Title: Lost and Delirious A New Beginning

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Author: Grimm Doggie

Fandom: Lost and Delirious

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Rating: Probably R

Pairing: Paulie/Tori Eventually

Disclaimer: Lost and Delirious is Definitely not mine.

Summary: It's the start of the Fall semester at Perkins Academy for Girls.

Author's Notes: This is my first time writing fan fiction, hopefully I'll get better as I go along. The setting is during Paulie and Tori's Junior year. Isabel and Austin are basically made ups but if you need to put a face on em just picture a young blue eyed Eliza Dushku (Faith) for Austin and Katherine Heigl (Isabel Evans) from her early Roswell days as Isabel. Note the name Isabel. Other than that, their backgrounds come from the warped and twisted thing I call my brain. All the Paulie and Tori material come's from the film, not that I'm re - writing the film I'm just staying true to the background information provided in it and yah. Anything not mentioned in the film is fair game. Enjoy :)

Part One

Welcome to Perkins

Orientation Day had always been one of Perkins most hectic days, and today was no exception. Inch by inch the campus was filled with activity. Suitcases, bags, and boxes were carried in by the arm full and while some parents were kind enough to stay and help, goodbyes for the most part, were said quickly. A hug and a kiss with a stern pat on the shoulder and no looking back.

Returning students were glad to be home, but the newcomers didn't seem so eager. Terrified was more like it, and several of them took on the appearance of lost kittens.

Ms. Vaughn did her best to try and comfort the girls but the truth of it was, you just had to get used to it. You live, you learn, and pretty soon it just becomes routine.

Paulie had arrived early and after unpacking her things she figured now would be a good time for a smoke break. She'd been sitting in the lobby and was about half way through her cigarette when Austin walked in.

"Don't you know that shit can kill you?" Austin grinned, playfulness sparkling in her dark blue eyes.

Looking up at the other girl, Paulie smirked and taking another drag from her cigarette she replied, "You know what they say, Gotta die sometime."

Austin nodded. "Can't argue with that. How was you're summer?"

"Sucked, yours?"

"Sucked." It was at this point Austin decided to sit down, placing her bags which had previously been slung over her shoulder, on the floor. "Who you rooming with this year?"

"Tori, you?"

"I got no Idea."

"Missed the deadline huh?"

"Sort of. I got the room I wanted, which is a plus, course the roommate part's still sketchy. Guess I'll find that out when I get there."


"Careful girls" Faye Vaughn stood in between the base of two ladders, both of which were currently supporting the weight of two teenage girls. It should have been members of the Perkins Academy custodial staff hanging the large welcome banner for orientation, but apparently they were running late which left four student volunteers to take their place.

The first girl, on the top left was Tori. "You got it?" Cordelia who was positioned just below Tori, looked up at the other girl for conformation. "Got it" Tori said, taking her end of the banner from Cordelia and hooking it in place, after which hopping off onto solid ground.

The second girl on the top right was Isabel Everet. She was a short girl, standing about five feet three inches tall, which caused her to have to stand on her tiptoes to even get the banner up there. Long blonde hair framed her face in soft curls as she let out a frustrated grunt.

"Careful hun, don't want to fall and break your hip" Nicole who was positioned on the bottom right, smirked to herself.

Isabel blew a stray piece of hair out of her face as she stretched, dark brown eyes concentrating on the task at hand. "mhmm and if I do, I'll be taking out my crippled frustration on your sorry ass"

Nicole gave Isabel a crooked smile as she watched from below. "Touchy. You got it? or should I get you some stilts?"

Not one to give up, she finally managed to get it in place.

"There, see?" Isabel climbed down. "Told you I could do it."

With all four girls safe on solid ground, Ms. Vaughn let out a sigh of relief.

Part Two

Wonder if Tori's here yet, Paulie thought to herself. Finishing her cigarette, she stubbed it out, successfully disposing of the remains in a near by vase. "I'm gonna check and see if Tori's around. catch ya later?"

"Yup" Austin kneeled, picking her bags up off the floor and slinging them once again over her shoulder. "Later"

Hitting their fists together as they crossed paths, Paulie made her way for the door and Austin made her way up the stairs.


Tori always did have a short attention span. One which over time, her father had grown to accept. He was also aware that her already short attention span, grew even shorter in the presence of her friends and after a while, Bruce's patience was starting to ware thin. "Victoria."

"Ya dad?- oh. Sorry." She'd gotten so caught with Cordelia and gang, carrying her luggage had been put on the back burner. "I'll take these." She said, grabbing some suitcases and a duffle bag. " But could you run and get the rest for me out of the car?"

She could see by his face he was about to protest, which meant for Tori it was time to play dirty. She put on her best pout face and followed it up with two magic words.

"Please daddy? I don't wanna make all those extra trips just for clothes and stuff. I just thought, since you're a guy and all you could do it and it would only take you like one trip."

"Alright." He sighed. Attempts to resist were pointless. "I'll take care of it."

Sixteen years and it still works like a charm. It's not all for selfish reasons. She thought to herself. Dads like that sort of thing, it makes them feel special, and needed. What kind of daughter would I be if I didn't make him feel special every once in a while?

As Bruce went to go unload the rest of Tori's things, Paulie who'd been watching from a spot nearby decided now would be a good time to make her presence known. "Need some help with that?"

"Hey Paulie." Tori smiled. "When did you get here?"

"Earlier." She grabbed the duffle bag off Tori's shoulder and smirked. "Rentals couldn't wait to get rid of me."

"Well I'm glad you're here."

"If this is your attempt to try and sucker me into carrying the rest-"

"Paulie! I would never." The last part was said more softly as she attempted to cover up the smile that was slowly creeping its way onto her features.

"Oh no? Hate to break it to your dad, but the only thing holding up that halo of yours is your horns."


Huh, Austin thought curiously.  Looks like I'm the first one here. Dropping her things on the floor she looked around. The room was small, but not too small. Two twin sized beds were positioned on opposite sides of the room, and accompanied by one night stand each. There was a computer desk, which was obviously going to have to be shared, and a considerable amount of closet space, which was also going to have to be shared. The mini fridge could fit over in the corner. T.v.'s gonna have to go somewhere in the middle.

Her father had been by earlier to help her unpack but he didn't stay long, and as she was going through her things to try and put some of her stuff up she found a note from him that read:

Hey Kiddo. I'm sorry I had to leave so quickly, and I know you think you're too old for these little notes but I thought I would say my goodbye nonetheless. It's the start of a brand new year Austin, your year. Finally made Varsity and no father could be prouder. I talked to the coach. He said as long as you stay out of trouble things should run smoothly. So, when you hit the ice for that first practice I want you to remember, this is your future Austin. Everything we've worked so hard for can either make or brake on your performance this year, and the next. Scholarships don't come easy, and we can't have anything get in our way. With that in mind, let's show em some of those firecracker moves of yours huh? GO POLAR BEARS!


"Yah. Go Polar Bears." Her expression remained indifferent as she tossed the note aside and began to unpack.


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