Title: Sam Coming In

Author: C-N

Feedback: No kidding! Yes please!

She stood up, closed her eyes, took a deep breath, and walked out of the washing room, through the kitchen and into the living room. Brooke, Nicole and Mary Cherry were sitting around the small table, Lily and Carmen stood over by the window, over looking the garden and Harrison and George were hovering by the large sofa. They all looked at her, questioning. She had told them that she had something important to tell them and that they all needed to be there. They were waiting.

"I... I have s-something to tell you," Sam began and felt the blood drain  from her head.

"I... I..." she faltered again and leaned back into the wall, facing no one. "I have come to realise that... that I am..." She hesitated slightly. "...straight." She turned her head and looked around the room.

"I am straight," she repeated when she saw the shocked, disbelieving faces of her friends. George putting his hand over his mouth, as he fumbled for Harrison's with the other. Lily looking hurt, leaning on Carmen for support. Carmen cradling Lily. Nicole pursing her lips in disapproval with Brooke looking at the blonde, her mouth open, wishing her girlfriend wouldn't say anything. Mary Cherry rapidly standing up, her cold eyes beneath her crew cut boring into Sam.

"I never would have *believed* it, if I didn't hear it from your pretty little mouth, myself." Mary Cherry distinctly marched out of the room, brushing past Sam.

"I am straight." Sam said again, more quietly, feeling her strength sap away and tears forming.

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