Title: Flashpoint

Author: Cheyne

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Disclaimer: All main, recognized characters belong to Dick Wolf, NBC and Universal. The rest belong to me.

Fandom: Law and Order:SVU

Pairing: Detective Alex Cabot/ADA Olivia Benson

Rating: 18

Summary: Our protagonists get closer during the course of an investigation into a flasher who has hospitalized 3 women for laughing at his goods.

Spoiler or Other Information: Yep…another challenge from The Raven. Parameters of length, time and summary were set by Rave. The show is otherwise the same, except Olivia and Alex switch roles.

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This was the third assault in a row. The third time she had been called to the hospital to interview a victim beaten up under the same circumstances. If it weren’t such a serious price to pay for their actions, the SVU detective would have found it quite humorous.

Pushing the curtain aside that separated beds in the ER, she observed the victimized patient, approached the bed and identified herself. “Tell me what happened?”

The woman held an icepack to her swollen, bruised eye. “It happened so fast. You know, you’d think if someone was going to go into the career field of exposing themselves for a living, they would actually have something to expose, for God’s sake!”

The detective suppressed a smile, looking down at her note pad, instead of making eye contact at the victim. She didn’t want the poor woman to think that she was being laughed at, as opposed to being laughed with. “Can you tell me what transpired?”

“I was walking home from work, I’d just turned the corner on to Riverside Drive and crossed the street so I could walk through the park. I heard this rustling and someone say, ‘Psssst’ to my left and I turned toward the sound and there he was. He opened his coat and…showed himself…”

Detective Alexandra Cabot nodded, recording a few details on paper, wondering what comment this woman made to provoke the assault that left her unconscious on the sidewalk. She was the third female in succession who had been flashed by this unknown assailant, broke into hysterical laughter at the sight of his manhood, and had not been able to stop herself from criticizing his ‘goods.’ What followed was a severe beating.

Alex had to approach this carefully, not wanting to give the impression that the victim had, in any way, been responsible for her predicament. “Mrs. Mayfield…did you say anything to the assailant…?”

“I…uh…may have been a tad…unkind…in response to a specific part of his…anatomy…”

Nodding, Detective Cabot pressed on. “Can you remember what you said to him?”

Mrs. Mayfield shrugged. “Something like, ‘what’s it going to be when it grows up?’ Why? Is this somehow my fault?” she asked, getting immediately upset.

“No, no, of course not. I apologize if I implied that. Can you describe your assailant?”

“Uh…he was…white…” she stopped, looking directly at Detective Cabot.


“Oh my God…other than his being Caucasian and having a little weener, I don’t remember anything else. Except he was wearing an older, slate gray London Fog raincoat.”

Alex stopped writing and looked at Mrs. Mayfield. “You can’t tell me what the perpetrator looked like but you can describe his raincoat in detail?”

She shrugged again. “What can I say? I used to be a buyer for the Bon Ton. I notice these things.”


Alex strolled into the SVU bullpen, removed her navy blue blazer and placed it on the back of her chair. She seated herself at her desk, woke up her computer and immediately began searching for her last two weenie wagger cases. This had to be the same guy.

Detective Elliot Stabler looked over at his partner. No wonder his wife left him. Kathy always suspected there was something more than a working relationship between them, even though she knew Alex was a lesbian. It didn’t help that, for the past several years, ever since they were partnered together, the only thing he would discuss about his job at home was what Alex did that day. But, damn, he couldn’t help it. Added to the fact that she was a hell of a cop, Cabot was gorgeous. That long blonde hair, those piercing blue eyes, those luscious ruby lips…she was a little skinny but, damn, the way her jeans fit over her ass was an erection provoker. He couldn’t believe some woman hadn’t snatched her up by now. Well, that wasn’t entirely true. Many had tried but Alex didn’t have time for anyone who didn’t understand her job. And working in SVU consumed her, as it did the rest of them.

“What’d you find out?” Elliot asked.

Locating the files she was looking for, she turned her attention to her partner. “Has to be the same guy.”

“Can this vic at least describe him?”

“Other than the style rain coat he was wearing and that he had a square hole cut out of the crotch of his pants and he was white and had miniscule equipment, no.”

“Let me guess…she laughed at him, too.”

As Alex nodded, she heard the familiar sounds of clicking heels entering the squad room. Holding her breath, she almost didn’t dare to look in the direction the steps were coming from. She knew it was ADA Olivia Benson. She recognized the rhythm of her gait, the intoxicating fragrance of her expensive perfume and it had to take an idiot not to know Alex had strong, unrequited feelings for the beautiful Assistant District Attorney. She looked over at Elliot instead, who was grinning like a hyena.

“Evening, Counselor,” Elliot smiled, pushing his chair out and standing up. “What brings you in here so late?”

“I heard we had another victim of our elusive flasher. I thought before I left for the day, someone could update me.” She was looking directly down at Alex, who was staring at her monitor, hoping Olivia didn’t notice she was blushing.

Olivia Benson was hot. Tall, inviting killer body, exotic-looking, soulful but searing brown eyes, sexy voluptuous lips just begging to be kissed, those legs…and those tailored suits and fuck me heels. Looking at her without being able to touch her was just torture. Alex knew (and she knew Olivia knew) how the ADA affected most men who came into contact with her and Alex didn’t need to guess how she affected certain women because Alex was one of them. She could only hope her lust for Olivia wasn’t as obviously decipherable on her as it was on hound dog Elliot.

“Detective Cabot?” The rich, sultry voice interrupted Alex’ daydream.

Looking up at Olivia, Alex’s voice went dry. “Yes?” she rasped, then cleared her throat. The detective’s eyes unintentionally but magnetically fixated on the ADA’s ample bustline. Mentally slapping herself, Alex forced her line of vision north to Olivia’s tanned, striking face.

The lapse of professionalism was not lost on the lawyer, whose mouth curled in a knowing smile. “I understand you spoke with the latest victim?”


“Can you tell me about it?”

“Same M.O. Perp flashes himself, woman laughs, says something unflattering, perp kicks ass.”

“What was the first victim’s comment that set this guy off?”

“She asked him where the rest of ‘it’ was.”

“Right, right…and the second?”

“She told him she’d never seen an inverted penis before.”

Olivia asked what the third victim said and couldn’t contain her chuckle when Alex told her. “If we catch this guy, do you think any of these women could identify him?”

“Only if he drops his drawers.”


They had moved upstairs, to a conference area right outside the crash room. Elliot and the rest of the squad had left for the day and Olivia and Alex were discussing details of the case over two pretty stale cups of coffee.

Alex could not help but steal glances at Olivia, so smart, so sure of herself. She knew Olivia wasn’t seeing anyone and, even if Alex possessed the knowledge that the ADA was gay, she assumed Olivia wouldn’t be interested in her.

They came from such diverse backgrounds. Olivia, the product of a rape, struggled for every crumb of success she achieved in her life. She worked her way through college, law school and, on an ADA’s salary, was probably still paying back loans. Representing a unit like SVU had been her initial desire all along, it was the reason she became a lawyer, her purpose in life.

Detective Cabot, on the other hand, grew up very privileged. Her parents owned a penthouse on Central Park West and a house in the Hamptons. Alex was educated at upscale, exclusively private schools and was being groomed to enter the family real estate business. She was all but disowned when she announced she had been accepted into the police academy and was going to become one of New York’s finest. After earning her stripes as a patrol cop, she was barely promoted to detective when she volunteered for the Special Victims Unit. Her reasons for applying were not something deep, like Olivia’s were for becoming an SVU prosecutor, Alex initially saw it as a way to cut her law enforcement teeth. She was ambitious and this assignment was a possible ticket to lieutenant or captain. She never expected to become so involved with the victims and the crimes.

Alex could never get over how different Olivia was outside the courtroom. When prosecuting, she was like a pit bull that locked it’s jaws onto something and didn’t let go until it was called off or it’s brain signaled that the mission had been completed. Socially, she was friendly, approachable, witty and, above all, sexy as hell. Sensuality just oozed from every pore.

“So…Detective,” Olivia began, in a low, husky voice, as though she had been reading Alex’s mind, “now that we’ve got business out of the way…I was wondering if maybe you’d like to get together sometime…”

“We’re together now, Counselor,” Alex responded, absently. Suddenly, recognizing that predatory, hungry look in those gorgeous bedroom brown eyes, Alex gulped. “Oh…you mean…” she couldn’t find any words to finish her thoughts.

Slowly, reaching across the corner of the table, Olivia slid her well-manicured hand over Alex’s. “I mean, like a date. You and I have been dancing around this long enough, don’t you think?”

“D…dance…dancing around what?” Alex knew she wasn’t very convincing and if Olivia didn’t quit looking at her like that she just might spontaneously climax on the spot.

Moving in closer, the ADA’s voice was almost a whisper. “This.” Olivia leaned over the table, giving Alex every chance to back away, which she didn’t, and kissed the blonde, tenderly yet with deliberate intent. Several minutes later, when the kiss broke, Olivia studied Alex with mild amusement. The detective’s adorable black glasses were all fogged up, her eyes were closed and her lips were still puckered up. “Did you like?” the brunette asked in a low tone.

Blue eyes finally blinked open, lips parted into a dazzling smile and Alex responded breathlessly with, “I loved.”

Reaching over, Olivia removed Alex’s glasses and set them aside, leaned in again and laid a passionate kiss on the blonde, who reacted by placing one hand on the back of ADA’s neck, anchoring their faces together. When Olivia’s tongue gained entry into Alex’s mouth, a feral moan escaped the blonde, which encouraged more movement from the brunette.

Alex didn’t remember just exactly when they ended up on a bed in the crash room, but she was cognizant enough to have locked the door. She knew this wasn’t right, it was unethical, unprofessional, but she couldn’t stop herself. It had been so long since she felt wanted, needed, attractive, desired sexually, so physically aroused that the locomotive in her adrenalin traveled in a continual circular motion from her brain to her loins. And…it was Olivia Benson, for God’s sake! That alone was almost worth getting caught and possibly fired.

The stunning ADA, straddled Alex’s hips, after she had practically ripped the jeans off the blonde detective. Alex laid there, on her back, paralyzed at the sight of Olivia on top of her, removing her own clothing. When she got down to her bra, Alex sat up, putting her arms around the brunette and unhooked the binding article of clothing, letting it fall to the floor. Laying back down, the detective stared in reverence at the magnificent breasts she had repeatedly dreamt about, now at her disposal. Like a toddler with a new toy, she couldn’t keep her hands off them, couldn’t keep them out of her mouth.

Smiling at Alex’s reaction, Olivia enjoyed the attention the blonde dedicated to her sensitive nipples. Gently pushing Alex back, Olivia bent down, laying herself flat over the detective’s body, breast to breast, skin to skin, curls to curls. Their lovemaking was thorough however impatient. Mouth and finger contact was intense, eagerly satisfying and multi-orgasmic. They were quiet in their intensity, fierce in their silence, concerned that someone might hear them, discover them, ruin the moment, the spontaneity. But it was also that threat of getting caught, that made the experience that much more exciting.

Fortunately, it was a relatively quiet night in the 16th Precinct and no one came near the upstairs room Alex and Olivia were snuggled in. Not wanting to press their luck, they dressed, changed the sheets and moved back out to the conference room. Alex could not look at Olivia without blushing and Olivia could not look at Alex without getting wet all over again. She reached out and took the blonde’s hand, pulling her into a hug, kissing her, tasting herself on the detective’s tongue.

“How about we continue this somewhere more private?” Olivia suggested, softly, staring deeply into the detective’s clear blue eyes.

Nodding, Alex smiled and said, “You liked?”

Nibbling the base of Alex’s neck, Olivia then nuzzled into the detective’s long, blonde hair. “I loved,” she breathed into Alex’s ear.

Shivering, Alex turned her head just enough to meet Olivia’s lips with her own. Grinding together, tempted to rush right back into the crash room, they heard footsteps ascending the staircase and moved apart. “Alright then, Counselor, is there anything else you need from me?”

Olivia folded her arms, arching an eyebrow, waiting for Alex to realize what she had just said. Which didn’t take long.

“I mean, is there anything else I can do for you?” the detective rolled her eyes the minute the words left her mouth.

Olivia shook her head, snickering. “You’re just making it worse,” she mumbled to Alex before the swing shift watch commander hit the top stair.

He acknowledged both women as he headed toward a filing cabinet. He seemed oblivious to the sexually charged atmosphere so before he caught on, Olivia and Alex escaped down the stairs and out of the building.

Strolling in silence for a few blocks, Alex shoved her hands in her jeans pockets. “So…your place or mine?”

“How close are you from here?” Olivia inquired.

“Uptown, West 70’s. You?”

“Much closer.” Linking her arm through Alex’s, Olivia guided her down a side street towards a bustling Amsterdam to catch a cab. They were enjoying the quiet closeness when they both heard:

“Pssst! Pssst!!!”

Olivia was going to ignore it and keep walking but the cop in Alex couldn’t. Stopping, looking around, searching for the source of the voice, the blonde detective addressed the darkness. “Where are you?”

“I’m over here,” the voice told them. “If you can guess what I’m holding here in my hand for you, you can have it…”

Both Olivia and Alex looked at each other, startled, then smiled. This was too good to be true. “Buddy, if you can hold it in only one hand, I’m sure as hell not interested,” Olivia told him, which earned a reprimanding glare from the detective.

Incensed, the man stepped out of the shadows, opened his slate gray London Fog raincoat, exposing his package to the two women. “You interested in this?! Come on, girls, I’m hard as a nail for you.”

Olivia and Alex exchanged glances then looked back at their flasher. Pulling her glasses out and putting them on, she briefly studied the offending member. And started to giggle uncontrollably. “Hard as a nail doesn’t count if it’s only as big as a nail.”

As Olivia joined her new lover in laughter, the man, enraged, rushed toward them, fists first. Alex simply stepped out of his path, made a half-turn and swept the perpetrator’s feet out from under him. It was a fluid motion that impressed the hell out of Olivia.

“Nice move, Detective,” the ADA commented.

“Detective?” came the muffled question from the flasher, now face first on the sidewalk. “Shit.”

“Yep. ‘Fraid so, Peewee,” Alex told him. Since he had fallen almost directly on his genitalia, he didn’t move too quickly. She looked over at Olivia, disappointed. “Rain check?”

Shrugging, the brunette smiled. “I’ll go back to the station with you. This shouldn’t take long.”

Alex cuffed the man and dragged him to his feet, advising him of what he was being arrested for and mirandized him. Calling for a squad car to transport the prisoner and another to drive them back to the One-Six, Alex looked at Olivia and sighed, contentedly.

“What?” the ADA asked, in reference to the sigh.

“I just wish all my work days could end like this,” Alex grinned, obviously referring to her last couple of hours..

“Oh, Detective,” Olivia stated, seductively, “your day is far from being over.”

The End

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