Title - One Last Chance

Author: Enigma

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Rating - PG

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How you turned my world, you precious thing
You starve and near exhaust me
Everything I've done, I've done for you

I move the stars for no one


Chapter 1 - How things were


FORWARD: Admiral Kathryn JANEWAY - personal log

'I never did say anything, for all those years, not one word. I was Captain. I was Captain Janeway, not Kathryn Janeway, I had to command a vessel, not indulge in romance. For some time I convinced myself that what I felt was friendship, maybe even maternal feelings towards a woman who was almost 20 years my junior. I told myself that when she looked at me my stomach fluttered in pride for what she had become. That when she brushed past me or flashed one of her, oh so rare smiles that my heart clenched in sympathy for what she went through in her traumatic life. And that when she reached deep down within herself and managed to gather courage to show her emotions, the reason I felt such love was because she was my friend.

But one day something happened that turned my universe upside down and brought the truth crashing down on my head, it was the day she said 'Captain. I am to marry'. It was then I knew that I loved her. I loved her more than my ship, my rank… more than the air I breathe. And it was too late.

The wedding was a total disaster. The flowers from astrometrics were perfect, white and red roses, the cake was replicated and perfect. Naomi, our little bridesmaid acted perfectly, Icheb didn’t forget the rings and the music didn’t falter. And Seven had achieved her life time ambition, she was perfection. It was a total disaster. I was standing on the wrong side; it should have been me next to Seven, and Chakotay up here suffering. I hated my best friend that day.

They were married 3 years.

A year into the marriage Seven and I were discussing Naomi's infatuation with Icheb. Seven said 'it’s a crush, are you familiar with that term Captain?' I told her I was and she continued 'I missed all of that, growing up. I didn’t have a first date, I didn’t have crushes. A crush is when you develop strong feelings for another individual and believe it to be 'love', however after time the feelings diminish and friendship remains. It's very misleading. Infatuation you mistake as love, and the love you searched for all along you discover is disguised as a friendship. As a borg it was easier'

Her eyes never left mine during her speech, my heart screamed to me that she was confessing that her marriage was a mistake, and yet my mind told me I was searching for something in her words that wasn’t there. She waited a few moments and then told me she would speak to Icheb and make sure he treats Naomi delicately and was gone. And still I said nothing.

2 years later we encountered a large nebula and I sent an away team to explore it in the Delta Flyer. Tom Paris, Harry Kim, Nelix and Seven of Nine were scheduled to go. The doctor had wanted to go, but I decided we needed him here and refused.

After the meeting Seven asked me once again if the doctor could go, I stuck by my decision and wouldn’t allow it. So she said she was going to go to sickbay and collect his camera so she could at least take pictures of the anomaly for him. I told her that that was a very nice thing to do and she replied 'we can't all be as happy as we wish, but we have to except what we have and make do with it.' Once again I had a feeling she wasn't just talking about the doctor not being able to go, but rather of her own situation. For once I took the initiative and said 'But you are happy aren't you Seven?' she replied 'I am fine'.

I argued that saying "I am fine" didn’t mean the same as happy, and she smiled and said 'take it whatever way you choose Captain'
'I do wish you to be happy Seven, very much'
'I know' she said
I summed up courage and took a deep breath 'Seven I…'
'I know' she interrupted.
Then she boarded the delta flyer and was gone. If I had know that was going to be one of the last times I ever saw her maybe I would have finished my sentence.

'I do love you'


1 day, 3 hours and, 43 minutes later she was dead.

I should have sent the doctor.


Her death was as beautiful as she was.

We all knew it was inevitable, the doctor could do nothing. The accident had caused her cortical implant to fail. There would be no miracle cures this time. So Chakotay just held her in his arms and I sat by her and held her hand.

'Seven don’t be afraid' I told her 'we are all here, we wont leave you, there's no reason to be afraid'

'I'm not'.

She was in pain but she would never admit as much. Her face betrayed no emotion but her stormy blue eyes told a story of unwillingness to leave the life she had only recently got back and a deep fear of the unknown.
With her hand clutched tightly in mine she whispered 'Thank you'. It wasn’t the first time she had said this, but it would be the last, and that tore my soul.

We sat there, the monitor strapped to her body beeping gradually more slowly, my eyes filling with tears, my pride begging them not to fall when she squeezed my hand and gasped.
'Do you see them?'

Her eyes were fixed on the corner of the sickbay focussing on something only she could see. I looked to where she was gazing and saw nothing, I glanced at Chakotay who shook his head.
'There's nothing there Seven' I said

She shook her head in disagreement 'Look Captain'. She continued to stare at nothing, she looked so amazed and calm.
'Look…the people, in white…'

Her eyes then appeared to flicker to something else in the room. And she smiled, a true, deep, blissful smile and as a solitary tear trickled down her face, she breathed 'Mama…'

Then she was gone.


I faintly remember Chakotay sobbing and rocking Seven in his arms as if sheer will would bring her back. I should have stayed; done something a Captain would do, offer my condolences, make arrangements, and inform the crew. Instead I went to cargo bay two, sat in her alcove and wept, for Seven, for myself and for what could have been if only I had let it.

The funeral exists as a dark blurry mess in my memory. Tuvok conducted most of the ceremony.  I faintly recall saying a few words muffled by barely restrained tears. Her coffin was just that, a coffin, for some unknown reason I couldn’t comprehend Seven being in there so I just decided to believe she wasn’t.

Naomi Wildman at one point in the service tried to run up and open the coffin - to get her friend out I suspect. The poor little girl was inconsolable, Seven and that child had a unique bond. Samantha once explained it perfectly 'Its like Seven brings out the adult in Naomi and Naomi brings out the child in Seven'.

Sevens body wasn’t ejected into space, it was to be taken home as requested by the Hansen family, so she could be buried with her grandparents. And I was glad of that, I couldn’t bare the thought of her coffin drifting around in space, for anyone to find and tamper with. I wanted her to be like snow-white in a glass coffin- for all to see, but not to touch.

The senior crew members for a long time mourned her death, even B'Elanna who found every opportunity to argue with our resident borg shed a tear of two. I think they were friends in a very strange way.

As for me, I was never the same after Sevens death.

13 years later we got back to earth, it was an anti climax to say the least. Its funny, we had spent all this time desperately trying to get back to earth only to discover we were home all along.

Chakotay and myself spent a lot of time together, and in all that time we never spoke her name. But I know I can speak for both of us when I say she was always in our thoughts. She existed in our time together, she lived in the silences, she sat with us at dinner, and she spoke to us through music.

Sometimes I could almost imagine I could see her, out of the corner of my eye, or as I turned around. Looking at me with a smirk, hands behind her back, a witty retort on the tip of her tongue, dressed in white, like she described the 'people'.

I once told the doctor of the apparition and he said to me 'that must be of great comfort to you'. He was almost telling me that the flicker of white, the brief imaginings of Sevens face was that of her spirit. It offered no comfort; it was only a reminder that she was dead. I didn’t believe in ghosts, so I simply surmised that if Seven were visiting me in spirit form she would stick around and tell me so face to face….you know how she likes to prove me wrong.

All this time, in between visits with Tuvok, reunions, and work - I was planning. I had an idea in my head, one that had resided there and festered from the day of Sevens death. I was going to go back, reverse time and do the whole thing all over again. I was going to stop her death and in doing so get the whole crew home quicker, with fewer casualties and with Tuvok well. If it could be done, it would be.

For 10 years I planned a way to reorder time. 3 years before completion Chakotay died. His funeral was the only day in all this time I didn’t work on my plan or discuss it in some form with Barclay.

And then I did it. Broke every rule in every handbook ever written. I travelled through time and ended up on voyager 26 years in the past, 3 years before Sevens death.

I had done it.

I turned the whole universe upside down, and I did it all for her.


By the time you read this you will undoubtedly be arriving in the alpha quadrant. Your mind running through all you will be doing, leaving Voyager, stepping on earth for the first time in 7 years, seeing your mother and sister, going to Indiana. But unlike me you have the greatest gift imaginable - you are stepping onto that earth with Seven, something I never got to do.

I started writing this letter to you, my younger self the night before I begun my journey back in time to see you and I'm finishing it now, standing in cargo bay two watching Seven regenerate, something I haven't been able to do in 20 years. I'm 73 years old and my heart still skips a beat, my body still floods in warmth and butterflies invade my stomach from just watching her; even after all these years the feelings are still as strong.

She's not married or dead. Please Kathryn don’t end up being 73 standing before Seven of Nine thinking about how much you love her and being able to say nothing at all.

Please take my advice.


Kathryn Janeway (Admiral)


Chapter 2 - Going Home


As the pain sweeps through
Makes no sense for you
Every thrill has gone
Wasn't too much fun at all
But I'll be there for you
As the world falls down


Kathryn Janeway put the pad down, closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Her hands shook uncontrollably as she hastily wiped the tears from her face. The Admirals letter had shaken her to the core, hearing about Seven's marriage to Chakotay had been like having a thousand little knives thrust into her heart. She knew they were ‘dating’ but shrugged it off as a relationship that would wither away and eventually disappear as Seven became annoyed at co-dependency and Chakotay longed for more emotional connections. It was a scare; a little truth that grabbed onto her soul and viciously shook it.

Images poured through her mind, every little glimpse into the future bombarding her head like little torpedoes. Scenes of Seven and Chakotay laughing, scenes of emotional hugs and glances, images of their fated wedding, images of kissing and making love, images of her walking away, living away, just being gone. Vicious imaginings of herself living alone and heartbroken like her future self had been.

Sheer terror overwhelmed her and she found herself jumping from her chair, snatching her jacket and practically running from her ready room.

The whole ship was hectic, people scrambling for their belongings and leaving the ship to go to their loved ones.  Faceless people shouting goodbyes and ‘see you soon’ as their Captain fled down the corridor.

Kathryn, after Voyager had finally docked at star fleet gave a very teary farewell message to her crew before leaving for her ready room to gather everything she needed to leave her beloved ship. Only to find on her desk a pad from the Admiral, her future self.  An hour later she was running for cargo bay two.

A long time ago she had promised Seven she would, upon arriving at earth, take her to Indiana. This was a long standing arrangement and she had several times reassured Seven that she would come with her and live with her until she was settled, so the young woman wouldn't be all alone on a planet she had no recollection of. However, due to their arrival on Earth being so sudden that no-one, not even herself had a clue on what to do, nothing about Sevens arrangement had been mentioned. And Kathryn was desperate to reaffirm their plans, and take her young love to her hometown, away from the pressures of human life, adjustment.... and Chakotay.

She arrived at Cargo Bay two to find Seven staring at her alcove with a curious expression on her face, letting out a huge sigh of relief Janeway walked towards her. Seven glanced her way; a silent acknowledgement that she knew the Captain was there. Kathryn allowed bubbly warmth to spread throughout her body at the sight of friend. Still in her biosuit, hair immaculately resting in a golden French twist.



Kathryn moved to Sevens side at peered up at her noticing the perplexed look on Seven of Nines beautiful face.  ‘Are you okay Seven?'

‘Yes’ came the prompt reply, Seven paused ‘however I am a little confused....’

‘I understand’ Kathryn interrupted ‘Its been such a rush, and I didn't say anything, but I would like very much for you to come and stay with me in Indiana so you can settle into Earth life. I will be with you every step of the way so there's no reason to be confused, just follow my lead so to speak’ She smiled.

Seven looked amused and still a little puzzled ‘I am glad to hear that Captain, although that is not why I am confused’

‘Why are you confused then Seven?' Janeway frowned

Seven in reply delicately tipped her head towards her alcove ‘how to I get that out of there?’ she then nodded towards to door. Kathryn Janeways laughter echoed down desolate corridor all the way to the turbo lift.


Days drifted into weeks and before they knew it a whole month had past. Seven had surprisingly easily adjusted to life on Earth, telling her former Captain over dinner that she treated Earth like a gigantic Voyager. She tolerated the ‘Tom Paris’s’ humoured the ‘Harry Kim's’ and simply walked away from the ‘B’Elanna’s’ of Earth.

She had taken a lieutenants position at Star Fleet not far from where Kathryn was working, they were both due to start in two months giving adequate time to adjust to life on the planet they called home.

Seven had met with her aunt, Irene Hansen twice and seemed happy to start a relationship with the only blood family member she had left. As for Kathryn she juggled her life like she had on Voyager, making arrangements for work, meeting old friends, keeping tabs on her current ones and trying to keep Seven out of trouble.

Life couldn't be better. Gretchen had taken to the young borg quickly and easily and divided her time between catching up with her eldest daughter and teaching Seven how to, sew, make clothes, and garden. 


Kathryn spent much time walking with Seven, showing her places she used to go to as a child. She took Seven on fishing trips and taught her how to ride a horse; something Seven really didn't seem eager to do but complied with. It was a time to bond; with her family and with the woman she loved. The admiral's words never strayed far from her mind, but Kathryn bided her time, confessions were useless if Seven couldn't reciprocate.

The former Captain made it her duty to keep an eye on her disbanded crew. Once she was settled she visited Harry at his parents, visited the Paris family, checked on the doctor, sent messages to Tuvok and called on Chakotay. Much to her delight and relief Chakotay inquired after Seven as he did all their friends, but didn't say anything about visiting her or renewing a relationship.

Time gently moved on. Seven learned how to horse ride, bake cakes, make a dress, fish, garden and fly a kite. Kathryn learned that patience was a virtue.

Chapter 3 - One Small Step


I'll paint you mornings of gold
I'll spin you Valentine evenings
Though we're strangers till now
We're choosing the path between the stars
I'll leave my love between the stars


Sitting on a deck chair in the mid-afternoon sun Kathryn leisurely turned the page of the book she was reading. Head tilted towards the sky; her novel shading her from the sun she continued to read. It was a fine day, beautiful clear blue skies, hot weather, birds singing in the trees.


A cool glass of homemade lemonade rested on the table next to her, small droplets of condensation trickling down the side. Kathryn stretched luxuriously * nothing could ruin today * she absently thought to herself with a lazy smile.


*oh no, no, no no no no, you have GOT to be kidding me*

Plastering a welcoming smile on her face while inwardly she was swearing in every language she knew, sat up and warmly called out 'Chakotay, how good to see you!'

'Kathryn' he greeted her fondly 'you look well.'

Laughing briefly 'you don’t look so bad yourself commander'. Indeed he didn’t, dressed in the traditional clothes of his people he looked handsome and debonair.  *The bastard *

Kathryn sighed. Standing gracefully she gestured to her house 'wouldn't you come in old friend?'

'I would be glad to'

Walking ahead Janeway rolled her eyes towards the heavens * kill me, kill me now *


Handing Chakotay a cool drink Kathryn asked 'so to what do we owe the pleasure of your company?'

'Well' he returned 'I haven't seen you in a few weeks and to be honest I wanted to see Seven as well.' He smiled then turned his attention towards his drink.

Kathryn returned the smile sarcastically, then in a deliberately sweet voice told him 'Well Seven isn't here at the moment and I have no clue when she will be back…she went to visit her aunt, she could be a while'

'I don't mind waiting'

'She might be gone for days' She slyly added


'Well' she defended 'it is her aunt, and she offers to have her stay overnight frequently'

Her handsome friend nodded in understanding, totally believing the outright lie.

Kathryn placed an apologetic hand on his arm and warmly squeezed 'I'll tell you what, as soon as she gets in I will tell her to call you'

He smiled brightly 'No need, here she is now' And sure enough walking up the dainty pathway dressed immaculately in a red form fitting top and white linen trousers came Seven. Gritting her teeth Janeway sank into her chair *I should have put arsenic in his drink *

She knew it was wrong to be thinking so awfully of Chakotay, one of her oldest and dearest friends. But she felt like she did the day she found out that Mark, her former fiancée and run off with his receptionist while she had been gone in the delta quadrant. Chakotay was the receptionist at the moment. And as wretched as it made her feel, it was survival of the fittest, she would fight tooth and nail for Seven. Plastering a welcoming expression on her lovely face Kathryn linked arms with Chakotay and walked out to meet Seven.


The whole day was spent with Kathryn monopolising all of her former first officer's time in a desperate attempt to keep him away from the object of both of their affections. By the time dinner came around she had absolutely nothing to talk about so nabbed Seven and dragged her into the kitchen insisting that now was the perfect time for Seven to try and make her mothers famous lamb stew.

Shoving her beautiful friend in front of the cooker she grabbed her dinner guest and took him on a trip around the lake. Oblivious Chakotay was deeply touched at the effort his best friend was taking to insure he had a good time while staying at the Janeway household.

An hour later they made it home, to the mouth-watering smell of a delicious dinner cooking in the other room.


Later they all sat together in the living room chatting about work. Kathryn sat between her friends and seemed to be paying more attention to Seven preparing the runner beans than what her first officer was talking about. Seven glanced up at her Captain and smiled 'Could you go and put some salt in the large cooking pot for me? The quantities are written on the piece of paper next to the stove' She asked Kathryn politely.

Janeway frantically searched for a way out of leaving the living room or a way to get the beautiful borg to do it herself but could find no reason that wouldn’t sound totally rude. So she gracefully left to check on dinner.

Standing in the kitchen she carefully measured one teaspoon of salt threw it in and then left.  She stopped before going back into the living room, instead opting to lean against the wall and eavesdrop on her friend's conversation.

'Okay' Sevens voice sounded 'What would you like to discuss?'

'Seven would you like to take a walk outside? We could talk out there' Chakotay lightly asked.

Kathryn spun on her heel and ran back into the kitchen. Seven opened the mouth the reply, when a voice shouted from the next room 'Seven would you come and help me in the kitchen, something doesn’t seem right with this stew' Kathryn innocently yelled while wickedly tipping a very generous amount of salt into Sevens carefully prepared meal. Smirking in satisfaction, feeling only a little guilty for her deception she listened as Seven politely excused herself.

As her young friend walked into the kitchen Kathryn made a show to looking in confusion from the cooking pot to the tablespoon in her hand. 'I followed the instructions but it doesn’t taste right.' Seven took a sip and scrunched up her face in revolution 'how much salt did you put in there' she gasped, hastily wiping her mouth with the back of her hand. Janeway pointed to the list 'Two tablespoons like the paper said'

Wide-eyed Seven pulled the paper from her friend 'One teaspoon that says'

Shaking her head in mock despair Kathryn moaned 'My mothers one looks like a two and TSP I thought meant tablespoon.' Pleadingly looked into annoyed blue eyes she whispered 'I'm really sorry'.

'It doesn’t matter. TSP though means teaspoon…for future reference'

Shrugging Kathryn grinned 'and that’s why I became a Captain and not a Chef'

'I will correct the error when I return'

'Return?' Kathryn practically spluttered 'from where?!'

'Chakotay needs to discuss something with me, it seems urgent.' Noting the look of concern on the elder woman's face Seven added 'I won't be long' Before turning and sauntering out of the room. Minute's later Janeway winced as she heard the front door open and close.


Kathryn flew through the backdoor and ran full speed down the garden path before coming to an abrupt halt at the stables. Creeping in through the side gate Kathryn waited anxiously for Seven and Chakotay to pass by.  Seeing them come into view she stepped backwards into the shadow. Chakotay stopped just in front of where his best friend was hiding and spoke softly to Seven.

'I have spent a lot of time recently thinking about my life, what I have done, experienced…been through. I have lost so many friends, have been a part of several families that have now divided and departed. I find myself questioning what I want now, what I see for my future. It was you - that’s what I saw, what I wanted.' He paused, looking fondly at the young blonde before taking her hand and walking past the stables.

'The weeks we dated' he continued 'were some of the happiest in my life, and I know this is sudden, but I love you Seven and I would humbled if you would share the rest of my life with me…'. His voice was fading now as the couple moved away from the stables, but Janeway was able to just make out his next question 'Seven will you marry me?'.

Kathryn closed her eyes and threw her head back smashing it squarely on the wooden wall. Tears stung her eyes, her chest clenched and her throat tightened painfully to try and prevent the sobs welling up within her. Her head hurt with regrets, guilt and accusations. She had wanted to wait, to give Seven a chance to adapt to life with her, but now she had let another chance go by. She didn’t know how long she stood there, alone in the dark, all she could think of was that the Admirals time was going to repeat itself and once again she was to blame. It was too late. Recognising the Admirals own mournful words now forming in her own mind she moaned and slammed her head against the wall again. She repeated this action over and over all the while thinking about how she couldn't believe that this could happen.... AGAIN.


‘Captain why are you repeatedly knocking your head against the stable wall? Does that not do you harm?’

Kathryn's eyes flew open to see Seven of Nine standing in the doorway, hands behind her back with a rather befuddled look on her face. ‘Are you trying to knock yourself unconscious?’ she asked.

Sighing loudly Kathryn rested her head in her hands ‘No Seven I'm not trying to knock myself out’ she muffled ‘I'm trying to think more clearly’

Seven stepped closer ‘By incapacitating yourself? Explain’

Changing the subject, Kathryn looked deep into her companion's sapphire eyes ‘I heard Chakotay asking you to marry him’

‘And that makes you want to “knock yourself out”?’ Seven guessed.

Janeway barked out a laugh ‘yes actually, you know what it does.’


‘Well if you marry him...you will.... be married’ Kathryn mentally stumbled

Seven nodded then tilted her head to one side ‘correct, marrying someone denotes marriage.’ she paused ‘unless you are implying you do not wish me to marry, is that what you are saying Captain?’

'Seven I'm sorry to do this to you tonight, it must be hard for you to grasp. To answer your question, yes, I do not wish you to marry’

Seven nodded in understanding ‘You wish to engage Chakotay in a romantic affiliation?’ She concluded

‘NO!’ Kathryn practically shouted, then quieter ‘no, no Seven that's not it’ Kathryn moved closer to Seven and gently rested both of her hands on Sevens arms. 'Seven I wish to engage you in a “romantic affiliation”’ She smiled tightly ‘I don't what him. I want you’.

Silence fell over the barn, and to Kathryn seemed to blanket the entire world. Everything, her future, her life, rested on what Seven would say or do next. This beautiful woman uneducated in matters of the heart held the key to the whole of Kathryn Janeways existence. Kathryn held her breath as Seven opened her mouth to speak.

‘I did not agree to marry Chakotay, having spent time away from Voyager and our relationship I came to realise I was experiencing my first crush. I will not marry him for my research indicated any coupling should be out of love. Having spent time in your company, out here alone, without the responsibilities of voyager and the interference of other individuals I have come to realise that the friendship we share transcends the platonic and I find myself imaging what it would be like to love you. I do love you... Kathryn’.

Refusing to let herself get caught up in the moment despite the utter joy exploding within her she asked 'Are you sure that this isn't just another crush like with Chakotay’.

Seven considered this and shook her head negatively ‘it is not the same, it's more. It's the difference between being able to adapt to loosing that person, and not being able to adapt to anything if they have gone. With Chakotay there was always other things, work, social skills, friends. But with you, everything else is irrelevant. I could not adapt this time. I refuse to’.

Kathryn practically launched herself into Sevens arms and held her tightly, squeezing the air out of the taller woman. Resting her head on Sevens shoulder she began to cry, silent tears. Seven seemed to understand the need for silence and didn't question the show of emotion instead she quietly excepted it as something irrational humans did. Seven raised her hand and gently rubbed the smaller woman's back. Pressing a kiss into soft red hair she slowly rocked her friend in her arms.

Kathryn snuggled into the warmth of Sevens taller muscled body and listened to the dull thud of her heartbeat, taking great comfort from that sound.

‘I love you Seven’ she whispered into red cloth.

‘I love you too Captain’

Kathryn closed her eyes and held back a laugh, would Seven ever get used to calling her Kathryn?

She delicately ran her fingers over the muscled back beneath her hands, gradually creeping upwards to softly caress Sevens neck. Breathing in the sweet vanilla fragrance emanating from Sevens skin she wove her fingers into silky golden hair. Pulling the clip free, Kathryn let the blonde hair fall in golden waves around Sevens shoulders. Wisps of hair framed her companion's exquisite face. Searching blue eyes met grey as slender fingers encased in silver mesh brushed Kathryn's cheek. Slowly Kathryn leaned forward, her body pressing against Sevens, her gaze never faltering. Clasping her hands behind Sevens slender neck she parted her lips and pulled Sevens face down. Eyes sliding closed, their lips met for the first time in a tender kiss.

A kiss so light it was almost chaste, a brief brushing of the lips, almost non-existent. Sighing deeply Kathryn leaned in closer, immersing herself in the scent and feel of Seven. Stoking her friend's neck she reached back up for another kiss. A kiss more real, full and passion inspired. 

Their mouths met again and again in kiss after kiss. A slow exploration of textures and tastes, all thoughts and feelings focussed on this one moment. Seven slowly opened her mouth and allowed Kathryn's tongue to gently caress hers. Inhibition floated away and desire flowed through the kiss as tongues heatedly tangled and hearts raced. Gripping each other more firmly they laid claim to each other mouths.

Kathryn's chest clenched tightly, her head swimming in bliss. This was Seven of Nine she was kissing, the thought alone aroused her. This was the moment, the kiss that inspired one woman to break the laws of the universe just to experience. This woman she was passionately kissing was the beautiful, enigmatic Seven of Nine who was always just out of reach. But here she was sharing beautiful kisses with the woman she loved above all others. Moaning deeply she gave herself over to the strong love that danced within her and returned her kiss as if it were her last.

Low moans were traded as the powerful kiss gradually returned to tender touches and light nibbles.

‘I love you Kathryn’

Willing herself not to cry again Kathryn reluctantly pulled away and buried her head in Sevens sweet smelling shoulder.

She held on tightly to her young love and sighed in blissful contentment. Absorbing the deep love that flowed between their embraced bodies.  A love that transcended realities defied death and reordered time. All due to one woman who changed the fate of the universe for one last chance. And somewhere that woman takes a huge sigh of relief, her heart and soul at rest.

This was perfection.


I’ll be there for you,

As the world falls down.



Falling in love


The beginning ....


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