Title: Secret Servicing

Name: Cheyne

Email: WhenPiggsFly55@aol.com

Disclaimer: All characters belong to the powers that be at Warner Bros.

Fandoms: West Wing/Gilmore Girls

Pairing: Abby/Lorelai

Rating: 18

Summary: Sometimes Abby just needs to get away and find what’s real.

Spoiler or Other Information: Another challenge from The Raven. Page, time limit and parameters were set, and I had to use these phrases: kiss me, remember this, soul searing, lock the door, blind lust, tears of sadness. So…this is the result. Thanks, Rave. As usual, it was fun…

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Abby Bartlet was free. Somehow she had succeeded in cleverly ridding herself from her assigned secret service shadows. She knew it wouldn’t be for long. They’d find her. They always did. Yet, by her modest estimation, she had a few hours of freedom. She knew it was wrong, unsafe, putting herself at risk, not to mention the country if something insidious happened to her while on her little jaunt. But she had to go, she had to get away, since the farmhouse had not offered her the refuge she so desperately needed.

She had retreated to her New Hampshire home only a week earlier to escape the rising Machiavelian air that now seemed to be occupying the White House. Her husband’s White House. Even after two terms, it was still difficult for her to believe she was the First Lady of the United States. She was actually glad that it would soon be over and she could go back to being just plain Dr. Abby Bartlet. Who was she kidding? She would never live in obscurity again. Which is why she needed these moments to herself. Completely to herself.

Having spent an hour driving south through Massachusetts, she crossed the state line into Connecticut. Abby had no idea where she was going, just driving was cathartic but she suddenly realized she’d had no coffee since she had risen that morning and knew if she didn’t stop somewhere soon and feed her raging caffeine addiction, she would have a pounding headache within the hour.

She drove through three small towns before ending up in Stars Hollow. She slowed to 35 miles per hour, as was the main street speed limit, admiring the quaintness of this little village. There was a row of old-fashioned storefront shops on her right side and a park with a gazebo on her left. Maybe she could slip in somewhere here unnoticed and enjoy a cup of regular coffee.

Abby entered the small coffee shop relieved, although surprised, that it was empty, except for the woman milling around behind the counter. She quietly stepped closer to the chalkboard menu and cleared her throat, startling the brunette behind the cash register, in search of something, previously oblivious to another body in the room.

Suddenly Abby was looking into the most beautiful blue eyes she had ever seen. If asked to describe the specific color, she would not be able to but there was no doubt they were mesmerizing. She then studied the face those eyes belonged to and quickly assessed the body that went with that face and fell instantaneously into lust. For someone who was never at a loss for words, she was amazed to find herself, literally, quite speechless. Having disciplined herself into a master of control, she was surprised by the sensations that were suddenly awakening in her loins. It had been a long time since just looking at a woman had this affect on her.

“Hi,” Blue Eyes said, more chipper than anyone had a right to be, “can I get you anything? I don’t work here but the owner and I are friends and he lets me help myself and he had to run out to do a few things, so I can get you what you need…if you’ve decided…which you probably haven’t…yet.”

Abby blinked, waiting for this comely woman to finish speaking. Only after an awkward silence did she realize that she had finished. “No, I’ve decided. Just regular coffee. The largest you have, please.”

Watching Blue Eyes pour fresh coffee into a very tall mug, Abby still could not reconcile the reaction she was having to the brunette. “How much do I owe you?” she asked as Blue Eyes set the steaming mug down before her.

“You know what? It’s on me. People so rarely order plain, regular coffee anymore instead of these multi-syllable, fractured Italian, Vanna-can-I-buy-a-vowel-please concoctions, I’m going to celebrate your originality with a free cup of coffee.”

Smiling in spite of the sour mood she woke up in that morning, Abby, in addition to being inexplicably drawn to the brunette, further found herself enjoying the contagious effervescence of her as well. “Thank you. Would you like to join me?”

Blue Eyes looked around, then shrugged. “Sure. I’d love to. Thank you.” She poured herself a mug and circled the counter, gesturing Abby to a table by the window.

Obviously this woman did not recognize her but that didn’t mean someone else wouldn’t. “How about we sit here?” Abby suggested, indicating a table more secluded. Blue eyes agreed and they both made themselves comfortable.

“My name’s Lorelai. I figure if we’re going to have coffee together, we should know each other’s names,” she said, extending her hand.

Warmly accepting the handshake, Abby responded, “I’m Abby. And I’m very pleased to meet you.” Perhaps she held Lorelai’s hand a little longer than she needed to but Blue Eyes didn’t seem to mind. In fact, she appeared to be somewhat electrified by the touch. Oooh, Abby thought to herself, this could be very dangerous, very irresponsible of her but she was tired of constantly having to keep herself above reproach, of denying herself her basic carnal urges. Jeb knew when he married her that she was bisexual. He also knew that she had indulged very discreetly, regardless of how infrequently, in affairs with women. If he hadn’t thrown such a fit about her liaison with CJ Cregg, she might not be out on the prowl now. That relationship, though it could have barely been considered one, ended six years ago and she had not been with another woman since. Too dangerous, Jeb told her. The press is too boundless, too sagacious, if they even got a hint of Abby’s Sapphic leanings, it would be all that would be remembered and talked about regarding the Bartlet Administration. Look at Bill Clinton, he said, the first thing anyone thinks about is the sex scandal. He had a point. So she reluctantly reined in her sexual appetite for the female gender, which had surprisingly remained dormant. Until now.

“You look, I don’t know, familiar somehow, even though I’m pretty sure we’ve never met but you know how people always think that someone reminds them of someone and they aren’t but they think they are?”

Abby wondered if Lorelai was always this nervously chatty or if she secretly had a constant caffeine drip going into her veins. She was never quite sure when Blue Eyes was done talking and when she should answer. She took her chances. “No. We’ve never met. I’m not from around here.” Which she was sure was obvious to anyone who lived in a town as small as this. However, before Lorelai could continue in that direction, Abby said, “Where is everybody? Is this place always this empty?”

“No, it’s usually pretty full but McDonald’s is having some kind of lunch special that includes free coffee and – oops, maybe I should have mentioned that before, you could have gone there, instead. But then, you got free coffee here, so, six of one, half a dozen of the other. I keep waiting for McDonald’s to come out with McBrunch. You know, go through the drive-thru and order Eggs McBenedict and a McMosa…”

Chuckling, Abby reached over and put her hand over Lorelai’s. “Do you ever stop to take a breath?”

Blue Eyes stopped abruptly and looked down at Abby’s hand over her own. “Heh…I guess you make me nervous…I don’t know why.” She raised her eyes to capture the First Lady’s. Abby knew that look. It was soul searing recognition of where you were and where you really wanted to be.

Boldly, Abby interlaced her fingers with Lorelai’s, not breaking eye contact, giving Blue Eyes the time and chance to refuse the subtle advance. She didn’t, instead, locking Abby’s fingers in her gentle grasp. The magical moment was interrupted all too soon by Luke entering the shop from the back room. Hearing him before seeing him, hands moved back to their respective sides of the table. Abby smiled at Lorelai’s expression, like a little girl who was caught with her hand in the cookie jar.

After introducing Abby to Luke, who kept stealing glances at the First Lady, not quite being able to place her face but pretty sure she was somebody he should know, Lorelai engaged her friend in trivial conversation while Abby enjoyed her coffee. When Luke excused himself to go about his day, inventorying his stock, Lorelai and Abby made small talk until both their mugs were empty. The First Lady learned more about Blue Eyes than she revealed about herself to her talkative companion. She was still reeling from not only the fact that Lorelai had a daughter attending Yale but that she was old enough to have a child that old. This only added to the intrigue Abby already felt toward the young but elder Ms. Gilmore.

After Lorelai washed the mugs and returned them to their place behind the counter, she looked meaningfully at Abby, who checked the time on her watch with the wall clock. “Leaving?” Lorelai asked, with disappointment in her tone.

“Well, I do need to be moving on…” she shrugged, also sounding disappointed but she knew the secret service would be tracking her down soon, as she was sure a quiet APB had been put out on her car. “Unless, of course, you can convince me to stay a little longer…”

Lorelai Gilmore wasn’t exactly sure what it was about this deeply attractive, intellectual, confident older woman that tugged at her libido but something was provoking her to throw caution to the wind and get this woman somewhere alone. Now. She couldn’t call it blind lust…lust, yes, but certainly not blind.

Sporting a shy, silly grin, Lorelai looked into Abby’s unflinching eyes and said, “You want to come up and see my etchings?”

Grinning almost mischievously, Abby Bartlet silently followed Blue Eyes out the back door, down a wide alley, to a blocked off, small parking area, occupied only by an old RV that Luke was trying to renovate and restore to working order. Trying the door handle, Lorelai was pleased to see it unlocked and held it open for Abby, who stepped in behind her. “Lock the door,” Abby commanded, softly.

“It is,” Lorelai told her, after flipping the latch.

The interior of the trailer was dark but clean and obviously accommodating. As Abby moved in front of Lorelai, Blue Eyes suddenly looked like she was ready to bolt. “Changing your mind?” The First Lady asked, keeping her voice down.

“No. Well…no, I just can’t help thinking how sleazy you must think this is, my bringing you here…”

Taking a step forward, closing whatever space there was between them, Abby shook her head, once again getting lost in those stunning blue eyes. “I think I needed to be alone with you, regardless of where it was.” Lorelai relaxed and smiled gratefully, waiting for Abby to make the next move. Which didn’t take long. “Kiss me.”

“You first.”

Smiling at Lorelai’s almost childlike response, Abby slid her arms around this gorgeous woman and deliberately took her time, tilting her head, their lips slowly meeting in a tentative kiss, tenderly exploring, passion soon taking over, mouths opening, tongues getting acquainted.

Wanting but terrified, needing but shaking in anticipation, Loralai just allowed herself to experience all levels of the kiss, enjoying how her body was responding to this stranger’s touch. Even she had to admit that this was an odd and unexpected coupling. Lorelai was guessing it was the thrill of the danger, the anonymity of it all, quenching a sexual thirst with no complications, no repercussions, no regrets. She’d probably never see this woman after today, Abby wanted her, she wanted Abby, so…why not?

Things heated up quickly as the kisses were becoming more provocative, stimulating both women’s sex drive beyond a point of no return. Never breaking contact and making quick work of undressing Blue Eyes, Abby gently forced Lorelai back onto the couch next to them. Removing her lips from the younger woman’s, leaving her gasping for air in a most pleasant way, Abby ran her tongue down Lorelai’s throat. Just as she lightly nipped Lorelai at the tender area where her neck and collarbone met, Abby’s fingers found their way to the very warm, moist area where Blue Eyes thighs met. A sharp but pleasurable intake of breath let Abby know that Lorelai was more than satisfied with the contact.

Moving her lips down Lorelai’s front, while stroking her very swollen and wet center, Abby took a breast in her mouth and flicked, sucked and gently held the erect nipple between her teeth before releasing it and repeating the action on the other side. That alone nearly sent Blue Eyes over the edge. Abby alternated between Lorelai’s breasts and kissing her lips while she skillfully manipulated the younger woman’s clit with her thumb, entering her with two fingers, thrusting purposefully, rhythmically. Nothing was hurried or frenzied, as Abby took her time building Lorelai up, faintly uttering lovingly and encouragingly to her when her lips weren’t fastened somewhere to the younger woman’s tantalizingly perfect body. Nothing had felt this good, this right to Abby in a long, long time.

Feeling Lorelai’s vaginal muscles close in around her fingers, hearing her breathing become more ragged and heavy, Abby only slightly increased her pace, wanting Lorelai’s climax to last as long as possible. “Come on, baby,” she whispered, her own breath quickening, “stay with me…stay with me…come for me, Lorelai…”

As Lorelai held her breath, shuddered and exploded in orgasm, Abby watched her face sensually contort in ecstasy. It was one of the most erotic things Abby had witnessed in a very long time and when the younger woman was able to reclaim a somewhat normal respiration, Abby leaned in and kissed her passionately until she completely calm down.

The bliss ended abruptly with a knock on the door. “Dr. Bartlet? It’s Mason. Are you okay?”

“Shit!” Abby swore under her breath, shaking her head. She sat up not noticing the questioning expression on Lorelai’s face.

“Doctor? You’re a doctor? Whose Mason?” Lorelai quizzed her, quietly.

“Yes. I’m a doctor,” Abby sighed in resignation. “Mason is one of the agents assigned to protect me.” She ran her hand through her hair. “Damn it.”

“You need an agent to protect you?” Then it hit her and her hand went up to her mouth and she grabbed an afghan off the back of the couch to cover her nakedness. “Oh my God. You’re…you’re…Abby Bartlet. Dr. Abby Bartlet…the First Lady, Dr. Abby Bartlet…”

Extending her hand again toward the younger brunette, Abby smiled. “Nice to meet you.”

“Dr. Bartlet, I know you’re in there. Please answer me, Ma’am, or I take the door down,” stated the disembodied voice.

“Mason, you do that and you’re fired,” Abby told him, finally acknowledging the agent.

“You can’t fire me, Ma’am.”

Abby looked at Lorelai who was still too shocked to move. It was just started registering that she had just been artfully fucked by the First Lady of the United States. “Are you okay?”

Lorelai nodded, even though she wasn’t. When Abby nodded back at her, Lorelai noticed a tear spill down the older woman’s cheek. “What is it? What’s wrong?”

Shaking her head, Abby said, “it’s nothing.” How could she tell this delicious woman she had just met and made love to that her tears of sadness were a result of not being able to be who she really was, knowing she would never, ever see Lorelai Gilmore again after today, knowing she would be more closely guarded than before and that this would probably be her last ‘indiscretion’ for a while. She reached over and pulled Blue Eyes into a long kiss goodbye. “I’m sorry. I have to go. It’s better that you stay in here, out of sight until you know I’m gone.”

Lorelai nodded in comprehension as Abby stood up. Before she could move to leave, Lorelai grabbed her wrist. “If you ever get back to Stars Hollow, will you remember me?”

Smiling fondly, Abby shook her head. “I don’t think I’ll ever forget you.” And with that, the First Lady sadly turned her life back over to the Secret Service.

The End

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