Title: Turkey Day

Author: Hope Libby

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"Well fuck it like a bucket. That has got to have been the best damn Thanksgiving I've ever had."

"Same sentiment Sam, minus the fuck it like a bucket comment, I'm pure you know."

"Oh yes we just proved that how many times?"

"I don't know I lost count after the three at once."

"I had just started then."

"Yeah well you are pretty damn good at what you do Sammy."

"Tis true, and it was the best Thanksgiving dinner/desert I've ever eaten."

"Eat you did."

"Thanks sweetcheeks." Sam pats Brooke on the ass. They are so cute. Whats that? You want to know what they are talking about?

It all started that morning, the same as all the other mornings, except for the fact that it was turkey day, or for you vegetarians out there… tofu day! One cannot help but be happy on a day like turkey/tofu day, for one fact and one fact alone… no school or work, you get one whole day, that isn't a weekend, off… and some people are lucky enough to wake up to a four day weekend, a rarity among the citizens of the U.S.

Sam woke up smiled and stretched, showing off her all too wondrous flexibility, to a room that just doesn't know how to appreciate it properly, got out of bed and walked to her window over looking… trees, ah wondrous green trees, yes little boys and girls green trees in November. You see out in California they don't get seasons, only slight variations of degrees, no color changes of trees, if you say snow you get a weird look, people out here get flustered when water seems to be pouring out of the sky. Which, today the rain is falling quite nicely, perfect for the football game that was going to happen later on. A tradition for many friends/families is to go out and play football, come home and watch football, and eat till you just cant eat any more, then eat even more as the pies roll around… but we'll get to the food later.

Seeing the rain caused Sam's smile to brighten even more, not only does she have the day off, and is going to get a killer dinner later that night, but she now gets to play mud football. She headed off to the bathroom, cause really once one wakes up from sleeping in one has to pee, and walked in to see Brooke entering at the same time, smiling the same Cheshire cat grin that she wore. Their eyes made contact, think big ass explosion which causes the heat in the room to raise to uh… lets see its Cali so its usually about 80 so… the room raised to a fever pitch of 90 degrees (that's hot baby ;) ) and Brooke spoke first.





"Lots of…"


"Life is good."

"That it is." The two then did their respective white girl dances, which remarkably looked a lot alike, and looked a lot like Claire from Cruel Intentions when she was told she could be a slut (don't get the reference? Watch the fuckin movie. :angel:). Once the white girl dances had been finished they continued their special brand of talking, Sam being first.


"Brush." Why was that important, you ask? Well its needed to show how close these two are, and no one really ever mentions characters going to the bathroom and peeing, its always going to the bathroom and showering and not getting any cleaner. Sam commenced in her previous notion of the, by then, much needed pee, as Brooke started brushing her teeth. How does this work? Well you can either think of this situation in two ways… #1 think Empire Records, where Robin Tunney is going pee with Liv Tyler in the bathroom, at least I think it was Liv… if its not Liv then its Renee (don't know what I'm referring to, again? Get cultured! Watch the damn movie… both of them and what ever other ones I mention!!!) Or #2 Imagine a wall that blocks the sinks view of the toilet/Loo/W.C. ok then… now that I have taken care of your potty questions lets get on with the story. They finished and swapped positions, then finished again. Together they left the precious place they call a bathroom and headed downstairs, fresh breath and empty bladders, arm in arm, cause they are sisters who get along, who also have very vivid fantasies about each other, yet this is ok because its hot. :shrug: It worked for Clueless. (see above if thou hast not seen this movie either… SHAME! SHAME ON YOU!)

So the lovely, beautiful, goddesses headed down the stairs to their kitchen, which smelled of Bacon, Eggs, and Waffles, which happened to be on the table… along with Mike and Jane. The sisters then abruptly turned around and ran back up stairs to their respective rooms to try to put what they just saw out of their minds, and get changed. Football was going to be in an hour and a half (just enough time to get dressed, eat breakfast, digest and get to the field.) so Sam threw on a pair of gray sweat pants, blue Adidas sports bra (yes color and brand do matter… don't ask why), and an old paint splattered Berkley sweatshirt. She then through her hair into a cute little ponytail, thus was completing the look of your average girl who plays mud football. To further the case and point, Sam left her room to find Brooke leaving hers (do they have impeccable timing or what?) wearing black sweatpants, black Adidas sports bra (Sam doesn't see that… yet), and an old Mickey Mouse Club sweatshirt, hair is also in a cute little ponytail. An old pair of tennis shoes on both the girls, letting you know that they are both very well accustomed to playing mud football. They headed down the stairs, yet again, arm in arm, finding Mike and Jane no longer on the table doing the unmentionable, unless your name is Bryan, but he's not important right now in the story… tune back later for him.

"Mornin." The girls say in unison.

"Hey girls." Jane replies, and Mike follows.

"Sit, drink, and be merry." All three women in the room give Mike a weird look and contemplate running upstairs, for a certain two… again. But the smell of the Bacon and Eggs and Waffles is too much and they all give in to the sweet fruit that is temptation.





Mike and Jane give Brooke and Sam a weird look at the fact that they just said a sentence with each other.

"At least we aren't having sex on the kitchen table." Sam said. 'Yet.' Was added in Sam's mind, and Brooke's as well.

"Oops." Was Mikes eloquent response to his stepdaughters announcement, Jane just blushed. Brooke spoke next.

"God you two need to stop watching that Dawson's River show! Kids do not like seeing their parents get it on everywhere in the house."

"Creek." Jane said. "Dawson's Creek… and that was only first season and one episode of the third."

Sam looked to Brooke and said, "I'm not even going to comment on that one."

To which Brooke commented, "Football?"

Sam then replied back, "Football."

The two girls then left the table running; slowly mind you, they did have full tummies, towards Brooke's car. Ahh, Brooke's car or should I say truck… a Jet Black 2000 GMC Yukon 4 door 4x4 with a Cat's Eye grille with Carbon fiber lights and tiki tribal steel grille insert, Cowl Induction hood with ram air scoops, has a 5.3 liter engine with 285 hp and 325 lbs of torque, Bushwhacker Oversized fender flares, in red, Sure-Step deluxe oval rails - brushed steel, Outland Sport Bumper Guard - brushed steel, Luminescent Gauges, Burl Wood Interior trim, Limo tint, 6" pro ride lift, Deep-tone Dual Cat-Back exhaust System with chrome tips, Ceramic-metallic-coated shorty headers, K&N G2 performance air system, Jacobs performance ignition system, Class 3 receiver hitch with Billet 'Kiss This' hitch cover, Pro-load helper springs, Warn 12000 power winch, Chrome Billet pedals, Scorpio brushed steel - stone crusher rims with 42in. Pro Comp Mud Terrain Tires, JVC -CD Cassette XM/FM/AM Receiver with digital liquid display 6 output, Four Sony x-plod 300 watt amps powering 2 Panasonic 3 output 6x9's in the front doors, 2 Panasonic 4 Output 6x9's in the Rear doors, 2 Rockford 15 inch subwoofers peak at 400 ohms in the cargo area, Steel Replacement bumpers with PIAA lamp cutouts, Rear Carbon Fiber Lights, Furry handcuffs hanging off the rear view mirror, and a Jessica Rabbit sticker on the back window. In other words it is one fine ass truck, which is the perfect accompaniment to a fine ass Cheerleader, a pimped out hick-mobile.

They climbed into the truck, which is a view of its own that no man (or woman) should ever miss, and yet no one was around to view it. Brooke started the engine, that evoked a big primal groan that could only be made by real cars, and Sam slid her Lords of Acid, Voo Doo U CD into the CD player, pushed play… and they were off to the field. (If you are asking why the CD is important, it is time again for me to be severely disappointed in you for not knowing of the good things in life. Those of you who know this group know how right I am in having Brooke and Sam listening to the CD, or any CD by them (especially Track 7 on Our Little Secret) so on with the story.) The girls got to the field noticing that everyone else was there and waiting for them, so Brooke being the sensible young woman with a wicked truck, drove the truck up over the curb and onto the field to the group. If it were sunny and they were not about to play football I would break into this really sexy description of the girls exiting the truck, but its not sunny and they are playing football so the girls just jumped down and ran the three steps to the group.

The group I keep referring to consisted of; Nicole, dressed to kill…ok she's dressed the same as all of the other girls there, Mary Cherry, Lilly, Carmen, Josh, Harrison, Sugar, Bryan, Paul, myself (I got invited from being friends of Sam and Brooke. I am the one who introduced them to Lords of Acid and is trying to hook the two up, physically as it were. With my invitation, and knowing that the more the merrier for football I invited Bryan and Paul, simply on the fact that they simply like the thought of nookie and cheerleaders…so it worked.) And all of those who know how to play American tackle Football on the PopSlash list (purely because I want to dirty the list, as well as have enough people to actually have a game going on.).


"Guys." Brooke and Sam said to the group, which has already gotten used to the fact that the two form sentences together.

"Hey." Replied the group, simply for the purpose of not having too much dialogue here. Then Nicole spoke.

"So what are the teams?"

"I don't know what would be worse, Nic and Sam on the same team, or on opposite sides." Brooke mused out loud. While the group thought a second on this and decided that Nic needs to be on the same team as Sam, merely because Paul wanted Nicole to tackle Brooke in hopes that fun would ensue, and the majority of the others wanted to see Sam tackle Brooke, if Nic was on the opposing team Sam would only be getting tackled by her. The important things you need to know; Sam, Nic, MC, Josh, Carmen and I were on one team while the other team consisted of other people. See, not much to remember. ;)

The game lasted a good hour and a half with no one winning, because no one really ever keeps score. I'll just give a nice little re-cap of the high points in the game. Sam and Brooke kept tackling each other, getting really nice and muddy even when the ball was no where near them, sometimes this crazy girl on Brooke's team would come out of nowhere and tackle Sam trying to hurt her. We swiftly called the white coats in on her, thus getting the white coats muddy cause that girl was a quick one, wrote herself right out of the situation. Paul and Bryan kept tackling each other whilst trying to capture (rhymes with rapture) Nicole. Mary Cherry and Lilly never got off the ground. Everyone else was pretty much too distracted from what was going on that Nicole was able to tackle everyone. All in all it was a fun game that I video recorded, knowing full well what would end up happening. No one got hurt, everyone got muddy. Brooke and Sam almost kissed, but the mud got in the way. Nicole now worships the unnamed girl who was trying to hurt Sam… Paul and Bryan worshipped Nicole off the field, taking turns of course (like I'm crazy enough to attempt that threesome. LMAO) MC and Lily did nothing, as I mentioned before. No one likes Josh or Harrison so forget the existed in this story. Sugar just watched the game with me as he pimped it up with all of the other ladies.

Needless to say, by the end of the game everyone was soaking wet. But I say it since it is a great double entendre, and wanted to make those slow people realize it. Brooke and Sam however weren't cold at the end of the game, and stayed at the field long after everyone left, just running around, sliding, and wrestling in the mud. At one point Sam was chasing after Brooke because Brooke had stolen Sam's scrunchee (thing that holds hair in a ponytail… for those that don't know.) Sam wanted her scrunchee back, thus was chasing after Brooke, when Sam had come within a steps length of Brooke, she lunged and the two fell onto the ground, sliding in the mud. They finally slowed down and stopped sliding by Brooke wrapping her arms around Sam and Sam digging her hands and feet into the soft mud. Now, for stopping in the mud it was an extremely good idea, but now that they were stopped and Sam was stuck in the mud… on top of Brooke, it didn't seem like a good idea. Oh who the hell am I kidding neither one of them were regretting the situation/positions, even though Brooke was a bit sad about not being on top. The fact that Sam was wiggling her whole body in an attempt to be released from the mud wasn't helping Brooke's hormones much, Brooke was so distracted that once she locked eyes with Sam and saw her lick her lips, that Brooke headed in for a kiss. Only to be interrupted by the cell phone in Brooke's truck ringing (yeah I know… I wouldn't stop for a cell phone either, but for the stories purposes pretend you would have.) Miraculously Sam was ejected from the mud with a POP then a gurgle as Brooke got up. They slipped/ran to the truck, hand in hand, to answer the phone. The phone was their parents, who were worried and wanted the girls to return home for a bath or shower or just to warm up in general… they are parents and therefore their message was not understood. Brooke and Sam did climb into the truck, after spreading towels over the complete interior of the truck (wouldn't want to get the inside dirty), did a couple doughnuts on the field and headed home.

Pulling/peeling into the driveway with the muddied truck Brooke stopped the truck with a jerk, and the girls hopped out of the truck to run into the house and muddy it up. Mike and Jane are in the kitchen again, not on the kitchen table though so the girls are safe from scarring, they welcome the girls.

"Hey Girls."

"Howdy doody you groovy ladies." Once again all the women in the McQueen household debated whether to run away from Mike, two ran and Jane stayed… and slapped Mike, where I am not saying.

The girls once again entered the bathroom at the same time, but this time they were both dirty and wet.


"Clean up time."

"Yes, but who goes first?"

"Uhm, well we are so called "sisters"." Sam actually did the quotations on sisters.

"And we are both females."

"So it's not like we haven't seen it before."

"If we were little our parents would have saved time and water."

"By putting us in the bath together."

"So its only…"



"Lets have a go at it then."

Brooke walked over to the stereo that was kept in the bathroom and turned it on, beats filled the room and Sam instantly recognized the song and started stripping to the beat.

"Its funny, I automatically think of stripping when I hear this song too."

"Must have been the video, though I never understood why he was telling the DJ to stop."

"Yeah I wouldn't have been telling the DJ in the video to stop."

"Well, that, and he was saying stop while stripping."

"Too much thinking Sam."


Brooke changed the stereo to CD and pushed play, then the two of them slipped into the nice warm water of the bathtub. Massive Attack's Angel started up, it works for the scene and who wouldn't want to listen to Massive Attack in a bath with the woman you have been fantasizing about for a long while, immediately relaxing the two girls. Once they had gotten all of the mud out of their numerous crevices they just sat in the tub and relaxed.

"You know, this sharing the bath thing ain't too shabby."

"Yeah, saves on the water bills."

"And more importantly, the bubble bath would run out slower."


"Ooh." Sam giggled. "I think you need to shave." Sam slowly moved her hand up Brooke's soft leg.

"I am not shaving anything Sammy." Brooke pushed her leg further into Sam's hand.

"You're not?" Sam's hand unhurriedly passed Brooke's kneecap.

"Oh no, you are going to shave me." Brooke slid herself down further into the bath, hoping to guide Sam's hand further up her leg.

"I am?" Sam noticed the gesture on Brooke's part but still worked her hand bit by bit up the taught thigh.

"Oh yeah." Brooke practically moaned out.

"Ok." Sam ripped her hand away and reached for the razor and the shave gel.

"Oh fuck you." Brooke sighed out in frustration.

"What was that blondie?" Sam said, fighting the grin that was attempting to appear on her face, she began spreading the gel over Brooke's leg gradually.

"Nothing." Brooke inhaled, feeling the cool gel being spread upon her warm skin, sending chills up her spine… and a tingling somewhere under the water.

"No." Sam slowly shaved a line out of the foam. "Tell." Yet another line shaved out. "Me." Sam dipped the razor in the water. "What." Then shaved one more line. "You." Needing the angle to be different, Sam lifted Brooke's leg and placed the ankle on her shoulder. "Said." One more lined shaved.

"I said…" Brooke was having trouble concentrating on anything but the feeling of Sam's hands on her leg, and their positions. "I… said… fuck you."

"Now why." Having finished with the first leg Sam moved on to the other. "Would." The first line now shaved out. "You." Sam dipped the razor again. "Say." Yet another line of foam taken off of Brooke's leg. "Something." One more line. "Like." Sam lifted the other leg, placing it the same position that the first one was still in. "That." Still slowly shaving a line of foam.

"Tease." Brooke is so far gone that she has to rely on single syllable words, well only one word sentences.

"Who? Me?" Sam has finished shaving and is proceeding to knead the skin of Brooke's calf.

"Sssss." Brooke is long gone.

"I couldn't possibly be a tease." Sam switched legs and began massaging again. "All I do is give, give, give." This time she moves her hands slowly up Brooke's leg. "All I want to do is make you happy." The hands were moving ever so closely to the rich warm apex under the water, at Brooke's core. "And you call me a tease." Sam pulls her hands away from Brooke's leg, mere centimeters from Brooke's core, stands up and starts to get out of the tub. As soon as the contact stopped, Brooke's eyes popped open and focused on the soft skin and supple curves, while the water slowly evaporated off of Sam's skin.


Sam turned to look at Brooke, a slight frown on her face, and said, "What?"

"Sammy." Brooke grabbed Sam's hand. "I think we should talk."

"About what?" Sam sat back down in the water, looking into Brooke's warm Hazel eyes.


"What about us?"

"Well uhm… first off we are taking a bath together." Brooke emphasized this point by swaying her arm across the bath ( think Vanna White y'all ;) ) accidentally brushing against Sam's breast… which elicited a moan. "Secondly you just shaved my legs." Brooke lifted her leg out of the water and brought it right next to Sam's face moved it back and forth to emphasize and placed it back in the water, crossing her leg over Sam's… causing a sigh to escape Sam's lips. "Thirdly you just said that you only want to make me happy." Brooke reached across the tub, leaning forward and taking Sam's head in her hands. "We also have this REALLY big amount of sexual tension between us that, to be brutally honest here, fucking drives me insane!" Brooke calms down, looks into Sam's eyes then down to her lips, tracing her thumb over them. "Most importantly, there's this…" And Brooke kissed Sam, a short sweet little kiss on the lips, and pulled away looking into Sam's eyes. Sam threw her arms around Brooke's head and smashed the blonde's mouth to hers. Savoring the softness the girls felt in each other's lips, the girls tried to position their bodies closer to be more comfortable in the tub. Breaking away from their more passionate kiss the girls positioned themselves with Sam's bottom between Brooke's legs, and Brooke's midsection between Sam's legs, once this was achieved the girls continued with their kissing. Sam took control, by licking and nibbling at Brooke's lower lip, gaining entry to the warm cavern of Brooke's mouth. Tongues dueling, arms and hands trying to grasp as much skin as possible, the girls ended up sliding towards each other… bodies coming closer and closer until both sets of lips on the girls were converged, causing a very primal groan to escape the both of them. Soon Brooke and Sam had formed a rhythm of grinding against each other's cores and kissing when…

"Brooke, Sam… you two in there?" Jane's voice came crashing through the door, invading the their senses, causing them to catch their breath's.

"Yeah." They both answered.

"Well, dinners ready so go down to eat." Sam eyed Brooke as if she was a fillet mingon (or uh.. stir fried tofu and veggies to y'all vegan's out there.) and answered her mom.

"Oh, I'll go down and eat alright." Then kissed Brooke's neck, licking her way up to her earlobe, licking and nibbling there for a quick second, then whispering into Brooke's ear. "You can count on it." Then Sam stood up, offering her hand to Brooke who took the hand and stood as well. Sam patted Brooke's ass and said, "You ready to eat Brooke?" loud enough for Jane to hear.

"Oh most definitely. We'll be right down."

"Ok girls. See you there."

Waiting a couple seconds, to make sure that Jane was out of hearing distance, Brooke spoke.

"Sam! I swear you are going to be the death of me… and get me into a lot of trouble." Sam kissed Brooke soundly on the lips, and replied.

"No, I'm going to be the life of you." She winked. " Besides… if you don't want me, if you don't want to know how good it feels to be bad, just say so and I'll leave you all alone."

"Like hell I'm going to stay away from those lips of yours." Brooke crashed her lips to Sam's, totally overpowering the brunette and thoroughly raving her lips. "Ok, I think we seriously need to put some clothes on."


"Don't worry they will come off later."

"Woo!" Sam leaned into Brooke, giving the girl a nice long hug. "You know, this isn't just about lust for me right?"

"Oh I know." Brooke smiled," I love you too." Sam hugged the Blonde tighter, then licked her neck, and pulled away.

"Who said anything about love?" She winked, and kissed Brooke before walking to her room for clothes.

"Fuck you."

"After dinner hun, save it for dessert."


"Do you not remember what happened the last time you called me that?"

"Arrg!" Brooke threw her arms up and then went to her room to get dressed.

Brooke came out of her room, dressed in a big oversized sweatshirt and boxers (What? I had to have something on the bottom people… it is a "family" dinner she is going to. Would you feel better if I said she isn't wearing anything *but* the sweatshirt and the boxers? Thought so.), and she saw Sam coming down the hallway, clad in a pair of sweatpants and a purple Adidas tank top (yes you can wear this in Cali during the winter…) and her hair in a ponytail (nothing else here as well.).

"Hey love." Sam said.

"Hey." Brooke replied holding out her hand. "How about we go eat."

"Well how about we have Thanksgiving Dinner first, and then we can get to eating."

"Ooh you are so dirty."

"Nope… just took a bath." Sam said grinning, leading Brooke downstairs to the table engrossed with too much food. The girls sat at their opposite ends of the table, as per usual and Sam immediately started playing footsies with Brooke.

"So how was your Football game today girls?" Jane asked, trying to get a conversation started.

"Great mom. Except there was this girl trying to kill me, and it wasn't Nic, and then she just… disappeared."

"Oh honey, I'm glad you are still alive."

"Me too Sammy."

"Was she cute?" Was Mike's input, once again the women of the household looked at Mike oddly and debated whether to run away or not, no one did… the food tasted too good.

"Sure Mike."

"So Sam scored a touchdown today." Brooke said, changing the subject because she was already feeling a bit of jealously from Sam just saying that some chick was hot… never mind the fact that she was trying to cause some serious bodily damage to Sam.

"Yeah I did, and you tackled me after it happened."

"How was I supposed to know you aren't supposed to do that? I usually only cheer, why would I pay attention to things *on* the field?" Brooke put on her best innocent expression, to make sure her parents didn't realize that she enjoyed watching the other cheerleaders a whole lot more… especially Nic, something Sam will never know.

"The two of you weren't on the same team?" Jane asked.

"Well you see, we were worried that Sam would either kill or be killed by Nicole if they were put on separate teams. And since it wouldn't be fair to have two fairly competent blonde cheerleaders on the same football team, I went to the other team."

"Don't listen to her mom, she just wanted to tackle me." Brooke kicked Sam under the table… Sam just smiled evilly whilst looking innocent (it's a hard thing to do, but once you've got it you are perfect for any situation)

"Kinky." This time, Mike left the table.

"What's with him?"

"Don't look at me he wasn't like this before you guys got here."


"I don't know either dear… the man is just good for one thing… and I'm not allowed to mention it around you."

"Ok." Brooke said. "That's our cue to go."

"Dinner was great mom."

"The pie was delicious."

"Yeah, got any extra whipped cream?" Brooke hit Sam, more of a love tap really. "Ok… time to go."

And the girls bolted up stairs, deciding to go to Sam's room for a couple of reasons, #1 its got a lock, #2 further away from the 'rentals, and #3 Sam had already set the candles up, and had the right CD in the player. (What CD do you ask? Well… like you would even know who the fuck I am talking about… you haven't gotten any of the other references… but Sam has Robert Myles's Children in the player. See… told you.) Sam pushes play, and lights the candles.

"Gee, you don't have anything planned now do you Sammy?"

"Who me? Never… I just like candle light… saves energy, we are in an energy crisis you know."

"Hence us taking a bath together." Brooke reaches out to stroke Sam's cheek.

"Yup." Sam licks her lips, stepping closer to Brooke.

"So this is all just for the environment?" Brooke smiles and licks her lips.

"Uh huh." Sam kisses Brooke, a slow sensuous kiss, a kiss so powerful it could set the sun. Leading Brooke towards the bed in her kiss, Sam slides her hands underneath Brooke's sweatshirt, lightly tracing patterns on her skin and raising bit by bit to Brooke's breasts. Before her hands got into contact with Brooke's supple mounds Sam broke the kiss and yanked the sweatshirt over Brooke's head, then replaced her mouth where it was before. The backs of Brooke's legs hit the bed as Sam placed her hand on Brooke's back and slowly laid the blonde on the bed. Sam then began kissing her way down Brooke's body, licking and nibbling first at Brooke's ear, then down her neck, stopping for a while at the juncture between the neck and the shoulder. She then worked her way down to the valley between Brooke's breasts, licking the underside of one and then sucking on the diamond hard rosy tip, working the nipple hard, biting, twisting… all causing Brooke to wiggle, moan, and grasp Sam's hair as if it were handlebars, and Sam was the ride alright. After switching to the other breast and showing it the same attention given to the previous, Sam furthered her journey down Brooke's body, stopping to play with the precious bellybutton, showing off a little of what was to come, and then moved down. Pausing to remove Brooke's boxers, and finding that those were the only underwear being worn she grinned. Sam then kissed her way up Brooke's thigh, loving the smell that was escaping from Brooke. Brooke, by now, was pretty much drowning in the waves of ecstasy that Sam had thrown her in, her body was already shaking awaiting release, so when Sam's lips first touched her black hole of juiciness, Brooke came… and came hard.

"Oh Fuck! Sam! Oh oh Saaaaaaaam!" To paraphrase what Brooke moaned. Sam, waited till Brooke was finished, before resuming her eating of the sushi taco (this was actually used in a book, and I just had to use it) in which Sam brought Brooke over the edge two more times, then decided to stop, before she killed the girl with pleasure. Moving up the bed, Sam came to rest next to Brooke, after kissing her on the lips, cuddling in close.

The next day we are at the beginning of our little story…

"Well fuck it like a bucket. That has got to have been the best damn Thanksgiving I've ever had."

"Same sentiment Sam, minus the fuck it like a bucket comment, I'm pure you know."

"Oh yes we just proved that how many times?"

"I don't know I lost count after the three at once."

"I had just started then."

"Yeah well you are pretty damn good at what you do Sammy."

"Tis true, and it was the best Thanksgiving dinner/desert I've ever eaten."

"Eat you did."

"Thanks sweet cheeks."

"At least I know why you wear Adidas so much."

"Hey now, you wear it too."

"Yeah… your point?"


And our story ends as the girls push play on their CD player one last time, for KoRn's A.D.I.D.A.S. (If you do not know this song, please go far far away.)

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