Title: Forgotten Dreams

Author: Jessica P.


Pairing: Almost everything that's been on the show

Rating: G or PG. not quite sure

Disclaimer: Joss Whedon is like God. I wish I could say I own the characters but I don't

Note: This is my first work so it isn't that good. Feedback would be appreciated

'Where did I go wrong?' the girl asked her self. 'God, I wish I knew. I mean I know where I went wrong, sorta. I moved to 'Home Sweet Hellmouth'. I wish now I hadn't. Don't get me wrong. I love the fact I've got all these new friends.

The girl sat drowning her tears in a bottle of whiskey thinking about her life.

Goofy Xander Harris. Yep, he's a trip. I think any and every female demon who's come to Sunnydale has been in love with Xander and he with them. Let's see. There was the praying mantis lady. And Anya. And I always felt something between him and Harmony.

Willow. Good old Willow. In high school she wasn't much the one you'd come to for fashion tips, but if you needed help in school, skip the books and go to Willow. After high school, that changed. She was still the bookworm, but she had Tara.

Tara. I miss her so much. She was sweet. And she really helped Willow. She knew when Will was getting out of line and wasn't afraid to tell her. True she was shy, but Willow really helped her. Then came Warren.

I don't really blame Willow for trying...no...actually killing Warren. After all, he shot Tara.

All of thought that was the end of Willow as we knew her after Tara, but we were wrong.

Giles came back from England with some potentials to take over if...when Faith or I died. One drawback to being a Slayer. Short life-span.

'One of these potentials was Kennedy. She at first turned out to be like Faith. Little Miss "I'm gonna be a Slayer-watch me fight-I could knock you to Timbucktu-watch out-I'm the mew big bad". Willow seems to be a changer because she got Kenny off that attitude quick.

Faith was not as fun to deal with. The dark slayer killed a man. Deputy Mayor Finch to be exact. At first she didn't really seem to care, but then she was talking about going back to jail and finishing her sentence when it was all said and done. Only the Sunnydale prison exploded with the rest of the city last year.

'Dawn seemed to be the only thing that ever made any sense. Only not so much. Turns out Little D is a key that will open up the mouth to Hell. Had a little bit of a run-in with a demon God, Glory, because of that? Sometimes Dawn can make me so mad. I think she knows that.

Then there was just the fact that the vampires, demons, and all the other things that go bump in the night were all real. Living in Sunnydale just forces you to believe in the boogie man.

I yelled at all my friends, after Sunnydale went poof. We were out a little ways and they just got on my nerves so I started Screaming. It wasn't a pretty sight.

For yelling, I bet my "friends" have disowned me.

The girl stopped here and polished off her third large bottle of whiskey. "I think I'm finally drunk enough to not be able to think much," she thought.

Wondering how she would get home, the girl looked up to see her friends.

"We are taking you home and cutting you off," the brunette at the front of the gang said.

"Willow. Faith. Dawn. Kenny? I thought you guys would hate me now," she says.

"Nope," Dawn replies.

"Come on, B. We still have so much more work to do before we can retire," Faith says.

"Yeah, Buffy," Willow agrees

"Buffy. We are taking you home," Kennedy threw in.

Buffy Summers, Slayer Number One on the list, stood with Faith's arm wrapped around her waist, guiding her to the bus.

"Faith," she says.

"Yeah, B?"

"Don't leave me, please. Ever."

The girls got on the bus and drove away leaving Sunnydale behind. Making Sunnydale a horrible distant memory.

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