Title: Real Reality

Author: Joie

Email: GwOmAn2086@aol.com

Rating: R/ NC17 for this one

Keywords: B/S slash (kinda), Angst

Spoilers: Its after the finale, so I guess any ep is fair game.

Summary: Brooke's being haunted by dreams. ( I know its not to original but I've got some twists in mind!)

Author's note: I'm no longer a Lurker! This is my first ever fanfic that I've had the guts to post, so I hope you like it. Please send feed back! Now on with it

Dream World

She hungrily eyed the body in front of her. Her gaze sliding up the strong legs, the soft torso, pausing a moment to survey the perky breast and their hard nubs. Her eyes reached the neck, framed by dark hair, she knew to be sensitive, she licked her lips as her gaze slid over the full lips in front of her, finally coming to rest on chocolate eyes that had turned black with desire.

She could almost feel those lips on her own, she knew the weight of those breasts cupped in her hands.

" Brooke" the low moan filled with carnal lust woke the observer from her reverie.

As she licked her lips once more the figure standing before her leapt onto the bed pushing Brooke backwards.

Heavy lids closed over dark eyes as the brunette attacked Brooke's lips. She felt a hand tug up her silk nightshirt seeking the flesh beneath. A strong knee pushed between the cheerleader's silk clad legs.

Brooke moaned as her attacker moved to trail sloppy kisses down her neck and into the valley between her breasts. The girl's hot mouth latched onto a hard peak as her left hand pinched the other. Her right hand wandered underneath the draw string waist of Brooke's pants.

Brooke let out a low moan of anticipation as she wound her fingers through dark tresses. The brunette continued her assault on Brooke's breasts with her mouth as her hands roughly tugged of the taller girl's pants.

One hand spread the cheerleader's thighs as the other tangled in the short hair above Brooke's center. One finger slipped between her nether lips, gliding over her clit, sending shudders through her body, before pulling out.

Brooke started to protest at the loss of contact but was quickly quieted when her attacker raised up on one elbow and traced Brooke's lips with her moist finger, before leaning down to capture her lips in a passionate kiss.

As the brunette's tongue entered Brooke's mouth she inserted two fingers into her hot cunt causing her to arch towards her lover's hand. As the brunette pumped her fingers in and out she slithered down the blonde's body leaving wet kisses here and there.

As her mouth hovered over its destination she raised her eyes to Brooke's face, wanting to savor the look she found there.

She pulled the cheerleader's clit into her mouth, biting down softly. Brooke arched her back, wanting … needing more.

As she neared climax she started painting barely intelligible words " Yes … ohgodyes … oh my god … SAM!"

Brooke sat up in bed, the cry still fresh on her lips, her body tingling from her dream lover's touch.

The door to the bathroom she shared with her soon to be stepsister flew open. In rushed Sam with a frightened look on her face.

"Brooke? What the … are you o.k.?" Sam asked as she pushed the crutches out of her way and made it over to the bed.

" wha … I uh … no … I mean yeah .. it was jus a dream." Brooke scrambled to form a response, grateful that the dark hid the deep blush that had formed on her face.

" Nightmare?" Sam asked as she noticed the light sheen of sweat that covered Brooke's body. " You wanna talk about it?" she asked at the slight nod from Brooke.

" No … its o.k." Brooke said hoping Sam would leave it at that.

" um o.k." Sam said as she surveyed her surroundings. " Want me to sleep here?" she asked with a yawn.

Brooke's initial response was to say 'yes' but a scene from her recent dream popped into her head. " no is o.k. jus go back to bed." She said still not able to make eye contact with Sam.

"You sure ... alright right." Sam said as Brooke shot her a halfhearted smile.

As Sam shut the bathroom door behind her Brooke fell back into bed. " Crap. That was close."

Denial Land

As Brooke lay back in bed she took a moment to collect her thoughts.

That had been close. She couldn't believe she'd called out in her sleep. She'd never done that before.

"God that had better be the first and last time I do that." Brooke said to herself.

It wasn't like the dreams bothered her, cause they didn't she'd grown used to the dreams and a part of her enjoyed them, missing them if they didn't come.

Many a night she woke with the sheets a tangled mess wrapped around her legs damp with her own sweat. Her heart pounding and the shadow of her dream lingering on her body. She would spend the rest of the night thinking about the dream.

At first she had tried to figure out their meanings but as the nights passed and the dreams increased in intensity she had spent more and more time thinking about the dream and the effects they had on her body. She would spend the long hours of the early morning fantasizing about her dream lover not caring to look at what her thoughts meant about her. She would let sleep claim here only at dawn and in what seemed like seconds she would be roused from her slumber by the alarm clock that seemed to mock her with its songs about love and lust.

She had endured, and enjoyed she begrudgingly admitted, these dreams for three tortuously long months. It wouldn't have been so bad if it weren't for the fact that the very girl she lusted after during the night was there by her side everyday. If only Sam wasn't so damn caring, helping her recover after the accident. Then maybe the dreams would have disappeared, maybe she could have ignored the tingle she felt at even the mention of the other girls name until it was no longer there.

If she hadn't gotten hurt she wouldn't have to spend her sleepless nights fantasizing about her soon to be stepsister.

The 'accident'. It was the cause of these stupid dreams, or at least that's what she kept telling herself, truly wanting to believe it.

If only Nicole had just said 'NO', if only she hadn't gone psycho and played Froger with Brooke and her overpriced car, she would still be able to walk on her own, she wouldn't need others help to do things she used to take for granted. She would never have all that pain and Sam would never have been able to bond with her over it, to be strong to Brooke's weak.

If it weren't for all that closeness she could've ignored the dreams, blocked out the thoughts and continued living the blissfully ignorant life that was once hers. Hell, if she hadn't been hurt she'd probably still be mad at Sam for the whole Harrison thing.

" yeah right … don't kid yourself McQueen." Broke spoke out loud, startling herself

She knew that the accident hadn't caused her dreams and thoughts, but that it had just sped up the realization process. But oh how she wished she could go to denial land and never come back.

The part of her that was Brooke McQueen most popular girl at Kennedy, who wanted to please everyone, wanted nothing more then to be able to look at Sam with out noticing the soft curves of her breasts, the way her tongue was always doing something inside that delicious mouth. To be able to be near her and still retain the ability to form a coherent thought. To trade quips and the occasional flirtatious remark without meaning the suggestions with all her heart.

But in the moments when she was truthful with herself she realized that there was only one thing in the world that she really wanted …


She wanted her so bad. Wanted to feel the crush of her lips, to cup her breasts and cause shivers to run through her. She wanted to hear her name on Sam's lips as she reached the height of ecstasy.

But most of all she wanted to look her in the eyes and bear her soul, not leaving a single thing out and then listen as Sam beard hers in return.

Broke rolled onto her stomach, muffling her scream of frustration with her pillow.

She let her thoughts wander back to her most recent dream, to the way Sam's body felt under her fingers, the salty taste that was her and her alone and to the sensations her dream lover had elicited in her. And with the coming sun she drifted off to sleep, a small smile on her lips.

Space Cadet Brooke

I wanna make you sweat and do you wet
Moon gone into the break of dawn
Give me sweet and you'll never forget
Baby, baby, I'm gonna take your soul
Your sexy body is out of control
Making love to you is like a dream in heaven

"yum … sounds good." Brooke mumbled as she rolled over in bed.

" I bet it is"

Brooke shot up in bed to find Sam standing in the bathroom doorway with a big smirk on her face. Her mind raced to find something to say but alas she was speechless.

" Voulez- vou couche avec moi ce soir voulez-vous couche avec moi I want you" Sam sang along with the song as she walked over to the alarm clock and turned it off.

" What the…" Brooke trailed off as her sleep clogged brain tried to understand what was going on around her. When she realized what the French words meant she pinched her arm partially to make sure this wasn't a dream but also to keep herself from saying 'yes'.

"Morning Sunshine" Sam said with laughter in her voice as she looked at the blonde's messed up hair.

" Morning." Brooke mumbled as she threw the tangled sheets off her legs and faced the side of the bed, ready to start the familiar morning routine.

Sam picked up the crutches from the floor were they had landed that night. She brought them over to the bed and steadied Brooke as she placed them under her arms.

Brooke repressed a slight shudder as Sam's hand brushed her own. The previous night's dream coupled with her poor taste or radio station had had an effect on Brooke's nerves.

Sam followed her into the bathroom, grabbing a towel off the back of the desk chair on her way by. She turned on the shower, testing the water temperature with her hand before turning back to help Brooke undress.

Brooke was used to undressing in front of Sam, she done it tons of times, and yet every time she couldn't help undressing the other girl in her head. She saw herself tearing open the other girl's night sure to expose the perky breasts underneath, licking her lips as she… a splash of cold water on her face broke her from her thoughts.

" Hurry up. We've got to leave early this morning, Cherry is picking us up." Sam said as she helped Brooke into the shower.

Broke was glad that Sam could not see the blush that had covered her cheeks as she closed the shower door. She heard Sam slip back into her own room. She enjoyed the warm water as it slid down her body. Showers were one of her favorite things since the 'accident'. She had to sit on a bench now but the water was still relaxing and cleansing, plus this very shower had been the seen of one of her favorite dreams.

She got lost in the images that flooded her head as she remembered the dream. Sam's naked wet body pressed up to hers, their mouths crushed together in a passionate kiss, their body heat helping to fog up the mirror… a tape on the door again disturbed her musings.

"You done?" Sam asked as she stood outside the shower towel in hand.

Brooke shook her head hoping the action would help to clear her head, as she turned off the water. She opened the door and stood on shaky legs as a soft towel enveloped her. Sam helped her steady as she dried off a little and returned the crutches to their position under her arms.

Sam started to follow her into her room but Brooke stopped her. " I've got it"

" You sure?" Sam asked dubiously

"Yep" Brooke replied and she closed the bathroom door on the Brunette. She didn't think she could handle Sam's soft touch just then.

~~~~~~~~~~ down stairs, Breakfast table 10 minutes later ~~~~~~~~~~

Brooke was deep into a fantasy about Sam and strawberry yogurt as she unconsciously spooned yogurt into her mouth.

" Brooke … you there… yo… space cadet." Sam said as she waved her spoon in front of the blonde's face.

"Wha … I um… Yeah what were you saying?" Brooke shook her head as she stared down at her bowl.

" Where were you?" Sam asked, but before Brooke could answer a car honked from in front of the Palace.

" Bye, Mom, Dad." Brooke yelled as she scrambled to get her crutches and get out of there.

Sam slammed into Brooke's back as she walked out the door. Surprised she looked up to see what had startled the cheerleader. " oh…my…god…what the hell is that?!?" Sam exclaimed as she surveyed the pink stretch limo in front of her.

" Yeah' was all the response Brooke could muster as she concentrated on the feel of Sam's chest against her back. She could feel the other girl's nipples through her shirt.

"Hey ya'll" Mary Cherry drawled through the open window. "why don't ya'll get in?"

Sam helped Brooke slide into the car as she tried to figure out what was playing on the radio.

It's natural
It's chemical (let's do it)
It's logical
Habitual (can we do it?)
It's sensual
But most of all…
Sex is something that we should do
Sex is something for me and you
I want your sex …

As a look of recognition passed over both Brooke and Sam's face the blondes mind went sliding down the gutter again.

" God Cherry turn that Crap off" Sam said interrupting Mary Cherry's rant for a few seconds.

The conversation that surrounded her was lost to Brooke as she spent the rest of the ride to school licking yogurt off Sam. (in her head of course)

Sex Maniac

Claw's Class

Brook tried to pay attention to what Bio Glass was saying, but the lecture went in one ear and out the other. She looked at her textbook thinking that she could maybe read that day's lesson, but she realized it was a lost cause when she figured out that the book was upside down after she had been trying to comprehend the same sentence for five minutes.

She looked around the room trying to find something to keep her preoccupied, anything to keep her mind off the brunette sitting next to her.

She was proud of herself. After spending most of first period trying to drag her mind out of the gutter, she found herself only think about Sam once during her next class thanks to Star wars, the movie they were watching while her teacher was out sick.

She'd been walking/ hoping down the hall thinking that she had only one more class before she got to see Sam again when BAM she slammed into something soft yet strong. She felt small hands on her hips, steadying her. She looked up and was surprised to looking into Sam's eyes.

Sam smiled at her, her hand's still resting on the blonde's hips. Brooke was holding her breath as she looked into the Brunette's eyes. Sam had made a witty comment about walking much just as Brooke sucked in a deep breath. Seeing this Sam immediately thought that Brooke was hurt at her stupid comment and began apologizing profusely and to the Blonde's great dismay removed her hands from her hips. Brooke had shot her a small smile that seemed to allay the other girl's fears. As the bell rang the girls scrambled off to their next class.

Both girls spent the next 53 minutes turning the encounter over in their heads. Brooke bombed a history test that she had studied for last night, as she thought about the look on Sam's face, the feel of the brunette's hands on her. Her hands had been there for so long that it felt like they had burned imprints into Brooke's sides.

As she again tried to pay attention to the Claw's lecture she absentmindedly traced her fingers around the spot where Sam's hands had been. Just as she was beginning to understand the jest of the lesson the soft sound of humming from beside her interrupted her progress.

She looked at the brunette sitting next to her. She was doodling on her paper, pretending to take notes. Brooke smiled as Sam pushed a stray lock of hair behind her ear only to have it fall out of place seconds later.

As Brooke tried to place the tune Sam began singing the words. As she recognized the words from earlier that morning a shiver ran down her spine.

"Voules-vous couche avec moi, se soir" Sam sang softly as she traced a square on her paper.

"Could you pick anything more campy?" Brooke asked as she tried unsuccessfully to banish the erotic mental picture that had just appeared.

"Hey you're the one who got it stuck in my head in the first place." Sam said as she turned towards the blonde.

"And for that I am eternally sorry," Brooke said with a soft smile "but could you sing something else?"

With a shrug Sam began humming the first few lines of I want your sex.

"Not that either." Brooke scolded as a slight flush covered her cheeks.

"Aren't we picky." A smirk slowly appeared on her face as she began to sing. Broke couldn't quite understand the words but the song sounded familiar.

"I want to Fuck you like and animal." Sam sang a little louder as she watched the blonde out of the corner of her eye.

"Geez Sam get your head out of the gutter and shut up already." Brooke said, not looking the brunette in the eyes as a new shade of red appeared on her cheeks.

Sam just shrugged and smirked at the reaction she had gotten out of the other girl.

Ass Girl

Brooke what with fascination as Sam flirted with Jon the sexy physical therapist. She had never seen the brunette like this before. In weeks past Sam had only had the guts to stare at the buff man smiling like a bimbo and checking him out every chance she got. Jon had enjoyed the attention and had flirted shamelessly with the journalist. Sam had never taken the bait before but now she was going at it full force.

Brooke smiled as she watched the scene unfold in the mirror that was on the wall in front of her. A part of her was jealous but mostly she was surprised at the boldness of her soon to be stepsister. She knew Sam was self-confident but had never seen her act this way around a guy.

Brooke grunted as she completed her last sit up, partially out of pain but mostly trying to get the two people in front of her to pay attention to her. Sam quickly looked over to make sure the blonde was all right while Jon ignored the noise and went on with his story. Sam leaned down to help Brooke stand up before handing her the crutches.

"Alright Brooke one last thing and then your free to go." Jon said looking at Sam the whole time he spoke.

He led the girls over to two bars that ran parallel to each other with enough space in-between for a person to walk through. As Brooke sat down in a chair that was positioned at one end of the bars a female therapist called to Jon asking for his help.

" I've got to go help another patient, I think you girls can handle it here." He said smiling again at Sam before he turned to leave.

" That is one nice ass." Sam said as she watched his retreating form appreciatively.

"If your into muffin butts," Brooke said with a smirk as she hoisted herself up into a standing position.

As the blonde started walking leaning heavily on the bars at her sides Sam walked with her, her hand resting lightly on the small of Brooke's back.

"You should ask him out." Brooke said

" Yeah, cause its only illegal in 48 states." Sam said with a smirk.

"So move to Kansas."

" Nah that's o.k., not really my type." Sam said as she received a skeptical look from Brooke. " to self involved … but it sure is a nice view."

" I'm not really an ass girl." Broke said as she concentrated on walking.

" Oh really, so what is your favorite part of the body?" Sam asked

"You're going to think this is really weird but I love ankles." At a questioning look from the brunette nest to her she shrugged and looked down.

" Look at your ankles, for instance" Brooke said as she pointed at Sam's feet. "their thin and you can she the bone and when you flex your calf you can see the indentation."

" Are you saying my ankles turn you on?" Sam said playfully.

"Yeah" Brooke whispered, hoping the girl next to her wouldn't hear it.

Sam looked away uncomfortably as she said, " yeah well you've got a pretty nice ass."

"Thanx." Brooked whispered as the blush that had collected on her cheek deepened.

Peachy Keen

The sun beamed down on her upturned face. She could smell the forest all around her, hear the birds songs and the rustle of little critters roaming around the leaf covered grass. She dipped her hand into the cold, clear stream that ran the length of the valley. She took a deep breath of air crisp with the scent of melting snow from the mountain tops high above as spring descended on the valley where she sat on an old wool blanket the lightly scratched the back of her legs.

Brooke ran her palm across the short blades of grass as she opened her eyes and looked around her.

"Beautiful" the blonde said in awe as she surveyed her surroundings.

"Yes, your are." Her companion said as she rolled over to face the blonde.

"Not me, silly" Brooke said as she threw a blade of grass at the girl next to her.

With a simple shrug the girl rolled back onto her back and closed her eyes, basking in the sun.

"This place, its just so pure so untouched." She said as she ran her gaze over the form in front of her, noting the baby blue polish on her big toes, the rise and fall of the girl's chest. She memorized the look of peace on her face that was framed by dark hair.

"Desert?" she asked as she looked around the blanket. The brunette pushed a small container towards her, still keeping her eyes closed as she turned over onto her side again.

Her smile grew as Brooke opened the container to find sliced peaches. The brunette peeked one eye open to watch the blonde as she took a small bite of the sticky fruit. As she looked at the girl facing her Brooke licked her lips. "yummy"

As she took another bite a line of sticky juices trickled from the corner of her mouth and down her chin. as the blonde lifted her hand to wipe away the juice she was stop by the brunette's strong hand on her arm.

"Let me" she said as she bent over and licked the stickiness of Brooke's chin, sending a small shiver through her body.

As the brunette returned to her resting position Brooke took another bite, but before she could start chewing she found the dark haired girl kneeling above her and soon their lips where crushed together. The girl liked Brooke's bottom lip and was immediately let in the tongue touching with a spark. The brunette suddenly pulled back a smirk on her face as she showed the blonde the piece of peach she had stolen.

"Sam" Brooke moaned full of passion and desire. Sam smiled as she picked up another peach and brought it to Brooke's lips, tracing them before leaving a trail of stickiness down her neck and into the valley between her breasts. Brooke moaned as Sam's mouth retraced the path of the peach as her hands unbuttoned the blonde's shirt. As she reveled in the sensations the other girl was producing in her she was vaguely aware of a bird's song that sounded oddly like…

beep, beep, beep.

The bathroom door opened a Brooke came fully out of her dream. She couldn't help but smile at the form that stood before her. Sam walked sleepily into the room.

"Didn't get much sleep did you?" Brooke asked as she moved over to let Sam sit on the bed next to her.

"Had to write a paper for history that I thought was due today but its due next week." Sam said with a yawn.

With out second thought Brooke reached over and pulled Sam down on the bed.

"What about school?" Sam asked as she relaxed into the bed.

"Skip it." Brooke said as she let the other girl under the blanket.

"Mom and Mike?"

"Out of town."

"Good" Sam said as she snuggled down and fell back asleep.

Brooke sighed softly this was better then all her dreams combined. She turned to face Sam as she slowly drifted off.

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