Title: Whatever You Say

Author: Jez

Email: bluefragment@hotmail.com

Disclaimers: Lost and Delirious, its characters, its plot, and its wonderful angst are not mine.


She nuzzles against your cheek, inhaling your scent then brushing her lips over your brow.

Tori, baby, he can't do this for you.

"Tori," she whispers, and it's a reverent prayer. No, a tentative plea. She's awkward and thinner and more angular next to you.

Stirring, you unwrap your arms from around yourself and reach for hear instead, straining blindly to find her mouth with your own.

Good morning glory.

You rise up over her with a million fleeting kisses and your eyes squeezed shut tightly against the light.

Look at me.

But you won't. You enjoy these sightless explorations. You'd rather hear and feel her pleasure than see the questions she thinks she hides behind her smile. They're in her eyes, which don't often meet yours.


She whimpers, but it's hard to realize you've slipped up again. You love one and can love the other. They're different but not really. Like...

She'd never demand. Never harass. She's not too stubborn to let go and give in.

But they're loyal and brave. They know how to love you.

It doesn't matter who you're on top of right now; both are trapped under you.

"Tori." She tries for insistent, but instead she's breathless.

You duck your head and still your hands under her pajama shirt. The illusion is shattered. "What?" you sigh as she slips from under you and sits upright. She blushes and looks away as you gaze at her from under your lashes.

"I... we have to get ready."

I love you so much.

"We're having pancakes today."

You smile at the effort, not the message. It's the thought that counts, but you wish she wouldn't do so much of it. All the time is too often.

She pushes you gently back onto your haunches, kisses you, and crawls out of bed. Neither of you have slept in your own beds since... since you couldn't stand to be in your own and she finally gave in and curled up next to you.

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