Title: It's Always Been You

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Author: Chakram

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"It's about time you showed up."

Brooke stood and met Sam who had just walked through the door. "I've been waiting for you." She held up her keys. "We're going for a drive." Without further explanation, Brooke walked out, leaving Sam to stare after her in confusion.

"Aye, aye, Captain," she muttered, shutting the door behind her. Making herself comfortable in the passenger seat, Sam turned the radio on and glanced at the blonde beside her. "Are you going to tell me where we're going?"

"You'll just have to wait and see," Brooke replied, backing out of the driveway.


They had been driving in comfortable silence, both content to just listen to the radio. Switching stations, Sam paused as she came across a song she hadn't heard in a while.

He's everything you want
He's everything you need
He's everything inside of you
That you wish you could be
He says all the right things
At exactly the right time
But he means nothing to you
And you don't know why

You're waiting for someone
To put you together
Waiting for someone
To push you away
There's always another
Wound to discover
There's always something more
You'd wish he'd say

He's everything you want
He's everything you need
He's everything inside of you
That you wish you could....

Sam couldn't take it anymore. She lunged forward and quickly changed stations.

"Hey, I like that song!" Brooke said, shooting Sam a dark look.

"Yeah, well I don't," Sam replied, turning away. Not wanting to make an issue of it, Brooke kept silent and continued driving.

I thought love was only true in fairytales

You even think of touching that dial and I swear you'll be walking home," Brooke threatened as Smashmouth's ''I'm A Believer" came over the radio.

Meant for someone else
But not for me
Love was out to get me
That's the way it seemed
Disappointment haunted all my dreams

Sam smiled. "Don't worry, I love this song."

And then I saw her face
Now I'm a believer
Not a trace
Of doubt in my mind
I'm in love

Brooke grinned, and began singing with the radio. "Oooooooo! Aaaaaaaahhhhh!"

Sam laughed, despite herself.

I'm a believer
I couldn't leave her
If I tried

Brooke turned the volume up.

I thought love was more or less a giving thing
The more I gave the less I got
Oh yeah
What's the use in trying?
All you get is pain
When I wanted sunshine
I got rain

"Come on Sam! Sing it with me!" Brooke cried, bouncing around in her seat.

And then I saw her face
Now I'm a believer
Not a trace
Of doubt in my mind
I'm in love

"Oooooooo! Aaaaaahhhhh!" Brooke sang, shooting Sam a look who just laughed in response.

I'm a believer
I couldn't leave her
If I tried
What's the use in trying?
All you get is pain
When I wanted sunshine

"I got raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaain!" Brooke continued singing loudly, causing Sam to laugh even harder.

And then I saw her face
Now I'm a believer
Not a trace
Of doubt in my mind
I'm in love

This time Sam joined in. "Ooooooooooo! Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!"

Brooke shot Sam a surprised look, then grinned.

I'm a believer
I couldn't leave her
If I tried

Sam and Brooke smiled at each other, preparing themselves for the big finale.

Then I saw her face
Now I'm a believer
Not a trace
Of doubt in my mind
Now I'm a believer

"YEAH! YEAH! YEAH! YEAH! YEAH! YEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAH!" They yelled, dancing in their seats.

Now I'm believer
Then I saw her face
Now I'm a believer
Not a trace
Of doubt in my mind
I'm a believer...

They sat back with huge grins as the station went to an ad break. "Don't think I didn't notice you laughing at me. My voice isn't that bad!" Brooke said, pretending to be offended.

Sam smirked. "I wasn't laughing with you Brooke, I was laughing at you."

Brooke smiled. "Well, that's good to know." She paused. "Hey!" She cried, when she realised what Sam had said. "That's it! Get out of my car!"

Sam laughed. "Actually, you've got a pretty good voice."

Brooke gave Sam her best smirk. "Well, what can I say? I'm a woman of many talents."

She wiggled her eyebrows, leering at the brunette beside her. Sam blushed, then decided to get her own back. "What's the point of having such skills if there is no audience to appreciate them?" Sam wondered out aloud. Brooke shot her a questioning glance. "I mean, you should try them out on me sometime," Sam answered innocently.

Brooke nearly swerved off the road.


"Are we there yet?"


"Are we there yet?"



"Don't make me hurt you."


"Are we there yet?"


Sam smiled, she loved annoying Brooke. "I'm sorry, I'm just teasing you, that's all."

"It's okay." Brooke shot her a smile.

Sam paused. "Brooke?"


"We there yet?"

"Damn it!"

Sam laughed. She glanced at Brooke and smiled as the cheerleader tried hard to contain her own. "Brooke?"

"Don't even THINK of saying it Sam," Brooke warned.

Sam shot her an innocent look. "What I was going to say was, where the hell are you taking me?"

Brooke shrugged. "I'm a little short of funds at the moment so I'm kidnapping you for ransom."

"Is that so?"

"Yep, meet my dark side."

"So, what's your asking price?"

"One hundred dollars."

"What?" Sam cried, offended.

Brooke shrugged. "I need new shoes. Besides, in this economic climate, I'll take what I can get."

"You cheerleading tight ass! I want you to increase it!"

Brooke glanced at her and smirked. "Two hundred dollars? I can do that."

Sam smacked her on the arm. "Two hundred! More like two hundred billion!"

Brooke laughed. "Yeah right! You're not worth that!" Sam smacked her again and glared.

The blonde smiled shyly in response. "You're priceless, Sam."

Embarrassed by her admission, Brooke kept her eyes straight ahead, focused on the winding road in front of them. Had she taken the chance, she would have seen a stunned, and suspiciously teary eyed, brunette frozen beside her. Unable to voice her reply, Sam simply leaned over and kissed her on the cheek.

And for the second time that night, Brooke nearly swerved off the road.


"Wow!" Sam gaped at the scene in front of her.

"I take it you like?" Brooke asked, smiling.

"It's beautiful!" Sam replied, still taking in the stunning view of glowing, distant lights. They were sitting on the hood of Brooke's car which was parked on the side of a quiet stretch of road.

"Yeah," Brooke agreed, not taking her eyes off Sam.

"I was wondering where the hell you were taking me. I wasn't expecting this!" Sam said, shooting Brooke a grin. "Where exactly are we?"

"Mount Forstaff. A lot of people come up here to check out the view."

"You've obviously been here before."

"When I need some time on my own. You're actually the first person I've bought up here with me,” Brooke admitted.

"Well, I'm glad you did," Sam replied gratefully, touching Brooke's arm in thanks.

"Yeah," Brooke shrugged, embarrassed.

Sam smiled. "As much as I want to sit here and simply enjoy the view with you, I'm guessing that you bought me up here to talk."

"Your powers of perception astound me," Brooke joked.

Sam laughed and gently punched her in the arm. "Smart ass."

Brooke smiled then turned serious. "We need to talk about what happened at lunch today. And what's been happening between us."

Sam froze. "Between us?"

"You haven't noticed lately we've been one step away from pulling each other's hair and clawing each other's faces?" Brooke asked, a little confused.

"Of course I have," Sam replied, a little relieved. "How could I not?"

Brooke stood up and faced her. "I am really sorry Sam, I know that I've morphed into Little Miss Bitch lately. I haven't been dealing with some things too well, but that's no excuse to take it out on you and Alex."

"I can't believe it!" was Sam's response.

"What?" Brooke asked.

"You actually got his name right!"

Brooke laughed. "I may be blonde and a cheerleader, but I'm not that dumb!"

"You have no idea how much that annoyed him," Sam confided.

"Yeah I did, why do you think I kept doing it," Brooke said, smiling.

Sam shook her head, trying not to laugh. "Brooke?"


"Why don't you like Alex?"

Brooke froze. How the hell do I explain that? Buying herself some time, she settled herself beside Sam and focused her gaze on the view in front of them. "What makes you think that?" 

Sam shot her a disbelieving look. "You're kidding me right?"

Brooke sighed. "Look, I barely know the guy."

"Which is exactly my point! You are not a vindictive person Brooke, despite the horrifying company you surround yourself with."

"I don't know. I just...I don't know." Brooke paused. "Haven't you ever met someone who immediately rubs you up the wrong way? They don't necessarily do anything to you, they just annoy you." Brooke prayed that Sam would accept her lame reason.

"Yeah, I have," she replied.

"Who?" Brooke asked, curious.

"You," Sam responded cheekily.

Brooke stared at her for a moment, then laughed. "We didn't have the best of starts did we?"

Sam grinned back. "Talk about stating the obvious." She turned her gaze to the sky, her expression thoughtful. "You know, I think we're going to be okay.”

Brooke nudged Sam with her shoulder and smiled. "I think you might be right.”


Noticing Sam was beginning to shiver a little, Brooke stood up and grabbed the blanket she had stashed in the back seat. She handed it over. "Here, it's getting a little cold."

Sam accepted it with a grateful smile. "Thanks." She looked at Brooke. "You okay?"

"I'm fine," she replied. "I've got my jacket on." Despite that, Sam shuffled over and flung the blanket around her shoulders so they were both closely huddled beneath it. Sam smiled shyly. "Wouldn't want you catching a cold or anything."

"Thanks," Brooke replied, loving every second of it. Her mind began to wander as she brainstormed other possible reasons for Sam to invade her personal space on a more frequent basis.

Ms Glass, Sir, this is a note from my parents informing you of my extremely rare condition. In order for me to survive, it is absolutely imperative that Sam McPherson sits on my lap for the entire class. My life depends on it.

Brooke smiled to herself.

Dad, Jane,
I don't know how to tell you this, but Sam has been marked by the Federal U.S. Government for assassination. As her personal bodyguard, I must be in direct contact with Sam at ALL times. This also means sleeping in her bed.

Brooke grinned. She really liked that scenario.

"What are you grinning at?" Sam asked, a little disturbed.

Brooke cleared her throat, and blushed. "Nothing."

"Right," Sam replied, clearly not believing her. "Brooke?"

"Yes?" Brooke responded, still not fully paying attention.

"I'm sorry about Alex today."

Pushing aside her lustful thoughts, Brooke glanced at Sam. "Don't be. I mean, his last comment bought up some unpleasant memories but other than that, he had every right to be angry. I wasn't treating him that nicely, and I was giving you a hard time. I'm the one who should be apologizing. I really am sorry Sam. You are the last person I want to hurt, but that's all I seem to be doing lately."

"You're not entirely to blame Brooke. I gave as good as I got, and I know some of the things I said to you hurt you deeply. Besides, it's not as if I went out of my way to see what was wrong, even though I wanted too."

"I was biting your head off most of the time, why would you come near me? Besides, I wouldn't have told you," Brooke admitted.

"Because you don't trust me," Sam stated, hurting at the thought.

Brooke shook her head. "It's not that. It was something I had a little trouble accepting but I'm okay with it now. I promise I won't take my frustrations out on you."

Sam frowned as a thought came to her. "It's not your eating disorder is it?"

Brooke was quick to reassure her. "No, it isn't, believe me."

"Isn't there anything I can do to help out?" Sam asked, feeling helpless.

"Just be my friend Sam," Brooke replied, seriously.

She grinned. "I think I can do that."

They lapsed into a comfortable silence and Sam wondered if today could get any more weird. It certainly had been a day of revelations, all culminating with a small trip to the mountains where she was huddled under the blanket with Brooke, watching the stars and the bright lights of the surrounding towns.

What started off as a day from hell was fast becoming a good one. Sneaking a glance at the blonde sitting very closely beside her, Sam smiled inwardly. Now if only I can get her to do this more often.

She paused, thinking.

Brooke, mind if I sleep with you tonight? I have no idea how it happened but my bed mysteriously caught on fire! I can't believe it! Who would do such a thing?!

Sam snickered.

"What's so funny?" Brooke asked, confused when the brunette beside her started laughing for no reason.

"Nothing," she replied, trying hard not to blush.

Brooke just smiled. "Right." She looked up quickly as something caught her eye. "Sam, look! A shooting star! Make a wish!"

Ever the cynic, Sam laughed. "I don't think so."

Smiling sadly, Brooke stood up and faced her. Covering Sam’s hands with her own, she leant forward. "Sometimes, you just need to believe," she whispered into her ear. Pulling back slightly, her lips mere inches from Sam's, Brooke gazed at the beautiful face in front of her and smiled. "Make a wish," she whispered again.

Sam simply nodded, not trusting herself to speak. I want you to love me back.

"We need to get going," Brooke said after a long moment. Sam nodded again, but neither one made an effort to move.

"Brooke?" Sam finally found her voice. "We need to come up here again."

Brooke smiled. "Definitely."


Sam picked up the phone then put it back down. She had been doing this for the best part of fifteen minutes and still hadn't found the nerve to call Alex. The events of last night was all she could think about. If there was ever any doubt about how Sam felt about Brooke, last night had easily destroyed them all.

She was one hundred per cent, head over heels in love with her stepsister.

That reason alone was enough to give Sam a migraine, but having a boyfriend on the side wasn't helping matters either. Brooke had managed, by standing mere inches away, what Alex couldn't in the two months she had been with him.

Make her heart race.

Sam sat up and reached for the phone. She needed to talk to him. Wanting a distraction, she had invited Lily and Carmen over for lunch earlier that afternoon and on the spur of the moment, had subtly bought up her problems. Sam shook her head and smiled. Okay, so it wasn't exactly subtle. And the conversation hadn't helped a bit. She was still as confused as ever.

Sam put down the phone.


Sam, Lily and Carmen were scattered around the lounge room, absently flicking through channels. "You know, it might have been wise to rent a movie. Saturday afternoon television isn't exactly riveting," Carmen dryly commented.

"I still think Moulin Rouge was more depressing than Titanic!" Lily stated, continuing the discussion.

"Yeah, at least when Rose died, she met up with Jack in heaven or whatever," Carmen agreed.

"I can think of a more depressing movie than that," Sam offered. She had wanted to breach the topic of Alex and Brooke for a while now but hadn't found a way to do it without arousing suspicion.

Now was the perfect opportunity. She took a deep breath and told the story of a movie that did not exist. Make it convincing, Sam.

"It was some foreign movie that I came across one night when I couldn't sleep. There was this girl, and she was going out with this guy. But she was in love with this other guy."

"Did they get together in the end?" Carmen asked.

"No, she never told him how she felt," Sam answered.

"Well, did the other guy feel the same way?" Lily wanted to know.


"How do you know that?" Carmen asked.

Sam took a moment to respond. She considered mentioning the guy in question was the girl’s stepbrother, but quickly pushed that thought aside. That would be way too obvious, and Carmen and Lily would see right through it.

"You just knew. Well, they were becoming good friends...” Sam replied.

"I still think Moulin Rouge is more depressing," Lily interrupted.

Sam shook her head. "Think about it! At least they got to spend some time together. Even Jack and Rose had three or four days together. But this girl would never know what it would be like to be with her soul mate!" Sam argued.

"Well, when you put it that way," Carmen replied, her expression thoughtful.

"So this girl thought her guy friend was her soul mate?" Lily asked.

Sam paused. Is that how I see Brooke, as my soul mate?

After a long moment, she finally answered. "Yeah, I guess she did. She just knew that she had always loved him, even when she didn't realise it, and there was no one else who made her feel the way he did." Sam paused. "It's always been her."

"Him," Lily corrected.


"It's always been him, you said her," Carmen explained.

Sam blushed. "Right, him."

"I think she should have taken the risk and let him know how she felt," Lily said.

"There were obstacles in the way," Sam answered.

"Like what?"

"Well, um, he had a girlfriend. Yeah, he had a girlfriend." Sam quickly replied, making it up as she went along.

"So? Take the risk I say!" Lily said with conviction.

"Oh come on! What if he didn't feel the same way about her? She could ruin a perfectly good friendship!" Carmen shot back.

"Rewards can outweigh the risk! She should have told him! He could have been the love of her life!" Sam watched on as Carmen and Lily became more heated in their debate.

"He had a girlfriend! You can't expect her to just walk in and try to steal someone who's already taken!"

"What about the poor guy she's with! It's not fair she stays with him, when she's in love with someone else!" Lily argued.

Sam cringed.

"The fact is, this guy is with someone else! And sometimes, the one you love doesn't love you back. So, you love the one you're with!" Carmen reasoned.

"Love the one you're with, huh?" Sam asked, quietly.

"Unless she has a fairly good idea that the guy loves her back, then I think she should forget about him and move on with her life," Carmen said.

"That is so unromantic!" Lily cried out.

"Easier said than done, Carmen," Sam replied.

"It's reality! Life isn't like the movies where everything turns out alright in the end!" Carmen responded. "I don't like it, but that's just the way it is!"

"Love the one you're with, huh?" Sam repeated again, her heart breaking.

Lily glanced at Sam. "Alright, you win." She paused. "That foreign movie is more depressing."


A knock interrupted Sam's thoughts. Sitting up, she grinned as the cause of her problems walked through the door and sat down beside her.

"Hi" Brooke said, returning the smile.

"Hi" Sam responded.

They stared at each for a moment.


Sam laughed. "You said that already."

"What are you up to?" Brooke asked, trying to cover her embarrassment.

Sam shrugged. "Just thinking. I was going to give Alex a call actually."

Brooke stood up, trying to hide her disappointment. "Sorry, didn't mean to interrupt."

"No! I mean, no, you're not. I wasn't really up to it, to tell you the truth."

Brooke sat down. "Problems?"

"We had a little disagreement."


"What about you? Any plans for tonight?" Sam asked quickly, wanting to change the subject.

"Michael's birthday party," Brooke answered.

Sam nodded, remembering. "That's right, everybody was talking about it."

"Are you going?"

"I wasn't invited," Sam answered with a wry smile. 

Brooke paused. "You can come with me if you like."

"Are you serious?"

"Yeah, why not? You're allowed to bring a date," Brooke replied without thinking. Sam shot her a surprised, but pleased look, as Brooke blushed. “You should give the others a call as well."

"Lily, Carmen and Harrison? Are you sure that would be allowed? We might curse the place with our presence," Sam responded sarcastically.

Brooke shot her a grin and shrugged. "Being the most popular girl in school does have its advantages. Believe me, nobody will say a word. Besides, Michael has a crush on me, he won't mind."

Sam laughed. "You are such a tease."

"I am using my feminine charms for good, not evil," Brooke replied innocently as she stood up. "I better get ready."

Sam glanced at the clock. "When does the party start?"

"Eight, I think."

"Brooke, it's six," Sam remarked with a slight frown.

"You’re point?" With a grin, she walked out.


"Time?" Sam asked impatiently. She, along with Lily, Carmen and Harrison were gathered around the kitchen table.

"Quarter past eight," Harrison replied.

Sam shook her head in disbelief. How it could possibly take Brooke more than two hours to get ready for a party was beyond her. It had taken her twenty minutes!

"Sorry, I'm late everyone."

Sam turned and stopped in her tracks. Oh my god. She had fully intended to greet Brooke's long awaited arrival with a sarcastic comment, but was left speechless instead.

And drooling.

Brooke shuffled nervously as four sets of eyes stared at her. One in amazement and envy, one in part disgust and fascination, the other two with lust.

"Red leather pants, interesting choice," Lily finally commented.

"Sorry Lily," Brooke answered, sheepishly.

"YoulookreallygoodBrookereallygoodwow," Harrison mumbled with glazed over eyes.

"Thanks, I think," Brooke replied, having no idea what Harrison said.

"You look great Brooke! I mean, really!" Carmen gushed.

"Love your top Carmen," she replied with a grin, causing the brunette too nearly faint with happiness. Turning her attention to Sam, Brooke noticed she was still staring at her leather-clad legs. She grinned, inwardly doing the happy dance. "Sam? Sam? SAM!"

"Huh? What?" Sam reluctantly tore her eyes away.

"We should get going," Brooke suggested with amusement.

Sam shot her a look. "Right, after you."

As soon as the blonde cheerleader turned away, Sam lowered her gaze and focused her attention completely on Brooke's ass, a part of her ashamed for acting like a perverted old man.

Brooke meanwhile, silently congratulated herself. It seemed that Sam had a fondness for leather.

Note to self: Need more leather in my closet...


Sam rolled her eyes as yet another guy came up and asked Brooke to dance. How many was that now? She wracked her brain, trying to remember. She had lost count after thirteen.

"You should go and dance Brooke. You don't need to baby-sit me,” Sam said, more harshly than she intended.

They had arrived at the hall Michael had rented out, to find the music blaring and what Sam thought was the entire school in attendance. They were everywhere! People making out on the grass outside, people smoking something or other on the roof, people drinking on the street.

She stole another glance at Brooke, again admiring her appearance. To say those red leather pants had caused quite the uproar was an understatement and Sam knew that come Monday, leather clad Brooke McQueen clones would be invading the school.

Before the blonde could respond, Michael appeared in front of them. He smiled at Brooke, offering her a drink. "Glad to see you could make it." He turned to Sam, his smile disappearing. He gestured to Lily, Carmen and Harrison who were dancing with Josh. "I don't remember inviting you or your friends."

"That's because I did," Brooke replied, with a pointed look. "I hope you don't mind."

Michael gazed in awe at the goddess before him. "No, no, that's fine Brooke, whatever you want, it's all good."

Brooke grinned. "I'm glad." She took the drink from his hands and offered it to Sam. "Happy Birthday, by the way."

"Thanks." He stopped, gathering his courage. "Would you mind dancing with me later? Since it's my birthday and everything?" he asked, putting on what he thought was his best grin.

Brooke inwardly gagged."Sure, later okay?" Brooke turned to Sam, grabbing her by the hand and pulling her away. "Let's go."

They walked outside to a more secluded area. Sitting down against the wall overlooking the garden, Brooke sighed. "Maybe coming here wasn't such a good idea," she said.

Sam patted her thigh. "Or maybe you should have worn something else. The guys really can't get enough of you tonight."

"They're idiots. They wouldn't know what beauty was if it kicked them in the ass," Brooke replied, taking a swig of her drink.

"What do you mean?" Sam asked confused.

"If they had any sense at all, they'd be drooling over you, not me." Sam blushed, as Brooke continued. "I know I'm attractive, but it's the image I have that they're more attracted too," Brooke finished, taking another sip.

"You may have a point Brooke but still those pants are pretty hot." Sam paused. "Hell, if I wasn't your stepsister, I'd jump you." They stared at each other for a moment then laughed.

"Want to guess how many people will be wearing leather on Monday?" Brooke asked, with a smirk.

Sam laughed harder. "I was thinking that before, actually!"

Brooke smiled, then changed the subject. "Did you notice Lily and Josh were dancing just a little too close?"

Sam thought for a moment. "Now that I think about it." She glanced at Brooke. "Does that bother you?"

The cheerleader shook her head. "No. Like I said, I don't love him like that. I'm just surprised he didn't tell me."

"Maybe they don't realise how they feel yet," Sam said, shrugging.

"You just might have a point." Brooke turned to Sam with a sly look on her face. "How about we make a bet?"

"A bet? What kind of bet?" Sam asked, intrigued.

"Well, if they're not already a couple, I'll give it a week."

"A week! No, I'd give it more than two," Sam countered. “These things usually take time to come out in the open.”

"Okay, then if I win..." Brooke paused for a moment, thinking. "If I win, you'll have to be my slave for a week!"

Sam shot her a look. "How very original. And if I win?"

"I'll draw you a certificate," she answered cheekily.

Sam rolled her eyes in amusement before considering Brooke’s original proposal. "Actually, I wouldn't mind bossing you around for a week. I'll go with that," Sam replied.

"As if you don't boss me around already," Brooke shot back.

"Oh, you love it!" Sam smirked, holding out her hand. "So it's on?"

Brooke shook it firmly. "I'm looking forward to it McPherson! My car needs a good wash."

Sam laughed.

"Lily and Josh. Wow, I didn't see it coming," Brooke said, shaking her head in amazement.

"We could be completely wrong, you know," Sam pointed out.

"No, I don't think so. You can tell a lot just by analysing body language. They had eyes only for each other and there was barely any space between them," Brooke replied, neither girl realising the blonde cheerleader had just described their own situation perfectly.

"Nobody ever said love was logical," Sam said, finishing off the remainder of her drink. She stared at the empty bottle and frowned.

"Want me to get you another?" Brooke asked, noticing Sam's disappointment.

"No, it's okay." Sam grabbed Brooke's bottle and began drinking.

"Hey!" Brooke cried out, trying to snatch it back. Sam laughed as she held the bottle away from her. "Hand it over McPherson!" Brooke threatened. "Or I'll...."

"You'll what?" Sam teased.

"I'll do this!" Brooke yelled, lunging at Sam, who was still trying to keep the bottle out of reach.

"Brooke get off me!" Sam laughed, trying to stop herself from falling on her side.

"Not until you give it back!" Brooke replied, tickling the brunette.

"Never!" Sam shrieked as Brooke tickled a particularly sensitive spot. "Stop it! Brooke!"

She laughed harder as she dropped the bottle, trying to protect her ribs by slapping away at Brooke's hands. "That's what you get for taking what doesn't belong to you!" Brooke cried out, loving the sound of Sam’s laughter.

She was surprised when the brunette suddenly sat up and flew at her, her momentum causing Brooke to fall backwards, with Sam lying half on top of her. Brooke grinned, enjoying this turn of events.

"Ha!" Sam cried out triumphantly. "Who's the Queen now, bitch!"

Brooke laughed. She loved seeing the more playful side of Sam, a side she didn't show often enough, especially around her. "Okay you win, your Majesty," Brooke conceded with a smile.

"And don't you forget it!" Sam replied with a smirk, not making any effort to move.

They stared at each for a few moments.

"You should do this more often," Brooke said, breaking the silence.

"What? Leap on top of you?" Sam replied, smiling.

"No," she answered with a laugh, though she certainly would not complain. "Let your guard down."

"I'm trying," Sam replied seriously. "Though I must admit I'm finding it much easier to do that around you." She reluctantly pushed herself off Brooke and sat beside her.

"I'm glad to hear that," Brooke said, shifting so she could place her head on the brunette's lap.

"Comfortable enough?" Sam inquired, with a small smile.

"Yes, thank you," Brooke replied with a cheeky grin. "Besides, you owe me for stealing my drink. I'm dying from dehydration over here!"

"You poor baby," Sam replied with mock sympathy. "Though, if you are truly suffering from dehydration, I recommend good old fashioned water, rather than Baccardi Breezers."

"Smart ass."

"Just doing my duty," Sam replied with a grin. She began running her fingers though Brooke's hair.

"That feels nice," Brooke purred, closing her eyes.

"You've got bits of grass stuck in your hair," Sam said. "Unless of course you want to keep them and start a new fashion trend. You never know, it just might take off."

Brooke laughed. "I sincerely doubt it." She opened her eyes and gazed at Sam. "Don't stop please."

"I won't," Sam replied softly.


“Show me again?"

"Over there, I think that's the Archer."

"Looks like a bunch of stars to me," Brooke replied with a frown.

Sam laughed. "I don't think many people would disagree with you."

"And mine is that group over there?" Brooke asked, pointing.

"Yep, that is supposedly the Lion," Sam answered.

"How on earth did they get a Lion out of that?!" the cheerleader asked in amazement.

Sam smirked. "Beats me."

Brooke tore her eyes away from the so-called Lion and glanced at the brunette above her.

"You seem to know a lot about this stuff."

Sam shrugged, still running her fingers through Brooke's hair. "When I was a kid, I was fascinated by the stars and the planets. I used to read everything about them."

"I had a thing for dinosaurs," Brooke admitted.

"You're kidding me?" Sam replied with honest surprise. "I would have pictured you surrounded by a million Barbie’s or something."

"Oh I had all that, but Barbie preferred to ride a T-Rex instead of driving a Porsche," Brooke said with a grin.

Sam laughed, shaking her head. "You never cease to amaze me Brooke McQueen."

She gazed fondly at the blonde and realised there was absolutely nothing else she would rather be doing. She quickly amended that thought and blushed. Okay, almost nothing. Doing more naughty things would have been great but this was nice too. They had been outside for over an hour, relatively secluded from the rest of the party, with just each other and the night sky to keep them company.



"I'm having a great time," Brooke replied seriously.

Before the brunette could reply, Sam's mobile phone began to ring, startling them both.

"It's Carmen," she informed Brooke with surprise, before answering. "Hello?.....we're outside....just talking....yeah, I'll tell her....okay....yeah....bye."

"What's wrong?" Brooke asked.

"It seems Michael has been looking for you. He wants that dance," Sam answered, trying, but not succeeding, in hiding her disappointment.

Brooke made no effort to hide her displeasure. "Fucking hell!"

Sam smiled. Yep, that pretty much summed it up. It made her feel all warm and tingly inside to know Brooke clearly preferred her company to that dumb ass. Sam's expression darkened at the thought of Michael, who she secretly referred to as "The lame ass version of Josh." He was popular, good looking and part of the football team, but he was also an arrogant bastard with the intelligence of a rock.

Least, and worst of all, he had his eyes set on Brooke ever since news spread of her break-up with Josh and Sam didn't like that one bit. She narrowed her eyes and growled.

"My thoughts exactly," Brooke said with some amusement.

Sam gave her a sheepish grin. "Sorry."

"I don't want to move either," Brooke admitted. "I vote we run away, never to be seen again."

"That means we still have to move," Sam pointed out.

Brooke groaned. "The sooner I get this over with," she said, "the sooner we can get out of there." She helped Sam to her feet but didn't let go, pulling the brunette into a hug and turning slightly to kiss her on the cheek.

"That's for being a comfortable pillow and for the wonderful head massage," she explained shyly. "It'll be your turn next time." She hooked her arm through Sam's and slowly walked back to the hall.

It was a good thing Brooke did that, Sam decided, because she was almost positive she was incapable of standing by herself.


Sam glared as Michael once again tried grabbing Brooke's ass. That's it! I'm gonna kill him. She slammed her drink down and started marching toward the couple, intent on introducing her fist to Michael's face. She had watched them dance to several songs, each time sculling down a Breezer.

She knew the alcohol was affecting her judgement and encouraging her jealous rage but she didn't care. She couldn't stand to see them together any longer. Attempting to reach her target destination, Sam's path was suddenly blocked when Harrison stepped in front of her with a smile.

"It's about time you've gotten on the dance floor! Where have you been?" He yelled, trying to be heard over the music.

"Out of my way, I've got a face to punch," Sam replied, trying to get around him.

"Huh? Whatever, dance with me!"

Harrison grabbed Sam by the waist and pulled her close.


"You and Josh were getting a little hot and heavy," Carmen teased, nudging Lily with her shoulder. They were standing together on the sidelines, watching the dance floor with interest.

"Was not," Lily tried to deny, blushing. She looked away and noticed Sam and Harrison. "Talk about hot and heavy, would you look at that!" Carmen followed Lily's gaze and watched them for a few moments. "They'd make a nice couple," she commented.

"Yeah," Lily nodded her agreement. "Though I doubt Alex would be pleased to hear that." She gestured at the dancing duo. "Or see that."

"Well, it's not as if things have been that great between them," Carmen pointed out.

"You noticed that too, huh?" Lily asked surprised.

"Of course. I mean, on the outside, everything looks fine but if you look closely..." Carmen trailed off, trying to organize her thoughts. "Sam loves him but I don't think she's in love with him. When she speaks of him there's no..." She paused. "There's no passion."

"I don't think the events of Friday lunchtime helped matters either," Lily replied.

Carmen nodded in agreement. "For some reason, Sam's trying to hold on but I don't think Alex truly realizes what's happening. He is totally in love with her."

"Do you think there's someone else?" Lily asked.

They paused for a moment, contemplating the question. It wasn't too long after, that their eyes lit up as the exact same thought entered their heads.

"Oh my god!" Was all Lily said.

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" Carmen asked, excited.

"That the so-called foreign movie was actually a non-existent foreign movie?" Lily replied.

"Actually, my first thought was 'I wouldn't mind another drink,' but yes!" Carmen cried out. "She's in love with someone else, and she was asking our opinions as to what she should do!"

"I can't believe it! Who could it be?" Lily asked, feeling like she was involved in the latest movie of the week thriller. She frowned as a thought came to her. "Josh?"

Carmen waved that suggestion away impatiently. "He only has eyes for you. It isn't him." She paused. "There's only one other real possibility," she continued mysteriously. "What other guy does she spend all her time with?"

Lily looked at the dance floor. "Harrison?"

Carmen nodded. "Sam is in love with Harrison."


"Michael, touch my ass one more time, and I swear I'll give you a birthday present you'll never forget," Brooke threatened, pushing him away. "I've had enough." She turned away to leave but he grabbed her by the arm and tried to apologize.

"I'm sorry, Brooke. I just really like you, that’s all."

She glared at him. "Let me go, now."

He sneered at her angrily. "What? So you can go back to that bitch?" He had planned to say many more insulting things but was left stunned by Brooke slapping him. Hard. He touched his face in shock and quickly looked around to see if anybody had noticed.

Due to the almost deafening volume of music and their position on the relatively dark and crowded dance floor, nobody seemed aware of what had just happened and he was eternally thankful. He stepped back as Brooke moved closer.

"Don't you EVER call her that again," she growled, shoving him in the chest.

He watched her walk away, then shrugged. Women.


"Just one more Sam," Harrison pleaded.

"You said that three songs ago. I need to go and find Brooke," Sam replied, pulling away.

He let her go with frustration. "It's always about bloody Brooke."

She glared at him but decided not to comment, preferring to find the blonde instead. She tried to weave her way through the crowd, finding it difficult to move through the withering, grinding bodies. And let's not talk about the darkness and the fucking flashing lights that are giving me a freaking headache. Where the hell is she?!

She slowly made progress, stopping every so often to look around, even though it proved absolutely useless. She went to move again, but nearly jumped through the roof when a pair of arms encircled her waist from behind, pressing their lean body against hers.

"I've been looking for you," a familiar voice whispered in her ear.

Oh god. "Brooke?"

"I saw you dancing with Harrison and went to get a drink. When I came looking for you, you weren't there," she explained. She tightened her hold on Sam, pressing harder against her. "I've found you now."

She began to sway as another song came blasting over the speakers.

Sexy, everything about you so sexy
You don't even know what you got
You really hit my spot
Oh yeah, yeah
And you're so innocent
Please don't take this wrong cos it's a compliment
I just wanna get with your flow
You've gotta learn to let go
Oh baby, won't you

Brooke placed her chin on Sam's shoulder, planting the softest kiss on her neck. "Dance with me," she whispered hotly, smiling slightly as Sam responded without hesitation, covering Brooke's forearms with her own and pressing back, molding their bodies even further.

Work it a little
Get hot just a little
Meet in the middle
Let go, just a little bit more (just a little bit)
Gimme just a little bit more

Let me, I'll do anything if you just let me
(Come on baby)
Find a way to make you explore
I know you wanna break down those walls

Sam turned around, needing to see the blonde’s face. Using both hands to grab Brooke by the waist, she drew their bodies together…

And its so challenging
Getting close to you, what I'm imagining
I just wanna see you get down
You gotta let it all out

Oh baby, won't you just
Work it a little, yeah
Hot just a little
Meet in the middle
Go, just a little bit more (just a little bit)
Gimme just a little bit more

She buried her face against Brooke's neck and closed her eyes, barely suppressing a moan as Brooke's fingers trailed up her back and tangled themselves in her hair.

It’s so exciting, the way you’re inviting me yeah
(I know you really like it like that)
Can't get enough, won't you satisfy my needs
(Please let me be)

Work it a little
Get hot just a little
Meet me in the middle
Let go, just a little bit more (just a little bit more)
Gimme just a little bit more

Sam ran her hands down Brooke's strong back as she swayed to the music, grinding harder against her. She heard Brooke moan and pressed into her even more.

She couldn't get enough.

Everything about you so sexy

Sam opened her eyes as someone bumped into her, snapping her back to reality.

Fuck! What the hell am I doing!

She needed to stop this before she did something stupid, like kiss Brooke, which she was seconds away from doing. Sam slowly, reluctantly stepped away, a mixture of arousal, shock and embarrassment on her face. She fought back the urge to jump straight back into Brooke's arms.

She gazed at her for a moment, speechless.

"I need..."

Brooke stepped forward.

"I need some air."

Sam turned and walked away.


Brooke stopped and debated what to do next.

She had been searching for what seemed like forever and still hadn't found Sam. She shook her head in embarrassment, mentally kicking herself for losing control on the dance floor. She didn't mean to take it that far, but Sam had felt so good that she couldn't seem to stop.

She tried Sam's phone again. Switched off.


She ran an agitated hand through her hair and debated whether to just give up and go home. Maybe that's where Sam had gone.  And what will you say to her when you see her Brooke?

"Shut up brain," she muttered to herself, ignoring the weird look she received as some guy walked passed. She didn't want to think about that now. First things first. Find Sam then make something up.

Good plan.

She nodded to herself and continued walking, deciding to give the hall grounds one more search. Rounding a corner, she stopped suddenly when she saw a familiar figure pressed up against some guy she didn't recognise.

Great. Just great.


"Sam? What are you doing here?"

"Are your parents home?"

"No, they're away for the weekend."

"Good." She stepped inside and shoved him against the wall, kissing him hard.

"Upstairs, now."

It took Alex only a moment before he followed her to his bedroom.



Nicole stopped and glanced at the blonde. Pushing the guy away, she walked unsteadily over to where Brooke was standing. "Brookie! There you are! I was looking for you!" she cried out happily.

Brooke raised an eyebrow and crossed her arms. "It doesn't look like you were trying very hard."

Nicole shrugged. "I got a little distracted," she replied smirking. She turned to the boy. "You can go now John," she said, waving him away. "Go on! Shoo!"

"My name's Andrew and we just got started!" he complained.

"Andrew, John, Delilah, I don't care." She glared at him. "Go away!"

She watched him for a moment then turned to face Brooke. She grinned.

Brooke rolled her eyes. Who would have guessed that Nicole Julian of all people was a happy drunk? "Nic?"


"How many drinks have you had tonight?"

"Only a couple."

Brooke stared.

"Or maybe ten," Nicole continued thoughtfully. "Which might explain why I can see three of you." She started laughing.

Brooke shook her head, then placed her arm around Nicole's waist, steadying her. "Come on, there are some steps over there." Brooke slowly guided them until they were both seated, waiting patiently as Nicole composed herself.

"Have you seen Sam by any chance?" Brooke asked, breaking the silence between them.

"Your girlfriend? Not since I saw you two practically fucking on the dance floor," Nicole answered with a leer. Brooke groaned as she put her head in her hands. Nicole continued, clearly enjoying herself. "Nice show by the way. Is it any wonder I needed some relief from Jack?"

"Andrew," Brooke replied absently. My god, how many people had seen them?

"Whatever," Nicole said. She took a deep breath before continuing. “Listen, about the other day. If Spam makes you happy, then…” She paused, unsure of what to say. “I guess I should congratulate you on your union or whatever. You have my support Brookie, despite the horror and torment I know will be coming my way.”

Brooke looked up quickly, ignoring the last part of Nicole’s declaration. "Support? You support me getting together with Sam?" She paused. "Nic, how many have you had tonight? Really?"

Nicole shrugged. "I thought a lot about what you said to me yesterday and came to a decision." She looked at Brooke, a serious expression on her face. " A person like me doesn’t deserve a friend like you and I can’t imagine why you’ve put up with me for so long. I'm not one for mushy, lovey dovey declarations so I'm only going to say this once. I don't want to lose you either because you're the only person on this planet I actually care about. You're my best friend and I want to keep it that way." She stopped then smiled sheepishly. "Hell Brooke, you're my only friend!"

Brooke gaped at the blonde beside her, not believing what she was hearing. Once the shock wore off she grinned and threw her arms around her, surprising the hell out of Nicole.

"Hey! I don't swing that way," she joked, awkwardly patting Brooke on the back. She was not used to displays of affection from anyone, but she smiled, grateful that no one else was around to see how much she was enjoying this. After all, Nicole Julian did have a reputation to maintain.

Brooke pulled back, still smiling. "You have no idea how glad I am to hear that Nic!"

"Just don't hug me again," Nicole replied gruffly, trying hard not to blush.

Brooke laughed.

"So where is Mrs Spam McQueen?" Nicole asked, looking around.

"I have no idea,” Brooke answered sadly.

"But what about...."

"We were just dancing, that's all," Brooke said cutting in. "She ran off once the song was over, and I've been looking for her everywhere."

Nicole stared, the disbelief obvious on her face. "Just dancing? Hate to break it to you hon, but friends don't "just dance" like that. I've seen porno movies that were less tame!"

Brooke groaned. "I don't know what got into me. She looked so sexy just standing there and I really wanted to dance with her and oh my god what the hell was I thinking?"

Nicole watched as the blonde continued to berate herself. She hoped that Brooke's feelings for Sam were just a passing infatuation but she knew better. If Spam was the one who made Brooke happy, then Nicole would try and be supportive. That's what best friends did, right? She sighed, shaking her head, not quite believing her generosity. How many drinks have I had tonight?

"Spam wasn't exactly beating you off with a stick, Brooke," Nicole finally answered.

"What are you saying?" Brooke asked.

"I'm saying that maybe Spam feels the same way about you."

"So why did she leave?" Brooke countered, her heart racing at Nicole's words.


"I'm sorry Alex, I can't do this." She stood up, quickly buttoning her shirt.

"Where are you going?" Alex asked, his voice devoid of emotion.

"I don't know," She replied quietly.

Alex stood up and walked over to Sam, gently turning her around. "Stay the night. We don't have to do anything, we can just talk."

She shook her head. "I can't, I need to go."

He stepped back, frustrated. "What the hell is going on Sam?"

"I'm just not ready," she answered, feeling guilty. "I'm sorry."

He watched as Sam stood uncomfortably before him. "That's not what I meant. I can wait for as long as you want me too. I love you Sam."

She looked away, unable to meet his gaze. "I'm sorry Alex, I need to go." Sam hurried out the door, leaving a numb and heartbroken Alex staring after her despondently.


Sam wiped away the tears as she continued walking, listening to the frantic messages Brooke had left on her phone. She contemplated going home but decided against it, not wanting to face the blonde so soon and explain why she had left the party.

Alex. How many more times could she keep hurting him? He told her he loved her and she ran away like a coward. It was the one thing Sam was good at. Running away.

She didn't know what to say to his admission and Sam knew she couldn't lie. Not about that. She didn't love him the way he wanted her too. She loved Brooke, and the few minutes she had dancing in Brooke's arms were some of the happiest she ever had.

Sam reached the park and walked to her favourite spot, sitting against the huge tree which overlooked the pond. She remembered as she and Alex exchanged passionate kisses, his hands moving all over her body. It wasn't until she imagined Brooke touching her that Sam began to feel anything.

She picked up a large rock and turned around, facing the tree. There.

She smiled a little as she read the engraved words.

Sam loves Brooke.




"Are you actually a dyke? Or just a Spam-o-sexual?" Nicole asked, laughing loudly at her own joke.

"Ha ha," Brooke replied, trying not to smile.

"Well?" Nicole inquired, still snickering.

Brooke shrugged. "I've never been attracted to another woman before. Hell, I've never felt like this about anyone ever, male or female. I just love her."

Nicole rolled her eyes and pretended to gag, ignoring the glare aimed in her direction. "I must admit, you've got good taste. Personally, I find her as interesting as watching the stock market, but even I can't deny the girl's a fox." She leant forward. "And if I ever hear she found out I said that, I'll kill you."

Brooke laughed. "Ever thought about getting a girl of your own, Nic?"

"No!" She answered quickly.

"You've thought about it!" Brooke cried out gleefully. "Is it someone from school? Go on, you can tell me!"

Nicole glared. "Someone from school? Don't insult me."

"Then who?"

Nicole debated internally for a few moments then sighed. "I think Melissa Etheridge is pretty hot." Brooke just stared at her. "You know, the rock chick?" Nicole continued, shifting uncomfortably as Brooke exploded with laughter. "It's not that funny," Nicole grumbled, embarrassed.

"I'm sorry!" Brooke managed to say, holding her aching sides. She took a deep breath, trying to compose herself. "I just wasn't expecting.... that."

"Yeah, well, that's the last time I tell you anything," Nicole replied, glaring.

"I'm sorry Nic," Brooke apologized, still giggling.

"And if you tell Spam that, I'll torture you first before I kill you!" She threatened, causing Brooke to laugh all over again. "Bitch," Nicole muttered, trying not to smile. She couldn't help it, Brooke's laugh was infectious.

Brooke stood up and grinned. "Thanks for making me laugh."

"I wasn't trying too!" Nicole exclaimed, standing up.

"Etheridge isn't bad." Brooke paused. "For an old lady."

"Fuck you!" Nicole growled, the slight smile betraying the harshness of her words.

Brooke laughed, then stepped forward and hugged her. "I needed cheering up and you were there. I wasn't expecting it from you but I'm glad it was," she told her sincerely. "Thank you."

Nicole stood there speechless for a moment. She really wasn't good with the sappy stuff. "Are you leaving?" She asked finally.

"Yeah, I'm tired and I've had enough. You?"

Nicole shrugged. "I can go for a little while longer."

Brooke nodded, then shook a finger at her. "No more drinking, young lady. Okay?"

"Yes ma'am," Nicole replied with a mock salute. Brooke gave her one last hug and walked away. Just before she turned the corner to leave, she stopped suddenly and called out. "Nic?"


Brooke started singing. "Does she love you, like the way I love you...."

"BITCH!" Nicole yelled out, stomping her foot.

Brooke laughed and gave her a final wave. Nicole sighed, realising she had just provided her with teasing material for the next fifty years. She turned around and headed for the hall, a definite bounce in her step. She smiled, glad that she'd made the right decision to stand by her best friend. She looked around the crowded room.

Now where is that Jack?


Sam quietly entered the house, half-disappointed to find Brooke not waiting up for her. Rubbing her eyes, she made her way upstairs to her bedroom and switched on the light, nearly jumping in shock as she found the blonde cheerleader asleep on her bed.

After taking a moment to recover, Sam grinned at the precious scene in front of her. Brooke was on her side wrapped around one of her pillows, dressed in the baggy Garfield pajamas Sam had given her last Christmas.

She silently crossed the room and grabbed her camera, making sure the flash was off. After taking several pictures, she found a couple of spare blankets and covered the gently snoring blonde with them.

She debated sleeping in Brooke's bed but quickly dismissed the idea. She wasn't going to pass up this opportunity to spend the night with her, even if it meant they were both unconscious through out it. She climbed in, facing Brooke. Leaning forward, she gently kissed her on the forehead.

"I love you," she whispered, watching her for a few moments. Settling back, she closed her eyes, falling asleep instantly.


"Are you ready to go?" Carmen asked as she walked over to Harrison.

Harrison shrugged. "Sure." He looked around. "Where's Lily?"

She smirked. "Off with Josh somewhere."

Harrison raised an eyebrow, shooting her a surprised look. "Having a deep and meaningful conversation?" he joked.

Carmen laughed. "Something like that." She hooked her arm through his as they began the trek home.

"Who would have predicted that?" Harrison said moments later, shaking his head in amazement. He stopped suddenly as another thought came to him. "What happened to Sam and Brooke?"

Carmen shrugged. "I think they left a while ago."

"Oh." They continued walking. "Carmen?"


"Have you noticed something different about those two?"

Carmen glanced at him. "What do you mean?"

He thought for several moments before responding. "I think they like each other now."

Carmen shot him an amused look. "Wow! Nothing gets past you!"

He nudged her and laughed.

"It's nice to see Sam and Brooke getting along at least," Carmen continued innocently.

"What do you mean?" Harrison asked, glancing at her.

Carmen smiled inwardly. She had suspected for quite some time Harrison's feelings for Sam went deeper than he was willing to admit. It was time to test her hypothesis.

"I think Sam and Alex are having some problems," she confided mysteriously.

"Really?" he asked concerned, not quite succeeding in keeping the hope out of his voice. He turned to her suddenly, his expression dark. "He hasn't hurt her has he?"

Carmen shook her head. "No, nothing like that." She glanced at him. "You don't like him much do you?"

"He's a nice guy," Harrison replied, a little too quickly. Carmen just stared at him. "What?" he finally asked, growing increasingly uncomfortable under the scrutiny.

She laughed. "You are soooo jealous!"

"And you have no idea what you're talking about!" Harrison denied, glaring at her.

"No need to lie to me Harrison," she responded calmly. "Until Alex came along you were the only guy in her life, now somebody has taken your place and you can't stand it!"

"Who are you?" He finally asked. "A mind reader disguised as Carmen Ferreira?"

She laughed, then continued with her inquisition. "Do you like her Harrison? I mean, really LIKE her?" He didn't respond, looking away. Carmen grinned. This was going to be so much fun! As their best friend, it was her duty to make sure that Sam and Harrison realised the love they had for each other. She could do nothing less.

Operation: Matchmaker begins!



"I had an interesting conversation with Sam today."


"I think she's in love with you."



Sam turned over, slowly opening her eyes. Sitting up, she focused her gaze on her bedroom window, jumping slightly as a streak of lightening flashed across the sky, accompanied by a loud clap of thunder. She smiled. She loved thunderstorms.

"Sam?" She turned, finding Brooke staring up at her with wide, frightened eyes.

"You okay?" Sam asked, noticing that Brooke was shivering.

"Not really," she answered, huddling deeper into the blankets. "I hate storms. They scare me."

"Is there anything that I can do?" Sam asked, concerned. She had considered teasing her a little but quickly set it aside as she realised Brooke was truly afraid.

"Could you close the curtains?" she asked, closing her eyes as another flash of lightning lit up the room.

"Sure," she replied getting up. "Anything else?"

"My discman, it's on my desk." Brooke smiled gratefully as Sam returned. “Thanks.”

"No problem," she replied getting into bed. Turning over, and making herself comfortable, she faced Brooke. "The chances of you getting hit by lightening is very small, you know," Sam commented, smiling reassuringly. "Especially when you're inside."

"You try and say that to the guy who got struck seven times," Brooke replied, with a horrified look on her face.

Sam giggled. "Are you serious? Seven times? Is that true?"

"Yes!" Brooke exclaimed, glaring as Sam began to laugh. "It's not funny."

"I'm sorry,” Sam apologized, trying to stop. She didn't mean to laugh at another person's misfortune, but being struck by lightening seven times was kind of funny. She wondered briefly what the man had done in his life to deserve such rotten luck. "How long have you been awake?" she asked, sympathetically.

"About half an hour," Brooke replied.

"Why didn't you wake me?" Sam chided gently. She frowned. "What time is it anyway?" Lifting herself up, she glanced over at the clock. "Four thirty? Is that all?"

"I didn't want to disturb you," Brooke explained.

"Well, you should have. Besides, I love watching storms. They're beautiful," Sam said, dreamily.

"They are hazardous to the human race," Brooke replied gruffly.

Sam laughed. "You are so cute when you get all indignant."

"Well, they are!" Brooke responded, yelping as a particularly loud thunderclap made itself known.

"I used to be afraid of them too," Sam confided, once Brooke calmed down.

"What happened?" she asked, curiously.

"There was this one night, years ago. The storm was so bad, I hid under the kitchen table and refused to come out."

"That's what I used to do," Brooke interrupted, laughing.

Sam smiled. "After an hour or so, my dad finally joined me and told me what was causing the storm. I was about seven at the time, so I believed him of course."

"What was it?" Brooke asked, intrigued. Sam rarely spoke of her father and she couldn't help but feel honored that Sam was sharing what was obviously a treasured memory.

"He told me that when elephants died, they would have a party when they reached elephant heaven. The lightening was the disco ball, and the thunder was all the elephants dancing," Sam explained, smiling sheepishly.

Brooke stared at her for several moments before she burst out laughing.

"I remember sharing that story at school for show n' tell so the other kids wouldn't be afraid either. I didn't understand at the time why the teacher couldn't stop laughing," Sam said with a grin. "Once I got older and realised the story my dad told me was not exactly meteorologically correct, we used to watch them through the window. I'd sit on his lap and we'd give each lightening strike a score," Sam said, tearing up at the memory. She missed her father so much.

"Sounds nice," Brooke commented, wistfully.

"It was," Sam replied with a smile. She stood up suddenly. "Come on, let's go."

"Where?" Brooke asked, confused.

"To watch the storm," Sam informed her.

"No way in hell!" Brooke replied immediately, clutching at the blankets.

"Please?" Sam begged softly. "I promise nothing will happen."

Brooke didn't reply, watching as Sam moved her beanbag and placed it several feet in front of the window. Grabbing a blanket, she waited patiently for Brooke to join her. "Come on Brooke," Sam encouraged with a smile.

Brooke sighed. All Sam had to do was look at her like that, and she'd do anything, even if it meant running the risk of death by electrocution. She stood up, casting wary glances at the now visible sky. Sam sat down on the beanbag and beckoned Brooke to join her, holding her arms out.

"I'll hold you," Sam commented softly, Brooke suddenly fighting the urge to run to her. Leaning back against Sam's chest, Brooke smiled inwardly as Sam covered them both with a blanket then encircled the blonde with her arms. "See, it's not so bad is it?" Sam asked softly into her ear.

"Fucking hell!" was Brooke's response, burying her face into Sam's neck as multiple lightening streaks zigzagged across the sky.

"I'd give that a five out of five," Sam replied with a laugh. Brooke tried not to smile as she willed her heart to stop racing. Once she was sure it was safe, she turned her gaze back to the window.

"If I die, I swear I'm going to kick your ass," Brooke threatened, snuggling deeper into the brunette.

Sam laughed, tightening her hold. "Don't worry, I'll protect you," she replied, resting her cheek against the blonde head.

"Sam?" Brooke asked several moments later.


"We suck."

"Why?" Sam asked, confused.

"Remember our bet we made earlier tonight?"

Sam nodded. "Josh and Lily. What about it?"

"I saw them making out."

Sam laughed. "You're right, we do suck."

"At least I said one week, you said two. I win!" Brooke replied happily.

"No way!" Sam argued. "You said it would take them a week to get together. It took them a couple of hours! We both lose the bet."

"I was closer to the answer than you were! Now be my slave, bitch!” Brooke joked, not giving up.

Sam laughed. "Face it Brooke, you'll just have to find someone else to wash your car. Or better yet, do it yourself."

"I don't think so," Brooke responded, shocked that Sam could say such a thing. "Car washes do exist for a reason."

Sam shook her head, smiling. "Someone is a lazy ass."

"Especially at five in the morning," Brooke said, jumping slightly at another lightening strike. She watched as the rain began to pour harder. "I'd rate that a five," she commented.

"A five!" Sam exclaimed. "That wasn't even worthy of a two!"

"Was so," Brooke argued.

"Someone just has to say the word lightening and you'd give it a five," Brooke responded with a smile. Brooke was so cute sometimes.

"Are you mocking me?" she asked, a touch of warning in her voice.

"Yes," was Sam's reply.

The blonde cheerleader laughed. "Sam?"

"Yeah?" Sam grinned. "Ooo, that rocked! A definite four!" She glanced at Brooke. "And you barely even jumped."

"You said you'd protect me, remember?" was Brooke's answer, making the brunette smile. "Sam?"


"Why did you leave the party?" Brooke asked, feeling Sam stiffen behind her.

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