Title: Independent Studies - Take One

Author: Jez

Email: bluefragment@hotmail.com

Disclaimers: Lost and Delirious, its characters, its plot, and its wonderful angst are not mine. (Wow, this is short.)

Note: The "Independent Studies" shorts aren't necessarily in the same universe. This one happens to contain Crazy!Mouse.

She's awake because there are hands on her skin, but no one in bed with her. In a flashbulb-quick spark of panic, she looks over at the other bed, but it's two again, two and empty two, too.

Something's wrong.

Something like fire.

It's burning her out, but she's already hollow inside, limbs already jelly although she's rigid and tense and stretching like a gymnast. And the hands...

They're everywhere now.

Inside and outside, clawing and smoothing like they can play her just right, push her towards a final burning. Fly or fall or burn or die.


They're her hands.

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