Title: New Years

Author: Hope Libby

Email: kinkyblender@yahoo.com

We start this story on a cold misty December morning, well cold for Southern California is relative, but it was misty. We enter this scene by coming in and viewing two young girls with too much of nothing to do, their winter break had started and they were at a loss for things to do… that is except for argue. Arguing is what these two did best, for the two were supposedly complete opposites. Brooke McQueen is the tall skinny blonde cheerleader and all around Miss Everything and the other girl, Sam McPherson, is the tall skinny brunette journalist who likes to be on the outside. These two can argue about anything, to prove the point lets listen in on their argument right now in their kitchen.

"I can't believe you took the last of the Fruit Loops Sam!" That was Brooke throwing the spoon.

"What? I left the Muslex for you!" Sam replied back, grinning evilly, she had the upper hand… she's got the Fruit Loops.

"Ooh yummy in my tummy… sawdust." Ooh she's good at that sarcasm thing.

"Well, you're Miss health food."

"Bull Sam. You know that Fruit Loops are my favorite and you purposely finished the box just to spite me." Normally Brooke would be right but it had been months since the girls hated each other, in fact they had grown quite fond of each other. Which is why Sam gave up this fight.

"Listen Brooke, I didn't do it on purpose. It's my favorite cereal as well and you know how I am when I first wake up… I didn't realize I finished the box…" Sam said seriously, and then added, " Besides, I was saving you from torment."

"What do you mean?"

"Oh come on, wearing a purple shirt and eating Fruit Loops, wouldn't want to give the wrong impression." Actually Sam was secretly hoping that the certain impression was a valid one, but we'll get to that later.

"Fuck the impression… I don't care, I want my Fruit Loops!" Brooke said in a whiny voice, while advancing towards Sam.

"I suppose… if you get a clean spoon, that you can share my Fruit Loops."

"Oh how generous and giving of you Sam." Brooke said while taking the spoon from Sam's mouth, and started eating. Sam just sat and watched, bewildered at first, then trying not to laugh as Brooke finished off the Fruit Loops. Brooke noticed Sam trying not to laugh, and commented.

"Its not that funny Sam."

"You're right." Sam agreed laughing, " Very not amusing to think about." Brooke simply rolled her eyes and realized something as Sam got up and headed to the sink to clean up.

"Oh right Sam… who's the one eating the Fruit Loops with the purple thong?" Sam blushed and promptly pulled up her pants.

"It wasn't a prominent thing…"

"Right. Besides I like the idea of you in a purple thong." Sam heard this but lives in the land of denial to her happiness.

"What did you say?"

"Nothing… just that you don't like to admit you're wrong."

"Right." Sam said with a knowing smile, the girls grinned at each other for a brief moment then Brooke spoke.

"Why are you wearing a purple thong?"

"I don't want any visible panty lines."

"You're wearing sweats." Oops, looks like Sam has been busted… oh but she recovers nicely.

"They are cute alright… look." Sam pulls down her sweat pants a little, to reveal the non-patterned purple silk thong. Yes, Brooke's eyes really bug out just then, she makes such a cute fish with her mouth opening and shutting like that. When Brooke finally recovers, and Sam has pulled up her sweat pants, she asks…

"How can you stand wearing those?"

"Actually, I can't… lets just say I need to do the laundry today. Want to join oh Sapphic one?"

"It takes one to know one." The two girls pause in realization of how true the words being spoken were then…

"How did you know?" from both at the same time.

"Know what." Same time again.

"This is not happening," Sam said, where Brooke said…

"No way."

"Are you?" Same time… yet again, followed by a long pause, broken by Brooke.

"All because of a damn purple shirt and Fruit Loops." It sounded so cute coming from Brooke that Sam started giggling… after a while the girls were rolling on the floor laughing. Once the laughter died down Sam spoke.

"We're so gay."

"Look's like it, now what?"

"I don't know, I was planning on being in the closet for a long while."

"So was I… all the cute purple sweaters."

"Don't forget the thongs."

"Why would I want to?" Look at how cute Sam is as she quirks her eyebrow and places her tongue in her cheek.

"I do believe that you just flirted with me."

"Gotta start somewhere." Brooke winked, then turned serious. "What? You are a really attractive individual, one would have to be blind or stupid to not like the image of you in a thong."

"True. I am one hot bitch… but seriously, I need to do my laundry."

"Ok laundry time."

So the girls came out to each other, in a rather unique way, and then did the laundry with Sam wearing her thong proudly, even though it felt like a constant wedgie. Whilst doing the laundry the girls sang to the radio that was blasting and when it was all over with they decided to go Christmas Shopping the next day seeing as it was in two days. Yes, they were procrastinators.

They arrived at the mall and Brooke asked, "So for Mike and Jane, how should we do this? Buy two gifts, one for each and we buy both together?"

"Well… if you honestly think we can combine our tastes for form a working union and actually decide on gifts… then by all means lets do it, but…" Sam lingered, not sure if she wanted to continue with what she was saying.

"But what Sammy?"

"We've just been getting along so nicely… I just don't want something like Christmas shopping to ruin it."

"Sammy, I would hate for us to go back to the way we were…" Brooke paused as she took Sam's hand, "Besides I happen to think that us combining can form an exquisite union." And yes, Brooke meant it the way Sam hoped, but as was stated before, Sam cannot allow the hope into the land of denial. She did allow herself to feel happy (and the tingles) of getting to hold Brooke's hand.

"Ok combining gifts it is then. Who and where first?"

"How about Jane? I was thinking we could buy a nice cashmere sweater, maybe perfume for her or oh! How about a… Sam? Hello?!" Brooke looked over to see Sam checking out a cute red head walking by, Brooke waved her hand in Sam's face. "Earth to Sammy."

"Wha? Huh? The red one."

"Yeah Sam, obviously the red one." Brooke pointed Sam blushed. "It's ok, she does have the finer Gillian Anderson qualities."

"I was thinking Aly Hannigan. But she's not really my type."

"Oh really now. You are such a pro at this that you know your type?" At Sam's hurt filled eyes, Brooke continued, "I'm sorry Sammy, I didn't mean to sound like a bitch there. I have a type too." Sam quirked her eyebrow and smiled.

"Well… I guess that means that we are both pro's." Brooke laughed at this; Sam simply appreciated the view of Brooke laughing.

Half the day later the girls were sitting at the food court, the girls had finished all of their Christmas shopping and were enjoying their China Inn.

"Mmm Chow Mein." At this Brooke laughed again at Sam.

"What? Can't a woman enjoy her food court Americanized Chinese Food?"

Brooke merely nodded, as she had gotten lost in watching Sam's mouth in action. She watched as Sam's tongue peaked out to wet her lips in the anticipation of the food being brought to her mouth. Brooke also watched after said tongue jutted out to help bring the food in, and as those lusciously red lips engulfed the food into her mouth. She also saw how Sam's eyes rolled back into her head with pleasure from the taste, Brooke also heard the brief moan that came out with the tongue that licked the lips again, unconsciously causing Brooke to lick her lips, wishing that it wasn't her doing so but Sam.

Sam opened her eyes as she finished her last bite, noticing Brooke's slightly flushed color. At first Sam was worried that Brooke was having an allergic reaction but as she licked her mouth in preparation to speak, she saw Brooke lick her lips as well, and squirm in her seat. If Sam had a strawberry and some whipped cream, she would have taken advantage of this situation to make Brooke squirm, but alas they were at a food court and they don't necessarily have ripe fruit. So Sam called Brooke on it.

"Brooke." She said, her voice almost a whisper, at seeing Brooke squirm again, she smiled and tried again in a normal speaking voice. "Brooke." Getting frustrated at Brooke's fascination with her mouth, Sam placed her finger underneath Brooke's chin and lifted the Blonde's head up, getting eye contact. "I think you got a little lost there." Sam said… with her wicked grin, and quirked eyebrow,

"Lost where?" Brooke was flustered, and well… she did get lost.

"Here." Sam pointed to her lips, and then realized that she shouldn't have, because Brooke got focused on them again. Sam sighed, and lifted Brooke's head again. "Its not like you haven't seen my lips before."

"Wha? Huh? Lips? Where?" And then, Brooke's mind caught up with what she just said, and blushed. Sam was in the process of taking a drink from her Cherry Lemonade from hot dog on a stick (yes this is important, you need to try that stuff!) when Brooke said what she did. Needless to say, Sam almost had lemonade come out of her nose. Once Sam had recovered, she stood up with Brooke and they started walking back to their car. Sam started up conversation again.

"So, oh hey look… isn't that Eliza Dushku?" Brooke looked, and continued looking then realized Sam was walking with her and she tried to focus on the brunette that she was with.

"Yeah I think so. I loved her in Bring it On." Sam laughed.

"Makes sense… let me guess, the scene where they pick her up from her house and it's her first time in the little outfit?" Brooke simply nodded her head.

"Oh yeah, love that scene. So she was your favorite one in the movie?"

"Nah, I liked the bitchy blonde."

"The girl who played Glory on Buffy?"

"Yup… I just keep thinking that I'd like to see her and Nicole in a fight."

"Oh my God, that would be something to see. Almost as good as when you two go at it."

"I don't want to go at nothing with Satan thank you very much." Brooke laughed.

"That's not what I meant… but since you brought it up, who would you want to go at it with?"

"Oh hey look your car!" Sam said and ran the rest of the way to Brooke's truck <same truck as that turkey day story>.

"Gee, that was a barely noticeable change of subject Sam." Sam merely stuck her tongue out at Brooke, then quickly drawing it back in after what happened during lunch.

The car ride home was spent in silence… well the girls were singing along to the radio, so it wasn't silence, but it was something less than communicating, no matter how beautifully their voices mingled together. As soon as the girls got home they rushed to their respectful rooms and started wrapping presents, nothing too interesting happened for the rest of the day, the girls just watched 'Bring it On' together. However, the next morning, Christmas morning, the girls woke up and hurried downstairs in anticipation of getting to unwrap the presents. Sam was the last to get downstairs that morning, but when she did get down there a delicious smelling aroma welcomed her. Christmas breakfast, the table was full of fresh fruit, pancakes, eggs, bacon, and orange juice. Mike, Jane, and Brooke sat there already, patiently waiting for Sam to sit down. Once she did, devouring ensued and the meal was finished a lot faster than it took to prepare. With tummies full and Apple Cider in hands, the four headed out and sat next to the Christmas tree. The presents were unwrapped with glee, and the parents loved their presents, but enjoyed them even more because they came from both daughters. It was now Brooke and Sam's turn to unwrap each other's presents, so lets listen in.

"Here you go Sammy. I hope you like it." Brooke said while handing over her gift. Sam took it and unwrapped it with semi caution; she didn't need to be embarrassed in front of her mom and soon to be step dad. But when she opened the gift she could do nothing but laugh. Sam looked Brooke in the eyes, her eyes glimmering with nothing but amusement and fondness, and spoke.

"Brooke, you shouldn't have but I love them." Sam then turned to her mom and showed off the gifts. "Look Brookie got me a Skittles shirt." and that's when Sam saw what was written on the back of the shirt, her eyes bugged out and she turned to Brooke, as she mouthed the words written there 'Taste the Rainbow'. Brooke giggled. Sam then looked at the rest of her gift, a Fruit Loops shirt, and a bag of skittles… the rest were safe, but she still gave Brooke a look that said 'I will get you back for this'.

"Here's your gift Brooke." She simply handed the gift to Brooke, knowing that Brooke had out done her in the gift department. But the grin on Brooke's face as she aw what was inside the wrapping suggested otherwise.

"Sam! I love her! How did you know to get me Ani?" Sam was a little shocked by this little revelation.

"I didn't exactly know, but I noticed you kept borrowing that CD from me, so I figured you might want your own." Brooke stood up and leant over to give Sam a hug in thanks. As she was doing so she whispered into Sam's ear.

"Thank you, really. I'll give you your real gift later tonight." Brooke pulled away and looked Sam in the eyes, Sam simply nodded, perplexed… she really was pleased with the gift Brooke gave her.

Later that night, while Sam was finishing up cleaning the dishes, Brooke snuck into Sam's room and waited for the brunette to enter for her gift. Thinking better of it, she went back to her room and waited for Sam there. Sam entered her room with a quick sigh of relief from getting the dishes done, then realized something in her room was off, she looked around and there it was. A simple black and white 8x10 photo was hung on her wall, It was of her looking out towards the ocean, Sam didn't remember the photo being taken, but remembering that day she realized that once she sat down on that rock on the beach she kind of zoned out. Bio Glass had taken the class on a field trip to Morrow Bay to study estuaries, half the day was spent there, the rest was spent in Pismo where everyone got to shop and have fun. Sam had decided to walk the beach, and eventually she had found a lone rock that didn't have bird poop all over it, she sat down and just got lost in the sea. That was one of the few moments she had in her life where she actually wasn't thinking of something. Sam broke out of her reverie and went to Brooke's room and knocked on the door.

"Come in Sam." The blonde stated.

"How did you know it was me?" Sam knew the reason, but it was a good conversation starter.

"Oh I don't know, probably your stench." Brooke said winking.

"So the skittles weren't bath toys?" Sam said with a grin, eliciting a laugh from Brooke.

"No, but I should try that sometime." The girls sat in silence for a bit then Sam remembered why she came into Brooke's room.

"Brooke, thank you."

"It was nothing."

"No, it is such an amazing photograph Brooke. It really means a lot to me, that moment you were able to portray perfectly. The picture captured how small I felt then, compared to the ocean… and well it's a good thing to remember."

"I'm glad you liked it Sam. Its one of my favorite pictures that I have taken." Brooke then pointed to her wall, and there was the same photograph, "I wanted for us to have something to have in common." Brooke blushed.

"I've got to be honest, ever since we have been getting along I have noticed that we have a lot in common, but yeah I like having visual proof of this."

"I figure if we get into a fight, we'll go to our rooms pissed at each other, then we'll eventually see the picture, and remember that we like each other."

"I don't think I'll ever forget." Sam said softly, and then she hugged Brooke in thanks, inhaling the sweet aroma of the girl, and reveling at the feeling of being in her arms… Brooke felt the same way and the hug lasted a long time, as both girls did not want to let go. One did eventually and then they said good night to each other.

A week went by, halfway through the week the girls had a major fight when they were watching a cheerleading competition on TV, Sam made the mistake of saying how they all must be anorexic and have no brains, before Sam could make the comment not apply to Brooke, the cheerleader had taken offense. Sam adamantly tried to explain what she meant but Brooke wasn't hearing any of it, Sam had gone too far this time. But when the girls went to their rooms and saw the picture on their wall, they remembered and said their apologies. The girls were now in a cabin in Aspen for New Years Eve.

Mike and Jane had sprung the trip on the girl's last minute, a ski trip to Aspen was an amazing Christmas gift, but the girls were somewhat dismayed at not getting to spend New Years with their friends. The skiing was great, as was expected from Aspen, Brooke had convinced Sam to attempt snowboarding with her, and the girls barely made it down the bunny hill in one piece. But tonight was New Years Eve and there were parties being thrown everywhere in the town. Mike and Jane had decided to go out and invited Brooke and Sam to come, but the girls declined. So here they were snuggled together underneath a blanket on the couch watching MTV, waiting to see the new NSYNC video premiere.

"You know what, I'm actually enjoying this more than the usual New Year's party." Brooke admitted, somewhat distracted by Shakira's shaking pelvis on the screen.

"I agree, somehow just sitting in and being quiet is just better than being out… though I wouldn't want it all the time."

"Yeah, I know what you mean. Plus I think this is a great way to bring in the New Year, us being close and all."

"Great way to start the year." Sam said as she rested her head on Brooke's shoulder, then lifted it and tilted it to the side. "How does Britney move like that?" Brooke also had tilted her head.

"It just takes practice, it one of the more basic dance moves, you know. All dancers have to know it." Sam had gotten an idea and made her evil/up to no good smile.

"Oh really? So you know how to?" She asked in her 'innocent' voice, Brooke knew where this was headed and planned on taking advantage of it.

"Yeah I know how to, though we cheerleaders don't use it much."

"Too bad, but I don't think that you know how to."

"How do you expect me to prove it Sammy?" Brooke purred out.

"Well dance then."

"But Sammy." Brooke said in her pretend whining voice, "I need someone to dance it with, Brit has a partner." Sam quirked her eyebrow at this, she knew she was busted, but she figured that she should go along with it.

"What the hell, its almost a new year." And she was right, because there were 5 minutes left till the New Year, so she joined the standing up Brooke, then stated, "Well, I'm waiting… what do I have to do?"

"Do what I do to you, back to me." Brooke made it sound so simple, so innocent. Sam simply shrugged and said.

"Ok." Luckily Pink's new hit came on so that Brooke could set up a good rhythm. She began slowly, showing Sam how simple the moves were. Brooke rolled her hips once then stopped for Sam to try. Sam was having trouble, so Brooke placed her hands on Sam's hips and physically moved her hips for Sam, showing the proper motion. Then Brooke started moving her hips again while still moving Sam's hips, by the end of the song Sam's arms were wrapped around Brooke's waist and Brooke's arms were around Sam's neck. The music stopped, and the counting down started, the dancing of the girls slowed. Their faces growing closer and closer to each other, eyes interlocked, whispering out.





"1" and on one their lips connected, and fireworks went off, on TV, out side their cabin, and inside their hearts. The kiss started off soft, tender, curious, but Sam's tongue took over and softly licked Brooke's bottom lip to gain entrance. Entrance was granted and tongues dueled, lips collided… and in the back ground the girls were semi aware of the lyrics coming from the TV.

"Won't you be my girlfriend  I'll treat you good"

The girls broke apart for a few seconds, to say, "Happy New Year." and then started kissing again.

"'Cause if you were my girlfriend
I'd be your shining star
The one to show you where you are
Girl you should be my girlfriend..."


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