Title: Around You.

Author:  Corbeau's Alcove

Email: persistance_is_futile@hotmail.com

Fandom/Pairing:  CSI; Catherine and Sara first time relationship.

Rating:  NC-17

Disclaimer:  Jerry and Co. are the rightful owners of CSI.  I borrowed about six lines from the episode 'Lady Heather's Box' and give credit to the writers.

Spoilers:  It takes place in season three but it's my own timeline.

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Notes:  I'd love to know what you thought of the story so please don't hesitate to send feedback.  Good or bad.  I have people to read the bad and pass on the good so my ego will never take a hit.


"Hey, Sara!"  Greg waved his hand about to catch her attention.  Sara sighed.  Today was not a good day for Greg's sexual platitudes.  In all honesty Sara thought, no day was good to witness a grown man act like a schoolboy.

"Greg, not no okay?"  Sara said, picking up the pace to walk past him.

Greg was not easily brushed aside.  Years of people ignoring him had taught him that persistence was the way to get noticed.  Of course with Grissom there was work to be done.

"Sara, I heard that you and Hank split.  If you need a shoulder to cry on you know that Greg-O is here for you."

Sara tried hard not to roll her eyes and his gesture.  She knew the motivation behind it and it certainly wasn't for her comfort.

"Greg, I'm not discussing my personal life at work and especially not with you."  With that Sara detoured to the locker room.  If she locked herself in the bathroom she was sure Greg would find another person to harass.

Greg turned to the sound of laughter.  Nick was leaning against the doorframe shaking his head.

"Greg, I'm sure she's just wanting to spare your feelings you know, after all she has that unrequited love for you."

Greg smiled until Nick spoke again, "oh sorry man, you're the one with the unrequited love thing."

Nick laughed once more, walking past Greg and slapping him on the back.

"She's been burnt Greg, maybe you should cut the flirting for a bit."

Greg knew his joking and innuendo was simply a front.  He wasn't sure how to approach Sara or Catherine.  They were both fine women with brains to boot.  After all, when he found a woman it was at a bar and she was young, into the same music and scene.  It was always over before it began.  Oh well, if Sara was off limits there was still Catherine to play with.

Sara exited the bathroom to see Catherine sitting on the bench talking on her phone.  The tone was hushed and looked to be quite intense.  Sara considered slipping out very quietly but she hit her knee on the locker closest to the door. It made a loud noise and caught Catherine's attention.

"Look I'll call you back.  Yes I will, I'm at work Eddie, I've got to go."

Sara looked at Catherine apologetically.

"Sorry Catherine, I hope I didn't interrupt anything."

Catherine sighed in frustration.  Eddie was playing difficult as per usual.  Coming to Lindsay's school play shouldn't be such a big deal.  She'd given him plenty of notice, it wasn't for a while.  A simple yes or no would have really helped.

"It's okay Sara.  Ex-husbands are a pain in the arse."

"I'll take your word on that as I only have the experience of a ex-boyfriend.  A cheating ex-boyfriend."

Catherine smiled and patted the bench next to her.  Sara was hesitant at first but came to sit near her.

"Hank and Eddie, we can pick them!"

Sara smiled in reply and looked at her hands.  Talking about her failure in any field was not a comfortable thing for her.  She hadn't invested a big part of her heart into the relationship but she still felt like she should have known.  His behaviour at the hospital was peculiar yet Sara put it down to shock.  When she had found out he was using her as some kind of diversion from his girlfriend, well she felt like a fool.

She internalized all her failures for to speak of them aloud made them sound too real.  Instead she bottled them up.  If no one else knew of them then she could fool herself into believing it wasn't true.

However, Catherine had known.  She'd known and had reached out after it was all over.  An interesting turn in events considering they weren't exactly best buddies.  They had a professional working relationship that sometimes was heated; but spending so much time with the same people will create those instances, but friends?  Sara couldn't say for sure if they were.

Now the whole gang knew about Hank.  Strike up another failure for Sara Sidle.  If she had Nick offering up the services of his buddies like he was her personal dating service one more time she was sure she'd have to quit and move away.  His intentions were good of that she knew but she couldn't help but think that arrangement was as close to legal pimping as one could get.

"So I'm boring you then?"  Catherine said smiling as Sara turned her head in surprise.

"What?  Oh no Catherine, I was just thinking.  Sorry, you were saying?"  Sara berated herself for drifting off into self-analysis while sitting with Catherine.

"Never mind.  Just the average Eddie complaint.  So, what had you so deep in thought?"

Sara wasn't interested in discussing her self pity with anyone yet she found the need to confide in Catherine.  Whether it be the united sisterhood front she never really was a part of or the fact that Catherine had already seen her pull her 'woe is me' rant, Sara found she couldn't stop from talking.

"Thinking about how pathetic my life is," she said laughing bitterly.

Catherine wasn't expecting that.  She thought Sara would once again feign nonchalance and change the subject.  She was momentarily caught off guard and knew she had to act soon before Sara closed up once more.

"Is this about Hank?"

Sara shook her head, "no it's just the general pathetic really.  I work too many shifts, couldn't tell you the last time I cooked dinner from scratch, my love life is a disaster area and I think I've been lusting after my boss."

Sara wanted to hit her head against the locker after that frank admission.  She turned to see Catherine blink quickly a few times before answering.

"I can solve a few of those issues Sara.  Less overtime, go grocery shopping and get a pet."

"And with my stupid Grissom obsession?"  Sara smiled.

Catherine shrugged, "ask him out or move on."

Sara knew she wouldn't get a sugar coated answer from Catherine no matter how much she needed to hear one.

"Sorry Sara, that was a little harsh."

Sara shook her head replying, "no Catherine it's okay.  It's the truth.  Thing is, I'm not sure what this thing is between Grissom and I.  I had a school girl crush on him but it was on an intellectual level.  The thought of a sexual relationship was never present in my scenario's.  Now that I work with him I'm finding that while I still find him fascinating I'm not picturing us together."

"Sounds to me like you're describing exactly what you said; a school girl crush.  I tell you what, come out with me tonight.  We have the evening off we should make the most of it.  We've got about thirty minutes left of this shift, we can go have breakfast and I'll drive you home.  Plenty of time to get ready.  We can find ourselves some willing boys to buy us drinks, two attractive ladies out on the town."

Catherine wasn't sure why she invited Sara out.  Going for a drink to curse the existence of men that day Sara broke it off with Hank hadn't been a big night out.  Sara drank a few beers and they talked about work and Lindsay interspersed with big blocks of silence.  It wasn't the slumber party others may have assumed when Catherine mentioned it in passing the next night at work.

"Are you sure?  Wouldn't you want to get away from work, spend time with Lindsay?"

"Sara if you don't want to come then it's okay to say so.  Either way I'll be letting my hair down.  Eddie has Lindsay for the next three days as part of the court agreement so I won't have a curfew."

Sara smiled.  She had to admit, a night out would be good for her.  She'd not gone out for herself in a very long time.  Last time she had gone out with Hank he had pulled her onto the dance floor and thrust his body up against her.  She had felt uncomfortable with his actions and the looks she was getting from the people in the bar.  Their relationship had just begun and they hadn't had sex.  Sara needed an emotional connection to embark on the most private of actions and she just didn't find that with Hank.  'No wonder your sex life is on par with a nun.' Sara said sarcastically.

"Okay Catherine, you're on."

Catherine smiled a wide smile and slapped her hand on Sara's thigh.  Sara moved her leg away very quickly.  She hadn't been stung but the heat that went straight to her centre was startling.  She felt that if she looked down to her right thigh she'd see the denim burnt away.

"Did I hurt you?" Catherine asked, puzzled at Sara's reaction.  She knew Sara didn't feel comfortable with physical attention but surely Sara knew Catherine wasn't going to harm her.

"Oh, no Catherine, I was just startled."  Sara was still trying to process the incident but smiled to Catherine to make sure she didn't feel bad.

"Okay then.  I'll see you at our usual breakfast spot and then we'll sort out the details of our wild girls night!"  Catherine said standing up.

"Sure thing Catherine.  I'll see you later."  Sara said also standing.  She suddenly felt a little uncomfortable.  She wasn't sure what to make of this conversation and its outcome but she knew that she was glad her and Catherine had made a move to a possible friendship.


Sara heard the knock at the door and wondered for a moment who that could be.  She wasn't the one to get many visitors.

"Sara?  Open up.  It's Catherine."

Sara looked around quickly making sure the flat was tidy.  She knew it would be of course considering she never really spent too much time here.  She opened the door and stood in shock when she saw Catherine's outfit.

Catherine was wearing an emerald dress that came to rest just about her shins.  The cut of the fabric was superb.  It was pulled on the sides near both ribcages to look almost like a corset.  The spaghetti straps were minute and were tied around her neck.  Sara found her eyes came to rest on Catherine's breasts.  The dress made a v-shape to the middle section allowing a considerable amount of cleavage to be presented.  That dress was not a dress for someone with no breasts.  Something, Sara saw, Catherine had no problem with.  Sara was worried that if Catherine moved her arms her nipples would be exposed.

Catherine had her hair out, it was perfectly straight and Sara knew from experience that would have taken a while to do.  She wondered if Catherine always took these kinds of measures to go out because if she did Sara was sure Catherine would be surrounded by people wanting to know her.  Another night of sitting at the bar for Sara.

"Are you going to let me in Sara?"  Catherine said smiling.

Sara moved silently and watched as Catherine walked past her.  She gasped when she noticed the back of the dress.  Catherine was showing flesh everywhere.  Her back was completely bare, another indication that Catherine was not wearing a bra.  The fabric was non-existent until it reached just above her tailbone.  When Catherine put her arm up to scratch her head Sara saw more of Catherine's breast on the side.

"Catherine, did you leave the rest of your outfit in the car?"  Sara asked amazed that  Catherine would be so brazen.

Catherine smiled and spun around showing off the entire dress.  Sara saw that the bottom section ballooned out showing a powder blue pattern in between the swirls.

"Actually yes I did.  My purse is in there."  Catherine said smiling.

Sara didn't know what to say.  Catherine looked stunning.  Sara suddenly felt inadequate.

"You're stunning," Sara admitted.  She turned away from Catherine to hide her embarrassment at saying that aloud.

Catherine blushed.  She was use to getting compliments but it didn't diminish them when they were said to her.

"Thank you.  I have to say though Sara that you are looking incredibly tasty tonight.  I may have to show more flesh just to compete."

Sara looked down at her outfit incredulously.  Surely Catherine was mocking her or simply repaying the compliment.

Catherine noticed how uncomfortable Sara was and decided to ask for a glass of water.  Sara was relieved for the distraction and went to the kitchen.

Catherine watched Sara's movements shaking her head.  Sara did look great and she wished she would take the compliment.  Sara was dressed in leather pants with black boots.  They looked new thanks to the shine.  Catherine hadn't seen them before but they looked too good to wear at work.  The leather was like a second skin, it was a perfect testament to the long legs Sara was blessed with.  She had on a tight white t-shirt and a white cotton button down done up leaving the top two buttons undone.  Her hair was out and curly, something Catherine thought Sara should do more of.

"Sara, you will have men knocking down your door, those pants are amazing."

Sara smiled shyly.

"Thanks Catherine, I just felt like I needed a little bit of an outfit change than the things I wear at work.  I tried them on and the saleswoman told me they looked great.  She said most people who come in have problems with the butt area.  These just fit fine," Sara said handing Catherine the glass.

Catherine had to keep drinking so she didn't make a comment about how great her arse looked.

Sara watched Catherine drink the entire glass of water, taking the time to once again look at Catherine's outfit.  She didn't want to be ogling but Catherine simply looked amazing.  She knew Catherine was an attractive lady even when wearing those overalls at work but seeing her in this type of outfit was a definite change.

Catherine broke her out of her musings, "what you thinking about Sara?"

"Just that Greg would simply kill to see you."

Catherine laughed and Sara noticed her breasts moving up and down.  She looked away quickly, she was spending too much time leering at Catherine's chest area.

"Well Greg won't ever get that chance.  Come on Sara, we should get going."  Catherine said smiling as Sara took Catherine's empty glass and placed it in the sink.

"Always making everything perfect Sara?"

"Are you calling me a clean freak Catherine?"  Sara said smiling to let Catherine know she teasing.

"If the shoe fits!"  Catherine said over her shoulder as she left Sara's flat and made her way to the car.

Sara started to lock up and suddenly realised her predicament.  She'd not worn these pants out before despite the fact they'd be in her closet for months.  She had no pockets to put either her money or keys into.  She wasn't one for purses either.

She must have stood at her doorway for a while because Catherine had returned from the car park.

"Sara?  Something wrong?"

"Catherine you're going to think this is silly but I have nowhere to put my stuff," Sara said holding out her keys and cash.

Catherine laughed and Sara purposely looked away from her this time.

"Sara, give it all to me, I have a purse."

"You sure?"

Catherine smiled and nodded.

"Come on Sara, let's go."

Sara smiled and closed the door behind her, following Catherine out to the car.


Sara wondered why she had allowed Catherine to drive.  She wasn't one for sitting in the passengers seat with no idea of the destination.  Catherine had turned the radio on and was humming along to a country song.  She smiled, this was a new discovery.  Catherine and country music.

"You sit in silence in the shadows, you don't complain or criticize and while the world may see me as a fool, they're not looking through your eyes," Catherine sang.

Sara smiled.  She was amazed that Catherine would like country music and also that she had the courage to sing aloud in the car with Sara.  Sara would never be that brash.  She relaxed and listened to Catherine sing, realising the lyrics were quite beautiful.

"You work your magic quietly cause you're not in it for the glory.  The love you give comes naturally."

Sara smiled as Catherine began to sing louder.

"Cause you're my unsung hero and  I now it's not easy to walk in your shoes.   Day after day you continue to amaze me."

Sara was relaxing and listening to both the lyrics and Catherine and was saddened when the song ended and Catherine changed the station.

"Catherine, I didn't know you could sing."  Sara said.

Catherine smiled and turned the volume down.

"Thanks Sara, but I'm no professional singer."

"You have a lovely voice.  Hell you can even sing country!"

Catherine laughed as she pulled into a car park.

"One of my guilty pleasures that not many people know about."

"Well Catherine I'm honored you shared it with me."  Sara said as she got out of the car.  She didn't know where this night was heading but she had to admit she was enjoying the ease of the evening.

Catherine made her way to the club with Sara following.  Sara was a little apprehensive.  She wasn't sure that she was comfortable in these pants now and desperately wanted to go home and change.

Catherine turned to talk to Sara and saw the look on her face.

"Sara?  We can go somewhere else if you want."

Sara saw the concern in Catherine's face and decided that she'd take the plunge.

"It's okay, I'm just wishing I hadn't worn these pants.  I'm feeling a little self-conscious."  Sara smiled and walked past Catherine to the entrance.

Catherine smiled at Sara's action.  She followed her into the club and took a deep breath in.  The place was as she remembered, a small dance floor at the back of the room, the bar and pool tables off to the left and a seating area on her right.

Sara took a quick look around the place.  She wasn't usually in a place like this anymore, work consumed her entire life.

"Is it okay here Sara?"  Catherine asked, concerned that Sara wasn't going to like it.

Sara smiled, "it reminds me of a place in LA that my friend owned."

Catherine's ears pricked up at the little bit of information Sara had just given her.

"Your friend owned a club?"

"Yeah, she loved it.  In fact, she was the one who told me many years ago I should get a pair of leather pants.  I guess I took her advice."

Catherine noticed the three people sitting in a booth directly behind Sara staring unabashedly at the leather encased arse.

"I think those people over there are glad you did," Catherine said pointing over Sara's shoulder.

Sara turned to see two men and a woman wave at her.  Sara waved back on instinct.

"Catherine, do we know them?"

Catherine laughed, "no hon, but I think they may like to know you."

Sara blushed at Catherine's statement and moved to change the subject.

"Let's get a drink.  My shout."

Catherine smiled as Sara grabbed her purse.

"I'll have a martini," Catherine said.

Sara stood at the bar waiting to be served.  A woman with a Mohawk hairstyle approached her sitting on the seat next to her.

"Hi there.  My name is Montana.  Can I buy you a drink?"

Sara blinked at her wondering if this woman was talking to her.

"I'm Sara.  I'm just getting my friend and I drinks but thanks for the offer."

Montana moved closer and whispered, "babe I don't want to be your friend."  With that she kissed Sara's cheek.  "I'll be watching you."

Sara drank her bourbon and coke in one gulp trying to calm herself down.  She wasn't sure what just transpired but she had felt her heart rate accelerate slightly when Montana had kissed her.

Catherine saw the entire event and considered getting up to save Sara until she saw the other woman kiss Sara's cheek.  She noticed that Sara made no attempt to move away.

Sara got up off the stool and made her way over to Catherine who had found a small booth to sit in.

"Here you go Catherine, one martini."

"Who was that woman?"  Catherine asked.

Sara blushed.

"Montana.  She uh, wanted to buy me a drink."

"I think she wanted more than that Sara."  Catherine replied harshly.

Sara was puzzled by Catherine's tone.


"Come on Sara, you're not that socially inept, that woman was hitting on you."  Catherine said.  Her tone was still harsh and Catherine herself wondered why.

Sara looked at Catherine unsure how to reply.  The tone of this evening had taken a dramatic turn for the worst and Sara wasn't sure how to respond.

"That was harsh Catherine."

Catherine scolded herself and put her hand over Sara's.

"I'm sorry Sara."

Catherine made no attempt to explain why she had spoken like she had.  She put it down to jealously, Sara was getting the attention and Catherine wanted some of it.  Irrational and completely childish she admitted to herself but she couldn't help it.

Sara made no attempt to move her hand from Catherine's and replied, "let's go have a dance."  Sara stood and extended her hand to Catherine who smiled and took it.

"I didn't know you liked dancing Sara."

"I don't really do it much but I'm sure I can still remember some moves that won't embarrass you," Sara said smiling.  She put her hand on the small of Catherine's back in order to navigate her past the ever increasing crowd and was amazed at how many people stopped their conversations and watched them pass.  She tilted her head to Catherine, "your fan club has arrived."

Catherine looked around and saw that a few heads were turning but she knew it wasn't simply down to her, it was the two of them together.  When she told Sara that she laughed and disagreed.

"Catherine, you are by far the most incredible person in this room."

Catherine blushed and grabbed Sara's hand pulling her onto the dance floor.

Sara tried to follow Catherine's lead but she found she was transfixed by Catherine.  It was common knowledge that she was a dancer but Sara had never witnessed it before.  Catherine found the beat in every song no matter what pace.

"Excuse me?  Can I dance with your girlfriend?"  A woman asked Sara.

Sara shrugged, missing the girlfriend connotation, "ask her not me."

The woman smiled and danced behind Catherine whispering to her.  Whatever it was that she said Catherine obviously found it amusing because she smiled and turned to face her.  She danced with her, smiling at Sara.

Sara found that dancing in leather pants was not something she was comfortable doing for a long period of time so she found a seat at the bar and ordered another bourbon and coke.  As she was about to pay, a hand reached over her shoulder.

"I told you Sara, I'll be watching.  I did owe you a drink."

Sara turned to see Montana smiling and handing over cash to the bartender.

"Thanks."  Sara said.

"I love these pants," Montana said running her hand up and down Sara's thigh.

"Ah, thanks.  They are new."

"You look incredibly sexy in them.  I'm sure everyone's been telling you that though."  Montana said as her hand came to rest near Sara's hip.

"No, not really."

Montana laughed.

"Babe, you're really shy aren't you?  Don't worry, I'll be gentle."

Sara was about to ask what she meant by that when Montana leant in and kissed her on the lips.  Sara was startled and opened her mouth slightly.  Montana took the opportunity to slide her tongue into Sara's mouth.

Sara found herself responding to the kiss even though it was unwelcome at first.  When she finally broke away she found herself looking towards Catherine.  She saw Catherine had indeed witnessed the kiss.  Her eyes were wide and full of surprise.  If Sara had seen her reflection she would have seen it looked the same.

Montana followed Sara's line of sight, "oh sorry, are you taken by that hot little dancer?"

Sara noticed Catherine was still looking at her but now her face was unreadable.  She was half heartedly dancing with a man in a suit, her eyes still looking at Sara and Montana.

"Catherine?  No, she's a co-worker," Sara replied.

"Good, you're all mine then."  Montana said, grabbing Sara and pushing through the crowd and onto the dance floor.

Sara didn't have time to refuse as Montana grabbed Sara's arse and pushed her into her body.  Sara wasn't sure what she should do.  She knew that this dance was not like the friendly dancing her and her friends used to do in order to ward off unwanted admirers.  This dance was leading somewhere.

"Ah, Montana.  I'm not gay."  Sara found herself saying.

Sara was shocked when Montana slipped her knee in-between Sara's and pushed up, hitting Sara's centre.  Sara hissed and unintentionally moved her body into Montana.

"Oh Sara, you say you're not gay babe but your body is responding.  Go with it,"  Montana said as she kissed Sara again.

Sara's mind was screaming at her to break away but the sensation of Montana kissing her and touching her felt wonderful.  She moaned and into Montana's ear she whispered, "oh God."


Catherine was trying to find Sara.  She had been dancing with numerous people this evening and was tired of it.  She thought she'd take a break for a while, sit down with Sara and get the gossip about that kiss.  Catherine finally spotted Sara but was too shocked to move.  Sara was dancing incredibly dirty with that woman, thrusting her hips into her, grabbing her arse and allowing that other woman to touch her breasts.  She hadn't known Sara was interested in women.  She smiled ruefully, "must have been why it didn't work with Hank," she said aloud.

Catherine stood on the corner of the dance floor captivated by the erotic dance in front of her.  She found Sara could indeed move.

"Hello there," Catherine heard from behind her.  She turned and saw the man in the suit who had dance with her earlier.

"Hi," Catherine replied, her eyes returning to Sara.

"Mike, remember?"  He smiled as his eyes traveled down to her breasts.

"Yeah Mike."  Catherine said trying to move her body away from him but finding there was no room so she had to remain standing side on.  If she moved she'd lose her vantage point of Sara and she found she was unwilling to do that.

"Want to dance again?"  He asked.

Catherine was about to say no until she saw Sara turn her back to the woman and encourage her to grab her around the waist.  She turned to Mike, "sure thing, come on."

Mike smiled a wide smile and waved to his buddies.  He had a feeling he'd get lucky tonight.

Sara saw Catherine and the same bloke in the suit come back onto the dance floor and smiled at her.  She was expecting a returning smile but all she got was Catherine's back.  She surmised that Catherine hadn't seen her.

"You like her,"  Montana said as she sucked on Sara's earlobe.

"Yeah, I was hoping we'd become friends."  Sara was going to say more but found she had forgotten what she was saying.

Montana kissed her neck and turned Sara around so they were facing each other.

"No Sara, I mean you like her," Montana said placing the emphasis on like.

Sara laughed nervously.

"Come on!  We're not even that close, this is a really new thing."

Montana smiled and moved away from Sara slightly.

"Listen babe, I know it when I see it.  You're attracted to her."

"I'll admit she'd a very beautiful woman but I don't want to pursue a sexual relationship with her,"  Sara said.

"Sara, it's okay.  We're having fun but this isn't forever.  You need to admit it to yourself and work out what to do with it, just trust me when I tell you that you've got it bad for her."

Sara stood with her hands on her hips becoming frustrated at Montana.  She'd just met her and engaged in actions she was sure her Bible bashing neighbour would say thirty Hail Mary's to cleanse herself of and she was telling her she was attracted to Catherine?

"Oh yeah, Montana and how do you know that?"

Montana kissed Sara on the cheek and whispered, "cause when I kissed you before you called me Catherine."


Sara stood on the dance floor, the beat sending shockwaves through her shoes.  She wasn't sure how to respond to Montana's statement and decided to pretend she hadn't said it.  However, Montana wasn't going to let Sara off that easily.

"You can't ignore it Sara.  That's a pretty big thing."

"I'm not ignoring it, I'm just not sure what the big deal is.  I'm sure I was just a slip because I'm here with her."

Montana laughed, unconvinced that even Sara believed that herself.

"Sara, Sara, Sara.  You need to evaluate your life here.  You could come home with me, have some pretty hot sex with me and at the moment of climax yell out another woman's name or we could go have a seat, have a drink and you can watch Catherine."

Sara sighed and ran her hands through her hair.

"I need a drink."

Montana smiled and led the way off the dance floor.  Sara turned at the last minute and noticed that Catherine was watching her.  She felt physically ill.  What would Catherine think of her now?

"Here you go Sara.  I got you a double."

Sara took a small sip from the glass and looked at Montana.

"I'm so sorry Montana.  I'm really messed up."

Montana laughed.

"You're not the only one who has had a crush on a co-worker."

Sara shook her head, "no I mean for my behaviour.  For leading you on."

"It's okay Sara, you're hot and all but I can get another girl."

Sara smiled and drank the remainder of her drink.

"That wasn't good for my ego."

"Neither is having the woman in your arms calling you by another's name," Montana said smiling.  She noticed Sara was uncomfortable so decided against making anymore jokes for the moment.

Sara looked away from Montana ashamed at how she'd treated her.  Her eyes came to rest on Catherine and the bloke in the suit.  He was kissing her neck and moving to her lips.  Catherine opened her eyes and they held eye contact until Catherine broke away and accepted Mike's kiss.

Sara cringed, suddenly aware that she wasn't happy Catherine and this man were kissing.

"Oh my God, my life is a mess," Sara said hitting her elbows on the bar and resting her head in them.

Montana took pity on Sara and rubbed her back.

"It's okay babe."

Sara looked up amazed.

"Okay?  I've got a crush on a co-worker and I've only just realised thanks to a complete stranger.  Top that I've been kissing and touching that woman in front of her!"  Sara yelled.

"Well when you put it like that Sara I suppose the world would seem a little glum."  Montana said smiling.

"Why didn't I just stay at home?"  Sara asked herself.

Montana was becoming worried that Sara was going to start crying at the bar.

"Sara, can I drive you home?"

Sara nodded, she needed to get out of the hustle and bustle of the club in order to gather her thoughts.  She worked better at a situation when she had a quite space.  This instance was no different than a case.  Clues to solve and an outcome to be resolved.

"Let me get my keys, Catherine has them."  Sara said.  She suddenly didn't want to be near Catherine.  There were too many questions and she have an answer to any of them right now.  She got up off her stool and pushed her way through to Catherine.  She tapped her on the shoulder in order to get her attention.

"Catherine?  I need to get my stuff from your purse."

Catherine frowned.

"I can drive you home Sara."  Catherine offered.

Sara shook her head.  That was the last thing she needed right now.

"Montana's driving me home," Sara said.

Catherine knew the connotation behind that statement and found she was resistant to the idea.

"Are you sure Sara?"

Sara nodded, holding her hand out hoping that action would spur Catherine onto handing over her cash and keys.

"Alright Sara."

Catherine gave Sara her belongings and smiled at her.  "I'll see you at work then."  Catherine phrased that more as a statement than a question.

Sara nodded, tempted to kiss Catherine goodnight.

"Yep, work.  Bye Catherine, have a fun night."  With that Sara walked over to Montana.

Montana took Sara's hand in her own and they walked out of the club, Catherine's eyes following them the entire way.

"Hey, she your flat mate?"  Mike asked.

Catherine had forgotten about him and found she had to feign interest in his question.


Mike whistled, "damn she's hot.  And a dyke hey?  Hot."

Catherine wanted to get away from him so she excused herself and went to the bathroom.  Once in there she splashed water on her face and thought about Sara and where she was going now.  She was dismayed when she saw Mike waiting for her near the cigarette machine.

"Come on hot stuff, I wanna take you home."  Mike said, his hand resting on her arse.

"Ah Mike, I'm really not ready for that right after we've met.  Give me your number and I'll call you."  Catherine said, moving from him to detach his wandering hand.

"Come on, you've been sending the signals all night." Mike said, forcefully wrapping his arm around Catherine and pulling her to him.

Catherine tried unsuccessfully to pull away from him.

"Please Mike, I am really not interested.  Let me go."

"No way bitch, you flaunt your body at everyone and then act all shy and virginal when you get someone to notice.  I'm not going to let you get away."

Catherine began to get worried.  He was considerable stronger than she was and combined with the alcohol she could smell from him; she knew she had to make a scene so someone would come to her aid.  She pushed at him, raising her voice she hoped above the music.

"Get off me," she exclaimed.  When no one paid particular notice Catherine knew that if he got her to the car park she was at his complete mercy.  She eyes the bouncer and hoped to get his attention long enough to alert him.  When she finally made eye contact she pushed Mike again and asked him to leave her alone.

The bouncer at the door noticed her in distress and came to stand by them.

"Problem Miss?"  He asked, crossing his arms and towering over Mike.

Mike looked up and realised he was sorely out of his depth.  He let go of Catherine and backed away slowly.  Catherine took the chance made by the bouncer.  She walked past him whispering 'thank you' and ran to her car.  She locked the doors, started the car and speed out of the driveway.

Catherine felt like she had sped the entire trip home.  She realised just how close she had come to being attacked.  It was true, she had danced with him and it was sexually suggestive and as a dancer she'd never been in danger of having it go that far.  She wasn't a naive adult however, she knew that some people would take her actions as an invitation for a roll in the hay.  She'd been lucky.


Sara had spent the entire drive home thinking about her reactions to Catherine.  She knew that there were times at work she admired Catherine's body and the way she'd become involved with a case.  She realised she also enjoyed hearing her make fun of Nick and Greg or her latest Lindsay story.  Seeing Catherine in the dress and wishing she could have danced with her had stirred up a multitude of sexual responses buried within.

Montana had given her a business card with her phone number on it.  She told Sara it was purely as a friend if she needed to talk.  Sara had to admit that she was out of her depth.  She obviously had felt something for Catherine for a while but it had been hiding behind her confused feelings for Grissom.  She knew that this wasn't going to be easy, working side by side with Catherine.

"How will I explain the evening to her?"  Sara asked herself.

She made her way to the shower and turned it on.  After stripping and cursing her pants a few times as they stuck to her body, she stood under the water and closed her eyes.  The only thing she could picture was Catherine.  Catherine dancing for her.  Moving her hips to the music, placing her hands on her hips and smiling.  Sara opened her eyes and shook her head under the warm water.

"Perhaps a cold shower would help," she mused aloud.

Sara turned the water off, satisfied she had washed away not only the smoke of the club but the memory of Catherine and her bodies reaction to Montana touching her.  She dried herself quickly, jumping slightly when she realised her centre was on fire.  Obviously the lurid thoughts a few moments ago had left a lingering impression on her body.

She considered taking care of her throbbing centre when she was startled by the shrill ring of the phone in her room.  She hoped it wasn't Grissom calling her into work, she needed more time away from Catherine.

"Sara Sidle?"


Sara hit the phone on her head.  It was Catherine.  She wondered if she should pretend to be busy but found she wanted to hear her voice too much.

"Catherine, where are you?"  Sara asked.

"I'm in my driveway."


Catherine sniffed before talking.

"Sara?  Can I come over?"

Sara's mind was screaming no but there was something in Catherine's tone that made her say yes.  Catherine whispered 'thanks' and hung up.

Sara changed her outfit three times before settling on jeans and a grey t-shirt.  It was loose fitting with a few holes in the right sleeve but she felt this was better than the others.  At one stage Sara had pulled out all her best outfits but sanity prevailed and she went with her most comfortable top.

She was straightening her cd collection for the umpteenth time when she heard a faint knock on the door.

When she opened it she saw Catherine had been crying.  Her mascara had run slightly and in her left hand was a tissue.  Without thinking, Sara took Catherine into her arms.

Catherine wasn't expecting Sara to hug her but fell into her arms nonetheless.  She had managed to drive home but realised that Lindsay was with Eddie and she'd have to spend the evening on her own.  After her little incident she really wanted company.

"Cat, are you okay?"  Sara pulled back to wipe Catherine's eyes with her thumb.

Catherine took a breath before nodding.  She broke from Sara's embrace and recounted her evening.  Sara was fuming by the end of the recap.  She had left Catherine there by herself and she could have been seriously hurt.  She shuddered to think how far Mike would have gone.

"I'm so sorry Cat," Sara said pulling her back into her arms.

Catherine's crying subsided with Sara's gentle rocking and soothing voice.  Once Catherine felt she had cried herself out she moved to the kitchen for a drink.  Sara smiled at Catherine's action.  This was the second time she'd been to Sara's yet she already felt comfortable enough to fix herself a drink.

Catherine drank a full glass of water and turned, her hand across her mouth.

"Shit Sara, your date!"

Sara groaned, she had hoped Catherine wouldn't be up for talking about Montana.

"My date Catherine?"

Catherine smiled.

"You know what I mean Miss Sidle, that woman you were having a great time with."

Sara blushed.

"Nothing happened, she drove me home and I had a shower," Sara noticed Catherine's raised eyebrow and added, "alone."

"So, what was the deal with that Sara?"  Catherine asked, her own disastrous evening forgotten for now.

"No deal Catherine."  Sara said.  She hoped her vague answers would deter Catherine.

"So are you bisexual?"  Catherine asked.

Sara wondered if leaving her own home was an option.  She stuck her hands in her pockets and shrugged.  She tried to think how she could answer that without letting Catherine know she was attracted to her.

"I just found her attractive, I'm not into labels.  I'll save the labels for my clothing."  Sara said attempting humour.

Catherine laughed and made her way closer to Sara.  She was surprised when Sara moved away slightly.

"Sara, don't be scared of me.  I don't care what you do in your bedroom or wherever else you may want to do it.  If we go out then what happens there is no one else's business."

Sara smiled.  She wanted to let Catherine know she had said her name when she was kissing Montana just to get it out in the open but decided against it.

"Thanks Catherine.  Anyway, I'm not one to talk about myself so please change the subject."

Catherine smiled and kissed Sara on the cheek.

"I could go to bed Sara."

Sara coughed in shock until she realised Catherine was simply tired.

"I'll give you something to wear and you can have my bed."  Sara said.

"Thank you Sara.  Sorry for this."

Sara grabbed Catherine's hand.

"You don't have to apologise Catherine.  I'm glad you felt you could come to me."  Sara said.

"You were the one and only person I wanted to be with Sara."  Catherine said sincerely.

Sara smiled, the gap in the middle of her front teeth showing.  She knew she shouldn't take enjoyment in the fact that Catherine had called her in a crisis but she couldn't help it.

"I'll leave some clothes on the bed and you can have a shower.  I'll be here if you need anything."

Sara was about to leave Catherine in order to give her some privacy when she felt two arms wrap around her from behind.  She found herself leaning back into the hug.

"Thank you Sara."  Catherine said and kissed her on the back of the head.  Sara had to work very hard to stop a moan escaping her lips.

"You're welcome Catherine.  Goodnight."  Sara rushed out of the room never looking back.  She had just been forced to admit her attraction and now the fates were torturing her by having that very person in her house.

Catherine noticed Sara's sudden move to leave and put it down to her feeling nervous about what Catherine may say to her co-workers.  She shook her head smiling and went to have a shower.  She wanted to rid herself of any last part of Mike.  When she came back to Sara's room she saw Sara had put out a pair of blue shorts and a black tank top.  She got dressed and made her way into the kitchen walking as quietly as possible so as not to wake Sara.

She was distracted from her task when she heard a soft moan coming from the lounge.  She knew that sound having made it many times when masturbating.  She knew Sara had already felt embarrassed by her actions of the evening and that Sara wouldn't handle the fact that Catherine had walked in on this intimate act.  She backed up and made her way up the hall smiling when she heard Sara climax.  She wondered if she was thinking of Montana.

Sara climaxed after stimulating her own sex.  She hadn't wanted to be so brash with Catherine in her house but her core was on fire.  She pictured Catherine straddling her and kissing her as she put her hands inside her underpants.  She stopped for a moment when she thought she heard something in the hallway but her need was too great to wait long.  She came quietly and laid spent on the couch.  Not long after, sleep caught her.

Catherine wasn't having any luck getting to sleep.  Her mind flicked from Sara dancing in her leather pants to Mike grabbing her.  After a while she found herself consumed with worse case scenario images more than one resulting in her death.  She wept quietly.  She wept for her foolishness, she wept for her life and she wept for Lindsay.  Her precious daughter who would be left without a mother.

Sara had been up to check on Catherine when she heard the strangled sobs coming from the bed.  She rushed to her side, whispering Catherine's name.  Catherine stopped crying, turning to the voice in the dark.


Sara wasted no time in climbing onto the bed.  She turned on the small lamp on the bedside table.  Catherine shielded her eyes from the light.

"Cat?  Talk to me."

Catherine sat up and hugged Sara.  Sara felt the tears hit her shoulder, leaving a pool of water on her t-shirt.

"Oh Sara, I'm a bad mother."

Sara wondered where that had come from.

"Cat you are the best parent.  Don't ever doubt that."

Catherine wiped her eyes on Sara's sleeve, smiling slightly at her action.

"I could have been raped or killed tonight and all because I was dancing."

"Oh Cat, Mike is to blame, no you.  Don't blame yourself for wanting to have fun."

"But I ..." Catherine was cut off by Sara kissing her forehead.

"Sshh Cat, it's not your fault.  Come get some sleep."

Sara tried to lay Catherine back down but found Catherine was reluctant to let her go.

"Cat, come lie down."

Catherine did as Sara asked and as Sara was turning off the light she felt a tug on the hem of her shirt.

"Thank you Sara."  Catherine said.  Her hand inadvertently brushed against Sara's bare skin cause the flesh to come out in goose bumps.

"You're welcome Cat.  Get some sleep."  Sara got off the bed and pulled a blanket off the bottom of the bed.  She took a spare pillow from her cupboard and made a makeshift bed on the floor.  She was tempted to share the bed with Catherine and knew that wasn't a good idea but she wanted to be close by just in case Catherine needed her.

As she was drifting off Sara heard Catherine say, "your arse looked great in those pants Sara."

Sara was sure she stopped breathing for a few minutes.  She peered over the end of the bed to see if Catherine was awake but saw her curled up on her side snoring slightly.

"What the hell have I gotten myself into?"  Sara asked as she also fell asleep.


Catherine woke with a start, scanning the unfamiliar room.  She recalled the evening and the disastrous outcome and fell back onto the mattress with a groan.  Sara, who had stirred earlier knocked softly on the door, smiling when Catherine pulled the covers over her head.

"I have coffee Catherine."

Catherine pulled the covers back reluctantly.  She had fallen apart last night and Sara had been in the front row to witness it all.  Catherine smiled weakly as Sara handed her a steaming cup of coffee.

"I have a pair of sweatpants you can put on for your trip home if you want.  I didn't think you'd want to wear your dress,"  Sara said, moving over to the drawer and pulling out a black pair of pants and placing them on the foot of the bed.

Catherine knew Sara wasn't one to share her home and her less than subtle hint was duly noted.  She had wished to spend some time with her, perhaps get to know her well but Sara obviously wasn't one to remain hospitable.

"Thank you for putting yourself out like this Sara.  I'll just get changed and be on my way."  Catherine said, placing the still hot cup on the dresser and pulling the sheets off her.

Sara allowed her eyes to travel the length of Catherine's body as she revealed herself from under the sheets.  The tank top had ridden up slightly showing a flat stomach.  Sara felt her mouth go dry at the thought of licking Catherine's belly button.  She blushed when she noticed Catherine was looking at her.

Catherine was sure Sara was admiring her body, she seen her share of lust filled eyes and knew the signs.  She wasn't sure if it was the adrenalin of the evening still in her system or her ingrained need to tease but she stretched her body out, revealing more flesh.  The top rode up very closely to Catherine's breasts.  She smiled inwardly as she saw Sara trying to look elsewhere.  She feigned an itchy thigh and pushed the fabric of the shorts higher.  She knew she should stop but she couldn't help but push the boundaries of this new friendship.

"Sara?"  Catherine said breaking Sara out of her increasingly impure thoughts.

Sara's voice broke when reply, "yes Catherine?"

"Can I take a shower?"

Sara could do nothing more than nod.

Catherine jumped out of bed and made her way to the bathroom, heading straight for the shower.  She was standing under the warmth of the water when she heard a knock at the door.  She turned the water off and, wrapping herself in a towel, opened the door.

Sara felt she would faint at the sight in front of her.  Catherine's hair was sticking to her scalp and forehead and tiny droplets of water were hitting the floor.  The blue towel that was covering Catherine wasn't long enough to cover all of her chest so therefore Sara was given a view of Catherine's nipples when she reached for the cell phone that Sara had extended to her.

"It's Eddie,"  Sara said, leaving the room making it look like she was giving Catherine some privacy but in all honesty, it was the only way she could start her heartbeat again.  For a new obsession these feelings were taking control very fast.  Sara had just realised, with help, that she was attracted to Catherine but she simply didn't realise the force of the feelings she herself hardly recognized.

Catherine hung up after a brief but angry conversation with Eddie and decided she'd best be getting dressed.  She had to pick Lindsay up early and while she always expected Eddie to call up with a crisis she had to admit she had been looking forward to some time on her own or perhaps with Sara.

Catherine dressed in the tank top she had worn to bed and the sweatpants Sara had left out for her and made her way into the kitchen to pour out her now lukewarm coffee.  She smiled when she saw Sara engrossed in a Firearms Magazine.

"That was my bastard ex telling me he has some business to take care of so I have to pick Lindsay up early."

Sara stood and handed Catherine a bag.  Catherine frowned and looked in the bag to see her dress from last night folded neatly inside.

"I washed it while you were sleeping.  Don't worry, I read the care instructions so it didn't fall apart or shrink,"  Sara said smiling.  She felt self-conscious in front of Catherine.

Catherine smiled and put her purse in the bag also.

"Thanks Sara, that was unnecessary.  I appreciate it.  Thank goodness it didn't shrink, imagine how much more flesh would be on display!"  Catherine said laughing.

Sara willed her mind not to visualize that as she smiled in reply.

"I wish we could have had breakfast together but I really must pick up Linds."  Catherine said, regretting she had to leave.

Sara nodded and walked with her to the door.  On impulse she leant down and kissed Catherine's cheek.

"Thanks for a great night Catherine, despite a few things along the way."

Catherine cringed at the memory of Mike and Sara regretted speaking about the evening.  Catherine had shown the soft side to her personality last night but come the new day and she was back to her old self.  Sara envied that, she always let things hover about her for too long.  Catherine looked like she just rolled with the punches.

"Sorry Cat, I shouldn't have brought it up."  She was surprised when Catherine took her hand in hers and squeezed it.

"You were there for me Sara, that's what I'll remember from that whole Mike thing."  Catherine said.  She knew she should release Sara's hand but she found that she quite enjoyed this close contact.

Catherine finally released her hand and almost apologetically shrugged, "Lindsay awaits!"  With that she smiled once more and closed Sara's front door.

Sara leant against the closed door sighing.  She was falling fast for Catherine and she had no idea how to combat it.


Catherine laughed as an energetic little ball formally known to her as Lindsay ran down the driveway.  She had picked her up from Eddie's without seeing him.  Lindsay had informed her that he was in his room with his client.

Catherine knew he was in there getting his latest floozy to give him a blowjob.  To do that while Lindsay was in the house angered her to no end but she knew she couldn't make a scene with her daughter there with her.  She hated him, he knew her hands were tied and that she wouldn't risk a confrontation right then.

"Linds, should we have breakfast?"

Lindsay stopped running and turned to her mother.

"Are you going to go dressed like that mom?"

Catherine looked down at her attire and smiled.  She had forgotten she was wearing Sara's clothes.

"No sugar, mommy will get dressed first.  Then we'll go."

Lindsay smiled and ran to her room.

Catherine dressed in jeans and a tight black knit top.  She called Lindsay to meet her at the car and on her way she made a detour to the phone.  She realised as she was going to dial, that she didn't know Sara's home phone number.  She hoped she had her cell with her.


"Hey Sara, it's Catherine."

"Hi Catherine.  Did you get Lindsay?"

"Yeah I did.  The bastard was getting his leg up while Lindsay was there.  I could kill him!"  Catherine yelled.  She hoped Lindsay's enthusiasm for breakfast out had meant she was already outside.

"Not having much luck with men Cat?"  Sara joked.

Catherine smiled, "maybe I should give your Montana a call."

Sara was silent for a moment and Catherine decided to forge on.

"So this was just really a call to thank you for the one hundredth time."

"Catherine there is no need.  We're co-workers and you were in trouble."

Catherine's shoulders dropped at Sara's description of their relationship.

"I was hoping Sara that we could move into a friendship."

Sara smiled through the phone.

"I'd love that Cat."

Lindsay interrupted with a yell from the driveway, "Mom, come on!"

Sara smiled as she heard Lindsay order her mother.

"Guess you better go Cat, don't want Lindsay to fade away."

Catherine laughed.

"I suppose not.  Anyway, I'll see you at work tonight right?"

"Catherine when have you known me not to come to work?"  Sara joked.

"Okay good point Sara.  I'll see you then.  Bye for now."

"Bye Cat.  Say hi to Lindsay."

They both hung up and continued their day.  Catherine had to endure Christina Aguilera and Lindsay singing in tandem while Sara crawled into the spot Catherine had vacated in her bed and let herself get some sleep.  She found it oddly comforting to smell Catherine on her pillow.  Thinking of Catherine she drifted off to sleep.


Sara was already sitting at the table in the break room when Grissom entered.

"Spending your free time at work again Sara?"  Grissom asked.

"Actually no, I'm just here early.  No traffic."  Sara said somewhat defensively.  She knew her previous actions of maxing out on overtime, not taking vacations and the like had given her the reputation of a workaholic but at times it was tiresome.

Nick entered smiling at Sara and pointing to Grissom's back, "what new algae do we have on the lunch board today?"  He asked smiling.

Sara found she couldn't resist his wide friendly smile.

"Who knows with Grissom.  It's always something I can't pronounce anyway."

"What can't you pronounce?"  Warrick asked picking up on the end of the conversation.  "Hi Sara, Nick.  Hi Grissom."

"Sara was just saying we should all be wary of the thing in the jar."   Nick said.

"Okay, so where is Catherine?"  Grissom asked, placing his textbooks on the table.

Sara wondered if he even heard their conversation.  He made no effort to join in and at stage.  She shook her head, 'how did I feel he could have been the one?' she asked herself.

"We can't wait for her.  Nick, Warrick I need you on a suspected arson case.   Sara you have the DB case.  You'll work with Catherine when she decides to come to work.  Go there, get started and I'll send her to you."

"Why does Sara get the body and we get fire?"  Nick complained.

"This is a team Nick, now go," Grissom ordered effectively cutting off anything else Nick had to say.  He looked at Sara who shrugged in apology.

As Sara was leaving the lab she saw Catherine parking her car.  She took the moment to study her.  Her hair was curly, bouncing as she hurried away from the car.  She wore pants that Sara could only describe as slate in color with a silver belt buckle showing.  Her black short sleeve blouse tucked in displaying her fine figure.

"Hey Catherine, we have a case."  Sara said walking over to her.

"Hey there Sara.  You look good today." Catherine said smiling.  Sara was wearing a top she'd not seen before.  It was a light orange color, something that Catherine would walk right past in a store but found that on Sara it certainly would do the designer credit.  It was tight and long sleeved, coming to Sara's wrists.  She was also wearing dark blue denim jeans.

Sara blushed at Catherine's comment.  She noticed Catherine was looking her up and down and smiled.  Perhaps Catherine did notice her more than she thought.

"So should we go?"  Sara asked.

"You drive, I'll read the notes in the car."

Sara and Catherine drove to the scene in companionable silence until Catherine leant over to turn the radio on.

"Looking for more country music?"  Sara joked.

"I never should have let you know that, I'll never live it down," Catherine said smiling.

"I liked knowing it, makes my Britney Spears memorabilia look less embarrassing,"  Sara said smiling.

Catherine looked at Sara shocked at her admission.

Sara laughed.

"Cat, I was kidding.  No, sorry you're still a sad old woman."

Catherine laughed and hit Sara playfully on the shoulder.

"Enough of that old woman talk missy."

"Whatever you say Dolly Parton," Sara said smiling.

"Dolly Parton?  My breasts aren't that big!"  Catherine exclaimed.

"True, your breasts are a perfect size," Sara said.

Catherine looked at Sara who was avoiding eye contact.  She wasn't sure what changed the mood in the car but was worried Sara thought her comment was inappropriate.  She tired to engage Sara in conversation after that but all Sara's answers were no longer than one or two words.  After a while Catherine gave up and sat in silence.

When they got to the scene, Sara got out of the car and, carrying her kit walked over to Brass.  She didn't wait for Catherine to follow her.

"Brass, details?"

"And hello to you Sara.  I'm fine."

Sara sighed, "hello Brass, how are you?  Case details please?"

"A white male with a single gunshot wound to the head, side of the head to front and through and through.  I.D in wallet says his name was Karl Vale, thirty-one native of Las Vegas.  Neighbour said he heard a sound around nine pm.  Looks like suicide but we have to be sure.  That's all I have for you Sara."

"Okay, is the scene secured?"  Sara asked.

"Come on Sara, I'm not a rookie."

Catherine had walked up and responded, "it's your youthful looks that tricked her Jim."

Brass smiled and rolled his eyes,  "been drinking Cath?"

Catherine smiled,  "just a few at the lab with Greg, you know how it is."

Sara shuffled her feet, cutting in on their bantering.

"Can we get in now?"

Catherine glanced at Sara who looked angry.

"I'm here Sara."  Catherine said.

"Well let's go in then."  With that she walked up the path.

Catherine shrugged at the questioning look from Brass.

"That's our Sara, only second to Gil when it comes to evidence."

Brass smiled.

When Catherine got inside the house Sara was already working.  She knew any discussion they were to have would effectively be pushed to the background now that they were working.

Catherine began a cautious walk-through of the scene in front of her.  She took a few photos of the blood spatter around the body.  There was a considerable amount found on the wall and bookshelf near the body.   She took note that the curtains were drawn.  Perhaps this crime had a witness.

Sara looked around, wondering if there was any visible sign on suicide.  She couldn't find a note but that didn't mean it wasn't suicide.  On a few occasions Sara looked over to Catherine but said nothing.  She wasn't sure there was anything to say.  She decided to shut down completely instead.  That way she wouldn't say something else that would give away her attraction to Catherine.

Two hours later they returned to the lab, cases heavy from the evidence collection.  The car trip back was incredibly long for both women.  The once compatible silence had been replaced with a thick tension.  Catherine was becoming angry with Sara.  She didn't understand why she had clammed up after making a comment in passing.  They had to work together on this case and Sara wasn't even talking to her.

"Sara, you can't ignore me forever."

Sara put the spent casing she found in the pile of evidence to put through the National Integrated Ballistics Information Network.  She knew she had to talk to Catherine and decided on sticking solely to conversation on the case.

"I've got the ballistics to get done Catherine, you got anything for Greg?"

Catherine sighed.  It was all business.

"I'll give my findings to Greg but we need to talk.  What is wrong with you?"

Sara smiled.  Catherine was to the point.

"Nothing, I'm just focused on this case."

"Bullshit Sara.  You haven't really talked to me since the trip to the scene.  Then you were rude at the scene, what gives?"

Sara ran her hand through her hair.  She had no answer that wouldn't sound like she wanted Catherine.

"Well?"  Catherine asked when Sara didn't respond.

"I've got work to do," Sara responded.

"Don't hide behind work Sara.  Is this about the breast line?  If it is then get over it.  I'm not offended."

Sara refused to look up from the table.

"Sara?  I'll ask Gil to take you off the case if you don't work with me."

Sara looked up at Catherine's threat, fuming.

"Look Catherine, we're at work.  We are supposed to be working.  I'm not interested in anything else other than that.  If you don't want to be my partner then you get off the case.  I'm off to get this case solved." Sara brushed past Catherine, tears threatening to spill over.  She cursed her own stupidity.  If only she had refused Catherine's invitation to go out.  She felt that she could have lived in denial forever.  Sure it wasn't healthy but considering the alternative, the one she was living now, Sara thought she could have dealt with that.

Catherine on the other hand, was throwing her evidence bags around in frustration.  The tentative steps towards a friendship with Sara seemed to have vanished as fast as they had been made.  Sara wasn't forthcoming with anything personal so trying to have her force her thoughts out with threats wasn't likely to help the situation.  She equated Sara's personality with that of a turtle.  A hard shell to crack through and even when her head popped out it just as quickly retreated.

"Work Cath, work then talk."  She mumbled.

The shift dragged on for both women.  Sara would either hide in her office or peek around corners to see if Catherine was heading her way.  She felt ridiculous and hoped no one witnessed it.  Catherine had immersed herself in her photos from the scene.  She was particularly interested in the 90 degree blood spatter that was on the wall and shelves.  She wanted to head back to the scene and do a manual stringing of the evidence but knew she needed Sara's help with that.

She found Sara in the locker room, packing her belongings.

"Running away?"  Catherine asked.

"Leaving for the day.  Shift ends in ten minutes."  Sara replied coolly.

"Wow you must really be in a way if you are leaving on time," Catherine replied sarcastically.

Sara took a deep breath before replying.

"I'm tired Catherine and am in no mood to play games."

"I'm not doing that Sara."

Sara tried to move past Catherine but found her path blocked.

"Catherine, I would like to leave."

"No Sara.  You and I are going to talk about your behaviour."

Sara tried once more to move past Catherine.

"I'm not a child Catherine and don't answer to you."

Catherine placed a hand on Sara's chest effectively stopping her motion.

"Catherine, move.  Please."

"No Sara.  Look, I have really enjoyed our burgeoning friendship and don't want to throw it away."

Sara closed her eyes, opening them to see Catherine staring at her.

"Catherine, please let me pass."

"No."  Catherine said firmly.

Sara moved away from Catherine.  She could forcefully move Catherine but the thought of hurting her made her cringe.  She tried to think of a reason that would placate Catherine but found she couldn't.

Whatever possessed Sara to act next she wasn't sure but she found herself moving closer to Catherine.  She saw Catherine tense as if anticipating an attack.  Sara leant down to Catherine's lips and kissed her.  It was a soft and gentle closed mouth kiss but there was no disputing the nature behind it.

Catherine had been worried she had pushed Sara too far and was expecting her to push right past.  She felt her heart racing as Sara invaded her personal space and felt her heart bursting out of her chest when Sara placed a kiss on her lips.


Sara backed up as if she'd been burnt.  She saw Catherine's eyes dark with desire and allowed her mind to shut down and her body take over.  She grabbed Catherine's shoulders gently and pushed her against the locker.  She smiled and kissed Catherine once more.  This time Catherine opened her mouth and allowed Sara to enter her mouth with her tongue.

They pulled apart and looked at each other both trying to get their breathing back down.

"I've got to go Catherine."

Catherine had no time to react, she had just had a wonderfully intense kiss with Sara and as she was trying to process what that meant Sara had fled.

"Sara?"  Catherine yelled.  It was too late, Sara had disappeared.  "Oh Sara,"  Catherine whispered.


Sara tore out of the car park with such pace she was afraid she would have an accident.  She tried slowing down but everytime her mind flashbacked to the kiss she just shared with Catherine her foot seemed to automatically hit the accelerator.

She swore when she heard the indistinguishable sound of a police siren coming up behind her.  As she pulled over she cursed her stupidity.

The police officer exited the car and strode up alongside her own vehicle.  Sara wound down her window, ready to accept the fine and usual lecture.

"License and registration ma'am," the police officer said.  As Sara was leaning over to get her registration she was distracted by her cell phone ringing.  She handed over her registration and answered her phone.

"Sara where are you?"

Sara groaned.  It was Nick.

"Nick I'm going to have to call you back, I'm just getting booked."  She hung up before he could reply.

The police officer smiled.


Sara wondered what business it was of his but replied anyway.

"Friend.  We work at the lab together and I'm not usually gone this early."

"The lab?  Are you a scientist?"  He inquired.

Sara frowned, this police officer was very inquisitive.

"Yeah you could say that.  I work at the Las Vegas crime lab."

"I thought I recognized you.  I've seen you at a few scenes."

Sara smiled politely.  In truth she wanted to get the fine and go home.

"Ok.  Sorry, I don't recognise you."

The officer smiled.

"I'm sure I just blend in, another uniformed cop.  I'm working patrol for a couple of weeks as part of the rotation.  Not as stimulating as working the crime scene."

Sara nodded.

"Well look, you're one of us so I'm going to let you go but Miss Sidle you really need to slow down, you were flying past me."

Sara smiled in gratitude.

"Thank you officer.  I'll slow down from now."

He tipped his hat and smiled, handing back her belongings.

"I'll see you around the crime scenes Sara,"  and he walked back to his car.

Sara shook her head and started her car.

She took the police officers advice and drove slower, keeping under the speed limit at all times.  She pulled into the flat car park and made her way up the stairs.  She froze at the top of the stairs when she saw the one person she didn't want to see.  Catherine.

"Sara, you can't kiss me and run off."

Sara turned and ran down the stairs.  She knew it was childish but she had to avoid her co-worker.

Catherine sighed and followed Sara.  She wasn't going to be ignored.  When she got to the car park she saw Sara had barricaded herself in her car.

"Sara get out of your car.  I'll yell and scream until you open up."

Sara double checked the doors.  They were locked.

"Sara, I'll smash the window open."  Catherine threatened.  She knew she wouldn't go that far but hoped the threat alone would encourage Sara to unlock the car.

"Sara Sidle, open up at once."

"Leave me alone Catherine.  I'm sorry for kissing you but please leave me alone."  Sara put the keys into the ignition and started the car.  She looked to Catherine who was looking to the bonnet and back at Sara.

"I'll stand behind the car.  The only way you could escape me is to run me over."  Catherine said.

Sara reversed before Catherine had time to move.  Catherine's face was one of pure shock as Sara drove out of the garage.

"Damn you Sara Sidle." Catherine cursed before walking back up the stairs and camping out on Sara's doorstep.  She'd wait until she had to pick Lindsay up from school.  She just hoped Sara would return by then.


Catherine found herself fidgeting twenty minutes after sitting with her back against the door.  She was beginning to calm down slightly, thinking that Sara had always been a private person and in the past two days she'd opened up in so many ways.  It was bound to scare her.

She stood to get some circulation back in her legs, smiling when one of Sara's neighbours walked by.

"Hello dear.  Waiting for a friend?"  The elderly man said. Catherine smiled.  Her neighbours were civil at best but never made the first move to opening a conversation with her.

"Just waiting for Sara.  She was supposed to meet me.  I guess she forgot," Catherine replied.  "I'm Catherine."

"Jack.  Pleasure to meet you."  He said, shaking Catherine's extended hand.  "So you work with Sara?  She doesn't have many friends come to her place."

"Yes I'm a co-worker.  Do you know where she may go during the day?"

Jack shook his head.

"Sorry Catherine but she's an enigma.  She's a lovely lass but keeps to herself."

Catherine smiled.

"Yeah she is."  Catherine replied agreeing on both counts.

As Jack was entering his place he turned to Catherine saying, "I know she has breakfast at the diner nearby.  It's called 'Mackey's' and is just down the road."

"Thank you Jack, that's extremely helpful."  Catherine said as she bent down to get her bag.

She found the diner with little effort.  Parking near the entrance she looked around for Sara's car.  One looked familiar but not knowing her license plate she couldn't be sure.

The bell above the door signaled her arrival and she was greeted by a woman of considerable build.  She smiled warmly and extended her arms out.

"Welcome stranger.  Looking for someone or eating on your own?"

Catherine couldn't help but get swept up in this woman's nature.  She smiled and scanned the room for Sara.

"I'm hoping I won't be eating on my own.  I'm looking for Sara.  Sara Sidle."

The woman laughed and grabbed a surprised Catherine by the forearm.

"Well bless me soul, two people wanting Miss Sidle in one day.  Quick the apocalypse is coming!"

Catherine smiled.

"Two people?"  Catherine wondered who the other person was.  Was it Grissom?

"What's your name hon?"  the waitress asked.

"Catherine.  I work with Sara."

"Well nice to meet you Catherine.  My name is Beatrice but I'm known around these parts as Mackey."

Catherine frowned.

"Hon, long story, don't ask."

"Is Sara still here?"  Catherine asked.

"Yes she is love.  Sitting at her usual table eating her usual meal.  Come with me, I'll take you to her."

Catherine followed Mackey past a set of booths to the corner of the diner.  It was a secluded area, very appropriate for Sara she thought.

"Hey Sara, you have another visitor!"

Catherine made herself visible to Sara.  Time seemed to stop as they both stared at each other.  Sara squirmed in her seat obviously uncomfortable.  Catherine wondered if she had gone too far by coming to the diner.

"Well Cathy, are you going to sit down?"

Catherine sat opposite Sara.  Neither woman said anything.

"So, what can I get you Cathy?  We have the best breakfast's here."

Catherine looked at Mackey, pencil posed to take an order.

"Can I get a coffee for the moment?"

Mackey smiled.

"Hon you should eat more, I'm always telling you skinny girls it's okay to have flesh.  What's gonna keep you warm in winter?"

Catherine smiled.

"Just coffee for the moment Mackey.  Thanks."

Mackey looked at Sara.  She was staring at Catherine and had said nothing since she sat down.

"Well that's me off then.  You two have fun."

Sara took a sip of her coffee, hoping that when she put her cup down she wouldn't see Catherine.

"Sara, will you talk to me?"

"Catherine, I don't know what to say."

"You kissed me."

Sara took a deep breath.  Obviously small talk was not on the agenda today.


Catherine smiled her thanks as Mackey placed the coffee in front of her.  She turned her attention back to Sara.

"Sorry?  That's it?"

"Yes Catherine, that's it.  Can we drop this?"

Sara refused to look up from her now cold meal, pushing the food around her plate.  She jumped when she felt Catherine's hand still her movements.

"I'm not dropping it.  I want to talk about it."

"It's going to be one sided Catherine because I'm leaving."

Catherine watched as Sara pulled some money out of her jacket.  She decided that this was the moment that she would get the answers from Sara.

"Sara if you leave me here I will never talk to you again.  If you thought our relationship was bad when you first came to Las Vegas then you're in for a shock."

Sara's heart broke at Catherine's threat.  She needed Catherine in her life.

"Catherine please let's just drop it.  I'm sorry, I shouldn't have kissed you.  I freaked out after it because I ruined the most important friendship I've ever had."

Sara got out of the booth and leant across, kissing Catherine on the cheek.

"If you won't take that answer then I guess this is where our friendship ends.  Thank you for bringing a joy into my life that I never thought I'd feel.  I'll ask Grissom to put me on day shift.  Goodbye Cat."

Sara walked out of the diner faltering slightly as she reached the door.  Tears, once again began to fall.

Catherine sat motionless trying to figure out Sara.  She knew she was a complex woman and that was one of the things that drew Catherine to her.  She also knew she couldn't live without having Sara in her life despite her anger induced threat.  She cursed herself for pushing Sara into that position.

Catherine got out of the booth waving to Mackey.  She ran to the car park and saw Sara wiping tears from her face whilst trying to open her car.

"Sara!  Wait!"  Catherine yelled, feeling like she was living the same scene over and over again.

Sara turned and was surprised to see Catherine in front of her.

"Catherine, no more please.  I've got nothing else to give you."  Sara pleaded, emotionally exhausted.

Catherine smiled, pushing Sara against her car.

"Oh you have more to give me Sara."

Catherine licked her lips.  She put a hand behind Sara's head, pushing it down to meet her lips.  Sara balked at first, not sure what was happening.

"Sara, kiss me."  Catherine whispered.

Sara smiled slightly and obeyed.  She bent down, grabbing Catherine's waist and pulled the smaller woman close to her, kissing her.  It was a slow kiss, Sara taking control of it immediately.  She licked Catherine's lips, moaning as Catherine darted her tongue out.  They touched slightly making both women want more.  Sara let her hands travel down to Catherine's backside.  She squeezed her cheeks slightly.  It caused Catherine to moan and give Sara entrance into her mouth.

They explored each others mouths with ferocity, each woman amazed it was happening.  Catherine broke away first, brushing Sara's hair from her face.

"You're beautiful Sara."  Catherine said kissing Sara's lips chastely.

Sara blushed.

"I can't believe this happened.  Again."  Sara said.

"Oh babe, it happened and it'll happen again."  Catherine said smiling.  "That is if you want it to,"  Catherine said shyly.

Sara laughed, hugging her.

"Oh, I want it Cat, I want it."  Sara said, ducking her head once more to capture Catherine's mouth.


Sara and Catherine had broke away after their second kiss, Catherine resting her head on Sara's shoulder.  Sara couldn't stop smiling as she stoked Catherine's hair.

"Sara, how long?"

Sara frowned and looked at Catherine.

"How long what Cat?"

"How long have you wanted this?"

Sara wasn't sure how to answer.  She never thought she had lusted after Catherine but after Montana had pointed out a few things she came to realise she'd been acting like that for some time.  Carrying the heavier case, opening the door for Catherine, smiling as she entered the room, wanting to know little things about her, things others didn't know.  Then there was the physical aspect.  Sara felt her body react to Catherine.  She had put it down to a general feeling of sexual frustration but she now couldn't discount that fact she knew what Catherine had worn in the past week, what colors suited her, how great her arse looked in her pants.

She kissed Catherine on her forehead.

"A while Cat, I just didn't realise the signs for what they were."

Catherine smiled and wrapped her arms tighter around Sara's waist.

"And you call yourself a good crime scene investigator," Catherine joked.

"No, I don't call myself a good investigator," Sara replied.  She saw Catherine ready to refute that but smiled answering, "I call myself a great investigator."

Catherine smiled, pulling away from Sara so she could look into her eyes.

"I'm glad you cleared that up," Catherine replied.

Sara noticed Catherine had moved away from her.  She felt like her blood had cooled the minute it happened.  Catherine had, with her proximity, warmed Sara's body.  She needed that back.

"Come over here and kiss me," Sara ordered.  She smiled when she saw Catherine blink in surprise at Sara's raspy tone.

Catherine inched closer, smiling as Sara groaned and pulled her towards her.

"Now, now Sara, I'm a lady and should be treated like one."

Sara replied by slipping one hand under Catherine's shirt, caressing her lower back.  With her left hand she moved Catherine's head towards her and kissed her.  Catherine bit at Sara's lower lip, wanting passage into Sara's mouth.  She was starting to feel dizzy with the hand touching her flesh traveled up to lay on her bra strap.  Catherine moved her hands down Sara's sides, resting on her hips as she continued to explore Sara's mouth.

"Sara,"  Catherine moaned as Sara moved her hand to the front of Catherine's shirt cupping her breast, moving over to the other and doing the same.

Sara was spurred on by Catherine's moan and her subconscious shift into her body.  She brushed the silk material with her thumb, smiling when Catherine's nipples hardened.

The assault of her mouth continued.  Everytime Sara would brush Catherine's nipples Catherine's tongue would thrust in and out of her mouth.  When Sara slipped both hands under Catherine's shirt she massaged Catherine's tongue with her own, praising her own ability to engage in two activities at once.

Catherine and Sara pulled apart but Sara kept one hand under Catherine's shirt, stroking her breasts.  She enjoyed Catherine's breath hitching and her eyes fluttering open and closed.

"Oh, you two, get a room or I'll get my video camera out!"

Catherine turned ready to launch abuse at the loud voice until she realised it was Mackey.  She was standing at the front door waving her tea towel and beaming widely.

Sara blushed.

Catherine turned to Sara, smiling.

"I think we asked for that, we are in the car park."

Sara covered her eyes shaking her head.

"I can never eat there again, I'll never hear the end of it."

Catherine took Sara's hand and kissed the knuckles.

"You won't have to face it alone hon, I'll be here."

Sara looked at Catherine, hoping she had meant it.  She wasn't sure what this would lead to and was afraid to ask.

"We should go in and get something to drink otherwise Mac will stand outside until we do."  Sara said.  "Plus, she's right, you need to eat."

Catherine wrapped her left arm around Sara's waist as they walked to Mackey.

"Are you telling me I'm too skinny Sara?"

Sara let her hand rest on Catherine's arse.  She squeezed it while replying, "I don't care what you look like Cat you are perfection to me already."

Catherine leant in for a kiss.  It was a sweet kiss, Catherine wanting to demonstrate to Sara how moved she was by her statement.

"I was three seconds away from getting a bucket of water to throw on you two!"  Mackey said as she clasped arms with Catherine.

"It's about time she got a hottie," Mackey said whispering in Catherine's ear.  "You mess with her and I'll come after you."

Catherine nodded solemnly.

"Got it Mac, I'll do my utmost best to make Sara happy and safe."

Sara heard Catherine's promise and had to brush away a tear.  This could be the relationship she always strived for but found it to be extremely elusive.  She was still concerned though, it was her nature.  Suspicions then solutions.  She just prayed that Catherine was willing to follow her on what would most probably be a bumpy road.  She hoped Catherine felt she was worth it.

"Coming Sara?"  Catherine asked as she noticed Sara had let go of her hand.

"Yeah, I'm here.  Sorry."

Catherine smiled and made the move to clasp her hand once more.

"Let's get something to eat, I'm hungry!"  Catherine exclaimed.

"Then we'll talk."  Sara said softly.

Catherine had to strain to hear her.

"Then we'll talk Sara.  I promise."  Catherine said sitting across from Sara.


"So, would you like a drink?"  Sara asked as she threw her keys on the table.  They had enjoyed a lovely breakfast, Catherine discussing her theory on the crime scene and the latest on Lindsay.  She skirted around the topic of Eddie preferring to call him a bastard and leave it at that.

"No thanks Sara, Mac filled my coffee cup about twenty times," Catherine said smiling.

"She's use to me I suppose.  I can never drink enough."

"Well I can and I have.  I'm off to use your bathroom."

Sara smiled and watched as Catherine walked quickly towards her toilet.

Once Catherine had left the room Sara let out a sigh she didn't realise she was keeping.  She had initiated the idea to talk and was now regretting it.  The conversation at the diner was deliberately light but Sara knew once Catherine came out of the bathroom they would have to sit down and discuss this.

Catherine was in the bathroom composing herself and taking in the scenery.  The room was, Catherine surmised, probably the one with the most homely feel to it.  An obvious deduction considering it would more often that not be the room Sara spent most time in.  The rest of her place had a minimalist feel to it.  She thought of her house full of children's toys and books cluttering up the place and smiled.  Sara would probably run in fright if she saw it.  It wasn't messy most times, Lindsay cleaned after herself well but Sara's place almost looked like no one lived there.

Sara was pacing the kitchen, waiting for Catherine.  She started to think worse case scenarios, the most outrageous with Catherine climbing out the window.  The drop would be an interesting one as would squeezing out of the tiny window.  She started smiling imagining Catherine half in and half out.

"What you smiling out Miss Sidle?"  Catherine asked.

"Oh nothing."

"It was obviously something, your grin in so wide I can see the delectable gap between your teeth."

Sara blushed.

"How can you just come out and say things like that?"  Sara asked in amazement.

"Sara you know me, I'll speak my mind.  It just so happens it's thinking about you," Catherine said hugging Sara.  "Besides, you were doing more than kissing.  I seem to recall a certain hand or two giving a good inspection of my breasts."

Sara smiled and kissed Catherine.  She broke away and licked her lower lip.

"I can't keep my hands off you Catherine.  Now that I know I can do it I want to make up for lost time."

Catherine ran her hands up and down Sara's arms.

"Oh really?"  Catherine said raising her left eyebrow.

"Yes.  I want to take you to bed and make spectacular love to you until we have to go to work."

Catherine gulped and shuddered when Sara's hands found their way to her breasts once more.

"We need to talk hon.  You were the one who suggested it.  I think we should before going further."

Sara groaned in frustration when Catherine moved away and sat on the lounge.

"I was wrong.  Talking is over rated."  Sara complained but came to sit next to Catherine regardless.

"Sara, I'll start.  I would love to take you to bed but I don't want this to be about sex.  I want to know about you, the things you hide from everyone.  I'm not saying that tonight you act like you're in a confessional and tell me your deep dark secrets but I find you completely fascinating.  From the first time you came here there was something about you that was different.  You weren't welcomed warmly by me I admit and that's my issue, my wrong doing but you worked your way into our family inch by inch, never trying too hard.  For a long time I was convinced you were after Grissom.  Remember early cases, you were so eager to please him to do his bidding.  Calling him 'Sir' sometimes, doing things you weren't happy with but still being there for him.  It made you an outsider in my mind but I grew to see your intelligence, your raw enthusiasm for justice.  It was remarkable.  It is remarkable."

Catherine stopped to take a breath, noticing Sara had moved closer to her and was now leaning against her thigh.

"Sara, I have thought about you sexually but I'd passed it off as simply normal.  You know, a crush or something.  Just recently I've thawed out my heart and allowed myself to recognise my feelings.  I want you.  I'm attracted to you in every aspect of who you are and I don't even know all of you.  I'm looking forward to discovering all of you Sara Sidle."

Sara leant across and captured Catherine's mouth.  She plundered her mouth tasting her tears as they fell.  Catherine pulled away wiping Sara's face.

"Catherine, take me to bed.  Make love to me."

Catherine smiled.

"What about our talk?"

"Catherine, if you don't walk freely I'll sling you over my shoulder."

Catherine laughed and followed Sara into the bedroom.


Once in the bedroom, Sara turned around to face Catherine.  They stood still for what seemed forever, neither saying anything.  Catherine smiled as Sara brushed a strand of her hair out of her face.  She could see Sara's hand shaking and realised she too was nervous.

"If you're not ready Sara,"  Catherine started.  She was silenced when Sara took two steps towards her and smiled.

"I'm ready Catherine, I'm just a little scared."  Sara admitted.

"Scared of what hon?"

"Of a million things.  That I'll be naked in front of you, that I won't please you well enough, that I'll wake up and this is a dream."

Catherine wrapped her arms around Sara, holding her incredibly tight as if trying to merge two bodies into one.

"I can't make those things go away until I do this,"  Catherine said moving away from Sara.  She smiled as she pulled her top off, presenting herself to Sara in her bra and slacks.

Sara's eyes mapped out Catherine's torso.  She wanted to memorize her.  She came to rest upon Catherine's chest.  Catherine's light pink bra was cut to expose half of the breast but that part was seductively covered by red lace.

"Are you going to stare all day because that look is doing things to me,"  Catherine growled.

Sara decided to take charge.  She reached out to touch Catherine's flesh, smiling when Catherine hissed in response.  She loved that she had the power to make this wonderful woman respond like that.  She ran her fingers across Catherine's torso and her sides, teasing her.  Catherine grabbed Sara's hand and put in on her breast.

"Subtle Catherine."  Sara said laughing.

Catherine responded by unzipping Sara's pants.  She was stopped by Sara's hand.

"Let me Cat."  Sara unzipped her pants the rest of the way and smiled.  She made no attempt to pull them down.  She moved onto Catherine's pants, unzipping them and pulling them down.  As she was bending down to pull Catherine's pants down she gasped when she saw Catherine's thong.  It was high cut and the same design as her bra.  She ran her fingers up and down the outside of the fabric smiling when Catherine pushed her hips forward.

"Oh Cat, you smell so good."  Sara said standing back up and kissing her.

Catherine was so aroused she thought she may not need Sara's touch.  As Sara's tongue dueled with hers she began to undo Sara's buttons on her top.  She had managed to get them undone without Sara noticing and when they broke apart Sara smiled.

"You could be a pick pocket Cat."  Sara said.


"Yes Cat?"

"Talking is over rated."  Catherine said repeating Sara's earlier line.  She slipped her hand into Sara's panties enjoying the feel of Sara's arousal.

"Oh God Cat.  Bed before I fall over."  Sara said walking backwards.

Catherine followed Sara as if hypnotized.  Sara stood with her legs touching the bed laughing when Catherine pushed her onto it.  She wriggled out of her jeans with the help of Catherine.  As Catherine was running her hands up Sara's legs Sara took her top off so she was laying in her panties and bra.

Catherine kissed Sara's stomach, licking around her bellybutton.  Sara's hands came to rest in Catherine's hair.

"Sara you are beautiful," Catherine said as she undid Sara's bra.  She threw it behind her and cupped both breasts in her hands.  "So beautiful."

Sara pulled Catherine up so she was above her.  She ran her fingers up her spine, resting on the clasp of Catherine's bra.  She was distracted when Catherine took her left nipple in her mouth, gently biting and sucking on it.  Catherine repeated the action on her right nipple and straddled Sara's hips.  Sara's hands dropped to her thighs as she watched Catherine unclasp her bra.

"Oh my God Cat, you're a Goddess."  Sara exclaimed.  She reached up to massage Catherine's breasts enjoying the feel of Catherine's nipples harden against her palms.  She rubbed both nipples and smiled when Catherine moaned in pleasure.

Catherine's hands were not idle while Sara was touching her.  They had made their way back to Sara's breasts and were mimicking Sara's actions.  Both women locked eyes before Catherine bent down to capture Sara's mouth in a searing kiss.  Tongues dueled for supremacy as Catherine began rocking her body on Sara's pubic bone.

"Take these off," Catherine ordered, moving Sara's hands to her panties.  Sara smiled and reached behind Catherine to remove her own panties.  She cupped Catherine's ass enjoying the feel of her flesh.  She ran her hands up and down Catherine's thong, snapping it and smiling when Catherine ground her centre into Sara's pubic hair.

Catherine's juices began to seep into Sara's pubic hair.  She was becoming more and more aroused thanks to the friction her thong was causing.  She knelt at Sara's torso and started to roll her now soaked thong off her body.   She cursed in frustration, realising she would have to get off Sara to get her thong off.  She backed up, getting off the bed, Sara watching her every move.  With alarming speed Catherine had pulled her thong off and was nestled in-between Sara's thighs, tickling her inner thighs with feathery touches.

"Oh my God Cat, touch me.  Touch me."  Sara whispered.

Catherine smiled, moving up to kiss Sara and allowing her to take control of the kiss.  She broke away to suck her forefinger.  Sara watched with hooded eyes as Catherine trailed a path between her breasts, stopping at her pubic hair.  Sara tried moving up the bed, needing contact at the throbbing core.

"Now, now Sara."  Catherine admonished.

Sara sighed, but it quickly turned into a moan as Catherine entered her with one finger.  She pulled out and licked her finger.

"You taste so good baby."  Catherine said.  She kissed Sara and Sara realised she didn't mind her own taste but would enjoy Catherine's more.

Catherine entered Sara once more, this time with two fingers.  She thrust in and out and Sara followed the pace eagerly.

"Cat, Cat, Cat, Cat"  Sara chanted.

Catherine knew Sara was close to release so she bent down, capturing her clit and lightly pressing on it with her tongue.  Sara bucked, almost startling Catherine.  She increased the pressure and continued thrusting until Sara yelled her name.

Catherine kissed Sara's inner thighs but kept her fingers inside Sara.  Sara moaned as Catherine pulled her fingers out slightly, a small tremor going through her body.  When Catherine pulled her fingers out completely Sara groaned, missing the feeling of Catherine inside her.

"You are amazing,"  Sara managed to get out.

Catherine kissed her neck smiling.

"It's you who made that happen Sara.  You gave yourself completely."

Sara smiled, playing with Catherine's hair.  She wanted to show Catherine how amazing she was but found she had no strength left.

"Cat, I want to,"  Sara said before sighing.

"Hon, I'm fine.  You rest."  Catherine said smiling and kissing her on the lips.

Sara's hand traveled down to Catherine's centre.  She could feel her arousal and knew Catherine needed release.

"I need to taste you Catherine."  Sara said.

Catherine smiled and knelt at Sara's stomach.

"I'll help you hon."  With that Catherine moved up Sara's body.  Sara smiled as Catherine's centre came closer to her mouth.  She grabbed Catherine's ass cheeks and pulled her towards her mouth.  Catherine moaned as Sara's tongue darted out to lick her outer folds.  She moaned once more when Sara entered her with two fingers.  She squatted onto them, pumping up and down.  Sara pulled out, smiling as Catherine tried to keep them inside her.

"It's okay baby, I'm here."  Sara said.  She lifted her head and thrust her tongue inside Catherine.  Catherine yelped and grabbed the wooden headboard, grinding her centre into Sara's mouth.

Sara couldn't get enough of Catherine's juices, she thrust in and out until she felt Catherine was close to climaxing.  She pulled out and re-inserted her two fingers, her tongue now concentrating on Catherine's clit.  She licked and sucked her clit, thrusting as far as she could into Catherine until Catherine had her first orgasm.  She curled her fingers in search of another release and was rewarded when Catherine's voice strained.

"Baby, let go, I'm here,"  Sara said.  She took her fingers out but her tongue remained to lick up all of Catherine's juice.  Small tremors continued and she continued to taste her.  Catherine moved away after a while, her breathing coming out slowly.

"No more Sara, please."

Sara grinned, pleased she could exhaust Catherine.

"I can't get enough,"  Sara said, kissing Catherine.  Catherine responded, opening her mouth for Sara to massage her tongue.

"My God Sara, you are totally amazing."

Sara blushed.

"I bet you say that to all the girls,"  Sara said.

"Baby, it's only you."  Catherine said seriously.

Sara grabbed Catherine up against her body.  Catherine snuggled up against her, licking the sweat that was coating Sara's body.  She hummed into Sara's body as she drifted off to sleep.

Sara stroked Catherine's back and watched her as she fell asleep.  She was afraid to close her eyes, only to wake up to an empty bed.


Catherine woke when she heard her cell phone ringing.  With Sara's house being quite small, and Catherine's phone on the loudest volume, she had no trouble locating it.  She remembered setting her alarm mode earlier in the day, not sure what would happen with her search for Sara.  She sighed in relief.  She was sure she would have slept longer had she not heard it.  Writing Sara a note she dressed and closed the door behind her.

Sara thought she heard the click of the front door.  Anticipating an attack she reached for the gun she kept in her dresser.  As she quietly made her way out of her room, clarity set in and she recalled her activities earlier.   Catherine.  She smiled as she put the gun away.


When she got no response she began to think it had indeed been a dream but her body was telling her differently.  She smiled widely, replaying the events.  Finding paper on the pillow next to her allayed any other fears she may have had.

'Dear Sara,
Had to pick up Linds, I'll call you when I'm coming back from the school, maybe we can have something to eat before work.
I had a wonderful time, you are so beautiful and I definitely want to see more of you.
Talk soon.

Sara touched the ink as if trying to trace Catherine's body.  She wanted to call Catherine now but knew that she needed to take care of her daughter first.  She sighed, using that time to shower and change her sheets.


"Mom!"  Lindsay waved as she saw Catherine locking the car and crossing the road.

Catherine had thought of nothing but Sara the entire drive over, almost breaking several road rules.  She laughed at herself acting like a teenager.   Her note had gone through several re-writes and she still wasn't satisfied with the final outcome.

"Hello Princess.  Enjoy school?"  Catherine said, taking Lindsay's bag.

"Yeah mom, it was good.  We made things for our parents.  You can't look in my bag mom, I want it to be a surprise."

Catherine held Lindsay's hand as they were crossing the road, Catherine smiling as Lindsay yelled her farewells to several children on the way to the car.

"I made one for Daddy too.  Can we go give it to him?"

Catherine started the car, making sure Lindsay had put her belt on.

"We'll see honey."

"Please mommy?  Today?"

"Linds, I said we'll see.  Your Daddy is busy.  Maybe we can give it to him the next time he comes to pick you up."

"Daddy hardly ever comes to school."  Lindsay grumbled.

Catherine sighed.  Eddie would always claim to have a particular day free but more often that not he'd either be so late that she was called or he'd cancel.

"Okay Linds, we'll go see him."  Catherine said.

"Yay!  Today?"

"Not today but this week.  Maybe when he comes to your play in a few weeks if he's not home.  I promise."

Lindsay was about to argue when Catherine said,  "How about we go to MacDonald's for dinner?"

Lindsay's eyes opened wide.

"Really mom?  We never go there!"

Catherine laughed.

"Well today I want to take you there.  I suppose that's a yes?"

"You're the coolest mom ever!"

Catherine smiled.  She knew she shouldn't have changed the subject, after all Eddie was Lindsay's father but she hated the disappointed look in her daughter's eyes.

"I might call Sara, see if she wants to comes too if that's okay?"  Catherine asked.

"Sara from work?"  Lindsay asked.

"Yes baby.  Is that okay?  We have a case on, thought we could talk about it while you're playing."

"Mom you shouldn't work while having dinner."  Lindsay said.

Catherine smiled.

"I know baby but I want to find the bad people who hurt the man."

"Okay mom."  Lindsay said.

Catherine waited until the next red light to call Sara.  She put her on speaker phone and waited for her to pick up.


"Hello Sara?  It's Catherine."  Catherine said.

"Hello Cat."  Sara said nervously.  She wasn't sure why she was so nervous.

"Hello Sara!"  Lindsay yelled.

Sara moved the phone from her ear.

"Hello Lindsay.  I'm on speaker phone I assume."  Sara said dryly.  She was glad she hadn't said anything about the time she had spent with Catherine.

"We're going to MacDonald's for dinner Sara.  Are you going to come?  Mommy said you have to talk about a case."

Catherine held her breath waiting for Sara's reply.

"Sure thing Lindsay."  Sara said.

"I'll come get you now Sara.  If you're not too tired."  Catherine said smiling.

Sara heard the suggestion in Catherine's voice and smiled.

"I was but I've showered and I'm ready.  You can come now."  Sara said, placing the emphasis on the word come.  She wasn't usually so sexually playful but with Catherine she found she wanted to be.

Catherine's hands gripped the steering wheel.

"I'll, uh, see you soon.  Say bye Lindsay."

Lindsay smiled, "bye Lindsay."

Catherine rolled her eyes.

"Funny Princess.  Bye Sara."

Sara hung up the phone and ran into her room to find another outfit.  She found her favourite jeans, the ones that flared out slightly allowing her to wear her boots.  The top was a harder decision.  She wanted to pick something that showed a little bit of flesh so she could tease Catherine but didn't want to wear it to work.  Greg's eyes would most probably burst.

Twenty minutes later Sara heard a knock at her door.  She pulled her shirt down and ran her hand through her hair.  When she opened the door she saw Catherine had brought Lindsay up with her.

"Are you ready?  Lindsay tells me she's very hungry and we have to go as soon as you're ready."  Catherine said, smiling.

"I'm ready.  Hi Lindsay."

"Hi Sara.  Come on mom, I have to eat."  Lindsay said running down the hall.

"Lindsay, don't run."  Catherine warned to no avail.  "Wait for me at the bottom of the stairs."

Catherine took the opportunity to push Sara against the wall, kissing her furiously.

"Cat, I've missed you."  Sara moaned as Catherine attacked her neck.

"I was going to leave Linds in the car but wasn't sure of the neighbourhood."  Catherine said, feeling Sara's cold hands on her back.  "Sara, stop that."

Sara grinned and moved her hands up and down Catherine's spine.

"Stop what Cat?"  Sara asked innocently.

"Sara,"  Catherine grumbled.  "My daughter could see us."

Sara pulled her hands out, kissing Catherine on the forehead.

"I just can't get enough of you.  I'll behave, I promise.  It'll be good practice for work."  Sara said.

"I'll always hold fond memories of the locker room."  Catherine said, fixing her lipstick.

"Our first kiss," Sara said.

"Not our last either."  Catherine said kissing Sara softly on the lips.  "Come on sexy, we've got my daughter to attend to.  I swear, sometimes she acts like she's never fed."

Sara laughed, following Catherine down the stairs.  She was quite content to watch Catherine's ass.

"Oh and Sara?"  Catherine said turning around.


"That top is a health hazard."  Catherine said, staring at the exposed cleavage.

Sara smiled, pulling the middle down slightly to show she wasn't wearing a bra.  Catherine gasped and had to hold onto the wall for fear of tumbling down the stairs.

"I'm glad you like it Cat."  Sara said.  With that she walked past her saying, "well come on Cat, your daughter is hungry."

Catherine mumbled, "she's not the only one" and followed her.  When she got to Lindsay and Sara her heart rate had gone back to normal but her eyes were still on Sara's chest.

"Mom, let's go!"  Lindsay said, grabbing the keys and unlocking the car.

Sara smiled at Lindsay insistence.  She had once claimed she wasn't good with children but she saw Catherine in Lindsay and knew she could love her as she was sure she did her mother.

Once in the car Sara found her attention monopolized by stories of Lindsay's school and her school friends.  She smiled at her enthusiasm for storytelling.

"Oh mom, can I show you what I made at school today?"  Lindsay said suddenly.

"Sure baby.  Wait until we're sitting for dinner so I can give you my full attention."  Catherine said.

"Okay mom."

Once parked, Lindsay ordered the adults to a booth close to the playground.  Sara smiled as Catherine rolled her eyes.

"Mom, can I play while you're lining up?"

"I want to be able to keep an eye on you baby.  You can play after you've eaten."

"But mom, we never stay long enough."  Lindsay complained.

"I'll uh, I'll watch her if you want Cat."  Sara offered.

Catherine looked at Sara.

"Are you sure?"  Catherine asked.

Sara knew Catherine was asking not because she didn't trust her but because she didn't want Sara to feel as though she had to.  She looked Catherine in the eye replying, "It's no problem Cat."

"Yay!"  Lindsay exclaimed.

Sara couldn't help but laugh.  Lindsay's youthful exuberance was a pleasant change from the somewhat morbid atmosphere she had at work and in her own mind at times.  She knew that cloud was lifting thanks to Catherine.  She felt it lifting thanks to Lindsay also, something she never thought would have occurred.

"Okay Linds you can play.  Be careful.  Sara, what would you like?"  Catherine asked.

'You,' Sara thought.  "I'll just get a salad Cat, and an orange juice."

Catherine smiled, patting Sara on the ass.

"What was that for Cat?"

"Needed to touch you," Catherine said.  "Now before you pounce me remember that you have to go.  Lindsay is a good girl but she won't wait outside the play land for long."

Sara pouted.

"Tease," she said as she walked off.

Catherine smiled and turned her attention to the menu.  She looked over to see Sara lifting Lindsay up onto the higher platform and felt her heart swelling.  She was falling for Sara fast and hoped she felt the same.  Was it love?  Catherine wasn't sure, it was too early to tell but she knew if they continued to be together it could very well head that way.  While it filled her with fear she knew she would welcome it.


"Sara!  Sara!  Watch this," Lindsay yelled, sliding down the red plastic slide with her arms raised about her head.  She made a clumsy landing, falling to her knees.

Sara shot up out her seat but smiled when she saw Lindsay get straight up, dust her knees and wave.  She found herself waving back and returning the smile.

Lindsay was helping a younger child climb to the top of the structure when Catherine appeared, carrying a heavy tray.  Sara turned to see her struggling with the uneven weight.

"Need help Cat?"

"I'm okay gorgeous.  Can you get Linds to come in?  She'll be pretty stubborn but if you tell her there is food on the table you could be lucky."

Sara blushed at Catherine's nickname for her.  She ducked her head but lifted it when she felt Catherine run her hand up her arm.

"Did I embarrass you?"  Catherine asked smiling.

"I'm just not used to compliments."

"Get used to them."  Catherine said smiling.

Sara smiled weakly, nodding towards the door.

"I'll go get Lindsay before her food gets cold."

Catherine watched an animated Lindsay refuse to come back inside.  She smiled when Lindsay stopped dead in her tracks, she assumed Sara had bribed her with the waiting meal.

Lindsay saw Catherine and ran to the door, "mom, did you see me playing?"

"Yes I did baby.  Did you have fun?"  Catherine said, passing Lindsay her nugget meal and drink.

"Totally mom.  Thanks Sara for watching me."  Lindsay said, taking Sara by surprise.

"That's fine Lindsay."  Sara said, pushing her salad around the plastic container.

Sara watched as Lindsay and Catherine conversed, offering a smile or nod when Lindsay directed part of her conversation her way.  She was happy to watch Catherine.  Her eyes sparkled when Lindsay spoke, giving her every  ounce of her attention.  She smiled and encouraged Lindsay to tell story after story, never tiring of the anecdotes.

"Oh, mom I almost forgot.  Here's my present."  Lindsay said, pulling her bag onto her lap.  "Close your eyes mom.  No peeking."

"Okay Linds."

"Sara, make sure she'd not peeking," Lindsay ordered.

Sara moved her hand to Catherine's closed eyes.  She enjoyed the small hitch of Catherine's breath when she came close to her.

"Ready Sara?  Okay mom, hold your hands out."

Lindsay unzipped her bag and pulled out a faux magazine cover with Lindsay's face on it.  The border had a mixture of collage pieces and coloring-in.

"Open your eyes mom."

Sara took her hand away yet as she was moving it to her lap she felt Catherine's hand capture it and move it to rest on hers instead.

"Oh baby.  This is wonderful.  You look like an angel."  Catherine said, tears softly falling.

Lindsay came around to sit next to Catherine.  It meant Sara had to move closer to the wall and Catherine had to squeeze herself up against her.

"I colored the sides in and stuck some crepe paper and cellophane on it too." Catherine kissed Lindsay's head.

"Baby this is beautiful.  Thank you so much."

"Mom, why are you crying?"  Lindsay said, wiping the tears that were falling.

"Baby, it's ok.  I'm just so happy."

Sara squeezed Catherine's thigh and smiled when Catherine leant into her.

"I made one for Daddy.  Do you think he'll cry too?"  Lindsay asked.

"I'm sure your Daddy will love it Linds."

"Sara, do you like it?"  Lindsay asked, pushing Catherine's hands towards Sara's body.

"I think it's great Lindsay.  Must have taken you a long time to make."

"We made it in the morning session.  I had to make two because mommy and daddy don't live together."  Lindsay said.

Sara wasn't sure how to respond to that and looked to Catherine who simply shrugged.

"Well Lindsay, I'm sure both your mom and dad are really happy to have a considerate daughter."

Lindsay got up, moving to sit back in her seat.  Catherine made no attempt to move away from Sara.  She placed her present on the table and continued eating.  Sara took the opportunity to run her fingers up and down Catherine's left thigh.  She felt the flesh responding to the slow paced stroking and smiled into her drink when Catherine pressed her thigh against Sara, hoping Sara would move her hand inward.

Every so often Sara would move her hand to trace lazy circles on the inside on Catherine's thigh and would try not to laugh when Catherine hissed.  She continued teasing her until a pager went off.

"It's not me,"  Catherine said.

"It's me Cat.  It's Grissom."

Catherine moaned.

"I bet he wants you to come in early."  Catherine complained.

"I'll go call him,"  Sara said.

Catherine handed her mobile to her.

"Call him here,"  Catherine said smiling.

"Is Sara leaving mommy?"  Lindsay asked.

"Not sure baby.  I hope not."  Catherine said turning to see Sara looking at her.

Sara waited for Grissom to pick up, wondering how he'd react to her declining to come in early.  She didn't want to leave Catherine and Lindsay, she was enjoying herself.


"It's Sara."

"Sara.  I need you early."

"No Grissom, I can't.  Ask Nick or Warrick."  Sara said.  She could have sworn she'd heard Grissom gasp in surprise.

"Are you ill?"  Grissom asked.

"No Gris, I'm just eating out and I don't want to leave.  I'll see you when shift starts.  Bye."  Sara hung up before Grissom could continue.

Catherine had hoped Sara would decline heading into work early but wasn't sure if she would.  When she saw she was hanging up on Grissom she smiled.

"You're staying," Catherine said.

"I'm staying."  Sara confirmed.

"Okay Linds, let's get going.  I've got to drop you off with the nanny so I can go to work."

"But mom, you didn't speak to Sara about the case," Lindsay said, putting the photo she made back into her bag.

"I know baby.  I'll take Sara home after I drop you off and we can talk about it then," Catherine said.  The look she gave Sara made Sara shiver.


With one less passenger, Catherine got back into the car, smiling at Sara.

"Want to go home Sara?"

Sara moved closer to Catherine, continuing to trace imaginary patterns on the thigh.

"Take me to your place Cat," Sara whispered.

Catherine closed her eyes, enjoying the feel of Sara's hand and sighed.

"Yours is closer," Catherine said, her voice stuttering.

"Mine then."  Sara said.  She cupped Catherine's sex and licked her lips as Catherine bucked her hips out.

"If you don't stop that I'll pull into the next driveway and take you in the car."  Catherine warned.

Sara removed her hand smiling.

"I'll be good," Sara said, smiling when Catherine grabbed her hand and held the clasped hands in her lap.

"Don't be too good," Catherine said.

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