Title: She

Author: Hope Libby

Email: kinkyblender@yahoo.com

...And I fell in love...with a girl, it wasn't what I wanted, nor expected, and it couldn't have happened at a worse time either. I was secure, happy, with my straightness, but then I had to go and join a play. How was I supposed to know that from that simple action my life would forever be altered? Everything was fine until one day, while I was reading "The Vampire Chronicles" before rehearsals started, she came up to me and said, "Oh, I love Ann Rice novels."

It started there, with that statement I had begun my slow decent into the abyss. Through the 10min conversation I had with her, I knew something was different about her, but I didn't give it a second thought. I chalked it up to the fact that she was the first person in my high school that had even heard of 'The Vampire Chronicles' let alone a person who knows the author. We set up a time to meet at Starbucks to sit and talk about books, of all things I honestly thought we would only be talking about books.

I noticed she was there as soon as she entered; there was a presence about her. She looked different somehow, for some reason I was checking her out, how nice and tight her ass looked with the leather encompassing her every curve as she leant over the counter to order a drink. Her body mesmerized me, and the way she carried herself over to my table helped to entrap me. I found myself enjoying a look at her breasts, perky and the just right size to be shown off in the white sports bra, luckily for me she was wearing a leather jacket and it swung in front of my view, distracting me. I looked up to her face and she had this weird grin on her face, as if she knew that I was looking... and she liked it.

We talked for a while, passionately going on about books, and through the conversation, I mentioned that I had finished the book and that I needed to get the next one. She told me that I can borrow hers, and that's how I ended up at her house or rather her apartment.

She told me to make my self comfortable, but I was nervous for some reason. Her house was nice, everything was black or white or metal, which normally would have given me a sterile hospital type feeling, but the house made me feel warm. I sat down on her black leather couch and waited for her to come back with my book. Looking around, I noticed that there weren't any pictures of friends or family up around the apartment. All she had were posters adorning the walls; I noticed that she had one for my favorite movie. Then she came back, and had taken her jacket off in the process, sat next to me and handed me the book. That was when I first smelled her, it was indescribable, sweet, tangy, and like some wild vanilla in one. I must have gotten distracted, because the next thing I knew, she had her hand on my shoulder and was slightly shaking me.

"Sorry." I said, she was staring into my eyes expecting an explanation, and I couldn't think up a lie. So I said, "It's just...I've never smelt anything as good as you before." Immediately after I said that I thought that I had totally made a big mistake, but she just sat there and she got a big smile on her face.

"Wow ... thanks, um ... that deserves a kiss. If you don't want me to, just say no and I wont."

Up until she said that, I was so confused about my feelings, well about everything that was going on, but she said that, and I couldn't think of anything else that I'd rather be doing than kissing her. She leaned over and placed her soft lips on mine, and suddenly nothing else existed, it was just her lips, tongue, and mine… blissfully intertwined in a fight to give the most pleasure. We pulled away, both needing the petty thing called oxygen, panting as we looked at each other, I spoke, "Wow... I've never."

She then spoke up, "I know, and its never felt or tasted as good before."

I blushed and planted another kiss on her lips, this time running my fingers through her hair. Her hands on the other hand were doing remarkable things to my breasts, rubbing, flicking, and teasing them, I was starting to get wet. This was a completely new experience for me, I had never been touched with the care, the gentleness, or the confidence that she had, before... and I suddenly got scared, and tensed up. She noticed this and pulled away, looking at me with questioning eyes.

"What's wrong?" There was nothing but concern in her eyes, and a little bit of fear, and I found that I couldn't bring myself to lie to her, yet again.

"I…I got scared." I blushed at this, how much more sexy can one get? But this didn't deter her, she understood somehow.

"Hey, its ok I understand."

And she really did understand, we spent half the night talking, I had never felt so… normal, humanlike… she understood the things I was trying to say, and I got her. She made love to me that night and I have never came that many times nor that thoroughly, and I fell in love...with a girl, it wasn't what I wanted, nor expected, but I'm glad it happened.

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