Title: Missing You

Author: Jessica P


Pairing: Willow and Kennedy; Buffy and Faith

Disclaimer: Joss is God

"Good God, Dawn!" Buffy summers yelled. "This room is a disaster area!"

Buffy looked up to see dawn sitting on her bed, facing out the window.

"Dawn, sweetie," she said. "You're not still upset about the fact I wouldn't let you go out with Michael are you? Because if so..."

"I'm not," Dawn interrupted. "I was just thinking."

"Mind telling me what about?" Buffy asked, worried.

"Someone," Dawn answered.

"Fine," Buffy yelled. "Be a smart ass and don't tell me!"

Dawn turned around and Buffy saw tears running down her cheeks. Tears of obvious sadness and loneliness.

Suddenly the answer was so clear to Buffy. "Tara," she whispered. "You were thinking about Tara."

Dawn nodded.

"Sweetie, Tara's gone. We can't go on forever missing her like this. Willow's got Kennedy. There's no way we're going to bring Tara back. She'll always be in our hearts, but there's no reason to beat yourself up over her death."

"I guess your right. But she was shot, Buffy! So were you!"

"I know," Buffy said, walking over to envelope her sister in a hug. "I know."

Walking some where outside, Faith heard the exchange between sisters and wondered why she couldn't have a family that loved her. Why she couldn't be the one with Buffy.  "I guess I'll have to love you from afar, Summers," she whispered. "But I will love you."

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