Title: The Bet

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Author: Chakram

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Rating: PG.

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Pairing: Sam/Brooke. Who else?

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Brooke leant against the wall and smiled despite herself. She was angry with Sam, again, but the urge to smack her stepsister upside the head was tempered with the urge to laugh as the brunette loudly, and quite badly, sang the theme to Daria.

Brooke covered her mouth with her hand and laughed softly. Sam could be so cute sometimes.

"I've got to be direct
La la la
If I'm wrong, please correct
La la la

You're standing on my neck
La la la
You're standing on my neck
La la la
You're standing on my neck
La la la la la, la la la la la"

As Sam prepared herself for another round, the blonde glanced at her handbag and frowned as she was reminded again why she wanted this confrontation. Brooke rolled her eyes and wondered if there would ever come a time of peace and reconciliation.

"This is my stop
Got to get off
I might go pop..."

"Excuse me?" Brooke interrupted as she walked out of the toilet cubicle, smirking as Sam whirled around, her expression one of surprise and acute embarrassment. The brunette folded her arms and glared, knowing she was blushing and hating herself for it.

"Something I can help you with, Brooke?"

"Sam, I recommend several years worth of singing lessons," Brooke offered innocently.

"Thanks for the tip."

Brooke smiled "You're welcome."

"Are you just going to stand there, or do you actually have something relevant to say for once?"

It was Brooke’s turn to scowl as she pulled out the newspaper and waved it in Sam’s face. "This is low Sam, even for you."

Sam’s eyes lit up in recognition and inwardly cringed. "I didn't write that."

"You don't expect me to believe that, do you?" Brooke asked in disbelief.

"I don't contribute to the gossip section Brooke," Sam explained calmly.

"But you know who this ‘Revealing Eye’ person is, and you didn't stop them from writing this trash!" Brooke replied, her voice rising with each word.

"You weren't named, that's what blind items are!" Sam snapped, getting slightly annoyed. "The identity of the person in question isn't revealed. Besides, what makes you think this is about you anyway?"

"Oh, I don't know, let's see shall we?" Brooke replied, sarcastically. She glared at Sam as she began to read. "A student who shall not be named, but is blonde, popular and a cheerleader, was seen last weekend exiting ‘Sexy Land’ with a wide range of naughty goodies."

Sam fought to keep the smile off her face. "Sounds like Nicole to me, Brooke."

Brooke sneered as she continued reading. "Does this mean a secretive reunion has occurred between this sexy cheerleader and her hunky quarterback ex?" Brooke glared as she threw the newspaper away. "Does this sound like Nicole now, Sam? This blind item doesn't seem so blind to me!"

Sam shrugged, unconcerned. "What's the point of having a blind item without alluding to who that person is? That's half the fun!"

"Alluding? This so called ‘Revealing Eye’ might as well have printed my name in bold, 72 font!"

Sam laughed before shooting the blonde a mock saucy look. "What were you doing there anyway? Getting in touch with the ho within?"

"I wasn't there," Brooke replied unconvincingly, blushing slightly at Sam’s pretend leer.

"Uh huh, yeah, sure," Sam answered sarcastically. "Revealing Eye is never wrong." She stepped forward and closed the distance between them. "So, where are you hiding the whip, the cuffs and the chocolate sauce?" she asked with a wink.

Brooke blushed even further, mesmerized by Sam’s close proximity and sexy tone. "How did you..." the blonde stopped suddenly, realising she had just given herself away.

"Ha! So you really were there!" Sam exclaimed with a triumphant grin. She gave herself a mental pat on the back. She was so good sometimes.

"It wasn't for me!" Brooke exclaimed, wondering how she had lost control of the situation. She was supposed to be telling Sam off, not defending her actions. "I was with Nicole if you must know. Besides, why wasn't she mentioned in this blind item?"

"Do you think anybody would be surprised hearing Satan goes there?" Sam asked, reasonably.

"It's not anyone else's business! Some people are comfortable with their sexuality Sam," Brooke responded with a pointed look.

Sam chose to ignore that. "You mean, she's comfortable screwing anyone she comes across?"

"There is nothing wrong with that," Brooke argued, folding her arms.

"How much does she charge an hour?" Sam shot back.

"You're just jealous," Brooke responded, inwardly cringing at how primary school that sounded.

Sam laughed. "Jealous of what? The turnstile located in her bedroom?"

"At least she has someone else going in there, besides herself," Brooke replied, with a smirk.

Sam glared. "You're the one to talk."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"I haven't seen anyone take Josh's place," Sam pointed out.

"That's because I haven't been trying."

"Of course!" Sam exclaimed, sarcastically. "The great Brooke McQueen can get any guy she wants, right?"

"Or any girl," Brooke responded smugly without thinking, freezing both girls into place.

"Do you charm them with your modesty, Princess?" Sam asked, finally finding her voice.

"I'm just saying that I always get what I want," Brooke replied. "I’m not being arrogant Sam, just stating the truth."

"Is that so?"


"Well, this situation just begs for it," Sam replied with a smirk, rubbing her hands together in excitement.

"You're going to challenge me on that, aren't you?" Brooke asked, warily.

"Of course, it's what any cliched fan fiction story would do."


"Never mind, too much time spent online."

"Right, moving on." Brooke shot Sam a challenging look. "I'll take anything you throw at me. I could use a little spice in my life."

Sam watched her silently for several seconds. "You must ask out on a date, the first girl who walks through that door."

Brooke stared. "Excuse me?"

"You heard."

"What if they don't swing that way?" Brooke asked with a frown.

"A little detail like that shouldn't be too big an obstacle for the great Brooke McQueen to overcome!" Sam replied sarcastically. "You have three days to change their mind and get them to say yes. You up to the challenge, Princess?"

"You're on," Brooke replied, with a sneer. "On one condition."

"And that would be?"

"You take the same challenge."


"Don't bother denying it, Sam. You don't watch Tomb Raider over and over and over again just for the storyline, okay?" Brooke replied knowingly. "Besides, I think you could use a little spice in your life too."

Sam glared. "Fine. What does the winner get?"

"We'll figure it out later. First girl is mine," Brooke replied as they exchanged glares while simultaneously glancing at the door, the tension rising with each minute that passed.

"Someone is coming," Brooke whispered, reaching out anxiously for Sam’s hand, shooting her a wide-eyed look as the sound of footsteps became louder and louder. Their eyes riveted to the door, they held their collective breath as…

April Tuna walked in.


Holding on to Sam’s arm to stop herself from collapsing, Brooke ignored the brunette’s snickering, and quietly collected herself, shooting April her best grin and stepping forward. "April, you look beautiful today," Brooke began, her smile faltering as she took in April’s… unique ensemble.

"Thank you Brooke McQueen," April grinned, displaying all her teeth and gums. "Yellow and brown are my favourite colours."

Sam giggled, which was immediately masked as a cough as Brooke glared in her direction. The blonde watched the smug expression on Sam’s face and frowned. It was time to change that. She refocused her attentions on the redhead and smiled. "April, Sam and I just made a stupid bet, and in order for me to win, I need to ask you out on a date. Would you like to see a movie tonight?"

Sam stepped forward in surprise. "Hey! Wait a minute..."

"Hush you!" April growled at Sam, before smiling at Brooke. "I accept your offer Brooke McQueen."

"Thanks, April!" Brooke, shooting Sam a triumphant grin.

"You're paying for everything right?"

"Of course," Brooke replied slowly, not expecting the question.

"Roses, dinner, movie, limousine, casino?"

Brooke stared. "I don't think I can afford the last two."

"Whatever, be at my place, seven sharp," April replied, ticking off each finger as she bombarded one instruction after another to a stunned Brooke. "I liked that dress you wore at the Sadie Hawkins dance," she continued, "and wear your hair up, Brooke McQueen," she finished off dreamily, before quickly disappearing.

Brooke stared blankly at the door for several moments before turning around and grinning at Sam. She couldn’t resist the urge to gloat a little. "It took me, oh, what? Two minutes?"

"You told her about the bet!" Sam exclaimed angrily.

"You never said I couldn't," Brooke pointed out, her tone a combination of innocence and smugness. "Ready for your girl, Sam?"

They stood nose to nose, glaring at each other, barely registering the fact another person had just entered the Novak, bringing the total number of people to three. They finally, and reluctantly, tore their eyes away, defiance turning to pure shock as both girls registered the presence of Nicole Julian.

Nicole watched them curiously, wondering why both girls weren’t moving. She squinted and stepped closer. Or breathing. "Brookie, the goldfish look does not become you. Spam..." Nicole stopped and shook her head in disgust. "Why do I even bother."

Sam blinked, not believing her luck. Of course! Who else would enter the Novak! She briefly considered the idea of folding to Brooke, but the proud, stubborn side would not hear it, despite the obvious, tragic consequence that was sure to come.

Sam threw her head back, and squared her shoulders. She was already a social outcast, the brunette reasoned, and there was nothing Satan could to do to make her situation any worse. She stepped forward, forcing herself to smile. "Satan, errr, sorry, Nicole..."

Nicole turned around, confused, wondering whom Spam was smiling at. Not seeing anyone else, she glanced at Sam, half fearfully. "What is going on?"

Sam laughed, then cringed. She sounded like a dying cat. "Nothing! In fact, that skirt looks great on you."

Nicole blinked, for once at a loss for words. "I repeat, what is going on?"

Sam smiled warily. "Well, you see, um..."

"She is sick of the fighting that goes on, right Sam?" Brooke interrupted, finally speaking up.


"Couldn't have said it better myself Sam, you were just extending the hand of friendship, right?" Brooke continued cheerfully, silently urging the brunette to play along.

Sam smiled weakly. "Right."

"Well, hasn't this been a historic day!" Brooke exclaimed, striding over to a completely perplexed Nicole, and gently nudging her towards the door. "Great seeing you Nic, I’ll call you later, bye now!" she continued quickly before closing the door, turning around and leaning against it in relief.

"What the hell was that?" Sam asked stepping forward, watching the blonde in confusion.

"You should be thanking me," Brooke replied, a touch heroically. "I just did you a big favour!"

"I could have handled Satan, Brooke. She can't stand to be in my presence for three seconds, let alone several hours," Sam pointed out. "She would have laughed in my face, told the entire school what a dyke loser I was, and you would have won the bet."

"She would have said yes, Sam," Brooke admitted quietly.


Ignoring Sam’s inquisitive look, Brooke recalled a drunken night she had spent with the other members of the Glamazons several weeks ago. Drunk was too tame a word, she thought with a wince, clearly remembering the headache that threatened to shatter her head into millions of tiny pieces.

Brooke had never intended to get drunk, and after that night, she knew she never would again. What was supposed to be a harmless movie night for some cheerleader bonding turned into an "unlimited liquor fest for all" and once Brooke had finished with one bottle, Nicole and Mary Cherry made sure it would be quickly replaced, ensuring she was never left empty handed.

Soon she had lost count, as had everybody else, and the four cheerleaders were ignoring the television and playing "Truth or Dare" with one of the many empty bottles that lay strewn around Nicole’s bedroom.

"Mah turn, mah turn!" Mary Cherry cheered, as the spun bottle finally landed on her, the game modified to "Truth" as everybody had soon lost the ability to move. "Now, what can ah ask y'all?" She paused, thinking hard, the strain easily showing on her face. "Okay, ah got mah question!" She smiled cheekily. "Picture this scenario!"

The girls rolled their eyes.

"You're on stage, wearing a veil and a cheap, white bridal gown that makes y’all look like a hooker dressing up for some kinky fun! Thousands of people are screaming your name, while you lip sync badly to "Like a Virgin!"

Brooke stared blankly. "Mary Cherry, what are you talking about?"

"The MTV Music Awards, y'all!"

"What's the question, Mary Cherry?" Popita asked, giggling.

"Ah was getting to that, before ah was oh so rudely interrupted!" Mary Cherry glared, before smiling. "Where was ah?"

"Of course, no ‘truth or dare’ can be complete without the standard lesbian question," Nicole interrupted sarcastically, clearly unimpressed. "Lame, Cherry."

"Ah haven't finished yet, damn it!" Mary Cherry snapped. "Y’all must choose a girl from Kennedy High, and it cannot be one of us beautiful, popular girls with flawless skin!" Mary Cherry smiled modestly. "Ah know how tempted y’all would be to choose me as mah full, luscious lips are irresistible to both men and women folk alike!"

Nicole paused for a moment. "Now that makes it more interesting. No one else outside this room is truly worthy of our consideration."

"Well, ah can't choose mah Joe since he is clearly a man. Just look at his shoe size if y’all have any doubts about that," Mary Cherry offered helpfully, missing the disturbed glances from the other occupants of the room. "However, if ah was a pop star slash media whore who needed to resort to obvious publicity seeking attention by capitalizing on the current bisexual chic trend, ah would choose..." Mary Cherry paused for dramatic effect. "Lil Lily!"

"I could have guessed that," Nicole replied in a bored tone. "Poppy, your turn."

Mary Cherry crossed her arms and glared at Nicole, disappointed her question and ensuing revelation still wasn’t scandalous enough for the masses. Ah really need to work on that, Mary Cherry thought, making a mental note to do something shocking at least once a week.

"I'd have to say Carmen," Poppy finally answered after some thought. "I like a bit of meat on a chica, and her curves are sexy. She has a fine ass, and knows how too shake it!"

Nicole glared at both girls. "Remind me later to talk to you about something called ‘good taste’." Shooting them one last pointed look, Nicole turned towards Brooke and smiled, knowing the head cheerleader’s taste in everything was nothing short of exemplary. This would be no different. "Okay, Brookie your turn. Spill!"

Brooke smiled warily, not wanting to reveal which particular Kennedy High student had come to mind, and as of late, never left. "You first Nic."

Nic observed her suspiciously for a moment before shrugging. "Spam."

"WHAT?!" All three cried out, Brooke voicing her shock the loudest.

"She has a big fat mouth that opens itself all too frequently, and is clearly a fashion spaz, making me wonder if Spam is actually blind," Nicole replied casually, "but despite those massive flaws, the girl is a stunner," she finished off simply. "If my inward Sappho came out to play, I would not kick her out of my bed." She leered. "I'd put that sexy mouth of hers to a much better use."

"Oh my gawd Nic, that is so…!" Mary Cherry paused, glancing around the room carefully for suspicious lurkers, "dirty! I loooove it!" she finished with a whisper, and a big grin. Love of the Ellen kind was not a topic broached often where she came from, but thanks to Stupid Bill's (her mama's plane mechanic) large collection of porn videos, Mary Cherry had received a rather enlightening tutorial where this was concerned.

"Sam is kinda sexy," Popita agreed dreamily, with all but Brooke nodding in agreement. She gaped at them in shock, not quite believing her ears. For months now, Sam had been ‘Enemy Number One,’ a continual threat to their status and popularity and now, she shook her head in disbelief, now they were admiring her… sexy mouth? Brooke blushed as Poppy continued with the Sam admiration. "Those pouting lips would be heaven to kiss."

"And her nice behind would send anyone to all sorts of sinful places!" Mary Cherry contributed in a whisper, casting the room another searching glance as she remembered the most recent of many encounters in which her mama had caught her watching "those dirty movies with the harlots getting freaky with the studs," and threatening her  with a "good ol' fashioned spanking and a stint in a mental home for perverts."

"I had a dream about Spam once," Nicole confided as Brooke’s jaw continued to drop and her eyes threatened to leap out of her head. "I was in the Novak admiring myself in the mirror when she entered, for once, in an outfit worthy of my admiration. She was wearing these gorgeous, six inch black heels, and the sexy, tight, black, leather pants clung to her body like a second skin..." Nicole paused for dramatic effect, enjoying the almost orgasmic looks on all those present.

"Get on with it, heffer!" Mary Cherry screeched, leaning forward.

"She was wearing nothing else," Nicole finished off, her eyes glazing over as she recalled the sexy vision in her head.

"I need a cold shower, y'all," Mary Cherry replied weakly, fanning her face and leaning back against Nicole's bed. That would make two of us, Brooke thought in a daze, as she glanced around the room. She quickly amended thought. Make that four of us.

"What happened then, Nic?" Popita asked excitedly, urging her on.

"She started talking, I don't remember what she was saying, and I wasn't paying attention anyway," Nicole replied rolling her eyes. "To cut a long dream short, she spun me around, slammed me up against the wall, and proceeded to fu..."

"That's enough!" Brooke cried out as she jumped to her feet, before swaying dangerously and collapsing on Nicole's bed. "I don't want to hear this! I won’t have you talk about Sam this way, is that understood?"

"But Brooke, she was getting to the really good part!" Mary Cherry wailed.

Brooke met each set of eyes, and showed them she meant business. "Enough."

Mary Cherry and Popita looked away in disappointment, and in reverence to their Captain’s wishes, but Nicole met Brooke’s glare with a suspicious one of her own. "Is there a problem, Nic?" Brooke asked calmly.

Nicole studied her for several moments before replying. This was certainly unexpected. Far worse had been said about Sam in the blonde's presence, most of the time instigated by Brooke herself. There was something going on in that pretty blond head, and Nicole had every intention of finding out what that was, but now was obviously not the time. "Of course not, Brooke! Let’s watch something else instead, hmmm?"

"Hello?" Sam stepped forward and placed her hand against Brooke’s forehead. No fever. "Earth to Brooke?!"

"Huh?" Snapping back to the present and looking deep into Sam’s chocolate coloured eyes, Brooke finally registered their close position, with the brunette almost pinning her against the door. Recalling Nicole’s dream with a topless and dominant Sam wearing tight black leather pants, Brooke gasped. Oh god…

"You disappeared there for a second," Sam explained, curious as to why Brooke was having trouble breathing. She grabbed her gently by the arms, shaking her slightly. "Brooke, you’re really freaking me out here! What’s going on? You look a little... flushed."

"I’m... I'm fine," Brooke finally managed, before asking, "Do you have six inch high heels and leather pants?"

Sam stared. "What?"

"Never mind," Brooke responded quickly, wondering what perverted spirit had possessed her to ask that question out loud. She had to get away from Sam before she truly went insane. "Listen, let’s forget about this stupid bet, okay? I'll see you later."

Dazed and confused, watching Brooke stumble out of the Novak, Sam wondered if the blonde had finally submitted to drugs.


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