Title: Love Is...

Author: Kim

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Authour's Note: Okay, this is basically smut with a touch of romanticism. First story I have ever submitted. Would love some feedback.

Soft lips press against my own.

The movements are slow and calculated and I react immediately to roaming hands.

I kiss her back. Softly at first, but more urgently as her tongue enters my mouth.

Suddenly, we are on the bed. Her warm body presses into mine and I moan as a straying hand flits over my stomach.

'Shh,' she says softly, stopping suddenly. Her thumb rests on my lip, and I whimper.

I look at her, into green pool-like eyes, questioning.

'It's just.' she starts.

And suddenly I'm nervous.

'My parents,' she finishes almost shyly. She's embarrassed. I can tell by the flush reddening her cheeks. 'I don't want them to hear us.' She looks away for a second before giving me a sheepish smile.

'They won't,' I say, trying to reassure her. I lift my hand to her face, brushing my fingers across her cheek and resting them on her neck. 'They never do.'

She smiles again. 'I know.'

I expect her to kiss me. Instead, her ruby lips hover above mine.

Suddenly, I feel dizzy.

'I love you,' she whispers.

A soft cry emanates from my belly.

'I love you too,' I answer huskily.

Warm breath touches my skin and tickles my neck before her tongue darts against it.

The soft kiss of her mouth is hot against my jaw and I lean into the idle touch of her hand against my stomach.

My pulse quickens as strong fingers glide upwards, gently tugging on my shirt

I arch from the bed, catching her lips with mine as her fingers begin to lift the offending item from my body.

The light purple top drops to the floor and an audible sigh fills the room.

'Beautiful,' she purrs, running her fingers against my bare stomach.

'I wouldn't talk, you,' I say teasingly, kissing her as I struggle with the buttons of her white shirt.

She helps me with the last two and leans into me.

My arms wrap around her waist as a hand curls into my long, dark hair.

She's looking at me again, staring at me. A hint of a smile etched on perfect features.

My lips twitch playfully.

There is an unspoken agreement between us as I bend upwards and turn her over.

I'm on top of her now, pressing my body into hers.

She removes my bra.

I remove hers.

I straddle her, feeling the shallow rise and fall of her stomach between my legs as I awkwardly undo her jeans. Her panties soon follow.

I gulp, ever aware of the naked body beneath me.

She laughs silently at me. Teasing me as her breasts bounce up and down.

'Hey,' I mouth, slapping her lightly on the arm. I can't help but smile.

I can feel the slight shake of her body as her hands undo the buttons on my blue Levi's.

I can feel warm lips find their way to mine.

Her movements are painfully slow as she runs her fingers against the outline of my panties.

I groan before I am pulled beneath the warm sheets of the duvet.

Both naked, we begin the slow exploration of each other's bodies: sucking, nibbling, and kissing.

Her lips reach my vagina and a warm tongue thrusts its way inside.

I whimper before coming, vaulting my legs towards her.

She crawls upwards, planting soft kisses against my bare body.

When she kisses me, I can taste myself on her lips.

I moan into her mouth and begin to move downward, my tongue paying careful attention to swollen breasts.

When she comes, I savour the sweet taste of her juices as she writhes beneath me.

Once relaxed, she pulls me upwards and brings my forehead to her lips.

'I love you, she groans softly and wraps her arms around my body.

'I love you,' I murmur into her neck.


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