Title: Falling Into Oblivion

Author: Faithx5452

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Ratings: PG-17

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Fandom: BTVS/Angel

Disclaimers: I don't own the character, Faith, she belongs solely to Joss Whedon and his company. The lyrics/rhmyes ,"Into the Void", were created by me/belong to me and are no one else's'. Please do not take or use them in any other fanfic.

Warning: Touches upon thoughts of suicide

Summary: While sitting in jail, Faith writes about someone contemplating suicide...or is it really herself she's writing about?

Standin' atop the building
Starin' down at the people mingling
Wonderin' how anyone can go through
With a decision so tough
Knowin' the fall'll be rough
Yet knowin' they've had enough
That darkness that tempts us all
Throughout our lives whenever we're down
Drowin' in our sorrow
Sinkin' more into depression
Stepin' closer to a decision
That'll become their last mission

It calls to us all
Waiting for us to fall
We stand so tall
Like the World Trade
But even the strong fade
Showin' what we're made of
No matter who we are
No matter how far
We keep apart
From these thoughts
We've fought so hard

Before you step off that ledge
Standin' on the edge
Between life and death
Think of those you'll be hurtin'
Leavin' behind to go through your pain
It seems as if the world's on your shoulders
Weighin' upon you as if it were boulders

You've already lost someone
You didn't see it comin'
Wonderin' why "the Big One" was taken
Sinkin' farther into that void
Losin' your hold
Onto your place in the world

You've known people who've attempted to take their own
Thinkin' they've lost all they've known
Who have fallen from grace
To their own sense of disgrace
Now you can't stand to see that face
Starin' back at you
Lookin' down at you

You've heard the stories of survivors
Never thinkin' you'd take that endeavour
Thought you'd be goin' to Harvard
Instead you're standin' in the cold

Part of you wishing someone had seen through that façade
This is the choice you've made
Not even fate can decide
Whether you'll live or die

You take one step closer
Towards the plunge
Your head hung low
At the way you'll go

         Staring down at the words, she can't stop the pain that tightens more around her heart. With tremblings hands, the paper falls to the ground as her body begins to rack with sobs. Sitting down on her bunk, she raises her head heavenwards...as if asking The Powers why she was put on this earth. But she receives no answer, she never does and she wonders if she'll be able to make that trip down the rocky road of redemption. For now, all she can do is double over and let the tears stream down her cheeks as she attempts to find the answer to her own question.

The End



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