Title: A Poem For Sara

Author: Jessi P.

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Disclaimer:  My first poem, give me a break.... and i know it doesn't rhyme.

Note: This is just something I'm trying. It's not really meant to be good

She always looks so trusting,
almost like she'd give me her life.
Her green eys always sparkle,
like she's just told a joke.

One day she let me sketch her
sitting in the hall, she did just what I told her,
helped me learn to draw.
It still looks bad, but she doesn't care.

She can get a fire in her eyes,
all you do is get her mad.
I tried to see it one day,
But I can't do that to her.

She used me as a footrest,
Sat upon my knee.
She jokes with me and helps me,
And she understands me too.

Her hair's been dyed,
and now it shows.
The roots stay a brown
The ends light blond.

I seem to see her face,
even when I close my eyes.
I go to school and there she is,
I sleep and she's in my dreams.

Sara, I never told you,
Maybe never will,
But if do read this some day,
Trost, I love you still.

Jessica P

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