Title: Fly Away With Me

Author: Faithx5452

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Pairing: Diana Taurasi (UConn/Phoenix Mercury) & Sue Bird (UConn/Seattle Storm)

Rating: PG

 Warning: This contains subject matter concerning a relationship between two women that is not friendship. This is called femslash, when two women love each other. If this bothers you, then do not continue

Author’s Notes: I do not know/nor have I met either Diana Taurasi or Sue Bird personally. This is a story of pure FICTION and should not be considered as anything but fictional. This is told through Sue’s POV

Summary: She asks you to go with her, will you?

You’ve been waiting for her, maybe you’ve been waiting for her all you’re life and just didn’t realize it until you met her.

Her attitude was enough to send anyone running, but there was something about the tough girl from Chino that attracted you.

Ever since she walked into Gampel Pavilion, you knew there was something about her that was going to make her stand out from all the rest. From everyone that ever-stepped foot into UConn, from any of the players that anyone in college basketball has seen, and from anyone that you’ve ever met in you’re entire life.


She’s said you’re name thousands of times before, it shouldn’t seem any different than the first time but it does. Because somehow with each time she utters you’re name, you feel like it’s the first time. There’s a sense of companionship and security that she seems to be able to convey by just saying you’re name.


You wouldn’t deny her anything. Whether it be allowing her the last ripe strawberry in the breakfast line (something that was unheard of in the Husky tradition of seniority) or acting as her human pillow.

You’re a few days from playing in the last game of you’re life dressed in white. You know it and she knows it. It’s all you can do from crying at the very thought of leaving her.

The two of you have been dancing around each other that you might as well have worn a hole into the floor. With each day it seems that the two of you get closer to something, but time doesn’t seem to be on you’re side. Whether you win or lose in the NCAA’s, you’ll be heading to Seattle. And away from whatever may be blossoming between the two of you.

If only you had more time…

“Fly away with me?”

She asks you, her voice beautifully vulnerable. You’re heart warms at just the very knowledge that you’re one of the privileged few who gets to see this side of her. If there had been any doubts, any second-guessing that may have lingered in you’re mind; just looking into her eyes is all the proof you need. Because here, in this moment, you know that you two will be fine.

So you answer her, without stopping to balance the consequences that may result. Because in love, there is no second-guessing.




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