Title: Growing Pains

Author: LLE

Email: saturnchild@hotmail.com

Disclaimers: None. This story and its characters belong to me. Please refrain from copying unless you have my permission to do so.

Have you ever seen the sun come up on a misty autumn day

The way it parts the tiny clouds and chases the shadows away

If you ever do then think of me, I want to be your light

The one that brightens up your day and holds you in the night

I long for you to hold my hand and see you smile at me

But when you look my way a former friend is all you see

From the day you were born I’ve been to you a sister and a friend

The only one you’d talk to when your darkness had no end

Our childhood years were happy, sharing smiles and sharing tears

Your words at five were “bestest friends for a hundred billion years”

I often wonder what I did to make you treat me so

Did it happen when I said I’d never let you go?

Or was it when I asked you why we don’t speak anymore

Your answer was to take my heart and smash it on the floor

I often want to hate you for the things you’ve put me through

For all the times you’ve made me cry and ripped my heart in two

But I will keep on waiting for the day you’ll look my way

And if it never happens always in my heart you’ll stay

And now, dear reader, have you any questions for my rhyme?

Why do I not tell him, why not ask him to be mine?

Alas my friend, the answer is as simple as can be

The person whom I wrote this for is a girl, just like me…

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