if she doesn’t feel the same way? You wont know unless you ask. Argh, I hate internal arguments.)

Brooke was so caught up in the debate currently taking place in her head that she didn’t even notice the brunette until she was sitting right beside her.


“Hm? Oh, Sam hi. Er…What?"

“I need to talk to you.”


//Your love for me, unconditional I see / Gotta get up, get up / Get up, get up, get up and show you that it...//

//Doesn't really matter what the eye is seeing / Cause I'm in love with the inner being / And it doesn't really matter what they believe / What matters to me is you're in love with me//

//Doesn't really matter what the eye is seeing / Cause I'm in love with the inner being / And it doesn't really matter what they believe / What matters to me is you're nutty-nutty-nutty for me//


“I’ve only just realized it, but I guess I’ve been feeling this way for quite a while.” Sam began, finding her bracelet very interesting all of a sudden.

“Feeling? What feeling?” Brooke asked. (Maybe...Oh get real McQueen, wishful thinking.)

“Brooke, I’m gay.” Sam blurted out. (Ok, one down, one to go. Please give me a positive reaction.)

“Uh…Um…” Brooke stuttered, temporarily stupefied. (English Brooke, English. Say something.)

“Brooke?” Sam asked, misty brown eyes desperately searching hazel ones for a reaction. “Princess talk to me, please?"

“Sorry.” Brooke shook her head and smiled. “Just kinda caught me off guard there, you know?”

“Yeah.” Sam sniffed. “It’s kinda big. Sorry to spring it on you like this.”


//(You're so kind) / Just what I asked for, you're so loving and kind / (And you’re mine) / And I can't believe you're mine//

//Doesn't matter what they say / Cause you know I'm gonna love you anyway / Doesn't matter what they do / Cause my love will always be with you//


“Aw Sammy. Don’t cry. Come here.” Brooke said, reaching out for the brunette to join her on the couch.

Sam hesitantly took Brooke’s hands and sat down next to her, closing her eyes as she sank into the blonde’s embrace. (God, I can’t believe how good she smells.)

“Sam, you being gay doesn’t change anything between us, I hope you know that.” Brooke said while gently stroking the brunette’s back (I wish.)

“But it does Brooke.” Sam said, almost desperately. “It changes everything. I have to tell you one more thing.”

“Anything Sammy. Don’t worry; nothing you can do or say will make you any less worth in my opinion. You’ll still be the same pigheaded, beautiful, obnoxious ass I love so much.” Brooke said in a soothing tone. (Oops, slipped right off of the tip of my tongue. Well, now’s as good a time as any I guess.)

Sam pulled back slightly, confusion evident on her face. “You love me? I’m beautiful?”

“I have eyes Sam, I can see.” Brooke grinned, blushing slightly. “Even if I sometimes can’t see what’s right under my own nose.” She added, lowering her head.

“Like what?” Sam asked. (Please let that be it. Please!)

“Like you.” Brooke said so softly the brunette almost missed it, almost.

“Me?” Sam’s brow furrowed in mild confusion. “What do you mean?”

Brooke raised her head and let her eyes meet Sam’s. The love and concern in the brunette’s chocolate pools urged her to continue, so she did.

“I’m in love with you.”

Sam choked a sob at the sound of the honesty and vulnerability in the admission. Happy tears trailed down her cheeks as she reached over and stroked the blonde’s face with the tips of her fingers.

“You’ve just said everything I’ve ever dreamed of hearing Princess.” She whispered. “I love you too.”


//My love for you unconditional love too / Gotta get up, get up / Get up, get up, get up and show you that / My love is true, and it's just for you, uh//

//Doesn't really matter what the eye is seeing / Cause I'm in love with the inner being / And it doesn't really matter what they believe / What matters to me is you're in love with me/

//Doesn't really matter what the eye is seeing / Cause I'm in love with the inner being / And it doesn't really matter what they believe / What matters to me is you're nutty-nutty-nutty for me//


Sam sighed in contentment as she snuggled closer to the blonde beside her. She couldn’t imagine even the softest pillow in the world being just a tiny bit better than the one person she loved more than life itself.

“Comfy?” Brooke asked, amused at how the brunette had already claimed her as her own personal pillow.

“Mmm. Very.” Sam smiled, breathing in the blonde’s unique scent. “You smell like blackberries.” She added as an afterthought, feeling the soft vibrations as Brooke’s chuckled.

“Why thank you.” Brooke smiled and kissed the top of Sam’s forehead. Noticing a broad grin spreading on Sam’s face, she caught the brunette’s eyes and sent her a questioning look.

“I was just thinking.” Sam smiled and took Brooke’s hand in her own. “Be my Valentine?” She asked in her little-girl voice.

“Always Sammy.” Brooke replied, also smiling. “If you’ll be mine.”

“Anytime Princess, I love you.”

“As I love you.”


//Nutty-nutty-nutty my love for you / I can't believe my dreams come true / I've finally found somebody whose heart is true / And best of all you love me to / And nutty-nutty-nutty my love for you / I can't believe my dreams come true / I've finally found somebody whose heart is true / And best of all you're nutty-nutty-nutty for me//


Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoyed it. Happy Valentine’s Day.


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