Title: Independent Studies - Take Two

Author: Jez

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Disclaimers: Lost and Delirious, its characters, its plot, and its wonderful angst are not mine.

Tori and Paulie took the new girl under their wing alright. They showed her the ropes and got her to open up. It wasn't always easy, but she was learning.


Under more than just Paulie's wing.

Paulie didn't let Mouse have her full weight at first, for whatever reason. Maybe because she wasn't used to being that much shorter than a lover. Maybe because she wasn't sure how much the other girl could take, whether she'd be comfortable with Paulie's lean build right up against her own. Maybe because she wanted to see what would happen when one of her knees was between this Mouse-girl's legs.

The new girl was getting to be more of a Mary Brave in bed, her fingers --not as long as Tori's, long nonetheless, like her legs and torso-- tangling in Paulie's hair at the nape of her neck, tugging at her shirt, smoothing over her chest and stomach, gripping Paulie's hips...

"You're grinding," Paulie pointed out with a smirk, her tone not much gentler than it had been the first time they ran into one another.

Mouse's eyes opened as she relaxed back into the pillows. "Am not."

"Were too."

Paulie's teeth weren't gentle either, marring and marking the pale stretch of skin from one ear to shoulder while Mouse's body arched against Paulie's mouth only.

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