Title: A Night’s Tale.

Author: Licentia_Laetitia_Est

Email: saturnchild@hotmail.com

Summary: Wonder what happened after the reception? Read on and you’ll find out...

Pairing: Oh really!

Rating: NC-17! Yes, I actually wrote a love scene!

Disclaimer: Don’t own ‘em, never did. Just having a little fun with the concept. ::grin:: Anyone you haven’t heard of was created by yours truly…

Distribution: You want it, take it. Just let me know where it goes.

Author’s Notes: A sequel to “Still the One”. Maybe I’ll turn this thing into a series, who knows? If this part doesn’t make much sense to you, please take into consideration that I’m currently suffering from insomnia. Just thought you should know that.

BTW: Ever heard of “Sappho’s Spell”? Well, I’m pretty sure I’m under “Sappy’s Spell” at the moment, if you catch my drift?

“So, where will you guys be honeymooning?” Lily asked.

“At home.” Sam replied, referring to the house she and Brooke had bought after graduating college. “We’re a little short on travel money at the moment, and Mom and Mike are kind of pressed too, so they can’t help us.

“Yeah, we’ll postpone it for a few years.” Brooke agreed.

“I’m sorry to hear that.” Lily said, patting Sam’s hand.

“We’ll live.” Sam assured her. “You know what they say: All good things come to those who wait.”

“Hey guys.” Carmen said as she came up behind them. “You forgot to unwrap our present.”

“The one from you and George?” Sam asked, quite baffled. “Oh no sweetie, we already thanked you for the china, remember?”

“I remember quite well, thank you.” Carmen smiled. “This present is from the entire gang.”

Sam and Brooke looked at each other. Intrigued, they got up and followed Lily and Carmen to the gift table where the rest of their friends stood.

“Ok, what are you guys up to?” Brooke asked, shooting them all a mock-suspicious look.

“Well, we knew you were a little short on your cash yo, so we pitched in.” Sugar said.

“Let’s see.” George looked at his watch. “Today’s Sunday. So from eight o’clock tonight and 7 days forward…”

“You have the Honeymoon Suite at the L.A. Ritz at your disposal.” Josh grinned

“Free of charge, of course.” Lily added.

“With three meals a day.” Mary Cherry chimed in.

“Full access to the pool, the sauna and all other recreational facilities.” Carmen smiled.

“And up to 1000 Dollars worth of Room Service.” Nicole finished.

“There are, naturally, a few more surprises for you once you get there.” Harrison winked. “And any money you should choose not to spend will be returned and divided among us.”

“So there had better not be a penny left at the end of the week.” Lily said sternly.

“Here’s your key ladies.” George smiled as he pulled a small silver key from his breast pocket and handed is to Brooke.

The newlyweds didn’t know what to say. Fortunately for them, their friends found the happy tears in their eyes and the warm hugs they received to be far better “Thank You’s” than any amount of words could ever have provided.

“Leaving early tonight?” Sam asked as she and Brooke walked hand in hand to the dance floor.

“SO leaving early tonight.” Brooke grinned.

“Enthusiasm of a five-year-old and the libido of a rabbit on crack.” Sam laughed and placed her arm around Brooke’s waist. “My kinda gal.”


“Wow!” Sam breathed as they entered the Honeymoon Suite.

“I see your “wow” and raise you with a “whoa!” sweetie.” Brooke agreed, her hazel eyes taking in their surroundings.

The living room was spacious. The floor was covered with a thick, white carpet that just made you want to walk around barefoot. The walls were red brick and supported the exact right amount of colorful landscape-paintings. The room held well-stocked bookcases, two black leather recliners, a black leather couch, a mahogany coffee-table, a big-screen TV, a massive sound-system along with several other colonial-style furniture and assorted knick-knacks.

On a small, round table straight ahead from the door stood a vase with two dozen red and yellow roses. A small, white envelope was situated next to it.

Sam closed the door behind them, and they walked over to the table.

The note inside the envelope wasn’t signed, but Brooke recognized Nicole’s handwriting.

“When opportunity knocks, answer the door?” Brooke read aloud, puzzled. She looked to Sam for a possible answer, but the brunette seemed to be just as confused as she was.

There was a knock on the door. Brooke quirked an eyebrow at her wife. Sam simply shrugged and went to answer.

“Who is it?” The brunette asked.

“Room Service Ma’am.” Came the reply from outside.

Sam opened the door and a young waiter entered, bringing with him a small trolley. On top of the trolley was a beautiful silver platter with a bottle of champagne in a cooler, and a large bowl of fresh strawberries.

“I’m sorry, but this must be a mistake.” Brooke frowned. “We haven’t ordered anything, we just got here.”

“This was ordered before your arrival Madam.” The young man answered. “Last week to be exact. Can I help you with anything else?”

“Um, no. Not at the moment, thank you.” Sam retrieved a five-dollar-bill from her purse and handed it too the young man. He merely smiled and shook his head.

“All has been taken care of Ma’am.” He smiled. “Even tips for the staff. Good night to you.” He bowed and quickly left the room, leaving the stunned couple alone.

“Oh look.” Brooke smiled. “More letters.”

Sam pulled the white envelope from underneath the cooler, opened it and read the text aloud.

“Welcome to the L.A. Ritz guys!

Well, your wedding day finally arrived. At this moment (January 1st 2002) we don’t know exactly when that day is, but we’re hoping within this century.

We do know one thing though. Today has been a long time coming. In the past two years alone, the two of you have struggled with more problems than any couple should have to go through. More problems are likely to surface before this day finally arrives, but you’ll make it. We know it. You have already been through so much pain, but you survived, and the bond you share has only gotten stronger.

If anyone deserves a little pampering, it’s you. So spoil yourselves, enjoy life at it’s best for the next week. With fine foods, dancing, relaxation and last but certainly not least; each other.

Not many people are blessed to find the one they were meant to be with. You have, so cherish it and never let go.


SD, Lily, Josh, George, Carmen, Nicole, Mary Cherry, Harrison.”

“What did we do to get such wonderful friends?” Brooke asked, her eyes misting over as she read the letter.

“I don’t know Princess.” Sam smiled. “But it must have been right.” She skimmed the page once more. “Hang on, there’s a PS.”


(September 25th 2008)

The champagne and the strawberries are not on your Room Service bill. Consider them an extra wedding present from your friends.

Again, enjoy yourselves. Try not to be TOO loud though, would you? Can’t have you banned from another hotel…”

“Oh God!” Brooke groaned, hiding her face in her hands as her cheeks turned several interesting shades of red. “Will they ever forget that trip to Tucson?”

“Honey, I don’t think Tucson will ever forget THAT trip.” Sam grinned.


“So, my darling wife.” Sam smiled and placed her arms around Brooke’s waist. “Could I interest you in a warm bath with the works?”

“Well, I don’t know, oh dazzling bride of mine.” Brooke smiled. “What do you mean by ‘the works’?”

“That would be: a) A bottle of freshly-opened Dom Perignon 1933, the finest of the finest. b) A large batch of juicy strawberries. c) A lovely shoulder massage and d) me.”

“I’d gladly settle for the last one any day, but the other three sound very interesting as well.” Brooke purred and pulled Sam a little closer.

“Nothing but the best for my lady love.” Sam said softly.


“Why don’t you let your hair down Sammy?” Brooke asked as she straddled her wife’s naked form in the large, claw-foot bathtub.

Sam crinkled her nose and gave Brooke an Eskimo’s Kiss* “Because it’d get all wet.”

“Please baby?” Brooke pouted. “For me?”

“Nuh uh.” Sam smiled and shook her head no. “The pout’s not gonna work this time Princess. You’re gonna have to persuade me.”

Brooke leaned in and captured a tempting earlobe between her teeth. “I think you look sexy when your hair’s all wet.” She growled.

“Ok.” Sam squeaked. “Mission accomplished.”


Never letting their lips part, Sam gently lowered Brooke onto the king-sized four-poster bed.

“This’ll have to go, y’know.” The brunette smirked, gently tugging at the belt of Brooke’s bathrobe.

Brooke smiled, but suddenly became serious. “Go slow Sammy, please.” She whispered.

Sam nodded and kissed the tip of her wife’s nose. “Always Princess.” She said seriously. “Unless you tell me otherwise.”

Sam knew where Brooke’s words had come from. Their little escapade in the limousine earlier hadn’t been satisfying enough for either of them. They hadn’t felt connected. Physically they had been connected, definitely. Their emotional connection however, had been rushed and less than pleasing.

On top of that, this night might as well have been their first time. Brooke felt it crucial that their wedding night, the official beginning of their new life together, was perfect down to the last detail. Sam had known this, and had planned it so, but due to the change of scenery all of her preparations had been in vain.

Brooke must have shared her thoughts with someone besides Sam though. Because when they returned from their bath, the bedroom had been bathed in the soft, orange glow of hundreds of candles, rose-petals had been scattered across the covers, and “Still the One” was playing softly in the background.

Sam smiled, and silently thanked any God that would listen for their friends. They had been far beyond thoughtful.

Sam lay down beside her wife. Slowly, gently she let one hand slide inside Brooke’s bathrobe. Lightly teasing, she caressed the strong thighs and firm torso underneath, planting feather-light kisses on the blonde’s face, neck and shoulders. Sam was in no rush. They had the rest of their lives together.

Briefly, the brunette thought back to the time when she and Brooke had made love for the first time. Back then, she had been the one looking to the blonde for guidance, and Brooke, being the more experienced one, had gladly given it. She had been slow, loving and understanding, and Sam was eternally grateful. Now the time had come for her to return the favor.

She gently pressed her lips to Brooke’s, but didn’t get the usual fast response. She felt Brooke smile against her lips, and smiled in return. Brooke wanted to be seduced, and what Brooke wanted, Brooke got. Sam was just glad to be able to help.

Sam lifted her head and gazed into her lover’s hazel orbs. “Windows to the soul.” She whispered.

Brooke smiled lovingly and cupped the brunette’s face in the palms of her hands. Sam received a soft but passionate kiss on the lips before the contact was broken once again.

The blonde slowly ran her hands down Sam’s neck to her shoulders. With a gentle push, she made the already loose robe fall from her wife’s body. Running her hands down the muscled back, she felt Sam shiver with delight under her touch.

Sam proceeded to softly kiss Brooke’s face, focusing on the corners of her mouth, while her hands slowly untied the blonde’s robe and pushed it open.

Carefully, she let her hands trail up Brooke’s sides and heard the blonde growl low in her throat as her thumb brushed against a full breast. A sultry smirk firm in place, Sam once more pressed her lips to Brooke’s and found no resistance. Their tongues dueled in a gentle exploration of each other, tasting everything as if for the first time. The kiss was passionate, but also conveyed love, understanding and everything they couldn’t put into words.

Without breaking the kiss, Sam straddled one of Brooke’s thighs, letting her wife feel a little more of her skin, but not going near the area where she knew her touch was the most needed. Lazily, she let her index finger trail the expanse of Brooke’s ribcage, going through the valley between her breasts. Lightly brushing against them with a finger or two, but not quite touching.

Brooke’s breath quickened, and she tangled her fingers in Sam’s hair, deepening the kiss. That was all Sam was waiting for.

Gently, she cupped her wife’s breasts with her hands, grazing the nipples with the pads of her thumbs. She felt Brooke’s breath hitch and her body arch into the touch.

Sam reluctantly pulled herself away from Brooke’s inviting lips, and began kissing her way down. She smiled against her wife’s soft skin as she heard her whimper in anticipation. Slowly, she let one hand trail downwards to rub a firm inner thigh.

Brooke gasped as she felt Sam’s mouth close around a taut nipple, sucking gently. She let out a deep, guttural moan and pressed down on the back of her lover’s head to increase the contact.

“Sshh baby.” Sam mumbled in a soothing tone. “It’s okay, relax. I’ll take good care of you Princess.”

Collecting a little moisture, Sam let her index finger circle Brooke’s pearl for a few minutes, never pulling her lips from the breast under her face. As she felt Brooke begin to rock against her hand, she realized that the time was now. Gently, she let two fingers find the center of the blonde’s need.

Brooke let out a high-pitched cry as she felt Sam’s hand find her aching core. She felt Sam mutter soothing words against her chest, and the humming sensation only added to her pleasure. She pulled Sam’s face to her own, looking deep into the chocolate pools as she felt her release nearing.

Sam recognized the look in her wife’s eyes. Just as she saw and felt the long awaited release enter Brooke’s body, she curled her fingers to press against the spot she knew would prolong the feeling, and pressed the palm of her hand down on the blonde’s clit. She held the body tightly in her arms until the jerks and spasms ended.

Sam looked down at her wife, and saw that she had fallen asleep.

“I love you Princess.” She whispered, and held her wife close as she too drifted off.

-THE END (for now)

* An Eskimo’s Kiss is when two people in love rub their noses softly against each other’s.

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