Forgive Me


Rating: G

Pairings: Andrew - Tucker

Warning: Incest situations

Disclaimers: Buffy characters belongs to Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy Inc.

Andrew stopped digging. He looked up at Jonathon, who just kept going. The shorter boy was determined to help out Buffy. To show her he wasn't just some worthless scum like Warren. "Not one of them cares about you." Andrew tried to stop. To draw the words back in. But it was too late.

*Can you forgive me again*
*I don't know what I said*
*But I didn't mean to hurt you*

Jonathon froze as Andrew's words hit him. Andrew felt it inside. He wanted to scream, to cry, to beg for forgiveness. It should be simpler. If he killed Jonathon, the trio would be together again. They'd be happy. They'd be Gods. The thought of being a God spurs him on. "Not one of them is sitting around saying, 'I wonder what Jonathon's up to now.' "

*I heard the words come out*
*I felt like I would die*
*It hurt so much to hurt you*

Slowly Jonathon straightened. Andrew's stomach twisted even more when he saw the tears shimmering in Jonathon's eyes. Through the tears Jonathon manages a smile. "Well, I care about them. That's why I'm here."

*Then you look at me*
*You're not shouting anymore*
*You're silently broken*

Andrew winced. He knew those would be the last words Jonathon would ever utter. He reached into his pocket and gently fingered the knife. He could still remember what Warren had said in Mexico. "Drive the words deep into him."

*I'd give anything now*
*To hear those words from you*

He gently placed his hand on Jonathon's shoulder. Jonathon stood up and smiled slightly. He was about to ask what was going on when he saw Warren. Andrew saw Jonathon's brow furrow, heard him gasp, and knew. He'd seen Warren.

*Each time I say something I regret I cry*
*I don't want to lose you*
*But somehow I know you'll never leave me*

Andrew drew his hand back. His other hand still on Jonathon's shoulder to prevent the boy from running. He quickly slammed his hand forward. Felt it slide into Jonathon. "Just like butter." He thought.

*Cause you were made for me*
*Somehow I'll make you see*
*How happy you make me*

He let Jonathon dropped to the ground as the blood drained out of him. He spun around, hoping to see Warren smiling at him. Warren would congratulate him, Jonathon would forgive him, and the trio would move onto their lives as Gods. But Warren wasn't there. Andrew's alone. He falls to his knees and lets his head drop into his hands as the tears fall.

*I can't live this life*
*Without you by my side*
*I need you to survive*

Andrew slowly stood and began to shovel dirt on Jonathon's prone body. When he could no longer see his dead friend he leaned his shovel against the wall and, taking a last look over his shoulder, left his life behind.

*So stay with me*
*You look in my eyes and I'm screaming inside that I'm sorry*
*And you forgive me again*
*You're my one true friend*
*And I never meant to hurt you*


Andrew lay in his bed shaking. He could hear them yelling. Could always heard them yelling. It seemed to be the one thing he could count on. That...and Tucker.

*I always said that'd be it*
*That I wouldn't stick around if it ever came to this*
*So here I am, so confused*

Andrew knew he would be coming. It was like clockwork. He would be coming in here soon, to make his baby brother do things. Things no self respecting human would ever do.

*How am I supposed to leave*
*When I can't even move*

The doorknob started to turn. He could hear a muffled cursing from the other side and he grinned slightly through his tears. Thank God he had remembered to lock the door. He could hear Tucker walking away. But he would be back. He would pick the lock and then his fury would be unleashed on Andrew.

*So get you some things*
*And get out*
*Don't call me for a day or two*
*So I can sort this out*

Andrew stood from the bed. He wasn't just going to sit here and wait. Not anymore. He had to leave. Tucker had been doing this for years now. Ever since Andrew was eight. He was fourteen today. It should have stopped by now, but it would never stop.

*Well, you might as well have ripped the life*
*Right out of me, right here tonight*
*When through the fallen tears you said*
*Can't you ever just forgive*

Tucker would apologize. Would cry and beg for forgiveness. But he would keep doing it. Andrew threw a couple things in a bag and climbed through the window. He would go stay with the guys Tucker had introduced him to from school. They seemed cool...and they wouldn't ask questions.

*Forgive and forget*
*Relive and regret*

Andrew would never forgive Tucker. He didn't deserve it. Besides, redemption wasn't that simple.

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