Name:  Cheyne


Title: Camp Pyramid

Disclaimer: Not mine. Don’t own ‘em.

Fandom:  Bewitched/I Dream of Jeannie

Pairing:  Who else?  Samantha and Jeannie

Rating:  18 

Summary: The girls are making a little magic of their own…

Spoiler or Other Information:  Another Raven challenge.  She wondered what my wicked mind would do with these characters in a ten minute time limit, 2 page max and PWP.  Just a little fluff…

Archive: Only with permission from the author.

The chanting in the background covered the sound of heavy breathing in the woods.

To Know!  To Will!  To Dare!  To Keep Silent!”  The mantra was repeated, gaining momentum, volume rising, oblivious to anything else but the group of women surrounding a huge bonfire. Especially to the two women, lying on a blanket by the lake, under the luminous night sky, creating their own flame.

“Wh…wha…what…are…th…they…say…saying?”  Jeannie managed to get out between gasping for air.  She had been enchanted out of her harem pants by the ever beguiling and enticing Samantha Stevens.  It would have been simpler for Samantha to just wiggle her nose and have the pink, billowy clothing disappear but not half as much fun.  Besides, that cute little nose was a little occupied at the moment.  It was taking in the supernatural but exciting fragrance that was deepest essence of Jeannie.

Samantha never faltered in her rhythm as she masterfully hammered her fingers into the beautiful blonde who was experiencing the magic of Sapphic sex for the first time.  The witch circled her exquisite tongue a few more times around the genie’s folds, interrupting her oral thrusting just long enough to respond.

“It’s the witches pyramid – what they are intoning are the concepts necessary to achieve the best outcome of spell.  I thought you were in that Hex class this morning.”

“I…I…wa…was…b…but…I…was…oh…oh…for…get…I…asked.  Please, Samantha, pleasedon’t…stop…!!” Jeannie breathed, trying to achieve an outcome of her own.

Smiling satisfactorily, Samantha resumed her former activity, dipping her head back between Jeannie’s thighs.  Her thoughts went back to that morning when she saw the alluring woman in the light crimson ensemble from across the meeting hall, looking lost and confused.  The witch was immediately captivated and charmed.

“I came to Camp Pyramid because I thought I might meet some of my Egyptian ancestors,” Jeannie had explained, after Samantha had zeroed in on the bewildered woman.  Invoking Jeannie to stay – at least overnight – the charismatic witch triumphantly lured the already tempted genie into a mystical tryst under the moonlight.

Conjuring up very lusty moans, on the verge of an ecstasy she’d never known in her few thousand years of life, just as Jeannie was about to blissfully fly into the edge of a most magnificently sexual abyss, she gathered enough strength to fold her arms across her perfect naked breasts and blink, placing a spell on Samantha.  As Jeannie exploded in a rapturously ripping climax, Samantha came with her, as though Jeannie had been doing the exact same things to her.

“OH…MY…STARS!!!!” Samantha screamed, panting and quivering, shuddering through waves of orgasm only seconds after Jeannie.  Samantha collapsed in a sated heap over the delicate blonde as they both regained their strength and decorum, extremely pleased with each other and themselves.

The passionate voices in the background had subsided but were starting to rise again.  Recalling that her arousal built with the frenzied chanting, Jeannie rolled Samantha over and, without protest, got to cast a bit of sexual sorcery on the stunning woman beneath her.

Jeannie had, indeed, been bewitched.

The End.



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