Title : Taking a Chance

Author : Faithx5452

E-Mail – Sportygal1316@aol.com

Fandom : All My Children / BOP Crossover

Rating : PG-13

Summary : We all need to take a chance in life, but what if you were faced with the decision to take a chance at love? Would you take it? Or would you let it go and forever wonder ‘what if’? For Maggie Stone, she will have to ask herself this as she gets help on the way from New Gotham’s vigilantes

Warnings : Some slight language / innuendo’s

Spoilers : Briefly touches upon Bianca’s rape & the trial, as well as BOP’s season finale

Pairing : BAM (eventually) & Helena / Dinah (eventually)

Disclaimer : I do not own the two characters of ABC’s “All My Children”, Maggie Stone and Bianca Kane. I do not own the WB’s “Birds of Prey” characters. In no way am I attempting to profit from this story

Author’s Notes : This a “All My Children” & “Birds of Prey” crossover story with AMC’s Maggie Stone as the main character

Special Thanks : To my beta, the famed BAM writer Berg. Without her, I don’t know what I would have done if she hadn’t helped me polish up my first BAM story. Thank you

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Part 1

“You’re leaving?” The demanding voice of disbelief belonging to Bianca Kane could be heard from inside one of PVU’s many dorm rooms. Although the young Kane daughter was usually soft-spoken, Bianca’s voice was oddly an octave higher. A trait her best friend was sure Bianca had gotten from ‘mamma Kane’.

Bianca watched as her best friend ran around her room, Maggie knew she was cutting it pretty close by packing so late but she couldn’t help that was a last-minute packer.

“I just need to clear my head for awhile. And besides, I haven’t seen my cousin in 6 years. It should be a nice change.” Maggie carelessly explained, not realizing how her words had hurt Bianca.

“From Pine Valley and me, right? Because I’m such a burden.” Bianca spoke self-deprecating, a part of her couldn’t understand why Maggie was leaving and in the middle of the trial process. She needed her best friend by her side, as selfish as that sounded.

Maggie had been her constant rock during the whole time, if Maggie was going to just up and leave for an entire week…well Bianca didn’t know how she was going to survive. Stopping, Maggie heard the hurt and self-doubt in Bianca’s words. In 3 quick strides, she was by her friend’s side and placed both hands on Bianca’s arms firmly.

“No, Bianca. You’re not…you are not a burden. God, how could you think that? You’re my…best friend.” Maggie had wanted to say ‘my everything’ but she still couldn’t bring herself to saying it. Over the course of Bianca’s break up with Lena and the whole thing with Michael Cambias, Maggie was beginning to come to terms with how she truly felt towards Bianca.

Too bad Maggie never had great timing when it came to love; she had held her tongue about her feelings and opted to comfort her friend instead during this hard time. The last thing she wanted was to add more confusion to Bianca’s life; Maggie would wait forever to declare her love for Bianca if she had to.

“I’ll be back in just a week…but if you need anything at all just call me. I can always catch a plane back.” Maggie assured, knowing it to be true. All Bianca had to do was call and she would be at Bianca’s side. When Maggie finally realized the depth of her feelings for Bianca, she was scared at how far she was willing to go to make Bianca happy and assure her safety. But now it seemed like the most natural thing in the world for her to do.

“I’m sorry, I’m being silly. God, I should know that you’d never leave me like that. Sorry, everything’s just been so…ahhh.” Bianca apologized with a smile; Maggie shook her head at her friend’s apology.

“No, Bianca. Don’t ever apologize; you have nothing to apologize for.” Maggie insisted firmly, she spoke with a double meaning. Bianca knew she the shorter woman was referring to the brutal attack that she had been a victim of.

“I know Maggie, I know.” Bianca replied, her words letting Maggie know that she had caught onto her friend’s other meaning. Bianca knew she was being selfish, wanting to keep her friend with her and to herself. There was just something about Maggie that had always made her feel safe and protected, something that not even Maggie’s twin sister could have given Bianca.

Ever since Bianca had revealed the night of her rape to Maggie, the pre-med student had been by her side since the tearful confession. Maggie’s support had been unwavering, even going as far as pretending to be Bianca’s new girlfriend when Lena had come looking for her.

Thinking back on all the times that Maggie had been able to make Bianca smile and just laugh throughout the continuous trial process made Bianca wonder where Maggie was getting the strength to be strong.

“Don’t stay away for too long, okay? Who else will help me finish those nacho’s?” Bianca questioned, although her words were meant to be joking there was an underlying hint of pleading.

“I won’t.” Maggie promised, following Bianca out the door. Leaning against the doorway of her dorm room, Maggie watched Bianca fondly.

“Don’t worry Bianca; nothing could ever keep me away from you.” Maggie whispered, watching as Bianca disappeared from her line of vision. Sighing to herself at yet another missed chance to reveal her feelings for the brunette, Maggie went back inside to finish packing.

Who knew what would happen between the two of them, if anything at all. All Maggie could do was hope for a chance to tell Bianca how she felt. The only question was, when would that chance actually present itself?

Part 2

Maggie hated airplanes.

There was no question about it; she hated heights and anything that left the ground. This was another thing that made her and her twin sister Frankie so different. Frankie loved planes, she loved heights, and she loved anything remotely dangerous. Maggie on the other hand hated anything dangerous and was more of a land kind of gal.

When they were in Junior high together, Frankie had constantly told Maggie to live life to the fullest and take some risks and to ‘find the fun’. Well, if ‘finding the fun’ consisted of flying airplanes, Maggie wanted to have nothing to do with fun.

Maggie had always been afraid of heights, even when she was a small child. Before her mother had spiraled out of control and turned to alcohol and drugs, her mother had taken her to the Statue of Liberty in hopes to diminish Maggie’s fear.

In her own warped sense of mind, Maggie’s mother thought the perfect way of curing Maggie of her fear was to force the younger girl to face it head on. After they had entered the Statue of Liberty, her mother had dragged Maggie outside the balcony on each level and made her daughter look down at the ground below them as they slowly climbed higher and higher.

Needless to say, Maggie was scarred for the rest of her life from her mother’s idea of a ‘cure’.

At the moment, Maggie found herself strapped into a seat and on route to New Gotham. Being strapped in gave her an eerie idea of how the people felt who were executed in the electric chair. When the plane took off the runway, Maggie knew there was no way she could turn back unless she suddenly sprouted wings.

And she sure as hell didn’t see Tinker bell or any fairy dust nearby. Though, if she asked the hippie in the row across from her, he probably would have said differently.

She was riding locally in second class, the first 30 minutes she finally came to the conclusion that she would never have children after she felt a headache coming on from all the noise that the children on board were causing.

She didn’t know what the hell a Pokemon was but she knew she now hated it with a passion. It also didn’t help that she was sitting in front of a kid who thought it would be funny to kick her seat throughout the entire trip. Yes, Maggie was not a big fan of flights or the occupants.

Without warning, the plane began to shake erratically.

Excuse me ladies and gentlemen, at the time our captains asks that you all please fasten your seatbelts, we are experiencing some unexpected turbulence.

Maggie’s fingers dug into her armrests, effectively living little dents where her nails dug into the material. Jaw clenched, Maggie’s hatred for airplanes was reinforced.

Oh yeah, she definitely hated flying.

Part 3

(Gotham Airport)

“Oh my god!”

The two teenagers squealed, running to each other and wrapping their arms around one another. To the people in the airport, it was a welcomed sight to see two teenagers so happy instead of all the crime that plagued New Gotham and often darkened their spirits.

“How was your flight?” Dinah asked, taking one of Maggie’s bags from her hands before the other girl could protest.

“Good, long but good. Probably didn’t help though that I watched ‘Cast Away’ the night before.” Maggie joked.

When the plane came in sights of the runway, their captain thought it would be a riot to do a half-barrel roll in the air.

Maybe she was being silly but Maggie could have sworn the had captain winked at her while she was getting off the plane, her hand over her mouth as she forced herself to throw up her breakfast.

“Now why did you go and do a thing like that?” Dinah asked, laughing as they put Maggie’s things into Barbra’s SUV.

“I think the jury’s still out on the reasons behind why I do what I do.” All Dinah could do was laugh at her cousin’s sarcasm. It was refreshing to have a new face around, Dinah hadn’t been able to really laugh for a week and it was good to know that she could do it still. Yes, it was going to be fun having her cousin in town. Though, she didn’t know if Maggie would be up for everything that New Gotham had to offer.

The car ride from the airport was filled with stories of what happened to them over the years, Dinah glossing over some details that pertained to her nighttime ‘job’. Dinah couldn’t help but smile, she had to admit that it was great having her beloved cousin back with her even if only for a week.

Dinah and Maggie had always been the closest of cousins; sometimes fooling people into thinking they too were sisters and not cousins. Dinah had briefly asked about Frankie’s whereabouts but noticed Maggie’s reluctance and tensing of her shoulders when she asked.

In an attempt to avoid a subject that didn’t seem welcomed to conversations anytime soon, Dinah found herself gushing all about her life in New Gotham and all its residents. Before long, the black SUV began to drive towards a shopping center. Noticing her scenery, Maggie turned to look at her cousin with confusion marring her pretty features.

“I thought we were going back to your place?” Maggie questioned as Dinah pulled into a parking lot.

“We are, just not now though. I figure that you’ve had a long flight and the best way to get over the jet lag is to shop.” Dinah explained as if that was the perfect answer. Looking at her cousin for a moment, Maggie hoped against hope that Dinah didn’t really believe what she said.

“I think the usual way of getting over jet lag is to sleep it off.”

“Okay, okay…you caught me. Barbra…”

“The woman who you’re staying with.” Maggie added, wanting to be sure she had all her information right. Nodding, Dinah continued to speak.

“She gave me her gold card, which she like never does unless it’s a complete emergency.”

“And you think jet lag is an emergency?” Maggie arched an eyebrow at this; perhaps she and her cousin had more in common than she thought.

“Of course, it shuts down you’re entire body and leaves you a walking zombie. That’s an emergency because then you’re not functioning properly.” Even Dinah couldn’t believe everything she was saying but hoped that her cousin would accept her ramblings.

In truth, Barbra wanted Dinah to stall Maggie so she had a chance to explain the situation to Helena and try to hide most of the Delphi system. How the redhead was going to accomplish that was beyond Dinah’s imagination but figured that it was up to the infamous ‘Oracle’ to pull it off.

Besides, that was why Barbra was considered the brains behind the whole operation. “Alright, alright…we shop then.” Maggie agreed, putting a stop to Dinah’s rambling.

(Back at the Clock tower…)

“No way are we keeping a teenager here!”

“Dinah’s a teenager.” Barbra pointed out logically, watching Helena continue to pace about the main landing. Ever since Barbra had told her about Dinah’s cousin staying with them, Helena had gone about ranting and raving about how it would throw them off track.

This was unbelievable hearing Helena say because she was usually the one who couldn’t give a damn about staying on track. Barbra was smart enough to not mention this tidbit to Helena, “Yeah but she’s Dinah. There’s a difference.” Helena added with a ‘so-there’ voice.

“There isn’t. Helena, I think it’s great Dinah’s cousin is coming to stay. You know how these past few weeks have been for all of us but especially Dinah. Maybe seeing her cousin will do her some good.” Barbra explained, after the whole incident with Harley Quinn the blonde teenager seemed to have wrapped herself in an emotionless shell of who she use to be.

Helena was aware of Dinah’s attitude change as well, “What about the Delphi?” Helena knew she was grasping at straws but she had to try. It took her five months to get semi-used to having Dinah around; there was no way she would be able to deal with two teenagers though.

“Helena, as…grateful as I am for your sudden concern for our secret operation, I don’t think Dinah’s cousin is the next ‘big bad’. And from what Dinah has told me about Maggie, the girl is anything but big or bad.” Barbra added for good measure, hoping to get Helena to smile but the brunette was too stubborn to admit defeat.

The distinct sound of the Clock tower’s elevator could be heard throughout the quiet sanctuary. Turning to look at her companion, Barbra shot Helena a look.

(Inside the Elevator)

“This is some place you’ve landed yourself with, baby bird.” Maggie let out an appreciative whistle as the elevator began its ascendance upwards. Dinah turned to look at her cousin, a mix of confusion and happiness on her features.


“It’s just…Helena calls me baby bird too.” Dinah explained, no one had called her ‘baby bird’ except for Helena and Maggie when they were younger.

“Huh, imagine that. I guess I’ll just have to fight her for the title of being the first to lay claim to the nickname.” Maggie joked, Dinah laughed along with her suggestion but not for the same reasons Maggie probably would have guessed. Just the mental image of Maggie attempting to take on the very lethal Huntress was too funny.

(The Main Landing of the Clock tower)

“Be nice.” Barbra reminded in a whisper as the elevator could be heard coming to a complete stop.

“Aren’t I always?” Helena shot back, the redhead didn’t have the time to answer as the elevator doors opened and revealed the two teenagers.

The two teens stepped out of the elevator as the doors slid open, upon exiting Maggie was met with the sight of an elderly-looking man who offered a warm smile. He reminded her so much of one of those kind grandfathers that would spoil their grandchildren despite their parents’ wishes.

“Ah, you must be Miss Maggie. Please, let me take your bag for you.” He insisted, taking Maggie’s purse despite her attempts to assure him that she could carry it. Alfred simply wouldn’t accept ‘no’ as an answer.

“It’s no use to fight him; he won’t stop badgering you until you give in.” A voice from the kitchen spoke to Maggie, turning to face the owner of the voice she found a strikingly beautiful brunette regarding her warily. Maggie hadn’t noticed the brunette woman at first and had yet to notice the redhead who was now next to her cousin.

From her seat atop the kitchen counter, Helena found Dinah’s cousin to be pretty and having a hint of Dinah’s dimples. Helena decided that it must have been a family trait that was passed down.

“That’s Helena.” Dinah said, motioning to the brunette behind her cousin. “And this is Barbra, the saner of the two.” Dinah joked, placing a hand on the back of Barbra’s chair.

“I’m not crazy.” Helena spoke firmly, crossing her arms over her chest at the mere idea of her being less than sane.

“Really? Because you going to a shrink says otherwise.” The words were out of Dinah’s mouth before she had time to think about them. Dinah’s eyes widened, slightly in fear at Helena’s reaction but also in disbelief that she could have even joked about such a thing after what had happened months before.

“Okay, that was a court order.” Helena pointed out, her eyes assuring both her teammates that it was alright to start joking about her court-ordered time with Harley Quinzel.

“Do you think I’m crazy?” Helena asked, suddenly turning to Maggie and asking for her opinion. Maggie had just met Dinah’s ‘family’ and didn’t know how she should approach all of this.

“I don’t think I should be in the middle of this.” Maggie spoke with a laugh, noticing

“If she wanted to disagree with me in front of you, she would have.” Dinah explained, knowing that despite the years apart Maggie wouldn’t have held back from ribbing Dinah. “But if she wanted to disagree with you in front of me, she wouldn’t have. So by not choosing to answer, she’s agreeing with me.” Dinah added, almost tempted to laugh at the bewildered _expression on Helena’s face.

“How about you show Maggie her room?” Barbra suggested, deciding it was time to step in. She was a bit concerned for her original charge, who looked as though her head was about to explode from Dinah’s words.

Dinah nodded in agreement, knowing it was time to give Helena a break. The blonde knew that the brunette would still be trying to wrap her mind around what Dinah had said.

(Downstairs in the Clock tower's Living Room)

“If I hear another ‘oh my god’ or ‘like’, I’m going to start pulling out my own hair.” Helena grumbled half seriously; secretly she was happy for Dinah. The younger team member seemed to be in some sort of funk for some time now ever since Harley Quinn had been put away.

Helena had made her way down the spiral stairs, after offering to help bring Maggie’s bags upstairs to the guest room. After Maggie had opened her suitcase, the terrible teenage squeals had started once Dinah caught notice of Maggie’s wardrobe.

The older meta had made a stealthy exit soon after, although she didn’t think either of the girls had noticed her departure.

Barbra chuckled as the sounds of running footsteps could be heard from upstairs. The redhead had known Helena for so long that she knew that Helena was happy that Dinah seemed to be back to herself. Barbra too had noticed the change in Dinah’s attitude over the past few weeks, but how any of them not have been a little off from their usual selves?

A crazed psychopath had broken into their home and threatened to change everything just to see to their downfall. Yes, they needed some sort of normalcy in their lives. Even if it resulted in Helena losing some hair over it. As a super hero, it was Helena’s duty to make some sacrifices and if it took Helena’s hair…then the hair had to go.

At the image of a hairless Helena, Barbra couldn’t help the laugh that escaped from her lips. Turning to look at her long-time mentor, Helena eyed Barbra suspiciously. Noticing Helena’s gaze, Barbra just shook her head.

“You wouldn’t understand.” Before Helena could question Barbra, another set of squeals could be heard and followed along with ‘oh god’. Helena gritted her teeth good naturally; reminding herself that she had fought against some of New Gotham’s deadliest foes…she could survive two teenagers for a week easily, right?

God she hoped so.

Part 4

A suitcase lay abandoned on the floor, a few clothes were even scattered beside it. But on the bed, two young women could be found talking away.

Maggie and Dinah had been sitting on Maggie’s temporary bed for about an hour, trying to catch up on everything that had happened to each of them throughout the years they hadn’t seen each other.

For Dinah, she had to be careful with what she told her beloved cousin about her life in New Gotham. She did feel bad for not being able to tell her cousin the truth but she also knew the consequences that came with telling someone a ‘secret’ like the ones she and her ‘family’ downstairs carried.

Maggie, on the other hand, was reluctant to go in-depth about how her mother slowly let her life get out of control and how Frankie had died.

At the moment Maggie was trying to avoid the whole subject of love, somehow Dinah had managed to get some information out of her about the men that had come into her life when she appeared in Pine Valley. Once her cousin asked about the whole Bianca situation, Maggie found herself at a loss for words.

Maggie didn’t exactly know what was happening between herself and the heir to Enchantment. For the past few months Maggie felt like she was navigating through a mine field, the whole thing with Michael Cambias made things more difficult for her, she was afraid that if she said or did the wrong thing that their work towards saving their friendship would blow up in their faces for good.

Maggie was afraid that if she somehow hurt Bianca again or scared her off, that this time there wouldn’t be the chance to salvage whatever would be left of their relationship.

“So what about you, hmm? I mean, you seem to have some juicy gossip to talk about as well. With what, the fact that you’re shacked up with two very good looking women to choose from.” Maggie spoke slyly, enjoying the blush that was creeping onto her cousin’s face more than she should.

Dinah felt the heat rising in her cheeks; she also knew that this was another one of Maggie’s diversion tactics to avoid talking about her feelings. For as long as Dinah had known Maggie and her sister Frankie, she knew that the one of the things the twins had in common was their hesitancy to open up when it came to matters of the heart.

Dinah couldn’t bring herself to deny Maggie’s comment; admittedly the two older women downstairs were attractive. That Dinah could not deny but she only was interested in one of the two. Maggie saw Dinah at a loss for words, deciding that it would be easier to play nice with her cousin instead of giving the poor girl an anxiety attack Maggie gave the blonde a break.

“Come on, what’s the story behind those two?” Maggie asked, leaning forward eagerly. She had waited a few hours, knowing it would be rude to come out and ask Dinah about her two guardians’ right after meeting them. Sitting down on Maggie’s bed, Dinah smiled at the thought of her two companions.

“Well, Barbra’s father was the commissioner for the Gotham Police Department until just a few years ago. Barbra’s been amazing; she’s actually a teacher New Gotham High which is a plus at times when it comes to finals.”

Dinah explained smiling, thinking back fondly on the study sessions she often had with the redhead when it came close to midterms or finals. Although Barbra was both morally and legally unable to tell Dinah straight out what was on the tests, she was able to help Dinah with whatever subject or area she had trouble with. Any help was better than no help.

And Dinah found that Barbra was a godsend when it came to her grades.

“A teacher? Huh, I would have figured her for a doctor.”

“Maggie, just because you want to be a doctor doesn’t mean that everyone else wants to be one too.” Dinah gently teased, Maggie bumped Dinah’s shoulder playfully.

“Hardy har-har.” Maggie spoke sarcastically; clearing her throat she tucked back an errant strand of hair. “And what about Helena?”

“Helena’s…well, she’s just Helena. She went to New Gotham and her family has always been friends with the Gordon’s. Barbra took her in and has helped her; Helena works at a bar as a bartender and actually found me my first night in New Gotham. She’s like the big sister I’ve never had, but something more as well…” Dinah trailed off, her voice filled with compassion and awe for the tough as nails brunette she had come to know and love over the past few months.

Unfortunately for Dinah, it didn’t seem like the other party was sharing her affections. Barbra had confronted her about her feelings for Helena, both out of concern of whether it would interfere with their ‘work’ and how Dinah was taking it. Dinah hadn’t expected Barbra to be so cool about her sexuality; the people Dinah had stayed with for the past few years and had considered ‘parents’ hated the fact that she was a lesbian.

The fact that she was a meta human made it even worse, it brought the term ‘freak’ to a whole new level. Maggie heard the longing in Dinah’s voice as well as the resignation that only came with knowing what you couldn’t have. Maggie had heard it in Bianca’s voice once, and now her own voice sounded as such whenever she thought or talked about her best friend.

Dinah snapped herself out of her daze and found Maggie watching her with a thoughtful look. She had never seen her cousin look so serious or thoughtful before and if Dinah hadn’t had a moral rule to not invade the minds of her loved ones she would have gladly peeked into Maggie’s.

“What?” Dinah asked, a bit uncomfortable at the intensity of Maggie’s look. Maggie slowly smiled at Dinah.

“She’s special, isn’t she?” The warning bells in Dinah’s head began going off, there were so many ways Maggie’s words could be taken.

“What do you mean?” Dinah asked nervously, she wracked her brain for any moments that perhaps could have revealed Helena’s more than ordinary talents since Maggie’s introductions.

“She’s special to you, right? Like how Bianca is to me.” Maggie added, letting out a sigh of relief Dinah reminded herself to not assume that everyone knew about their powers. Ever since Harley found out their secret, all three of them had been wary of everyone around them. However, once Dinah realized what Maggie really meant she fell silent again.

Part 5

Dinah had tried her best to convince Barbra to let her stay home with her cousin but being the teacher she was, Barbra had put her foot down. So here she was, Monday morning and on her way to first period. Dinah had been worried about what Maggie would do without her back at the Clock tower but her cousin was quick to assure her that she would find something to do.

That wasn’t the least of her Dinah’s worries, Dinah feared for how Helena would respond to having a teenager around the whole day without Dinah there. So far the four of them had survived Friday and the entire weekend without incident, even managing to make Maggie believe that the screen they had set in place to hide the Delphi system was actually hiding Barbra’s priceless works of art.

“Hey, Dinah!” A familiar voice called from behind her, turning Dinah found her curly-blonde haired friend making her way towards her.

“Come on, is she a hot? Cute? Tall? Petite? Short? Drool-worthy?” Gabby questioned, her voice eager to hear all the gushy details. Ever since Dinah had told her a week ago that her cousin would be visiting, Gabby was anxious to see this cousin of Dinah’s that her friend had talked about non-stop since Dinah learned of her visit.

Gabby decided that if she couldn’t have Dinah, then maybe she could go after her friend’s cousin.

“You’re hopeless.” Dinah told her friend, shaking her head at her friend’s inquiries.

“Hey, not all of us are lucky enough to be living under the same roof with two very hot women.” Gabby pointed out, her eyes glazing over slightly at the mention of Dinah’s ‘guardians’.

“Even so, it’s not like I look at my cousin that way. For one, there’s a little thing called the law.”

Gabby shook her head as though the law wasn’t a big deal to her. “Oh please, this is the new millennium babe.”

Dinah followed Gabby’s eyes to see what had distracted her, only to smile when she saw who it was her friend was eyeing. Or until she remembered the conversation they had just been having on whether or not her cousin was attractive.

Gabby’s eyes seemed to be devouring the sight of Maggie, and shamelessly so. “Helloo. And who is that?” Gabby asked, her gaze still locked on Maggie who was making her way towards the two of them.

Dinah nudged her friend in the ribs, smiling when she successfully got Gabby to close her gaping mouth.

Rolling her eyes, Dinah smiled at her friend’s flirtatious ways. “Maggie, this horn-dog of a teenager before you is my friend Gabby. Gabby, this is my cousin Maggie.” Dinah introduced the two, Maggie shaked Gabby’s outstretched hand.

“Hi, nice to meet you.” She replied politely, she was surprised though when the blonde cutie brought her hand to her lips and kissed the back of her hand.

“Pleasure’s all mine, babe.” Well, that answered Maggie’s question on whether her gaydar was right or not.

“I guess I’ll see you later at the…uh, Dark Horse?” Maggie was a little unsure of whether she had the right name of the bar or not. Her worries were diminished when Dinah nodded, indicating she had the right name.


“Nice meeting you Gabby.”

As Maggie disappeared around the corner, Gabby turned to look at her friend questioningly. “Maggie’s staying with me for a week.” Dinah explained.

“Just a week? Guess I’ll just have to convince her to stay longer. If you know what I mean.” Gabby winked at Dinah, not knowing that Dinah knew exactly what she meant. Dinah hadn’t exactly ‘come out’ fully to her best friend. Dinah was still unsure of how people would react if they knew about her bi-sexuality, having a friend like Gabby who wasn’t afraid of putting her sexuality out there didn’t really help boost her confidence.

Handing her friend a napkin, Dinah shook her head. “Here, you’re drooling.”

“Can you blame me?” Gabby asked innocently, though the thoughts she were having about Maggie were far from innocent. You couldn’t really blame her though; she was a teenage girl with hormones. Dinah lightly slapped Gabby’s shoulder.

“Eew, she’s my cousin Gabby!”

“So? There are some parts of the world where that fact is overlooked.” Gabby replied sarcastically, knowing that she was making her friend uncomfortable but Dinah had seemed tense over the past week and Gabby was making it her personal mission to loosen up the girl. Dinah stared at Gabby in disbelief.

“I am so not talking about my cousin like that, with you.” Dinah shook her head, but smiling all the same as she walked off to her next class. She could never be mad at Gabby, though the thought of her hooking up with her cousin was just wrong. “Perv!” She shouted over her shoulder.

“Yeah, but you know what they say. You are the company you keep, what does that make you?” Gabby shot back sarcastically, laughing as Dinah rolled her eyes.

Part 6

Tuesday night found Maggie at a bar waiting on her cousin, for Maggie the bar was a bit more ‘hip’ with her kind of generation than most of the bars she found herself in at Pine Valley.

“Hey stranger.” A voice came from beside her, turning in her stool Maggie came face to face with Dinah’s friend from school. “Hey.”

“You’re fidgeting.” Gabby observed, smiling at the sight of Maggie nervously tugging at the hem of her shirt and slowly shredding the napkin in-between in fingers.

“I am not.” Maggie exclaimed, at Gabby’s pointed look at what was left of the napkin Maggie had the decency to look a bit ashamed. “Well, I wasn’t.” Maggie added.

Gabby slid onto the barstool next to Dinah’s cousin, she sat close enough so their legs were touching closely. “So, what are you doing here by yourself? I thought Dinah was meeting you?”

“She is. I guess she’s running a bit late.”

“That’s Dinah for you, she always seems to be late for something. Even for gym class.” Gabby revealed, laughing as she remembered the day Dinah had ran into their gym class panting. To this day, Gabby was amazed at Dinah’s ability to be able to tie her shoes with one hand and opening the gym door with her other.

Yes, her best friend had skill.

“So why were you nervous in the first place?” Gabby asked once again, her hand sneaking out to slowly rub the skin on Maggie’s arm.

Maggie’s eyes were instantly drawn to Gabby’s fingers, she was also aware at how close their proximity was becoming ever since Gabby showed up.

Maggie was aware that her cousin’s friend was flirting with her and had been since their first introduction. If she was in any other situation, Gabby would have been a fine choice but she wasn’t. Her heart belonged to someone else and it wouldn’t be fair to lead on yet another person to thinking that something more could be gained.

“Not that I enjoy the attention, it’s just…” Maggie trailed off at Gabby’s shaking head; the other blonde did not need Maggie to go into an explanation. She had heard it all before anyway.

“There’s someone else.” Gabby finished, her suspicions being confirmed by Maggie’s sad smile.

“I’m sorry…” Maggie began to apologize; she didn’t have anything against the curly blonde. Hell, if the situation were different she would have happily accepted the blonde’s perusal. But it wasn’t and she didn’t want to unfairly make Gabby feel as though she had a chance.

Ever since Maggie met Bianca, no one had a chance in hell to coming close to how Maggie felt for her friend. Gabby waved off Maggie’s apologies, a smile on her face. “Don’t be, I had a feeling I didn’t have a shot with you anyway. You’re too good looking to be free. I had to try though, just in case.”

“And I applaud your efforts.” Maggie replied, thankful that the other girl didn’t take the rejection too hard. Which was another thing that made New Gotham so different from Pine Valley. People here didn’t seem to have the need to blow things out of proportion. Still, Maggie missed the town that was slowly becoming her ‘home’.

“Well, in that case you have to tell me who this ‘someone’ is. After all, I want to know who I’m being shafted for.”

Maggie had to smile at the girl’s persistence. Despite being rejected, Gabby didn’t seem to be one to stand down so quickly. Maggie knew that if her sister, Frankie, was still alive that she would have wanted to get to know Gabby.


“When it comes to love, most things are.” Gabby replied, she spoke with words that were wise beyond her years.

“Hey, how about a drink? It’ll be my treat.” Maggie offered, a smile plastered on her face as she looked around for the bartender. Perhaps it wasn’t one of the subtlest ways of going about a subject change but it was the best she could do.

“Ah, so it’s one of those ‘big love, big loss’ type of deals?” Gabby observed.

“No. More like ‘big love, too late’.” Maggie corrected, taking a sip of her drink. Gabby nodded her head in understanding, she could relate to the petite blonde next to her. If it wasn’t for the fact that Maggie and Dinah were related, Gabby would have happily gone on about her more than platonic feelings for her best friend but even she knew some things shouldn’t be shared with you’re best friend’s cousin.

“So what about you? Anyone that’s caught your attention?” Maggie asked, turning the tables on the other girl. Gabby was proud of herself for not choking on her water at Maggie’s sudden question.

“Wha…excuse me?”

“Nah, I’m more of a free spirit to be tied down.” Gabby tried to play it off as cool but she knew she was failing horribly.

The look Maggie was giving her told her as much.

“I can’t believe no one has caught your eye.”

Before Gabby could even respond, Dinah seemed to suddenly appear from behind the two of them. “Hi, guys. Oh my god, Maggie, I’m so sorry I was late.” Dinah apologized quickly, a bit surprised to see her best friend talking to her cousin. And from what she saw when approaching the two, they appeared to be awfully close for two people who just met each other.

Maggie waved the excuse away, smiling at her cousin as she did so. “Don’t worry about it, God knows how many times I’ve been late. It’s only fair that I get a taste of my own medicine. Besides, Gabby’s been keeping me entertained while I was waiting.” She added, smiling at the girl who still sat beside her.

But Gabby didn’t seem to be listening to a word Maggie had said, well she had until Dinah showed up. Looking at the now oddly silent teen, Maggie saw a look on her face that could only be described as want.

“I can see that. So are you two…?” Dinah trailed off, her eyebrow raised. Maggie shook her head firmly, dispelling any misinterpretations that Dinah may be having.

“No, just friends. Isn’t that right, Gabby?” When Maggie got no answer, she and her cousin turned to face Gabby who appeared in her own little world.


Dinah snapped her fingers in front of her friend’s face, which seemed to do the trick. Blinking, Gabby suddenly realized she had the attention of not one but two very attractive blondes and she had been completely ignoring them.


“You okay?” Dinah asked, a bit worried for her friend’s odd behavior. Sure, Gabby wasn’t exactly the most serious person ever and often had her head in the clouds like most students, but she could tell something was bothering her friend. She just couldn’t put her finger on what it was.

“Yeah, why would I be? I’m in the company of two of the hottest girls in here, what’s not to be okay about?” Gabby asked cockily, playing off Dinah’s concern as though it were nothing when in truth she was touched that Dinah cared.

Dinah eyed her friend suspiciously, not for one minute convinced. Shrugging, she decided to drop the subject for now. “Okay, anyone up for a dance?”

Gabby nodded enthusiastically and whatever funk she was in seemed to disappear at the prospect of dancing. “Maggie?”

“Nah, I think I’ll stay here. I still have this drink to finish anyways.” Maggie explained, raising her margarita she had flirted her way into getting.


With that, the two friends made their way onto the dance floor and away from the bar.

Maggie watched the interaction between Gabby and her cousin as they danced together, everything that Gabby had said earlier and the way she seemed to always act around her cousin suddenly made all the pieces fall into place. Gabby was obviously enamored with her cousin, but sadly her cousin seemed to have only eyes for a certain bartender.

Maggie could sympathize with Gabby on some level, she hated it when you fell for someone but knew you couldn’t do a thing about it because they were already in love with someone else. So you were stuck with your broken heart, trying to pick up the pieces without totally falling apart.

Yeah, love sometimes sucked.

Maggie determined, finishing her beverage with a frown.

Part 7


Maggie looked up to find Helena standing in front of her, looking down Maggie couldn’t help but smile.

“A pop tart?” She questioned, wondering why the brunette was offering her one. And also wondering where in the hell the brunette managed to find one in a bar.

“Good to know you know what one is.” Helena joked, sitting in one of the chairs.

“I may live in Pine Valley, but I’m aware of what sugary treats are.” Maggie accepted the sugary treat nonetheless, biting into it she turned her head to where Gabby and Dinah appeared to be in a deep conversation. From the looks of it, whatever Gabby was telling Dinah had surprised her cousin. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to guess what Gabby was saying to the other girl.

Feeling she was intruding on a private moment, Maggie turned back to face Helena, she stopped when she saw that Helena was watching Dinah as well. Except, Helena’s features appeared softer than Maggie was use to seeing.

In fact, if Maggie looked close enough, she could have sworn Helena was looking at Dinah with longing. Sighing, Maggie shook her head at the love triangle her cousin seemed to have found herself caught up in. It seemed that Pine Valley wasn’t the only place that was soap-worthy material.

For Helena, she found herself once again lost to the world when she looked at Dinah. For the past few months something was changing between the two teammates, something that both scared but excited Helena at the same time. Helena had never felt so protective for another person like she did for Dinah, Barbra excluded. Snapping herself out of her musings, Helena turned to look at Dinah’s cousin.

“I’m a bartender; people tell me all their woes and sorrows. I’m use to it, dump it all on me.”  Helena explained, acting as though her look of longing toward Dinah never happened.

“Yeah, except your patrons are usually drunk off their asses. I don’t think I qualify.” Maggie pointed out, motioning towards one of the drunks at the bar that was slouched in his seat as an example.

“Why not?”

“Well, I’m not drunk for one. Two, I don’t think drunk is now considered getting a sugar high.” Helena couldn’t help but smile at Maggie’s reasoning, the more she kept talking to the girl and go to know her she was beginning to see parts of Dinah in Maggie’s personality.

“No, but I don’t think Barbra would like the idea of me filling you up with alcohol just to get you to talk. So, pop tarts are the next best thing.”

“Has anyone ever told you that you New Gotham people are just strange?” Maggie asked jokingly, whatever was happening or going to happen between Dinah and Helena she just hoped that they didn’t confuse each other as much as her situation with Bianca had been and still was. Helena decided it was time to move on from the subject of pop tarts, after all there was only so much time you could talk about it before you were bored out of your mind.

“So you came to New Gotham, to what? Get away from it all?” Helena asked, watching the blonde from the corner of her eye as she began to clean a shot glass. Sighing, Maggie looked at the bottom of her empty glass as though it would hold all the answers to life’s problems.

“Sort of. More like I wanted to forget about Pine Valley for a few days at the least.”

“But it’s not Pine Valley you’re running from, but a certain someone.” Helena may not have been the greatest student in high school, but that didn’t mean she wasn’t perceptive to the people around her.

“God, why does it seem like everyone’s psycho-analyzing me today?” Maggie asked aloud, not really speaking to Helena but to the room in general. Unfortunately, Helena was her only audience and had heard her.

“Sometimes we all need a good analyze.” Helena knew it was a weak try, but she couldn’t help herself. Her wit couldn’t be good all the time.

“Yeah, well I’d rather take a rain check.” Maggie mumbled, Helena had been the third person to ask her the reason behind her leaving Pine Valley for a week. And Maggie was getting tired of explaining it to everyone, but also because it made her feel like she had abandoned Bianca by coming here.

Helena suddenly had an idea, standing she grabbed her leather jacket from behind the bar. “C’mon.” She motioned for Maggie to follow her lead. Barely having time to grab her own jacket, Maggie found herself following behind the tall brunette woman who was leading her through the crowd and towards the back door.

“Where are we going?” Maggie questioned as soon as they were outside, briefly worrying if she should have notified Dinah of her sudden departure from the bar.

“There’s something I wanna show ya.” Was all the reply she got, the more time Maggie spent around Helena, the more she was finding out how much of an enigma the other woman was.

Prelude to part 8

“Hey, you try making your way up four flight of stairs with heels on.” Maggie huffed, leaning against the door with one hand rubbing at the sole of her feet. All she knew was that the older woman had better have had a good reason to drag her all the way up here.

“Suck it up, brat. The exercise is good for you, anyways.” Helena laughed in Maggie’s face, adding more salt onto Maggie’s bruised ego.

“Whatever. Why are we up here? Other than to humiliate me.”

“I don’t have to bring you to a rooftop to humiliate you, blondie.” Helena told the other girl with a grin, and Maggie knew Helena was right. Dinah had told her some horror stories of how Helena had managed to successfully scar Dinah for life.

“Come on.” Helena tilted her head to the side, motioning to Maggie to follow her towards the edge of the roof. Reluctantly Maggie followed the brunette, knowing from the woman’s tone that all joking was being put aside.

“Do you know where we are?” Helena asked quietly, after a moment of silence.


“This used to be me and my mom’s place before she…passed away.” Helena explained, not bringing herself to look at Maggie while she talked.

“I used to come up here when I was a kid, my mom was always out late at night sometimes. She loved the night, so much that whenever it came she would chase after it…as though she was thinking that if she caught it, she would be able to make it last forever. So I’d sneak out here, on the night’s she was gone, and I’d stand here.”

Helena opened her arms, as though she was about to offer a warm embrace to someone.

“With my arms out like this, and I’d hug the night. Holding it and my mom close to me.”

Helena smiled, wrapping her arms around herself like she had so many years ago on this same rooftop. Maggie had to smile at the sight, she was forever grateful to know that Helena trusted her enough to open up to her like this after such a short time of knowing each other.

“This is my little escape. Whenever things get too stressful or my day has just been shitty, I come up here and forget it all. When I feel the breeze on my cheek, I feel like my mom’s still with me. Like she never left me, you know?”

Helena’s words were spoken softly, she didn’t know why she was opening up to a girl that was a complete stranger to her only four days ago but something told her that Maggie could relate to things that she was going through.

“It’s your sanctuary.”

Maggie clarified, a knowing smile on her lips as she gazed out at the city in front of her. In the daytime, she never would have imagined New Gotham looking as beautiful as it did at night. From what she had heard about New Gotham, the place seemed to have a history of crime and murder. However, standing up on the rooftop with Helena, she would have never guessed New Gotham was plagued with all it’s problems.

Helena nodded, glad that she didn’t have to go in-depth or even explain how significant this rooftop meant to her. She was surprised when Maggie opened her mouth to speak again.

“Back home, in Pine Valley, there’s this little boat house by a lake. It’s sort of funny, because it’s the only place in town that I ever feel at peace. Sometimes I’ll sneak out at night just to go there, to gaze at the lake and sort out all my thoughts. The boat house has bad memories for me but it also has good ones too, it’s the only place I feel like I’m being true to myself.”

“Our sanctuary’s or whatever comfort zones we may have, they won’t mean anything to use one day.” Helena said suddenly, turning to look at Maggie in the eyes.

“Because we’re going to find someone who’ll become our safety nets.” Helena added, speaking confidently about this idea. So much so that Maggie had to believe her words, had to believe that there was someone out there that would provide that amount of safety to her one day. If not already.

Maggie and Helena stood on the rooftop that night, each of them lost in the thoughts of their respective loved ones. Yet, a sense of understanding was being shared between the two of them in this rare moment of vulnerability. They stayed up there until the sun began to peak out across the skyline, bringing a new day and perhaps, a new chance for both of them.

Part 8

“So, you’re catching a flight back home tomorrow I hear.”

Barbra’s voice was heard as she wheeled into the kitchen from behind Maggie. It was Maggie’s last night in New Gotham and surprisingly, it was Helena that suggested all four of them stay in for it.

Though, the brunette waved off the gesture with a slight blush on her face when Dinah gushed about how ‘adorable’ Helena’s idea was. The proud brunette was not one to give into the idea of being considered ‘adorable’. Despite who may be calling her it.

They had just gone finished the first movie out of a handful that Maggie and Dinah had picked when they raided the movie store. Currently, they were in the midst of watching ‘The Exorcist’ when Maggie decided it would be best if she was the next one to re-fill the popcorn bowl. She didn’t mind, horror movies were never her specialty anyways.

The horror movies had nothing on the horrific childhood she had.

Shaking her head in an attempt to banish the thoughts of her childhood, Maggie turned to look at the redhead.

“Yep, I’ll be on my way home to good ‘ol Pine Valley and out of your way.” Maggie joked, smiling to let Barbra know she wasn’t being serious. Over the course of the week, Helena and Barbra had welcomed her into their home and it seemed into their lives as well. Maggie was glad her cousin finally found a place that she could be loved and cared for, unlike how her last ‘family’ had treated her.

“You know you’re welcomed back here anytime.” Barbra wanted to make sure Dinah’s cousin knew that, from what Dinah had told her one night after their outing at the ‘Dark Horse’ bar about Maggie’s family history, the younger girl seemed to be desperately looking for a place to settle down.

“And I’m grateful for that.”

“I keep hearing about this girl, Bianca, do you want to tell me about her?” Barbra asked, knowing she had to choose her words carefully. Both Helena and Dinah had spoken to her about Maggie’s situation back home with this girl named Bianca.

Maggie rolled her eyes with a slight smile, leaning against the kitchen wall she eyed the woman in front of her. “Did a little birdie tell you?” She asked sarcastically, her defensive walls going up once again.

Barbra shook her head, noticing Maggie’s body language and how it suddenly became guarded. “No, more like two people who care for you.”

A moment of silence filled the air, Barbra waited patiently for Maggie to open up. Maggie had to be the one to talk to her, Barbra wouldn’t try to drag it out of her.

“She’s not some girl…she’s something else. She’s the most caring, sweet, gentle, and loving person I’ve ever met. Sometimes it feels like she’s too good to be true but then you realize that she is that sweet. You can’t help but love her…she makes you want to be a better person.” Maggie spoke wistfully, her dreamy _expression wasn’t lost on the very observant redhead.

“She sounds pretty special.” Barbra’s comment was unnecessary; Maggie already knew how special her friend was.

“Yeah, she is.”

“So what happened?”

Maggie sighed, reaching out to hold the popcorn bowl in her arms. She picked up a few of the pieces distractedly.

“I said some things. Some really stupid things.” To this day, thinking about the time when Bianca put it all on the line in the boathouse and their conversation made Maggie wince. The memory of what she said, how she spoke to Bianca made her want to hate herself. God, she was a fool to turn Bianca away. She could only pray she hadn’t done permanent damage.

“Love has a funny knack for doing that to a person.” Barbra spoke wisely, thinking back on a past relationship with a certain ‘boy wonder’ when she was younger.

“Yeah, except there was nothing ‘loving’ in what I said to her. God, I was such a bitch.”

“But now the feeling is mutual, isn’t it?”

“I already broke her heart once, Barbra. I’m not about to do it again.” Maggie spoke the last part mostly to herself, promising she would never hurt Bianca’s delicate heart again if she could help it.

“How did you break her heart? If you don’t mind my asking.” Barbra added, not wanting to push Maggie into saying anything that she didn’t want to say.

“She admitted her feelings for me once…hell, she practically told me she loved me.”

“And?” Maggie hung her head, still ashamed at how she had acted that day so long ago.

“I told her, and I quote, ‘I’m into guys.’ Harsh, right?”

“I’m sure she’s forgiven you. You are still friends, aren’t you?”

“Look, she doesn’t need to me screwing her up more okay? I mean, she’s got enough things on her plate as it is. She broke up with her girlfriend, a man who’s gone after her entire family attacks her, and now she’s in the middle of a trial. There’s no way she needs my declaration of undying love to complicate her life any further. I just won’t do it.” Maggie stated firmly, her mind seemingly made up and not being able to be budged by anyone.

Barbra sighed, there was nothing else she could do to convince Maggie otherwise. “We better get back in there, I don’t think we want Helena to choose the next movie.”

“I’m sure Dinah wouldn’t mind.” The words were spoke carelessly as Maggie walked out of the kitchen, she didn’t know that they caused the redhead to pause and consider her words.

Shaking her head, Barbra wheeled after Maggie. Her assumptions of whatever had been going on between her two charges over the past few months being confirmed by Maggie’s words. She could only hope that the two of them wouldn’t tip-toe around their feelings any longer, she knew from experience that by doing this someone would get hurt in the end.

Part 9

“Wow, here we are.”

“Yeah, doesn’t it feel weird?”

“Good, then I’m not the only one.”

“Oh, definitely not.”

“Because this week has just gone by so fast.”

“Yep, time does fly when you’re having fun.”

“And I’m sure you’ll be having a lot of ‘fun’ in the days to come.” Maggie smiled mischievously at her cousin, laughing as Dinah began to blush. Perhaps she was a little twisted to be getting so much pleasure out of embarrassing her cousin but sometimes it was just too fun, a fact that wasn’t lost on Dinah.

“You’re one to talk.” Dinah replied smartly, smiling as Maggie coughed nervously.

The two cousins stood in the middle of the New Gotham airport, the week had gone by too quickly in both their opinions.

Barbra had been unable to see Maggie off, due to some board meeting at the school and Helena was off doing whatever Helena did. Though, the two women did give Maggie their love and open invitation for her to come again.

Gabby had been able to catch the two of them before they left for the airport, Dinah was not the only one to be surprised when Gabby planted a firm kiss on Maggie’s lips. The carefree blonde had simple claimed that she was wishing Maggie luck, which was followed by a wink.

Despite her shell-shocked reaction at Gabby’s forwardness, Maggie understood fully what Gabby was referring to. Secretly she hoped that Gabby would be able to find someone for herself one day, even though the curly-blonde had hoped Dinah would be the one that would come her way. If everything went well for Dinah tonight, Maggie was sure Helena would have another say.

“You should come to Pine Valley sometime.” Maggie suggested, hoping that Dinah would come to visit the small town that she has come to consider home.

“I don’t know, from what you’ve told me about it…it sounds awfully suspiciously like a soap made for TV.” Dinah teased, not wanting her cousin to leave so soon. The past week had been a great time out for the both of them to catch up and re-live the past as well as help each other move on to the future.

“Hey!” Maggie exclaimed, pretending to be offended. “I’ll have you know that if it was, it would be a terrific one. You know you’d tune in just to see the melodrama.”

“No, I’d tune in for the BAM.” Dinah couldn’t help but laugh at Maggie’s confused _expression at her words. “Bianca and Maggie. BAM.” Dinah explained, chuckling as Maggie mouthed ‘oh’.

“I knew that.”

“Sure you did.”

“No, really I did.”

Maggie insisted, too stubborn to admit defeat.

Attention, ladies and gentlemen. We are now boarding flight 765 to Pine Valley in gate 34. Flight 765 to Pine Valley will now be boarding.

Maggie and Dinah smiled sadly at each other as the intercom clicked off. Maggie shouldered her carry-on, knowing that it was time to go but couldn’t bring herself to actually begin moving.

“I guess that’s my flight.” Maggie broke the silence unwillingly, knowing it was time for her to return to the drama that was Pine Valley. To David and Anna. To Bianca. Dinah wrapped her arms around Maggie who gladly returned the hug, turning her head Dinah whispered softly into Maggie’s ear.

“Go for it.”

Part 10

“I’ll get it!” Bianca called out to her mother who was in her bedroom. As she approached the door, Bianca still couldn’t help but fear that there would be a herd of reporters on the other side waiting to tackle her. She knew she was just being silly, after all her Uncle Jack had made sure that her privacy was ensured while she was in her home, especially during the trial proceedings.

Opening the door, Bianca felt her heart rate quicken at who she saw. Definitely not any reporter she had seen, she would have remembered such an attractive one if she had.


Maggie’s name came so easily from Bianca’s lips as she stared at her best friend, she hadn’t expected Maggie to be back so early. From what David had told her, Maggie’s flight was expected to come in later that night. To say finding Maggie outside her door was a surprise was an complete understatement.

“Hey Binx.” Maggie returned the smile that was radiating from Bianca, how she had been able stay away from Bianca for a week was unbelievable.

“Can we talk?” Maggie asked hesitantly but surely, something about the way Maggie was looking at her made Bianca feel that their conversation wouldn’t be the same as their others. What she didn’t know was that Maggie was taking a chance.

A chance at a newfound love and expressing her feelings, all Bianca knew that Maggie had finally come home to her. And as Maggie stepped inside, Maggie knew she may be risking a lot to express her feelings but for a woman like Bianca Montgomery…she’d be willing to risk it all.

Because let’s face it folks, when it comes to love we’re more than willing to risk it all for the one we love for just the chance to love them.

(The Clock tower)

Dinah took a deep breath; it helped to know that Maggie was going through the same thing she was at this very moment. However, it didn’t fully help the butterflies she was feeling deep in her stomach. “I think we need to talk.” Helena stared at her blonde counterpart, never had she seen the blonde so nervous and vulnerable.

But looking into Dinah’s eyes, Helena found a hint of something gazing back at her that made her bite her tongue on whatever sarcastic comment she had. Nodding her head, Helena sat down beside Dinah and listened to what she had to say.

Dinah knew she was risking losing the delicate friendship she had built with Helena over the past year and that her confession could threaten their ability to work with each other but none of that mattered to Dinah.

Because like she told Maggie, sometimes it’s better to let it out instead of living your life wondering what could have happened. Because no one wants to go on living ‘what if’.



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