Title: Backstory

By bwpbard



Danish writing: groups.yahoo.com/group/bwpbard

I have to warn you, my native language is Danish, not English. Spelling and grammar… I’ll try my best….

Disclaimer: Don’t own any of them…

Pairing: Marina/

Rating: R - deals with serious adult issues.

I might have taken some liberty with the canon – sorry for that.

Meeting Marina part 7


“Francesca?! What the hell are you doing here?” Seeing that particular woman at her door wasn’t something Bette ever expected – it had never happened before. Not without Marina.

They were never friends or even liked each other much and they never socialized outside The Planet.

“Marina needs your help, Bette.” Francesca pushed Bette aside and walked inside like she owned the place.

Bette shook her head in wry amusement. One could write books about the audacity of that woman! How Marina managed to deal with her all those years was a God damn mystery….

“She’s going to need someone watching her back now, and I’m not the one anymore. I have enough on my hands with my little new bird. That’s where you come in.”

“Me?” Bette closed her eyes in irritation. “How do you figure that, Francesca? We’re not exactly friends, Marina and I.”

“You’re well connected. Or at least you can be when I’m done with you. Then there are a few things you have to do, like keeping an eye on her and help her out if trouble decides to visit.”

“And why would I do that, Francesca, as I pointed out before we’re hardly friends?”

Francesca smiled mockingly. “You’re not the righteous bitch you once was, Bette. The whole fucking around Tina thingy somehow took care of that for you. And I know you care for Marina, even if you try to hide it.”

Bette reddened in anger, but Francesca ignored her and continued: “And most importantly you know enough of Marina’s past to realize that there’s a certain amount of skeletons in her closet. You won’t be too scared of them and you’re not easily intimidated.”

And yes that was true. Bette remembered clearly when she met Francesca – and Marina – for the first time. She was very young, in a foreign country for the first time and she dated a guy named Michael.

They were out dancing and Bette had been staring at this exotic young girl all night – years later she met her again and this time she was the owner of The Planet, but anyway, Francesca was there, too, and she had apparently picked up on her fascination.


*****From ‘Awakening’ Meeting Marina part 1.****

“My name is Francesca,” she touched Bette’s hand softly. “What’s yours?”

Bette told her, feeling more and more uneasy and nervous by the seconds. There was something… almost scaring about this woman. Her cool eyes, the hard lines in her face, the way she held her body like she was ready to attack anytime.

Strange night it was… Firstly turned on by a girl on the dance floor and now this grown woman, made her uncomfortable in a quite different way.

“Look at her,” Francesca said. “A marvelous creature, isn’t she?”

Bette followed her line of sight and in the middle of all the couples, she saw the girl dancing alone. A lot of eyes were on her and Bette had to agree with Francesca, even if she didn’t voice it.

“Who is she?” Bette’s confused hormones overrode the brain yelling at her to get away from this woman.

Francesca licked her lips like she was about to choose which one of them she wanted to take a bite off. “They say she’s the niece of the owner of this place. She’s quite beautiful, don’t you think? Makes you want to get to know her.”

“Do you?” Bette asked carefully. “Know her, I mean.”

“Not yet, but I intend to.”



To make a long story short Marina fucked her in some office in the back of the place and practically made Bette face the latent and carefully hidden lesbian feelings in her heart. Afterwards she got a small glimpse of the life this girl was leading.


*****From ‘Awakening’ Meeting Marina part 1.****

The skin around the enticing eyes seemed strained, darker than the rest of her; the lines around the mouth were deeper than usual for such a young woman. And then Bette saw them, not quite hidden by the clothes. Bruises on her arms, like someone had grabbed her forcefully, and Bette spotted some near her collarbone and throat, too. And it was not love bites….

The opened a drawer in a desk and pulled out a small bag of white powder.

Bette’s whole body stiffened.

The girl smiled slightly at her discomfort and offered to share the powder with her.

If Bette hadn’t been so damn weak after the mind-blowing orgasm, she would probably have subjected the girl to her ‘just say no’ speech, but before she had a chance to even begin, the girl hid the powder as the door opened and a tall, dark man entered.

“Marina!” he yelled angrily and continued to tear into her in a language she assumed was Spanish. One thing was clear, though, the man was furious.

The girl didn’t even flinch, her gaze turned impassive, her back straightened and she stared him right in the eyes, obviously defying him, mocking him.

He growled and grabbed her arms and shook her forcefully.

Bette had to do something. She coughed slightly, letting him know they weren’t alone. He glared at Bette, like he wanted to throw her out and hissed something in Spanish to the girl.

“You have to go now, bella mia,” the girl said with no fear in her voice. “You were the most wonderful.”

“But…” Bette began, but when the girl dismissed her with a nod and a slight grin, Bette decided to leave. There was probably nothing she could do anyway.



“How did she end up with this man? There were rumors that they were related…”

“There’s no way to put this in a comfy fairytale way, Bette,” Francesca eyes narrowed. “Marina isn’t Spanish, French or even Italian like most of you believes. She’s from Eastern Europe – a small, very poor and extremely troubled place called Chechnya. They have been in war with Russia for years and years and everything is chaos there. This is before 1989 when communism started to fall, but even back then slave traders from the sex industry found an inexhaustible stock of young girls in Eastern Europe for their expanding business.”

“God!” Bette gasped, already knowing where this story was headed.

“The traders saw great potential in the exotic kid with the aristocratic background, and whose whole family were either killed or imprisoned by the Russians, and who lived by herself in the abandoned family house. And they struck gold by taking her; sex and seduction is something she’s very adept in.” Francesca’s eyebrow lifted. “But then, you know that, don’t you?”

Bette couldn’t help the blush that crept up her face.

“Anyway,” Francesca continued. “They sold her to a brothel in Spain.”

“God,” Bette shook her head. “That’s…. that’s awful.”

Francesca nodded. “And she was very young – in her early teens – and she was all alone in the world, so there was nothing she could do to stop it.”

“And the guy from Barcelona, the one I saw?” Bette asked.

“He visited the brothel were she served - she was 15 at the time - and fell in love, like most people Marina fucks do. He bought her for his own amusement and treated her just like that; a toy to play with, fuck hard and beat up. She owed him a lot of money from the trade with her original owner - that’s how they manipulate and threaten the girls to stay and because they are so young and know nothing about the country they now life in, they believe everything they’re told and don’t dare to run.”

Bette had a hard time coming to terms with all this. “So you got her out of there, when we met back then?”

“Yes,” Francesca smiled, a smile that chased ice cubes up and down Bette’s skin. “And then she owed me.”

“God!” Bette closed her eyes – she desperately wanted to puke. “This is fucking sick!”

Francesca shrugged. “You could say that, but life is a bitch out there and Marina got a lot of serious bitches in her short lifetime to deal with, more than most of us would ever encounter.”

Bette swallowed. “What about 5 years ago – when she disappeared – what happened? She didn’t try to kill herself, did she?”

“No, she didn’t, and the rumors about her death are highly exaggerated as well.” A dry laughter from Francesca startled Bette. “This Ferrer guy never forgot her and he wanted her back. And when my control over Marina’s life slipped, he succeeded. He faked the suicide-nonsense and forced her out of the country. But she was stronger, smarter and more cunning this time around, so she… dealt with him and regained her freedom.”

Bette paled. “She killed him, didn’t she? She fucking killed him!”

“He deserved it.”


And after debating, discussing and arguing with Francesca for what seemed like hours and hours, Bette became Marina’s reluctant protector.

And when Francesca finally left, Bette was equally shocked, nauseated and exhausted.

“What I get myself into,” she muttered and swallowed several painkillers. “Do I tell Tina about this? Do I talk to Marina? Fuck, how did I end up being Marina’s damn guardian angel?” She snorted in tired and sarcastic amusement.

Bette found a comfortable spot on the sofa and rested her head. “Where is Tina when I need to curl up in her lap and forget everything?”

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