Not Telling The Truth

By C-N

Feedback: No kidding! Yes please!

Nicole stood in front of her golden framed, full length mirror and practiced, as she had done a million times before.

"If I was color blind, Spam, I might actually appreciate your sense of fashion." Nicole gazed cooly into the mirror, checking to see how she looked when she said that. "You know, burlap could really look good on you, Spam. I mean, since nothing else does."

Over and over, Nicole practiced, knowing that nothing could be allowed to go wrong. Not today, not tomorrow, not ever.

Generally, though, she really didn't need the practice. She had the perfect put-down developed into an art form and it came naturally and effortlessly to her. Nicole had thought about why she was so good at being mean, and had quickly realized that people needed to hear the truth every now and then. She was there to tell the truth, and she was damn good at it.

But she couldn't tell the truth to everybody, or at least to one in particular. And that is why she practiced not telling the truth.

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