Fic: Love, Life and Art

Author: Hope Libby


Rating: R just to be safe

Pairing: Sam/Brooke

A/N: Well... its a bunch of randomness, not sure where its going to go, so yeah hopefully y'all dont get bored. Not sure if I'm even going to keep this going, I just thought the list needed a break in the hostility...

Feedback: Sure, please, not expecting it though.

Sam walked up to her stereo and pressed play, she slowly raised the volume to its maximum, letting the subtle strength of the bass fill the room. Swaying away from the stereo, Sam closed her eyes and started moving her body to the music, her body being controlled by the music, enslaved by the bass. Sam's arms lifted up then moved down to grip her hair, her body was lithe as her back slowly arched backwards in a slow roll that continued down through her pelvis and to her legs.

Sam had a visitor; Brooke had opened the door to Sam's room and was standing at the doorframe watching. Brooke was enraptured by the dance going on before her. She only wished that she could move like Sam was moving. She wanted to be the one Sam was moving for. Brooke wanted to be dancing like that for Sam. Brooke's jaw dropped as Sam's body started a downward roll again but stopped half way, fluctuating at her pelvis. Sam rolled her pelvis to the front, and then slowly backwards, then repeated the motions quickening the pace, sometimes stopping half way.

The song was almost over and Brooke knew it, so she slowly retreated from her post at the door before Sam could turn around and catch the blonde spying. The song ended and Sam lowered the volume before the next song could come on. There was a knock at Sam's door, in which Sam promptly answered.

"Yeah Brooke?" Sam had a semi-shocked expression on her face from seeing her housemate at her door.

"Wake up the whole house why don't you." Brooke said, grinning.

"What? It's a good song. So, what's up? Why are you gracing me with your presence so early? You want the first shower right?"

"Now that you brought it up, I'd love the first shower, thanks Sammy. But I was just wondering if we could leave earlier for school today, get breakfast since the rentals aren't here to make it for us."

"Sure Brooke, but I'm low on money. How about I make us breakfast while you're in the shower." Sam offered. It had been a few months since the two (eventually to become) stepsisters had a full out fight. Quite frankly, the two simply got tired of fighting with each other.

"Oh hell yeah! I'm not going to turn down a home cooked meal… even if it's your cooking." Brooke grinned.

"Hey now, you know I'm the master when it comes to waffles. Besides I wouldn't be talking about bad cooking if I were you."

"Whatever Sam… I'm taking a shower."

"Need help? Oh wait I have to cook, never mind." Both girls blushed at the comment but neither noticed the others awkwardness.

Sam quickly got to work on cooking breakfast; it was done by the time Brooke came down from her shower. Sam had made Eggs, Waffles and Bacon.

"Mmm Sam, your domestic side smells good."

"Thanks… I think." The girls sat and started eating.

"Hey Brooke, did you get our art history homework last night?" Sam asked, halfway through a waffle.

"Yeah, mostly, why?"

"I still don't get the Iliac Crest thing… the description was confusing."

"Aah, here I'll explain," Brooke started, took another bite of bacon and drank some OJ. "What the book was saying was that before the Greeks the Iliac Crest wasn't shown in sculpture. Granted, before the Greeks there were not that many nude statues."

"Oh I got that part, just… what the hell is it?" Sam questioned while chewing on a piece of bacon.

"Mainly gymnasts and swimmers have it on them. It runs from the hips and goes down to the groin area. Oh hell…" Brooke stood up and lowered the waist on her dark green skirt, and raised her mint green top, exposing her abdomen. Brooke then pointed and slowly ran her finger across the slightly folded skin running along her hips and diving down into her skirt. "This is an Iliac Crest."

"Whoa." Sam's eyes had bugged out at Brooke's exposed flesh. "Oh that, I've always thought they were sexy."

"Really? I've gotten a lot of comments on having a mannish stomach because of it." Brooke said self consciously, too deep in her thoughts to lower her shirt. Sam's eyes were unable to leave the expanse of soft tanned flash and that strong line acting like an arrow to heaven.

"Can I feel it?" Sam asked, and then hurriedly tried to give a reason for it. "I mean… I've only seen the crest on television or magazines. And the only female I've seen with the crest as pronounced as yours is Pink. It looks damn sexy on her… its even better seeing one less than a foot away. Not that I'm saying that your sexy, I mean you are, but I'm not… eep!"

Brooke lightly laughed, and blushed, at Sam's babbling due to her stomach. She then took Sam's hand and placed t on her stomach. The girls exhaled a breath at the contact of skins, Sam's hand started shaking and Brooke's skin broke out in Goosebumps. Sam's eyes were now focused upon her hand as it slowly traced the line of muscle; she licked her lips wishing that she were licking Brooke's skin instead. Brooke was flushed, her eyes focused upon Sam's slowly caressing hand. Brooke tried to keep it in, but a soft moan escaped bringing Sam back to reality. Sam stiffened and pulled her hand back as if it were burned.

"Soft." Sam's mind was stuck in la la land, until she realized that she spoke out loud.

"I mean… I expected it would be harder to the touch than that." Sam tried to cover.

"Well, I wasn't flexing Sammy." Brooke said in a matter of fact tone, causing Sam to blush.

"Flex then." This surprised both girls, Sam didn't mean for the comment to come out, and Brooke just didn't expect it but she flexed her stomach nonetheless. Her stomach went from looking like a soft pillow to a clearly defined six-peck. Sam's jaw immediately dropped, but she was quick to pick it up. Without asking Sam placed her hand once again on Brooke's abdomen and gasped at the difference in feeling. Instead of the soft taut stomach she felt before, Sam was now feeling a stomach that had no give, it was like touching a brick wall. Running her fingers along Brooke's crest, Sam was yet again surprised at the definite muscular edge that the Iliac crest had crested on the Blonde's stomach.

Brooke had started thinking about how she'd never think of her stomach the same again and a part of her couldn't wait to go to cheer practice to show it off. Thinking of cheer practice reminded her that she had to go to school, which caused her to look at the clock. She couldn't read it, so Brooke took a step forward, forgetting that Sam was still there caressing her stomach.

Thinking that the blonde was falling, Sam put out her other hand to catch Brooke. Both of Sam's hands were now slightly grasping Brooke's sides, Brooke's mint green top now covering both Sam hands and her abdomen.

At the contact of Sam's other hand, Brooke forgot about the clock, school and that anything other than Sam existed. Her stomach was on fire from the contact of the brunette's hands. Brooke slowly moved her head from the general direction of the clock to face Sam. Hazel eyes met brown then flicked down to Sam's lips that were in the process of being licked, she then returned her eyes to Sam's and licked her own lips. Sam noticed this action from Brooke and the blonde's slightly flushed skin and slowly inched towards Brooke.

Brooke had started moving towards Sam as well. It was like a scene from a movie, everything seemed to slow down and become more pronounced than before. The ticks of the clock were long loud ticks that were the only sound besides the girls' slightly faster breaths and quicker beating hearts. Brooke slowly moved her hand up to Sam's face; she lightly laid her hand on the side of the brunette's face.

Sam suddenly jumped back at the contact of Brooke's skin.

"This can't… I can't… school." Was all that Sam was able to get out before she walked out of the house. Brooke stood there stunned for a moment, then raked her hands through her hair, let out a big breath and spoke.

"That went well… SHIT!" Brooke yanked her backpack off the counter and ran out the door.

School had been going dreadfully slow for the blonde, she was filled with anxiousness for her Art History class to come and get started. Sam's day, however, was going by way too quickly; she was halfway considering ditching her Art History class to avoid Brooke. Sam was a good student though, and ended up going to class, mainly because of her having the homework done. She sat in her assigned seat, hoping that Brooke wouldn't show up.

Sam's hopes were dashed, however, as Brooke came bounding into the classroom and sat next to her.

"Hey Sammy! How's your day goin?" Brooke said cheerfully.

"Quickly." Sam mumbled as she moved to sit as far away from Brooke, that her chair would allow.

"Really? Mine is going really slow…" Brooke was interrupted by Bio Glass.

"Listen up toadstools! Your teacher is a weakling and is taking a day off because his daughter is getting hitched to some rank arrogant loser who will cheat on her and eventually leave her while taking all the money…" Bio Glass was off on one of her diatribes.

"How many issues does this thing have?" Brooke whispered to Sam. Sam was about to reply when she heard.

"… Dionysian orgy where the sexual experience, the orgasm, a sensation so powerful that the soul leaves the body for a moment. The concept so common that the French way of saying orgasm is 'le petit mort' the little death…" Bio Glass rambled on.

"Art History never ceases to amaze me, does everything revolve around sex?" Sam whispered to Brooke, who was enjoying her own fantasy of le petit mort involving Sam.

"Wha…" Brooke shook her head. "Oh yes, Sammy, everything is sexual."

"McTwosome! Up and center right now!"

The girls both leapt out of their seats, mostly out of surprise and partly out of fear. They walked up to the front of the class and attempted to stand as far from 'the claw' as possible.

"Name someone with an Iliac Crest!"

"P!nk!" Sam blurted out immediately, then blushed at her quick reaction. Brooke let out a chuckle.

"Good job lunch meat, now Dioclitian why is he important?"

There was a brief pause.

"Divided the roman empire into four, built a palace in Split, one of the first to have the arch leading out of columns."

"Good job princess. Now sit you two, and stop chatting while I am." The girls blushed and went back to their seats.

"Alright people that brings up Constantine…"

"I am sick and tired of Constantine, I've heard about him for ages now." Brooke sighed.

"Well, he was a pretty important figure Brooke." Sam replied back.

"Yeah but Greek mythology basically was killed by him. The Greek Gods are cool, except for Zeus sleeping with everyone… and his whole bestiality thing." <That is Zeus wasn't into bestiality… just that he liked having sex as an animal with human women.> Freak. <Nah he's just got a kinkier side to him.>

To be continued... maybe...

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