Title: Denying the Stars

Author: Jessica

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Disclaimer: I own nothing

Pairing: Brooke/Sam

Summary: An AU fic were Sam and Brooke a royalty to two different planets, but the threat of the evil Bio Glass forces Lord Mike of Corona Australis to seek an alliance with the more powerful ruler of Corona Borealis in the form of a marriage between their two heirs (Brooke and Sam).

Authors Note: I'm trying something different, I've never written an AU fic, and this is my fist attempt. I'd love to hear what you all think about it and if it's worth continuing. Thank you and I hope you enjoy.

The planets in the story are all named after constellations. Brooke's planet of Corona Australis is always in winter, while Sam's three planets are either always in Fall or Spring, the third one fluctuates from one season to the other. Bio Glass is the evil ruler that's risen to power by murdering "it's" previous lords. "It's" planets are Lupus and Lepus, the first always in night and the other always in day.

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Lord Robert looked down at the message in his hand, reading over it one last time before looking up at the patiently waiting runner. Looking over the young man, Lord Robert's eyes fell onto the sky blue sash tied around the man's waist, laying claim to the planet he hailed from and the ruler he was protected by. [If Lord Mike wishes to give his daughters hand to my heir, I should accept. There is no other as beautiful as his Brooke, nor any other planet as strong, save for my own. What of Sam, would she accept?]

Lord Robert's brown eyes locked with the blue eyes of the messenger. "Tell your lord that I accept the terms and my heir and I will come in less than three days time. I must talk with Sam before we set out." His tone was a rich baritone as he ran his fingers through short brown hair, saying, "Good day young man and God speed."

Clicking his leather boot heals together, the messenger gave a curt bow. "My thanks my Lord." With that said, he turned crisply on his heal and started walking for the doors. As he stepped outside he watched a raven haired beauty ride into the yard on a dashing Palomino. His blue eyes went wide as the girl dismounted after sitting astride, and that wore the leather britches of a warrior also came as a surprise. [So it is true, the Lord Robert has taught his daughter to play both king and queen.] Seeing the dark haired girl acknowledge him with a nod, he gave the crisp bow her station required, and again went on his way.

Samantha McPherson watched the young messenger go on his way, noting the sky blue sash around his waist. [Why would Lord McQueen send a messenger here?] With this question bouncing around in her always active mind, she handed the reins of her horse over to the stable boy who jogged out to meet her. She's quick boys brown curls affectionately, she smiled and headed into the palace to see her father.

When Lord Robert caught sight of his only child walking into the great hall, he motioned her over to him. Looking up into the deep brown eyes that were so much like his own, he felt a slow smile form on his lips. "Take a seat Samantha, I must speak with you on something."

"What is it father?" Sam asked as she lowered herself into the chair beside Robert.

"No doubt you saw the McQueen messenger ride out as you were coming in." When his daughter simply nodded in reply, he continued. "Lord Mike of planet Corona Australis fears that Bio Glass will seek to rule his kingdom after taking planets Lupus and Lepus. To help prepare his planet and gain the advantage over Bio Glass, he wishes an alliance with us." Looking Sam square in the eyes, Lord Robert said, "He wishes you to wed his daughter Brooke."

Leaning back into her seat, Sam looked down at the stone floor. "And what answer have you given Lord Mike?"

Nodding his head once, Lord Robert answered simply, "I have consented to the match. Now my daughter, I know your preference to women, but what say you to Lady Brooke McQueen?"

Looking up at her father with serious brown eyes, Sam sighed softly. "She is a spoiled young woman thanks to her father's pampering, and will not be happy about the match, but she won't refuse her father." Running her hands through her long dark hair, in much the same way as her father when thinking. "She's quick to anger, but she'll save that to take out on me after we're wed."

"Have you nothing encouraging to say about your future wife?" Lord Robert asked with a frown, concerned for his daughters happiness.

Smirking slightly, she leaned forward in her chair, closer to her father. "Oh yes, she's feisty and challenging, but a beauty all the same. The Lady is spirited but compassionate, sympathetic, and I've seen proof that her love knows no bounds."

Leaning forward in his own chair, Robert asked, "You will consent to the match of your free will?"

"I may not have chosen her for myself, but yes father, I'll consent to the match." With a curt nod, Sam pushed herself out of the chair she occupied and took her leave, retiring to her chambers. As she walked up the stairs of the palace, she ran her fingers through her hair. [I am to marry Lady Brooke McQueen, and she'll be a handful for sure. It's just as well, I would've never found a willing Lady to marry me, but Brooke McQueen...]


Brooke sat in the dinning hall across form her father, her hazel eyes narrowed in barely concealed anger. Crossing her arms over her chest, she listened as her father continued to explain about the message he had sent to planet Corona Borealis and the ruler, Lord Robert McPherson. [How could he just hand me over to the McPherson's, more specifically Samantha McPherson? I have not seen the girl since our yeas of schooling and those memories are not pleasant. I suppose he could've done worse and sent me to the Cherry's of Canis Minor.]

"I understand that you're upset about this Brooke, but I have no choice. I need a strong ally if Bio Glass should chose to engage in a battle for Corona Australis and the McPherson's are the strongest ruling family of any planet." Mike finished off his explanation. Looking at his blonde haired daughter, he sighed softly. "You'll adjust to your new surroundings. Robert said you and Sam will reside over Perseus until the crown is passed down."

Meeting her father's pleading blue eyes, Brooke spoke for the fist time since being summoned. "Perseus is a planet that changes from Spring to Fall year round. I have only known the winter of Corona Australis, the royal children were even schooled here, I have never been away." Brooke's tone dropped into a saddened whisper as she said, "Now you wish me to leave and become the wife of Samantha McPherson."

Rising from his chair, Lord Mike rested his hands on the polished dinning table. "The McPherson family will arrive within three days time, best you come to terms with this match before then Brooke." Taking on last look at his daughter's bowed head, Lord Mike left to check on his young son Joshua.

Brooke stared down at her reflection in the polished wood of the table top. [Samantha McPherson is to be my wife, the heir to the most powerful planets will be my life partner, and I'm not happy about it. I've loved her since our school days but she's always remained indifferent to me, and because of that indifference I would lash out at her. Now my raven haired beauty is to be my wife and I'm still so very much in love with her, but she'll never see me in the same light. No, not Sam, she would never allow her precious control to slip enough to fall in love.]


Sam stepped down off the ship behind her father, her brown eyes glancing around at the snowy landscape as a chill wind tangled her long raven locks about her face. [It's been four long years since I've last set foot on Corona Australis. I was fifteen years old when I last saw my soon to be wife in her world of white. I was fifteen when I last saw her hazel eyes, her mischievous grin, the hand spun gold of her hair, and the sharp edge of her tongue lashing into me while anger flashed in those hazel eyes. Four years and I'm still no closer to finding out the reason for her dislike of me.]

"Samantha, help your mother into the carriage while I have a word with our escort." Lord Robert called out to his daughter as he walked off to talk to the man in charge of getting their party to the McQueen palace safely.

Sam walked over to her mother, the white snow crunching beneath her leather boot heals. Holding her hand out to her mother, Sam said, "Here, let me help you."

Lady Jane smiled at her daughter as she accepted the helping hand into the carriage that would take her to the palace with her husband, while their daughter rode along side with the escort. "Thank you my dear Samantha." Leaning closer to the young brunette, Jane asked in a whisper, "Are you nervous about the wedding tomorrow?"

Half smiling at her now seated mother, Sam shook her head. "I've never been nervous going into battle mother." Giving her mother a quick wink, Sam walked off and mounted the jet black horse that would be her transportation to the McQueen palace. Patting the animals neck softly, Sam gently tapped her heals to the horse's sides to get the trip under way. Sam kept her mount close to the carriage, but for the most part gave the animal it's head asset followed the rest of their procession. [I'm going to see Brooke McQueen , the girl most sought after in school and for ever called upon by one suitor after another outside of school. I'm going to see her and I'm here to marry her. Yep, it'll be a battle alright, and for the fist time I am nervous.

She and her groupies were always tearing me apart in school, from the age of four until my fifteenth year. I was her favorite person to put down and stomp upon, so why the hell am I excited to be marrying her? It makes no sense, to covet feelings for someone who took pleasure in wounding you, but when have I ever made sense in matters concerning Brooke McQueen, my hearts secret desire.]


The blonde sat on the cushioned window seat in her bedchamber, staring out the window over looking the palace ice sculpture garden. Glancing over the carefully crafted birds, sea creatures, dancers, and many flowers. Brooke would continually look to the horizon for a glimpse of the McPherson party. [This is ridiculous, the girl hates your guts, and with good reason. You made the eleven years of her schooling hell, all because you didn't understand what you were feeling. Why am I referring to myself as `you' in my own head? I made Samantha McPherson's life hell, I did it for eleven years because I didn't understand what I was feeling, am still feeling. When I finally figured it all out, it was too late. She had distanced herself from me and everyone else, she'd never show any emotion.]

Sighing softly, Brooke's hazel eyes once again scanned the horizon. "She'd never smile or laugh, she wouldn't talk to the other kids, and I'm the one who did that to her. I'm sorry Sam, maybe this marriage is my chance to make it up to you." Sitting up straighter as the first rider came into view, Brooke hopped up from her seat and headed down the stairs. Her father would be in the yard and he expected her to be at his side to greet their guests. [I'll marry Sam, and I'll do my best to show her how I feel, but it won't be easy, nothing with Sam ever is. Who knows, given some time, maybe she'll return my feelings.]

Brooke made it outside in time to see the first rider come through the palace gates. Standing beside her father in the cold biting weather that always engulfed Corona Australis, she waited for her first glimpse of her future wife. When she did catch sight of Samantha McPherson, her jaw dropped and all the air fled from her lungs. [By the Gods she is beautiful. Sitting astride an animal as dark as midnight, her long raven tresses caught on the chill winds, and those eyes... Those dark chocolate eyes pulling at the hearts of all around her.] Brooke's hazel orbs never left her intended as the girl dismounted, they traveled along black leather encased legs and thighs, up to a black tunic covered chest. On to a heavy cloak adorning the brunette's shoulders, a red sash around her waist made of silk peeked out under it's folds. [By tomorrow night I'll be trading in my sky blue sash for the deep crimson of Corona Borealis and it's sister planets. By tomorrow night I'll be married to this beautiful woman in the yard, the most powerful warrior of any planet.]

Sam followed a step behind her father as he walked over to greet Lord Mike and his future daughter in law. Her brown eyes stayed focused on Lord Mike as she stepped up in her turn to greet her soon to be father in law. "My Lord, may I thank you for allowing us to say here and for the match to your daughter." Sam said as was expected of her. Receiving a simple nod from Lord Mike, she was dismissed as he and her own father went into the palace to discuss the wedding for tomorrow.

"My dear Samantha, would you do me the honor of introducing me to your intended?" Lady Jane asked with a comforting smile, knowing that her daughter was nervous even if she never showed it. Looking toward the striking blonde beauty, she was not surprised to see nervousness in the girl's clear hazel eyes. [She's been in love with my Sam for so long, no wonder she's nervous as seeing her after four long years. How Samantha can not see the love this girl has for her is beyond me, it's as plain as day in those eyes. Perhaps it'll be enough to brake those protective walls my little girl has built up. One can only hope.]

"Of course mother." Placing her mothers hand on her arm, Sam took the few steps that would leave them both standing directly in front of the blonde. Looking up to lock eyes for a brief moment, Sam cleared her throat before speaking. "My Lady Brooke McQueen, may I present my mother, Lady Jane McPherson."

Giving a slight curtsey, Brooke smiled at the older woman. "A pleasure Lady Jane."

Nodding her head, she glanced between the two younger girls before saying, "I must take my leave now, can't let my Robert and Lord Mike handle all the plans for tomorrow." Leaning into whisper in her daughter's ear, Lady Jane said, "Why don't you two get reacquainted with one another and leave the preparations to the lords and I."

Sam watched her mother walk up into the palace before looking at Brooke once again. Giving a small bow, she straightened up, her brown eyes gliding over the blonde's body. [In that blue dress and silver cloak she looks the part of an ice princess, and is as breath taking as ever. She's filled out some in the four years I've not seen her, and in all the right places. Her eyes though, they hold a sadness buried in their depths.] Looking into those hazel pools, she asked, "Would you care to go for a ride about your holdings, it's been years and I'd like to see them?"

Smiling softly at the brunette, Brooke nodded her consent. "I should love to, just give me a moment to saddle my horse and the like."

"That isn't necessary, the mount I was provided with is ready and can easily hold two." Presenting Brooke with her arm, Sam was surprised at the flutter that spread inside her at the feel of the blonde's hand sliding through the crook of her arm. Walking over to the tall black animal, Sam put her hands on the blonde's waist to help steady her as she mounted side saddle.

Brooke tried to ignore the tingling feeling coursing underneath her skin where Sam had touched her. "Thank you for the assistance." She said, her voice coming out a bit breathless as she watched the brunette hoist herself up into the saddle behind her with an easy grace. Her breath caught in her throat when Sam's arms circled around her front and back to take hold of the reins and get them moving.

"You needn't thank me my Lady." Sam leaned in closer to the blonde in her arms, catching the faint sent of vanilla she remembered from her younger days. Feeling Brooke squirm a little in the saddle, getting closer to her body, Sam unconsciously tightened her hold around her future wife.

Brooke could feel the warmth coming off the brunette in waves and found herself snuggling into it. Feeling the arms around her pull in closer to her, boosted her courage enough to rest her head on Sam's chest. [She's not screaming or moving about like she's uncomfortable, this is good. Maybe there's more of a chance than I thought to win her over, at least I hope so.]


Sam looked down at the blonde fast asleep in her arms as she continued toward the palace, keeping the horse at a steady walk so as not to wake the sleeping girl. The two had been riding the vast snowy fields of Corona Australis for the better part of two hours. Sometime during the trip Brooke had shivered, which got Sam to pull the girl closer to her body and rearrange her cloak around both of them. It didn't take long for the steady rhythm of the animal beneath her and the warmth surrounding her to lull Brooke into sleep, Sam's chest serving as her pillow.

Resting her head lightly on the blonde's head for a moment, Sam placed a soft kiss on Brooke's forehead. [It's safe to steal a small token while she sleeps. She's changed so much in the last four years, she's become more patient and gentle. That mischievous glint still sparkles in her eyes, but there's something else there as well when she looks at me. Marriage to her will not be easy, seeing how spirited she is, but boy will it be fun. I just don't understand how Lady Courtney could leave this precious gift, her own daughter. She claims she's over it but that sadness still shadows her eyes. Why would a mother leave her children, why would anyone leave Brooke? Even when I received nothing from her but cutting remarks I still found myself loving her, always loving her. How could Lady Courtney give up seeing this angel lost in a world of ice and snow?]

Brooke snuggled in closer to the warmth around her, sighing softly as her sleep hazy eyes fluttered open. Her arms were wrapped around a trim waist, and tightened as she looked up into haunted chocolate eyes. [What put that look in there, was it really me? Could I've put such sorrow there with childish name calling?] Blinking a few times to clear her vision, she asked, "Have I been sleeping long?"

Giving a half smile that never reached her eyes, Sam shook her head at the sleepy blonde. "No my Lady, but you've awoken in time, we're almost at the palace." Her brown eyes left the hazel ones looking up at her as she watched the stone towers of Brooke's home become larger with each step of the horse. "Did you enjoy the ride my Lady?"

"Yes, and would you please call my Brooke instead of my Lady?" Sitting up straighter in the saddle, Brooke looked a head of them as they neared the palace. "Tomorrow we're to be wed and I don't wish to spend my remaining years being called my Lady by my wife."

Glancing down at the blonde for a moment, Sam's brows scrunched in a frown. She couldn't help but ask the question that had been going around her mind since laying eyes on Brooke. "Are you against the match between us, I know you are giving up so much, and that you're most likely unhappy to wed me of all people."

Brooke turned to face the brunette at her first words, and stopped them by placing a finger over the brunette's lips. "I was not happy with the match at first, but I'd rather be married to you than any other heir to a planet."

"That's not all that comforting, considering your choices. A snake wouldn't want to marry Lady Nicole, and Lady Merry Cherry is to scary for words. Lord Josh is already wed to Lady Lilly, and Lord Harrison to Lady Carman. The only options beside the first psychotic two would be Lord Sugar or myself." Sam commented, the frown on her brow deepening with each person she mentioned as she tried to picture her perfect Brooke with them.

"All the same, I'm glad it was you. My father had hoped to wed me off to Lord Josh, but I couldn't bring myself to agree to the match. Now I have a three year old brother named Joshua instead, it was after giving birth to him that my mother left with a crofter." Brooke said, her tone taking a downward turn as she spoke of her mother. [I will not leave Sam, ever, and I pray she'll never leave me.]


"Sam would you please try to look the part of a happy bride instead of that of a warrior defending their holdings?" Lady Jane asked with a desperate plea. Her daughter was a vision in soft white leather britches and cotton shirt. A light weight long silver coat upon her shoulders, tailored to fit tighter about her waist and then fan out about her legs. The ever present crimson sash tied around her trim middle, proudly proclaiming her lineage.

Sighing softly, Sam ran her fingers through her lose hair. "I am happy mother, and I'll try my best to look it." Walking over to one of her luggage bags, the brunette took out sash identical to her own as well as a long velvet box.

"What does it look like?" Lady Jane asked as she watched Sam tuck the folded sash into her inside coat pocket.

"What does what look like?" Seeing her mother gesture to the box, Sam held it out for Jane to take. "Have a look for yourself. I still don't understand why we went back to the old tradition of exchanging necklaces, you'd think rings would be enough."

"Hush now, it was your father's wish to do so." Jane gently chided her daughter, opening up the red velvet box as she did so. Her breath came in sharply at the beautiful piece of jewellery inside. "Lady Brooke will love this, and I can't believe the thought you put into a necklace you were just complaining about."

Looking at her mother who was staring down at the jewellery, Sam sighed as she took the box back. "It's nothing more than a babble mother, now we must go before I'm late for my own wedding." With that said, the brunette presented her arm to the older woman to escort her down to the ceremony. [I can only hope that Brooke is as taken with my gift as my mother was.]


Brooke stared at her reflection in the floor length mirror. "Are you sure I look alright Ally? Maybe I should try something else with my hair, what do you think?" The blonde turned around to face her Lady's maid with a nervous frown. "I have to look spectacular for my wedding, for..." Looking at the little blonde maid with pleading eyes, Brooke waited for a response. [I want to look spectacular for Sam, I want to see some form of emotion reach those deep brown pools, an emotion I caused.]

Ally walked over to Lady Brooke and adjusted the sky blue sash around the blonde's waist. "My Lady, there is nothing left to do with you. Nothing on this planet or any other could make you more beautiful than you already are." The short chubby maid said with a sweet smile on her cherubic features.

Brooke turned back to the mirror looking at herself once more. Her hazel eyes traveled over the white gown with silver thread woven through it, giving the material a metallic shine. The top portion was tight around the waist and chest, pushing up her ample breast. The sleeves hugged her arms, the top layer of cloth belling out at the elbows, leaving the rest of her arms covered in one layer of material. A silver chain with blue sapphires hung low on her hips, just below her sash. Her blonde hair was hanging down with two small braids at her temples, pulled back and held by a clip matching her waist chain.

"My Lady, the ceremonial necklace." Ally whispered as she held out a long blue velvet box.

Turning around to face her maid once again, Brooke took hold of the box. "Did the jeweller follow my instructions?" She asked as she opened the case to inspect the item in question.

"Yes my Lady, I stayed until he finished, and may I say that it is a beautiful piece." Ally said with the slightest bit of awe tingeing her voice. A smile once again gracing her features as Brooke's face lit up with happiness at seeing the necklace.

Snapping the case shut, Brooke took hold of her maids hand and started for the door. "It's perfect Ally, be sure to give Simmons an extra coin or five for his work, but right now we must get to my wedding." Running out the door with the chubby maid in toe, Brooke couldn't keep the smile from her face. [Oh my Sam, how I hope you like my gift. It would look quite fetching around her smooth soft neck....Alright, need to save those thoughts for the wedding night, not the ceremony.]


The brunette dressed in the customary white and silver stood at the alter, her face colored in the reds, greens, blues, and golds reflected from the stained glass windows. Her hands were clasped in front of her as her brown eyes scanned over the gusts present for the ceremony. The red sashes trimmed in silver adorning the waists of her cousin Connor and his personal guards. The well built young man had traveled for three days straight from Delphinus to make it to his favorite cousin's wedding. Beside him was his younger brother, Roland of Monoceros, his sash trimmed with bronze instead of silver. Behind those two was their father, her uncle Mason with a sash trimmed in gold. Beside him sat her mother and father, their crimson cloth outlined in platinum, like her own.

Turning her gaze to the other end of the church she saw the sky blues of the McQueen family in the first row, all trimmed in white gold. The next row was taken up by the greens of the Julian family who'd come to witness the event. Behind them were the Cherry family with their yellow sashes, after them were Lord Josh and Lady Lilly. The newly weds to the Ford family sat among strips of purple tied around the waist of themselves and their guards. Taking up the last row was Harrison and Carman, also newly weds. Their teal sashes tied neatly about their middles, representing the planet of Cygnus. The only ruler not represented were the black sashes of Lupus and Lepus, Bio Glass's holdings.

Sam released a soft sigh just as the music started, announcing the arrival of her soon to be wife. Her brown eyes fixed on the entrance, and when Brooke stepped through it took all her will to keep her mouth from dropping to the ground. [She is an Angel, it wouldn't surprise me in the slightest to see her sprout wings. There is nothing on any planet that can compare with Brooke McQueen's beauty clad in white and silver.] Sam couldn't pull her eyes away from the Goddess walking toward her, they'd become tangled in the gossamer web that had always held her to Brooke.

The blonde walked steadily toward the raven haired warrior in front of the alter, concentrating on regaining the air she'd lost at the sight of her. [Those britches are even tighter than the black ones she wore yesterday. The white and silver only accenting her dark features and tanned skin, by the Gods she is amazing. All my life I've been hearing how I'm such a beauty, but I pale in comparison to Samantha McPherson, the only person able to capture my heart.] Brooke gave a shaky smile as she placed her hands into the brunette's. Looking up, she met Sam's deep intelligent eyes for the first time since walking into the room. [Well I got an emotion, it may not be love but desire is certainly a start.]

Neither girl really paid attention to the Priest speaking, repeating what they were told automatically, lost in each other's eyes through the whole thing. When it came time for Sam to remove Brooke's family colors and replace them with her own, she had to ignore the fluttering sensation in her stomach. Her hands were shaking so slightly, no one noticed but her as she untied the platinum and blue sash to replace it with one of crimson and white gold.

At this point the two had to exchange rings and then the necklaces they'd picked for the other. Brooke swallowed hard when Sam slipped the ring on her finger, and took a deep breath as she was handed the red velvet case with her gift. Handing her own blue velvet case to Sam, she and the brunette turned back to face the Minister. [I don't understand why we have to wait until the reception to open these, it's preposterous. At least we're getting to the part with Sam kissing the bride, with Sam kissing me. I've dreamt about those lips, about this day, and now I have it as my reality. My many thanks to what ever powers lay out there.]

Hearing the words that she could now kiss her bride, a fresh wave of nervousness washed over Sam as she turned to face her new wife. Taking a deep breath, she swooped in and captured Brooke's lips with her own. Sending a tingling jolt through her as her lips felt the gentle pressure of the blonde's beneath her. She was slightly surprised when Brooke pressed her body closer to hers, and was even more surprised when her own hands slipped around her wife's waist of their own violation.

The sound of clapping hands and cheering voices pulled Brooke out of the dizzy haze Sam's kiss hand sent her into. Pulling back form the brunette, her cheeks flushed with color as the two of them turned to face their guests. When Sam presented her arm, Brooke didn't hesitate in slipping her own through it as the brunette lead them through the crowd to the reception hall.


"Who are the other McPhersons here?" Brooke asked curiously, her gaze traveling over the crowded hall. Turning to look at Sam, her wife, she frowned in confusion. "And why do they have different trims on their colors?"

Looking out over the crowd, Sam pointed to a group of men off to the right. "That is my cousin Roland and his personal guards. He is my uncles youngest son so his color is trimmed in bronze. He is a good man and over sees the McPherson holding of Monoceros." Just as Sam was about to speak again, she was interrupted by the blonde beside her.

"I know Corona Australis and Corona Borealis are the Southern and Northern Crowns, but what does Monoceros mean?" Brooke asked her eyes shining with curiosity as she stared at the brunette.

"Monoceros means the Unicorn, like my family's other holdings, it only sees the seasons of spring and fall, much like Perseus." Turning to look at Brooke, Sam gave a half smile and held her hand up to stop the girl from speaking. "It means Hero, and it's where we'll be staying for some time."

Turning to look over the crowd, Brooke tilted her head toward another group of men. "And what McPherson is that?"

Leaning closer to the blonde, Sam looked to where Brooke had gestured. "That is my cousin Connor, Roland's older brother and my uncles eldest son. He over sees the Dolphin, planet Delphinus which is always in spring." Nodding to an older gentleman talking with her father and Lord Mike, Sam said, "That is my uncle Mason, and he looks over the Queen, Cassiopeia, that is always in fall."

Frowning slightly as she studied the profile of the girl beside her, Brooke asked, "Which do you prefer, spring or fall?"

"I enjoy both seasons, but the colors fall has to offer manage to give me a sense of peace." Turning to face the blonde once again, Sam found herself becoming lost in the hazel pools of the girls eyes. Shaking her head slightly, she cleared her throat and asked, "What about you, is winter the only season you know?"

"Yes it is, I've never been away form home before." Seeing the haunted and guilty look start to over shadow the contentment in Sam's eyes, Brooke changed the subject. "What about the other planets, what do their names mean, what are they like?"

Turning her body side ways to relieve the strain n her neck, Sam sat facing Brooke completely. "Well, let's see...Hydrus means the Water Snake, which is fitting for the Julian family, and their planet only sees the hot days of summer. Lord Harrison and Lady Carman's planet Cygnus means the Swan and goes from summer to fall." Not thinking about what she was doing, Sam reached out and tucked a lose strand of blonde hair behind Brooke's ear. The entire action didn't seem to bother her wife, with the exception of adding more color to her cheeks, so Sam simply continued with her lesson. "The Cherry family rule planet Canis Minor which is Little Dog, and again it fits the family. Anyway, it's seasons go from the icy cold of winter to the blazing heat of summer, one extreme to the other. Lord Josh and Lady Lilly rule over Columba, or the Dove, and have either spring or summer."

When Sam didn't continue, Brooke asked, "And what of Bio Glass's holdings?"

Sam tapped down on the sorrow that rose within her at the innocent question. Clearing her throat in an effort to regain her bearings, Sam took in a deep breath. "Lupus means the Wolf and never sees the light of day, where as Lepus means the Hare and is forever in daylight." Looking down Sam noticed Brooke fidgeting with the jewellery box holding the necklace she's had made for her. Pointing to the soft case, she asked, "Why don't you open it, we're at the reception?"

Smiling at the brunette, Brooke nodded her head. "Alright, but you have to open yours after." When Sam nodded in agreement, the blonde looked down and slowly separated the lid and base of the red velvet box. Looking into the dark interior, a clear crystal outlined in white gold winked up at her with it's sparkles. Sucking in her breath, Brooke felt hot tears sting the back of her eyes.

Sam couldn't make out the expression on her wife's face, all she could see was the top of the girls bowed head. "I had it shaped like a snow flake so you wouldn't be without the sight of snow. I know it's only an imitation, but it's the best I could give you, and I know how much you'll miss your home." The brunette said quickly, wanting to fill up the silence between them.

Looking up with tears misting over her hazel eyes, a bright smile spread across Brooke's lips. "Thank you Sam, it's beautiful, I'll cherish it always. Would you put it on me please?" Picking up the platinum chain holding the snow flake, Brooke handed it to her wife and turned around, lifting her hair as she did so. When Sam's hands rested on her shoulders as she closed the clasp of the necklace, Brooke had to suppress the shudder that threatened to go through her body. Turning around when the task was done, she met brown eyes dead on, saying, "Your turn now."

Taking the blue velvet box in her hands, Sam opened it to find a piece of jade carved into the shape of a panther staring back at her. Lifting it out of the case, she gathered the long gold chain in one hand, while the other caressed the small polished stone in wonder. "You remembered."

Brooke looked on as the dark beauty lovingly handled the piece of jewellery, surprised at the awed tone in her wife's voice. "Of course I remembered, it was one of the only things you would talk about in school. How jade was suppose to protect warrior, and how you father called you panther while he trained you." Reaching out, the blonde gently took the object from her wife and slipped it over the girls bowed head.

Looking down at the green charm resting between her breast, Sam looked up at Brooke with shining brown eyes. "Thank you Brooke, I shall wear it always." Seeing the blonde reach out her hand, Sam took hold of it as they both turned back to watching the crowd. [She remembered, my childhood tormentor remembered. We haven't been married a full day and already I'm feeling my carefully build walls crack.]

Brooke stared out over the gathered guests before locking eyes with Lady Jane. Smiling at her mother in law, she almost laughed out loud at the smirk and wink she received in return. [I have a feeling that should I need help dealing with Sam, Lady Jane would be more than happy to assist me. Yes, I think I'll be happy as a McPherson, it's better than being a back stabbing Julian or certifiable Cherry. That, and I get to have my Samantha, my wife...How long do we have to stay down here, it'll be dark soon and that means it's our wedding night right? That means we get to the retiring to our bedchambers part of the whole thing?]

PART 10:

Brooke sat on the edge of the soft bed surrounded by the dim glow of yellow candle light. She watched as Sam went from shutting the bedroom door to building up the already started fire. [I know I was sort of antsy to get the reception over with so we could get on to...Get onto, well, this. Now that I'm up here though, knowing it's about to happen, I can't believe how nervous I am. I've never done this before, and I know Sam has, at least I think she has. I mean her sexual preference has been the gossip of every planet for years. The sole heir to the most powerful ruling family being gay, the other rulers just couldn't get enough of it. She must be experienced, and I'm...well, I'm just not. Oh God, I'm not gonna be able to do anything right, and now she's turning around.]

Sam stood up from her crouched position in front of the fireplace. Turning around, her eyes were caught by the sight of Brooke in the middle of a golden halo created by the flickering flames of the candles. Shrugging off her long silver coat, she placed it on the straight backed chair beside her as she slowly walked toward her wife. [Take a few deep breaths McPherson, get you desire under control. Brooke was raised to be a Lady, she's never done this before, you have to take things easy.] Walking up to the bed, she sat down beside the blonde, leaving a good six inches between them. "I'm not going to hurt you Brooke. In fact, we don't even have to do this tonight if you don't want."

The rich tone of Sam's voice brought the blonde out of her quiet study of the dancing flames in the fireplace. Turning to look at her wife, the fire light casting the girls features in shadow and reflecting out of her deep brown eyes, Brooke frowned. "But it's our wedding night, we're have to consummate our union."

Giving a smirk that didn't quite reach her eyes, Sam shook her head. "No Brooke, we don't have to do consummate our marriage tonight, one of the perks of a match to me." Shrugging her shoulders, Sam leaned back on her elbows casually. "No one would question my word on the matter, and unlike most men I can wait until you feel more comfortable."

Taking a deep breath, Brooke decided to just speak her mind freely. "I may not be comfortable at the moment, but I do want to consummate our marriage tonight. You're not the reason I'm ill at ease, it's my lack of experience in this kind of situation that makes me feel this way." Looking into deep brown eyes, the blonde asked, "Have you any knowledge in this?"

Her cheeks coloring slightly, Sam simply nodded in answer. Seeing Brooke's expectant look, she cleared her throat uncomfortably before speaking. "A few days after coming home from my final year of schooling here, I informed my father of my preference for women. Like any other father would treat his mature `son', he hired an entertainer to teach me in the ways of sexual pleasure." By the time Sam was finished, she couldn't meet Brooke's eyes and her cheeks were as red as her family colors.

Laying down on her side, her feet still hanging off the bed like Sam's, Brooke took the brunette's hand into her own. She waited until Sam turned her gaze to her before speaking in a shy whisper. "Would you be willing to go slowly, and teach me how to pleasure you?"

Sam nodded slowly, her mouth slightly parted in surprise at the innocent request. Leaning forward she tilted her head as she tenderly pressed her lips against Brooke's. Bringing her left hand up to cup the girls soft cheek, she allowed the blonde time to get use to the feel of their mouths locked together.

Brooke leaned closer into the brunette, not hesitating in opening up for the girl when her tongue ran across her bottom lip. She was dimly aware of Sam rolling them into a laying position, with herself on her back and Sam's body half resting on her own. Lost in the swirling haze of Sam's kisses, she let herself go to the feelings the brunette's slow teasing awakened in her. [Why on any planet did I ask her to go slow? I feel like I'm burning form the inside out and we've only just started.]

Running her hand behind the blonde's back, Sam started to undo the ties of the girls dress. Without stopping the kiss, she got to her knees and brought Brooke up to a sitting position. Slowly gliding both hands up her wife's sides and to her back, Sam pealed the silver and white dress from Brooke's body. Pulling back from the kiss to look down at the nudity of her wife, Sam took in the a sharp breath. "You are a Goddess." Reaching for the buttons of her shirt, she leaned down to steal a short passionate kiss. "So beautiful." She whispered as her lips traveled along the blonde's jaw line up to her ear, nibbling gently on the lobe. Her fingers freeing the last button, she hastily pulled the material apart and tossed it into an unknown part of the room.

When Sam went to reach for the laces of her britches, Brooke pushed her hands aside, preferring to undress her wife herself. Throwing caution and nervousness to the wind, Brooke went with the needs and demands pushing inside her. Pulling the brunette on top of her, making the girl straddle her thighs. Slipping her hands into the opened leathers, Brooke took in a few gulps of much needed air. "These really have to come off you now."

Nodding in complete agreement, Sam helped the blonde push the clinging white britches down her legs. Staying on the girls lap, she leaned down to gently kiss and nip her way down the blonde's neck, then across her shoulders.

Brooke's breaths started coming in short pants, but stopping all together when Sam's lazy kisses circled her full breast, her lips closing around the nipple. "By the...Sam please..." The fire inside Brooke became a raging inferno as she pushed herself farther into Sam, her hands running along the brunette's body, coming up to gently need the girls breast. Pinching her wife's hardened nipple, she was rewarded with a deep moan and gentle nip of her own hard bud.

Lifting her head, Sam swiftly captured Brooke's mouth with her own, her tongue sliding easily between parted lips. Softly pushing into the blonde, she manoeuvred them so they were laying down, moving her legs to trap one of Brooke's thighs between her own. Sam groaned at the feel of her wife burrowing her fingers deep in her hair as she simultaneously ground her hips into the girl, creating much needed friction between the two of them. Leaving Brooke's mouth, she trailed her tongue down to the blonde's breast, swirling around each nipple before going on down. Alternating between kisses, gentle nips, and hot swipes of her tongue, Sam made her way down her wife's body, dipping her talented tongue deep into the girls belly button swiftly, then continuing on.

There was no way Brooke could manage to regain her bearings, all the sensations Sam's mouth was causing left her body shivering and quaking with want and need. Deep moans and soft whimpers left her lips in between the short gasps for breath as her body shuddered at the feel of the brunette moving farther down. Letting out a soft cry when Sam's hand slid up the inside of her thigh to cup her center, Brooke pressed herself harder into the girls hand. "Oh God Sam...please...I need..." She begged in a breathless panting voice.

As Sam pushed a finger into the warm moist cavern of Brooke's center, her tongue swirled around the girl's clit before her lips closed around it, tugging gently. Hearing the blonde call out her name on a broken cry of completion, Sam continued to thrust into the girl and stimulate her hardened bud. Feeling the muscles of Brooke's center contract around her, she sent the blonde over the edge on another wave of pleasure.

Brooke's breaths were coming in shallow pants as she thrust her hands into the brunette's hair, gently pulling the girl up her body. Leaning up to kiss full lips, she tasted herself on in her wife's mouth. Letting her hand glide down the brunette's body, she quickly moved it between their bodies and thrust two fingers into Sam's wet core.

Throwing her head back, she cried out Brooke's name as her release sky rocketed through her body, setting her every nerve ending on fire. Pressing herself down hard onto the blonde's fingers, Sam was shot back into the clouds when the girl curled her fingers upward inside her.

When the shudders racing through Sam's body finally lessened, Brooke pulled out of her wife slowly. Gently biting the brunette's shoulder, she wrapped her arms around her wife and held her tightly. Moving her lips beside Sam's ear, she whispered, "This is how we should end every night."

"I think I can manage that. For someone who's never done this before, you're a very quick study." Sam whispered back, feeling the blonde's smile as she rolled them over so Brooke rested on top of her. Wrapping her right arm around her wife's shoulders, her left hand sifted through the gold strands of Brooke's hair. Watching the fire light dance across the sun-kissed strands, Sam placed a soft kiss on Brooke's brow. "I hope to make you happy, and I'm sorry our life together has to start out with me taking you from your home."

Brooke could hear the lace of guilt underlining the brunette's words as she spoke. Placing a light kiss on the girls chest, her arms tightened their hold about Sam's middle. "You needn't be sorry Sam, I'm glad it was you my father made my match too." Snuggling deeper into the brunette's warmth, Brooke released a soft sigh. [Given time, you may come to love me and they'll be nothing to be sorry for, nothing at all.]

Sam heard the blonde's even breathing, felt the steady rise and fall of her chest as the girl slept on top of her. [Yes, you're glad it was me because you didn't like any of your other options. Oh Brooke, I love you so much and every moment in your presence, I come closer to confessing it, but I couldn't bare the rejection. There has been so much pain in my life, and the walls I've built against it are crumbling at the feet of my blonde Goddess. I must learn to be more cautious with my feelings if I'm to remain whole and survive this marriage unhurt.]

PART 11:

Sam awoke while the sky's were still blanketed in the purple haze of the predawn hours. Staring out the window, she watched the pure white flakes fall in a fresh layer of snow. [Maybe it's her home's way of saying goodbye, like Corona Australis knows their ice princess is being taken away. Listen to yourself McPherson, a few days in the company of Brooke and your rational thought is fading to the fanciful imaginings of your youth. I would spend countless hours in my chambers here writing tales of the snow angel in need of rescue, and the black panther warrior was just the one to do the rescuing. Now that panther is with the snow angel, but she wasn't in need of saving, her home was in need of added protection.]

Brooke's hazel eyes fluttered open, a huge grin splitting her features as memories from last night returned. Tilting her head to look up, she saw that haunted look back in Sam's eyes. Running her fingers along the jade panther resting between Sam's breast, she asked, "Is some thing amiss?"

Moving her hand behind the blonde's neck, she pulled her wife in for a morning kiss. Running her tongue along the crease where the girl's lips met, she was granted access to the moist cavern of her mouth. Sliding her other hand down Brooke's body to the small of her back, Sam pulled her completely on top of her body, loving the feel of the blonde's silky skin covering her. Pulling back from the kiss, the haunted look in her eyes faded by the blazing desire in their depths, she shook her head. "Nothing is amiss my wife, but we must start the day, we leave in a few hours." Sam saw the smile tugging at Brooke's lips when she'd called her wife, and a warm feeling spread through her body.

"Alright then, I only see one problem with this." When Sam only lifted one eyebrow, Brooke smirked down at the girl, her hazel eyes sparkling with mirth. "I'm extremely comfortable, and starting the day would mean I'd have to move." Leaning down she started kissing a path down the brunette's neck, across the girl's shoulders, and down toward her wife's full breast.

Hissing out a breath between her teeth at the feel of Brooke's hot mouth closing around the top of her breast, Sam closed her eyes at the feelings running rampant through her. Letting out a growling moan from the back of her throat when the blonde gently bit down on her aroused nipple, she arched up into her wife's body and mouth. "We can start the day...start it a little...a lot later..." Sam whispered in between gasps for breath as she gave herself completely over to Brooke.

PART 12:

Bio Glass sat in the great hall on Lupus reading over the message she's just received. A sliver of a smile rearranging her features as she sat back in her cushioned throne. "So the McQueens have allied themselves with the McPhersons, and through a match of Lady Brooke and Lady Samantha no less." Raising a hand, she motioned her assistant to her side. Leaning over to whisper in the men's ear, she held the paper over the candle flame beside her. "I want you to send a small party of men to Perseus as a wedding gift to the McPherson newly weds. Make sure they catch the special Ladies off guard and alone, Jane's little Samantha has already taken enough of my men from me."

Bowing down, the assistant clicked his heals together. "Yes my Lord-Lady, I'll see that it's done." Rushing out of the hall, he left the watchful eyes of his Lord-Lady with relief. No matter what the order, Alex was always happy to leave Bio Glass's side. [That she-man kills my family and honestly thinks I'm grateful to her for giving me this position. I'm the rightful heir to Lupus and Lepus, but now I'm an orphaned assistant. I pray to the Gods that Lady Samantha destroys that monstrosity on the throne with every breath of my being.]

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