Title: Of Love and Peaches

Author: Hope Libby

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Rating: NC-17 (I like smut… and peaches)

Spoilers: None in this part

Summary: Sam has a plan… and passes out.

Couple: Brooke/Sam

Warning: Uhm its slash. It will be hot steamy slash. If you have anything against peaches, do turn away now.;)

Author's Notes: This started off as Head Over Feet…with a plot then I got caught up in writing and it went haywire. LOL So the beginning is the same but the story is completely different. You are going to love where I ended this.

Disclaimer: If you work for the WB, give them this message: WTF were you thinking? Canceling this show? I mean SHEESH! Nothing to sue me over, Sam owns me. :shrug: I can't make Sam mad at me or else… well bad news.*giggle*

"How was your day Brooke?" And so the journey begins, the journey to get Brooke to fall in love with me. First step, asking her how her day was, last step… well, we will see. She was startled by my question, that doesn't surprise me… normally we are fighting, the bitter enemy state. It takes her a while to decipher if I am genuine in my question or not, but the fair maiden finally replies.

She looks at me with those beautiful hazel eyes of hers and says," Actually Sam, it sucked. I had an absolutely horrible day."

"Oh no." I go and give her a hug… she needs it and it's a perk for me. "What's wrong Brooke?" Who hurt my Brookie? I will kill them. She's started crying and I tell her, "Hey I'll make it all better. It'll be ok. Let's go upstairs to some place comfortable for you. In the meanwhile, do keep using my shirt as a handkerchief." This gets a giggle from her as we head on upstairs.

By the time we get to her room she has stopped crying, but is still clinging on to me for dear life. Actually, I think I have lost circulation but that doesn't matter… Brooke is touching, holding onto, me… that is what is important. I would do anything for this girl. "So what went right today?"

"Lets try nothing… except you."

*THUD* Ok no reveling in how good that made me feel. "Wow… lets try what's wrong? Let's see how I can fix it." I say with a soft smile. Her eyes swiftly move up to meet mine, so much pain is there… yet, even more, there is trust.

"Things started off good today, you know… I was a happy little peach today in Bio Glass's class." A sudden image of a nice juicy peach pops into my mind as she says this. Then the image of me eating the peach and getting its juices all over myself… where was I? Oh yeah, helping Brooke. "It all went down hill after that class. In my next class, math, we had a major pop quiz that I failed, which was not the end of the world… there is always extra credit. Then on the way to lunch I tripped and fell down the stairs. So by this time I was already feeling crappy about myself. I went to lunch and was nicely eating my turkey sandwich when Mary Cherry said to me 'Wha's wrong Brookie? Why yah drownin yah'self in fat?' I'm sure she was trying to be sweet and caring… but yeah, off to the Novak I went and looked in the mirror and I saw fat Brooke. I don't think I need to say what happened next." I nod my head, oh poor Brooke; she should have run to me for help… not some damn toilet. "So to make my day even brighter, I had no energy for cheer practice, went up for a toss and landed harshly on the ground. Here I am now though, with you making me feel like it was all a bad dream."

I hug her to me again now that she has gotten it all out. "Brooke, listen to me, I will always be here for you. I want you to be happy, know that you can come to me anytime, day or night. Wake me up at 2am if you want, pull me out of class… just talk to me if you are doubting yourself again, if you are even slightly thinking of purging again or even if you are having the best day in the world, let me know about it. As for the math quiz, you are right, there is always extra credit. The trip, well… just think of it as a quicker way to get down the stairs, if you want I can start tripping down the stairs as well and we can start a trend or something. Turkey sandwiches have like no fat in them what so ever, so eat more. WHY THE HELL WERE YOU LISTENING TO MARY CHERRY?! Granted, you were having a crappy day, but no one should ever listen to her… even when they can understand her. Ok my little word session is over. I hope I didn't scare you, hurt you, or infuriate you with my opinions."

Brooke manages a tiny smile as she finally looks me in the eyes and says, "Sometimes I am really glad you are a journalist Sam. You know how to use your words… you don't know how much you've helped me."

After another quick hug I say, "Alright we are putting some food into that stellar body of yours." Step two of my plan, telling her little compliments about herself, nothing too noticeable just tiny, normal, remarks.

Brooke has a little fear in her eyes but it swiftly disappears once they focus on mine, she complies, "Ok I will eat, for you… You know I want to beat this."

"Yes I do. I definitely do." I grab her hand and pull her towards the kitchen.


Day 2 Part 1

Nothing special really happened after I got Brooke to the kitchen yesterday, I managed to get her to wolf down some potato salad, chicken and some mint chocolate chip ice cream for desert. Yes, the flavor ice cream matters… it's her favorite. Anyways nothing much happened… just talked a bit more. Now for me to get out of bed, I head towards the bathroom and there Brooke is, in all her morningly cuteness… hair all over the place, she should really go to school like that. We stop in front of the door; I open it and offer it to her, " After you gorgeous." I wink and grin, then hold my breath as she passes. Step 3 in full effect.

She looks at me softly and confused but accepts the offer and says, "Why thank you beautiful." And then giggles as she shuts the door.

Wait, ok… hold on… that was not supposed to happen, Brooke was not supposed to call me beautiful… because it means she caught on to my supposedly hidden compliments. Ok… well, hidden would imply that I've been hiding them from her… so… wait huh? Too much thinking when I just woke up, I still don't like the idea of Brooke complimenting me back, because it can not mean what I want it to mean… not this early in my plan that is. Brooke comes out of the bathroom looking great as per usual and I am still standing stupefied. She looks at me with an amused look and says, " So, now you see how it feels." Winks, then goes to her room to get dressed.

Ok, what the fuck is going on here?! Does she know what I'm trying to do? Does she feel the same way… is she just not wanting me to compliment her anymore? I realize that I am still standing in the hallway, stupefied, when Brooke shoves me into the bathroom, "Sheesh Sam, I've got to remember not to tease you this early in the morning."

I'm standing here staring at my dazed and confused self in the mirror… not doing anything, this is really confusing for some reason. Brooke must have sensed that I wasn't even close to getting started at grooming myself because she just started brushing my hair. "Honestly Sam, you need to be able to take what you dish out." Brooke is brushing my hair… "If you are going to be nice and caring and…" She pauses; I can tell she wants to go on with that thought but doesn't. She is still brushing my hair. "Then you are just going to have to expect that I will do the same to you." Did I mention that Brooke is brushing my hair? Her soft fingers running through it and she is so tender as she drags the brush through my hair. "If you are going to compliment me Sammy… I better be able to compliment you back." Brooke is fondling my hair and she just called me Sammy. I focus on myself in the mirror and see me opening and shutting my mouth like a goldfish, Brooke takes the opportunity to brush my teeth for me. What the hell is going on and why can't I move or talk? In goes the toothbrush, foreign yet familiar, gently encompassing all of the numerous crevices of my mouth. I wish it was Brooke's tongue mingling with mine… She finishes the brushing and turns me around so she can look me in the eye, which is about all I can manage right now. She speaks again, as once she knows that I am focused on her… as if anything could tear my gaze away from her, even in this catatonic state.

"You can't love me… and not expect me to love you back." Ok huh… what did she just say?

I gurgle out an "ughhnh?" What I really meant to say was 'what did you mean' but Brooke got the point.

" I said… I'm in love with you Sam." *thud* Goodnight.

When I come to there is good news and bad news. Good news; I am dressed for school and in Brooke's soft embrace, bad news; I am dressed for school and Brooke is slapping the hell out of me. I'm guessing it was to get me to wake up from fainting… but I am awake now and she hasn't stopped.

"Brooke!" I yell, because whispering wouldn't have gotten her attention. Yelling worked; she just gave me one last hard slap and is now in the process of choking me. I'm sure she is meaning it as a hug; I mean she did just confess her love for me. After a long moment she lets go and looks into my eyes… she's been crying <DUH! > You know what? Fuck off! Who is telling the story here?! <Fine then :raspberry:>

"Don't you ever do that again Sam! I thought you keeled over and died on me."

"That would be why you dressed me for school then." Brooke blushes…busted. I grin.

"I did it out of panic ok? You pass out an I'm stuck trying to figure out what to do."

"So… the next logical step was to strip me naked and dress me again." Yet another blush from Brooke.

"Well yeah… I mean if I shocked you to death, I might as well get some perks! Besides, I already combed your hair and brushed your teeth… it seemed like the next thing to do."

"Yeah… uhm you just reminded me. I need to pee."

Brooke laughs then says "Well you go pee then, and I'll meet you in the kitchen when you are done."

"Sure, yeah… but I don't think I want to go to school today Brooke."

"Well that's good… being that we've already missed three classes."

I blush. Wow, I was really gone that long? I guess too much shock to the system… did Brooke really confess her love to me, or did I hallucinate it? If it's real, that wasn't supposed to happen by step three. Wait, why am I complaining? This is what I wanted.


Day 2 Part 2

I enter the kitchen to find Brooke doing a cute little dance and singing along to the radio, "I don't want anybody else…"

"When I think about you I touch myself." I finish for her. It's an appropriate song really… I've stunned her a bit but she recovers quickly and gets an up to no good grin on her face, and predatorily stalks up to me… singing.

"I don't want… anybody else… when I think about you… I touch… myself." She finishes and her face is a mere centimeter away from mine. She looks down at my lips, grins and licks hers. Brooke raises her eyes to mine, her eyes have gotten impossibly dark with what I hope is desire. She speaks… more like moans, "I'm hungry Sammy…can you feed me?"

Oh yeah… definitely. I grasp her head in my hands and crush her lips to mine. Nummy! This white-hot heat that emanates from our lips would be enough to thaw the artic and I feel as if I am breathing in fresh air for the first time. Her tongue sneaks into my mouth and we battle for dominance in this conversation of tongues that neither of us will win, we enjoy fighting too much for either to give in. I pull away needing air and she drags her teeth along my bottom lip as she pulls away. Panting and looking into each other's eyes we both whisper out, "Wow."

"Did we just…" I start to ask.

"…kiss?" Brooke finishes, "Yup, that was us."

"That felt so…" I cannot seem to finish sentences.

"…good, great, amazing, mind altering, earth shattering…nice."

"So who exactly is the journalist here?"

Brooke laughs and says, "Yeah, well… it obviously ain't you today honey." She winks and turns and heads towards the counter she was dancing with earlier. I follow her, mesmorized by her luscious ass swinging back and forth, in tune with the song on the radio, which happens to be "Cream" by Prince <Gee if only all radio could be this good> I think "Nookie" is coming up next if you would shut up! <Oooh Nookie! *giggle* Me quiet now.> Now back to Brooke's ass and cream…no comment. I decide to sit on the counter behind her and I have to say it, "I see you baby… shaking that ass." She gives a hard sake at hearing this and turns around holding up two strategically placed peaches. <Like the end of Austin Powers?> YES! <Ooh.>

"Peaches?" She asks.

"Yes they are." I like being a smart ass. Brooke sticks her tongue out at me.

"No… you want some?"

"I don't know. Are they Georgia Peaches?"


"Well… quite frankly, they are the best, really nice and juicy. I like getting the juice all over my face when I eat a peach."

Gee… Brooke looks flushed, I wonder why? Hehe.

"No they weren't from Georgia…California actually…but I can guarantee that there is lots of Juice." Her voice is several octaves lower, which causes me to agree about the presence of Juice.



"I think…I want those peaches now."

Brooke smirks, then replies, "Are you sure? This would be your first California Peach."

"I don't want anything else."

Her lips come crashing down into mine, like the ocean into the cliffs; refreshing, thunderous, powerful, beautiful, and wet. With one of her hands firmly on the back of my head, and the other hand on my ass, I am firmly pressed against Brooke; and am loving the contact. Moving a hand to her breast I start to knead and rub, eliciting a primal moan from her. Ripping her lips away from mine she trails kisses down my neck, eliciting an "Oh yeah!" from me. Our hands have left their prior positions and have begun attempting to undress each other; me unbuttoning Brooke's blouse and Brooke attempting to get my t-shirt over my head without losing contact. We give up on this no losing contact thing and rip the shirts off. Hmm, Brooke forgot to put both of our bras on today. I'm about to point this out when she slams me down on the counter, jumps onto it, straddles me and proceeds to cover my body with kisses as her hands are busily working to undo my pants. I'm not laying idly by as I get tortured to death by pleasure… "Oh God Yes!" Ok… I am lying here and can't do anything but grip the hell out of the edge of this counter, that will never be looked at the same again, and my other hand is on Brooke's head… clasping and releasing her beautiful soft hair, that teases my skin as she is placing kisses on my taught tummy. She finally gets through that pesky fly of my pants and starts to peel them off, they are waaay too constricting right now. As my pants get lower, so do her kisses, her tongue stays and plays with my belly button for a while which elicits an, "Oh God Brooke!" She connects her eyes to mine and smiles a feral grin at me as she heads down to where no hand, man, nor mouth has ever been. <To boldly go where no mouth has gone before> Shut up! You are killing the mood! Oh HELLO Mrs. Tongue! I have a sharp intake of breath ad release it as a, "Yessssss."

Brooke is lapping at my hot core as if it is a melting ice cream cone. She slides her tongue over my wet folds; my body is all hot and starting to shake, needing release. Brooke senses this as she sucks and nibbles on my clit. Bringing me over my precipice, every tension in my body gets released including me yelling out something along the lines of, "Broooo!" As my body is convulsing every millisecond Brooke slides up me and kisses me, a soft loving kiss and she holds me, comforting me, until I have recovered.


Day2 Part 3

Now that conscious thoughts have come back to me I realize that I never got to have my peaches and Juice in this whole ordeal. I grab Brooke around the waist with one arm and with the other I flip our positions so that I am now on top of her. I plant a searing kiss upon her lips; I recognize my unique taste on her lips and cannot wait to see how she tastes. But I do wait; instead I move my lips to her earlobe, nibbling, sucking, and blowing on it for a long moment. There is now a low guttural moan emanating from deep inside of Brooke. I decide that the other ear lobe needs some loving as well. Brooke's moan has gotten a bit louder and her hands are now firmly latched onto my breasts, which I am finding oddly arousing… the feeling that my boobs are going to be ripped off. A moan escapes my lips as I move them down Brooke's neck, licking, nipping, and kissing, to her collarbone, then down to her breasts. I take a nipple into my mouth. Brooke's moan turns into a full on grunt/scream; she moves her hands to my back and digs her nails in, nearly piercing my skin, causing me to suck even harder on her nipple.

I take my lips away with a pop and move my way to her other breast, licking the underside first and lazily spiraling into contact with her hardened tit. This gets an even stronger moan/groan/scream from her and her nails into my back… I'm sure they punctured my skin that time, as she drags them against my back. I bite down and twist. <Orgasm #1 ladies and gentleman> Yup… now shut up so I can give her more. My attempt to remove Brooke's pants in this ordeal proved challenging, but after her shuddering had subsided I get them off.

I wait for Brooke to sufficiently recover before I start making my way down to drink me some Juice. Taking a page out of Brooke's book I stop at her belly button, and probe, in and out and circle it, showing it the love it deserves. I lightly kiss it one last time as I move down to her heavenly mound. Brooke moans and grasps my hair pulling me to where she wants me. I look into her eyes as I pucker my lips, and blow. Brooke sucks in some air sharply, throws her head back and whispers out, "Ssssam!"

It's a good thing I have this nagging oral fixation, or else my tongue might be tired. But its not, so I drive it right into Brooke's slick and wet folds. Having no clue as to what I should be doing I just decide to lick all of the juice up, nibble anything that could be nibbled, and probe every crevice. I must have done something right because Brooke has just clenched onto my tongue like a vice. A moment subsides and now I am drowning in Juice. Nice, warm, delicious, Juice. What I wouldn't give to drink of this Juice every day… and now, I fully plan on it.

Brooke's body is still trembling from the waves of her orgasm as I crawl up her body and hold her like she held me. It takes a while for Brooke to recover, but she finally does and I place a soft quick kiss upon her lips, eliciting a "Hey."

"Hey." I respond back. Yay! I've finally had one of those moments! I've always wanted one. "Uhm… Brooke, as much as I totally love this whole, lying on top of your velvety soft sweat glistened body. I think we need to get off of this counter and clean up before Mike or Jane come walking in on this unique situation."

"I agree… even though you've got to admit that it would be great to see the expressions on either of their faces!"

"I wouldn't, Mike would probably kill me. Besides, I'd like to talk about this before there has to be a confrontation."

"Ok Sammy. But first…" She kisses me, letting our tongues duel for a bit, Brooke pulls away, "You need to get off of me."

I giggle and get off of her, and the counter, and proceed to dress myself. Which I find nearly impossible, being that my jeans are soaked and my shirt is ripped in half.

"Damn Brooke! Am I going to have any clothes left by the time you get through with me?"

"I'll never be done…"<Pause for loving, sweet, mushy moment in which everyone who isn't in love… gags.> Thank you oh so much you not so helpful cheerleader. Brooke continues, "Besides my clothes are in the same state Sammy. My shirt might not be ripped in half but there are no buttons!"

"Eh… buttons get in the way anyways." I laugh. She smiles her beautiful smile.

"So do clothes for that matter." She doesn't laugh… oh damn she looks like she is going to devour me… again!

"Ok, down woman. Remember, we need to clean up. Besides the kitchen counter thing has been done." I wink.

"Ah but we haven't tried the kitchen table, the kitchen floor…" I interrupt.

"There is a lot we haven't tried… and we will have plenty of time, later."


Day 2 Part 4

We decided to clean the kitchen naked, since our clothes were impossible to put on and we didn't want to get a clean pair dirty. <You just like watching each other naked.> Yup. After a clean healthy passion filled shower with Brooke we separated to get dressed. Now, here we are sitting on the couch, Brooke in a tank top and shorts, me in sweatpants and a sports bra. <Does that matter? > No… but I like the imagery. <Me too! >

"Ok… let's get to talking." Brooke starts this off.

"I love you Brooke." I needed to say it aloud, and she needed to hear it, judging by the fact that she is now glowing more than before.

"I know… its really nice to hear it, and proven though. Of course, I love you as well Sammy. You aren't going to pass out again are you?"

I stick my tongue out at her and she leans forward and lightly captures it with her teeth. She then proceeds to kiss me, a sweet love filled kiss, slow and soft… we pull away.

"That was nice, I really like this…us." I blush.

"So do I Sammy, so do I."

"Now that we both know for sure that we are in love with each other, and we like this, we need to figure out something for dealing with the rentals."

"You're right."

"As per always." She slaps my arm.

"I had to fall in love with a smart ass."

"Hey… I could have been a dumb ass."

"Been there, done that… got the bumper sticker, never doing it again." I giggle.

"See, smart ass is much better… I give t-shirts"

"More like ruin t-shirts."

"No. Honey, that was you." She blushes.

"Ok… the parents Sam."

"Way to kill a mood. I think we should tell them."

"What are you crazy?! You want to die?"

"Not really, but a lot of people want me to… especially this one girl Aeryn." <*giggle*>


"Never mind… we tell them but we don't tell them."

"Uhm…cheerleader here."

"You tell daddy you're gay, me tell mommy I gay. We wait and then we confuse them into letting us be together."

"Uh, I think I get it."

"Good. I'll explain it later. But I think in order for this to work we are going to have to abstain from our plethoric amount of Nookiefests." She is giggling.

"You said plethoric!!! I love the word plethora! It is so rarely used and yet one of the greatest words in the English language."

"Did you miss the point of what I just said? Even though I agree with you."

"No, I got the point… I agree, but for right now I think we need to overdo our selves with sex so we don't miss it too much." Some how I don't think that will happen… the, me not missing it too much part, that is.


Day 3 Brooke's POV

I will tell dad I'm gay and he will be fine with it. I will tell dad I'm gay and he will be fine with it. I will tell dad I'm gay and he will be fine with it. I will tell dad I'm gay and he will be fine with it. I walk into the kitchen where he is sitting and sit down. I will tell dad I'm gay and he will be fine with it.

"Hey Brooke, what's up?" I will tell dad I'm gay and he will be fine with it.

"Hey daddy… I've got something I need to tell you."

"What is it Brooke?" He has this serious look on his face, that or he's constipated. I can never tell… My daddy love me and will accept me being gay.

"It's big and you might not like it, but know that I am still your same Brookie… just with a slight variation."


"No daddy, nothing crazy like that. I'm just gay." Well, that slipped out.

"Gay? You are happy?"

"Well kinda… I'm gay as in like, I want to have sex with chicks…" Daddy go purple, "and sleeping with chicks would make me very happy." Ew purple is not a good color on him.

"You can't be gay, you dated Josh." Now that the purple is gone he just looks confused, or constipated… as I said… hard to tell.

"Exactly daddy. If I can't be sexually attracted to the stereotypical All American Boy… I must be a lesbian." <Oh that makes sense. > Just go with it.

"How could you not be attracted to him? Even I am!" Huh? What did he just…

"Dad, you're gay?"

"Oh god no! I'm bisexual. Makes sex with Jane interesting."

"Eww" <EWW> "daddy I did not need to know about your sex life."

"Neither did I."

"So you are alright with me being gay?"

"Its not like you have a choice right?"

"Nope… and I'm not expecting you to go and start waving flags… I don't think I'm even ready for that."

"Oh Brooke, remind Glass about my appointment with it tonight."


Day 10 Back to Sam's POV

Brooke & I decided she would tell Mike first, figuring he would be the most likely to flip out. Which ended up flipping Brooke out… I don't know exactly what happened… but he's fine with her and she keeps wanting to throw up in BioGlass'es class. Now as per our original plan, one week later I am about to tell mom that I am gay. She's sitting at the kitchen table, now so am I.

"Mom, I've got something to tell you."

"Go ahead, you know you can tell me anything."

"Ok, but it's semi major. Well not major per se but it changes things."

"Alright fine… get it over with already!"

"Sheesh mom! I'm gay!" It wasn't supposed to come out that way.


"I'm Gay!" Mom go faint.


Day 10 Part 2… ½ an hour later

Mom wake up. I'm slapping her, you know, just incase I don't get to later.

"Samantha STOP!" I stop… after this one last slap that is…tehe.

"Sorry mom, just wanted to make you wake up." My grin has got to be a mile wide.

"Right… Sam." She gives me a knowing look, "Now where were we?"

"Me, gay."

"Oh… yeah, that."

"Yeah, that."

"But you've never even dated a guy."




<enter awkwardest of moments here> After a moment I speak again…

"Yeah, I'll let you think on it, all I'm asking for is acceptance and for you to still love me. I'm still the same Sam."

"But… how do you know?"

"Well… besides the fact that I enjoy showering in Gym class waaay too much… I've been having these intensely real dreams about Brooke… fucking my brains out. But don't worry, its not like they can come true, Brooke isn't gay or anything."

"Yeah nothing like that…" She makes a weird face, Mom you liar. "Don't use the F word in front of me again. I accept you Sam, there is nothing that can stop my love for you." <Aww> Shut up! <Fine then>

"Thanks mom."

"Not too sure about this Brooke thing though." She shakes her head.

"Awh mom."

"Well… she's your sister."

"STEP, mom… not blood. Like Clueless."

"It's not like you two could ever get married though."

"Ouch mom."

"Well… its true."


"You honestly want to get married there?"

"Mom…I don't have to worry about Vermont yet."

"Ok Sam."


Day 11

It's been over a week since our Nookiefest and I am horny as hell, and missing Brooke so unbelievably much. I mean, sure I get to see her here, at school, and at home. But at home we are in the process of making life a living hell for Mike and Jane. If there is anything that Brooke and I are good at, its fighting <and sex>… and right now the two of us have a lot to put out in out fights. No sex can do that to a person, the good part of it is that it is driving Mike and Jane insane, bad news is that our fights turn me on and I can't get no satisfaction. Today I plan on having some fun, here at school.

I have a plan, again… it will work this time and I wont pass out. Step one, placing a love note in Brooke's locker… my handwriting, but signed anonymous… I know how not to get caught.

I'm at my locker watching Brooke open hers and now reading the peach scented note. Oh wow I've never seen a transformation between normal to nearly orgasmimg in one sec. Go me! <Go you!> Brooke turns around and looks directly at me, and now I am in the same state she is in. She licks her lips, turns, and heads towards the Novak, I follow her making sure no one notices. As I walk in I see Brooke checking under the stalls; I lock the door. <How come my high school didn't have a bathroom like this?> Because you aren't a fictional character on a TV show. <Oh yeah> Doors locked, stalls checked, just Brooke, mirrors, and me.

"Hey baby doll." I say taking her full form in, long, beautiful and all mine.

"Hey yourself… I am so unbelievably in love with you right now."

"Why's that?"

"Your note." I smirk.

"What note?"

"Oh this amazingly sweet, yet erotic note I got today… Smelled like peaches."

"Peaches…" I say as I stalk my way to Brooke, I stop less than a foot away from her. "What are peaches? Must have been Mary Cherry." I giggle… she slaps me.

"Sam! Eww! Not the visual I want!"

"How's this?" I take her head softly in my hands and kiss her, a long, slow, passionate kiss. I move my hand up to Brooke's breast, squeeze and… there is a knock at the door.

"Damnit!" Brooke yells, she's so cute when she's all hot and bothered.

I trudge my way to the door, check to see that Brooke has made herself look back to her usual self, then open the door, and yell, "What the hell do you want?!"

Ooh I've surprised Satan!

"Spam, go back to your can."

"Oh shut up Satan! What do you want? Brooke and I were busy… fighting."

"That's nice hun, now leave. I need to talk to Brookie."

I look to Brooke and shrug, "This isn't over Brooke." I try to say it with venom, but I doubt it worked, judging by the color Brooke's eyes just turned.

Brooke responds, "You can count on it." That definitely didn't sound evil. Hell, even Nic's face… er Satan's face looks flushed. < Uh, Sam… you said Nic> Yeah so? <You hate her> No I don't actually, I extremely despise her. Hate would imply that I felt love for her in the first place. <Ahh> Look, can you do me a favor and stop interrupting the story? <But the comments need to be made> Fine… just don't interrupt the sex again. <Deal… can I join? > No. <Ok, I'm content watching.> Thank you.


Day 11 Part 2 Brooke's POV… Novak

"Hey Nic. What's up?" Ah, Nicole my best friend and worst enemy in one breathtaking body.

"Hey Brookie…so what were you really doing with Spammie?" Uh oh…to tell or not to tell…

"What do you mean? We were fighting…"

"Right hun and Melissa Etheridge isn't dating one of the hottest girls in Hollywood."

"Youre right she is kinda hot. " Oops… did I say that out loud?

"So you ARE a dyke!" Yeah… I said it out loud…shit.



"I can think a girl is hot and not be gay."

"True Brookie… but you obviously knew who a famous gay icon's girlfriend was, and what she looked like… that and I've seen you and Spam."

"Me and Spam...SAM what?"

"Whether you were paying attention or not, obviously not, you two were put on display in the hallway like 10min ago."

"What are you talking about Nikki…" Busted… looks like I am leaving the Novak in the palm of her hand.

"I saw Spammie putting that note in your locker. I saw her watching you as you opened and read said note. I saw your very drool worthy reaction to the note, and I saw Sam's… er Spam's reaction to your reaction… and I saw the two of you sneaking into the Novak."

"Oh." Blushing Brooke right now, sheesh!

"Now… I want to see what was on that note, and I want to know the details."

I hand Nic the note knowing that I have no choice in the matter, she reads it and responds, "Wow Brookie, I am never listening to Bush the same ever again."

"Yeah… well, that's my Sammy."

"What's with the peach scent?" I giggle.

"Sam has this thing for peaches."

"You know… you are making me have semi-nice thoughts towards her."

"Hell forbid!" I laugh.

"So Josh is available now?" Hello, where did that come from?

"Nice non-sequitor Nic. He hasn't been mine for a while now… Harrison, remember?"

"Not anymore, they broke up."

"When did this happen?"

"Last week."

"Oh… I was in my post Nookie with Sam haze then."

"TMI(Too Much Info) dear. That does explain the glow." I blush yet again. "So I can set Josh up with Sugar then?"

"Why are you asking me this?"

"I don't know." <sorry… but it's a fun idea>

"Well for the story's purpose yeah… hook em up."

"Thanks Brookie…. Just to let you know, I'm not going to out you two… that is unless you take too long." She winks at me, I hug her.

"Thanks Nic."

"I'm not becoming friends with Spam though."

"Wouldn't dream of that."


Day 11 Part 3 Back to Sam's POV

Brooke & Nic/Satan walk into the cafeteria both smiling at me, Nic winks… Brooke giggles. What the hell is going on?!? I still have control over this situation… I have a peach for lunch, or real peach…as in the fruit <we get it> thanks… I pick it up, wink at Brooke and take a big ass bite out of it, getting peach juice all over my face, shirt and Lily who has the unfortune of sitting next to me, if I wasn't at school I'd probably lick the juice off of her. I'm almost done eating this luscious peach when I hear, "Holy shee-iat! Spammy Mc Phearsome is ghettin Juice all ovah! That lucky lil Pea-iotch!"

I must have gotten lost in the delicious juices of the peach because when I look up, every single chick in the cafeteria has their jaw dropped down to the ground, drooling, and are flushed. Hot damn I'm good, I chuckle… then I look over at Brooke, who is passed out on the ground. Nicole is slapping her. <I'm sensing a trend here.> I run over to Nic… er Satan, and slap her, "Hey you're not supposed to slap her, I am."

"Why's that Spammy?"

"Payback." I say simply and start slapping Brooke.

<Whilst this is going on, unbeknownst to Sam, Nic, or Brooke, Mary Cherry has slipped away to the Novak along with none other than Lil Lilly. It seems like MC has a thing for Latin peaches, and Lilly has a thang for Cherries. Whoda thunk? Back to the Cafeteria…>

Before she even opens her eyes she is screaming my name, "Saaaaaam!" Unlike her, I give her a soft love tap, not one last hard ass slap.

"Brookie… passing out on me was not supposed to happen."

"It was either that or having an orgasm in front of the whole school."

Satan steps in to say, "I wouldn't have minded seeing that."

"Neither would I." I agree.

"Stop the presses! Sam agreed with Nic!" Satan and I both look at each other then to Brooke, back to each other, then back to Brooke and say, "Shut up miss Peach USA."

<Meanwhile, also unbeknownst to our cute little trio, and the oddly scary duo in the Novak… the cafeteria has broken out into a giant orgy, licking and nibbling the peach remains, from Sam's messy feast, off of each other. Carmen, looking at Nic the whole time, proceeds to lick and eat herself… er nibble… yeah… that's it. Harrison, Sugar, and Josh have disappeared to the Palace and are romping around with Mike and Jane, and this guy named Bryan. <eg> Overlooking this whole cafeteria orgy is a group of girls and some boys… taking notes, planning future stories from this happening. Back to our hero's…or at least the one's I care about.>

Once Brooke finishes blushing, and I get over the fact that Satan knows about our sex life, we start laughing.

"Uh…guys." Nic bursts our laughing Bubble.

"Yeah Nic?" Brooke sobers first.

"Look what Sam did." She points out towards the center of the cafeteria where student upon student upon table upon chair upon food item upon student upon… well you get the idea…

"Holy Orgy Brookie!" Brooke laughs at my statement.

"How bout dem peaches." Nic continues with the cheesy statements… cause really, what else does one say when your high school has broken out into a full out sexfest?!

"My baby started that." Brooke coo's, I kiss her.

"Brooke hun, its not something to be proud of." Satan says.

"I have to agree with her again Brookie."

"Even though… Spammie I've got to say, you've got mad tongue and mouth skills." Oooh a compliment from Nic!

"That she does Nic."

"Thank you Brookie."

"I did not need that visual Brooke." *giggle* We made Nic blush. "Hey, not like I care, but where is the cherried one?"

"The Novak I guess." Brooke answered. So off to the Novak we go.


Day 11 Part 4 Novak…again

Nicole, Brooke, and I all walk into the Novak and witness Lilly donning a whip and Mary Cherry stripping to the song 'Cherry Pie' by Warrant. Nic is the first who is able to speak.

"Well, well, well… what have we got here?"

She surprised MC, thus causing her to rip her clothes off, Lilly proceeded to fall off of the tuffet. Now I don't know about you, but a naked MC is not something I wanted to see, however a naked Lilly… if I wasn't madly in love with Brooke… <Oh yeah niiiice> Nic Continues…

"God you two… put some clothes on! Whats with everyone being gay?! Its not a fucking fad!

"Calm down Nic, maybe this school is a gaytonia that we weren't aware of." That's my girlfriend; she's so logical in the illogical sense.

"Muhst be the sma-hog." MC has dressed now, donning a pair of overalls… nothing less nothing more. <Hey she's kinda hot… if only she'd keep her mouth shut.> Yeah, and off my Lilly…

"Lily, you care to explain to me what is going on here?" I say to her, trying to keep my emotions in check.

"Uh…well, uhm…" Brooke grabs my hand for support, I squeeze her hand, and "Well Mary Cherry and I are uh kind of an item."

Eww <Eww> Brooke is squeezing the hell out of my hand and Nic, well…

"Eww!" That was Nic's response. Thus sparking Lilly's flme for spouting off.

"What? You have something against gay people Nicole?"

"No… I have a problem with anyone lusting over Cherry over there."

"Besides Lil," I put my two cents in on Nic's behalf… I don't know why either, "Nic is dating Melissa Etheridge."

Three heads snap towards me, and one towards Nic. I look at them and say, " What? Oh come on… don't tell me you never realized it." I remember that MC cant tell the difference between a cow and a cat and look expectingly at Lilly. Brooke, the only one looking at Nic, cuts in to say…

"How did I never realize it before… wow." This might be too much for her blonde mind to handle. MC and Lilly both snap their heads towards Nic, who is still staring in shock at me.

"Why, Nic" MC starts off, quirking her head to the left, "how come you never told uhs that you like to go dahn an eat the singin fishees?" <Should I be worried about her?> No she's too far gone to be saved. < Ok… Im just scared right now.> Aren't we all.

"So I basically told you that you are hot to your face?" Brooke lets everyone in on her little secret. < *starts singing that song*> I didn't mean it that way… but it works. Nic is hot though… but I didn't say that, she finally speaks.

"Yeah uhm, thank you." She does that signature smile of hers then continues, "Spammie… Spam… Spam…" <Spam its pink and its oval, spam its made in Chernobyl, spam you buy it at the mobil, Spam.> SHUT UP! <sorry> " you truly are a good reporter after all. However, if you leak this information to anyone… I will kill you."

"Nic, there will be no killing of Sam."

"Brookie, hun, not even you could stop me if she leaks this."

I step in to defend myself, "Hey you don't have to worry about me. I'm not a gossip whore…" <Suuure> "you might want to watch the Cherry over there though." I point to MC who is on four cellphones at once, all ready to spill the Juicy news. Nic slaps them out of her hands/webbed appendages.

"You are banned from all speaking purposes. Why this hasn't been done before is beyond me."

"Hey… wait a minute!" Lilly interjects, "How am I supposed to get my groove on if my girlfriend can't speak?"

"Lil, you couldn't understand her in the first place." I state.

"Oh yeah… how about I guarantee to keep her mouth busy with other stuff then?"




"Awh, my Lil Lilly standin up fer her luuuv slahve like a lil emporher!"

"Huh?" <From everyone in this story, including me.>

There is a really long eerie pause in which there is no sound at all, while we try to figure out what MC said. I speak up, " Ok, so… Mary Cherry & Lilly, Nic & Melissa, Josh/Harrison & Sugar, Carm & Herself, Brookie and I… have I got all the pairings right?"

Nods from everyone, shock from Lilly.

"Ok then, I think I am going home and trying to wake up from this nightmare."

"I'll go with you Sammy, help you remove that peach Juice that is still covering you." Brooke wants to come home with me… who would have thought? I start to leave with her… still holding her hand when Nic stops us with a question.

"Hey… Sam er Spam… why the Lyrics from Bush?" Damn Brooke, what didn't you tell her?

"Well first off… its bush" <pause for laughs> " plus I was listening to one of their cd's and the lyrics seemed to fit." I turn and leave the Novak with Brooke.

<Lilly then asks Nic, "What did the note say?"

To which Nic replies, "Nothing much… just 'Couldn't love you more, you've got a beautiful taste."


"Yeah… Brookie is a lucky girl.">


Day 11 Part 5 The Palace Kitchen <Cause the important stuff happens there>

We walk into the kitchen, Mike & Jane are there looking flushed, or constipated… it is Mike after all, he speaks, "Alright you two, sit down." We sit down.

"Mike and I have been talking and we have come to a decision." Gee I wonder what this is going to be about. At least it is happening relatively soon.

"Sam, Brooke here," He literally pointed to her, " is gay… and in love with you."

"Brooke," Jane continues," Sam is gay and have lurid fantasies about you." Yes, we are a normal family, but wait theres more… from mike.

"So will you two hook up already, so we don't have to deal with your fighting anymore?" <This story really wasn't supposed to end up like this.> Honestly it wasn't. But I got horny and couldn't wait… I mean if you were living with Brooke, you'd be the same way. <Tru Dat dawg>

I look to Brooke, surpressing a laugh, Brooke looks at me, surpressing a laugh, we shrug, and she leans over and kisses me. *sigh* I love her kisses, I can feel how much she loves me and cares for me, and all the passion in her soul all rushing into me. God, I love this girl. < Uh Sam, as much as I am enjoying watching this, I don't think Jane is.> SHIT < Yeah.> I pull away from a surprised Brooke. Who soon realizes why I pulled away, when Jane says, "Well that was… interesting."

"So, are you two going to be saying in one room now? If so, can I finally hav that game room I've always wanted?" Mike… he's just a ball of IQ now isn't he, but hell, he isn't beating the crap out of me so I'll go with it.

"Will there be a pool table Mike?" <Ooh I like where you are going with this Sam.> Thanks. *wink*

"Of course there will be a pool table." Life is good, now for some nookie.

"If you don't mind, I have some anatomy homework that I should be doing." I get up and make my way up the stairs to my room, I hear Brooke calling out after me.

"Wait, Sam… I'm having trouble in that class, you think you could teach me?"

"Sure." I take her hand and pull her into my room. "So what parts are you having trouble with?"

"I can't seem to remember what the most sensitive parts of the body are."

"Oh…well, I guess I'll just have to show you then." I kiss her… there is a knock on the door… again. "Damnit!" Brooke giggles at me. I open the door and Max <Jessica Alba ;) niiiice touch Sammy> is standing there… hey, it could happen. "Hey Max, come on in."

"What up Sammy? Brooke?"

"Not much, just about to get frisky… you?" Ahh manners are a bitch.

"I'm in heat again."

"So… you wanna join us instead of some stranger?"

"Oh, do use us with those lips of yours." Brooke adds <Yes this has gone to hell… welcome to a bad porn movie…enjoy.>

"Well… if you insist." Max complies. <Big Shock!> Woo! <*turns on the porn music* Bunw chica bawawawawa*> Hey Cheerleader… <Yeah?> take over from here… I'm going to be a bit busy. <Ok…sure… SCORE!!!>

<In this corner is Sam "The Tongue" McPhearson. In the other corner is Brooke "The Peach" McQueen, and in the last corner is Max "The Cat"…Max. (She needs to hurry up and marry Logan so she can have a last name… anyways…) LETS GET IT ON! A bell rings and they are of… Sam is kissing the hell out of Max and those sexy lips, Brooke is enjoying the scene before her so much that she as stripped herself naked. Sam pulls away to look at her girlfriend in all her glory, and starts to kiss and caress Brooke's soft and luscious body whilst Max attempts to strip out of her leather. Brooke and Sam notice Max having trouble and join in stripping off the leather. Once the gift has been unwrapped and ogled Max and Brooke turn to Sam… with hunger in their eyes and OH MY GOD the clothes were just ripped entirely off, there is no trace of those threads anywhere. The pounce by The Cat and The Peach has caused all three of these luscious babes to crash land on the floor, Sam on the bottom of it all. Brooke's lips attacking Sam's breasts, Max, eating some tuna, Sam is sucking on Brooke's breasts as well, and putting both of he hands to work, on working at Max's molten core, the other at Max's soft tan breast. Max's fingers are also busy, sliding in and out of Brooke's slick wet folds flicking her thumb on the clit. Their pace has gotten feverish sucking, nibbling, licking, plunging, flicking, all getting faster and faster and BAM its all over folks. The three girls came at the same time… all with loud primal, guttural, moans causing an earthquake… but our trio don't seem to notice it… too busy starting up again. They don't call her The Tongue for nothing folks…>

Hey cheerleader? <Yeah…hey how can you talk and do… WOW…> You wanna join? <OH HELLZ YEAH!!! *throws pen down and dives into the middle*>

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