Title- Will You?

Author- Becca

Series- Loves Appreciation

E-mail - beccacurrie@msn.com

Rating- PG


Disclaimer- None of this is mine (pouts) but well wouldn’t it be great if it was. Damn lmao

Notes- 5th in the series this took ages to write and even longer to type cause I’m really lazy.

Dedication- this goes out for Cara my beta. Thank u very much. I know u waited ages for this 

It was now mid-day and that damn box and note were sitting there staring up at Janet mocking her.

`God if I don’t open them soon I’m gonna explode!`

Janet had called everywhere she thought Sam might be, but to no avail. She had tried the SGC and all of SG-1’s hangouts and also her favourite club in town `Rothery’s Frothery`. She was now wondering if she should open the box and note.

`No! No I won’t. I have self control. I’ll wait.`

The hours ticked by like days. Janet was sure everything was moving slower. It was now 5 o’clock and it struck her that Cassie would be home any minute for dinner.

Just then the phone went. Cassie.

“Hey honey…yeah I’m fine…..you’re eating out? OK then see you when … what? OK you’re staying at Bekki’s tonight? OK, see you in the morning…bye sweety.”

Janet hung up.

Well that conversation took off 3 minutes. Just another 4 hours and 57 minutes to go

`God this is hell.` Janet thought.

`Where else could Sam be? Maybe….maybe.. Oh God why hadn’t I thought of that before?`

Janet jumped from the couch grabbing her car keys, almost forgetting the box and note.

* * * *

40 minutes later Janet was racing down a country road 20 minutes away from her destination, her soul-mate, her one true constant …Sam.

Janet turned a final corner and spotted Sam’s bike. She parked alongside it. They were both parked under a huge oak tree at least 70 foot tall with branches climbing over branches, reaching for the now setting, sun. Janet walked silently along an over grown pathway. It was now late in autumn and the leaves had turned the colour of gold and auburn, the colour almost matching Janet’s hair. She found Sam laying on a blanket looking up at the stars but as Janet neared she noticed Sam’s eyes were closed

`Must be asleep` she thought.

“What took you so long?”

Janet jumped at least a mile in the air.

“ I thought you were asleep.

“Nope. I was waiting for you.”

Sam patted the space beside her indicating for Janet to join her. Which she did.

“How did you know I’d come after you?”

“Well..” breathed Sam moving closer to Janet so they could lay down together, with Sam’s arm wrapped protectively around Janet. “ I know you. I know that me leaving that note and box would have drove you insane but I know you haven’t opened it yet.”

“Oh really, and how could you possibly know that?”

“Well for a start the box and envelope are empty.”

“WHAT! Your kidding! So all this time I’ve been wondering if I should open them and there’s nothing even in them?”


“I don’t believe you Samantha Carter.” Laughed Janet.

“They were empty because what would have been inside the envelope is too important for you to read and what’s inside the box is too important for you just to look at, I need to give you it.”

“Oh I am intrigued, do go on.”

Sam laughed lightly, but then her expression turned serious.

“Janet you know I love you more than anything. You know that I couldn’t live without you in my life. Sitting next to me breathing besides me. I need to wake up next to you every morning.”

Janet was sitting up now, so was Sam, listening intently to every word spoken by this woman. Fighting the tears that threatened to spill over Janet answered.

“Yes Sam I know this because this is exactly how I feel about you.”

“Janet I wanted to ask you something.” It’s important and I wouldn’t ask unless I was sure we were both ready.”

Sam dug into her pocket, searching for something. She finally pulled out something but hide it from Janet’s sight.

“Janet, I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Grow old with you, and even get all grey and wrinkly with you. I’ll still want to be with you. What I’m trying to say is …. Janet Fraser will you make me the happiest woman alive and marry me?” Sam finished and showed Janet the ring she had been hiding. “ This was my mother’s. My dad gave it to me before he left to become a Tok’ra. Anyway, it was my mum’s engagement ring and my dad told me to give it to whom I wanted to have in my life forever.”

“Wait if it was your mum’s then your dad expected you to give it to a woman so ….”

“My dad knows I’m gay, yes”

“But how? When?”

“I told him the day after I met you.”

“Whoa.. Really?”

“Yes I knew I loved you from the moment we met and I knew I’d never love another again as long as I lived.”

Touched and overwhelmed with Sam’s softly spoken words Janet’s tears fell freely, but were quickly kissed away by Sam.

The ring presented to Janet was silver, maybe platinum with a diamond as the main stone, and two sapphires at either end of it.  The sapphires were a dark and moody blue, the opposite of Sam’s bright and energetic blue eyes.

“Well Janet? Will you be my wife?”

“Oh Sam I would love nothing more.”

“I feel a but coming on.” Sam whispered heartbroken.

“There’s no but Sam. Unless you’re talking about the one I love so much.” laughed Janet.

Sam grabbed for Janet locking her in a tight embrace. She cupped Janet’s cheek and brought them face-to-face, eyes-to-eyes, nose-to-nose, then kissed Janet with every ounce of passion lust and love she felt for her. It was breath-taking. Sam then remembered about the ring.

“Janet I want you to take this ring as a promise from me that I’ll never leave you, hurt you or love another.” Sam placed the ring on Janet’s wedding finger.

“Then I’ll accept this ring and promise you the same thing in return.” whispered Janet softly.

That night the lovers spent under the stars. In each others arms joined by the bond of love and now the soon to be bond of marriage. They could worry about details tomorrow, because tomorrow was another day and tonight was about the love shared between two people and nothing could ruin that.

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