Title: Send in the Muses

Author: LLE

Email: saturnchild@hotmail.com

Pairing: X/G

Rating: PG-13

Author's Notes: Not Popular, I know, sorry ::grins:: But it does mention Sam, Brooke and one PopSlash author we haven't heard from in a while.

Besides,I had a boatload of fun writing this, and thought it'd be a shame not to share it with you guys.


There she sat, frustrated girl
her head held in her hands
for all the ideas is the world
escaped when in demand.

"Alas!" she cried for she was sad
and nothing seemed to work.
"This writer's block is really bad
I'll end up called a jerk!"

She pinched her nose and thought so hard
her head did near explode
then suddenly there stood a bard
which made her brain implode.

"Fear not." said Gabrielle, the bard
with eyes the green of sea
"You need nay think so very hard
we'll help you out, right Xe?"

"Buh..." said the girl, her tongue was tied
she drowned in gentle green
for there stood Perdicus' bride
now turned Amazon Queen.

"Once more, with feeling" Xena grinned
as she came through the door
her blue eyes held the writer pinned
and kept her off the floor.

"Buh..." said the girl once more, as told
and cursed her stubborn tongue
for here she faced the heroes of old
as if she'd swallowed a lung.

"Xena, please." said Gabrielle
"You need not scare her worse.
Tis bad enough, as I can tell,
she seems as under a curse."

"Sorry, love" the warrior said
and kissed her lover's lips.
Then grinned as Gabby blushed bright red
down to her fingertips.

"Why be you here?" the writer mumbled
as she regained her voice.
"Oh, how funny." Xena grumbled
"As if we had a choice."

"You sent for us." fair Gabby said,
glaring at her friend.
Xena shrugged and saw the bed,
sitting on one end.

"I did not." the blonde head shook.
"You must have heard me wrong.
I sent for Popular's Sam or Brooke,
or both to come along."

"They're busy now." the answer came
from the green-eyed bard.
"Love is where to put the blame
her block, like yours, is hard."

"I'm not surprised she did that, damn."
the writer gave a grin.
"She always had a thing for Sam,
could drive the girl to sin."

"We were sent instead to help."
said the dark-haired fighter.
"Though I thought not to see a whelp
but a grown up, serious writer."

"Xena, stop." said Gabby, the bard
and smacked her lover's arm.
Xena pouted "Why so hard?
I really meant no harm."

"Tis no shame to start out small."
came in a scolding tone.
"As muses, we must heed our call,
the honor of writers hone."

"Very well." the princess sighed.
"You always speak the true.
But note, tis only for this once
I give control to you."

"Tis not true." the green eyes laughed
and Gabby hid a grin.
"Did you forget, are you so daft,
after we played Gin?"

"You cheated, love, my hand was good."
Said Xena as she blushed.
The memory still clearly stood,
the warrior's skin grew flushed.

"Twas a bet, I did not cheat.
You had to pay your due.
Granted, I enjoyed my feat,
but darling, so did you."

"Um, hello?" she dropped her cup,
the tension grew too fast.
Bard and warrior heating up,
to points beyond a blast.

"I'm sorry." Gabby pinched her nose.
"Seems I lost my mind."
She gulped as Xena whispered close;
"I'll help you anytime."

Gabby gave the girl a hand
but couldn't help her much.
Xena was in full demand,
craving kiss or touch.

As they left, how Gabby scowled.
"You have to concentrate."
"Later." Xena lowly growled.
"Insanity won't wait."

"Insanity? What do you mean?
Tell me, be so kind."
Hungry blue locked onto green.
"Just give a little time."

"Time for what? Please tell me now.
I'm thinking hard, I'm tense."
And Xena proceeded to show her how
she'd make her lose her sense.

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